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Mandisa says her Puppy Biological Clock is picking up speed. She says scrolling through the social media posts on National Dog Day made her want a puppy even more. However, her life on the road isn't conducive to having a pet. So Mandisa is opting for the next best option. After seeing a picture of Brandon Heath's dogs twitter, Mandisa replied: Brandon Heath, can I dog-sit some time?

Selah member Todd Smith had a major part in putting together the music for an upcoming movie. The Insanity of God is scheduled to be in theaters Nationwide on August 30. It features the true story of missionaries Nik and Ruth Ripken. After the death of their son, this ordinary couple journeys into the depths of the persecuted church, asking the question- IS JESUS WORTH IT? Recently Todd shared an article from Fox News telling more about the movie. Check it out by clicking on the link at

For King and Country will hold a book launch party this week. The event will be held Tuesday evening at the Church of the City in Franklin, Tennessee. Members of the band will discuss their new Priceless Novel, share exclusive scenes from Priceless the Movie and perform some of their songs. The book will be available nationwide on September 6. The first movie by the band will be in theaters on October 14.

Danny Gokey was talking about music this week. He posted: Music had always been a desire of my heart but I remember the time that God dealt with my heart to lay down my dream of my own personal career and use my voice to serve the pastor and the church I had attended at the time. It was one of the best decisions I could've made because of the amount of growth and character building I experienced while serving there. Here's my point: God gave you your dream, let Him bring it to pass. God wants to build your character so that when you are living in your destiny you're a blessing to others and fulfill the call He has for your life.

Duncan Phillips was celebrating a milestone over the weekend. He posted a video announcing that the Newsboys had reached 2-million likes on facebook and thanked everyone for following the band.

Good news for Tobymac's son. Tobymac posted a picture as his son had the cast removed from his right arm. However, Tobymac says the injury had it's advantages. It forced his son to work on his left hand ball skills for an entire month.

Love and the Outcome has released a new music video for their song Gates. The live acoustic performance features Francesca Battistelli, who also co-wrote the song. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Mark Lowry recently released a video title Driving Miss Gloria and Mr. Bill. Mark posted: We ate, went to the theater, sat on the back porch and drank a lot of coffee. He wrapped up the weekend with a video of their trip to the airport as the talked about Bill's early days and sang some music together. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

A new lyric video is now available from the band All Sons and Daughters. The video features their song "You Are Love & Love Alone". Check it out by clicking on the link at

The band Unspoken is out with a new, fun video for their song Open The Clouds. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson's Jon Steingard is out with another vlog. This time it's titled “You Don’t Need Permission. Just. Start.” Jon says it's for anyone scared to begin something. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

The latest edition of the online Daren Streblow's Comedy Show sounds interesting. It's subject: Daren goes camping with a group of comedians into the mountains of Colorado, and they get lost--really lost. Listen to the show by clicking on the link at

Jonny Diaz posted over the weekend: Headed to Dallas with Johnny Depp...I mean Jordan Feliz. He posted a picture of the with Jordan as they headed for the show.

Building 429 had a new drummer sound checking with the band over the weekend. Front man Jason Roy says his son Avery sat in on the drums for their sound check. Jason says he even got Avery to join them for one song during their concert that evening. He says he was a proud papa.

A close call for Building 429 guitarist Jesse Garcia. The band reported on their social media accounts that Jesse fell 9 feet during one of their shows over the weekend. According to Jesse, he fell through a hole between the lift and the stage. He says his guitar caught in the lift and was destroy but it also broke his fall and probably saved his life. Jesse actually finished the show before heading to the doctor. Later that night Jesse reported. I'm truly blessed and thankful to be alive. X-rays came back broken bones, just banged up a bit. Jesse shared a picture of his leg, tightly wrapped from below his knee to his hip.

Joni and Friends television program is now available on the organizations web site. The television program is hosted by Joni Eareckson Tada and highlights a refreshingly honest approach to people’s toughest questions about the goodness of God in a world shattered by pain and suffering. It's described as a half-hour of soul stirring stories and proof-positive truths from the heart of God’s Word. Check out the most recent broadcasts by clicking on the link at

ce dog is open to talking about their disability; if you inquire, do so kindly with the understanding that he or she may not wish to share information with you.

The Family Research Council is speaking out against a North Carolina school district's transgender guidelines, which would bar teachers from calling their students "boys and girls." According to, Not only are teachers not allowed to call their students 'boys and girls,' but boys who identify as girls would be permitted to participate on overnight all-girl field trips."

Persecuted Christians in India have been given hope for justice concerning the 2008 massacre in Orissa. According to, the government revealed earlier this month that it will reopen 315 cases of violence, including the 2008 massacre that resulted in 100 Christians being killed. The Supreme Court of India has ordered the government of Orissa state to review all cases that were reported to the police at the time, but were not adequately investigated. The violence on Aug. 25, 2008, against Christians in Kandhamal sparked by Hindu radicals who accused Christians of converting other Hindus to their religion, led to the destruction of 5,600 homes, along with 300 churches and other places of worship.

A Baptist missionary-founded children's home in Oklahoma has refused to accept a donation of more than $28,000 from a group of atheists, who wanted the contribution to be noted "in honor of" their organization. According to, the Murrow Indian Children's Home said accepting money from the Muskogee Atheist Community would be contrary to the "biblical principles upon which we at Murrow stand." The Christian center provides a home for American Indian children who are in out-of-home placement as a result of abuse and neglect.

Conservative author and radio personality Glenn Beck will speak at the multi-day American Gospel Celebration headed by Pastor John Hagee in Louisville, Kentucky, next month. According to, Beck's involvement in the three-day event was announced last week. The American Gospel Celebration is billed as an event celebrating both Christian beliefs and American pride. It's scheduled to take place Sept. 1–3 at the Freedom Hall of the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville.

The Assemblies of God World Missions says reports that close to 1,400 of its churches in Cuba are being seized by the government are not true. According to, the statements address concerns raised by some reports, such as information shared by persecution watchdog group Christian Solidarity Worldwide, which earlier in August reported that a government crackdown in Cuba led to 1,400 AOG churches being earmarked for seizure in 2015. AG World Missions, however, says none if its churches have been confiscated.

A young woman with Down syndrome whose reaction to learning she was going to college went viral in April is now ready to begin classes. According to ABC News, Rachel Grace starts at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania this week. Although she's an incoming freshman and has never lived on her own before, Grace said she's not nervous. Grace will take part in ESU's Career Independent Learning and Living Studies program. The three-year program is tailored to students with intellectual disabilities.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the playing of the national anthem before the team’s Friday night preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, and on Saturday, he explained why. According to the Huffington Post, Kaepernick said: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” He also told a reporter from “To me, this is bigger than football, and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

A team of international scientists just spent a year living inside an isolated, Mars-like habitat atop Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano. According to Sheyna Gifford, chief medical and safety officer of the fourth Hawaii Space Exploration and Analog and Simulation, the biggest challenges came from a “sense of helplessness.” She said: When things went wrong on Earth, whether it was a terrorist attack, flooding in Louisiana or a family member’s death, “trying to find a way to help from here is very difficult.” The six-man crew Sunday emerged from their dome free of spacesuits for the first time in 365 days, bringing to a close the longest space travel simulation ever conducted on U.S. soil.

The U.S. Coast Guard says two stranded mariners were rescued Friday after crews saw their "SOS" in the sand on an uninhabited island in Micronesia. A U.S. Navy aircraft crew spotted the pair on the beach and gave their location to the Coast Guard in Guam. The couple's 18-foot vessel went missing on Aug. 19.

A company that helped create the Google Glasses has announced plans for a new project. According to, VSP Global is creating a pair of glasses that double as a fitness tracker. In the glasses, called Level, the technology will largely be invisible, thus doing away with the apprehension some had when it came to wearing a device like Google Glass in public. At present, there are no plans to make the Level glasses available to the general public, but the prototype research test will publish its findings in 2017.

The ride-hailing giant Uber Technologies says it's losses mounted in the second quarter. According to, In the second quarter the losses exceeded $750 million, including a roughly $100 million shortfall in the U.S. That means Uber's losses in the first half of 2016 totaled at least $1.27 billion. Officials said subsidies for Uber's drivers are responsible for the majority of the company's losses globally.

Citizenway is inviting you to join their Fantasy Football league for a good cause. The members of the band are helping raise money for Audio Adrenaline's Hands and Feet Project and are having fun doing it. But you need to join before Saturday if you want to battle against Citizenway.

The lead singer of Casting Crowns is speaking out about his cancer diagnosis and the important lesson he learned about God during the ordeal. According to CBN, front man Mark Hall told "The Church Boys" podcast: "I went to the doctor to be checked for acid reflux. He was just doing a scan to see if I had ulcers and saw a tumor in my kidney." Mark said "When you're the youth pastor, you're the guy who helps everybody else through their storm, and now, suddenly, I'm in the middle of my own." However, his faith in Jesus Christ sustained him. The singer and pastor now hopes his story and music will encourage people to remember the message that he held onto during the storm: "God is who He says He is—and we can trust Him."

Beth Moore is the latest guest on Christy Nockels podcast. The podcast also includes a tribute Christy gave to her mom and dad, who just celebrated their 50 wedding anniversary. Listen to the podcast by clicking on the link at

Some thoughts today from Chris August as he studied Hebrews 5. Chris pointed out: there was only one perfect High Priest. When sacrificing for people, all other high priests needed a sacrifice for themselves as well, but not Jesus. His suffering was a foundation for His superior priesthood.

Brandon Heath has released another pumpkin update and the results are good. He shared a picture of his back yard pumpkin patch this week and is sounds like pumpkin pie is in his future. He said: Looking good so far! Not thinking of taking up farming quite yet, but...

Casting Crowns is teaming up with Convoy of Hope to give lifesaving supplies to those affected by the Louisiana flooding. Mark recording a video this week encouraging everyone to Text NEXT to 50555 to donate $10. Mark added: We encourage you to do The Very Next Thing and help provide hope to flood survivors in Louisiana.

Ryan Stevenson's song Fresh Start features another well known Christian artist. Ryan posted this week: loved writing this song with TobyMac and thankful he wanted to sing on it too! Check out the audio of Fresh Start by clicking on the link at

The Jordan Feliz song Cheer You On is getting some main stream coverage. The song is featured as part of ESPN's coverage of the Little League World Series. Check out the audio of the song by clicking on the link at

Jordan Feliz has released a remix of his song Never Too Far Gone. The Isaiah Tejada Remix came out earlier this month. Check out the remix version of Never Too Far Gone by clicking on the link at

Another Video Journal from Tenth Avenue North. The topic of the Overflow Devotional is Not Living For God. It's an interesting concept from front man Mike Donehey. Check out his thoughts by clicking on the link at

Members of Relient K and Switchfoot front man Jon Foreman recently sat down to talk with CCM Magazine. Switchfoot is just out with a new album titled "Where The Light Shines Through" and Relient K this summer released their latest project "Air For Free." Relient K will also join Switchfoot this fall on the "Looking For America Tour." Check out their interview by clicking on the link at

Mercyme's Robby Shaffer is an amazing drummer...but his singing leaves a little to be desired. Now Mercyme is using his singing as a marketing tool as they attempt to fill the boat for their caribbean cruise in 2017. Front man Bart Millard shared via video this week that Robby will not stop singing until you have signed up to join them on the cruise. Check out the video as Robby kicks off his singing marathon. Click on the link at

The Satirical web site Babylon Bee is out with a new, tongue in cheek report titled: Baptists’ Impressive Life Expectancy Linked To Casserole Consumption. According to the article, a landmark study released this week claims to have discovered the reason for Baptists increased longevity: the casserole. The reports says researchers at East Tennessee State University set out in the 1980s to observe the life expectancy of members of each major faith tradition. They titled the ambitious undertaking "Project to Observe Total Lifespans of the Unchurched and Churched" or POTLUC. Researchers surveyed roughly 50,000 people over three decades. After careful analysis, the main lifestyle factor setting the Baptists apart from all others became clear: Baptist churchgoers eat a tremendous amount of casserole. Nutritional psychologist John Marzetti says “It makes sense if you think about it—this is a dish that can provide all five food groups in one bite,” "It’s a superfood, really.”

David Crowder is known for his unique sense of humor but this week he even outdid himself. Crowder announced a ticket giveaway for his American Prodigal Tour in an Instagram post. Included was a picture of Crowder with a grenade launcher on his back while riding a tyrannosaurus rex that was holding an American flag.

Even bananas can provide encouragement. Author and speaker Max Lucado shared a picture of his hotel's breakfast bananas. An encourage thought was written on the peel of every banana. Thoughts expressed included "How are you peeling today", "don't forget to smile" and "Rise and Shine" with a smiley face. Max said it was all "Very a-peeling".

Colton Dixon posted a picture this week of he and his wife Annie on the ice. Colton said: When in Minnesota you play hockey. He added that he even get schooled by local kids.

Jamie Grace was part of a special event this week. She posted a picture as she and her sister Morgan attended a red carpet together in support of Make a wish Los Angeles. Jamies called the organization a world changer. She added: they're a part of changing the lives for so many incredible fighters!

3 Ways To Make Prayer Matter With Your Kids
1. Pray with your kids
2. Pray for your kids
3. Circle your kids in prayer

These days there is an app for just about everything, including prayer. The web site Christian Today this week released a list of their top 5 daily prayer apps. They range from a prayer journal app that allows you to record prayer requests and set up a prayer diary for specific points to a prayer app from the Church of England that gives a complete liturgy and services for morning, evening and night time prayer.

After eight months Sudan has finally accused two pastors of at least seven crimes, some punishable by death if they are found guilty. According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, prayer is needed for Hassan Abduraheem Taour and Kuwa Shamal. Both pastors of the Sudan Church of Christ. Among other things, the two ‘are accused of complicity to execute a criminal agreement and waging war against the state’. The maximum sentence for waging war against the state and espionage is the death penalty.

A new film about the life of Christ is being released as the world's first feature-length virtual reality movie. According to Christian, a 40-minute preview of the film, which uses the latest technologies such as 360 degree footage, which gives the viewer the illusion of being in the movie, is to be screened at the Venice Film Festival early next month. Jesus VR – The Story of Christ is to be released this Christmas. The film has already been shot on location in Matera, Italy, in 360-degree 4K video. Producers promise a you-are-there VR experience for the entirety of Jesus's life and death, from his baptism to the Sermon on the Mount, and from the Last Supper to his crucifixion."

Over 15,000 people have left the Lutheran Church in Norway after the Church introduced a new digital membership program. According to, the Church recently introduced the program as a way to streamline the system of membership. The new system allows people to easily indicate whether they are members of the church or not. A total of 15,053 people left the church membership roster after the new program was launched. Church officials, however, say they were expecting a large number of people to leave the Church due to the new program.

Long after her role as the sweet schoolteacher from “Little House on the Prairie” ended, Charlotte Stewart took on a rather unexpected role in her personal life: 75-year-old newlywed. According to the Huffington Post, The actress married Michael Santos just about a year ago and recently shared the story of how they met during an interview for “Oprah: Where Are They Now? Extra.” The couple married on Aug. 30 of last year, and are currently planning their first anniversary. Stewart says: “We’re going to spend it in France, with a ‘Little House on the Prairie’ reunion,”

Olympic champion swimmer Katie Ledecky left her medals in good hands when she recently threw out the first pitch for the Washington Nationals. According to ABC News, Ledecky's four gold medals and one silver from the Rio Olympics were held by Bryce Harper, the reigning National League MVP. As the Nationals star outfielder admired the medals of the Olympic champion and held her hat, Ledecky threw the ceremonial first pitch to reliever Shawn Kelley before the Baltimore Orioles beat Washington 10-8 Wednesday night. It wasn't Ledecky's first pitch for the Nationals. That came in 2012 after she won the 800-meter freestyle at the London Olympics as a 15-year-old.

People wanting to die, even children, are getting their wish in Belgium. According to CBN, assisted suicide is now open to visitors to the country as well, and it is often completely free because it's covered by health insurance. Belgium first legalized euthanasia 14 years ago. Three years ago, the Belgium government broadened the law to include children. Now people travel from all corners of the world to end their suffering in this way. By far, the largest number of euthanasia "tourists" come from nearby France. Euthanasia is illegal in France.

A news national monument was dedicated this week in Maine. According to Yahoo news, President Barack Obama on Wednesday created a new national monument in Maine on 87,000 acres donated by the founder of Burt's Bees, fulfilling conservationist Roxanne Quimby's goal of gifting the land during the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. Quimby began buying the timberland in the 1990s with earnings from the Burt's Bees line of natural care products. She initially aimed for a national park designation, but that would have required an act of Congress. The national monument designation required only executive action by the president.

A new record for a Minnesota Hospital. According to the local CBS affiliate, the Minneapolis based Methodist Hospital’s Birth Center delivered a record breaking 13 sets of twins in July. That's four times the regular number of twins at the hospital.

With Delta's new chip tags, you can track your own luggage. According to NBC News, Delta airline announced in April a $50 million investment to overhaul its old barcode bag tracking system to include RFID printers and sensors at 344 airports, plus a tracking app that will provide push alerts so customers can stay updated on the whereabouts of their bags. The tracking system uses Radio Frequency Identification, also known as RFID, uses radio waves to identify and track an object.

Before success of "Breathe" Jonny Diaz prayed about leaving music. According to a recent interview with CCM Magazine, the popularity of “Breathe,” came as a complete surprise to everyone involved—from the label to the artist himself. Breathe” is one of five songs on Jonny's EP Everything Is Changing that came out nearly a year ago. In the time since its release, Diaz has turned his attention to other things. He and his wife have a 13 month old daughter and they also own and operate Fit Factory Nashville, a group training gym with a staff of six coaches and 300 members. Jonny says of the response to the song: It’s a very cool surprise that’s opened all these doors for music for a career that I wouldn’t say was dead, but I would have said was on the way out.”

This Friday Selah will release their latest project titled Greatest Hymns Volume 2 on Friday. Right now you can check out another of the songs on the project. This week Selah released the official music video for the song Wonderful Merciful Savior. Check out Selah's rendition of the song by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant was recently featured on James Robison's program LIFE Today. Now you can check out her performance of the song Clean by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard is out with two more Vlogs. Episodes two and three were recorded in North Dakota and Iowa during the latest Hawk Nelson tour. Check out “Boys Gone Wild in North Dakota” and "Gettin' Called Out At The Iowa State Fair" by clicking on the link at

NeedToBreathe played a couple of songs from their new album Hard Love during a stop at Paste Magazine's studio in New York City. Check out their performance by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns will release a new album titled The Very Next Thing later this fall. But right now you can check out two songs from the new program. This week Casting Crowns released lyric videos for both One Step Away and the title cut from the project The Very Next Thing. Check out both lyric videos by clicking on the link at

Meredith Andrews was joined by Matt Maher on her new song I Look To The King. This week Matt also joined her to talk about the story behind the song. Hear the story by clicking on the link at

Todd Smith and Ellie Holcomb worked together to record the song "You're The Water, You're The Shore" for the Insanity of God Sound Track. Now they have recorded an Official Music Video for the song. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Several members of Hillsong United sat down with Movie Guide to talk about their upcoming documentary Hillsong: Let Hope Rise. Check out their thoughts on coming to the big screen by clicking on the link at

Ken Davis was talking about seatbelts in his latest Lightenup Video. Check out his humor by clicking on the link at

Greg Laurie and Harvest America will hold their Southern California event at Angels Stadium this weekend but you don't have to travel to California to attend the event. The three night event will also be broadcast live on the Harvest web site each night from 7:00 to 9:00pm PT August 26 through 28. Greg Laurie will be speaking each evening and music will be provided by Tobymac, Skillet and for King and Country. Chris Tomlin and Phil Wickham will lead worship.

Are you raising a future leader? Here are ten ways to encourage leadership skills in your child from iMom.
1. Let them solve their own problems.
2. Teach them how to make decisions.
3. Help them practice their listening skills.
4. Apologize when necessary.
5. Encourage them to start something.
6. Allow them to delegate.
7. Sharpen their communication skills.
8. Show them how to be a servant leader.
9. Reward them for honoring a commitment.
10. Encourage them to dream big.

Could you and your spouse use some time alone together? Here are 10 reasons to take a marriage getaway.
1. To say "I tried" before divorcing.
2. To decide whether or not to get married.
3. Because someone else is paying for it.
4. As a last-ditch attempt.
5. As a marriage check-up.
6. Because a friend recommended it.
7. Because you just got married.
8. Because your church promoted it.
9. Because parenting is overshadowing your marriage.
10. Because your spouse wants to go.

Passion is hoping to raise $3750 to send 15 students impacted by the flooding in Louisiana to their conference in January. The idea came about after student pastor Mike Fielding from the First Baptist Church in Denham Springs posted a picture of the damage to the church. One of these pictures included a poster for Passion 2017. In response, Passion kicked off a campaign to raise enough money to provide Passion Conference tickets, transportation, lodging, and meals for the students planning to attend the conference.

Several mosques and churches across Kenya are getting a fresh coat of paint as part of an interfaith initiative to sow peace in the region. The “Colour in Faith” initiative is helping Muslim and Christian congregations paint their houses of worship yellow. It’s a simple act they hope will send a profound message of love and cooperation. Kenya has experienced years of religious tension between its majority Christian and minority Muslim populations. This tension has become increasingly violent due to the rise of Islamic militant group al-Shabab.

Preaching, welcome, style of worship and location are the four most important factors when Christians are searching for a new church. And of these, the most important is the quality of the sermon. According to a new Pew Research Study published in, Nearly half of the American adults who attend religious services regularly have found themselves needing to look for a new congregation at some point in their lives. More than eight in ten of those surveyed cited the quality of preaching as influencing their choice. Nearly as many said it was important to feel welcomed. Three-quarters say the style of worship helped them choose.

China's crackdown on house churches not registered with the official state church is growing and now represents the "greatest challenge" faced by Christians in the region. According to, Some unregistered churches are resisting the pressure to comply with government regulations, in spite of the risks of retribution. China Aid, which works to support persecuted Christians in China, is reporting that one house church, Proclaiming Christ, in central Henan province has rejected a government order to cease its religious activities and remove its signs and worshippers intend to continue to defy the authorities.

The number of modern slavery victims is growing exponentially in the UK, with a four-fold increase in four years of people needing help. According to, The Salvation Army reported this week that in the last four years, it has helped nearly 4,500 victims of modern slavery. The report says 1,331 people entered the care of the Salvation Army between April 2015 and March 2016. That number is in sharp contrast to the first year that the Salvation Army offered this service in 2011, when it helped 378 people.

A remake of the movie Ben Hur released last weekend but it's already being called one of summer's biggest flops. According to Charisma News, the new movie made an anemic $11.4 million in the first weekend. Officials say that's a disastrous result for the $100 million production. "Ben-Hur's" backers aggressively courted the Christian community, doing outreach to pastors and religious leaders. However, they say the film could not expand beyond its core Christian audience.

VOM and other organizations are requesting prayer for three Sudanese Christian leaders and a Czech Christian man were arrested last December and held without charges. According to VOM, after more than eight months of wrongful imprisonment, Sudanese media reported that a trial for these men began on Sunday, August 21. All four men were arrested in December. Sudanese law stipulates that a prisoner be formally charged or released within 45 days; none of the four men was formally charged within that time frame. These four are just the latest in a long line of Christians persecuted in Sudan.

An organization named Tear Fund is reported a machete attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Officials say the attack left at least 64 people dead. Tearfund and its partners are calling for prayer and justice in an area of the country that’s seeing a growing number of violent incidents. The attack happened on Saturday, August 13, and is being blamed on the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). Saturday’s attack happened just a week after 14 people were killed in another incident in the same area – again blamed on ADF.

A 2-year-old North Texas boy with a disease that makes walking a challenge has a free brand-new, custom-made walker thanks to the generosity of some Home Depot employees. According to Fox News, Workers at the Home Depot in North Richland Hills, Texas spent two days crafting a walker for Silus, a 2 year old with a disease that leaves him blind and with low muscle tone. They add that has pieces that extend so, as Silus grows, the walker can grow with him.

Waseem Akhtar this week becomes the mayor of a city that is home to about 20 million to 25 million people. And according to the Washington Post, he will do the job from prison. The Pakistani port city of Karachi is a city of mayhem, of vendettas and of street warfare — in no small part because of Akhtar's party, which also operates a militant wing. Akhtar is one month into a long sentence for instigating citywide riots in May 2007 and also for other crimes.

Hitting a grand slam is typically cause for celebration. However, it was bittersweet for minor league baseball player Brandon Thomas, who hit a baseball out of the stadium and straight into the front windshield of his own car. Thomas is an outfielder for the Gateway Grizzles, a minor league baseball team based in a suburb of St. Louis. His bases clearing home run helped the Grizzlies beat the Joliet Slammers 17-6.

Ramen noodles are becoming an increasingly valuable commodity in U.S. prisons—where they are even more popular than tobacco. According to new research by Michael Gibson-Light, a doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona’s school of sociology, the decline in food quality and quantity in prisons due to cost-cutting measures has caused the instant soup’s popularity to soar among inmates. He says Ramen is easy to get and it’s high in calories, making it a popular choice.

We now know how much a game-chewed Steph Curry mouth guard can fetch at auction. According to Yahoo Sports, the Stephen Curry mouth guard found by a fan at a Golden State Warriors road game in December was sold for $3,190 in an online auction.

The nation's transplant network is taking a long-awaited step to ease a serious disparity. According to NBC, Desperate patients sometimes travel across the country to get on a shorter waiting list. In response, this week the United Network for Organ Sharing is proposing a change, redrawing the map that governs how donated livers are distributed so patients wouldn't need to leave home for better odds. The goal is for patients to have similar scores at the time of transplant no matter where they live. Research models suggested the change would mean the less sick in some places, such as in the South and Northwest, would wait a little longer so that sicker people elsewhere can get a new organ a little sooner.

Facebook claims to know your political biases — and it's generating ads to exploit them. The social network rolled out a new "ad preferences" page earlier this month, allowing users to understand more about how the company markets to them based on interests. Those interests include political leanings and how likely a user is "to engage in politics." If you want to see where you fall according to Facebook, log into the social network, visit the ad preferences page, then click "Lifestyle and Culture."

Mandisa has a last name and it was trending over the weekend. She posted: Whoa. My last name is trending. Yes, y'all...I have a last name: Hundley. I wonder if I'm related to this Brett guy. Brett Hundley is a back up quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

Baseball season is underway in Michael W Smith's home. He tweeted: Baseball 101 with good. Michael posted a picture of he and his grandson as Michael taught the game to a third generation.

Casting Crowns Josh Mix says his song is discovering the joys of bacon. He posted a picture as his young son sampled bacon for the first time. It looks like he enjoys it.

NeedToBreathe has found a new big man for the basketball team. The band posted a picture over the weekend with Charlotte Hornets player Cody Zeller. They added: Sorry Josh Lovelace.

Hawk Nelson is helping Rachel Ray gear up for Season 11. The Rachael Ray Show recently posted their promo for the next season, scheduled to begin on September 12. The promo featured the Hawk Nelson song Just Getting Started.

A milestone for Casting Crowns. It was announced recently that the band has surpassed 10 million albums sold since their label debut in 2003. Casting Crowns is scheduled to release a new studio album, The Very Next Thing, on September 16. It's the group's 15th release and eighth studio album. Casting Crowns is Billboard's top-selling act in Christian music since 2007.

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett opened up in a post over the weekend. She shared: When you're a wife and a mom with a busy career and ministry, it's hard to focus your time and energy on yourself because you're so busy caring for the ones you love most. It's a hard lesson to learn when you realize you don't love yourself. Megan added: I've made hard decisions on how to deal with my outside AND my inside. And while I'm happy to say that I'm 75lbs lighter, I'm even happier to say that I'm just happier. I still have a long journey ahead of me, but I'm grateful for this head start and I'm thankful for another chance to learn to love myself again.

Itickets is giving away music from Hawk Nelson. Right now they have a free download of the band's song Straight Line from the album Diamonds on their web site. Download your own copy by clicking on the link at

Third Day will be part of a special new project. The Oak Ridge Boys announced over the weekend: We have nailed down a date to record Loves Me Like A Rock with our brothers Third Day. This will be epic!!

Hillsong United recently recorded the songs from their Empire Album in Israel. They then released the video performances of those songs on a DVD calls Of Dirt and Grace. Now Hillsong United has a map on their web site showing where the songs were recorded and giving access to the video of those songs. There are already five flags on the map. Check them out by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant says we all need to play a part in World Humanitarian Day. She shared the story of visiting a red light district in India and seeing the deplorable conditions there. Natalie says it wrecked her in the best possible way. She says everyone can do something to help end human trafficking and sex slavery around the world. Hear Natalie's story by clicking on the link at

Sidewalk Prophets front man Dave Frey found a unique way to spend his downtime while waiting for the bands concert in Wyoming. He recorded a three part version of Stand By Me, singing all three parts himself, for his girl friend Harmony. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Sidewalk Prophets front man Dave Fry had some time to waste during a day off in Idaho so recorded a video. Actually Dave combined four videos as he harmonized on a song from the Jungle Book. Check out his Jungle Book fun by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard is trying something new and, in his words, kinda scary. He has started vlogging. Jon's first vlog is appropriately titled: "Fear is the Worst Reason Not To Do Something". It includes help from Newsboys frontman Michael Tait. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The band Skillet was featured last week on the Fox News summer concert series. Now videos of their performance of Feel Invincible and their after the show show performance are available online. Check out both videos by clicking on the link at

Jason Gray has released the lyric vide for his song The Wound Is Where The Light Gets In. Check out the latest lyric video from Jason by clicking on the link at

Love and the Outcome went to the desert and made a lyric video for their song Strangers. Check out the song by clicking on the link at

NeedtoBreathe members Bear and Bo recently sat down with Fuse TV to talk about how the band's latest CD, Hard Love, came to be. Watch the interview as the two brothers detail the unusual process for how the ambitious record came together. Click on the link at

It was a rough weekend for NeedtoBreathe. Their concert in Charleston had to be canceled after a freak storm blew through the area. The band posted that the storm damaging a significant amount of essential show gear, rigging and equipment beyond repair. The band said the concert will be rescheduled. They added that their crew had to scramble just to replace their damaged gear and be ready to play the next night in Georgia.

Revive Our Hearts Cry Out 2016 event is less than 5 weeks away. Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth announced over the weekend that there is still time to register for the free simulcast prayer gathering for women that will take place on Friday, September 23.

Do your kids have the summer slide? Have they forgotten what they learned last year. Focus Parenting wants to help. They are giving away a free digital guide to help you connect with your child and give them a successful school year. The booklet includes engaging activities and insightful articles ranging from nutrition to time management to media discernment. It also includes a look at your child’s unique connection to God, a great way to show them that they are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made.

Starting university this year? Here are 4 tips for staying close to God
1. Check out churches in your new town or city
2. Look for resources aimed at new students
3. Consider what societies or clubs you'd like to join
4. Set up prayer partners back home

Take The Test Family Minute: Do You Put Your Spouse First?
1. You willingly spend time with things, kids, coworkers, or friends but have to be coerced or bribed into spending time with your spouse.
2. You jump at the chance to meet the emergency needs of your things, kids, coworkers, or friends, but leave your spouse to fend for themselves.
3. You light up around your things, kids, coworkers, or friends, and shut down with your spouse.
4. You spend your discretionary time and money on your things, kids, coworkers, or friends, and little to nothing on your spouse.
5. You feel a greater sense of accomplishment through your things, kids, career, and friendships than you do through your marriage.
6. You pursue adventures and take risks for your things, kids, coworkers or friends, but not for your marriage.
7. You invest in fixing things or fixing problems with your kids, coworkers, or friends, but you invest little in fixing your marriage.
8. You have nothing left in time, energy, or affection for your spouse after dealing with your things, kids, coworkers, or friends.

An eye opening fact from the International Justice Mission: There are more people in slavery today than in the entire country of Canada.

Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral will both be back-lit red in November to raise awareness for Christian persecution around the world. According to, the effort is being spearheaded by the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need. Lord Alton is an advocate of the effort. He hopes that churches around the country will join in the effort to raise awareness of the plight of Christians around the world, but especially in countries like Iraq and Syria where persecution is severest.

The church in Iran is being called one of the greatest stories in the world today. According to The Gospel Coalition, The Iranian revolution of 1979 established a hard-line Islamic regime. Over the next two decades, Christians faced increasing opposition and persecution. Officials at TGC say persecution threatened to wipe out Iran’s tiny church. Instead, the church in Iran has become the fastest growing in the world, and it is influencing the region for Christ. In fact, more Iranians have become Christians in the last 20 years than in the previous 13 centuries put together.

A Brazilian soccer player named Neymar curled in a free kick to give Brazil the first half lead in the gold medal game at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. During the medal ceremony he wore a head band that said 100% Jesus.

When a woman in Laos accepted Christ she knew her faith would come with a cost. According to Voice of the Martyrs, her husband was the village police chief. He was also the man responsible to make sure no more people in the village became Christians. When she followed Christ her husband pressured her to renounce her faith; then he beat her. Then he threatened her life. Her response: she answered "I'm willing to die."

General News & Trending Stories

After two years and 10 months, 93-year-old Ernie Andrus has made it across America. According to ABC News, The World War II veteran dipped his toes in the Atlantic Ocean Saturday morning, ending a cross-country run that started in San Diego on Oct. 7, 2013. He was running to raise money to return a WWII-era ship in Indiana to Normandy, France, for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landing. He was a medic on a similar ship during the war.

Ayesha Curry—who is married to NBA superstar Steph Curry—is now part of an annual initiative to end child hunger around the world. According to Relevant Magazine, Every year, retailer Williams-Sonoma works with the nonprofit organization, No Kid Hungry, to produce spatulas designed by celebrity chefs. Curry, who is a chef and cookbook author in addition to being the mother of two, debuted the colorful spatula on her Instagram.

Wanted: Volunteers willing to be infected with the Zika virus for science. According to Yahoo News, researchers are planning a study this winter, when mosquitoes aren't biting, to help speed development of much-needed Zika vaccines.The human challenge study will deliberately inject healthy, nonpregnant, people with a virus, mimicking natural infection while scientists track how their bodies react.

A teen who walked more than eight miles to work every day got an unexpected gift earlier this month. According to ABC News, South Dakota troopers stopped Tanner as he walked along Interstate 229 a few weeks ago. They learned that he was walking to and from work, everyday, over 8 miles. After discussing the situation with colleagues the officers decided they would use their resources and find him a bike. On Aug. 16, troopers gave him a new bike.

An Australian Uber driver is on a mission -- ensuring that young women get home safely. According to ABC News, her name is Kathy Raydings, but she's more often referred to as Grandma Uber. She's been on the road for about seven months, picking up 480 to 500 passengers per week. Raydings told ABC News, "I needed to find a way to work for myself, doing something that I enjoyed." The 57 year old decided to become a driver and discovered a newfound joy in her new job -- ensuring young women got home safely.

The "world's highest and longest" glass-bottom bridge is now open to visitors. According to NPR, the bridge stretches stretched between two mountain peaks in central China's Hunan province. It officially opened to visitors this weekend. Now, one can walk the 470-yard length of the glass bridge, which is positioned 328 yards above the ground. The bridge cost $3.4 million dollars to construct, and is "paved with 99 panes of three-layered transparent glass."

Two people in a recording booth deep inside a Connecticut office park helped millions of blind Americans feel part of the Olympics like never before. According to Yahoo News, NBC aired the Olympics in prime time with additional narrators for the first time in US history. The narrators simply reported what's happening on screen, providing a sort of closed captioning for the visually impaired. Their running blow-by-blow opened things up for the blind, who at best get an incomplete picture from traditional sportscasting that takes visuals for granted.

A pair of athletes have been lauded for embodying true Olympic spirit after helping one another when they fell during the 5000m qualifier in Rio earlier this week. According to, New Zealander Nikki Hamblin fell during the race, tripping up US contender Abbey D'Agostino. D'Agostino got back on her feet almost immediately, but rather than continuing the race, stopped to help Hamblin up. The two began to run again, but D'Agostino was injured and couldn't continue on her own. Hamblin responded by stopping to help her rival, and the two eventually finished in 29th and 30th place respectively.

If the University of Georgia was it's own country it's medal total would nearly equal the total of the host country, Brazill. The University of Georgia has produced an astonishing 48 athletes at the Games this year. Its ten medals would put them 14th in the ranking if alumni of the university were considered their own nation. Among the winning ex-students, Shaunae Miller from the Bahamas, who literally dived over the finish line to bag gold in the women's 400-meter final on the track. And Allison Schmitt, who took home gold for the U.S. in the women's 4x200-meter freestyle relay and silver in the women's 4x100-meter relay in the pool.

There are about to be a lot more babies named Simone. According to Time, Google Trends reports that interest in the term ‘Simone baby name’ increased 230% during the month of August. The reason most likely stems from the Olympic achievements of gymnast Simone Biles and swimmer Simone Manuel. Biles has been called “the greatest gymnast of all time” with her five medals: four golds and one bronze. Manuel tied for first in the 100m-freestyle, becoming the first African American woman to win a gold medal in an individual swimming event.

Islam El Shehaby, the Egyptian Judoka who refused to shake hands with his Israeli opponent, paid a pretty hefty price for his actions. According to CBN, Both the International Olympic Committee and the Egyptian Olympic Committee reprimanded Shehaby, a 34 year old Salafi Muslim. Israeli Ori Sasson beat Shehaby in the first round and later went on to earn a bronze medal. Right after it happened, IOC spokesman Mark Adams condemned Shehaby's behavior, saying the games are about building bridges, not erecting walls.

Audio Adrenaline is in Haiti this week. Front man Adam Agee asked for prayer as the band spends the next several weeks working with missions teams in that country. They are helping the Hands and Feet Project started by the band several decades ago.

A busy October is in store for Chris Tomlin. This week he released the cover art for his new album, Never Lose Sight. The album will be available on October 21. Just four days later Chris' Worship Night In American Movie will be seen in theaters nationwide. It's scheduled for a one night showing on October 25. However, that's not all. Chris will also release his Children's book Good Good Father on October 4.

Casting Crowns guitarist Josh Mix says his young son as a hard knock life. He posted a picture of his son running the vacuum and jokingly added that he was "earning his keep".

Selah member Amy Perry was on a hike this week but it wasn't by choice. She shared a picture as she set out with a friend and posted: I still love her even though she tricked me into a hike when I said I'd go for a walk!

Jamie Grace shared this week: My greatest victory is the moment I chose Faith over fear. I still have Tourette Syndrome and I have learned that resilience comes when we recognize what isn't perfect, and choose to become fighters anyway. Every battle I've faced, every fear that I have had has made me stronger and has caused me to depend on the One who is the strongest. I have since become a full time touring singer/songwriter and founder of a non profit All this from the kid who, at one point, didn't think she'd ever dream again.

Third Day's Mac Powell shared a picture of his two daughters this week. He posted: My eldest giving piano lessons to my youngest. Warms my heart!

Matt Hammitt says he had the best bag lunch ever this week. The former lead singer of Sanctus Real says it was packed by his 10 yr-old daughter. Included was a hand written note that said "Have a great day daddy!! I Love You!

Natalie Grant will release a new book in September. The project is titled: Finding Your Voice: What Every Woman Needs to Live Her God-Given Passions Out Loud. Natalie announced this week that, although the full book won't be available until September 13, you can preorder Finding Your Voice right now and receive two chapters on audio, read by Natalie herself. Just email your receipt to to receive the free audio.
email receipt to

Jordan Feliz is releasing a remix song today. The new project is a remix of his song Never To Far Gone. Check out a short clip of the song by clicking on the link at

Christy Nockels announced this week that her upcoming Christmas album will be titled The Thrill of Hope. Christy posted: We had planned to have some “build up” to announcing the title. We even had clever posts with captions to hint at it, leading up to today but, all in all, isn’t it a little more like hope to sneak in? That’s how hope arrives, when you least expect it…no fluff, no dramatic build or fanfare…in fact, the hours before hope arrives are usually the darkest.

JJ Heller will wrap up her Christmas album Kickstarter campaign on Saturday and the goal has already been reached. She hoped to raise at least $30,000 but said $60,000 was really what she needed to produce her classic collection of Christmas songs called "Unto Us. The initial goal was passed weeks ago and this week JJ Heller also passed the $60,000 mark. In the tradition of giving, she also promised to give a copy of her lullaby album for every 15 dollars raised. To date, JJ Heller says over 4,000 copies are headed to hospitals.

Jamie Grace this week promised new music soon but added that it won't be with the record company that produced her past two projects. In an open letter on Instagram Jamie said she would be touring and releasing new music very soon. She added that, while she is grateful for how her platform as an artist was expanded while a member of Gotee Records, the steps she will take in the future will not be as an artist on that label. Jamie promised to continue the goal she began with 10 years ago: to bring people joy and to encourage people. She said it's all because she found the love of Jesus and desperately needs to share it.

Ryan Stevenson's song Eye of the Storm was recently featured in a video about the Louisiana floods this summer. Ryan shared the video on his face book page and said he was humbled.

The As Family They Go Documentary is now available. The 12 minute video features footage taken from Rend Collective's As Family We Go Tour in USA and UK. It follows the band through everything from normal life to finding God in the madness! See Rend Collective more vulnerable than ever before. Check out the documentary by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace's latest cover video features a cover the Johnny Cash's song You Are My Sunshine. Check out Jamie's version of the song by clicking on the link at

The members of For King and Country have an interesting definition of secret. The band posted this week: We're doing 5 FREE SECRET appearances in the next 72 hours. We'll be showing exclusive scenes from Priceless The Movie, saying g'day to each of you and handing out film posters. They then listed the five secret sites and noted that you need to RSVP to attend.

MercyMe Music will lead worship for David Jeremiah this fall at Stand Up Pittsburgh. The band announced the joint venture this week. They posted: Be inspired to Stand Up in a culture that tells Christians to sit down and step aside. Join us, MercyMe as we lead worship, and join David Jeremiah as he shares powerful truths from the Word in YOUR community. It all happens LIVE at the CONSOL Energy Arena on September 21. Tickets are free, but you must register

Jeremy Camp is gearing up for the fall. His 24 city "I Will Follow Tour" starts Sept 30 and will run through November 13. On the tour Jeremy will be joined by Love and the Outcome.

The members of Kutless made the most of their day off in Budapest this week. Front man Jon Micah Sumrall posted a series of pictures taking while sight seeing and added: Had an amazing time in Budapest yesterday. Today we are setting up for our first show ever in the Czech Republic. Kutless has already held shows in the Ukraine and Belarus over the past several weeks.

Ken Davis isn't retiring, he's recharging. The comedian and motivational speaker posted: For the next month I am going to take time to restore my body and soul. No blogging or Facebook posts. No being groped by TSA personnel, or scrambling to re-book a delayed or canceled flight. I will be tucked away in the mountains of Colorado spending quality time with my family and friends. I am not doing this because I don’t like what I do. I am doing it because I love what I do. In many ways my ability to continue to write and speak and teach depends on giving this body and brain a much-needed rest.

Jon Erwin is encouraging women to join together for Revive Our Hearts' Cry Out 16. Jon is better know as a member of the Erwin Brothers, producers of the movies Moms' Night Out and Woodlawn. He recently release a 90 second video promoting the event and encouraging attendance. Cry Out 16 will take place nation wide on September 13.

4 Ways to be Remembered as a Good Father from All Pro Dad
1. Listen instead of lecture.
2. Be a builder.
3. Be a memory maker.
4. Live each day like it’s the full final day.

9 Habits for a Happy Home from Susan Merrill.
Hold your child and husband every chance you get.
Answer every child’s “MOM!” as if an angel was calling for you.
Pray daily, hourly, every second if necessary.
Push every negative thought into the disposal and turn it on.
Yearn for now, appreciate this stage of your child’s life.
Have Sunday Supper together in your kitchen with your family.
Order your days efficiently so that you have time to play.
Maintain peace and forgive daily.
Enjoy the blessing of your children.

A Marine who was court martialed after she refused to remove bible verses from her desk lost her federal appeal this week. According to Christian Headlines, The ruling in Marine Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling’s case said that the order was not a “substantial burden” on her First Amendment rights. Sterling had a modified version of Isaiah 54:17 on her desk in three areas. It read: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” She refused to removed them when ordered. Her commanding officer then threw out the verses, but she replaced them.

Voice of the Martyrs is asking for prayer for some upcoming theological training initiatives and conferences. While such VOM training is not out of the ordinary, the location of the events are. That's because the theological training is being held in the country of Iran.

A California state senator said this week that he will drop a provision from a bill that would have allowed gay and transgender students to more easily sue private colleges for discrimination if they are punished for violating the college’s rules. Sen. Ricardo Lara is amending his bill after facing intense criticism from religious universities in California. Originally, the bill would have allowed students to sue if they alleged discriminatory treatment from religious colleges for being in same-sex relationships.

Christians in India are demanding that a popular food company remove a television commercial that presents an anti-Christian bias. According to CBN, Patanjali Food Limited is airing an advertisement showing a cross over a map of India and mentions that foreign products are harmful to people. The Global Council of India Christians says the cross should not be linked to foreign companies and products, or presented in a negative light.

Christian football player Russell Wilson said that the Bible has answers for how to heal the divisiveness in America today. According to Christian Headlines, In an interview with journalist Maria Shriver, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback stated, "It's a lack of love, there's so much hate in the world, there's so much back and forth. … For me, it always comes back to the Biblical aspect: 1 Corinthians 13 talks about, faith, hope and love," Wilson told Shriver. "And the greatest of all is love. If we don't have love, we have nothing." Wilson went on to stress that we are meant to serve others and not only focus on ourselves

After a priest in India donated his kidney to a patient in need, 15 other clergy members have followed his lead. According to, Fr. Davis Chiramel donated his kidney to a poor electrician. To raise awareness of the need for organ donation, Chiramel also started the Kidney Federation of India. Since then, 15 other clergy members, including a bishop and a nun, have also donated kidneys to patients in need.

The world's "largest aircraft" embarked on its maiden flight this, four days after a previous attempt was abandoned due to technical issues. According to Yahoo News, The Airlander 10 -- part plane, part airship -- took to the skies amid cheers and applause from crowds gathered at an airfield in central England. Originally developed for the US army as a surveillance aircraft, the 302 feet long Airlander 10 also has potential uses in the commercial sector, such as carrying cargo. Filled with helium, it can stay airborne for more than two weeks unmanned and up to five days if manned.

An Arizona man has used a unique exercise program to lose more than 300 pounds. According to Yahoo News, 31 year old Pasquale “Pat” Brocco began to change his life three years ago when he was warned by his doctor that his weight of 605 pounds and other health issues put his life in serious danger. In response, Pat decided that every time he was hungry, he would walk the 1 mile to his closest Walmart, then back home to eat his meal. He's now 330 pounds lighter and, because he lost so much weight, he had to have about 30 pounds of excess skin removed. He underwent the surgery this week and is now recovering at home.

A 12-year-old girl who likes to hunt big game with her father sparked an online firestorm after posting photos of herself online posing with a giraffe and a zebra that she killed with the help of her dad. According to Yahoo News, the girl and her father, recently traveled from Utah to South Africa for a hunting trip. Her Facebook postings following the trip quickly made her a topic of heated discussion. One photo received over 73,000 comments both in favor and in opposition to the pictures. Some of the more extreme comments went so far as to threaten her and her father's lives.

Scientists at the MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research have designed metallic body art that can control and communicate with electronic devices, such as smartphones or laptops. According to the Washington Post, DuoSkin temporary tattoos use the electrodes present in inexpensive gold leaf to create a conductive surface. The researchers developed three different types of tattoos. The first acts as a touchpad. The second changes color when body temperature rises. Finally, the third uses near field communication technology to transmit personal data, such as photos, between your phone and the tattoo.

Back in 2006, a 9-year-old Katie Ledecky got an autograph from Michael Phelps. Ten years later, Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, wasn't going to leave Rio de Janeiro without an autograph from Ledecky. The 19-year-old phenom and the 31-year-old retiring legend re-created their now-famous photo for, except this time Phelps was the one with a big smile as Ledecky penned her signature. Ledecky walked away from Rio with five total medals, four of them gold, along with two world records. Phelps finished his amazing career with an Olympic-record 23 gold medals and 28 overall, including five gold medals in Rio.

The new 400m Olympic champion and world record holder celebrated his medal with the words "Jesus did it". According to Christian, Wayde van Niekerk blew his rivals away with a time of 43.03 seconds, breaking Michael Johnson's 17-year-old record to win a sensational Olympic final in Rio. The South African youngster has already been hailed as a future legend. After the race he tweeted his thanks with the words "God is power". A committed Christian, van Nierkerk, took time to thank God on the track after the race. He told BBC Sport: "The only thing I can do now is to give God praise. I went on my knees each and every day and I told the lord to take care of me and look after me every step." "I asked the Lord to carry me through the race and I am really just blessed for this opportunity."

Michael Phelps may be racking up medals in his country’s name at the summer Olympics, but that doesn’t mean Uncle Sam won’t demand a cut of his prize money. According to, Phelps’ current income tax bill for winning five gold and one silver medal at the Rio Olympics could be as much as $55,000. The United States Olympic Committee awards Olympic athletes who place in the top spots a bonus— $25,000 for gold, $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze. Like any other prize earnings, from a jackpot hit to a Nobel Prize, is considered taxable income by the IRS. For an Olympian in the top tax rate bracket of 39.6% the bill totals $9,900 for winning a gold medal.

Olympian Katie Zaferes says Lauren Daigle and Hillsong United help her train. The 27 year old from Hampstead, Maryland competes in the Triathalon. She told billboard that Lauren and Hillsong United are both part of her pre and post game soundtrack.

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips is known for his upbeat performances, spinning drums, and unique expressions. This week Duncan admitted that not even he always knows what he's doing. He posted a picture this week and added: Another one of those moments when I have no idea what I'm doing! I must black out from time to time!

Israel Houghton is ready to wed again. According to Charisma News, the former Lakewood Church worship leader, who announced his divorce earlier this year, proposed to girlfriend Adrienne Bailon in Paris. The couple has been dating at least since March, not even a month after Houghton told social media followers he "failed and sinned" in his marriage. Bailon is a singer-songwriter, actress, dancer and television personality from New York City's lower eastside, according to her website. She appeared in the Houghton-produced film I'm In Love With a Church Girl.

The Grit and Grace Project web site is out with an exclusive interview and video with Hillary Scott and her family. The member of the group Lady Antebellum says: when hard times hit, women run headlong to the two places that provide strength: our family and our faith. These pillars may be central to our daily life, but it is during these seasons that they become even more significant. For Hillary, that point was the sudden miscarriage of her second pregnancy in the fall of 2015. It led Hillary to write “Thy Will” a song that offers a universal message of hope. The family then joined together to create a new album that shines a light not only on the bond Hillary shares with her family, but the union they all share with God.

Selah member Amy Perry introduced the groups followers to Sydni Chambers this week. Amy posted: Jake and I used to babysit her, now she dances with Mandisa and wow, is she ever talented. It's such a blessing to see what a beautiful, Godly woman she's grown into.

Citizenway member Josh Calhoun spent nine hours of his at home time building a play house and he says it was totally worth it. Josh posted a picture of his daughter in front of the play house and posted: It took us about 9 hours to build this playhouse but it was all worth it for this beautiful girl!

Jamie Grace was standing up for gymnast Gabby Douglas this week. The olympian has born the brunt of some less than favorable comments during this years games, prompting Jamie to come to her rescue. Jamie posted: I just can't handle bullying. It's not cool. Ever.

Sidewalk Prophets frontman Dave Frey's girl friend has actually been following the band for quite a while. Dave this week posted a picture of a ticket she purchased back in 2008. The ticket was for a Sidewalk Prophets show. She kept it and, this week, just found it in one of her drawers.

Nicole C. Mullen is getting married. Singer and preacher Donnie McClurkin made the announcement on the Charisma News podcast earlier this week. Donnie is a former homosexual who says God delivered him from “the curse” of homosexuality.

Another edition of CCM Magazine is now available. The latest edition of the magazine focused on Contemporary Christian Music features Skillet on the cover and also includes articles about Group 1 Crew and Jonny Diaz. Check out the free on-line version of the magazine by clicking on the link at

What Third Day's David Carr to take your picture. Now you can. He posted this week: Need to book a photoshoot? I'll be off the road the entire fall. Message me! David is a photographer on the side when not touring with Third Day.

Before you watch the movie, you can read the book. For King and Country announced this week that a novel based on the movie Priceless will be available on September 6. The first movie by the band will be in theaters on October 14.

The 7th annual Sidewalk Prophets pro pickem is about to begin. If you love pro football join the band for their fantasy football league. Click on the ink at to find the web site and password. password: livelikethat

The members of for King and Country have kids on board so they say even bus breakdowns can be family bonding time. The band is currently on their Priceless the Movie tour. They posted: What do you do when your bus breaks down? You jump in puddles. Attached was a picture of Luke's son doing just that.

NeedToBreathe is giving away a trip to one of their Tour De Compadres shows. The giveaway includes the flight and accommodations for two individuals to a NeedToBreathe show between September 1 and November 12. To enter simply follow the band's playlist on the web site Topsify. However, the band says signup ends on Friday. Find out more by clicking on the link at

God's Not Dead 2 is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. The Newsboys shared the news this week. They posted: If you missed it in theaters, now’s your chance to finally see it!

Britt Nicole is out with a new Lyric Video for her song "Through Your Eyes". Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Joel, from the band for King and Country, recently shared some tips for life on the road. The band was on tour this spring as part of Winter Jam Tour 2016 with Matthew West, Crowder, Lauren Daigle, RED and many more groups. Check out Joels top five tips by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace is responding to those who say her songs are too cheesy. She says the expectation is that her songs and podcasts are for little girls. But she says they are for all ages. Hear her entire response by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson shared a video called The Nelson's this week. Some of the trivia in the video: front man Jon Steingard is 33, the same age as Jesus when he died; David has a tendency to leave things on planes but the band knows and picks them up for him; and Jon is just now learning to skateboard. In celebration of the Olympics, the band held their own hotel olympics. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Joel and Luke of For King and Country took to facebook live this week to answer questions about their upcoming movie Priceless. The first project from the band will release in October. It deals with the difficult subject of human trafficking. Check out their live facebook chat by clicking on the link at

Another Lightenup video from Ken Davis. This week Ken gives advice to future husbands. He says: Husbands, Do Not Answer This Question. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Comedian John Branyan was visiting Ken Davis at his home in Colorado. He shared a picture of the view and posted: Going to write my congressman about getting some views like this installed in Indiana.

Meredith Andrews says God was showing off during her show this week. While she was singing her songs Soar and Not for a Moment and beautiful rainbow was showing up on the horizon. She said it was a good reminder of God's promises.

The flooding in Louisiana is affecting Kari Jobe. She had to cancel her tour stop in Baton Rouge due to the flooding. She posted: praying for you all in this trying time.

Greg Laurie's first job was as a newspaper delivery boy for the Daily Pilot. In the decades since, a recent story in the L-A Times says the 63-year-old pastor of Harvest Orange County, a non-denominational, evangelical church in Irvine, told not much has changed. But instead of the daily news, today Greg is delivering the "good news" — the literal translation of the word "gospel," or the story of Jesus' life and teachings in the New Testament. This year, nearly 100,000 people are expected to attend the 27th annual Harvest Crusade at Angel Stadium from Aug. 26 to 28. In addition to Laurie's preaching, the free public event will feature popular Christian musicians such as Chris Tomlin, TobyMac, KB and Phil Wickham.

3 lessons learned after being a dad for 6 months.
1. Time Isn’t Everything, But It’s Pretty Close To It
2. Your Words Create Your Child’s World
3. Appreciate Every Moment, Even the Stressful Ones

5 steps to stewardship at the dinner table:
2. GET YOUR HANDS IN THE DIRT, whether it involves an entire garden or just herbs in a window box.
5. “DRESS AND KEEP” YOUR TABLE. Take the time to make mealtimes as festive and beautiful

A BP gas station that sits less than 1,000 feet away from Smoke Rise Baptist Church in Georgia. According to Christianity today, burglars forcefully entered the station and stole cash and various items and also damaged the store. The following week Reverend Chris George shared the situation as an example in his sermon and the congregation took the message to heart. After the morning service, members of the congregation filed into the BP station, filling up their tanks and buying snacks and goods from the store. More than 150 people showed up, packing up the parking lot until no more cars could enter. Throughout the week, more came. Station owners estimates probably more than 350 churchgoers passed through the station.

A Satanic invocation kicked off a local assembly meeting in an Alaskan borough last week, sparking debate about whether the assembly should do away with its tradition of opening meetings with prayer. According to the Alaska Dispatch News, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meeting last Tuesday was opened up with a prayer from local resident Iris Fontana, a member of a local Satanic Temple. Although Iris proclaimed "Hail Satan" at the end of her invocation, her invocation appeared to be mostly a call for people to turn against their religious beliefs and embrace agnosticism.

A long-running family dispute over the ownership of a Bible which Martin Luther King Jr traveled with was ended this week when a judge signed an order releasing it to his son. According to, there had been a disagreement about ownership of the Bible - along with King's Nobel Peace Prize - between his three surviving children. The consent order signed by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney says the items are to be released to Martin Luther King III as chairman of the board of his father's estate.

Hundreds of Jews visited Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque compound on Tisha B'av, a religious day of mourning, with several expelled for praying, a right restricted to Muslims. According to police, 400 Jews entered the site in occupied east Jerusalem throughout the day to commemorate the destruction of two ancient temples there. Police expelled 10 Jews from the compound for trying to pray there and arrested another two. Security at the controversial site had been boosted with hundreds of extra officers ahead of the event, which began on Saturday night. Tens of thousands of Jews also prayed at the adjacent Western Wall during the day.

In preparation for the release of Ben-hur on August 19, the web site New Release Today is giving away a trip to Israel. The giveaway includes economy-class airfare to Tel Aviv, a four-night hotel stay, round-trip transfers from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and a full-day group tour of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

A tiny black tablet could prove to be a very big deal from impoverished countries to the Pacific Crest Trail. According to a science blog, Researchers at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have developed a tiny, Chiclet-sized device that uses solar energy to disinfect water. During lab experiments, the device killed 99.999 percent of bacteria present after just 20 minutes. Unlike boiling a pot of water which requires fuel or purifying water with an ultraviolet wand, which requires charging, the tiny tab needs only sunlight, and can be infinitely reused. The device looks like smooth black glass to the naked eye, but when its microscopic layers of “nanoflakes” are exposed to sunlight, they trigger chemical reactions that kill bacteria in water.

A common over-the-counter pain medication has been associated with increased risk of developing behavioral issues for children who were exposed to the drug in utero. According to Yahoo News, the study was conducted by researchers from multiple institutions, including the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. It found that children were more likely to exhibit behavioral issues, such as hyper-activity, if their mothers took acetaminophen while pregnant. Acetaminophen is a common pain reliever and fever reducer found in brands such as Tylenol. However, the effect overall was relatively small and Stergiakouli emphasized that pregnant women should not panic if they are taking acetaminophen.

It took a team effort for firefighters to rescue Mabel from a dry well in Perryman, Maryland earlier this week. According to ABC news, with relentless humidity and temperatures dangerously wavering just below 100 degrees, a team of firefighters worked to get the St. Barnard out of the 30 foot deep well. They rescued Mabel by repelling down and then lifting her out with a pulley system. Officials say the dog was thirsty but unwise unharmed from her ordeal.

Taco Bell has been known to satisfy late night cravings, but now it's gotten attention for its post-rodeo entertainment too. According to, Cowboy Lathan Crump and his horse paid a visit to their local Taco Bell after a rodeo last week. The video shows the two strolling into the Campbell, Texas, fast food joint like it's a casual occurrence. According to news reports, it's Crump's tradition to visit a Taco Bell after a competition. This time his friends take his horse Hollywood in with him, riding the horse right through the doors and into the restaurant.

Amanda Borden says Mandisa helps to get her going in the morning. The olympic gold medallist turned TV commentator posted over the weekend: Good Morning from Rio. Rockin out to Mandisa and working on event final notes.

Team USA just passed a major milestone, earning it's 1,000th gold medal in the Summer Olympics since their inception in 1896. According to the Washington Post, that's more than double any other country's count. The USA's gold medal number 1,000 came in the pool when the women's 4x100 medley relay took first place. In the past 120 years Team USA has earned 244 gold medals in swimming and 324 in track and field events, making up more than half its total golds.

10 Daily Habits of Olympians That Will Make Your Life Better
1. Get the Right Kind of Rest: Kassidy Cook, USA, Diving
2. Focus on the Nutrients: Novak Djokovic, Serbia, Tennis
3. Aim for High-Quality Sleep: Michael Phelps, USA, Swimming
4. Visualize Goals: Carli Lloyd, USA, Soccer
5. Prioritize Sleep: Usain Bolt, Jamaica, Track and Field
6. Keep a Record: Eliud Kipchoge, Kenya, Running
7. Possess Self-Confidence: Claressa Shields, USA, Boxing
8. Don’t Be All Serious All the Time: Simone Biles, USA, Gymnastics
9. Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Katie Ledecky, USA, Swimming
10. Never Skip Breakfast: Misty May-Treanor, USA, Volleyball

Ben Kanute hasn’t even touched down in Rio de Janeiro yet and he’s already won the spirit award. According to the Huffington Post, The Olympic triathlete hilariously staged his own opening ceremony on the streets of Arizona after missing Friday’s big opener because he was training back in the states. In a video posted to Instagram, the 23-year-old is seen donning Team USA’s official Ralph Lauren outfit as he waves, takes selfies and is cheered on by three buddies wearing American flag apparel. In the background blares the Olympic anthem’s “Bugler’s Dream.”

The 2016 Olympics bring plenty of sports to watch in Rio de Janeiro but there’s also a plenty to see within the city hosting the games. Time has released a 360-degree video that offers an immersion in the sights and sounds of the city. It takes viewers through the city’s famous Selaron Steps, the Ipanema beach, the beach at Arpoador, Sugarloaf Mountain and the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Four members of the U.S. Olympic Swimming Team were robbed by armed men early Sunday morning in a taxi headed for the Olympic Village. According to the United States Olympic Committee, Swimmers Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger, and Jimmy Feigen left France House early Sunday morning in a taxi headed for the athletes' village. The ABC News report says their taxi was stopped by individuals posing as armed police officers who demanded money and other personal belongings. Lochte said one robber cocked his gun and put it to his forehead. They took the swimmers money but left their credentials.

The one constant in the Olympic Village, there is always a line out the door of the McDonald’s. According to the Washington Post, there are not a ton of alternatives. The village has a cafeteria in a big tent — plus a “casual dining” restaurant with Brazilian food — but the reviews have been well short of glowing. Since no other fast-food chains have a presence in the village, McDonald’s is the only game in town. It also happens to be free, at least for athletes and coaches. So many people have been coming to McDonald’s that the restaurant decided this week to limit to 20 the number of items that one person could order. Still, officials say the line has been longer than a football field

Yahoo Sports asked 2,123 Americans to name their favorite U.S. Olympian of all time. The top 12, based on number of votes received, were:
No. 12 Gabby Douglas:
Part of the "Fierce Five" from the 2012 Summer Olympics, Douglas is competing in her second Games this summer.
No. 11 Dorothy Hamill
At the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria, Hamill took the gold medal as a 19-year-old.
No. 10 Greg Louganis
Starting Olympic competition at age 16, Louganis went on to have an international career spanning four Summer Games.
No. 9 Michael Jordan
A member of two Olympic teams, Jordan snagged two gold medals
No. 8 Mary Lou Retton
Retton took the 1984 Summer Olympics by storm, narrowly winning the all-around gold and taking four additional medals
No. 7 Carl Lewis
An Olympian from 1984 to 1996, Lewis totaled 10 medals over the course of his athletic career, including nine golds.
No. 6 Muhammad Ali
Ali won a gold in the light heavyweight competition at the 1960 Rome Games.
No. 5 Bruce Jenner
The gold medallist competed for the U.S. in both 1972 and 1976
No. 4 Mark Spitz
A nine-time Olympic champion, Spitz took seven gold medals at the 1972 Summer Olympics
No. 3 Jim Thorpe
The first Native American to win a gold medal
No. 2 Jesse Owens
While Owens only competed in the Olympics once, his impact was immense. The American sprinter and long jumper totaled four gold medals in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.
No. 1 Michael Phelps
Phelps is the all-time record holder with 23 gold medals.

2016 Olympic mystery solved: Do relay athletes get medals if they're in an earlier heat but are replaced for the finals? According to Yahoo Sports: yes. Everyone who competed in the Games along the route to a team medal gets the hardware.

Leila, Liina and Lily Luik made Olympic history on Sunday when they became the first triplets to compete in the Games marathon. The 30-year-old Estonians finished far behind Kenyan winner Jemima Sumgong. Lily was the first of the triplets home in 97th place. Leila finished 114th while Liina failed to finish in Rio's searing heat. Two sets of twins also completed the course. North Korea's Kim sisters finished 10th and 11th. Germany's Hahner twins crossed the line together to finish 81st and 82nd.

The members of Selah say tonsil surgery is expensive. They posted a bill for just over 61-thousand dollars for the procedure. Fortunately, they had insurance so only had to pay $500 of the cost. No word from the band on which member underwent the surgery.

Jamie Grace continues to make headlines after her appearance with Adele at a concert in Los Angeles last week. Adele picked Jamie Grace from the crowd during the show, not knowing that Jamie was a Grammy nominee. Jamie's sister Morgan recorded Jamie's time on stage and posted it online. The next day ABC News and Inside Edition ran stories on the appearance and, over the weekend, CNN followed up with their own version of the story. Jamie told CNN that the experience came at a time when she had been considering quitting the music industry. She said she now feels inspired.

What's better than Chick fil A? How about Chick Fil A with 7eventh Time Down. Over the weekend members of the band were serving food at a branch of Chick fil A in Papillion, Nebraska. The band was in the area for a show at Fish Fest that evening.

Book 2 in Jamie Grace's God Girls Club is nearly available. Jamie posted over the weekend: preorder this devotional for the God Girl in your life! It's titled "Meet Elena" and is the story of Gracie's BFF as she navigates through the first month of her brand new school. Preorder the book by August 21 to receive it by September

Rend Collective has announced plans for a sequel. The band posted over the weekend: Campfire II-coming November 2016.

Selah member Todd Smith is out with another acoustic video from his upcoming solo project. The video features his song Right Where I Belong from the album "There's A Light". The entire project will release on August 26. Check out the acoustic video by clicking on the link at

Selah member Todd Smith is out with another story behind the song video. Over the weekend Todd shared the story behind Right Where I Belong from his new album "There's A Light". Check out the story behind the song by clicking on the link at

Danny Gokey is out with new music. Danny released the song “Rise” late last week. Check out the audio for the song by clicking on the link at

The latest song from Hawk Nelson is titled “Live Like You’re Loved”. Front man Jon Stiengard says the song is a great glimpse into the “why” behind what we do as a band. Check out the story behind the song and find out more about why Hawk Nelson continues to do what they on the link at for the story behind the song.

The Colony House Band is out with a unique video. The video for the song You and I features an all out war between the two brothers, Caleb and Will Franklin, sons of Steven Curtis Chapman. In fact, the fight was so realistic that it prompted their mom, Mary Beth Chapman, to post: No Chapman brothers were harmed in the making of this new Colony House Band video. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Ever wonder about the gear Newsboys guitarist Jody Davis uses on tour? A new video from the digital tour bus gives you the inside scoop. Check it out as Jodi talks his gear, about building his own guitars, and why he feels simplicity is best. Click on the link at

It was a tough weekend for Meredith Andrews as she sought to balance life as a wife, mother, and a touring artist. Meredith posted: Today was hard. I tossed and turned all night thinking about my kids, wondering if they'd be ok after yet another weekend without Mom. Yet here I was at a festival in Michigan. I believed with my whole being that God had something significant to say through me to these precious people, and I wasn't about to miss it. Turns out, emptying myself before Jesus and choosing to lift my praise was exactly the thing that ushered in the breakthrough I so desperately needed. Worship recalibrates our hearts. Praise always precedes our miracle. And this is how we are able to operate in the fullness of who we are, admitting our weakness and embracing His greatness.

Mandisa shared a picture of the sunrise over the weekend. She tweeted: This is the ONLY redeemable thing about a 3:40AM lobby call for a 6AM flight.

Danny Gokey is enjoying a couple of days at home early this week. He posted Sunday: On my way home to see my most favorite people! It's only a 2 day break but I'll take whatever I can get!

How strong is your marriage? Do you have what it takes to thrive? Focus on the Family is offering a free Focus on Marriage Assessment and find out. The assessment evaluates the strengths of 12 essential traits in your marriage and helps identify areas in your relationship that are working well, as well as areas that could use improvement. Check out the free marriage assessment by clicking on the link at

4 Helpful Alternatives to “If There’s Anything We Can Do to Help…” from Mark Merrill
1. Food: “We have some groceries (or home-cooked food) we’d like to bring over…when would be a good time?”
2. Gift Cards: for groceries, gas, restaurants, and clothing.
3. Tag-On Errands: “I’m running by the store today. What can I pick up for you? And when would be a good time to bring it by?”
4. Personal (but Brief) Visit: “We’d like to stop by for a few minutes to say hello…is that okay? And when would be a good time?”

A Bible-era solution for saving food is making a comeback. In the book of Ruth the poor glean the fields, collecting any produce left after harvest was completed. Today, gleaning is experiencing a resurgence of interest. More than 400 food recovery organizations across the nation are saving many tons of food from being left to rot in farmers’ fields or sent to landfills. One such organization works with 16 farms in the Hudson Valley to collect their surplus fruits and vegetables — which would otherwise go to waste — and distribute them to food pantries, community organizations and other charities throughout the region. This summer the organization reports picking up around a thousand pounds of produce a week, including watermelon, cantaloupe, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and corn.

A Swedish church plans to use drones to drop small Bibles in Arabic to areas controlled by the Islamic State in Iraq. According to CBN, The Word of Life church says it's important for Christians to remember that love can reach anyone, even those cut off from the outside world. The programs director says the project will begin in a few weeks with the goal to drop "thousands of Bibles.

Celebrate Recovery is celebrating an anniversary. According to Christianity Today, the ministry that hosts regular meetings at 29,000 churches and has trained more than 100,000 pastors in the recovery process marked it's 25 year anniversary this month. The program was founded by John Baker at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church immediately following his own journey to sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous. Baker saw a need to create a support system rooted in gospel teachings.

Investigations continue around the Christian aid manager who allegedly shuffled World Vision funds to Hamas. According to Christianity Today, World Vision is questionings Israel’s accusations that Gaza branch manager Mohammad El Halabi siphoned off tens of millions over the past decade, saying it still has not seen any evidence. Officials say World Vision’s cumulative operating budget in Gaza for the past ten years was approximately $22.5 million. They say that makes the alleged amount of up to $50 million being diverted hard to reconcile.” World Vision has suspended operations in Gaza while a full review is conducted, leaving many children in limbo. Last year World Vision worked with almost 40,000 children in Gaza.

As the Presidential race continues, the majority of voters say that their recent conversations about the election have been more about the candidates’ personalities and comments than about specific issues or policy positions. According to a Pew research study, two-thirds of Clinton supports say their conversations are more focused on personalities than issues while just over half of Trump supports talked more about personality.

Ian Mackay is traveling 300 miles to push for more accessible nature trails What makes his journey unique is that Ian is a quadriplegic and he's making the journey by powered wheelchair. The outdoors enthusiast embarked on the 10-day journey on August 13. He is traveling Victoria, British Columbia to Portland, Oregon. As Mackay puts it, he's "rolling across Washington" to bring awareness to the need for accessible trails and bike paths. And he's dubbed the journey Ian's Ride.

Pope Francis this summer is treating dozens of Rome's homeless to a day at the beach and dinner in a pizzeria on the way back. Yahoo news reports that the pontiff's almsgiver daily drives a van with 10 people to a beach near Rome for a dip in the sea, sunbathing and then pizza. The Vatican supplies the swimsuits and beach towels. Many of the homeless live near Vatican City, where, at Francis' direction, showers and barbers have been set up on the edge of St. Peter's Square for their use.

Three employees at the Washington Monument were trapped in its elevator Saturday night. According to ABC News, the obelisk's elevator stopped working shortly before 10 p.m. Between 25 and 30 tourists in the National Mall landmark at the time of the stoppage who were forced to exit the monument via its stairs. A maintenance crew eventually freed the stuck employees.

A man in California had a unique visitor. Rodney Ginn of Mammoth Lakes, California posted a video on social media as a momma bear and her cubs explored his house. It wasn't until the bear finally came toward him that he finally shut of the camera and hid. Ginn says the bears were able to exit the home through a sliding door.

The perfect cookie changes from person to person. Some like it soft and chewy while others go for thin and crispy. According to Time, scientists have stepped in to help. Here are their suggestions based the classic Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe:
Crispy with a soft center: Use 1/4 teaspoon baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda.
Chewy: Substitute bread flour for all-purpose flour.
Just like store-bought: Trade the butter for shortening.
Thick (and less crispy): Freeze the batter for 30 to 60 minutes before baking. This solidifies the butter, which will spread less while baking.
Uniformity: If looks count, add one ounce corn syrup and one ounce granulated sugar.

Two socially conscientious chefs have started an initiative to feed Rio de Janeiro's hungry population with surplus food from the Olympic Village during the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. According to ABC News, A team of international chefs will create meals daily from the surplus of "non-manipulated" ingredients donated to them by the catering company that feeds the Olympic Village that includes more than 11,000 athletes. The effort is supported by a team of more than 40 organizations and individuals.

Olympic gold medallist Ryan Lochte has been living a life we can only dream of, chowing down 8,000 calories a day while training for Rio. That means his mom, Ileana, has spent a lot of time in the kitchen. This week she shared one of Ryan's favorite recipe with It's breaded steak, a dish Ileana says comes from her youth in Cuba. Check out the recipe by clicking on the link at

Much more than body type goes into becoming an elite athlete. But a performance physiologist who worked with Olympians of all sizes says some physical characteristics can provide an edge in one sport or another. With that in mind, the Washington Post has developed a seven-question quiz to find out which of your traits would be an advantage in Rio. Take the quiz and find your perfect sport by clicking on the link at

While other athletes may credit hard work or coaching or perseverance for their accomplishments, gold medal gymnast Laurie Hernandez meditates on Proverbs 31. She told Charisma News: "When I hear that, that's me in a Bible verse. I don't fear the future anymore." Her USA Gymnastics team just won gold in the Women's All Around. Hernandez qualified second for her beam routine. Prior to the games she said: "I just wake up thanking God for another day and go to sleep thanking God for another day...sometimes things just don't work out and so you just gotta let God push you through those rough times." Hernandez says she prays 1 Thessalonians 5:18 every day.

As United States Olympian Katie Ledecky continues to set world records and etch her name in the swimming history books. However, she says she doesn't forget to say a prayer before every race. According to Christian Post, Ledecky is a Catholic. She said in an interview with the Catholic Standard last month. "The Hail Mary is a beautiful prayer and I find that it calms me."

Since the 2016 Summer Olympics kicked off their opening ceremonies last Friday, the world’s eyes have been fixated on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. According to Mission Network News, this athletic competition that gathers people from around the globe is also a unique evangelism opportunity that only comes once every other year. The Athletes in Action team has around 100 diverse and multilingual staff members engaging athletes and families and being a spiritual encouragement. Some of the Athletes in Action staff are even serving as chaplains inside the Olympic Village.

The Olympics are showing that there is still a lot of ignorance about adoption. Al Trautwig, NBC’s gymnastics announcer for the Rio games, tweeted Sunday “They may be mom and dad but they are NOT her parents” after talking with gold medallist Semone Biles. Ron and Nellie Biles adopted their granddaughters and raised them for the past 16 years as their legal children. Trautwig has since deleted his tweet, and he’s now apologizing for it.

Gold medal's are translating into free food in Australia. According to, the restaurant chain Vapiano is giving each customer a free pizza or pasta dish for every gold medal Australia wins at the Rio Olympics. To be eligible for the celebratory carb-fest, customers must register to become a 'Vapiano Fanatico.' Once registered customers can celebrate an Australian gold medal win with a free dinner!

Want to have even more fun while watching the Olympics this weekend? How about feeding your family authentic Brazilian food. The Today Show has released 15 Brazilian recipes ranging from chimichurri and chewy cheese puffs.

Third Day's Mac Powell took his son Cash to a special exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta this week and it sounds like his son fit right in. The exhibit: The Rise of the Sneaker Culture.

Jamie Grace appearance on stage this week may have gotten more publicity than her other concerts combined. Jamie and her sister Morgan were at an Adele concert when Adele picked a random member of the audience to join her on stage. That random guest was none other than Jamie, who sang a version of Elvis Presley's "I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You" and also did a few lines of the singer's hit song, "Remedy." Since her two minutes on stage with Adele, Jamie has also been featured on the program Inside Edition and in an ABC News article. One web site that had turned Jamie down when she applied to be listed on their page back in 2011 even posted a story about Jamie and Adele on the site, giving Jamie a front page listing just 5 years after turning her down.

The Citizenway song Elevated was recently used by the Billy Graham association as part of their pod cast. The pod cast that released earlier this month was titled: Decision America Tour Inspires Businessman to Run for Office. The 11 minutes broadcast ends with Elevated by Citizenway.

Big Daddy Weave drummer Brian Beihl recently shared a picture he took while he and his wife were on a walk. Brian posted: God is an awesome painter. Such a beautiful view. Thank you Father that your mercies are new today.

The 2015 Dove Awards show ended up being a very big night for Lauren Daigle. This year's show, however, might be an even bigger deal for her. According to the Tennesean, the Christian singer-songwriter is the top-nominated artist for this year's Dove Awards. She leads the pack with six nominations, including a nod for Artist of the Year. Hillsong UNITED and Chris Tomlin are right behind with five nominations each, and seven acts, including Danny Gokey and Matthew West, have four nominations apiece. While Daigle is the top-nominated artist, the night's top nominee is actually songwriter Jason Ingram, whose seven nominations include one for Song of the Year. The Dove Award winners will be announced on Tuesday, October 11.

The band Skillet will apear on Fox and Friends next week. They will be in New York City for the special broadcast at 6:30am on Friday, August 19.

Francesca Battistelli is bringing back her blog. She posted this week: I'd love to hear your ideas for things you'd like to see me write about. Francesca's first blog focus' on her favorite workout, featuring and interview with instructor Suzanne Bowen. You can find out more about Francesca's workout of choice as she comes back from baby number three by clicking on the link at

Another live album from Australian Worship Leader Darlene Zschech is in the works. Darlene posted this week as she and her team held their first production meeting for a new live album recording. Darlene says the recording will take place the first week of November

Worship leader Paul Baloche was back in the studio this week recording for his new album Your Mercy. However, it won't be a solo project. Paul said he was recording this week with his wife Rita. He added that friends and leaders from all over New York City will also be featured on the project.

JJ Heller will be releasing a Christmas album this fall. In a video update on the project this week. JJ said she hopes the album transports listeners to a simpler time. The new album is funded through a kickstart project and it's going well. JJ had an initial goal of $30,000 but, with nine days still remaining, more than $47,000 has already been raised.

Jeremy Camp's Time Machine this week traveled back to his first ever show at Disney as part of Night of Joy 2011. Clearly the guys were suffering from a lack of sleep due a 3am sound check. Watch the fun video as they travel to Disney and prepare for the show. Click on the link at

Lauren Daigle has released a live rendition of her song Power to Redeem. Check out the acoustic performance from her album How Can It Be Deluxe Edition by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns held a live facebook concert at LifeWay Chapel in Nashville this week. However, those of you who weren't able to tune in for the live show can still check out the video of the 45 minute event. It's available by clicking on the link at

Tenth Avenue North this week released another Tenth on the Tenth video. The feature this time was an official lyric video for the new song Overflow. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The Afters made several stops while in New York City this week to promote their new album. Included in their itinerary was a stop at facebook Headquarters. While there the members of the band recorded a video answering your questions. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

During their trip to New York City this week, the Afters stopped by Billboard to introduce some of their new music. Part of their visit included recording a live, acoustic rendition of their song Battles. Check out their performance of the song and more by clicking on the link at

NeedToBreathe is out with another acoustic session from Laurel Canyon. The latest video is of their song Let's Stay Home tonight. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Another edition of the Deeper series, featuring Meredith Andrews and Kay Warren, is now available. This time the topic is Living. Hear their thoughts by clicking on the link at

Another Lightenup post from Ken Davis. He says: a motorcycle policeman pulled over a car that had just rushed through a yellow light. The driver explained that when the light turned yellow he thought it would be better to speed through than to stop suddenly and risk getting hit from behind but the policeman still wrote a warning ticket for reckless driving. About five blocks later, still fuming, the driver approached an intersection just as the light turned yellow. He slammed on the brakes only to hear the squeal of tires and a thump from behind. In his rearview mirror he saw the motorcycle policeman was pushing his bike back from the bumper of the car, staring into the distance as though nothing had happened.

Aaron Shust made the most of his visit to the west coast this week. He posted: a quick visit with a Salvation Army Youth Camp allowed me to teach a master class on songwriting and being a Christian Artist; we actually wrote a song in the session that I ended up playing in that night's concert.

Chris Tomlin's Worship Night in America will be in theaters nationwide this fall. In July Chris held five live worship events across the country. Now that same night of worship will be available in every state in the nation through a special, one night event in Theaters on Tuesday, October 25. The night will include music by Chris, Matt Redman, Phil Wickham, and Matt Maher will Max Lucado and Louie Giglio speaking.

Revive Our Hearts continues to prepare for their prayer simulcast Cry Out 16. Now they are making items available to help promote the event in your church and community. Find print and digital resources to help spread the word about the Cry Out Simulcast by clicking on the link at

8 Ways to Cultivate a More Restful Home from Revive Our Hearts:
1. Make rest and refreshment a personal priority.
2. Recognize that there's a hierarchy to rest.
3. If you have children, enforce a consistent bedtime.
4. Designate a daily "down time."
5. Work to maintain an efficient home.
6. Love the people in the home more than the tasks of the home.
7. Find opportunities to bless your husband with time alone.
8. Be at peace with those within the home.

5 marriage lessons she didn’t learn in premarital counseling:
1. Marriage is not about me. (It’s not even about us.)
2. There is a better word for marriage than “work.”
3. Submission is beautiful.
4. Getting married doesn’t mean you’ll never be lonely.
5. The best marriage book on the shelves is the Bible. The best marriage counselor is the Holy Spirit.

Donald Trump met this week with approximately 700 evangelical pastors at a gathering in Florida hosted by the American Renewal Project. According to, officials described the gathering as a "friendly room" for the Republican presidential nominee, largely based on his promise to repeal the Johnson amendment which prohibits churches from using their tax-exempt resources to promote political candidates. The Pastors and Pews gatherings of pastors and their spouses became influential in the 2012 election cycle in the US, as a way of pushing a conservative, Bible-based agenda on politicians and voters.

The Chronicles of Narnia films are getting a reboot. According to Relevant Magazine, the new installment of the big-screen adaptations of the Chronicles of Narnia franchise might look a lot different from the early Disney-influenced films. The adaptations of C.S. Lewis' classic fantasy novels first kicked off in 2005, with Disney version of The Lion, The Witch, And the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian. In 2010, Fox co-produced The Voyage of Dawn Treader. Now, TriStar studios is taking the reigns for The Silver Chair. Producers say the new movies will be a “brand-new franchise” with “different directors, and an entire new team.”

China may be hostile to the Christian faith but that isn't stopping Christian radio. Far East Broadcasting is one signal broadcasting into the communist company. According to the National Religious Broadcasters, in 2015 alone, the ministry received 900,000 letters from China in response to their Christian radio programming.

Unwanted migrants are helping to give Japan a viable infrastructure. According to Yahoo news, Mazlum Balibay paves Japan’s roads, digs its sewers and lays its water pipes – all for a country that doesn’t want him. the 24 year old is a Kurdish asylum seeker who fled to Japan more than eight years ago after he said his family was persecuted by Turkish security forces. He has since been on provisional release from immigration detention, which means he is barred from working while the immigration authorities consider his application for asylum and could be detained again at any time. However, the ban hasn’t stopped Balibay from providing the muscle on a slew of public works projects funded by a government that refers to people like him as “undesirable.”

20 years of mobile apps have completely changed the look of your desk. A recent video highlights the change from a desk top covered with everything from reference books and a rolodex to simply a computer and smart phone. Check out the video and see just how much has changes by clicking on the link at

Want to send President Obama a Facebook message? Well, now you can. According to NBC news, The White House unveiled a Facebook Messenger bot this week that allows users to send a note to the president online. Through the bot, citizens can share their thoughts with the administration as easily as they could message their close friends on Facebook. This is not the first technological advance the White House has made in order to better connect with the American people: The President's Twitter account was launched in May 2015, while the First Lady joined Snapchat this past June.

A college in California is now offering a class based on "Pokemon Go.". According to, Fresno City College says it's a phys-ed course with a focus on walking. A flyer the school posted to Facebook says: "This course will use the Pokemon Go app to promote fitness through walking and finding Pokemon's on campus." The class is held Mondays through Thursdays from 9 to 10:25 in the morning if you're in California and not busy. You have to provide your own smartphone though.

China’s glass suspension bridge isn’t for the faint of heart but, for one couple, even that didn't provide enough excitement. According to USA Today, the two were married under the bridge while suspended 590-feet in the air. The bride and groom were lowered on what looks like a stretcher beneath the bridge on Chinese Valentine's Day, Aug. 9. The unique ceremony gave friends and family a birds eye view of the couple below as they view the ceremony through the glass bottomed bridge.

Mandisa was impressed with the performance of American divers David Boudia and Steele Johnson but she posted this week that it was the way they shined their lights for Christ after winning silver medals really had her cheering! Mandisa shared a video of the two men sharing their testimony after their silver medal performance.

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps says Rick Warrens Purpose Driven Life was the secret that helped save his life. Prior to the 2016 games, Phelps told Q Political that he was pondering the idea of killing himself when long-time friend, NFL star Ray Lewis, an outspoken Christian, gave Phelps Rick Warren's book and convinced him to enter rehab. Phelps later told ESPN that the Christian book “turned me into believing there is a power greater than myself and there is a purpose for me on this planet.” It also convinced Phelps to make amends with his estranged father, Fred, who divorced his wife when Phelps was just 9-years-old.

Everything about Yusra Mardini’s route to the Rio Games has been unlikely. According to the New York Times, the 18 year old Christian will compete on the first refugee team at an Olympics. She prepared for the games by swimming at a pool in Germany built by the Nazis for the 1936 Olympics, and less than a year ago she was neck-deep in the Mediterranean Sea swimming for her life. Last August, Mardini and her sister Sarah fled war-torn Syria and embarked on a harrowing, month long journey to German. When their crammed dinghy broke down between Turkey and Greece, she and her sister, also a swimmer, jumped into the water and helped guide the boat to safety.

A Pennsylvania Uber driver's dream of traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to see his son compete in the Olympic Games is coming true thanks to a chance encounter with a determined passenger. According to, During an hour-long ride in Philadelphia, passenger Liz Willock and driver Ellis Hill covered a lot of conversational territory. When they got to the Olympics, Hill proudly explained that his son, Darrell Hill, would be representing Team USA in shot put. That was when Willock had an idea. As a sales leader at a concierge service that arranges travel and accommodations for people seeking clinical trials around the world, she felt she had all the contacts and resources she needed to make Hill's trip happen. The pair exchanged information and, in two days a GoFundMe campaign raised $7,500 to send Hill to Rio to cheer for his son.,,20996464_210

David Boudia and Steele Johnson won a silver medal in men's synchronized 10-meter platform for the United States Monday – and then proclaimed the name of Christ to a national television audience. According to the Christian Examiner, Following their dive Boudia told the NBC national audience: "We both know that our identity is in Christ, and we're thankful for this opportunity to be able to dive in front of Brazil and in front of the United States. It's been an absolutely thrilling moment for us." Boudia's faith has been well-known to the sports world – he co-wrote a book, Greater Than Gold, about his faith. His Twitter feed reads simply: "Follower of Christ, Psalm 115:1. Husband. Father. Olympic Champion Diver." Johnson's feed reads: "Christ Follower. 2016 Olympian."

Simone Biles , a 19-year-old gymnast for Team U.S.A., was already the most decorated gold medallist in world championship gymnastics history as she headed to the Olympics in Rio. However, none of it would have been possible without adoption. Biles and her siblings were born into a fatherless, drug-abusing family and eventually placed in foster care. Biles bounced back and forth between state and foster care until she was six years old. In 2001, her grandparents, Ron and Nellie Biles, officially adopted Simone and her sister and moved them to Spring, Texas. Ron and Nellie were the first to introduce Simone to the sport of gymnastics. They also introduced Simone to her Christian faith. She attends mass with her family every Sunday when she is not competing.

Sometimes a selfie can bring us back to the true spirit of the Games? According to, on Sunday, gymnasts Lee Eun-ju of South Korea and Hong Un-jong of North Korea posed together for a selfie during a training period — an exceptional act because their respective countries are technically at war. Lee, 17, is attending her first Games, while Hong, 27 and an Olympic veteran, became North Korea's first Olympic medallist in 2008 when she took home gold in the vault.

Olympic gymnast Jake Dalton isn’t one of those athletes who point heavenward after every successful vault through the air. But the 24-year-old bears other outward signs of his Christian faith, including two tattoos: a pair of praying hands on his right side and the words of a New Testament verse on the other. Jake told “Usually you’re afraid to get hurt, so my thought process is, if that’s God’s plan that I’m going to get injured, there’s going to be a reason for it and it’s going to make me stronger.” He said “I’m ready to go and just put my faith that God’s going to carry me through and keep me safe.”

Mackenzie Brown is the only woman on Team USA’s archery squad. The 21 year old is also evangelical Christian. Brown is ranked fourth in the world. However, according to ChristianHeadlines, her high ranking has refocused attention on Team USA’s archery coach, Kisik Lee, who has come under scrutiny in the past for blending his Christianity with his coaching. He has been involved in the baptism of at least seven Olympic-bound archers and reportedly ran a morning hymn-sing and Bible study and regularly worshipped with athletes at the interfaith center during the 2008 Olympics. In 2007, Lee was warned by United States Olympic Committee officials to separate his evangelism from his coaching.

Mat Kearney found a unique what to announce his wife's pregnancy. He posted a picture of his wife holding her growing belly with the text: I didn't know she could get even more beautiful. We are beyond excited. Two hearts making three.

Switchfoot front man Jon Foreman has been speaking out openly about his frustration with this years choices for President. And he wants you to know that it's not a one sided conversation. When one of his social media followers posted: "I'd give anything to sit with Jon Forman and talk politics for an hour. Not democrat verses republican, but rather about justice and civility" Jon responded: Of course! Everyone's invited. It's called democracy. Where everyone's voice matters.

Casting Crown's Josh Mix is the proud father of another son. He posted this week: Finally our new little man came to meet us early this morning. We felt like he was taking forever but he was right on time. 7.9lbs and just as handsome as his big brother, here's Jude "the dude" Bryan Mix.

Audio Adrenaline front man Adam Agee is inviting you to play fantasy football for an amazing cause. The league is being put together by Audio Adrenalin's ministry Hands and Feet Project. Participants will be playing against members of Audio Adrenaline, The Sidewalk Prophets and CitizenWay while also helping the Hands and Feet Project fight against the orphan crisis in Haiti. League winners will win a Haiti made football themed gift and VIP meet and greet concert tickets. 100 percent of proceeds go to the ministry.

Third Day's Mac Powell has a new favorite drink. He posted a picture of Coconut Pineapple sparkling ice and said: This is my jam right now!

The Tenth Avenue North Celebrity Golf Tournament will take place next week. The tournament will be held on August 15th and is co-hosted by PGA golfers Chesson Hadley and Kevin Streelman. Band members describe it as a fun day of golf and music in support of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ around the world. Several athletes will join Chris August, Adam Agee of Audio Adrenaline, and Ben Calhoun of Citizenway on the links.

Selah has released a new video recording of the song Amazing Grace. The song is from their new album: Greatest Hymns Vol. 2 album. The album will be out on August 26. In the mean time, check out Amy Perry's video rendition of Amazing Grace by clicking on the link at

NeedToBreathe has released another acoustic video shot in the Laurel Canyon. The feature this time is an acoustic version of their song "MONEY & FAME”. They say another acoustic session is coming next week. Right now check out Money and Fame by clicking on the link at

For King and Country's first movie, Priceless, will be in theaters on October 14. This week they released the official trailer for the movie that takes on the difficult subject of human trafficking. Check out the trailer by clicking on the link at

The latest Jamie Grace Show features the story of an artist who left a huge imprint on her heart. It's story time with Jamie. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The Hillsong movie Let Hope Rise will be in theatres nationwide on September 16. The 2016 documentary spotlights Hillsong UNITED’s remarkable journey from a youth group band at Hillsong Church to a worldwide recording and concert sensation. Check out the trailer for the new movie by clicking on the link at

CCM magazine was live for five with Ryan Stevenson this week. The magazine focused on Christian artists asked five questions focused on Ryan's number one song Eye of the Storm. Watch the entire video by clicking on the link at

Crowder was in New York this week and made a number of stops in support of his music. During a stop at Billboard, Crowder was on video playing several songs including I Am. Check out his 15 minutes of live music by clicking on the link at

Selah member Todd Smith will release his solo album later this month. This week he was talking about his song Jesus Is from the new project. The album There's a Light won't be available until August 26 but right now you can hear the story behind this song. Click on the link at

Have You Ever Met a Frog? That's the topic of Ken Davis' latest Lightenup video. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Matt Maher made the most of being stuck in the Denver airport. Since he couldn't make it to the Praise Fest in British Colombia he recorded video in the middle of the airport and sent it to concert officials. The video featured a live, acoustic performance of his song All The People Said Amen. Now you can check out the performance for yourself. Click on the link at

Third Day members Mac Powell and David Carr were dressed this week in identical black v neck t-shirts and jeans. They said: This happens all the time when you're in a band.

The Winter Jam Tour Spectacular is set to return to the West Coast in November with Matthew West and Crowder leading an all-star lineup. According to Turning Point PR, the world's largest annual Christian music tour, Winter Jam, will hit 10 major arenas from Los Angeles to Phoenix. This falls show will also feature Britt Nicole, Mandisa, NewSong, RED and evangelist Tony Nolan. In addition, the Pre-Jam Party is slated to showcase OBB, Sarah Reeves and Steven Malcolm.

Insight for Living says there is no more up to date writing than the Bible. Case in point; No one can improve on Jesus’ instruction on worry in Matthew 6.

Pastor and author Max Lucado was talking about Christmas prep this week. He held a webinar for church leaders. However, don't worry if you missed it. The webinar is now available online. Hear Max's thoughts on Christmas prep by clicking on the link at

6 Ways To Spiritually Prepare Your Kids For The School Year from Doctor James Dobson
1. Put together a devotion plan for the year.
2. Talk daily with your kids about what happened at school.
3. Pray for your kids every day, throughout the day.
4. Spend quality time together.
5. Go to church.
6. Don’t give in to consumerism; instead, teach your kids about stewardship and contentment.

Four ways Joni Tada combats depression?
First I give thanks to God for everything.
Next, I look out for other’s interests before my own.
Third, I take responsibility.
Finally, I hope in the future

Catholic Nuns under Siege in Syria have appealed for Help. According to Christian Headlines, several Carmelite nuns are refusing to abandon the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo despite intense bombing and severe food shortages. Now those nuns have appealed for urgent aid. The nun’s comments came in a statement released last week by the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need. ACN has been trying to draw attention to the plight of the northern Syrian city, where suffering from the 5-year-old civil war has reached a critical point. The nuns’ convent is on the outskirts of Aleppo, in an area that has often been a focal point of the fighting.

A ministry to the homeless in Kansas City, Missouri, called “Worship Wagon” is bringing the Gospel to those in need. According to CBN, the “Worship Wagon” is the brainchild of Bruce McGregor and Joe Ratterman. The two men have a passion to serve the city’s homeless population, so every Monday evening they set up a makeshift church under a bridge near downtown Kansas City. They say about 100 people make their home along the river, making up their congregation.

In a new series of YouTube podcasts, Moroccan Christians are stepping out of the shadows, showing their faces, and telling their stories. Speaking to their countrymen, they proclaim themselves “Moroccan and Christian.” According to Christian Headlines, the public testimonies counter the common view that to be Moroccan is to be Muslim and that all Christians living in Morocco are foreigners, not natives. However, it also puts the believers at risk. The small religious minority faces community and government persecution.

A group of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Leaders are asking California lawmakers to Protect Religious Liberty. The coalition of leaders assembled by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission recently released a statement. It said: The California Assembly has proposed legislation that is harmful to the free exercise of religion in higher education. In particular, the legislation disadvantages low-income minority students who want an education at private religious colleges. While we do not all agree on religious matters, we all agree that the government has no place in discriminating against poor religious minorities or in pitting a religious education institution’s faith-based identity against its American identity.

Almost a decade after the global financial crisis rattled national economies, many in the world feel their respective countries’ economies remain weak. A new Pew Research Center survey reveals a bleak picture in parts of Europe, with more than eight-in-ten in Greece, France and Spain describing their country’s economic situation as bad. This gloom is not shared by all in the European Union, however. Most Swedes, Germans and Dutch say their economy is doing well. And in China, India and Australia, views are mostly positive.

A little girl from England was all smiles last week after receiving a new best friend that looks just like her. According to ABC News, 2 year old Harmonie-Rose Ivy Allen, of Bath, was gifted an "American Girl" doll named Rebecca on July 31. Like Harmonie, Rebecca is a quadruple amputee. Harmonie fell ill with meningitis B when she was 11 months old. Despite doctors’ giving her a less than 10 percent chance of survival, the toddler persevered. But Harmonie had to have her arms and legs amputated due to the illness.

Tim Tebow has decided to pursue a career playing professional baseball after his football career appears to have stalled. According to, Tebow, who is currently a broadcaster for ESPN, was cut from the Philadelphia Eagles at the start of last year’s season. With his football prospects fading, Tebow has turned his attention to baseball, a sport he played in high school. Tebow has reportedly been training in Arizona and Los Angeles and will be showcasing these skills in front of representatives from all 30 major league baseball teams later this month.

When Jeni Stepien was recently married, she was walked down the isle by the man who now has her father's heart. According to Yahoo News, Jeni’s father, Michael Stepien, was murdered in 2006. His organs were donated, and Arthur Thomas received his heart. When Jeni hugged Arthur for the first time on Friday, she felt her father’s heart beating inside him. In addition to honoring her father's memory, Jeni said she made the decision in hopes of encouraging others to donate sign up to be an organ donor

A new research has shown that children exposed to dust and farm animals have healthier lungs and are less prone to getting asthma. The research revealed that being in constant contact with the microbes of farm animals and dust helped in building the immune systems of children. It has been hypothesized that early exposure to these microbes in the first few years of a child's life will help protect them from asthma. The study analyzed the Amish and Hutterite farming communities from Indiana and North Dakota. Researchers focused on the two groups due to their common ancestry, customs and lifestyles. The only primary difference is that the Amish still use the traditional farming method of using cows and horses for milking, transportation and fieldwork. The Hutterites, on the other hand, have gone modern and have utilized industrial machinery.

The daughter-in-law of Steven Curtis Chapman is getting some air time of her own. Jillian Edward's voice is featured on a recent Payless commercial. She posted: I heart shoes. Jillian is married to Steven's son Will Franklin Chapman and has produced four albums of her own.

Mercyme's Bart Millard recently shared a unique sign. It featured a man in a wheel chair rolling down a hill toward an alligator. Bart said: This is actually a sign! However, he had no explanation on what it was warning those passing by to avoid.

Jon Foreman is continuing to express his frustration over the two choices for president. The Switchfoot front man posted: Can't believe that these are the only 2 choices! Lesser of two evils? Still feels evil. Jon added: I've got a lot to learn-digging for the truth in a dialogue that rises above close-minded fear & hatred.

Michael W Smith has another grand child. He posted: Grateful beyond words!!! Juliet Elizabeth Bovi is finally here.

It was hair cut time in the Shust household over the weekend. Aaron posted a picture as he and his two oldest boys head to the barber. He said: Waiting for our Back to School and Road haircuts!

Former Addison Road lead singer Jenny Simmons is coming out with a new book. The latest book from Jenny is titled Made Well. It will be released on October 4. For anyone struggling on the journey toward wholeness, Jenny Simmons offers a resting place and a friend along the way. With personal insight into emotional pain, she invites readers to encounter a God who is working out their restoration--often in surprising "half-baked" ways.

People Magazine released a look into the life of the Coopers late last week. John Cooper is better known as the front man of the group Skillet. He travels with his guitar-playing wife Korey, and their two children Alexandra and Xavier. According to the story, John and Korey live their nights as rock stars on stage – but they still wake up to their kids wanting breakfast in the morning. The couple has been touring with their children ever since they were born, making for a much tamer life on the road than most rock bands. So what's it like to go on tour with kids in tow? Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Mercyme's Bart Millard shared a picture of his new favorite shirt. It says: Anyone Else 2016.

Kerrie Roberts is hard at work on her next album. She posted: Recording vocals almost every night at this point for the new project. I hope you'll be able to hear the joy and peace in my voice. This project feels so much like home!

Casting Crowns has released the title cut from their upcoming new album The Very Next Think. Members of the band posted: Anyone ready for another new song? “The Very Next Thing” is now an instant download when you pre-order the new album

Love and the Outcome have announced the release date for their next album. They posted: Our new album These Are The Days comes out Sept 23rd. Chris and Jodi added: preorders start next Friday.

Josh Wilson is continuing to work on his new acoustic album. He posted a picture holding his young son and shared: Recording a song I wrote for this little dude on the acoustic album.

The latest Jamie Grace show video features a look at letters sent to Jamie, laughs and goofiness, and a bit of an emotional moment. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

The wait is OVER! You can now watch the Unspoken official video for their song "Higher"! The song is from the bands new album ‘Follow Through’ Deluxe Edition. The full project will release on August 26. In the mean time, check out the Higher music video by clicking on the link at

Chris Tomlin's new music video is now available. The video features his song "Jesus" and includes the stories that many who follow Chris on social media have sent in over the past few weeks. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Love and the Outcome have released a story behind the song video. In the video Jodi talks about the title cut from their next album, These Are The Days. Check out the story behind the song clicking on the link at

It's been quite awhile since Jamie Grace has released a new album. However, that doesn't mean that she hasn't been producing new music. Recently Jamie took to youtube to release an acoustic version of her latest song, titled Pray Over Me. Check out the song by clicking on the link at

Dmitri was imprisoned for being a Pastor in Russia but he never recanted. His story is one of many featured in the Insanity of God movie that will be in theaters nationwide Tuesday, August 30th. This weekend Selah member Todd Smith released the official music video telling Dmitri's story. Check out the video for the song "O God Give me Strength" by clicking on the link at

Chris August will be heading out on his first tour at the headliner this fall. He posted: I'm excited to headline my first tour and have Jonny Diaz join me. The tour kicks off on September 22 in Tennessee and will wrap up in Michigan on November 19.

The Sidewalk Prophets have been hard at work as the prepare for their next tour and they say it's all for one purpose. Front man Dave Frey posted: 4 days of 10 hour rehearsals. 3:30AM airport departure. All of that to chase down this passion to praise the Lord!

Six common mistakes you’re making with your dryer
Not preparing clothes for drying
Neglecting to sort
Not Using a lint brush to dislodge and remove lint that the screen may not have captured
Not paying attention to your dryer vent pipe
Not cleaning your lint screen and moisture sensors
Ignoring the area under and around the dryer

The time parents have with their children is short. Here are 10 things all dads and kids should experience together from All Pro Dad.
1. A road trip.
2. Run in the sprinklers or play in the rain.
3. Play and watch your favorite sports.
4. Build a fort in your living room.
5. Give piggy-back rides, play horsey (on your knee) or put them on your shoulders.
6. Daddy-daughter dates.
7. Watch superhero flicks together.
8. Go to the barbershop.
9. Teach them to drive.
10. Act silly together.

The Iranian revolution of 1979 established a hard-line Islamic regime. Over the next two decades, Christians faced increasing opposition and persecution: All missionaries were kicked out, evangelism was outlawed, Bibles in Persian were banned, and several pastors were killed. Many feared the small Iranian church would soon wither away and die. However, according to the Gospel Coalition, the exact opposite has happened. Despite continued hostility from the late 1970s until now, Iranians have become the Muslim people most open to the gospel in the Middle East. In fact, more Iranians have become Christians in the last 20 years than in the previous 13 centuries put together since Islam came to Iran. In 1979, there were an estimated 500 Christians from a Muslim background in Iran. Today, there are hundreds of thousands—some say more than 1 million.

Tony Dungy, an outspoken Christian and advocate for the family, has been inducted into the NFL Hall of Family. Dungy retired from coaching in 2008 and became the National spokesman for the All Pro Dad organization. Dungy was the first black coach to win an NFL championship and a mentor to dozens of players and fellow coaches, He was inducted Saturday night into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

This weekend, members and friends of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis gathered for the funeral services of a family of five killed in a car accident on their way to train for missionary service to Japan. According to World News, Jamison and Kathryne Pals, both 29, died with their three children, ages three and under, last Sunday morning when a truck driver rammed into their minivan on a Nebraska highway. The family had hoped to arrive on the field in October. They were traveling from their home in Minneapolis for a month of missionary training with WorldVenture in Colorado when they died.

A prominent Chinese church leader has been arrested for the second time and sentenced to seven and a half years in prison. reports that Hu Shigen, a leader of a large underground church in China, was previously arrested and imprisoned for 16 years after being accused of sharing information about the crackdown on protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Although Hu was released in 2008, he is again being accused by the Chinese government, this time for “damaging national security and harming social stability.” The Chinese government continues to increase its crackdown on Christianity. Government authorities have demolished hundreds of churches and taken down their crosses. In addition, nearly 300 human rights lawyers and other critics of the Communist regime have been arrested.

Christians in Iran continue to face persecution, and pastors in particular are targeted. According to, recently, three pastors from Azerbaijan were arrested after they visited Iran. International Christian Concern (ICC) reports that the reason for their arrest is unknown. In fact, the Iranian government seems to target Christians for no apparent reason which has caused Christian families to be fearful for their safety.

Exquisite mosaics depicting biblical scenes — one of Noah’s Ark, the other the parting of the Red Sea — were uncovered this summer by archaeologists excavating a fifth-century synagogue in an ancient Jewish village near the Sea of Galilee. According to Christian Headlines, the mosaics, like others discovered at the synagogue since 2012, are of “extremely high artistic quality,” based on their artistry and the high number of stone mosaic cubes used in the designs. The mosaics have been removed from the site for conservation and study.

Scientists have solved a 100-year-old art mystery by using a particle accelerator. According to the Washington Post, when Edgar Degas’ “Portrait of a Woman” arrived at the National Gallery of Victoria to great fanfare in 1937 is was obvious that something had been painted under it. A few rough X-rays revealed that the discoloration was actually another face, obscured when Degas painted the "Portrait of a Woman" on top of it. However, it wasn't until scientists used the particle accelerator, a beam of light a million times brighter than the sun and smaller in diameter than a hair, that they were able to recreate the second image. Last week they released the second picture, a portrait of another woman under the first.

A pelican has become a viral star after being captured by the California Highway Patrol last week. According to the Huffington Post, the CHP received a report about an injured pelican on the interstate. When they got there, they found that the bird wasn’t injured. Instead, he was simply tired and was posing a hazard flying between highway lanes and dodging cars. The pelican took a ride back to the CHP office in the cruiser before being transferred to a wildlife rescue group.

A South African 'rhino farmer' is suggesting a different plan for saving the rhinos. John Hume, who owns more than 1,300 of the animals, says more rhinos would live if their horns were periodically cut and sold. He says he learned rhinos are docile, even friendly. Now, South Africa's highest court is preparing to decide whether to uphold the country's domestic ban on trading rhino horn. Private rhino owners like Hume contend that meeting demand for rhino horn is the best way to curb poaching and save the species. Rhino horn grows back if not fully removed from the animal, and Hume regularly trims it off his animals. He has stockpiled 5 tons of the stuff.

The federal government dropped the flossing recommendation from its latest dietary guidelines because there isn't proof the practice improves dental health. According to CBN, the dietary guidelines must be based on scientific evidence and it turns out, the evidence doesn't exist. In a letter to the AP, the government acknowledged the effectiveness of flossing had never been researched. However, don't stop flossing just yet. Officails from the National Institutes of Health indicated the studies that failed to prove the effectiveness were flawed studies. But they say that doesn't mean flossing is a waste of time. They say Americans should still floss.

In the land of “two Americas,” it turns out Republicans and Democrats don’t even like the same foods. Time magazine used data provided by Grubhub, an online food delivery service, to examine the ordering patterns of customers across nearly 200 congressional districts. Out of 175 popular items ordered on Grubhub, 75% had significant correlations to the partisanship of those districts. Using the data, they developed a quiz to test the politics of your diet by presenting you with 10 choices between pairs of dishes with the strongest political affinities. Take the quiz by clicking on the link at

Advocates are hoping to Give Porn the Tobacco Treatment. According to Christian Headlines, as more research links pornography to psychological and physiological damage, advocates hope it will soon generate the same national antipathy as smoking cigarettes. Haley Halverson of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation said: “Pornography is pervasive and popular today—there’s no denying it. But so was smoking in the 1950s. As the harms became more apparent both the general public and elected officials demanded a public health approach to the problem. Halverson predicts in the same way Americans agreed tobacco was harmful, public figures and lawmakers will soon coalesce around an effort to reduce porn consumption.

The start of the Olympics in Rio this week has been shadowed by a storm of bad news — not including a Zika outbreak that prompted 150 health officials to recommend moving the games out of the city as a public safety measure. According to ABC News, Demonstrations, violent crime, infrastructure failures and poverty are set to greet spectators this weekend in an event that some economists say could represent upwards of $15 billion in losses for Brazil. This year, Brazil's Senate impeached Dilma Rousseff — the country's first female president, who helped bring the games to Rio. Other lawmakers, including leaders of Brazil's Congress, have been accused of corruption. Last week, a foot and other body parts appeared on a shore where next week, Olympians will be playing volleyball.

The problems Rio organizers have run into before the Opening Ceremony continue. According to Yahoo News, Rio officials lost the keys to Olympic Stadium earlier this week. This left organizers unable to access the mixed area of the venue. Officials say workers had to come in and use bolt cutters to get into the stadium.

Mercyme drummer Robby Shafer was recently part of an interview with Australian radio. As part of the 25 minute interview, Robby talks about their recent show in the Bahamas', the bands early days, and more. Check out the interview by click on the link at

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers will present singer and comedian Mark Lowry with its prestigious Golden Note Award at the 38th annual ASCAP Christian Music Awards. The awards will be held on Monday, September 26th at Rocketown in downtown Nashville. The invitation-only gala will be hosted by Michael W. Smith

The Brandon Heath pumpkin watch is back. Brandon posted this week: We have a pumpkin sprout!

The August 1 edition of CCM Magazine is now available. The free online magazine is focused on Christian music. This week's edition features Hillary Scott on the cover and also includes articles about Leeland's first album in five years and Skillet's new project. Read it for free by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson's Jon Steingard is pumped about the new palm trees in their yard. The Canadian native recently posted a picture showing off the new trees.

Natalie Grant this week released the third book in her Glimmer Girl series. The books are written with help from Natalie's three daughters, Bella, Gracie and Sadie. Earlier this year Natalie released London Art Chase and A Dolphin Wish. This week Miracle in Music City came out. The books follow Mia, Maddie and LuLu, three adventurous, smart and unique sisters, on amazing family adventures around the globe. Officials say a total of four books are planned.

Third Day was celebrating the Platinum designation of their album Wherever You Are this week. Front man Mac Powell shared a picture of the plaque he had just received this week. More than a million copies of the album have been sold since it's release.

Paul Baloche posted this week: Remember what it was like to "daydream" & "ponder" & "think your own thoughts'? He shared a reminder of just how much media has exploded over the past 12 years. Paul shared a list of things that didn't exist 12 years ago. They include: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Uber, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest

Michael W Smith is ready for some football. He posted a picture this week wearing a Tennessee Titans t-shirt as he stood in the clubs practice facility.

Hillsong United's Zion album has reached a milestone. The CD has reached gold certification, signifying that more than 500,000 copies of the project have been sold.

Christy Nockels is out with a new podcast. On the broadcast Christy talks about a special adventure that she went on a few months ago that turned into a time of very sweet “remembrance”! Also, you’ll hear what Christy calls "one of the most beautiful songs ever written" as Christy talks with singer, songwriter, worship leader, wife, mom & entrepreneur Audrey Assad. Check out Christy's latest blog by clicking on the link at

Britt Nicole had this to say about radio: I love radio stations! I love what they do! I love how many people they are able to reach with their stories and the songs! The world is looking for hope, and everyday these people wake up and pour into the lives of their city!!!

Tobymac was enjoying some time with his wife this week. He shared a picture as they enjoyed the sun set together on a paddle board and posted: Cherished time with my lady. No filter-she never needs one

Citizenway member Josh Calhoun will soon have an expanded household. He posted a picture of his wife and daughter and shared: So happy to be home with my two favorite people; three if you include the baby in the belly.

Francesca Battistelli says kids grow up to fast. She posted a picture of her children's sidewalk chalk art this week and added that she wrote a song about it a couple weeks ago.

Christy Nockels was recently able to share an early Christmas surprise! She posted: Last week I got to sing my sister-in-law, Kristin, the song that she’s going to be a co-writer on...she had no idea! The lyrics are based on a letter that she wrote me on my birthday. It’s my favorite song on the new Christmas project! Christy has already recorded a portion of the Christmas album and is asking for your help in finishing the project. She has started a fund raising site online to help pay for the production costs.

The Fender Guitar company is celebrating Hillsong United's albums, Of Dirt and Grace and Empires by giving away signed copies of the albums and a Fender American Elite Series Bass Guitar! Just watch the video on their web site, LIKE both Fender and Hillsong United on Facebook and answer the question on the site to enter! Click on the link at

Danny Gokey is giving you a sneak peak of his new music. He says three new songs have emerged from his concerts on the “Positive Hits Tour" and now you can check out live performances of the songs online. Included are the songs Symptoms, Better Than I Found It, and Rise. Check them out online by clicking on the link at

Switchfoot is sharing the stories behind the songs from the band's latest album. Frontman Jon Foreman says more stories are being posted. The latest is the story behind the title track Where The Light Shines Through. Check them out by clicking on the link at

Chris Tomlin says his hope for his new song, Jesus, is that you're encouraged when you hear the song. He says: Know that Jesus is with you, He is for you and He loves you.

Chris Tomlin is sharing stories and also wants to hear years. He posted this week: We asked people to submit prayers and praises in their life and the response was overwhelming. We are honored to have used some of those stories in the music video for the song, JESUS. To see some of those stories and to share your own click on the link at

Finding Favour recently shared a music video for the song First Time from the vault. They posted: shot this music video a while ago but didn’t want it to keep it in the vault. This song reminds us that the first spark of love for a husband and wife never has to leave. Hope you have fun watching this summer love story! Click on the link at

7eventh Time Down was featured on the local Fox news channel prior to their concert following the Lexington Legends baseball game. The band talked about their music, told the story behind their unique name, and shared their reason for playing during the two minute interview. Check out the interview by clicking on the link at

A couple of firsts for Lauren Daigle. This week featured her first time on the Today show and her first time being cut off by host Kathie Lee Giffard. When asked about her upcoming headline tour, Lauren launched into a list of all her stops. With limited time in the break, Kathie Lee jumped in, sent everyone to Lauren's web site for her tour schedule, and then introduced Lauren's song How Can It Be. Check out Lauren performing the song on the Today Show by clicking on the link at

Tim Timmons recently debuted a special new music video for his song "Everywhere I Go." According to New Release Today, the video is filmed in 360 degrees while using a green screen. They say it is only the third of its kind filmed in this unique format for the genre. In a 360 video, viewers can see everything at every angle, making it a new experience every time you watch it depending where you look. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

The latest Jamie Grace Show video is now available. The latest post from Jamie is titled The Chipmunk That Died. Check it out by clicking on the link at

In celebration of Matt Redman's new book, 10,000 Reasons, Matt has released a version of 10,000 Reasons live in Times Square in New York City. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Third Day's Mac Powell shared a video this week as two of his daughters jammed on the beach. Check out the clip of Scout and Camie harmonizing during the families vacation.

The Digital Tour Bus recently caught up with Ryan Stevenson as part of their Cooking at 65mph video series. Ryan is currently on tour with the Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline. He shared how to prepare his tour guacamole. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Another Jamie Grace Show is now available. The latest video is titled Instagram verses Snapchap. Check out Jamie's thoughts on the two social media platforms and the blurring of the lines between the two. Click on the link at

Among The Thirsty has released a music video. Check out their video for At The Cross (Come Back). Click on the link at

Afternoon dragging on? Check out the new lyric video from Stars Go Dim for their song Walking Like Giants. Click on the link at

Another cover video from Jamie Grace. This time Jamie covers the song Blessed Assurance with help from John Glosson. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Another video from Kay Warren and Meredith Andrews' Deeper series is now available. Join the two as they talk about Worship. Click on the link at

Another video is now available from Hillsong United's visual project Of Dirt and Grace. Check out their rendition of Empires, filmed late at night after a crazy day again of filming five different locations. They ended the day at the ruins of a Synagogue and shot projecting images over the band. There was an army practicing with machine guns that could be heard when the audio was down - adding the to the hectic ness of the moment. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Another Lighten Up Video is now available from Ken Davis. The title this week is Designated Driver. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Bob Smiley says his comedy shows can be profitable. He posted: This girl lost a tooth during my she actually made money laughing!

Among The Thirsty's drummer had to improvise to find a place for his hammock. He shared a picture as he lounged in the hammock with one end tied to a tree and the other to the bands trailer.

Francesca Batistelli and Lauren Daigle will be playing at Carnegie Hall in early October but a ticket to the event is just the beginning of the evening. Following the show you can also join Francesca and Lauren for a concert and dinner cruise down the Hudson river. Tickets are available online.

The Sidewalk Prophets were recently on their way back to the United States after a concert swing through Canada. Front man Dave Frey posted from the bands last stop before crossing the border. He said: one question remains...which Tim Horton's donut to choose?

Switchfoot front man Jon Foreman posted this week: I love Mexico-for the people, the culture, the food, the language, the land; and the ocean. Jon shared a picture with some high energy surfing underway.

Citizenway's David Blascoe recently had a side job. He posted: It was SO fun drumming for Jason Gray on our recent trip to Napa Valley, California.

Kutless is in Europe for a series of concerts this week but it wasn't all work and now play. Members of the band spent some time on the black Sea cruising on a yacht. Guitarist James Mead also posted: Woke up at dawn today. Went for a run in a park by the Black Sea, and watched the sun rise. Realized it's VERY AMERICAN to wave at people.

The Bible Gateway recently conducted a Facebook Live interview with Joni Tada. The founder of Joni and Friends answers questions about suffering and hope. If you missed the live event, you can still watch it online. Click on the link at

3 ways to please God today from Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig & Dean.
Make right decisions
embrace forgiveness
kneel before the King.

19 Reasons to Trust the Bible
Is timeless.
Is infallible.
Is a trustworthy guide.
Exposes man’s sin and hopeless condition.
Warns us of the consequences of sin.
Tells of God’s unconditional love for us.
Tells how we can be saved from our sins.
Tells us why Jesus came to earth.
Shows why a virgin birth was necessary.
Explains why Jesus died on the cross.
Explains His resurrection.
Tells where Jesus is now. A
Reveals where God the Father is.
Explains the person of the Holy Spirit and His work in our lives.
Tells us how to be wise.
Teaches how to endure difficulty and hardship.
Offers encouragement.
Is a promise book.
Removes the fear of death.

Israel has charged a senior World Vision employee with providing support to the Hamas movement. According to, World Vision is the world's largest evangelical Christian charity and has operated in Israel-Palestine for more than 40 years. Its manager of operations in Gaza, Mohammad El Halabi, was arrested on June 15 at a checkpoint on his way home from what World Vision says were "routine meetings" and spent 50 days in detention. He has now been charged with supporting Hamas. One of Israel's security services is accusing El Halabi of being a member of Hamas' armed wing and of having infiltrated World Vision. They also alleged that $80,000 worth of donations from British people have been diverted to pay for Hamas-related activities.

Rev. Franklin Graham says he is canceling an evangelical summit in Russia after the government passed a new law placing severe restrictions on Christian evangelization. According to CBN, Graham announced the cancellation of his World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians on facebook. He said "We were looking forward to this significant event being held in Russia because no one knows modern Christian persecution better than the church that suffered under communist rule. However, just a few weeks ago Russia passed a law that severely limits Christians' freedoms." The law, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, puts a stop to sharing faith in homes, online, and anywhere else except for church buildings. It is considered to be the country's most restrictive since post-Soviet history.

Wycliffe Associates has been asked by churches in Papua New Guinea for training and tools to employ their groundbreaking MAST Bible translation method. Wycliffe Associates officials say more than 500 languages in Papua New Guinea have no portions of the Bible in their own language. In the MAST translation method, groups of mother-tongue translators work together in parallel to translate books of the Bible in short periods of time while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and quality. Wycliffe Associates hopes to launch MAST workshops for 20 new languages in Papua New Guinea at a cost of $20,000 each.

Evangelist Ray Comfort is declaring Atheism is dead with new film. According to Charisma News, thousands have already purchased an early viewing of a one-hour movie that its producers claim destroys atheism with one scientific question. They say the film, The Atheist Delusion, will be released on YouTube in two months. Comfort says the movie provides irrefutable scientific proof of the Creator for those who will listen. He believes his film is the final nail in the coffin for atheism

When a six-month-old baby was shot and killed in gang-related violence in the Chicago neighborhood of Woodlawn three years ago, Corey Brooks and his New Beginnings Church ministered to the grieving family. This June, however, when another child—this time, a toddler—was paralyzed in a similar shooting on Father’s Day, Brooks decided to go further, inviting more than 100 gang members together so he could broker a truce. Brooks says he emphasized the pain that everyone has experienced as a result of these shootings and the great need for us to have a community where our children are free to go out and play. He says a truce is now in place and, at this point, it is still going strong.

Anti semitic incidents are on the rise in the UK. According to, such incidents rose by 11 per cent in the first six months of the year. The Community Security Trust (CST), which monitors the safety of the Jewish community, compiled data on hate incidents targeted at Jews and said there had been 577 cases from January to June 2016, up from 473 in the same period last year. The charity said there was "no obvious single cause" for the rise.

A Florida man who survived a double-lung transplant is back home after competing in the Transplant Games of America. According to Fox News, Matt De Fina was born with Cystic fibrosis in 1977. Doctors told his parents that he would not live to see his fourth birthday. However, he did survive, reaching his 38th birthday this year. But his struggles weren't over. In 2012, De Fina was told that he only had two years left to live unless he got a double-lung transplant. He received the transplant and this summer De Fina took part in the Transplant Games in Cleveland. More than 1,500 people participated. After competing in four sports, De Fina came home with seven medals and a lot of memories.

Extracts from Heinrich Himmler‘s newly-discovered diaries have revealed the grisly everyday routine of the mastermind of the Holocaust in the depths of World War 2. According to Time, the diaries were thought to have been lost after they were seized by the Red Army. They document the horrific activities of the Nazi head of the SS, responsible for the systematic murder of millions of Jews in the Holocaust, as he went about his daily business. Himmler’s diaries were discovered in the archive of the Russian ministry of defense in Podolsk near Moscow earlier this year. Extracts from the diaries have been published for the first time in the German newspaper Bild as part of a serialization.

Ever think of moving to a different part of the world. The web site sunny skyz is out with a list of the types of homes approximately $300,000 will get you around the world. Options range from a 2 bedroom log cabin with fireplace in Finland to a 1 bedroom bungalo in Greece to a three story house with a swimming pool in Montenegro.

A new glass walkway opened to the public in China this week. According to, The terrifying walkway spans 100 meters along the side of Tianmen Mountain in Hunan's National Forest Park. Brave visitors walk on a glass pathway, looking down at the scenes below from 4,600 feet in the air.

Apple said this that it will be adding or redesigning over 100 emoji characters in time for a major software update this Fall. According to ABC News, Apple is in the process of redesigning some of its traditional emoji so that users have more options. At least some of the characters have been made available to developers who are currently testing and writing software for iOS 10 -- the operating system that powers Apple’s iPhone and iPad, which is set for release to the public this fall.

Omar Elhosseiny's life changed the moment he woke up on June 29. According to, the 26-year-old Pasadena police officer was set to get marry on July 10 at a Los Angeles chapel. But he woke up that morning to discover he couldn't move. He was taken to the Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder in which the immune system attacks the nerves. After almost a month of not speaking, he finally got his voice back July 24. According to hospital officials, the couple was married the very next day. Omar was taken off his breathing tube Monday and is currently going through physical therapy.

The band Stars Go Dim introduced Christopher Chase Cleveland over the weekend. Chase is the third child for band member Chris Cleveland. However, he wasn't the only baby born that day in the family. Chris says his wife's sister gave birth 16 minutes before Chase was born, causing his wife's family to go into scramble mode.

Good news from Natalie Grant. According to Christian Headlines, she recently shared that her nephew who had been a heroin addict has come to faith in Christ. Natalie's nephew, named Christian, is currently serving time in prison, and Grant and her sister Jennifer recently visited him there. Natalie shared: "I got to hear about the hope and comfort he's found in Jesus. I also got to hear how hard it is, how lonely he feels and the regret he carries. Although Christian still has a couple more years to serve in prison, Grant says she is encouraged to see that he is taking responsibility for his actions and is seeking to grow in his faith.

Jamie Grace says she is still a Minnesota Wild girl first, pledging her loyalty to the NHL team from Minnesota. So why was she wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins T-shirt at an appearance over the weekend? She posted: This shirt was cute cause it has a penguin on it.

Mandisa recently shared openly about her struggles earlier this year. She posted: A few months ago I was in a pretty deep depression. I isolated myself and closed out all of my loved ones, including God. Eventually, I felt so hopeless and far away from my heavenly Father that I could see no way out of the self-imposed pit that I climbed into. While Mandisa is now on the other side of the valley, she says the Casting Crowns new song "One Step Away" is one you should listen to if you are going through similar circumstances. Check out the song by clicking on the link at

Matthew West was recently on facebook, live from his living room. Matthew shared a couple songs and a quick devotion. The live broadcast was in honor of his uncle who had just passed away the night before. Matthew shared that his uncle Doug taught him how to play the first chords he ever learned on guitar. He says Doug was blind from early childhood and added: I keep thinking that today he's got 20/20 vision. His faith is now his sight. Heaven is the hope we can hold on to. I believe that with all my heart.

Big Daddy Weave member Jason Jay Weaver is back home and starting rehabilitation after loosing both feet to a very serious infection. However, members of the band say the need for prayer and financial help is still there. They posted late last week: we so appreciate you, your contributions, prayers and encouragement. There is still a substantial need, so please prayerfully consider donating toward these medical expenses. So far more than $96,000 has been raised but that's only about two thirds of what they estimate will be needed to cover all of Jason's medical expenses.

Worship leader Christy Nockels and her family sent out their family "Christmas" picture and letter EARLY this year! The reason for sending Christmas greetings in July was to let them know about Christy's New Music Campaign around her upcoming Christmas record. Christy also shared the picture with those who follow her on social media, adding that a little "hair grace" is needed since the family took the picture while sweating in the July heat.

For King and Country has released a new song. The members of the band posted this week that, by popular demand, they are releasing their cover of Taylor Swift's "Out Of The Woods!" on iTunes. You can check out the song on youtube by clicking on the link at

Worship leader Chris Tomlin this week posted his favorite lyrics from his latest release, simply titled Jesus. Chris says his favorite portion of the song is "You stand in the fire beside me, Jesus. He added: No matter where we find ourselves, He's always near.

Britt Nicole is out with another new song. She recently released the audio for her song Through Your Eyes. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Manny, from Group 1 Crew, was on New Release Today to talk about his newest project, titled 'Power.' To help interview Manny, the New Release Today crew was joined by special guest co-host Jamie Grace. Check out the interview by clicking on the link at

Selah member Todd Smith is out with the Official Lyric Video for his song Jesus Is. The song is from Todd's new solo project "There's A Light". The album is scheduled for release on August 26 but you can check out the song Jesus Is right now by clicking on the link at

NeedToBreathe was on stage at the AOL Building this week to talk about their new album Hard Love. The stop was one of several made throughout New York City in support of the new album. Check out the interview by clicking on the link at

Unspoken is giving you the chance to see the video for their song Higher sooner than everyone else. Simply share the song and you will be given the chance to unlock the video early. Click on the link at

Danny Gokey didn't pass any of his Spanish classes in school but when it comes to singing in español, he passes with high honors. The former American Idol premieres his second single, "La esperanza frente a mí," last week on Billboard. The song is from his first all-Spanish album. It released late last week. Check out the Salsa remix of Danny's latest song by clicking on the link at

Steven Curtis Chapman was recently live on facebook with a couple of special guests. Steven recorded a 10 minute video as he played an acoustic session with Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman. Check out the acoustic live performance by clicking on the link at

Skillet is expanding the overseas leg of the Unleashed tour. Members of the band recently announced additional stops throughout Europe and Russia this Fall. The new string of dates will kick off on November 6th in Paris, France and take the band through Europe and Russia before ending on December 9th in London, UK. The tour will take place after Skillet unveils their latest album across the United States. The Album, titled Unleashed, will release on August 5 and Skillet will kick off the USA leg of their tour on September 22.

It's not to early to make plans for the holidays? Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant invite you to join them at the MGM in Las Vegas for their Christmas tour stop on Saturday, November 12.

Kutless member Drew Porter has a new job. The band traveled last week to Belarus to kick off a series of concerts in what formally was eastern Europe. Over the weekend they shared a picture as Drew, the band's drummer, became an honorary Belarus fire fighter!

Focus president Jim Daly recently shared a recipe for a Happy Marriage
1 cup consideration
1 cup courtesy
2 cups praise
2 cups flattery carefully concealed
2 cups milk of human kindness
1 gallon faith in God and each other
1 small pinch of in-laws
1 reasonable budget
1 cup contentment
A generous dash cooperation
2 children (at least)
1 cup confidence and encouragement (for each)
1 large or several small hobbies
1 cup blindness to the other’s faults
Flavor with frequent portions of recreation and a dash of happy memories. Stir well and remove any specks of jealousy, temper, or criticism. Sweeten with generous portions of love and keep warm with a steady flame of devotion. Never serve with a cold shoulder or hot tongue.

David Jeremiah was recently in New York for the filming of a special town hall question and answer time. David was interviewed by Sheila Walsh at the Lincoln Center in front of a live studio audience. The subject was David Jeremiah's new book Is This the End?: Signs of God's Providence in a Disturbing New World. The book releases on October 4.

FamilyLife spent the past week celebrating its 40th anniversary as a ministry and reflecting on all God has done to help marriages and families. According to NRB, FamilyLife, then called “Family Ministry,” began in 1976 when Campus Crusade for Christ staff noticed a serious need for pre-marriage and marriage seminars among their staff. In 1992 – one year before changing its name from Family Ministry to FamilyLife – the ministry launched its flagship radio program, FamilyLife Today, on 22 outlets. Today, the program and the ministry’s other radio outreaches are heard by 1.9 million people on more than 3,000 outlets.

Three questions you can ask about certain things and whether they will help you or hurt you spiritually:
1) Does it build you up spiritually?
2) Does it bring you under its power?
3) Do you have an uneasy conscience about it?

5 Tips and Encouragement for Moms from Family Talk
1. Reserve some time for yourself.
2. Don't struggle with things you can't change.
3. Don't deal with big problems late at night.
4. Try making a list.
5. Seek divine assistance.

A missionary priest in Mexico is working to get violent gang members to instead join the “Gang of Christ.” According to Christian Headlines, Jose Luis Guerra, a Catholic deacon who will be ordained as a priest nearly a year ago, has a passion for ministering to gang members. Guerra works in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, about 125 miles from the United States border. Guerra works with a team of 15 fellow missionaries, most of whom are ex-gang members.

A pastor in Turkey made headlines when he chose to forgive a group of Muslims who damaged his church. According to, Pastor Matta (whose full name is being withheld for security reasons) decided not to press charges against the Muslim men who broke windows and damaged a security camera at the pastor’s rented church building. The extremists were reportedly angered that the church was leading Muslims away from the faith to Christianity. "During the trial, the judge asked me whether I am pressing charges or not," Pastor Matta said. "I replied, 'I'm not pressing charges because the Lord asked me to forgive.'"

The President of Egypt has praised Christians in that country for demonstrating "wisdom and a spirit of patriotism" in response to the sufferings and provocation inflicted on them in recent years. According to, President Abdel Fattah al Sisi paid tribute to Christians in Egypt for remaining united in the face of those who "try to exploit religion as a means of fomenting division and spreading extremist ideas". The President was speaking as he received the visit of Copt Orthodox Patriarch Tawadros II at the presidential palace with a delegation including several Bishops of the Copt Orthodox Synod of Bishops.

Eight Nepali Christians arrested in June, including one pastor and two teachers, could soon be tried for trying to proselytize children. According to BP News, The Christians were working in northern Nepal, a part of the nation hard hit by the 2015 earthquakes. Authorities arrested them June 8 for distributing religious literature to children in an attempt to convert, a violation of the anti-conversion statute in the 2015 constitution.

A petition has been signed by over 45,000 people urging Hilton Worldwide to "market responsibly," after the hotel chain placed a full-page ad of two men together in bed. According to the Christian Post, the ad was published in the June 2016 edition of Travel and Leisure magazine. The magazine is widely distributed and can be found in many public places, such as doctors' or auto repair waiting rooms.

A program in Scotland to appoint a guardian for every child has been ruled “unlawful” by the UK’s highest court. According to Christian Headlines, Judges in the case ruled that, though the aim of the program was “unquestionably legitimate and benign,” it ultimately would take away too much authority from parents and place that authority in the government’s hands. Many Christians applauded the ruling. The say "The ruling protects families all across the UK from unwarranted invasion of their privacy by the state."

Luke Aikins on Saturday became the first skydiver to jump from a plane without a parachute or wingsuit. In a stunt called, "Heaven Sent," the 42-year-old daredevil leaped from 25,000 feet. Aikins had to direct his body in free fall using only the air currents around him to land safely on the high-tech 10,000-square-foot net (about a third the size of a football field) laid out to catch him. The jump was aired live on television via the Fox network during an hour-long special. Aikins fell for about two minutes above the California desert and landed without incident. Watch the video of Aikins historic jump by clicking on the link at

Corky went missing in August of 2009, when he somehow slipped away from the Montez family’s fenced-in yard in Texas. According to the Washington Post, The family spent months looking for the little terrier, whom they had adopted that year, but they never found him; at least until this month. Corky was microchipped. That’s how he was reunited with the family, after he and another dog were brought into the Humane Society of North Texas. No word on where Corky has been for the past 7 years.

A woman who was recently released from prison in Oregon robbed a bank in Wyoming. Investigators say 59-year-old Linda Patricia Thompson told them she wanted to go back to prison. Thompson said she had suffered facial fractures after strangers beat her at a Cheyenne park last weekend and she couldn't get a room at a homeless shelter. They say she decided to rob the bank Wednesday because she could no longer stay on the streets. Thompson robbed a US Bank branch in Cheyenne and then threw money into the air and even offered some to people passing by. Police found Thompson with a large sum of money when the arrived at the bank.

Peter Rabbit and friends are joining the ranks of Britain's finest with the release of a special new collection of stamps. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter's birth, Royal Mail introduced 10 new stamps featuring some of the author's most beloved characters, including Peter Rabbit, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, Squirrel Nutkin, Jemima Puddle-Duck, Tom Kitten and Benjamin Bunny.

Hundreds of amateur sailors marked the emotional conclusion to an 11-month voyage Saturday when the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race ended their grueling adventure. According to NBC, Twelve teams celebrated the completion of the 40,000-nautical-mile ocean race — the world's longest — by sailing up the River Thames and under London's iconic Tower Bridge. It was a moment of personal triumph for the competitors, who come from all walks of life and have survived wild weather hazards including 90-foot waves and winds of up to 100 mph in what organizers call "an endurance test like no other."

Switchfoot has teamed up with the organization Cure to help provide medical attention for kids. According to the band, it's as simple as giving a gift of $50. Your gift will held Cure heal a child, and in return, you will get a CURE t-shirt and Switchfoot’s new CD, Where the Light Shines Through.

Audio Adrenaline's Adam Agee says he loved this time of year as a kid. He posted a list of school supplies from his younger days and said: this was my favorite time as a kid! Going to K-mart and finding a sweet new pencil box.

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips was reminiscing about the past this week. He posted a picture of some bikes and said: It's funny the things that trigger memories! Walking out my front door this morning, seeing Taylor's friends bikes leaning up against my front fence! So many great times I had with this same scene, that I took for granted as a kid, but now holds gold for me!

Jamie Grace says her sister is number one for now. She posted a picture with her sister and said: my forever favorite. til I get married. then you're number two.

The band Remedy Drive is currently featured in Middle Tennessee Hyundai Dealers’ “Music that Drives” promotion. According to the Gospel Music Association, the promotion features a video of the band cruising through Nashville. The video is featured at, along with Remedy Drive’s “Love Is Our Weapon,” from their latest recording, Commodity. Fans were also able to enter to win a VIP Experience with the band prior to their show at Nashville’s The Basement on August 6.

Hawk Nelson's Jon Steingard is out with a new blog about kicking envy to the curb. He posted: Sometimes we’ll play shows with bands that have grown more successful than my band, more quickly than my band. Even though I’m not a kid anymore, I still sometimes wrestle with those same old feelings of jealousy and envy...and it’s ugly. However, Jon added: "Gratitude eats jealousy for breakfast." Check out the blog and find out what Jon does to overcome jealousy. Click on the link at

Kutless member James Mead is hoping to make a little money off of his schooling. He posted this week: Auctioning off my math notes for charity. Opening bid starts at $50,000.....

Paul Baloche posted this week: Please consider fasting and praying this Friday for France. The long time worship leader was born into a french speaking home in Canada and has recorded several worship albums in French. He shared an article this week that said: In response to the murder of Father Jacques Hamel by believed Islamic State sympathizers, the French bishops have designated Friday, July 29, as a day of fasting.

For King and Country members Joel and Luke were reminiscing about the past. They shared pictures of their early days on My Space when their band had the innovative name Joel and Luke.

Randy Phillips is in Costa Rica helping with LifeCostaRica. The Phillips, Craig and Dean member is a pastor at LifeAustin in Austin, Texas and says he's excited about their ministry in central America. However, he might not have an office when he returns. He posted a picture of Otis the Bulldog and it's clear that he has staked claim to Randy's desk.

Just a week before their new album debuts, Skillet's 2013 album RISE has been certified as Gold. More than a half million copies of the project have been sold over the past three years. Meanwhile, Skillet's next album, Unleashed, will be available on August 5. As a way of thanking fans across the globe for the Gold certification, the band posted a video to social media expressing their appreciation, along with a surprise teaser for Panheads to be revealed July 29 at midnight.

Worship leader Christy Nockels announced plans for her first solo Christmas album this week. Christy said she is currently in the studio working on the project. In fact, Christy posted: We’ve been in Christmas mode for several months here at the house as we’ve been writing these songs. At one point we even pulled out the Christmas Tree to get in the spirit while recording. However, Christy is asking for your help to fund her first solo Christmas album. She has set up a funding page that will allow you to pre-purchase the album and also purchase other Christmas gifts. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Another song is now available from NeedToBreathe's new album Hard Love. The latest youtube posting is the audio for the bands song Testify. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Free CCM is giving away music from Jason Gray. Right now you can download a free copy of Jason's song Resurrection. It's from the album Where The Light Gets In. Access the free download by clicking on the link at

Hillary Scott and The Scott Family will be part of numerous events over the past week as the celebrate the release today of their new album Love Remains. The 13 track collection is the first by the group led by the Lady Antebelum member and her family. Stops promoting the new project will include Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, and CMA's Country Night To Rock.

Another Jamie Grace Show video is now available. This time her subject is Makeup. Check out the tutorial by clicking on the link at

Integrity Music has released an new album for kids. The Kids Worship Ultimate Collection features well known worship songs like 10,000 Reasons, Friend of God, and My Lighthouse. Now you can check out lyric videos for many of the songs featured on the project. Click on the link at

The Museum this week released a live performance video of their song Saved My Soul. It was recorded live at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri while they were playing for the Generate Camps. Check it out by clicking on the link at

A new cover video from Jamie Grace is now available. Her latest cover is of Avalon's Testify to Love. Check it out by clicking on the link at

CCM magazine recently went "Live for 5" with Jonny Diaz. Check out the five questions and Jonny's answers by clicking on the link at

NEEDTOBREATHE this week released an acoustic version of their song “NO EXCUSES”. The video was recorded on a deck in Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood hills. The song is from the latest NeedToBreathe album Hard Love. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Another edition of the Deeper Series, featuring Kay Warren and Meredith Andrews, is now available. Their focus this week is ministry. Check out their thoughts by clicking on the link at

7eventh Time Down was recently on the ball field. They were the featured artists at the Lexington Legends Faith & Family Night. Prior to the game they were showing off their official Lexington Legends Jerseys.

Matt Maher was on stage this week in Krakow, Poland. Matt was part of Wednesday nights session at World Youth Day 2016. It's his second appearance at one of the Catholic events for youth. He also performed in 2013 at the World Youth Day in Brazil.

Big Daddy Weave is bringing the 4th edition of their Beautiful Offerings Tour to concert venues across the country. According to CCM Magazine, the 50-city tour will again feature Plumb and will also include the band We Are Messengers. It is set to kick off August 18, in Watertown, SD, and will conclude November 20, 2016 in Charlotte, NC.

Tenth Avenue North had to back out of their appearance at Heavenfest this week. Members of the band posted: Due to significant circumstances outside of our control, we regret that we will be unable to appear this weekend. They added: thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate through this challenging situation.

Have you recently moved and need to find disability-related resources in your new community? Joni and Friends wants to help. The ministry posted this week: Consider contacting the Joni and Friends Area Ministry nearest you. Not only will you be connected with local resources, but you may also make some great new friends! Our Area Ministry can also connect you with local churches with disability ministries.

Revive Our Hearts is praying for 100,000 women. Their goal is that at least that many women will will gather for prayer on Sept. 23 as part of Cry Out 2016.

Focus president Jim Daly was talking about Race relations this week. He posted a new blog titled: What Does Jesus Believe About Race? Check out the entire blog by clicking on the link at

Dr James Dobson is speaking out on discipline. He says extremes on either side can be damaging. Get solid answers from a long time expert by clicking on the link at

10 Things in Life That Don't Really Matter from All Pro Dad.
1. Sports Results
2. Living Up To Unrealistic Expectations
3. Television
4. Bitterness
5. Revenge
6. Vanity
7. Technology Obsession
8. Fear of Failure
9. Wealth
10. False Idols

The ABCs of Saying Sorry Well from Mark Merrill
Acknowledge the hurt you caused.
Break down where you went wrong.
Check the temptation to explain or excuse what you did.
Demonstrate your seriousness by taking real steps not to repeat the failing.
Encourage them to let you know if you slip in that area again.
Find a way to make it up to them.

The Iranian Christian pastor who became an international symbol of the fight for religious freedom when he was sentenced to death for apostasy, and then acquitted, has now been charged again – this time with "acting against national security". According to, Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani was summonsed to court in Iran and given just one week to find bail of $33,000 or be arrested. He was accused of being a Zionist and told he was banned from evangelism.

UK churches insist they remain "open to all" despite the murder of a French Catholic priest while celebrating mass on Tuesday. According to, Father Jacques Hamel had his throat cut by two men who entered his small church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. The attackers held the five members of the congregation hostage before being shot dead by police. ISIS has since claimed responsibility and the French President, Francois Hollande, said the country was "at war". But British churches remained defiant in the wake of possible "copycat attacks" in the UK. A spokesman for Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, said "of course" churches would remain open. He added the Church would follow any security advice issued by the police but would not be adding any security procedures of their own.

TWR will begin broadcasting a gospel program in the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan to minister to those affected by the recent earthquake. In April, the area was struck by a series of earthquakes, including a magnitude-7.0 quake, injuring thousands of people and causing extensive damage to the community. Recently, TWR's Japan team decided TWR should start airing a program to this community. They chose the Power of Gospel program because it's a program that invites Japanese pastors to boldly share the gospel. The idea behind the program is that the local pastors would know best the needs and ways to share the hope of Christ with the people in their communities.

Hundreds of thousands of children in north-eastern Nigeria are facing starvation because of the ravages of the terror group Boko Haram. According to, Many will die if they are not helped soon. Aid agencies on the ground say the severe malnutrition among the children is a result of the seven-year campaign of terror by the Islamist group. More than 20,000 people have been murdered and more than two million displaced. According to UNICEF, nearly a quarter of a million children in parts of Borno state alone, formerly controlled by Boko Haram, suffer from severe malnutrition.

Think Cuba is free now? Think again. Since December 17, 2014, when Cuba and the United States announced the normalization of relations and U.S. travel restrictions were lifted, many thought conditions for Cubans – including Christians – would quickly improve. However, according to a Voice of the Martyrs worker who recently traveled to the country, conditions have remained the same or worsened for everyone but a select few.

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has reported that the right to homeschool children is under attack in California. According to Christian Headlines, HSLDA reports that its members in the San Benito High School District recently received a letter stating, “[U]nder California Law, a home school is not a private school, nor is it a lawful alternative to public school…" Homeschool advocates were confused as to why this letter was sent because back in 2008, a court case had already established that homeschooling was legal in California.

All that hot air in the nations capital isn't coming from politicians The Washington Post reported this week that the heat in DC nearing record proportions. In fact, the temperature in the city hasn’t fallen below 80 degrees in five days. That's 124 straight hours of temperatures 80 degrees or higher.

Most weddings have at least one incident that makes it memorable. For Katie and Tom Quirk, it will be their flower girl, Chloe. At their recent wedding in Melbourne, Australia, their 3 year old niece got bored and made a run for it. As the couple said their vows at their outdoor venue on a local pier, the video of the wedding caught Chloe in full flight behind the couple, in full view of the crowd, with her mom in hot pursuit. The bride said she had to repeat her part of the vows three times because she and the guests were laughing so hard.

China wants everyone to stop stealing its Great Wall. According to Time, Officials from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage have announced they will begin conducting regular inspections and will carry out random checks along the wall. While the country has worked to preserve the site for decades, protection measures have not been as successful as they would like. Nearly one third of the Ming dynasty-era wall has disappeared, and officials blame environmental causes and human damage.

Javier Castellanos took the concept of lost and found to the next level during their recent trip to Spain. According to ABC News, Castellanos found an envelop full of cash at the airport containing a bundle of euros, some Ukrainian currency, and the receipt from a currency exchange. After calling the name on the exchange receipt while in line at border control proved unsuccessful, the couple turned to Facebook. Another dead end. Finally, Castellanos noticed the name of a tile company printed on the envelope. He called first thing Monday morning and was able to track down the owner of the lost cash.

Brands that haven't paid millions of dollars to the group behind the upcoming summer Olympics will need to watch their step on Twitter in the coming weeks. According to, The International Olympic Committee is threatening legal action against any non-sponsor brands that dare to tweet about the games or any of its associated trademarks. Those trademarks include "Olympic," "Olympian" and "Go for the Gold." Seemingly innocuous terms like "summer," "gold," "games," effort," "victory," "Rio" and "2016" are also off-limits if used in the context of the games, as are the various hashtags for the event — such as #Rio2016 or #TeamUSA"

Facebook is giving users a new way to look back on their birthdays. The company is starting to roll out a new video tool that automatically creates a video the day after your birthday to highlight photos and messages from friends. In the same vein as Facebook's 'Friend's Day' videos, the new birthday videos weave together birthday wishes from your friends, along with photos of the day. The feature is rolling out now and users can expect to see it in the coming days.

Mandisa posted this week after reading an article about the end of VCR production: You Know You're Too Old when this made you go "awww" and realize you still have a box of VHS tapes in the closet.

Danny Gokey is winning at this husband thing. He posted a picture this week as he straightened his wife's hair.

Brandon Heath posted a picture of a great looking skateboard park this week. There's just one problem. He added: If I could skate...

Michael W. Smith is encouraging support of West Virginia by purchasing a special t-shirt created by actress Jennifer Garner. Smith, who is a native of West Virginia, shared the link this week. He added: Save The Children. Show we are all West Virginia Strong. Snag this T and help West Virginia rebuild

Luke from for King and Country was celebrating Christmas in July this week with some of the best gifts possible. He posted a picture on July 25 as he held both of his children and added: Oh the hugs you receive when you return home. However, it didn't last long. Luke said he was only able to be home for 24 hours

Some cutting edge entertainment from Brandon Heath. He posted this week: Attempting to grow my own pumpkins this year. Brandon promised that updates will follow as his pumpkins hopefully go from Seed to Feed!

The members of Selah are continuing their Nutrisystem diet but they say their food choices are narrowing as they enter month four. The latest box of food just came in the mail and they say that, by now, they are pretty much just ordering chocolate and Italian!

The perfect example of the difference between men and women. When Casting Crowns Josh Mix posted a picture titled Favorite, he attached a picture of his two favorite guitars. Fellow Crowns member Melodee Devevo replied: funny, before I opened this, I thought it was going to be a pic of Andrea and Pax.

HARD LOVE, the latest release from NEEDTOBREATHE, is off to a good start. According to the Media Collection, Hard Love is the top selling album in the country, entering the Soundscan/Billboard “Top Current Albums” chart at #1 with sales exceeding 46,000 units. The band’s album also topped Billboard’s “Top Albums”, “Top Current Rock Albums”, “Current Alternative Albums”, “Current Digital Albums”, and “Overall Digital Albums” charts, and entered the Billboard 200 at #2. Additionally, the album scored international success topping Canada’s “Top Digital Albums” chart, as well as debuting at #3 on Canada’s “Top Albums” chart.

Britt Nicole is back at work on her upcoming new album. She posted: Hello LA. let's go to work

The Web site We Are Worship is giving away music from the Newsboys. This week you can download their latest song, "You Hold It All (Every Mountain)". Also available is a chord sheet for the song. Click on the link at

Christy Nockels just might be working on some Christmas music. She shared a picture this week from the studio and added: exciting news coming this week...nothing like Christmas in July.

Husband and wife duo Love and The Outcome are set to release their sophomore album, These Are The Days, on September 23. Love and The Outcome's debut self-titled LP released in 2013. Jodi says “The first record was created out of...a lot of pain.” She says “You didn’t feel the joy as much, you felt the struggle – and that’s okay. However, Jodi says "This [new] record is a celebration season, and we have to really let the music sound like that. These are moments to celebrate and let the smile show a little more."

An interesting titled to the latest Jamie Grace Show video. This week she released "5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date". The topic is based on her book Boys, Boys, Boys. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace celebrated How To Tuesday this week with episode 46 of The Jamie Grace Show. Her latest video was titled How to Not Fail College. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

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