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The Irish worship band We Are Messengers is thanking God for their personal safety today after their bus was destroyed over the weekend. Members of the band posted: we were involved in a horrific crash last night on the way home from a wonderful weekend of shows. It is a miracle that we are alive but all our personal possessions have been destroyed. They shared a picture on Instagram showing the bands bus entirely engulfed in flames. A You Caring page has been set up to help the band get back on the road. Click on the link at

Steven Curtis Chapman is gearing up for another season of Sam's Place: Music for the Spirit. The long time Christian artist will begin this season's shows at the Ryman in Nashville on May 7. Steven posted: Can't wait to get together again with some of my friends from different genres of the music world to sing some songs & tell some stories that celebrate God's good gifts of faith, family and music! Matthew West will be one of the featured artists on the opening show and tickets are now available. A portion of proceeds will go to support Steven's adoption organization Show Hope. Shows will be held on a monthly basis through September.

Rend Collective says it's all in a name. The Irish worship band commented during their toe tapping set on the Road Show: "Where you come from this is called a hoedown but where we come from it's called a shindig."

Mandisa is congratulating her musical director. She posted a picture of Bernard Harris and his new wife, Jai Rose, over the weekend.

Moriah Peters needs your help. She posted: I met this Israeli caterpillar where Jesus shared the beatitudes. What should we name him?

If you've ever attended one of Ben Calhoun's solo concerts you would likely have heard "Savannah's Pajamas". The Citizenway front man wrote the song in honor of his daughter and her bedtime routine. Now he is finally getting to the book version of the song. Ben announced over the weekend that work has started on the new project.

Hillsong will not tolerate pedophiles in any shape or form, according to the church's founder Brian Houston. Recently Brian told Australia's child abuse royal commission that Hillsong has 'zero tolerance' for pedophiles He said 'For a long, long time I've been extremely vocal that no convicted pedophile, nobody who's made any kind of confession of inappropriate behavior towards children, is welcome at Hillsong Church at all." 'On numerous occasions we've told people they can't come to church. Houston added: 'We've got a no tolerance policy on pedophiles because we have a massive children's ministry, obviously, and young persons ministry, so we just don't believe that it's the right place for them to be.'

Third Day received the plaque for the Gold certification of their album Move. Front man Mac Powell posted a picture of the plaque this weekend.

Sneaking Steven was spotted again this weekend. Steven Curtis Chapman posted a picture as he covertly autographed his new biography, this time in San Antonio and Dallas.

Passion's release day round two is here. Earlier this year the organization released digital copies of the project recorded during Passion 2017. Now Kristian Stanfill says physical copies of Worthy of Your Name are also available.

Colton Dixon is celebrating the release of his new album in a big way. Colton released the album Identity late last week. In response, Colton says: I'm going to be Live every night this week on Facebook to celebrate. Hope you can join me. In fact, he already has several facebook live broadcasts available on the site. More are coming soon.

The web site iTickets is giving away music from Jaci Velasquez. Right now you can download a copy of Lay It At The Cross from Jaci's new album Trust.

Paul Baloche is cheering on his son David. The long time worship leader posted a link after his song released his first album late last week. He said: My son David teaches 'speech & debate' to high school kids in Manhattan. And he makes this kind of music in his spare time. But Paul isn't the only one celebrating the new album. Fellow artist Phil Wichkam posted: This record is really, really good. Beautiful melodies and music. The Lyrics are straight from scripture but somehow feel fresh and new. Maybe my favorite record so far this year. Amazing job David Baloche!

Mandisa and her band shot live performance videos for three new songs on my next album over the weekend. The videos are for the songs "Unfinished", "I'm Still Here", and "Out of the Dark". Mandisa added: I know what it is to be in a pit of depression, and I know how it feels to have Jesus lift me Out Of The Dark. Check out a sneak peek of the title track by clicking on the link at

More music is now available from Colton Dixon. He released the audio for his song Technicolor over the weekend. It's from his new album Identity. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Jonny Diaz is out with a new lyric video. Over the weekend Jonny released the lyric video for his new song Joy. Check it out by clicking on the link at Jonny says: Hopefully this song can bring a smile to your day.

Natalie Grant is out with another lyric video. She posted: “There’s nothing too dirty that You can’t make worthy”. Check out the official lyric video for Natalie's song Clean. Click on the link at

Mercyme Guitarist Mike Scheuchzer was named the winner of a new award this weekend. The band posted a picture of Mike fast asleep on their tour bus and added: Congrats to Mike for winning a "Sweepy" because him's sweepy

Matt Maher was live on facebook over the weekend performing songs from the Holy Land. Matt is in Israel with Pastor and Author Max Lucado. He performed Lord, I Need You on the Sea of Galilee and 10,000 Reasons at the Mount of Beatitudes and recorded both live on facebook. Check out the songs by clicking on the link at

The members of Switchfoot got their drummer, Chad Butler, a special gift for his birthday. They are giving him the chance to return to his home land. Chad was born in Amsterdam so, on his birthday, Switchfoot announced their European tour scheduled for May and June. In addition to a show in Amsterdam, Switchfoot will also make stops in the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, and Hungary.

The band Finding Favour kicked off their first ever headlining tour over the weekend. Find dates for the What We Have Is Now Tour at the bands web site.

Steven Curtis Chapman and Switchfoot joined together for a special duet during their Road Show stop over the weekend. Check out a clip of their performance by clicking on the link at

Here are nine ways you can use Facebook Live in your church.
Pastor Q&A
Live stream services and events
Announcement videos
Take prayer requests
Weekly Bible study
Sermon extras
Interesting behind-the-scenes videos
Mission trip updates
Part of an overall strategy

4 Ways to Disciple Children in Prayer:
1. In Theology
2. In Repentance
3. In Purpose
4. In Trust

When another Christian fails or disappoints you—particularly a Christian leader—go back to these 9 truths:
1. All have sinned.
2. Sin exposed is a good thing.
3. The cross was built for heavy loads.
4. Speak the truth (in love).
5. Gossip about sinners is a sin.
6. Watch out for “plank-eye syndrome.”
7. Forgive, for real.
8. The world is watching.
9. Prayer is a weapon that works.

A Gallup report published yesterday says the three countries with the greatest suffering on this globe are South Sudan, Haiti, and Ukraine. The report says that 43 percent of Haiti’s population is suffering, 54 percent is struggling, and only three percent is thriving.

A former imam from Egypt with strong family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood leadership who converted to Christianity, said Friday that some Muslims in the U.S. are using "Islamic deception" to fool Christians into believing misconceptions about the religion. Christian, who is now the executive director at the Nebraska-based Christian nonprofit Global Faith Institute, explained in the webinar, titled "Is Islam Luring the American Church Into Denying Jesus?" that "Muslims are not the enemy, but Islam is."

Husband and wife producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett are working on a faith-based series for Netflix titled "Messiah." The new religious drama is still in its developmental stages. It would be set in the modern day and tell the story of the world's reaction to a man who appears to be performing miracles in the Middle East.

Christians in Nigeria are facing trial upon trial. Not only were hundreds of thousands forced to flee their homes due to terrorist group Boko Haram, but many have been denied sanctuary and aid in displacement camps. The Christian Post reports that several displacement camps have communicated that food and other aid “is not for Christians.”

Actor Mike Vogel, who is starring as atheist-turned-Christian-apologist Lee Strobel in the upcoming film The Case for Christ, said he wishes faith-based films didn’t have such a stigma. His most current role has him playing Lee Strobel whose life was turned upside down by his conversion to Christ and who went on to write the bestseller The Case for Christ. Vogel told Charisma News that he himself was influenced by Strobel's book, and when the opportunity presented itself for him to play Strobel in a film, he says he asked God if he should take it.

Many children of persecuted indigenous believers have found security and rest in an Open Doors shelter in northern Colombia where they are cared for, protected, and educated in faith and the love of God. The shelter has been a peaceful haven for these children, far removed from the threats of the traditional indigenous authorities that persecute the indigenous Christians, as well as from guerrilla forces that exercise widespread control in regions of the country, even in the schools. However, the authorities have now requested that the children present themselves before the local governing bodies so that they may be returned to their communities and removed from Christian schools.

While it’s become customary in football, the conclusion of the Baylor/South Carolina Sweet 16 game produced something rarely seen in college basketball: a post-game prayer huddle. According to Athletes in Action, Both teams huddled together—coaches, players, and other staff—with arms slung around each other and heads bowed.

Fewer and fewer Americans believe that a four-year college scholarship is enough reward for collegiate athletes. According to the latest Seton Hall Sports Poll, shared first with Yahoo Finance, only 60% of people surveyed this year feel that providing a scholarship is sufficient pay for college athletes. In 2013, that number was 71%. In addition, 40% of people surveyed say the college athletes are exploited by not sharing in the NCAA’s revenue pie.

NASA's Juno spacecraft made its fifth flyby over Jupiter's mysterious cloud tops early this morning. At the time of closest approach, Juno was about 2,700 miles above the planet's cloud tops, traveling at a speed of about 129,000 miles per hour relative to the gas-giant planet. All of Juno's eight science instruments will be on and collecting data during the flyby.

Animal Planet's new My Fat Pet program is The Biggest Loser for overweight animals. According to, the upcoming series is looking to tackle the pet obesity epidemic head-on, helping dangerously overweight cats and dogs shed the pounds through a safe training and diet plan. Animal expert and trainer Travis Brorsen will be coaching these critters through their journey, creating individuals diet and exercise programs for each of the animals he meets.

You’ve quite possibly heard of the Human Genome Project, the massive international science research project dedicated to sequencing the human DNA. A less well-known project called Genome 10K has a not-unrelated mission — but instead of mapping just the human genome, it’s dedicated to sequencing the genome of thousands of animal species, including those most at risk of extinction.

Lois and Charlie O'Brien, two octogenarian entomologists, have spent their life together chasing insects around the world — some 60 years of romance and field work. Now the married scientists are donating their vast insect collection to Arizona State University. ASU estimates the collection is worth $10 million, and says the carefully curated insects within it are a "transformative" gift with "enormous scientific value." The couple also donated $2 million to endow professorships dedicated to identifying new species.

Twitter is considering building a subscription-based product for some users, a move that could potentially give the platform more revenue while adding more tools for its stagnant user base. Twitter confirmed it’s conducting a survey to see if users are interested in a “new, more enhanced version of TweetDeck”—Twitter’s dashboard for posting and monitoring the social media platform.

For years, Justin Cho's family thought they simply had a happy kid who liked to laugh, even when nothing funny happened. However, his parents have now found that his chuckles didn't mean Justin was laughing. His giggle fits were actually seizures and a sign he had a rare form of epilepsy called gelastic epilepsy. The family realized something was wrong when Justin's condition progressed and he had a full-fledged traditional epileptic seizure. At UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, doctors saw on an MRI scan that Justin, 9, had a benign mass, or lesion, in his brain.

A South American tourist is somehow alive and well after spending nine days lost in the Bolivian Amazon. And he has a group of monkeys to thank for it. After finally being discovered in poor condition less than a mile from camp after nine days missing; a dehydrated, bitten and swollen the tourist told rescuers that he was only able to survive because of a group of monkeys that dropped fruit for him and led him to water and shelter every day.

TIME is spending a year following the lives of three Syrian babies and their families as they seek a new home in Europe. Follow their journey on Instagram

A U.S. Marine veteran who lost his legs during a tour of duty in Afghanistan is believed to be the first-ever double amputee to become a full active duty police officer in the U.S. Matias Ferreira was sworn in Friday as an officer with the Suffolk County Police Department in New York, six years after he stepped on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan.

When Chang Benfu and his wife Zhao Xuefang married back in 1976, the wedding was a simple affair. They didn’t have the money for a grand ceremony, or even for a photographer to capture the big day. But now, four decades later, a group of university students have given them the greatest wedding gift of all and given the couple their own photo-shoot. Chinese villagers Chang Benfu, 84, and his wife Zhao Xuefang, 83, posed for adorably traditional wedding photos at their home in Mihzi County, part of China’s Shaanxi province, last month.

A man who began a recycling project as a way to bond with his son ha raised $400,000 and donated every penny to children in need. The octogenerian from Georgia said he started the project in 1985, as a way to bond with his son, Brent who was 17-years-old at the time. The pair would collect and sell recyclable newspapers, magazines, and cans and then put their earnings into a savings account. Thirty-two years later, all that recycling has added up, with Mr Jennings recycling more than 9 million pounds of paper – and saving up more than $400,000 in his bank account. Last May, the father donated every single penny to a local charity, the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home & Family Ministries.

A British teenager has contacted scientists at Nasa to point out an error in a set of their own data. A-level student Miles Soloman found that radiation sensors on the International Space Station (ISS) were recording false data. The 17-year-old from Tapton school in Sheffield said it was "pretty cool" to email the space agency. The correction was said to be "appreciated" by Nasa, which invited him to help analyse the problem.

Two Georgia police officers went above and beyond the call of duty recently to help out a local resident in need. Lieutenant Walters and Officer Brunson caught a 14-year-old shoplifting candy from a business in Rome. According to police, the teen gave the candy back after he was caught. The officers then took the teen grocery shopping when they learned he didn’t have food in his home.

A train powered by a hydrogen fuel cell has completed its first test run in Germany, showing the viability of the technology to operate without waste. Following more planned tests, the train is expected to begin commercial operation later this year,

After almost 20 years of working as a security guard at St. Theresa's College in Cebu City, Erwin Macua is set to join the students that he watches over, this time for his college graduation. Macua will graduate cum laude for his Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in General Education degree. The 38-year-old, who hails from Trinidad, Bohol, juggled being a security guard, studying, and being a father of 3 children.

Taking on five children all at once is no small undertaking – and yet more than a thousand members of the public have answered the call, just days after it was first made. The plight of Kansas siblings Bradley, 11, Preston, 10, Lyla, eight, and Landon, six, and Olive, two, was first shared by the Kansas City Star last week. The story was accompanied by a photo of the five sitting together as well as detailed descriptions about their personalities and interests. The Star explained that the five siblings – who are currently in foster care – hoped to be adopted together into a “loving family with an abundance of love, energy, kindness and patience”.

Between Heaven & the Real World: My Story” is the new biography by Steven Curtis Chapman. The book chronicles Chapman’s journey from his childhood in Paducah, Ky., through his courtship with his wife Mary Beth, to Nashville where he’s enjoyed decades of success as a Christian music singer. Recently Steven sat down to talk with the Tennessean about the book and about finding hope in tragedy. Read the article by clicking on the link at

Lauren Daigle will be featured next weekend on the ACM Awards. Lauren posted: Looking forward to performing with Reba McEntire. Tune in April 2 on CBS at 8/7C!

NeedtoBreathe will hold their 5th Annual NeedtoBreathe Classic on Monday. However, even if you can't make it to the golf tournament in South Carolina, you can still donate in the bands silent auction online. The annual golf fundraiser collects money each year for OneWorld Health. In 2016 the band raised enough to build a clinic in Nicaragua. This year they hope to bring in at least $100,000.

Congratulations to the guys from the band Switchfoot. They posted this week: Big shout out to SAN DIEGO for nominating FLOAT as "Song Of The Year" at the San Diego Music Awards. We won!

Albert Pujols was showing off his Tobymac swag this week. Tobymac shared a picture of the Los Angeles Angels First Baseman wearing a MacBlk baseball cap.

Ryan Stevenson was making memories with his posted this week. He posted pictures as they enjoyed some snapchat filter fun and got some serious laughs.

Matthew West is trying a new exercise regimen and, rather then promising a beach body, he says it promises a dad body. He posted a picture at the pool doing four sets of kid lifts, using one of his daughters as his set of weights.

Plumb's son Solomon better enjoy that Coke. The Christian artist posted a picture of her son with a Coke on his 12th birthday and added: Coke ONCE a year.

Citizenway's Ben Calhoun posted a picture this week of a very special guitar. He added: This guitar is going with me to Haiti next week. I'm going to lead worship with it and then leave it there at the orphanage village of IKONDO where young musicians can use it. We are so close to raising enough money to buy this! Would you join our giving team?

In 1987 Steve Green was named the Dove Awards Male Vocalist of the Year. This year, exactly 30 years later, he will be inducted into the GMA Hall of Fame. The 4th Annual GMA Honors and Hall of Fame Ceremony will take place on Tuesday, May 9.

Colton Dixon shared his favorite Bible verse this week. It's Col 3:11: There is no Gentile or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is all, and is in all.

Kenova, West Virginia native Michael W. Smith has earned three GRAMMY’s and 45 Dove Awards, scored 32 No. 1 hits and sold more than 15 million albums. According to CCM Magazine, the member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame will now pick up an award from his home state. The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame has announced Smith will be one of the six inductees for the class of 2018. The induction ceremony will be held February 10, 2018

Mercyme's Mike Scheuchzer is using his wife as a test subject. He is building a tree house and wanted to test it's structural integrity so built a temporary swing and had his wife test it. Mike posted: So Far So Good

Jeremy Camp is with his family in Mexico this week and posted a video of his daughter Bella sharing her faith. Jeremy said: sooo proud of Bella for sharing for the first time what the Lord has done in her life. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

New Release Today is giving away new music from Kerrie Roberts. Right now you can download a copy of Boundless, the title cut from Kerrie's new worship album. Click on the link at

David Baloche is following in his father's footsteps. David is the son of well known worship leader Paul Baloche. Today he released a new album titled Labyrinth. It's described as a contemplative, scripture-based album and is the first volume in a series that offers unique musical meditations using various translations from the Holy Bible. The first project focuses on scriptures that address anxiety and stress.

With his brand-new album called "Identity" set for release on March 24, "American Idol" alum Colton Dixon is hoping that people will listen to it and be inspired to reflect on their personal lives, focusing on what really matters to them. According to an interview with ChristianToday, The Christian singer says he himself assessed his priorities before making the album. "I was just looking at my life and asking how do I measure my success? The singer says he realized that the only One who could ever give people fulfillment is God, and it's something he hopes to impart in his new songs.

Season four of the Jamie Grace Show is now available. The new broadcast on youtube features 30 minutes of games, rants, music and more. Check out the latest edition of the Jamie Grace show by clicking on the link at

Colton Dixon his wife Annie visited Fox News to talk recently about his the new album Identity and their first year of marriage! Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Matthew West is out with a new feature called Day One Devotional. The new series is based on the life of Alyssa. Matthew posted: I'm honored to continue to share her story through a new Day One Devos series inspired by her incredible life and testimony. Hear her testimony by clicking on the link at

Humorous Tweets

Danny Gokey isn't giving up. When he was on American Idol Simon Cowell told him he was a horrible dancer. But that didn't stop him from posting a dancing picture this week on his wife's birthday.

Lightenup's Ken Davis is out with some advice. In his latest blog Ken encourages you to Live Like a Dog. That's heard correctly. Check out why by clicking on the link at

The Hillsong Colour Conference in Sydney has wrapped up and members of Hillsong Worship say it was truly incredible! They posted: Thousands of women gathered to lift up the name of Jesus and we can't wait to hear the testimonies that will come out of the last two weeks! Check out the Gospel version of What A Beautiful Name from Hillsong Worship recorded live at the conference by clicking on the link at

For King and Country members Joel and Luke are in Israel this week. They shared a picture with their wives soon after touching down in the country and promised updated throughout their journey. Joel and Luke are in Israel representing The Israel Collective, a community of young Christian peacemakers praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

Chris Tomlin's Worship Night in American tour is just two weeks away. Artists including Big Daddy Weave, Phil Whickham and Zack Williams will join Chris on his biggest worship night tour so far. The tour will be in 22 cities across the country between April 4 and May 13.

Jamie Grace and her sister Morgan Harper Nichols will provide music for NASCAR drivers this weekend. The duo's group titled Harper Still will provide music for the Autoclub 400 Sunrise Service. NASCAR drivers David Ragan and Michael McDowell will also be speaking.

Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North says there are specific moments that are especially special on the Winter Jam tour. He posted: We weren't made to feel good about ourselves. We were designed to forget ourselves in the adoration of God. There is nothing quite like an arena of people losing themselves by getting caught up in Him.

Matt Maher is in Israel this week. He posted on Thursday: Day one with Max Lucado in the Holy Land visiting Caesarea, Megiddo, and Nazerath.

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth is asking for your prayers. She is in Mexico for a Revive Our Hearts conference in that country. Nancy posted: Great anticipation for what He will do in the hearts of 4000+ Spanish-speaking women this week.

Louie Giglio was in London just hours before the attach that killed four people. Louie posted after hearing of the attack: Shelley and I left London earlier today. Saddened by current news and praying for all affected by these events.

Easter is at the heart of our faith, but we often struggle to make it “come alive” in the same way we do Christmas. With that in mind, Family Life is offering simple but meaningful decorating tips through the Ever Thine Home® blog page. They say the tips will help you proclaim to your family and neighborhood that Easter is here.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) will formally launch the Zacharias Institute and open its doors to the new global headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia this week. A series of events began with an apologetics symposium on Thursday evening. The formal dedication ceremony will take place this afternoon at the 124,000 square foot building. In addition to office space for the North American speaking team and staff, this facility includes an auditorium, several classrooms and seminar rooms, state-of-the-art television and radio studios, a café, a library, a bookstore, and the Still Point Art Gallery.

A former teacher graciously explains 3 ways she often wished parents understood teachers:
Time Is a Precious Commodity for Teachers
Teachers Really Do Love Their Students
Teachers Need Affirmation and Appreciation

GUYS: Need some fresh DateNight ideas? Here's 20 ideas to get you started:
1. Attend a wedding.
2. Make a list of ten things your wife loves to do.
3. Take up a new hobby with your wife;
4. Do the classic date:
5. Take a twelve-month honeymoon with your wife.
6. Devote one hour each night for alone time with your wife. Talk about how your days went. Joke around with each other. Cultivate your friendship. Talk honestly about what's going on in your lives. Help each other. Encourage each other. Pray together.
7. Mark your wife's birthday, your wedding anniversary, and Mother's Day on your calendar every year and plan to make those days special.
8. Write a love note to your wife.
9. Spend an evening stargazing with your wife
10. Spend an evening reminiscing with your wife about all you've been through together and all God has done and redeemed in your life together.
11.Devote the next month to studying a book of the Bible with your wife.
12. Visit your roots.
13. Hold your wife's hand often, in public and in private.
14. Tell your wife that you love her.
15. Tell your wife that Jesus loves her more than you do.
16. Set a weekly date night.
17. Cancel work for the day and do something special with your wife.
18. Take dancing lessons with your wife.
19. Cut something from your schedule and use that time to date your wife.
20. Vacation with your wife without your kids, without your work, and without your cell phone and computer.

Turkey has broken its silence on the Andrew Brunson case. According to Mission Network News, the American pastor, has been imprisoned in Turkey since October 7th on charges of terrorist connections. But, so far, no evidence has been presented except for an anonymous witness. The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim stated earlier this month that the country may be willing to speed up Brunson’s trial.

Professional pitcher Mark Appel recently shared how his high expectations for himself can lead him to a battle with perfectionism: “Whether or not I make it to the Majors, I want to offer up my career and my life to God so He can do with it what He pleases. Whenever I try to close a tight fist around my life, trying to control it, that is when these doubts and fears begin to cripple me.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury will make a high-level 12 day visit to the Holy Land in May, Lambeth Palace confirmed today. In one of his longest trips as Archbishop, Justin Welby will take in Jordan and Bethlehem as well as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Galilee, and focus on the themes of reconciliation, Christian unity and the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

A former felon who turned his life around and found God is getting major accolades for saving the life of an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper—and just in the nick of time.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit heard oral arguments this week in a case filed by Ms. Mary Anne Sause, a Catholic former nurse who was ordered by police officers to stop praying in her own home. In court briefings, government attorneys defended the police officers' actions by arguing that the First Amendment's Free Exercise Clause only "protects an individual's right to choose a religion."

Pope Francis is planning to visit South Sudan in October if the security situation does not deteriorate in the country ravaged by civil war and famine, according to a local bishop. The Pope has repeatedly said that he wants to go to the country to preach peace but so far no time frame has been issued by the Vatican. But yesterday Bishop Erkolano Tombe of the city of Yei told Reuters: 'We have been informed [by a Vatican official] that he will come in October but we don't know the exact date yet.'

The restoration of the chamber that many believe to be the place where the body of Jesus Christ was laid after the crucifixion is finally complete, just in time for Easter. For the last nine months, a team from the National Technical University of Athens spent more than $4 million working on the tomb to preserve it and prevent it from collapsing—which, according to experts, was imminent. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which sits above the tomb, remains a popular destination for Christian pilgrims from the around world.

President Trump has been announced as the commencement speaker for Liberty University’s graduation this spring. The decision perhaps comes as no surprise since Liberty University chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. has been an outspoken supporter of Trump throughout his campaign and Trump has spoken at Liberty several times prior to becoming president.

The Vatican has announced that the Catholic annual Good Friday Collection will this year benefit the beleaguered Christian communities of the Holy Land. This initiative has been an annual tradition in the Church since its institution by Blessed Pope Paul VI. The funds will be used to help the parochial schools, hospitals, and community centres in these areas to protect their communities, which often include refugees, children, and victims of war.

March 26th through April 16th, Pray for France (, will begin mobilizing Christians from around the world to pray for France in light of the upcoming presidential elections and the current spiritual state of the nation.

Christians who were driven out of their homeland of Mosul, Iraq and surrounding areas by ISIS may be prevented from returning by a new generation of ISIS fighters. The terrorist group is reportedly training young jihadis, known as Caliphate Cubs in various ISIS propaganda videos, to guard the city against Christians’ return.

The latest Christian movie will be in Theaters March 24. The movie titled SlammaJamma uses a sports based theme. Wrongfully accused and sent to prison, a former basketball star prepares for the national slam dunk competition while finding redemption in himself and in those he loves.

In a clip that's quickly gone viral, a young girl snatches the pontiff's hat as he leans in to kiss her on the cheek. Catholic tour guide Mountain Butorac posted the video to Twitter on Wednesday with the caption, "Took my Goddaughter to meet the pope. She stole his hat!" In a later post to Facebook, Butorac then tagged the parents of 3-year-old Estella Westrick from the US state of Georgia.
Butorac told US broadcaster CNN that the comic incident with Pope Francis occurred on Estella's first full day in Rome. "It was hilarious, everyone was laughing including the pope," he said.

An Iowa House subcommittee has passed a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks. The bill will now go on to the full committee for approval.

Prominent priest Canon Andrew White, known as the “Vicar of Baghdad,” said that Christianity has practically been wiped out from the area of its birth. The number of Christians in Iraq has significantly decreased since ISIS took over much of the area in 2014. Thirty years ago, there was an estimated 1.4 million Christians in Iraq. Now, there is estimated to be less than 250,000 left.

Dr. Tim Keller, Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, was slated to give a lecture on British theologian and missiologist Lesslie Newbigin and receive the Abraham Kuyper Award for Theology and Public Life at Princeton Seminary. This week, Princeton Seminary President Craig Barnes announced that the school would not present the award to Keller, but would still invite him to give a lecture. Barnes said the decision reflected a concern that presenting Keller with the award would be confused with an endorsement of the Presbyterian Church in America’s teaching that the office of elder is limited to men.

A well-known evangelist has met with Guatemala’s president to offer comfort and encouragement in the face of a national tragedy. A fire in a home for girls in San Jose Pinula, a town east of Guatemala City, the capital, resulted in the deaths of 40 of the girls. Evangelist Luis Palau met with Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales to offer words of hope after the tragedy.

Many adults now spend more hours of the day using laptops and phones than they do asleep, a survey has revealed. People spend an average of 8 hours 21 minutes sleeping a day – but spend an average of 8 hours 41 minutes on media devices.
The majority (81 per cent) of smartphone users have their phones switched on all the time, even in bed, they said.

For the last three months, 10-year-old Haden has set up shop on the front lawn of his Lincolnton, North Carolina, home. According to, He arranged a table, made a sign and passed out flyers — advertising his art for sale for a dollar. Haden is raising money to buy toys for his younger brother Max, who is 7 years old and suffers from a rare nerve and tumor disorder that makes life very uncomfortable.

Bandit the dog helped inmates in jail for 3 years — now he's got his own family. Bandit was part of Operation Second Chance, a program that pairs inmates with dogs to look after during their time in the jail. By partnering with the Society of Humane Friends, a local rescue organization, the jail is able to foster around 30 dogs at a time while the organization deals with adoption applications, health screenings and administrative work that comes along with adopting animals.

After waiting 211 days, 5-year-old Ari Schultz finally received a new heart earlier this month. While it first looked like Ari — who was born with a congenital heart defect — would be able to return home within a few months, his body started to reject the heart. Then things got even worse for the family: On a rare trip home from the hospital, they discovered black mold growing on the walls, ceilings, and floors of their house. However, things are finally looking up. At friends encouragement they started a gofundme page. In less than two weeks, they've already raised over $183,000 of their $500,000 goal to cover medical bills and new building expenses.

A woman who spent five days stranded in the Grand Canyon described the "true panic" of her harrowing experience in an exclusive interview with ABC News. Vanhecke, a college student from Denton, Texas, was sightseeing by herself last week near the southern rim of the Grand Canyon when her GPS instructed her to make a wrong turn, leading her through increasingly tough terrain.

The John Marshall High School baseball team has been in desperate need of equipment. So much so, Coach Brent Butler recently went to Facebook to ask the community for donations. Coach Butler said a lot of students don’t have essentials like gloves, cleats and bats because they have never played baseball. Once CBS 6 saw the post, Lane Casadonte, with the help of Union Bank and Trust, wanted to pitch in and surprise Butler with a gift card to buy much needed equipment. They gave him $500 to help with the purchases

While the total number of cars on the road will increase in the coming years, experts predict that the United States’ oil usage will peak next year. That’s because the growing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles along with ever-increasing (government-mandated, at least for now) fuel economy standards mean that the our gasoline usage will peak next year, and fall from there.

Portland Music Therapy, a private practice in Portland, Oregon that specializes in children diagnosed with, is raising funds to produce and album created to support kids diagnosed with autism. The CD is designed by credentialed music therapists and a mom to support kids with autism and their families.

Britt Nicole's latest song is titled Be the Change. Now she is asking you to tell your be the change story. Britt posted this week: Make a quick selfie video of yourself telling us how you have been able to be the change and hashtag #mybethechangestory

For King and Country member Joel Smallbone is encouraging you to pay it forward when you rent their movie Priceless through Red Box. He posted a video suggesting those you place a note or small gift in the movie case when you return it to Red Box after viewing it.

Jonny Diaz may have a track star on his hands. He shared a video of his daughter as she served as a flower girl over the weekend and added: Fastest flower girl in town! Why drag this out when we have cake waiting on us?

Matthew West is enjoying spring break with his girls. He posted: Love soaking up some sun and getting caught up on some quality time with my family. I work so much on my music that it often takes over my schedule. Before I even realize it, I've neglected to take care of what matters most- time with God, time with my family. So, whether it's convenient or not I've got to take time like this because this is what matters most.

Some thoughts from Tenth Avenue North front man Mike Donehey on Good Friday: Why do we call Good Friday good? Well, maybe we call it good simply because we know what happened three days later. But isn't that the problem with life? We have to live it forwards, and often can only gain proper perspective as we look backwards. When I look back to the day when Jesus ascended Calvary, bloodied, beaten, and forsaken, I can only surmise, Good Friday was the worst Friday until Sunday.

Colton Dixon is giving away a t-shirt, hoodie, signed poster, deluxe CD, bracelet and sticker all based on his upcoming new album Identity. To enter just sign up for Colton's newsletter.

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard has been practicing; not on the guitar or for a new song. He posted a picture holding a young child. Baby Steingard is due soon.

Laura Story recently sat down to talk with CBN about her new album Open Hands. She told the them: "Faith, really, is living life with open hands." "I'm learning that living life with open hands … it's truly a life of trust and a life of surrender," Read the entire interview by clicking on the link at\

Matthew West posted this week: Just wanted to show you guys some early brainstorms for my new album cover. One suggestion involved riding a large rubber ducky. Check it out and let Matthew know what you think.

We Are Worship is giving away music from Selah. This week you can download a free copy of their song "I Got Saved".

The latest release from Colton Dixon is titled The Other Side. He says the song was inspired by the strength of his wife's family when they lost her brother. Check out the lyric video and then share it with someone who needs it.

It's a small world. Chris Tomlin's drummer, Travis, is featured in a Morton salt collaboration using salt from the small town where Chris was raised! Check out the video by clicking on the link at

It was mom to the rescue over the weekend for Jodi of Love and the Outcome. Jodi posted: If there was ever a weekend I needed my mom it was this one. In between four amazing Canadian shows and tons of travel, Milo got sick & I couldn't figure out what was wrong & I felt like a rookie mom. The beautiful thing is the Lord knew what I needed before I asked. Out of the blue I got a text from my mom saying she was road tripping 13 hours from Winapeg to our Calgary show!! The Lord knew how much I needed her

Francesca Battestelli is making the best of a day off away from home. She posted: I did laundry, washed my makeup brushes, did a hair masque, and I'm about to knit. So I'm basically a grandma.

A portion of the Set Free Tour with Big Daddy Weave and Zach Williams was streamed live on facebook over the weekend. Now you can check out the live performance, including music and Zach's story, by clicking on the link at

Good Friday is nearly a month away but Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig, and Dean says the Good Friday service his church, along with hundreds of others in Austin, will be participating in is filling up quickly. Randy posted this week that 13,500 tickets have already been downloaded.

The members of Winterjam paused this week for an epic battle. A corn hole tournament pitted the beards, David Crowder and Willie Robertson, against the beauties, Sadie Robertson and her mom Korie. At the end of the fierce battle it was the beauties pulling it out with Sadie's final throw. Watch the video recap by clicking on the link at

The Movie The Case for Christ, based on the book by Lee Strobel, will be in theaters soon. Recently Greg Laurie talked with Lee & Leslie Strobel about the movie and their story. Now you can watch the interview online. Click on the link at

For Such A Time As This, a free, online symposium with Ravi Zacharias, Os Guinness, and Edmund Chan will be the first public event streamed live from the new Zacharias Institute. Seats are full to attend this event, but it will also be offered online. The upcoming live stream will take place at 7:30pm EDT on March 23!

Back in November, Melissa Zimdars, an assistant professor of communications and media at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, published a list called, “False, Misleading, Click bait-y, and/or Satirical ‘News’ Sources.” Last week, the list went viral when Harvard University Library linked to it as a helpful guide to “Fake News, Misinformation, and Propaganda.” Now Breakpoint is questioning the list itself. They pointed out this week that all pro-life websites are listed as “biased,” but pro-abortion sites aren’t listed at all. Even, the organizations web site, made the list.

Greg Laurie's Harvest organization is looking for new faces as extras in their upcoming videos. The posted this week: all ages welcomed and encouraged to participate! Please send a photo to

5 Ways to Encourage Prayer in Church
1. Prayer must be a joy, not an obligation.
2. Pray the Word.
3. Set aside a specific time each day to talk to God.
4. Have a prayer partner.
5. Write down your prayer needs and those of friends.

Petr Jasek, a Czech national and VOM’s Africa regional director, spent 445 days in a Sudanese prison. Days after returning home, Petr sat down with VOM Radio to share his story and thank the thousands of people who prayed for him and his co-defendants during his long months in prison. Click on the link at

Pope Francis has asked for forgiveness for the 'sins and failings of the Church and its members' during Rwanda's 1994 genocide. He said the violence had 'disfigured' the face of the Church. The pontiff made the comments in a Vatican meeting with Rwandan President Paul Kagame. He said he hoped the apology would promote peace and a 'purification of memory' in Rwanda.

the Jesus Film Project is celebrating as it marks its 1,500th language translation this month. The latest translation — into Daasanach, a language spoken by an ethnic group inhabiting parts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan — is part of the project’s initiative to reach the world’s remaining 865 language groups that have 50,000 or more speakers.

Athletes In Actions's Final Four Event Celebrates Basketball Role Models.

John Crist and Aaron Chewning, the duo behind comedy videos including “Millennial International” and this takedown of the Christian music industry, has released a new video that is both the perfect parody of the show House Hunters as well as church shopping.

A stashed collection of ancient bronze coins that may have belonged to Christians fleeing invading Persian forces has been found on the highway to Jerusalem in an archaeological dig. The coins date back to the late Byzantine era of 7th century CE, and were discovered by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) in an excavation that began in June 2016.

Priscilla Shirer, Bible teacher and star of the faith-based 2015 box office hit "War Room," is returning to the big screen. This time she'll be acting in the new film, "I Can Only Imagine," based on the popular song by "Mercy Me" band member Bart Millard.

According to a recent article on John Piper’s Desiring God website, those with Down Syndrome are some of the happiest people alive. Ninety-nine percent of those surveyed said that they are happy with their lives. Additionally 97 percent answered affirmatively when asked, “Do you like who you are?” Another 99 percent agreed with the statement “Do you love your family?”

A Texas high school's prayer room has been the subject of controversy regarding religious freedom. Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas has an on-site prayer room which Muslim students use to prayer during school hours. This room has been the center of controversy since some claim that students of other religions are not afforded similar privileges and/or that the Constitution prohibits a display of religion in any public place.

Every year, Israeli archaeologists dig up tens of thousands of artifacts, but where do they go? The answer is giant warehouses, and as CBN News found out, many of those finds are telling more and more about the time of Jesus and early Christian pilgrimage to the land of the Bible. In Beit Shemesh, just outside Jerusalem, is a huge storage facility, the national treasury of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

OEM, the largest newspaper company in Mexico, has apologized after one of its former employees was identified as the suspect in the theft of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey. In a statement written in Spanish, OEM said the employee, Martin Mauricio Ortega Camberos, resigned from the newspaper La Prensa on March 14 for personal reasons. At the time, the company says, it had no knowledge of Ortega being a suspect in the jersey theft.

Another year, another report saying that the Nordic countries are the happiest in the world. Every year the UN's Sustainable Development Solutions Network releases the World Happiness Report, backed by the Ernesto Illy Foundation, which lists the happiest countries in the world. This year the winner was Norway, which follows a trend of Scandinavian countries consistently winning the title of the most content places on earth — even though they have a long, cold and dark winter.

Instagram live videos still vanish from the application upon completion, but now there’s a way to save them. The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network announced that users can now save their live videos to their phones for future viewing.

A new app is making fitness more accessible and inclusive — and it's all for a worthy cause. The video-based app, called CPF Challenge, allows people with a diverse range of motor abilities to participate in specialized workouts. The goal of the challenge is to "raise your pulse, raise awareness of cerebral palsy and raise dollars for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation."

In the middle of the desert, hundreds of miles from the nearest city, 60,000 Syrians are camped out along the Syrian and Jordanian border in what has become one of the biggest and most desperate refugee settlements in the region. Few outsiders have ever seen it. Aid groups, who have no direct access to the three-year-old camp, track its growth by analyzing satellite images showing thousands of makeshift tents clustered between two berms — earthen embankments in a no-man's land along Jordan's far northeastern border.

Sesame Street will introduce Julia, a muppet character who has autism, onscreen in April. Julia has already been featured in Sesame Street's world. Over the weekend, CBS' 60 Minutes revealed that the character would be appearing on the television show itself.

When Sal Paradiso was a senior in high school, his father died of a heart attack at age 42. The teen, who had always been the heaviest student in his class, comforted himself with food and steadily gained weight.By the time he was in his early 30s, he weighed about 700 pounds. In February 2014, he visited a doctor for a consultation for weight-loss surgery. He was so heavy that the office scale couldn't register his weight. The doctor and nutritionist put him on a strict low-carb, high-protein diet, noting he had to shed weight before surgery. Over two years, he lost 254 pounds and underwent surgery in the summer of 2016, which helped him lose another 120 pounds.

The UN now says the Worst Food Crisis Since WWII Happening Right Now. The United Nations says that more than 20 million people could die from starvation and disease if nothing is done. Officials say: It would be hard to overstate the level of human suffering that we are witnessing in many parts of Africa at this moment. In Somalia alone, the U.N. estimates that more than 6 million people are in desperate need of food aid

After months of chilly temps, we’re finally heading for more sunshine and fewer snow days. But with the warmer weather also comes the urge (okay, obligation) to organize, declutter and scrub the house from top to bottom. According to, The key to making spring cleaning a little less daunting is to double-check you have all the essential tools before you begin. Here’s a shopping list of the necessities you shouldn’t be without when embarking on a full-force home refresh. This complete spring cleaning shopping list will help you tackle every room in the house

A high school senior in Newton, Kansas, made sure his “promposal” was a special one. Shaedon Wedel asked his best friend’s little sister, Carlie Wittman, who has Down syndrome to the dance — and the heartwarming moment was captured on video.

When Ken Brown found out three years ago that he had ALS, he was forced to think about what he wanted most from life. At the top of that list? To see both of his children graduate from the University of Minnesota. He was there when his daughter, Keegan, graduated in 2015. And he had planned to be at Mariucci Arena this spring when his son, Collin, graduates. But just last month, Ken’s doctor told him he likely wouldn’t live long enough to attend the May 13 ceremony. So, for possibly the first time ever, the University of Minnesota hosted a one-student graduation ceremony for Collin Monday.

A British company called Windhorse Aerospace thinks it’s figured out the key to solving humanitarian crises: edible drones. Its unmanned Pouncer prototype that’s currently in the works will have a wingspan of nine feet and be constructed of various “foodstuff” to drop supplies and then itself into territories in need of aid.

A 10-year-old California girl is looking to change the world one bracelet at a time. Leah Nelson started “Becuz I Care”, a program to encourage people to treat each other with kindness. What she asks is simple — just do a nice deed for another, whether it’s paying a compliment or buying a coffee. Then seal the deal with a bracelet, compliments of Leah. The bracelet is to be passed from person to person as each does a good deed for another.

Leslie Morissette's son, Graham, was 6 years old in the late 1990s when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Now his mom has founded the nonprofit Grahamtastic Connection in his honor. The organization provides free technology -- including computers, iPads, and now robots -- to children battling cancer and other serious illnesses. Since 1998, the group has helped nearly 1,500 children throughout the country stay connected to the outside world and continue their education.

The Islamic militant group Hamas has drafted a new political program it hopes will improve ties with neighboring Egypt and the West, and present a more moderate image that will help it get off Western terrorism lists.

A dog who survived horrific animal cruelty saved the life of a 3-year-old girl, according to an animal shelter in Escanaba, Michigan,

There are 11 newly-classified clouds, and all of them are breathtaking

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) announced this morning that it's begun building the first full-scale passenger pods for its super-fast tube travel network. The company has agreements in place for a test track in California and the potential development of its system in Slovakia, Abu Dhabi and other countries — but this is the first real news of actual production for any part of its Hyperloop concept.

A lawyer is fighting to keep a U.S. Army veteran who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan from being deported to Mexico. Army Private First Class Miguel Perez, Jr., 38, says he has been fighting deportation for roughly five years after mistakenly believing his service in the military made him a U.S. citizen by default.

For the 26th straight year, the nation's largest purebred dog registry has ranked Labradors as the most popular breed in the country.

Aaron Shust is giving the new documentary from Samaritans Purse two thumbs up. He posted Sarah and I just finished previewing this incredible film documenting the story of the devastating EBOLA virus epidemic in West Africa. Beautifully captured, it's a story of faith surrounded by fear. Trust in a loving God and the choice to display His love to the world. Playing at 725 theaters in 600 US cities ONE NIGHT ONLY! March 30th. Make plans to see this strong film

Third Day's Mac Powell says his 17 year old daughter Scout has decided to get the same hair color that her old man had back in the day. He posted a picture of he and Scout both sporting the same color but admitted: She wears it better.

Aaron Shust is continuing a tradition with son number 2. He posted: My first traditional one-on-one with Nicky. We discussed deep issues like friends at school & church, living in Nashville, the best parts of Doctor Strange and our favorite Marvel movie: Captain America 1.

Jonny Diaz was hanging out this weekend with the cutest flower girl ever! He posted a picture with his daughter before she walked down the isle.

Mercyme front man Bart Millard was on a Daddy/Daughter dance over the weekend. He posted a picture as he headed out with his two daughters.

Advice from Danny Gokey: Being honest about your struggles and addictions is imperative if you want to finally overcome them. Because, how can you get to where you're supposed to be if you can't be honest about where you're at? Always remember: It's NEVER TO LATE to become EVERYTHING God has called you to be!

Kutless guitarist James Mead on dealing with the Daily Grind: How was this last week for you? If it felt like a grind, just remember you are part of a community of people that love you and are ready to help you. Sometimes you have to learn to ask for help. That is a tremendous life-skill...but it is necessary. I believe God created you to be a part of a family, whether that's your own, or the people around you that have become family.

The members of 7eventh Time Down posted a picture while experiencing the Jordan River in Israel over the weekend. They added: This is the Bible verse behind the meaning of 7eventh Time Down. 2 Kings 5:14 "So he went down and dipped himself in the Jordan seven times, as the man of God had told him, and his flesh was restored and became clean like that of a young boy."

A good Sunday morning for Megan Garrett of Casting Crowns. She posted: We got off the bus early this morning, drove an hour home, ate breakfast and guzzled coffee, got ready, and now we are headed to worship with daddy and the rest of our church family and we will only be just a little late.

Chris August is getting his new record done, even though he's on the road. He posted a picture while doing some tracking for the new project in his dressing room.

The adoption organization Show Hope is giving away 5 SIGNED COPIES of Steven Curtis Chapman's new book! Enter to win here:

Another I Will Follow Tour Blog from Jeremy Camp. Check out cookies with Jeremy's likeness and mixed cereal. Click on the link at

A new video from Moriah Peters. Check out her live performance remix version of the song "Oh Fear". Same lyrics. New rhythm! Click on the link at

GMA released a video from the Irish Worship Band We Are Messengers on St. Patrick's Day. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Mandisa is out with the story behind her song Unfinished. She posted: If like me, you battle with shame & insecurity, I hope the story behind my new song, Unfinished will encourage you! Check out the video by clicking on the link at

The lyric video for Mandisa's new song Unfinished is here. She posted: Through it, I pray God reminds you that you are a masterpiece in the making! Check out the video by clicking on the link at

MercyMe is out with a new video telling the story behind their new song Hello Beautiful. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Ryan Stevenson and Mac Powell were doing a little jamming prior to their His Deep performance this week. The two recorded a mash up of some hits, including eye of the storm and god of wonders. Ryan posted: This man has been a huge inspiration for many years! Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Rend Collective were live on facebook on for St. Paddy’s Day! The Irish worship band performed two new live songs and told some stories. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Building 429 was joined by a future hall of fame pitcher during their workout over the weekend. Chris Carpenter joined the band for their workout. He was a member of the 2011 world series champions.

Steven Curtis Chapman was sporting a custom made Seattle Seahawks jersey over the weekend. On the Road Show tour stop in that community Steven was presented with a jersey from the local team with his name on the back. He wore it for that night's show.

Danny Gokey shared his thoughts on gifts this week. He posted: It's a huge honor for me to get to do what I do. God has given me a gift and although my voice is a gift from Him, the real gift is that He allows me to do this publicly and to be a voice of hope that reaches in to many people through radio, TV and in concerts. Will you let God use your gifts to reach out and help others too?

Tenth Avenue North's Mike Donehey was trying his hand as a street performer over the weekend. After the bands Winterjam tour stop, Mike posted: Tonight was too good to stop. I want to be one of your amazing street performers. AFTERSHOW in 20 minutes at the corner of Magnolia and Dave Dixon

As March Maddness fever sweeps the nation, and people everywhere intently watch each tournament game to see how their bracket predictions fare, we decided to take a look at a different factor in determining college sports success. Instead of statistics or advanced analytics, we’ve gathered our team of experts to examine the spiritual side of NCAA athletics. Below is our breakdown of the best religious team names in all of NCAA sports.

Christianity is growing rapidly in the mostly Muslim nation of Bangladesh; so rapidly that it's becoming a problem for Islamic leaders in the country. "In the last 12 months, more than 20,000 Muslims have converted to Christianity.

It’s no secret that Olympic skater Scott Hamilton has battled cancer and pituitary tumors over the years, but the athlete now says he’s been the recipient of a “spectacular miracle” after doctors said the tumor he was diagnosed with last summer shrunk without any treatment.

Pastor Emmanuel Momoh made one of the biggest discoveries this week -- a 709-carat diamond worth millions of dollars. He found the uncut stone near one of his churches in Sierra Leone's mining communities. Analysts say it is the 13th largest diamond to ever be pulled from the ground. While the massive stone could have immediately made Pastor Momoh a wealthy man, he decided to give the diamond away in hopes that the proceeds could help his impoverished country. The uncut diamond is now in the country's central bank where it will be auctioned off for what could be tens of millions of dollars.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Israel’s Old Jerusalem, thought to be the site of Jesus’ burial and resurrection, is being restored. CBN News reports that the interior of the church is getting restored after years of neglect.

Ron Powers, a mechanical engineer at Apple, turned a used van into a mobile laundromat and made it available for free to the homeless of Santa Cruz, California. He said he spent many years focused on studying his faith and now spends his nights and weekends living it. "I wanted to restore dignity to people. I wanted to improve health," Powers said of his "Loads of Love" program.

Taylor Richardson may just be in the 7th grade but she already knows exactly where she wants to be when she grows up: Mars. Selected as a Creators Media real-life Powerpuff Girl, a campaign that highlights young girls making big impacts in their communities, she is known as "Astronaut StarBright," a moniker she earned at Space Camp because she's "so bright and is going to the stars."

David Barkes has always been the guy that helps people. For the last 18 year he was an intensive care unit nurse for Community North Hospital. Now, he’s in the fight of his life. Barkes was diagnosed with ALS last year and now needs helped by others. The community has helped to supply everything from weekly meals, to cleaning their house, even helping the couple escape to the beach for a much needed break.

Celebs raise over a million dollar for Somalia and asked Turkish airlines for help. The well known individuals have helped raise $1 million in just 19 hours to help those facing starvation in Somalia. Now Turkish Airlines has responded by pledging to make available a full cargo flight with room for 60 tons of food. The airline also said it would allow the group to ship food containers on its commercial aircraft to Somalia until the country's hunger crisis has ended.

A woman is being praised for lending a generous helping hand to a dad in need when an airline agent denied his toddler daughter a free seat on the plane as he was checking in. He thought his daughter would be able to fly for free. But he soon found out she was over the age limit by just two months. That's when Debbie Bolton stepped in. She pulled out her credit card and paid $749 for the little girls ticket.

A young boy who was paralyzed by a car accident is 'dancing' again. Bruce Mansy, 7, of Fresno, California, was paralyzed from the waist down by a spinal cord injury that he suffered in a car accident on Sept. 17, 2016. Now harness therepy is allowing him to dance again.

A Punjab farmer is now the owner of an express train following an order by the Ludhiana court on Wednesday. In 2012, Sampuran Singh, 45, had approached the court seeking a compensation from the Northern Railways for acquiring his land for laying tracks in 2007. Moreover, Singh was also granted the ownership of the Ludhiana railway station master’s office. Since the Railways delayed the compensation, the court handed over the Swarna Shatabdi Express to Singh. The train runs between New Delhi and Amritsar every day.

One of Pakistan's greenest provinces is becoming greener still: in just a year, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has added three-quarters of a billion new trees, as part of a "tree tsunami" aimed at reversing worsening forest loss.

Paralyzed Virginia Marine walks for first time in 33 years. During physical therapy Terry Labar was fitted with a motorized exoskeleton. It would be the first time Terry would walk since 1984.

50 years after hospital's 1st kidney transplant, patient reunites with doctor

Utah Reduced Chronic Homelessness By 91 Percent

Torockó is a small picturesque village in Transylvania where the sun rises twice thanks to an overwhelming rock above the village. Early in the morning the sun appears in the left side of the Szekelyko Peak (1171m), only to hide after a few minutes behind it. It takes a while for the sun to appear brightly again on the sky, making Torockó a unique place with two sunrises.

A 90-year-old great-grandmother has knitted thousands of hats for newborns

Moriah Peters says: let the greatness begin. Attached was a picture of Moriah with her new great dane.

Aaron Shust is out with a new 7 part devotionals inspired by songs from his new album Love Made A Way. The devotionals are available for free on the web site.

Former Anthem Lights front man Alan Powell is trying something new. According to New Release Today, Powell left Anthem Lights in early 2016 to pursue another of his passions -- acting. Now Powell is breaking new ground in his acting career by booking his first network television role and joining the cast of the new NBC drama "Redliners." According to the show "mixes humor, romance and espionage" and "follows a pair of former operatives who get reactivated and drawn into a larger conspiracy while attempting to maintain their undercover lives." Alan will play New York cop Wynn Rhymer.

Plumb is part of the You Version Bible App's March Music Month. In her segment Plumb shares faith experiences and the biblical application behind seven songs from album EXHALE.

Sneaky Steven and his trusty marker "Sharpie" are back. Steven Curtis Chapman was spotted again this week secretly signing his new book. This time he was at Simply Books in the Atlanta airport.

Good News and Bad News from Joel and Luke or the band For King and Country. The good news is that their movie Priceless is now available at Red Box movie rental sites across America! The bad news...the guys tried to find it at their own load Red Box and it was already sold out.

Matthew West's Story House Collective continues to grow. According to Merge PR, Since its launch last fall, Story House Collective has added seven new members to its rapidly growing team. The company was born out of Matthew West’s desire to impact culture by developing the next generation of storytellers, and the new team members are enthusiastic to help make that vision a reality. The Story House Collective team is committed to extending the message beyond the concert through devotionals, books, video, prayer ministry, curriculum, and more.

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett was out on a unique date with her husband this week. She posted: When you travel for a living and you're exhausted and have been dodging sicknesses on the road, your husband brings you to Vida-Flo for a bag of fluids, lots of vitamins, and a dose of zinc for extra measure before dinner. Good thing needles don't bother me!

A reminder from Chris Tomlin: I am proof that God can use anyone at any time—you just have to be willing to follow His lead!

Hillsong United member Taya Smith was showing off her new, very, very, short hair cut this week.

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett says her kids are growing up. She posted: My oldest got braces on today and I can't handle how grown she looks.

In Colton Dixon's family Batman's sidekick was...batman. He posted an early picture of he and his sister Schyler, both dressed as the crime fighting masked man and added: My sis had to be like her big brother, didn't want to be Robin.

Matthew West was featured this week at the Tennessee Prayer Breakfast. He posted: Had the honor of being invited by Governor Bill Haslam to sing and tell stories at this year's event. What an incredible morning lifting up our state, our nation, and our leaders in prayer. One nation under God.

Worship leader Darlene Zschech has a big goal. Next Saturday is her churches annual Walk of Hope to raise funds to relieve human suffering in many parts of the world through Hope Global. Darlene's goal is to raise $10,000 over the next week to support the effort. She posted: It's the only time I ever ask for financial support, but this is a MOST wonderful cause, and we see and hear of the difference Hope Global is making every single day. Please link in my BIO to donate, or jump on HopeGlobal website to learn more.

The founder of the band White Heart is trying something new. According to GMA, John Schlitt launched his on innovative syndicated radio show, Live it Loud today, on Friday, March 10. The show features Schlitt’s unique perspective on songs from the early days of Christian rock, along with exclusive interviews with the songwriters and performers who championed the music that changed a generation for Christ.

Third Day guitarist Mark Lee is making it official. His first book, Hurt Road, will be published in September. Hurt Road is described as Mark's memoir, telling the story of his dreams and successes, losses and heartaches, and all the miles in between.

Mercyme is out with a sneak peak of their brand new song Hello Beautiful. The song is the next release from their brand new album Lifer. Get just a taste by clicking on the link at

A new blog is available from Hillsong pastor Joel Houston. The blog features the lyric video for the new Hillsong Worship song Then Sings My Soul along with the story behind the song. It's from their album Let There Be Light. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns Mark Hall is out with another edition of the Stairwell Sessions. The videos feature a cover of a well known worship song by Mark's daughter Reagan. The latest feature is the song How Can It Be and also includes Jaun and Melodee Devevo

Zach Williams wants to share his story. He posted: I have been able to share my story with so many of y'all while on tour - but for those of you who want to hear more you can watch my story video. Click on the link at

A new live video is now available from Britt Nicole. The video for "Be The Change" was recorded live on the Honda stage overlooking the city skyline. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Kerrie Roberts was live on facebook this week for a listening party focused on her new album Boundless. But preparations for the listening party were a merging of her life as a wife and mom and her life as a Christian artist. She posted prior to the party: I put away the laundry so I would have a cozy place to sit. Check out the online introduction to Kerrie's new album by clicking on the link at

The band Gungor is out with a sobering lyric video of their new song "Who We Are." According to New Release Today, the video contains clips of the heart-breaking plight of Syrian refugees and the worn-torn reality they are trying to escape. The husband and wife duo posted this statement to their Facebook along with the video: "Are we the kind of people who open our hearts to others in their suffering or the kind who get afraid and turn our hearts away? We think this is an important question for people to be asking themselves right now, so we wanted to share this song with you called 'Who We Are.'" Check out the new video by clicking on the link at

Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig, and Dean is gearing up for Easter. He posted this week: Join us April 14th as over 300 churches from all over the Austin area come together to remember what Jesus did for us!

The Afters front man Josh Havens hand an unexpected change of plans during his stop in New Zealand this week. Josh posted that his daughter Amelie has appendicitis. He said: Please pray for this sweet girl as she's about to have surgery to remove her appendix.

The final leg of Winter Jam's first quarter run will continue to welcome an array of special guests alongside the tour’s high-wattage lineup. GMA announced this week that “Duck Dynasty’s” Willie & Korie Robertson will join their daughter Sadie Robertson on March 17-19. Zach Williams is slated to be on the Winter Jam stage March 24 through 26.

Irish Worship Leader Darren Mulligan was taking advantage of some iconic American culture during his tour stop in Alabama. The front man from We Are Messengers posted: Me, Jeremy from Big Daddy Weave and Zach Williams rode in on a 57 Chevy.

Putting together the Roadshow is now easy task. Members of the tour posted a picture of their entourage this week. In includes 10 buses, 4 trucks, a catering company and 120 people.

Hillsong United will be with part of the Justice Conference in Chicago on June 9-10. The JUSTICE CONFERENCE is an effort designed to educate and equip people to follow Jesus in living justly. The conference theme is Love Thy Neighbor. It will be held at the Willow Creek Community Church.

Mandisa says Matt Maher is finally back. She posted this week: With what his family has been through, he truly knows that God's grace is enough! Although not much information has been shared, the situation caused Matt to miss the entire last week of the Hits Deep Tour

New some help with your parenting. Visit the Insight for living Parenting page for biblical advice and resources on this irreplaceable role. Click on the link at

Registration for Revive 2017 is now open. The Revive our Hearts women's conference will be held in Indianapolis September 29 and 30. The theme is Adorned: Women Mentoring Women the Titus 2 Way.

7 Steps to a Strong Sibling Bond
1. Set the tone for closeness from the start.
2. Let them have significant experiences together.
3. Talk about your own sibling relationships with your kids.
4. Give your kids “assignments” in nurturing one another.
5. Remind your kids that friends will come and go, but family is forever.
6. Help your children develop shared passions and interests.
7. Remind your kids to have compassion for their siblings.

Here are 10 fun activities for families with kids under 10.
1. Bowling
2. Make Personal Pizzas
3. Outdoor Adventure
4. Build Something Together
5. Movie Night
6. Field Trip
7. Play a Game
8. Create an Indoor Obstacle Course
9. Make a fort
10. Have a No Rules Night.

Pew Research has produced an index that ranks each country by its level of religious diversity.

China detained two South Korean Christian missionaries for allegedly attempting to smuggle North Korean defectors out of China.

A 24-year-old blogger mom is feeling the burn for her post about canceling a Disney vacation over the Beauty and the Beast controversy.

Mystery and frustration surround the abduction of a Malaysian pastor. According to Mission Network News, His disappearance reads like the script of an action movie. On February 13th, a group of masked men surrounded 62-year-old Raymond Koh and whisked him off the streets, all while another person stood recording the incident. It took 40 seconds to make him vanish. A video of Koh’s alleged abduction surfaced soon after and went viral on social media. His family has heard nothing from the kidnappers and now fears the worst.

23-year-old Beatrice was expected to die of tuberculosis in 1940, but was miraculously healed after making a promise to God. 77 years later and at the age of 100, she is still walking out her promise and thriving with God.

A former Muslim is now distributing Bibles in Kenya!

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is having a difficult time finding a new job after losing reelection in his state, due in large part to the controversial transgender bathroom bill.

Muslims around the world are coming to Christ in record numbers through dreams and visions. Writing for Charisma News, Michael Snyder shares the stories of a number of Muslims who had supernatural encounters with Christ.

A Nigerian pastor was left blinded after being tortured by security agents who falsely accused him of using counterfeit money.

A religious freedom group is pushing back against an atheist organization's efforts to end what they term as "unconstitutional" prayers and Bible readings presented by a chaplain during ceremonies at an Air National Guard base in New Hampshire.

A Somalia family who was living secretly as Christian converts from Islam was invaded in their own home and shot to death by Islamic extremists believed to be affiliated with the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab terrorist group.

Christian athlete Tim Tebow revealed starting a family is already on his mind, and that family would include an adopted child "from every continent" on earth. The former NFL star, who now is a minor league baseball player and New York Mets outfielder, also said his future wife would have to share the same desire of adopting children and having a family of many races.

The United States Air Force has warned against using terms like "boy" and "girl", suggesting that such words could offend people, according to an email sent to Airmen at Joint Base San Antonio. Fox News contributor Todd Starnes received a copy of the letter, sent by a senior Air Force leader to personnel at Lackland Air Force Base, which included an attachment that listed a number of words and phrases that might be construed as offensive. Included on the list were the words "boy", "girl", "blacklist", and "blackmail".

An Ontario Liberal bill that legal experts warn gives the state greater power to seize children and can be used to enforce gender ideology in the home sailed unopposed through second reading last week.

As Jerusalem's Jubilee celebration approaches, the Israeli parliament has, for the first time, proposed establishing a government body focused on strengthening the connection between the Jewish State and its holiest site: The Temple Mount.

German and Egyptian archaeologists discovered a massive statue of what they believe is the Ramses II, often depicted in pop-culture as the Pharaoh who ruled when God brought the Jews out of slavery.

Science is now showing that chocolate cake has benefit, and the benefits increase if you eat it for breakfast. The study took place at the Syracuse University in New York. According to their results, chocolate has a positive effect on cognitive performance and if you eat it regularly, it can improve your memory and abstract thinking. According to the study, it was also important to eat chocolate before 9 o’clock in the morning. Your body converts food and energy more efficiently in the morning, so that piece of cake is less likely to end up on the waistline.

In the mere months since Melania Trump became First Lady, her native country of Slovenia has seen a rise in tourism, according to its Statistic Bureau. Now, it looks like the Eastern European nation is looking to pay homage to Melania (and cash in on her newfound status) with a line of "First Lady" themed products, ranging from cured meats to indulgent sweets.

The men's basketball team from Bucknell University, a private liberal arts college with some 3,600 students in Lewisburg, Pa., can boast about one title none of the other 68 teams can claim: If the NCAA tournament played out in the classroom, rather than on the court, Bucknell would win the national championship. According to annual academic performance rankings compiled by the think tank New America, and shared exclusively with TIME, the small Pennsylvania college is the 2017 NCAA Tournament academic champions.

An Heroic Mom has fed 30,000 People in Need Thanks to Extreme Couponing and she's not even 30 yet! What started as a "small-scale" coupon project, which involved delivering 5,000 meals to people in New Jersey, Washington D.C., Baltimore and the surrounding areas last year, grew after Puryear realized that she could expand her couponing practice.

The U.S. Women's National Hockey Team — the reigning world champions — won't be defending their title this year. They're boycotting the championships as a protest against USA Hockey, citing stalled negotiations for "fair wages and equitable support" from the organization.

After son's terminal diagnosis, this dad is making the most of his final days. Last August, Ayden Zeigler-Kohler collapsed at football practice. Doctors found a tumor on Ayden's brain stem that extended to his cerebellum, and diagnosed the boy with a rare cancer. His dad Bill continues to research Ayden’s cancer and apply for clinical trials, but in the meantime, he's doing everything he can to fulfill his son’s bucket list.

All day on March 20, participating Dairy Queens nationwide will be giving away free small vanilla cones. The chain is hoping that while you're there, you'll also throw some pocket change, or a buck or two, into a jar to benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. All donations will go to local children's hospitals in the network, so your funds will stay in your own community

Joran Fuller found a unique way to ask his date, a fellow runner, out to prom. He ran a 5.5 mile route that, when pulled up on the running app Steva, spelled “Prom?”

An aquarium-worker named Derek has been hailed as a hero after fashioning a tiny 'wheelchair' for a disabled goldfish.

Data storage is now the size of an atom, and another impossible barrier is crossed. Physicists have managed to create a stable magnet from a single atom. The team used their single-atom magnets to make an atomic hard drive. The rewritable device, made from 2 such magnets, is able to store just 2 bits of data, but scaled-up systems could increase hard-drive storage density by 1,000 times

Seventy-year-old Chau Smith wanted to challenge herself, so she decided to run seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. In January, the Missouri woman accomplished that goal. Between January 25 and January 31, Smith ran marathons in Perth, Australia; Singapore; Cairo; Amsterdam; Garden City, New York; Punta Arenas, Chile; and King George Island, Antarctica. Each day, Smith woke up and ran 26.2 miles.

Murel Johnson has driven Fridays route for the local Meals on Wheels program, hand-delivering hot meals to seniors and residents with disabilities, for 16 years. She's one of the program's most reliable drivers. She's also the oldest driver in a fleet of volunteers. In fact, at 93, she's older than all of her clients.

In a world first, a New Zealand river will be recognized as a person. The Whanganui River Claims Settlement Bill was passed this week, giving the Whanganui River the same status as a legal person. Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson said the new law would work just like a charitable trust or an incorporated society, with trustees for the river legally required to act in its best interest.

Cheerios has reached their goal of giving away free wild flower seeds to help save the bees. The company gave 100 Million seeds
to Canadians in 2017. They say the reason for the effort was to continue creating a bee friendly world by planting wildflowers.

Beijing has nearly 70,000 taxis. It also has an intractable problem with smog. While it has embarked on an aggressive program to encourage private citizens to buy what it calls “new energy vehicles” — hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and battery-operated cars — that push has not made much of an impact on the taxi fleet in China’s capital. Now it has announced a plan to replace all 67,000 fossil-fueled taxis in the city with electric cars.

Mercyme drummer Robby Shaffer is cheering on his boys. He posted: Proud of these two and their team. They battled the freezing cold to win their first championship of the season.

Congratulations to Jonny Diaz and his wife. He posted on twitter: We just can't "hold it in" anymore. Diaz baby #2 will be here at the end of August!

Kutless member James Mead is challenging you to a little March Madness competition. He posted: Love march madness? Play along with me on this awesome new sports app Fire Fan Sports! Here's my code:

Francesca Battistelli is asking for your prayers. She posted: I have never faced this level of spiritual attack in my life. Since right before this tour started all the way through we have battled sickness in every single family member, our nanny, and most of our team, a bus accident, family issues, sleep issues and more on top of me being pregnant and trying to not be sick while on tour nonstop for 25 days. I'm reaching the end of myself. Rallying prayer warriors to intercede for us so we can continue the tour.

Jason Gray says this quote from Jonathan Martin might be the best thing you read all day. It says: You can't possibly trust God if you are too busy playing God.

7eventh Time Down is ready for March Madness. They are joining with the Sidewalk Prophets and James Mead of Kutless in inviting you to participate in a bracket challenge. The winner will receive a 7eventh Time Down prize pack and bragging rights.

Plumb is recommending something new. She posted this week about a new pie she tried this week. Plumb posted a picture of the grapefruit pie she had just enjoyed and labeled is refreshing and delicious.

Chris Tomlin teamed with Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam recently for several projects throughout Nashville. Chris posted from one of those events: Honored to be a part of leading worship this morning for the Tennessee Prayer Breakfast.

Citizenway is asking for your help. Group member Ben Calhoun is going to Haiti with the Hands and Feet project and wants to provide two brand new acoustic guitars for the orphan village he is scheduled to visit. You can help provide the guitars by donating on the special Citizenway funding page.

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard says he is not just tired, he is dead. Jon posted: Sang hard for 10 hours today. So so excited to share new music later this year.

Another new music video is now available from Worship Leader Darlene Zschech. Check out the official music video for her song "Daylight". Click on the link at

A new video blog is now available from Jeremy Camp. Check out the I Will Follow Tour Blog 7. Find out more abut Jeremy Camp, Hawk Nelson and Dan Bremness and their tour together. Click on the link at

Ken Davis takes on the difference between dog parents and cat parents in his latest Lighten Up Video. Click on the link at

Leave it to Tenth Avenue North front man Mike Donehey to put it all in perspective. He posted: It's a dangerous thing to be applauded every night, simply for showing up to work. It's also a dangerous thing to look out into a sea of people and only see them as a crowd. As if they're there to serve me and not the other way around. So my prayer on WinterJam this year has been twofold. One, that God would keep me humble and grateful, acknowledging the ridiculous privilege it is to sing these songs to so many. And two, that He would open up my eyes to see the individuals in the room, and feel his intense love for them.

Members of Big Daddy Weave, We Are Messengers and Zach Williams took advantage of a day off in New Orleans and headed to a local cafe for some beignets. However, they say the extra large vehicle promoted by the uber driver might have been a little bit of an exaggeration.

Chris and Jodi are introducing their American boy to Canadian winters. The Canadian natives that makes up Love and the Outcome are kicking off a tour this week with Dan Bremnes in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

Focus on the Family is bringing back Brio Magazine. The magazine for teen girls is designed to help them grow in their faith with daily Bible readings, develop healthy relationships with friends, parents, siblings and boys, and embrace healthy, Christ-honoring choices around fashion and media.

Following are seven functions of great parenting.
1. Nurturing
2. Protection
3. Creativity
4. Education
5. Motivation
6. Relinquishment
7. A Place For Returning

5 marks of suffering that afflict the soul.
1. Isolation.
2. Implosion.
3. Condemnation.
4. Anger.
5. Wallowing in Discontent.

The death toll continues to rise in the wake of a tragic fire at a government orphanage near Guatemala City. As of Sunday, 40 girls have perished — and more children remain in critical condition in local hospitals. Accusations continue to mount as a country mourns and families plead for answers. Orphan Outreach’s Mike Douris says, in moments like this, it’s essential to look at the true issues so wisdom may be used in bringing about lasting change in care for orphans and vulnerable children.

A large beer company is dealing with the wrath of both bars and consumers, angry at its involvement in one country's marriage equality debate. The company behind some of Australia's most popular "craft" beers, Coopers Brewery is alleged to have sponsored a video by the Bible Society of Australia. The brewery has also produced commemorative cans for the Bible Society's 200th anniversary, which features verses from — you guessed right — the Bible.

Christianity is exploding in this unlikely Muslim nation. According to official estimates, the religious composition of Bangladesh is 89.1 percent Muslim, 10 percent Hindi, with less than one percent Christian in a nation of over 156 million people. But unofficially, Christianity is much larger and growing, especially in the rural areas.

A Victorian-era church in the UK was recently devastated by a fire, and is now beginning the restoration process. Christian Today reports that the Church of the Ascension in the Manchester diocese was almost completely gutted by the fire. A brass eagle lectern was one of the few objects which survived and will be able to be completely restored.

Some conservatives who work in the entertainment industry say that their political leanings have become a career liability. According to the Los Angeles Times, conservatives working in the local entertainment industry are estimated to be in the few thousands. Friends of Abe, the entertainment industry’s largest conservative organization, has about 2,500 members—all of whose identities are kept secret.

A campaign has been started to award the Nobel Peace Prize to a Bulgarian church for its work protecting Jews during the Holocaust. During the time in history when many people, including many religious people, were simply going along with the Nazi orders targeting Jews, the Bulgarian Independent Orthodox Church took a stand. According to Christian Today, the church voted unanimously to condemn the anti-Semitic laws and vocally opposed the forced deportation of Bulgaria’s 48,000 Jews to Nazi death camps.

A man has been arrested for harassing Christians online and has been banned from any church for five years. Robert Skynner, 55, hosts a YouTube channel called Christian Comedy Channel which consists of videos mocking Christians and Christianity.

The divorce rate in the US has doubled for couples aged over 50, and tripled for those over 65. A study by Pew Research suggests that divorce is increasingly uncommon for young adults, while for those over 50, it is on the rise. Divorce in adults over 50 has roughly doubled since the 1990s. Conversely, for those aged 25-39 the divorce rate dropped by 21 per cent in the same period.

Good news regarding many of the artifacts in the Mosul museum. Officials announced this week that, in early 2014, months before ISIS' lightning seizure of Mosul in June of the same year, around 1,700 items from the museum's total collection of 2,400 were moved to Baghdad, not because anyone had any inkling of what was to come, but because the Mosul Museum was set for a major facelift. In other words, many of the statues smashed by sledgehammer-wielding ISIS fanatics were fakes. A quarter of the museum's collection is lost but the rest got away.

A bill that would have greatly relaxed the punishment for getting or performing an abortion in Ireland has been rejected. Ireland currently has a strict ban on abortion, except for in cases in which the mother’s life is in danger. Getting or performing an abortion is punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

The eight Samaritan’s Purse local aid workers who were kidnapped in South Sudan have reportedly been released. In a statement, Samaritan’s Purse said they are "thankful to God for the safe release of our South Sudanese national staff, who had been detained by armed personnel in the Mayendit area of South Sudan."

The founder and former member of a satanic church in Texas has converted to Christianity. Jacob McKelvy, formerly known as Jacob No, was instrumental in bringing together a group of "Luciferians" to form a Luciferian church. On February 5, 2017, Mckelvy and his wife renounced their ties with the Luciferian church, after becoming born-again Christians.

If nutrition labels actually showed the separated ingredients, your attempts to quit sugar might actually work

For the ultimate trip, consider this challenge created by a math professor in Canada: Checking off nearly 50,000 sites placed on the National Register of Historic Places. According to the Washington Post, William Cook, of the University of Waterloo, and colleagues from Chile and Denmark have calculated the shortest possible route to more than 49,000 of America’s notable attractions. To complete the journey, you’ll need several pairs of walking shoes and 50 years of vacation. The U.S. history tour is roughly 100 times longer than the Appalachian Trail.

The oldest living Pearl Harbor veteran turned 105 years old on Friday, kicking off a three-day celebration in his hometown of San Diego, California.

Sweaters for chickens? It sounds like a joke, but a plucky group of retirees in suburban Boston has hatched a plan to keep poultry warm during the New England winter. The unusual project began after members of a knitting club at Fuller Village, a retirement home in Milton, Massachusetts, heard about the hardships that some chickens suffer this time of year.

Tragedy struck the Bennet family not once, but twice, in one week. Father Mike Bennet died of a brain tumor Feb. 6, and the mother, Julie Bennet, died of liver and kidney cancer just five days later.More than $300K raised so kids can keep family home after both parents die of cancer days. And after that, tragedy threatened to strike again when it looked like the couples three children were going to lose their family home. That's when Both friends and strangers stepped in, donating about $338,000, which covered the mortgage payments, education and basic necessities.

At just seven years old, Jake Vella runs triathlons across Malta. He also battles one of the rarest conditions in the world. Jake has ROHHAD, which means no matter how much he exercises or diets, he keeps gaining weight. Despite the odds being stacked against him, Jake follows in his father's footsteps and trains for triathlons.

For most couples, a trip to IKEA is nowhere near the top of their ‘happiest day of our lives’ list. A for a beautiful bride it was just that after her husband-to-be selected the Swedish furniture superstore as their wedding venue. Ben and Celina McQuillan, from Swords, Co Dublin, feature on first episode of the new series of RTE’s Don’t Tell the Bride.

The yellow submarine named Boaty McBoatface is set to leave for Antarctica this week on its first science expedition. The robot is going to map the movement of deep waters that play a critical role in regulating Earth's climate. Boaty carries the name that a public poll had suggested be given to the UK's future £200m polar research vessel. The government felt this would be inappropriate and directed the humorous moniker go on a submersible instead.

A high school senior started a unique club called We Dine Together to make sure no one in his school sits alone at lunch. The message is to make outsiders always feel accepted.

South African rugby sevens team stopped to fix Vancouver driver’s flat tire on way to stadium. The team was heading to BC Place for the first day of competition when they spotted two women on the side of the road in need of help. Video posted to social media shows team members in their warm-up gear offloading the flat tire and replacing it with a spare.

India's solar power generation capacity has touched 10,000 MW mark today, registering a three time increase in less than three years. India has set an ambitious target of adding 100 GW of solar power generation capacity and 175 GW of overall renewable energy capacity by 2022.

Flexible Lego tape makes any surface Lego-ready. However, Lego didn't think of Lego tape. Instead, the honor goes to Nimuno, a design studio that's funding the project on Indiegogo. The flexible, cuttable tape comes with an adhesive backing, so you can stick it onto any surface: your walls, your floor, a plastic dinosaur — even around your wrist as the base of festive Lego bangle.

A Convoy braved the East coast snow storm to lead a toddler to heart transplant. State Police coordinated with the Pa. National Guard and PennDOT to transport a 23-month-old child from one hospital to another to ensured everyone arrived safely in time for the emergency medical procedure

A four year-old girl braved the Siberian winter and threat of wild animals to walk five miles in a bid to save her gravely ill grandmother. After she found her grandmother cold and motionless, Saglana Salchak,from the remote Republic of Tuva, was sent by her grandfather at 6am on February 8 to fetch medical help from the nearest settlement. Undeterred by the early hour, threat of wolves and temperatures dropping to nearly 30 below, the girl followed a frozen river for three hours to raise the alarm.

A woman has helped to change a homeless man’s life in a matter of months by setting up a Facebook page, after discovering why he stood on the same street corner every day. Ginger Sprouse drove past 32-year-old Victor Hubbard four times a day, no matter the weather. The corner was the last place Mr Hubbard saw his mother and he would wait there for her to return. He was homeless and suffering from mental health issues when Ms Sprouse first started first started to offer him help, and had been waiting on the corner for three years. Since taking action in December, Ms Sprouse has managed to get Mr Hubbard into mental health clinics, helped him off the streets and has given him a job in her business’s kitchen.

Colorado charity Dumb Friends League wants to perform as many as 10,000 more spay/neuter procedures to any cats brought in. It will be free, no strings attached, to reduce Denver area pet overpopulation, homelessness, and suffering.

Chris Tomlin jokingly posted that Max Lucado may soon take Oprah's place. Chris posted after being interviewed by Max: What a fun had me sharing about things I've never talked about before. Well done.

Third day member David Carr is keeping busy while on break from touring with the band. He posted a picture of their remodeled bathroom and added: Glad to be almost finished with this project!

The best part of waking up? Aaron Shust says it's Coffee and Jesus in the Back of the tour bus.

Audio Adrenaline front man Adam Agee is on the move. He posted: Enjoying our last few months living in Arizona before we make the move to Nashville!

Danny Gokey's song Tell Your Heart to Beat Again is being taken literally. Danny met Ashley over the weekend and shared her story: One year ago tonight, she had a successful heart transplant. It was so humbling to hear that she had the doctors play Tell Your Heart To Beat Again in the operating room to encourage her spirit while she got a new heart!

Kutless member James Mead is about more than music. He was in Phoenix this weekend for the grand opening of another Black Rock Coffee Bar. James posted: It's exciting to build stuff, physically and existentially. People + Coffee = good times!

Plumb's teen age hairdo is remarkable similar to the look her dog is now sporting. She post: So I'm at my moms today looking through old pictures doing research for the book I'm writing and I came across a real doozy. I found a picture of me from when I was 13. Check out Plumbs hair comparison by clicking on the link at

Matthew West continues to share stories of God's working on his web site Pop We. The latest story features Heather, a young lady who was addicted to men. Matthew posted: She thought she would never find redemption from her past. Discover how God's grace and forgiveness allowed her to use her story for the good of others. Check out her story by clicking on the link at

The March Madness brackets are set and the 7th Annual Sidewalk Prophets Tourney Pick’em is now active. Compete against the band for 2017 bragging rights! Sign up by clicking on the link at

Mandisa is out with a new devotional based on her latest song. She posted this week: I wrote a devotional about the importance of the message in Unfinished. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Selah has released another song from their upcoming new album Unbreakable. The latest song is titled "Lord I Trust You". The official music video for the song is now available online. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Another new lyric video is now available from Casting Crowns. The latest video from the band features their song Oh My Soul. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Colton Dixon has released a new lyric video from his upcoming album Identity. The latest release features the song Down. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Phillips, Craig and Dean will be celebrating 25 years of ministry this year. The three pastors will kick off their anniversary concert series Hits, Hymns, and Worship later this month. Recently they shared a short video discussing how the group began. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Skillet’s song “Back From the Dead,” from the band's 2016 album Unleashed, is being featured in a trailer for Marvel Comic’s Monsters Unleashed! comic book series. John Cooper calls the band’s involvement in the trailer “an amazing opportunity.” Check out the trailer by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns Jaun Devevo promises that, If you brush you teeth and eat all your green vegetables, the Pretzel Fairy will leave you a gift when you go to play your good Christian music. How does he know? It happened to him. Jaun posted a picture of the pretzel left on the base of his mic stand.

Comedian and speaker Anita Renfroe wants to know: How long can we keep worrying about this? She posted: I think the April the Giraffe's pregnancy thing might be a hoax. Did anyone actually see an EPT stick?

The Afters added a new, honorary band member over the weekend. The Afters are in Australia and posted a band picture with Sally the Koala!

Mercyme will be kicking off the Lifer tour soon. Over the weekend they took a break from tour rehearsals to give a 60 second over view of the show. Get a taste of what to expect during the lifer tour on the Mercyme instagram page.

Jordan Feliz took a break from the Rock and Worship Road show for what he described as: one of the coolest days I have ever had in my life. Jordan posted: Absolutely UNREAL getting to play in Studio A at Capitol Records, singing on Frank Sinatra's microphone, playing Nat King Coles Piano, and getting this rooftop view. On cloud 9 and am feeling so honored with what the Lord is doing.

Natalie Grant is helping say farewell to Sandi Patty. Natalie was featured during the opening night of the Sandi Patty farewell tour cruise.
#forevergratefulcruise #forevergratefultour

A reminder from Joni Tada: When our life is hit by crushing circumstances, we may feel lost, hopeless, or be troubled by anger and despair. Scripture tells us that God not only allows suffering, but also provides a purpose for our trials. According to Joni's ministry Joni and Friends, Years in her wheelchair have taught Joni that there’s a rhyme, a reason, a plan, and a purpose.

Did Christ Really Rise from the Dead? 4 Confirmations That We Serve a Risen Lord

Christian pop artist and songwriter Julianna Zobrist and husband Ben Zobrist of the Chicago Cubs appeared recently on ABC's "People Icons: Celebrity Love Stories". In the broadcast, the couple will share the story of how they met, fell in love, and their strategies for keeping marriage and family first in the midst of their busy careers. The Zobrist's have both been very vocal about their faith, taking the spotlight that's pointed at them and shining it back on their Savior. In 2014, the couple co-authored an autobiographical book entitled Double Play: Faith and Family First.

This year, Wycliffe Associates is celebrating its 50th year of assisting Bible translators around the world. “Our mission has been, and continues to be, involving people in the advancement of Bible translation,” Bruce Smith, president and CEO of Wycliffe Associates, said in a recent press release.

More than 80 Christians have been arrested in China after police officers invaded a network of house churches, according to persecution watchdog, China Aid. Christians were arrested for refusing to join the state-run Three-Self Church.

Pope Francis has said he is open to married men becoming priests to combat the Roman Catholic Church's shortage of clergy. In an interview with German newspaper Die Zeit, Pope Francis said the lack of Catholic priests was an "enormous problem" for the Church, and indicated he would be open to a change in the rules governing eligibility for the priesthood.

Muslim extremists have damaged historic churches in recent years without any response from international groups. A Christian news outlet in Iran, Mohabat News, says in recent years, Islamic extremists destroyed a number of church sites, including historic Armenian and evangelical churches. The reports cited vandalism at a historic Christian cemetery in 2012, more recent property damage at an Armenian church in Sava, and at the destruction of least two churches in Salmas County. Many of the roughly 500 registered church buildings are abandoned or “on the verge of destruction.”

For the past two years, Texan Sandy Phan-Gillis, a naturalized U.S. citizen, has endured physical and mental torture, solitary confinement, and imprisonment without trial in Nanning, China, for unsubstantiated spying charges. Last week, her husband Jeff Gillis testified in front of the Congressional-Executive Committee on China (CECC), calling on the U.S. government to ban entry to Chinese officials engaged in torture, support a resolution calling for his wife’s release, and halt the return of Chinese economic fugitives until Phan-Gillis comes home.

Next week, Compassion International will close its doors in India for the first time in decades. The ministry, which has focused on caring for India's poorest children, is leaving behind 48 years of ministry. Christianity Today reports the charity has exhausted every effort to stay after the Indian government denied the group the ability to transfer funds into the country.

For the first time, an ad inviting viewers to join the Freedom from Religion Foundation is airing on multiple cable news networks. The 30 second spot features Ron Reagan proudly proclaiming his atheist views. In response Michael Reagan, the adopted son of the late President Ronald Reagan, is boycotting MSNBC and CNN for airing the commercial featuring his atheist brother.

Thousands of Syrians have been killed and millions more are on the run. Yet in all the chaos and heartache, unexpected examples of compassion could be healing more than just physical wounds. More than 3,000 wounded Syrian civilians have crossed the border for medical treatment in Israel. At the Galilee Medical Center in Israel, the staff has treated more than 1,500 victims of the Syrian civil war over the past three years.

The battle against sex trafficking has ramped up in a big way since President Donald Trump took office. reports a drastic increase in the number of sex criminals that have been arrested – at least 1,500 suspects in one month. In contrast, FBI statistics from 2014 show less than 400 trafficking arrests for the entire year. The arrests have been carried out as part of nationwide operations between federal and state law enforcement.

Iran's elite paramilitary force known as Revolutionary Guards has reportedly arrested a Christian mother and her son for their faith. Anousheh Reza-bakhsh and her son Soheil Zagarzadeh Sani were taken to an unknown location late last month from their home in Iran's northwestern province. According to Mohabat News, an Iranian Christian news agency, intelligence officers raided the family home on February 20th, seizing several books, including Bibles and theological books.

A Christian pastor in Nigeria was arrested and tortured on trumped up charges that he used fake money. Christian Today reports that Ejimozor Williams ordeal began when Nigerian government security agents raided his home, looking for a boy accused of using fake money. The boy had been staying with Williams and his family, but had fled when the government agents walked in. The blame for the crime therefore fell on Williams.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged $650 million on March 8 for international abortion, sex education, and contraceptives. The move, announced on International Women’s Day, follows on the heels of the country’s pledge of $20 million to support international abortion as part of the European “She Decides” fundraiser. The pledge doubles Canada’s current funding for international abortion and contraceptives

Leprosy is often thought to be a biblical disease of the past, eradicated a long time ago. Unfortunately this isn't true and it is still rife in the poorest of communities overseas, where many affected live below the poverty line and where sanitation is poor. Approximately 600 people are diagnosed and treated for leprosy each day and more than 50 of these are children. Even though the daily diagnosis is a positive sign, it is estimated that there are approximately 3 million more people living undiagnosed.

Dozens of missionaries are being forced out of China amid regional tensions. In the past few months, China has expelled dozens of South Korean missionaries from a northeastern province that neighbors North Korea. News media reported the raids, with estimates of the total expulsions ranging from 30 to 70. There are about 500 officially registered South Korean missionaries in China, though some say the actual number could be as high as 2,000.

NASA is using radars to find space junk that could pose problems for future missions. A new technological application of interplanetary radar pioneered by scientists has successfully located spacecraft orbiting the moon -- one active, and one dormant. This new technique could assist planners of future moon missions.

For more than 25 years, Steve Wise has been arguing that animals who have cognitive complexities similar to humans should be legally endowed with basic rights of autonomy. On Thursday, Wise will go before the appellate division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York in Manhattan and argue that two of his clients, chimpanzees Kiko and Tommy, should be afforded the rights of "personhood."

Eating more — or less — of just 10 types of food can help raise or lower the risk of death. Scientists at Tufts University identified the foods that seem to contribute the most to the risk. At the top of the list? Salt. Consuming too much salt was associated with 9.5 percent of the deaths. But, here's the flip side: The researchers also found there's a significant risk in eating too little of certain healthy foods.

There's a way to automate the process of writing emails in Gmail, especially if you tend to send the same redundant email all day, every day. There's a feature in Gmail called "Canned Responses" that lets you create email templates that you can reuse later, so you're not writing things like thank you letters over and over. And, it's free!

This tattoo shop owner is covering up racist and gang-related tattoos for free. Dave Cutlip got the idea for his Random Acts of Tattoo project after a man came into his shop with gang-related tattoos on his face that he didn’t want anymore. He says “There’s so much hate in this world. I figured if I could fix just one tattoo one time, then I’m doing my part.”

Americans are moving at the lowest rate on record, and recently released Census Bureau data show that a primary reason is that Millennials are moving significantly less than earlier generations of young adults. In 2016, only 20% of Millennial 25- to 35-year-olds reported having lived at a different address one year earlier. One-year migration rates were much higher for older generations when they were the same age.

When Jimmy Mains, a police officer in Rankin, Pennsylvania, couldn’t sell an extra ticket he had to a Pittsburgh Penguins game, he ended up taking an unlikely guest. As Mains was walking to the PPG Paints Arena, a homeless man asked him for money. Mains told the man that he didn’t have money but he did have a ticket to the game against the Tampa Bay Lightening.

Supermarkets across Quebec will now be giving their leftover produce to food banks in need. Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ) recently announced the launch of the province-wide Supermarket Recovery Program (SRP), the first of its kind in Canada. The program was first established as a pilot project around Montreal and Quebec City in October 2013, as a way to bring unsold meat products to food banks.

Don Ward is a retired teacher who taught AP History at Alta High School for 35 years. Now, he spends his time helping refugees in Utah, which he calls "addictive." For the past eight years, Ward has been checking on refugee families as many as six times a week.

A teen has donated $1,500 of his own savings in honor of a boy whose story hit home. Jordan Witt, 18, worked part-time since November to raise funds for Jack's Basket -- a nonprofit that provides new and expectant parents of children with Down syndrome with resources and support. Jordan told ABC News that he was moved by Jack Carroll, the little boy who inspired the cause, as well as his own little brother Logan's story.

Cardboard boxes certainly aren't new technology. But when they're linked to a practice that started in Finland decades ago to help babies sleep safely, they're taking on a new purpose as so-called baby boxes make their way to the U.S. A Los Angeles-based company has partnered with health officials to give the boxes away for free and an online initiative offers advice aimed at reducing sudden unexpected infant deaths.

Daylight Saving Time (DST) began this past Sunday, March 13. According to sleep researchers at the University of Michigan, The average American loses 40 minutes of shuteye each year on the night after DST begins

We Are Messengers front man Darren Mullegan has put together a 7 day bible reading plan. It's part of the Overflow Devotional Series

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard this week shared some advice from Dave Ramsey that has impacted his life. The advice: Save 3-6 mo. of expenses for your Rainy Day fund. Why? It is going to rain. Jon added: This was one of the most crucial things Jess and I have ever done. Amazing how emergencies happen less when you’re prepared for them too.

Former Sanctus Real front man Matt Hammitt recently found some band memorabilia. He posted: The ultimate piece of Sanctus Real memorabilia. Our first album on cassette tape from 1997. Might need to bust out my Walkman!

A reminder from Jamie Grace: strangers are just twins you haven't met yet.

Mandisa's new album will come out later this year but music from the project is already available. The song Unfinished is available for download today. Mandisa says the message of the song is that, even with all of my mistakes, God is not done making me into a masterpiece; that He's still working on me.

Be on the look for Steven Curtis Chapman at a book store near you. He posted: never know where I will pop up to sign books. Today I sneaked (or is it snuck...or snucked) into Hudson Books at the Orlando Airport. Where will I "snake" next to do some secret signing?

Third Day's Mark Lee says there is a lot of reasons why he loves baseball. He posted reason #746 this week: a video of a young fan of the Astros who was invited into the bullpen to throw a few pitches prior to a spring training game this week.

Australian Worship Leader Darlene Zschech is gearing up for her churches first ever worship conference. Darlene and her husband pastor at Hope UC in Australia and announced the conference for July 31 through August 2. She describes it as a very intimate gathering of like hearted souls from around the world, gleaning, listening, soaking, and being refueled for these glorious days we are living in.

Selah is celebrating 20 years of ministry with a new album. The trio celebrated their 20th anniversary this week and posted: Thank you for supporting us all these years! On March 24 Selah will release their next album. The 13 song project is titled Unbreakable.

We Are Worship USA is giving away music from Darlene Zschech. Right now you can download a copy of the song You Are Great. It's from her new worship album.

Chris August is back in the studio. He posted a picture this week as he worked on the drum tracks for his next album.

Darlene Zschech is giving away the title cut from her new live worship album Here I Am Send Me. You can download the song from the iTickets web site.

Joey Feek died of cervical cancer on March 4, 2016 at the age of 40. She may be gone, but, according to People Magazine, her songs are about to get a second life. Feek won Grammy this year as one half of the husband and wife country duo Joey + Rory, and now a collection of her solo material will be released on April 7 through Gaither Music Group. Physical copies of the release will include a 48-page booklet, including stories and pictures from throughout the duo’s marriage and career.

Hillsong Worship has released a lyric video for their song Crowns on their facebook page. The song was recorded live at their Hillsong Conference in Sydney. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Mercyme is already gearing up for another cruise. The band posted a recap video from MercyMe at Sea 2017 this week. At the end of the video they added: Looking forward to January 2019!

Steven Curtis Chapman was on Fox news this week, talking about faith, family and music. Steven just released his memoir, Between Heaven and the Real World. However, if you missed the live broadcast, you can now check it out online. Watch the interview by clicking on the link at

Mercyme announced this week that they will be releasing three songs from their new album Lifer through Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. In advance of the release, the members of the band were at Cracker Barrel this week to play an acoustic version of one of those songs. Check out their rendition of His Eye Is On The Sparrow by clicking on the link at

The official music video for The Messengers new song "I'll think about you" is now available. The song is featured in the movie The Shack. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Sam's Club is known for supersizing things and Steven Curtis Chapman is no exception. His wife Mary Beth Chapman posted a picture of Steven holding a copy of his book at Sam's Club that is as big as he is. She posted: I knew if he wrote a book it would be big! Sams club headquarters welcomed him is a super sized way!

It's not to early to start thinking about Easter. The members of Big Daddy Weave posted pictures as they met with Chris Tomlin, Max Lucado and Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to discuss their vision for Good Friday Nashville on April 14. It's part of Chris Tomlin's Worship Night In America.

The Sidewalk Prophets concert this month at the Harvest Church in Vacaville, California will be a homecoming of sorts. Daniel Macal signed on as lead guitarist for the Sidewalk Prophets in 2014. His parents live in Vacaville. The Sidewalk Prophets will bring the ‘Prodigal’ tour to guitarist’s home town on March 14.

Just in case you ever wondered what happens when you forget your tour pass on the Roadshow, now you know. The Roadshow's social media manager posted a picture wearing a backstage pass that is nearly as big as he is. The pass includes large print that proclaims: "I Lost My Pass".

The members of Mercyme are good at improvising. Members of the band posted a picture while sorting through the Cracker Barrel warehouse. They were at the Crackerbarrel headquarters to play an acoustic set and shared that Mike forgot his guitar slide. The band sorted through boxes until they found a bottle that was just the right size for a replacement and the show went on as scheduled.

Matt Maher would appreciate your prayers. He and Mandisa are both currently on Tobymac's Hit's Deep tour and Mandisa posted this week: Please pray for Matt and his family. He had a family emergency and had to step away from them tour.

Being the daughter of well known individuals is not always easy. Focus on the Familyco-host posted this week: Tonight one of my girls came home from the coffee shop where she works. She got kind of "weirded out" because a couple of guys came in with copies of my book, "First Time Dad" and she just knew they'd eventually read about HER (page 108).

JellyTelly has announced the next series in their popular 5 Minute Family Devotionals. According to merge pr, The new original series began on Monday, March 6 and is available on YouTube and the JellyTelly streaming video app. Each of JellyTelly’s devotionals features a short video that tells a Bible story, a Bible verse, and a variety of short discussion questions and prayer prompts.

Greg Laurie is appealing to his grass roots supports as he gears up for this years nationwide outreach. He posted this week: Harvest America is happening again in three months! I need your help to get the word out. This years event will take place June 11, 2017 in person at the University of Phoenix Stadium or live online.

6 ways Daylight Saving Time can impact your health
Heart attacks spike after the spring time change
Stroke rates rise when DST starts and ends
Fatigue and “cyberloafing” are rampant
Teens are especially exhausted
Cluster headaches may strike
Depression diagnoses rise in the fall

10 Things You May Not Know about St. Patrick
St. Patrick was actually not Irish.
During those years, he worked as a shepherd
St. Patrick shares in writings that he prayed many prayers through the day, and even into the night.
God awoke him one night and said, "Your way of escape is here."
Over time, as St. Patrick began to study God's Word, he sensed God leading him back to Ireland to share Christ with the people.
God blessed St. Patrick greatly as he went to Ireland and taught, served, and ministered to the people. Revival broke out, thousands of people were saved
History tells us that St. Patrick used the 3 leaved clover to teach about the Trinity
Legends say that St. Patrick drove out all the snakes of Ireland. But reality is, there were never any snakes there to begin with.
St. Patrick died on March 17th, 461 in Ireland. It's been recorded that his favorite color was actually blue
His life was simply about the Sovereignty and blessing of God, about obedience to His call, about prayer and faithfulness.

Compassion's program in India is ending. But you can make a bold statement to your representatives in the U.S. government. They are asking Compassion supports to still reach out on behalf of the children being left behind in India. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Keys for Kids Ministries is celebrating 75 years of ministry. Though times and technology have changed, Greg Yoder said the mission of Keys for Kids is still the same: Igniting a passion for Christ in kids and their families. What's next? Greg says The ministry team has been exploring a lot of new ways to keep their message fresh and exciting.

It’s been about four months since American missionary Jeff Woodke was kidnapped in Niger, yet little progress has been made in finding him. Woodke, who worked for a local branch of the US-based Youth With A Mission, was taken on the evening of October 14th from the town of Abalak in northern Niger.

For the first time in the history of the New Mexico State Capitol, Christians gathered for a historic worship service this past Sunday, March 5, 2017. This gathering, however, was not just your regular church service. The group gathered to worship, to call upon God on behalf of the unborn and to respond to Democrat legislators who, late Friday afternoon, in an attempt to reduce support for two pro-life bills, had moved the hearings to Sunday morning at 10 a.m., when most pro-life supporters would be at church.

A Christian preschool in Florida that receives much of its funding from the state government will close its doors in May due to concerns that government regulations could one day force staff to compromise religious teachings or even create bathroom accommodations for transgender children.

Three anonymous teenagers have delivered an apology note and $50 to the Pennsylvania library where they sprayed a swastika using shaving cream in a parking lot. The teens left the envelope containing the note and the money in a book depository at the Exeter Community Library. Police and firefighters were called to wash away the graffiti on Friday. The envelope was found by library workers on Monday.

Archaeologists in Israel have uncovered yet another fantastic find from the past: this time, an impressive 2,000-year-old road dating to the Roman period that may have been used by Christ. The preserved road—stretching up to six-meters wide and continuing for a distance of approximately 1.5 kilometers—was revealed during an Israel Antiquities Authority excavation conducted prior to laying a water pipeline.

A former gang member from Chicago had an encounter with the Lord that transformed his life, and now he leads a church when he used to lead a gang. The Christian Institute reports on the incredible salvation story of David Washington.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is to launch a new training session aimed at helping Christians to share their faith. The video will be available for download and use in churches from March 20 and is part of Thy Kingdom Come – the global 'wave of prayer' between Ascension and Pentecost (May 25 to June 4, 2017).

The state of South Carolina has taken the first step in banning the brutal procedure of dismemberment abortions. reports that the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act (H 3548) recently passed South Carolina’s Constitutional Laws Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 3-0.

The state of Kentucky has passed a bill to protect the right to religious expression in public schools. The impetus for the bill was due to a censorship issue that occurred around Christmastime. School officials reportedly censored the scene from the beloved “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in which the character Linus talks about the true meaning of Christmas. The school in Johnson County censored the scene from the school’s Christmas production

A human rights lawyer in China has revealed that he is being subjected to torture by Chinese government officials in their attempt to extract a confession of guilt from him. China Aid, an organization that monitors Christian persecution and human rights abuses in China, reports that Xie Yang has been imprisoned since July 11, 2015 for defending human rights and thus allegedly presenting a threat to China’s government.

A public prosecutor in a case involving two Christian street preachers has alleged that quoting from the King James Version Bible in public should be considered “abusive” and even “criminal.” The Christian Institute reports that the two men, Michael Overd and Michael Stockwell, were arrested last summer while they were preaching in Bristol city center and charged with a Public Order Offense.

A researcher has found that those who are involved in religion, go to church, and express their faith are generally perceived as more trustworthy.

Several Christian organizations have joined together to launch a TV documentary series about the importance of the nation of Israel. According to, the new series will be called “Why Israel Matters” and will trace Israel’s history back to biblical times. The series is being produced by Christians in Defense of Israel (CIDI), Liberty Counsel, and Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

A new report from U.S. News and the University of Pennsylvania says the United States is the seventh best country in the world - a big drop from last year's fourth-place ranking. According to CBN, Researchers surveyed more than 20,000 people across the world and asked them to rank the countries on characteristics like quality of life, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, and power. Switzerland comes out on top as the world's best country, followed by Canada and the United Kingdom.

It looks like Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg will be getting a degree after all. According to Relevant Magazine, The CEO of Facebook originally attended the university back in 2005, but left to grow his then-budding social network. Twelve years and $400 billion dollars later, Zuckerberg will be going back to Harvard to not only deliver the commencement address to graduating class of 2017 but also pick up an honorary degree.

To celebrate only the most important anniversary in cookie history — the 100th year of Girl Scout cookie sales — Influenster polled 5,054 members across the U.S. to determine which is flavor is most favorited among each state. Thin Mints, one of the the first cookies to be sold, reigned in first, winning most of the West Coast. Caramel deLites/Samoas were a close second, capturing the hearts of 18 states, and the third most popular were the Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs.

Millions of Americans remember when Texas 18-month-old Jessica McClure was rescued from a backyard well after being trapped for nearly 60 hours — but the center of attention herself has no recollection of the harrowing event. Now 30, Jessica McClure Morales still answers to “Baby Jessica” from friends and strangers in her hometown of Midland, Texas, although she has no memory of the events that captured the hearts of the nation in October of 1987.

Future scientists had their experiments activated this inside the NanoRacks commercial space research facility aboard the Space station. Students from five U.S. schools will be exploring ways to reduce infections, improve muscle injury treatments, grow plants on Mars, filter bacteria and solve common slippery surface problems.

To the winner of the Super Bowl LI go all the spoils: the bragging rights, the huge ring, the bonus…and yes, the taxes. This year, each player on the winning team — the New England Patriots — from the quarterback down to the third-string rookie, got the same $107,000 bonus. They also got a ring worth an estimated $30,000. The catch? Both are taxable based on the player’s income bracket. That means the big game winners could owe a whopping $54,252 each in federal taxes.

A North Carolina teen's dream came true to have his father see him graduate, thanks to a special surprise from his high school. On Feb. 27, Cameron Brown, 18, walked early in his cap and gown so his terminally ill dad, Brian Brown, could experience the moment.

An elderly woman trying to cross the tracks in front of an oncoming train was saved by a driver who sprinted from his car and pulled her out of the way. Jon Mango was waiting at a Saddle Brook railroad crossing when he saw a woman with two canes trying to cross Wednesday afternoon, police said. Mango jumped out of his car and guided the woman away from the tracks.

South African man has become the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a stand-up paddleboard after completing an epic 4,050-mile voyage alone at sea. Chris Bertish pulled into Antigua, in the Leeward islands of the Caribbean, at 8.32am local time (12.32pm GMT) Thursday after departing from Agadir, Morocco, 93 days ago

An app called Tab For A Cause has raised over $300K for charity by users simply opening their browser.

The city of Indianapolis is saving its baby ducks. City officials got word that some of its ducklings and baby geese were dying because they were too small to jump over the city canal's cement edges. So the city installed four small wooden ramps along the downtown waterway.

Denver Parks and Recreation now hiring homeless as full-time seasonal workers. The Denver Day Works program is run through Bayaud Enterprises, a nonprofit that looks to help the disabled and those with other barriers gain employment.

A blind labrador retriever was miraculously found alive in the Santa Cruz mountains after being lost in the woods for eight days. The sightless dog, named Sage, wandered into the forest on the night of Feb. 24 and vanished.

Crowder is out with another deal of the day. His latest features a Subway sign that offers a free napkin with every purchase. Crowder posted "so generous!".

Fans of the band Disciple have responded in a big way. A recent bus breakdown left the band facing a $30,000 bill for a new engine. They announced the need on funding page and, according to New Release today, their fans banded together and raised $32,000 in just 24 hours.

Colton Dixon is finally made some space for the choice of recreation in the Dixon home. He posted a picture as he put out their new ping pong table.

Hawk Nelson Front Man Jon Steingard needs hour help. He is new to the beard game and says he needs a beard trimmer. Jon asked: any suggestions?

Less than one year after loosing both feet to a dangerous infection, Big Daddy Weave member Jay Weaver is walking again. Jay's family posted a short video as Jay walked into their house with the help of crutches and prosthetics earlier this week. It was on May 31 of 2016 that Jay left the families house on a stretcher headed to the hospital.

Chris Tomlin was part of a good cause this week. He was one of a number of celebrities who took part recently in the Tim Tebow Golf Classic. Chris posted: Always an honor and so much fun to be a part..incredible work on behalf of kids in need all over the world.

Brandon Heath is joining with the One Campaign to impact girls around the world. Brandon posted: 130 million girls didn’t go to school today. In response, the One Campaign is making the world take notice by counting from 1 to 130 million. Brandon added: I am personally joining them because I believe all Girls Count

Needtobreathe was taking in a little spring training action in Tampa this week. They posted a picture with new Yankee player Matt Holliday.

The memoir of Steven Curtis Chapman is now available. For decades, Steven Curtis Chapman's music and message have brought hope and inspiration to millions around the world. Now, for the first time, Steven openly shares the experiences that have shaped him, his faith, and his music in a life that has included incredible highs and faith-shaking lows. It's titled: Between Heaven and the Real World: My Story

Aaron Shust is releasing his 8th full length album this Friday! He posted: excited about this one! Live, worship, old and new songs.

Work on Jeremy Camp's next album is underway. He posted this week: Song #1....done.

Earlier this week Focus on the Family recorded a two day broadcast with Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman talking Steven's new book Between Heaven and the Real World: My Story. When the recording wrapped up, Jim Daly and John Fuller record a facebook like broadcast with the Chapman's touching on the the topics of the book. Watch the facebook live broadcast by clicking on the link at

Touring Tobymac means ALOT of basketball; and Ryan Stevenson confirms that, at times it can get a lil rough. He posted: my first ever black eye, courtesy of Mac Powell.

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips is concerned. He posted this week: I'm just not quite sure if the Newsboys have enough lasers. Check out the picture and then let Duncan know what you think.

Josh Havens and his family made an unscheduled stop in Hawaii this week. The Afters were on their way to Sydney when their flight was diverted to Hawaii because of a medical emergency on board. Josh posted: All is good and there are definitely worse places to be stranded.

Mark Schultz says his car isn't the only thing that needs a tune up from time to time. He posted a picture from the Chiropractors this week and added: After a weekend of shows and flights and hotel room beds I find myself here for a tune up.

Natalie Grant has wrapped up the 2017 edition of the Dare To Be Events. Natalie posted: What a night to close on. Sold out in Louisville, hundreds came to Jesus, honored a beautiful and deserving sister and lifted high the greatest name: JESUS.

Watch Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips beat his drums into submission. He posted: So I strapped my GoPro to my 18" dwdrums and caught this "we believe" moment Muskegon MI! It's a little quieter moment, but still with intensity!
Make every hit necessary and play with conviction and passion!

An opps moment for Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. She posted this week: That moment when I realized the (happy) story (with names) I had just told 2500 women might not be public info yet.

This year marks 35 years of Joni inspiring and encouraging people all around the world through the Joni and Friends radio program! And she has come a long way… In 1982, she was brand new to radio and recorded her programs in little more than a closet. Now, 3 ½ decades later, she’s recorded over 9,000 programs and her story has expanded to reach millions of people affected by disability all around the globe.

Dr. James Dobson recently weighed in on his career of 40+ years affecting public policy as an advocate for Christians and American families. The long time family advocate spot at the NRB International Christian Media Convention. Dr. Dobson told a never-before-told-in-public story about his and Shirley’s undying faith in the face of an upstart radio ministry. Listen to the address by clicking on the link at

Did you know that Greg Laurie offers a daily devotional? You can have it emailed to you for free each day.

Focus on the Families Jim Daly wants to know your thoughts on the move The Shack. He posted:
Tim Tebow liked it.
“Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines recommend it.
But blogger Tim Challies refuses to even see it.
I’m talking about “The Shack,” the film adaptation of the 2007 novel of the same name, which is reviving the controversy around William P. Young’s best selling book about a grieving father who encounters the Holy Trinity … in human form. The movie debuted in theaters across the nation last Friday, making a very respectable $16.1 million during its first weekend. I’m curious to hear from you: Did you watch “The Shack” this weekend? If so, what did you think? And if you’re staying away from the film, I’m curious to know why.

5 guidelines to help you wait for God’s timing with a willing spirit:
1. Focus on the opportunities
2. Listen to input.
3. Be patient.
4. Ask leaders for help.
5. Trust God with your networking strategy.

7 Ways To Prioritize Your Family
1. Set weekly date nights with your spouse.
2. Play with your kids.
3. Plan a family vacation—just immediate family.
4. Go on an annual abandon with your spouse—no kids allowed.
5. Create a values list for your family.
6. Unplug.
7. Tuck your kids in bed each night.

An upcoming bill in the UK would remove all restrictions on abortions, leaving the door open for sex selective, late-term and even 'mail-order' terminations, a campaign group is warning.

Israeli archaeologists have discovered rock art on the inside of an ancient tomb-like structure constructed from large rocks. CBN News reports that the rock art inside a kind of megalithic tomb constructed from huge rocks contains the first ancient rock art ever documented in the Middle East. The rock art is thought to be around 4,000 years old and was found in upper Galilee.

A blind Christian woman who was trapped under Islamic State control in Mosul for over two years before she was finally able to escape has opened up about how she boldly refused militants' demands for her to denounce Christ and convert to Islam. Mariyam Petrayus, a blind Christian woman from western Mosul who recently fled IS (also known as ISIS, ISIL or Deash) territory and now lives in a displacement camp in Kurdistan

Within the last decade, it’s been reported that 70 percent of Americans identify as Christians. But when it comes to actually living out those beliefs, well, the percentage gets lower. A new study out of the American Culture and Faith Institute has revealed that only 10 percent hold basic Christian beliefs. The data was collected from more than 6,000 surveys that asked “Christian 101” questions about spiritual beliefs and actual behaviors.

A 6-year-old girl from Chicago, Illinois, became a pint-sized hero to the homeless and poor in her community this past weekend after she told her parents she wanted to forgo a big birthday party and instead devote her time to serving those in need. So, rather than opening gifts and eating cake with friends, little Armani Crew and her family spent Sunday giving out food and care packages to the poor.

"Voiceless," a new pro-life film, debuted Tuesday on DVD. The film tells the story of Jesse Dean, a war veteran turned community outreach leader who puts his life on the line to stand up against an abortion clinic near his church.

At Moe’s Southwest Grill, subtlety is not on the marketing menu. Why bother touting taste or the fast-casual dining experience when dropping microwave ovens from a helicopter and blowing up freezers is so much more satisfying on every level? All told, eight ovens and two freezers were sacrificed in a Monroe, Georgia, field to make the commercial.

Christian Radio Show Prep Services is available to help provide
show prep for Christian stations. 

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