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New web site from Show Hope to teach about the adoption process

You can follow Sidewalk Prophets guitarist Ben McDonald's running via the runtastic web site.

latest worship song from Hillsong United.

Jeremy Camp was recently on tour in Europe.

The latest project from Colton Dixon -audio of the song Our Time Is Now

The Neon Steeple tour is just around the corner.

A couple of years ago Kutless guitarist James Mead sat down to share about his life

Episode 9 of Hillsong Worship's Tour Tales with Ben Fielding is now online

A new method of evangelism

Want a Successful Marriage?

New Faith-Based Film When the Game Stands Tall

A series of fun, simple games and activities that will help reinforce math concepts.

5 Marriage Secrets from Seasoned Veterans is full with wisdom and hope:

A 7 Step Family Emergency Plan from All Pro Dad:

15 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed from iMom:

46 Ways to Bring Fun to Your Family in the following categories

Some Apple analysts are predicting that the highly-anticipated iWatch could be releasing soon.

Youtube has released their list of 7 incredible trick shots and crazy plays.

The latest CCM magazine is now available.

Andrew Peterson was recently interviewed about his music, the fantasy book series he just completed, and his Christian walk.

Did you know that you can be part of The Afters song What We're Here For.

Bluetree is giving away a song from the new project.

John Waller has released a new song.

Danny Gokey is sharing an acoustic version of his song Hope In Front of Me.

The Rhett Walker Band recently performed their new song "Here's To The Ones"

Sanctus Real newcomer Seth Huff had the chance to show off his arm strength on stage

Bible translation is changing.

Even though Greece has a long, rich history connected to the early Church, things haven’t exactly been easy for followers of Christ there.

A new report is debunking some of the myths about marriage and divorce.

Do churches have a race problem?

Stressed out moms can survive the ups & downs of parenting by choosing to laugh instead of cry. Here are five suggestions from iMom

Move from a season of difficulty to a season of joy with these 5 game-changers to having a great marriage from iMom:

5 Attitudes Designed to Help Your Family Live in Peace from All Pro Dad:

4 easy tips to get your kids back on a sleep schedule from Today Parents

Google X Lab is out with the first look at their new drone delivery system.

Kids come home hungry after a long day of school.

Linda and Timmy Bannon were born with Holt-Oram Syndrome.

Larry and Kelcie always knew they would eventually get married.

Josh Calhoun's -having a wife who is a professional photographer helps him keep up to date

Louie Giglio and Kristian Stanfill have joined together to produce a new podcast.

The Christian rap artist Tedashii this week talked with the Christian Post

The band Among The Thirsty is telling their story.

The Christian music web site New Release Tuesday is giving away songs this week

The latest CD from worship leader Lincoln Brewster is titled Oxygen.

Christian artist Colton Dixon has come a long way since his "American Idol" days.

Hillsong United recently recorded acoustic versions of the songs from their CD Zion at a Cafe in Sydney, Australia.

Jason Gray is out with an acoustic recording if his song Love Will Have the Final Word.

4 Qualities of Hope in Marriage from Build your Marriage:

Parenting Coach:

Would You Rather…Questions for Kids from iMom:

13 Wisdom Principles When Ending a Dating Relationship: How to Break Up to the Glory of God
1. Remember we live in a fallen world.

Researchers have developed a technology that allows a material to automatically read its environment and adapt to mimic its surroundings.

Tim Tebow may not be playing in the NFL, but his foundation is still having an impact

There's a Full House comeback in the works.

In India the Rice Bucket Challenge is replacing the ice bucket challenge.

Mozzarella is the best kind of cheese used for making pizza

This month marks the 15th anniversary of the release of Third Day's album Time.

Lincoln Brewster is resorting to the internet to tell his story.

Martin Guitars will be holding a twitter Chat with NEEDTOBREATHE on September 2nd.

Audio Adrenaline is gearing up for their Run for Joy fun run and auction in Orlando

The new book by Plumb is now available for pre-order.

Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave has released a video talking about their new project

If you like the song This Is Amazing Grace you might want to learn to play it for yourself.

Danny Gokey has released another story behind the song.

The band Capital Kings has released an official lyric video for their song Fireblazin. Watch the lyric video by clicking on the link at

A lyric video for the newest single from Ashes Remain is now available.

Colton Dixon recently played a show with a different type of backdrop.

3 Things to try if your child has a bad attitude:

When you hear the dreaded "C" word from your doctor, it can be devastating. But, what's next?

Stories of kids who are making a difference from All Pro Dad:

A licensed marriage therapist weighs in on three misconceptions Christians have about divorce

A new report says ISIS (eye-sus) could be making as much as two million dollars every day from oil and extortion

We live in a selfie generation.

Dr. Kent Brantly, a U.S. doctor stricken with the Ebola virus, recently shared his experiences

suicide is more than just a one time news story.

Junk-food style marketing is being implemented in hopes of making eating carrots just as fun as eating Doritos.

While breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, what is actually on your plate will vary widely based on where you live

The Sidewalk Prophets NFL Pickem game is back.
password: youlovemeanyway

Citizenway's Josh Calhoun's mom's recipe for Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

The web site Praisecharts is inviting you to join them for a live webinar with Lincoln Brewster

Colton Dixon's new CD Anchor came out just over a week ago.

The lyric video for the 7eventh Time Down song "The One I'm Running To" is now available.

Phillips, Craig and Dean recently released the lyric video for their new single Jesus Only Jesus.

NBC featured a song from for King and Country as they introduced their line up for the fall

The latest official music video from Crowder is now available.

Lauren Daigle is out with an acoustic cover of the NeedToBreathe song "Multiplied."

Jeremy Camp's latest blog was recorded during a stop at the home of the Colorado Rockies.

Bluetree's Aaron Boyd recently recorded a video talking about the bands latest song Each Day

The latest Lighten Up video from Ken Davis is now available.

Looking for ways to make a difference. All Pro Dad is out with a list of 100 Ways.

TIPS for "Developing Healthy Body Image" from Family Matters:

Reasons Shacking Up Before Marriage is a Bad Idea:

The iMom web site is out with a list of conversation starters

Last month Anne Graham Lotz rallied the masses to pray for America.

Jim Caviezel is playing another type of roll.

Pro-Abortionists may be defeated by believing their own rhetoric.

Want to take the Ice Bucket Challenge but don't know where to donate?

A 99-Year-Old Woman is making a new dress for a child in need everyday

The Christian Post has tried their hand at naming the 10 Greatest Hymns of All-Time. Their list includes:

Laura Story was focusing on growing this week.

Lincoln recently talked with the Christian Post about how his wife Laura's battle with a rare form of cancer in her appendix inspired the album

The newest CD from Colton Dixon is titled Anchor.

The latest release from the Rhett Walker Band is now available.

Todd Smith this week released a video of Selah's latest song You Amaze Us.

These days the news is full of reports about the persecution of Christians around the world.

Basketball Star Jeremy Lin is an outspoken Christian.

Common courtesy has landed an 18 year old in hot water.

How to Increase Your Compliment to Criticism Ratio

5 Ways to Be a Good Mom When Even if Your Mom Wasn’t

Many believe the younger generation is "worldly," but it may surprise you how this group is making an impact locally.

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Adjust to a New School:

Create a family lumberjack competition.

Saira Blair could become the youngest person ever to serve in West Virginia's state legislature

The latest Steven Curtis Chapman song, The Glorious Unfolding, was one of the things used by God to minister to the family of the Americans stricken recently with Ebola disease

Phil Stacey is joining others in speaking out against ISIS (eye-suhs),

Selah released their 9th studio album, You Amaze Us, this month.

Matt Redman is giving away a free copy of his song Mercy.

Kevin Max is giving away a copy of his song Cave of a Million Songs.

The official lyric video for worship leader Lincoln Brewster's song Sinking Ships

USA Today recently helped Colton Dixon premier the title cut from his new CD

Ebola patient Dr. Nancy Writebol has now been release from the hospital

The wife of an ALS Patient is cheering on the ice bucket challenge.

Dave Ramsey and his team got involved in the ice bucket challenge in a big way.

All Pro Dad held a major conference over the weekend.

Would a gap year between High School and College be beneficial for your son or daughter.

How can I know if I’m saved? 4 questions to ask yourself from Revive Our Hearts:

Ways to help your child learn school organization skills that can improve her grades from iMom

How to Deal with Your Moody Kids from iMom:

photo scavenger hunt.

Shaoey, the daughter of Steven Curtis Chapman, recently traveled to China with her parents.

The group Unspoken this week put it all in perspective.

Jamie Grace was recently featured on the cover of Focus on the Families Clubhouse Magazine

Natalie Grant recently joined in the fight against ALS

Lincoln Brewster CD Oxygen free chord charts

New music from the Rhett Walker Band will be available soon.

A lyric video for the latest Kevin Max song is now available.

Ken Davis says the One Giant Step to Creating Your Own Future is to stop listening to others

Third Day and Steven Curtis Chapman were playing at Richie Rich's house this week.

For King and Country played at Dodgers stadium this week.

While protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, fill the streets in the name of justice, local churches are filling pews in order to restore peace

A viral movement that aims to raise awareness and money for ALS has some unintended consequences.

Mercy Ships is among the Christian ministries temporarily backing out of West African outreach

How to Help Your Daughter Believe She’s Beautiful:

10 tips for teaching excellence to your kids:

7 Marks of Enduring Accountability Relationships from Brad Hambrick:

5 Ways to Keep Your Promises to Your Kids from iMom

Are you constantly looking for creative projects for your kids?

Two homeless vets are volunteering to build homes for other homeless vets.

Many of us are afraid of doing things just because it may ruin our appearance.

Your first thought of a dancer losing a leg is probably the end of their hopes and dreams.

Luke, from For King and Country, sat down recently to talk about the emotional story behind the groups song Without You.

Lincoln Brewster and his latest CD Oxygen are featured on the cover of the latest free Christian music magazine CCM.

Kevin Max is clarifying his future with a blog this week.

NEEDTOBREATHE was recently on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

More than 25,000 people experienced the Franklin Graham Festival of Hope in Pittsburgh

Greg Laurie joined thousands of others in accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Christian Aid Mission is reporting some inspiring stories

Earlier week National Radio Day was celebrated.

The greatest things you can say to your spouse from Build Your Marriage:

Learn how to love your husband more deeply by avoiding these 10 things . . . that he hates:

The question isn't "if" a Christian leader will mess up—it's "when" they mess up. Here's what you need to remember from Revive Our Hearts:

5 reasons Americans are unhappy from Market Watch

If you're like me, you will probably never be able to climb mount everest in person.

Most of us remember the typewriter.

What Looks Like a Boy Drawing on the Floor Turns Into an Emotional Video.

After suffering a heartbreaking loss in the Little League World Series, speech.

Mark Schultz is back in the studio this week working on new songs.

The new book from Tiffany Lee, the artist who goes by the name Plumb, will be available on September 16.

The Amy Grant remix project released this week.

Selah this week released their first project in three years.

The Lincoln Brewster CD Oxygen came out this week.

The Southern California Harvest Crusade took place this past weekend.

Chris August this week release another fun rap.

The Passion conference for college students will take place in early 2015.

Ellie Holcomb will be recording a music video for her song Marvelous Light

Third Day supporters are called Gomers

Science has just confirmed the golden rule.

Texas Gov Rick Perry is calling an indictment against him for abuse of power a political move and says he intends to fight the charges.

Organizers in India are calling a rally held in the country earlier this month the biggest pro-Israel, anti-terrorist event held in recent history.

The number of homeschooler's is skyrocketing in North Carolina.

7 Common Trigger Points That Make People Prickly from Family Minute:

Six Little Thoughts on Chronic Busyness from Family Matters

Five Top Reasons Parents Lose Their Temper from iMom:

3 Categories of Prayer Requests You Need from Revive Our Hearts:

Most people suffer from jitters in the days leading up to their wedding.

An ASL interpreter and and her fiance recently recorded a video

A nun walking in a parking lot with a big cardboard box

The "Ice Bucket Challenge"

Nancy Flexer has been a teacher for 41 years, and on her final day, she was recognized with a surprise celebration.

Lincoln Brewster was recently featured on Fox News.

Mandisa's clothing and jewelry line has created a new stainless steel overcomer ring.

Colton Dixon was on Fox and Friends over the weekend.

The latest Jeremy Camp video blog is now available

The latest Lightenup Video from Ken Davis is titled designated driver.

The final numbers are in and the 25th anniversary of Greg Laurie's Harvest Festival

Hillsong Worship kicked off their USA tour last week.

Displaced Ukrainians face a bleak future.

The ISIS has been in the news but who is the ISIS?

Yielding to temptation can throw your marriage into jeopardy

A group of Georgia parents are standing up to atheists.

10 Things Moms Will Miss One Day from iMom:

5 truths that can help you feel hopeful again from Focus on the Families Boundless Team:

7 Ways to Fit Downtime into Your Schedule from iMom:

10 Pressures Your Kids Are Facing from All Pro Dad:

Ever wanted to go to Paris? Well, this time lapse of the famous city

Colton Dixon stickers promoting his brand new CD Anchor

A movie following Hillsong United will coming out in 2015.

check out the project titled Oxygen, in it's entirety

Matthew West will be at his cabin this week working on songs for a new CD.

The official music video for Jamie Grace's song Do Live Big is now available.

A 20 minute documentary on the career of Dave Ramsey is now available.

Wycliffe Associates is building Business’s in Africa to Support Bible Translation.

Mission Network News is encouraging you to make back to school shopping meaningful

5 Things You Can Do For Christians in Iraq:

9 Bible stories that would make great movies.

10 Treasure Hunt Clues for Around the House from iMom:

4 Ways to Be Counter cultural from All Pro Dad:

What does your face look like under ultraviolet light?

"Ice Bucket Challenge,"

Paul Bissonnette The pro hockey player took the challenge to the next level

Several Christian artists are joining together to supply items to help raise money for Haiti's orphaned and abandoned children through the Hands and Feet Project.

Jenny Simmons daughter is starting Kindergarten this year.

Vicky Beeching has made it official, announcing that she is a lesbian.

Natalie Grant was going through old photos this week.

The multi-track version of the new song Live to Praise You from Lincoln Brewste

Rush Of Fools recently put together a New Song Cafe page with the web site Worship together

NEEDTOBREATHE has just released the final video of their Live Room Sessions.

You have seen the music video for the latest Big Daddy Weave song Overwhelmed.

Jonny Diaz this week loaded an acoustic version of his song “Use Me Too”.

Paul Baloche needed a smile this week.

The latest Daren Streblow Comedy Show is now available.

The latest song from Jamie Grace is titled Do Life Big.

A free seminar featuring some of the top worship leaders in the country

Karen Kingsbury will hold a beach party in Florida in late October.

The Pray for America tour will take place in early September.

The Dave Ramsey organization is out with a free web site designed to help you teach your children about life.

Complete instructions for building a playhouse with spare cardboard boxes.

Tips for simplifying your life from Relevant magazine.

20 Fun Questions to Get to Know Him Better iMom:

9 Ideas for a Summer Romance with Your Husband from iMom:

Six short sentences, said on regular basis, help dads build their kids’ security, identity, and sense of value from Family Minute:

Precious Dogs Will Brighten Up Your Day:

How the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge helps to Collect Money Through Social Media

NASA Captures Mind-Blowing Black Hole Event on Camera, giving a better idea of how the Black hole works.

Kevin Love Jersey Burning - Minnesota Nice Style

positive law enformcement example

A ‘Wounded Warrior’ is Poised to Make Motocross History on Prosthetics.

Abolition International will be releasing a new film titled In Plain Sight this fall.

45th Annual GMA Dove Awards nominees

Shaun Craig says there are some things that God has wired you to do that only you can do.

Michael W Smith is working on a new project. with Lifeway Kids

Sanctus Real is giving away a leather Bible & journal.

Christian music web site Jesus Freak Hideout is giving away a 50 song album download.

In celebration of Left Handers Day, Mac Powell is releasing a song from his upcoming solo country CD Southpaw.

A another new lyric video from worship leader Lincoln Brewster has been released.

The Rush Of Fools recently recorded a live performance of their song Lay Me Down.

Christian artist Jason Dunn coming to random peoples' living rooms.

The surge of unaccompanied children from Central America

Have you ever asked the question: "Why do we wear clothes?”

The Behemoth magazine

6 Relationship Truths About Family from Family Minute:

Two Steps to Sanity from iMom:

Have you ever bottled up your emotions only to explode later? Here 5 healthy alternatives from All Pro Dad

8 Ways to Build Relationships with Your Stepchildren from All Pro Dad:

With 200 plus days of school, you need all the recipes you can get for lunches. Here are a few from Focus on the Family:

A cat that opens doors

Grandpa gets a puppy

7 BANNED Foods

The latest song from Jonny Diaz is titled Thank God I Got Her. this week Jonny gave away a $250 gift cirtificate for an online botique.

TobyMac will be on Hear It First-dot-com at 10AM CT this morning (Wednesday)

Congratulations to Kari Jobe.

New Music/Free Music/Giveaways

The Vertical Church Band is inviting you to join them for a live CD recording later this month.

The new Michael W. Smith Christmas CD will feature some of the biggest names in music.

The web site Freeccm is giving away free music from The Digital Age.

Lincoln Brewster's new worship CD Oxygen won't be available until August 19

The Sidewalk Prophets are out with a new video as Ben and Dave go for a race Mario Kart

The band Selah this week released another Acoustic video.

Danny Gokey this week shared another story behind the song.

The music video for the debut single from Tenth Avenue North's Island EP is now available.

Rush of Fools and a live performance of their song Take Me Over.

SanctusReal this week released an acoustic video for their latest song Lay It Down.

Amy Grant is out with another video talking about her next project,

Ken Davis says sometimes having too many choices can be a good thing.

The latest Passion Podcast is now available.

The premier of Dr. James Dobson's updated Building a Legacy Parenting Film Series

The U.S. Navy has instructed housekeepers to remove Gideon-placed Bible

Two things you can do to make your marriage safe for your spouse:

5 Steps to Forgiveness in Marriage:

10 Commandments For Reducing Stress

5 Types of Powerful Words for Your Marriage:

Supermoon: Best photos from around the world

The new trailer for Nicolas Cage's 'Left Behind' reboot is now available.

A mashup of the Best Robin Williams Moments

What You Need to Know About Ebola

Joel from For King and Country recently sat down to talk with New Release Tuesday

Michael, from Building 429, was showing some new ink over the weekend.

You can now stream all of the songs on Michael W. Smith's new CD Sovereign.

The new NEEDTOBREATHE song Difference Maker is featured on The Giver movie

Bart Millard was promoting the new worship song Soul on Fire from Lifepoint, his home church

Kevin Max recently sat down to talk about his next release titled Light Me Up.

Worship leader Lincoln Brewster recently sat down to talk about his new song 'Made New'.

Jeremy Camp = join him for a quick tour of the Norway.

Tenth Avenue North announcing their upcoming tour.

U.S. airstrikes have allowed between 20,000 and 30,000 Iraqis to escape

The We Are N Campaign is gaining momentum.

Lee Strobel wants to know how well you really know God's word.

Does social media actually make your life better or bitter?

12 Things That Can Cause Marriage Failure from Family Minute:

Some tips to find out if you are Being Curt or Courteous with Your Spouse from Family Minute.

29 Back-to-School Activities for Busy Parents from My Kids Adventures.

non-negotiable's when it comes to the dating world from Relevant Magazine:

Meet Gentry Stein, the absolutely insane winner of the 2014 World Yo-Yo Championship.

Robin Williams dead at 63: Oscar-winning actor found after apparent suicide

Extreme Sports Athletes Water Ski Barefoot Behind an Airplane:

6 Fruits You’re Eating Wrong and how to peel and fix them correctly

You've seen surfing dogs. Now meet Kama. Kama and owner Kai Holt hit Sandy Beach for a surf session with the locals in Oahu.

12 awesome THIRD DAY songs.

Rebecca St. James sat down to answer your questions on the web site Cafe Nudge.

The latest music video from Big Daddy Weave is now available.

The Needtobreathe song Difference Maker is on the sound track for the new movie The Giver.

Lincoln Brewster's latest lyric video is now online

What are your happiness triggers?

attending church as a way to improve your health.

Planning one last camp out before the kids return to school?

Dreading the start of school and the transition back to the school schedule.

Out of creative ideas for the bed time stories you young children love?

4 Creative Ways to Date Your Wife When the Kids Go Back to School:

7 Surprising Places to Meet Christian Singles

World's Largest Urban Zipline

The Broadway cast of the Lion King surprises a subway car with an a cappella takeover

Noah Ritter–heretofore to be known as “Apparently Kid”–delivered a rambling response in what we can only describe as an old-timey newscaster style.

Farmer Derek Klingenberg, a farmhand from Peabody, Kansas, summons a herd of cattle with a trombone cover of Lorde’s “Royals.”

Hear It First-dot-com has released their list of the Top 10 Female voices in Christian Music

Jesse Garcia is selling some band related memorabilia and knick knacks on ebay.

The Jonny Diaz - enter in a drawing for a 250-dollar gift card to Elise, the Boutique in Florida.

Toby Mac was looking back at old pictures this and found his very first selfie.

The new CD from Colton Dixon preview all of the songs on the CD.

Amy Grant was recently featured on the show Kathie Lee and Company.

Family Force 5 this week released their latest album called Time Stands Still

The latest video from Selah an acoustic performance of their song More and More of You

Another week is over and NeedToBreathe has released another Live Room Sessions video.

Comedian Bob Smiley this week released another clip from his latest DVD Mullets On Fire.

Steven Curtis Chapman this week released an update on the next Show Hope fundraising

The members of 7eventh Time Down are inviting you to join them on a Christian music cruise

The web site Kids Adventure is helping you to wrap up the summer on a fun note.

Dave Ramsey show discussing spending for Back to School supplies.

Focus on the Family and Money 4 Life Coaching are partnering together to offer a free debt analysis and a free e-book

A new report from Charisma News say Americans have been fooled.

iMom is out with a list of 50 Ways to Connect with Your Son. They include:

A new Back to School Printable Collection from iMom can help you and your children get ready for the new school year. The resource includes:

10 Questions For Kids to Answer About School:

All Pro Dad is out with a list of 25 Characteristics of a Husband Who Truly Loves His Wife. Here are five:

The Scrabble dictionary has been updated with words like "chillax", "bromance" and "selfie."

petition on calling for "Weird Al" Yankovic to headline the 49th annual Super Bowl

The Most Read Stories in the last 24 hours
1. Washington, D.C., Tops Forbes 2014 List of America's Coolest Cities
2. The Five iPhone 6 Features I'm Most Looking Forward To
3. Jay Z And Beyonce's Ticket Sales Top $100M As Tour Winds Down
4. iPhone 6 Given September 9 Launch Date. Here's What To Expect
5. Top 100 Inspirational Quotes

Top 10 guitarists in Christian music.

Hillsong United members of the band might have a future in synchronized diving.

A reminder from Casting Crowns: Accepting God's forgiveness means appreciating it

The wife of Jimmy Needham is out with a new article on getting the most out of journaling.

Jonny Diaz tweeted that he was "getting all pintresty today".

Audio Adrenaline will sponsor their second annual Hands and Feet Run4Joy next month.

Moriah Peters this week proved that she is a very good sport.

Lindsay McCaul - you can listen to the entire project online.

A third song from Colton Dixon's new CD Anchor is now available.

A preview of Lincoln Brewster's new CD Oxygen is now available online.

Danny Gokey's song Hope In Front of Me is available on Youtube.

The latest lyric video from 7eventh Time Down is now available.

Third day time on stage was documented by a professional photographer.

The lineup for winter xtreme conference in Branson, Missouri and Gatlinburg, Tennessee was announced this week.

The Assemblies of God will celebrate their 100th anniversary in Springfield, Missouri this week.

After years of being told to drink plenty of water, researchers now say we may be making ourselves more, not less, dehydrated.

Google's innovative anti-child porn software is having an impact.

A question from the blog Build Your Marriage: Where do you set the bar for your marriage?

7 Reasons to Keep a Journal from Revive Our Hearts:

"How to Unplug While You Are on Vacation"

Home Office Organization Tips from iMom:

10 Things Your Kids Need to Get Right in High School from All Pro Dad:

The Newsboys are hoping to increase the number of people on their email

The latest release from For King and Country is titled Without You.

Hillsong United has released a promo video for their upcoming tour of Europe.

Hawk Nelson this week released a fun video promoting their Thank God For Something Tour

The band Among the Thirsty has released a new lyric video.

Amy Grant has released another song remix from her upcoming remix album.

The latest release from Michael W Smith is titled Sovereign Over Us.

National Day of Prayer in Washington DC, videos of the event are now available on line.

picking out a backpack

Although the press has moved on, Pastor Saeed Abedini is still in a prison in Iran

6 questions to ask when you're going through a big life change.

8 Creative Ways to Flirt with Your Spouse from Family Minute:

A new school year can be overwhelming. Be the hero with the 10 Back to School Tips for Dads

7 Ways to Make Back to School More Fun from All Pro Dad:

The mother of Christian artist Francesca Battistelli recently turned 60

The latest CD from Casting Crowns is titled Thrive.

Duncan Phillips this week tweeted a picture of what he called his temporary office.

Michael W Smith has announced a new partnership with Lifeway Kids.

Looking for a resource that can provide a comprehensive overview of Christian videos

Mandisa is joining Abolition International in their fight against sex trafficking

Paul Baloche is celebrating women's month by sharing an encouraging reminder to women

The members of Audio Adrenaline are excited about a remix of their song Kings and Queens.

Jonny Diaz joined with his record label to record a short skit

A New Ad from Cheerios is a welcome change from the normal media portrayals of men.

Pastor and Speaker David Nasser recently announced plans to leave the church he founded

More than 4,000 women from 38 counties gathered in Orlando earlier this summer for The Gospel Coalition Women's conference.

If you're dieting and exercising and still can't get rid of that doughnut around your mid-section,

5 Attitudes Designed to Help Your Family Live in Peace from All Pro Dad:

School will be starting again soon and All Pro Dad is encouraging you to take their 30 Day Back to School Challenge. Some suggestions include

4 ways to hide God’s Word in your heart from Revive Our Hearts:

10 Ways to Savor Summer in the remaining month from iMom

Jon Steingard was in Alaska over weekend he invited the groups fans to see what happens when a Canadian fires a huge handgun.

The members of Citizenway are beginning a new feature on the CitizenWay facebook page called Featured Friend Friday.

Mandisa is continuing her scripture memory efforts

Nick Departee is finally out with an open letter regarding his recent departure from the band Kutless.

The new Family Force 5 CD is titled Time Stands Still. You can listen to the CD in it's entirety online.

Steven Curtis Chapman and Focus on the Family are joining together for a special contest.

Brandon Heath's media team recently asked those who follow Brandon to send in their questions.

Jillian Chappy is out with a music video for her latest song.

Lincoln Brewster is out with a new video to help you play the guitar just like he does.

During 2012 the band Switchfoot was followed by a camera crew as they traveled the world electrifying live audiences and surfing the waves.

Several months ago Josh Wilson recorded an instructional video for his song Pushing Back the Dark.

Jason Gray will be headlining his first tour this fall.

Ryan Dobson now works with his father Dr. James Dobson

A new study finds that abortion may be the cause of our nations financial troubles.

Greg Laurie is out with a new book out on the story of Jonah.

5 Things Your Child Needs You to Be from Family Minute:

10 marriage mistakes to avoid from iMom:

4 things Christians get wrong about discipleship from Relevant Magazine:

Are you on a mission to build a strong family? All Pro Dad says there are 9 essential principles and practices to achieve your mission:

Former Flyleaf lead singer Lacey Sturm will share her personal story in a new book

Jamie Grace isn't the only storyteller in her family.

Switchfoot members Chad and Jerome recently sat down to talk about their latest song When We Come Alive.

Colton Dixon is featured on the latest edition of the CCM Magazine

The YouVersion Bible App is out with another online devotional series based on songs by artists who will be part of this years Creation Festival.

The members of Tenth Avenue North are inviting you to join them for this year Tenth Avenue North Classic.

Want to hear some of the stories behind Lincoln Brewsters new CD Oxygen?

The latest Amy Grant CD is a remix project

The debut album by Colony House is off to a good start.

The latest lyric video from Lauren Daigle is titled How Can It Be.

Jenny Simmons this week introduced her fans to a new song from her upcoming EP.

The latest video from NeedToBreathe is now available.

The group All Sons and Daughters recently released a song tutorial for their song God With Us.

The next Passion conferences will take place in Atlanta and Houston in early 2015.

Mercyme is inviting you to join them as they cruise to the Caribbean.

Severe obesity can cut lives short by up to 14 years.

One of Brazil's largest churches has opened a new facility created as a grand replica of the Temple of Solomon.

Want to create crafts for your kids without having to go out and buy a lot of supplies?

iMom recently offered 12 Self-Control TALK Conversation Starters to help you teach your child the concept of self-control. Here are three:

Raising a child costs $241,080. But before that freaks you out, here are 3 reasons from Revive Our Hearts to still have children:

5 Characteristics of Brothers in Arms from All Pro Dad:

4 ways to Be Prince Charming and Romance Your Wife from All Pro Dad:

Lincoln Brewster is out with a new web site specifically created for his new CD.

The organization started to honor Danny Gokey's late wife is helping to keep families together.

Louie Giglio will usher in the Advent season this fall with a new devotional.

23 years after first reaching No. 1, Amy Grant's "Baby, Baby" is back on the charts

The new Group 1 Crew EP will be available soon.

Since the beginning of July NeedToBreathe has been releasing one of their Live Room Sessions each week

Laura Story's latest music video doesn't feature her own singing.

It's summer but your children can still learn.

A new documentary film focused on the decline in the American church

5 Ways to Prepare Your Tweens and Teens for the Unexpected from Family Minute:

7 Things That Happen When You Break Promises to Your Children from iMom:

3 Times When “Pretty Good” is Good Enough from iMom:

3 practical ways to show love to your spouse from the blog Build Your Marriage:

The Sidewalk Prophets say they were humbled to be a part of a recently released soundtrack for the new Rich Mullins film Ragamuffin.

The Christian Music web site Free CCM is giving away a Phillips, Craig, and Dean

Mike Donehey this week released a new video journal.

The Hillsong United song Oceans is lead by Australian native Taya Smith.

The members of All Things New this week released a new video featuring an acoustic performance of their song Washed Over Me.

Steven Curtis Chapman recently sat down to talk with the director of his latest music video about the recording process.

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