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Laura Story this week released a lyric video for her song Till I Met You. The song is one of many featured on the Pizza Ranch compilation called Living Hope. Check out the page about the song, featuring the lyrics, a lyric video, and a video from Laura telling the story behind the song. Click on the link at

Jeremy Camp's latest song is titled "Same Power". Now you can hear about the story behind the song by clicking on the link at

Building 429's Jason Roy was back online recording another acoustic video from the bands studio. Jason said the song was actually based on his experience of being bullied as a child and the stories told to him by others who were also bullied. But he says the song was written as a message directed to the bully. You can listen to the acoustic version of the song Stronger by Jason Roy by clicking on the link at

Third Day has put together a playlist of their music videos from over the years. Check out their video channel on youtube by clicking on the link at

The Colony House Band was on Conan Tuesday night. The band that features the son's of Steven Curtis Chapman was featured on the show and Steven made it his goal to spread the word, blowing up his twitter and facebook accounts with reminders about their performance. However, if you missed out, Steven wants you to know that you can still see his boys performance. He shared the link for their performance the morning after the show. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Matt Redman is out with another video from his new CD Unbroken Praise. The video features the song Abide With Me recorded at Abbey Road in London. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Josh Wilson has recorded an acoustic version of his new song That Was Then This Is Now just for you. Check out his one man band as he debuts the title cut from his new album. Click on the link at

Chris August has released his mashup of NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" and Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood". Check it out by clicking on the link at

Another Lighten Up video is now available from Ken Davis. He says if you have ever seen a reporter standing on beach as a hurricane approaches, you will understand this clip.

Matthew West this week announced dates for the second leg of his Live Forever Tour with Francesca Battistelli. The 40-city tour will begin on September 24 in Wisconsin. Stops are scheduled from South Carolina and Georgia to California and Oregon before the tour wraps up in Michigan just before Thanksgiving.

There are also over 1,300,000 internally displaced people in Ukraine and another 900,000 have left the country. Although the violence has subsided in recent months, A Mission Network News report says life hasn’t gotten any easier for Ukrainians. Many lost their homes in the conflict, and the economy is in disarray. But through the help of Slavic Gospel Association, some are finding hope. SGA provides support through its Crisis Evangelism Fund, which gives pastors resources to distribute from their churches. It provides food, water, clothing, bedding, Bibles, and other Christian material to meet needs and help victims find a lasting peace.

Orthodox Christians must now learn to live as exiles in our own country. That's a quote from a senior member of The American Conservative. Rod Dreher told Time Magazine: the ground under our feet has shifted tectonically. Dreher says conservatives have to accept that we really are living in a culturally post-Christian nation. He adds that conservatives also need to realize that LGBT activists and their fellow travelers will be coming after social conservatives. Dreher says The next goal of activists will be a long-term campaign to remove tax-exempt status from dissenting religious institutions. He says the more immediate goal will be the shunning and persecution of dissenters within civil society.

Less than one week after the Supreme Court legalized homosexual marriage, activists are already coming after the tax-exempt status of religious institutions. In a Time Magazine article, New York Times columnist Mark Oppenheimer said: Rather than try to rescue tax-exempt status for organizations that dissent from settled public policy on matters of race or sexuality, we need to take a more radical step. It’s time to abolish, or greatly diminish, their tax-exempt statuses.

11 Things to Do on the 4th of July from All Pro Dad:
1. Have your own Swimming Pool Competition
2. Go for a Bike Ride
3. Make Homemade Ice-cream
4. Make Water Balloons
5. Build a Fort
6. Bob for Apples
7. Go for a Scavenger Hunt
8. Have a Ketchup Competition by drawing your best patriotic image on a plate using the ketchup bottle.
9. Go for a Patriotic Picnic
10. Have a Parade
11. Bake an American Cake

12 questions to ask before you hit ‘send’ on social media from Time
1. Is the message educational or entertaining?
2. Is the voice correct?
3. Is it too long?
4. Is the URL correct?
5. Should I target a specific audience with this message?
6. Did I use the right keywords and hashtags to maximize exposure?
7. How many times have I already posted something today?
8. Did I spell check?
9. Will I be okay with absolutely anyone seeing this?
10.Is this reactive communication or is it well thought-out?
11.Did I make the most of visual content—images, video, slides?
12.Did I make the most of my update text—headline formulas, polls, quizzes?

Two Things Daughters Need to Hear from their Fathers
1. Tell her you love her every day.
2. Tell her she’s beautiful every day.

Did you enjoy the extra sleep last night. While you were fast asleep you were officially giving an extra second of time. The leap second took place last night, meaning that official clocks went to 11:59:60 rather than 11:59:59 before changing over to the new day. Astronomers at the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service in Paris decided earlier this year on the extra tick of the clock — the 26th time that's happened since the world started using atomic clocks. Leap seconds are added to keep those atomic clocks in sync with a time standard tied to the rotation of the Earth.

An woman with amnesia is turning to the Internet in the hopes that someone can identify her. According to ABC News, the woman called "Sam" was found in Southern California by firefighters in February and immediately taken to a local hospital. While there she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Doctors told her a volleyball-sized ovarian tumor may have left her with few memories of her earlier life. According to the facebook post, "Sam" was found in Carlsbad, California, and appears to be in her 50s. She speaks both English and French.

2015 is only half-over but it’s already shaping up to be the year of unisex baby names. According to Time, noticed this emerging trend in its midyear report. Though gendered names like Noah and Emma remain super common, gender-neutral names like Amari, Karter, Phoenix, Quinn and Reese are rising in popularity too. Celebrities are contributing to the gender-neutral trend by giving girls traditionally male monikers like Lincoln, James and Mason

Nothing says summer like David Crowder riding a mechanical a bull. That was just one of the experiences at the Passion Summer camp last week. Check out photographic evidence by clicking on the link at

Darlene Zschech's new web site it up and running. The new site is filled with videos, information and more. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The band ShatterRed is raising money through a kickstarter project for their first album and they have some well known artists in their corner. The bands video features Dave from Sidewalk Prophets, the members of Royal Tailor, and Jamie Grace. All encourage support of the new project. Check out more on ShatterRed by clicking on the link at

Adrienne Camp shared the audio of a song by her husband Jeremy Camp. The song it titled Spirit Now. Adrienne said she was loving the song so wanted to share it with others. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Jason Crabb is set to release his new album, Whatever The Road, on September 18. According to FreeCCM, it's Crabb’s fifth solo album. They say the ten songs on Whatever The Road take the listener through themes of God’s love never letting go, of celebrating freedom and redemption, and of resting in the promise that “He [God] is with you in the valley of despair, He won’t leave you there.”

Brandon Heath has recorded a video tutorial for his song Behold Our God. The tutorial is designed to help worship leaders in the local church play the new worship song he wrote with Matt Maher. Check out the video tutorial by clicking on the link at

for King and Country is well known for their energetic performances. But a recent picture emphasizes just how high flying their performance really is. The picture features a silhouette of Joel leaping high during one of their songs. Check it out by clicking on the link at christian

Colton Dixon was feeling a lot of discomfort after a recent concert. It seems that he feet had been attacked by chiggers. Colton shared a picture of his feet literally covered in red blotches.

Christian and gospel music enjoys a reach that touches nearly every demographic group. According to GMA research 215 million people listened to Christian music within the past month. A report in the tennessean says the research also shows that 68 percent of Americans listened to Christian or gospel music within the past 30 days. The genre is especially popular with African-Americans, with 93 percent having listened to gospel within the past year.

The world's Jewish population has grown nearly as large as it was before the Holocaust. The Jewish People Policy Institute says there are currently 14.2 million Jews in the world. The Jewish population on the eve of World War II was 16.5 million. The report said the rise has, in part, been due to natural growth in Israel, which has about 6.1 million Jews and also has one of the Western world's highest fertility rates. It also linked the growth to "changing patterns of Jewish identification." Officials said 59 percent of adult children in the U.S. who have just one Jewish parent now identify as Jewish.

Faith Comes By Hearing is using a special audio player to reach people in rural areas. According to Mission Network News, the devise is called The Proclaimer. It is a nearly indestructible digital audio player that can be powered by solar energy, electricity, or a hand crank. One full charge will last about 15 hours, and it can be recharged enough to play the entire New Testament over 1,000 times. Its powerful speaker allows up to 300 people to listen at once. The player is preloaded with the message of the Bible and then distributed to each group in their language, in order to maximize the Gospel’s impact.

6 Tips for Leading Modern Worship In a Multi Generational Church
1. Allow Your Worship Sets to Breathe
2. Dig for Great Old Songs & Hymns
3. Communicate why we gather together
4. Lead with Compassion
5. Lead with Passion
6. Cast Vision

6 Things Christians can do in light of the Supreme Court ruling from Greg Laurie.
One, "don't panic; God is still on the throne,"
Two, we need to remember that Romans 8:28 is still in the Bible
Three, we need to show this culture what a biblical marriage looks like
Four, we need to show the love of Christ to everyone
Five, we need to engage all people with the Gospel,
Six, we need to pray

10 Strategies to Restore an Ailing Marriage from Family First:
1.Get back to the fundamentals.
2. Stop taking one another for granted.
3. Put your spouse’s interests ahead of your own.
4. Put the relationship ahead of everything, including your children.
5. Seek forgiveness and really forgive.
6. Start over from scratch.
7. Choose to love.
8. Surround yourselves with people in healthy relationships.
9. Change the patterns.
10. Get counseling.

With Fourth of July just days away, the finance website WalletHub is out with its list of the years Most Patriotic States. WalletHub compared the 50 states across eight key metrics, including military engagement, voting habits and civic education. According to their study, Virginia ranked as the most patriotic state. Rounding out the top 5 were Washington, Colorado, Idaho, and Alaska.

An Iraq war veteran is on a different type of tour these days – traveling the country to find healing…through hugs. Ian Cooke suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder since returning from his deployment in Iraq, and says he’s discovered a unique method of recovery. Four months ago he left his Portland, Oregon home to start the Human Hug Project – a mission to spread love to others through a simple embrace. So far, Cooke and his friends have traveled more than 25,000 miles across the country, visiting different Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, and hugging whoever is willing to hold onto a stranger.

A 73-year-old man has taken his 12,000th ride on his favorite roller coaster at King’s Island amusement park in Ohio. According to Time Magazine, The park says Gary Coleman of Monfort Heights took the milestone ride in the front row of the Diamondback roller coaster on Monday. The retired minister has made 493 trips to the theme park outside of Cincinnati since 2009, when the 230-foot steel roller coaster opened. It’s the tallest and fastest roller coaster at Kings Island and reaches speeds of 80 mph.

McDonald’s says fewer people are picking soda for Happy Meals after it stopped listing the drinks as an option on its menu boards. According to Yahoo Foods, The world’s biggest hamburger chain said Thursday 48 percent of Happy Meals orders chose soda as the beverage of choice in the U.S. after it was scrubbed from menus and marketing material. That’s down from 56 percent one year ago.

Tenth Avenue North Front man Mike Donehey has released a blog sharing his thoughts on the Supreme Court ruling on marriage late last week. Titled "To Hear or Be Heard", the blog shares Mike's thoughts on the impact of the ruling nation wide and also his personal response. Read the blog by clicking on the link at

Focus on the Family's Jim Daly is out with a two minute response to the Supreme Court Marriage Decision. Focus on the Family will also address the decision on their Monday broadcast. But in the mean time you can check out what Jim Daly has to say by clicking on the link at

Revive Our Hearts' Nancy Leigh Demoss was in the midst of a live recording session when she learned of the Supreme Court's decision to legalize "same-sex marriage." In response, Nancy took a break from her recording to share her thoughts on the decision and remind us that heaven still rules. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Many Christian leaders have signed a declaration on marriage in response to the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. The declaration says: As evangelical Christians, we dissent from the court’s ruling that redefines marriage. The state did not create the family, and should not try to recreate the family in its own image. It adds: The Bible clearly teaches the enduring truth that marriage consists of one man and one woman. Read the entire declaration by clicking on the link at

Show Hope, the adoption organization began by Steven Curtis Chapman, needs 1.1 million diapers. The organization that works with adoptive parents here in the USA also helps meet the needs of orphans with special needs in China. Officials say that requires 1.1 million diapers every year, at a cost of $300,000. Now they are asking for help in purchasing all of those diapers. Check out more on the Show Hope Diaper fund by clicking on the link at

Worship leader Christy Nockels is out with another song on the Worship Together web site. The latest feature is her song My Anchor. At the site Christy is giving away lyric and chord charts and also has recorded a video talking about the new song. Access all three by clicking on the link at

Third Day is out with another "Soul On Fire" music video. This time the video features scenes from the band as they travel around the country. They say: If you've been out to one of our shows recently, this one's for you! Watch the video and, who knows, you might even see yourself. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Michael W. Smith's song Hope of Heaven is part of the new compilation CD called Living Hope. The album features a variety of Christian artists, all focused on the hope we have in Christ. Check out a lyric video of Michael W. Smith's song by clicking on the link at

Love and The Outcome has released a live music video for their song Heart Like You, Roadtrip Remix. The video of the newly remixed song is available on youtube. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Jeremy Camp is now on Periscope. The site allows live video broadcasts but Jeremy took it a step further. He recorded one of his video blogs as he did his very first Periscope live broadcast. So now you can watch a recorded video of Jeremy doing a live video, including seeing the real time response from Jeremy's fans. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Hillsong UNITED has released a lyric video for their song "Say The Word." Check it out by clicking on the link at

A band of Asian missionaries are working around the clock to re-Christianize America. According to Christianity Today, University Bible Fellowship is Korea’s second largest missionary sending agency. They say thousands of missionaries gave up careers in Korea to become janitors in America, all in the hopes of finding converts who could lead America back to Jesus. The missionaries hold full-time jobs rather than receive support, and use their off hours, holidays, and vacations to evangelize on college campuses around the USA.

Bibles for China is partnering with the local Chinese church to bring Jesus to the most rural parts of the country. According to Mission Network News, BFC President Wendell Rovenstine says “We don’t go over there, do the work, and tell them how to do it. We’re just there as partners with them. One of the main things accomplished by Bibles for China is delivering God's word to the country. Rovenstine says he that, during his last trip, he delivered 6,000 Bibles to rural China. But he adds that some villages have as many as 300,000 believers without access to God’s Word.

Film star Joseph Fiennes is to play the devoutly Christian Scottish runner Eric Liddell in a sequel to Chariots of Fire. According to Christian, The Last Race follows the life of Liddell after the 1924 Paris Olympics. The sequel will include a central story line about Liddell's work as a missionary in China. The script is by a Chinese writer and will be distributed by a group based on Hong Kong. Officials say many in China, both religious and non-religious, regard Liddell as a hero because of his leadership during his internment as well as because of his sporting prowess.

10 Things Christianity Is NOT
10. A Membership to a Country Club
9. A Feel-Good Support Group
8. A Nice Thing to Do on Weekends
7. A Safe Haven From the World
6. A Political Party
5. A Group for Perfect People
4. An Anti-Gay Rally
3. A Cruise Ship
2. A Ticket to Heaven
1. A religion

3 Signs of a Self-Centered Spouse from iMom:
1. You use a lot of “I” statements.
2. You can make anything about you.
3. You want what you want, no matter the cost to him.

5 Traits of a Lasting Marriage from All Pro Dad:
1. Shared Vision
2. Understand your relationships timeline
3. Avoid Unrealistic Expectations
4. Respect
5. Faith in the Center

A Pizza Restaurant in Florida is encouraging patrons to “Pie it Forward”. The owner says the idea came when a customer didn’t want the drink that was included with his meal at Solorzano’s Late Night Pizzeria. Instead, the pizzeria agreed to simply give it to the next guy. It expanded to a Pie it Forward Wall, allowing people to pay for food and and then post the offer on a wall in the restaurant. The owner estimates that donations have totaled thousands of dollars in the two months since that first drink was paid forward.

Justice and Jeremy Stamper are planning their second wedding, since Justice can’t remember their first. According to Time Magazine, in August 2014, just weeks after the duo were married, Justice was in a severe car accident that resulted in the loss of some of her memory. The couple, who live in Bristol, Tenn., are now planning the celebration.

The number of words is growing. According to a report in Science magazine, the number of words in the English language has nearly doubled in the past 100 years. Officials say there were 544,000 documented words in 1900. By the year 2000 that total had grown to just over 1-million words.

5 Things Jesus Would Say to the Gay Community

As you discuss the Supreme Court of the United States’ ruling on the definition of marriage with friends and family in the coming week, we urge you to “let all that you do be done in love” (1 Corinthians 16:14). Click on the link below for FamilyLife articles, books, and radio broadcasts that can help you answer questions and respond with compassion.

Jim Daly
VIDEO: Response to the Supreme Court Marriage Decision

for King and Country members tweeted this week: How many band members and infants does it take to open a NEW harmonium case? Clearly, according to a video of the process, it takes quite a few. But the bigger question might be: what is a harmonium. Online sources describe it as a pump organ that generates sound with bellows.

They say everyone has a twin somewhere in the world and Kutless guitarist James Mead has found his in the Ukraine. James shared a picture this week of one of his Ukrainian Friends named Sergei. He says they had some great talks during the time Kutless spent in Ukraine earlier this summer and described Sergei as more like a brother. And the connect wasn't just emotional. They also look very much alike. In fact, James says his mother actually pointed to Sergei in a picture and thought it was James.

The lyrics to many of the Love and the Outcome songs are now available on line. Jodi and Chris announced that the web site Genius has created a Love and the Outcome page added the lyrics for 11 of their songs. Check them out by clicking on the link at

Want to appear in Tobymac's Back seat Driver official fan video? Time is limited. You only have through the end of the day today to send in your video. Simply record a 15 to 30 second video as you jam to the newest song from Tobymac. Then load it on your instagram account with the hash tag #backseatdriver or email it to

Third Day's Mac Powell is one of three artists featured in an article in Atlanta Magazine. The focus is on country artists who have decided to stay in Georgia rather than making the move to Nashville. Of course, Mac is still best known for his Christian music, but after producing two country CDs, people in the industry are starting to sit up and take notice. Read more about the new country side of Mac Powell by clicking on the link at

Phil Joel's new band Zealand has released a brand new EP. The six song project is titled Zealand Worship and it's the bands first recorded project after flying under the radar for several years. Joel says it felt good to actually get some music recorded.

FreeCCM is giving away music from The Afters. On their web site you can download a copy of their song With You Always from their album Life is Beautiful. Access the free download by clicking on the link at

In celebration of the 28th anniversary of the Randy Travis song Forever and Ever Amen, Jimmy Needham has released a lyric video of his version of the song. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

We Are Worship USA sat down this week to talk with Darlene Zschech. Darlene was in Kansas City for a Worship Conference and took the time to talk about her song In Jesus' Name. Watch the facebook interview by clicking on the link at and then click on the link at the bottom page to download a free copy of the song.

The Sidewalk Prophets were working on a new video this week. They shared pictures as the filmed a video for their song Prodigal. The song will begin airing on radio soon and is available on iTunes right now.

The lyric video for Jason Gray's song Glow in the Dark is now available on youtube. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston will release a new book very soon in the USA and, in response, he will be joining Hillsong United for a tour of the USA this fall. Members of the group announced the tour this week. It will kick off on September 22 and continue through the end of October. The new book is titled Live, Love, Lead. Members of Hillsong United say everyone who purchases a ticket to one of the concerts will also receive a copy of the new book.

Two South Sudanese pastors have been isolated by Sudan after their plight became the focus of American media. According to Christianity today, their situation is bringing the question is what role American advocacy played in their relocation. The families of the two pastors were denied visitation after a vocal New York City pastor had attempted to visit the two Presbyterian ministers. A few days before that, a Virginia-based Christian TV network aired a telephone interview the two pastors gave from prison. The two pastors work with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, which is entangled in a land dispute with private parties supported by the government. A hearing for the two man is scheduled for July 2.

A new study shows three-quarters of men and two-thirds of women in America are now obese or overweight. According to CBN, that is an increase of more than 10 percent since the 1990s. Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine studied information on more than 15,000 men and women ages 25 and older between 2007 and 2012. From that survey, they estimate 67.6 million Americans were obese in 2012 and 65.2 million were overweight.

Pew and Barna agree: the U.S. is becoming less Christian. According to a Mission Network News report, the latest Pew research results show the percentage of people who identified themselves as Christians fell roughly 8% in the last seven years. During the same time period, the “none” category — people who have no religious affiliation — rose by nearly 7%. Biblica CEO Carl Moeller blames the trend on the amount of biblical absorption going on in these different groups. He says North Americans have become addicted to a superficial Christianity. The solution? Moller says it is Meeting Christ and introducing others to Him.

A Kansas judge on Thursday blocked a law that would have effectively banned the majority of second-trimester abortions performed in Kansas. According to the Huffington Post, The first-in-the-nation law would have banned a process that pro-lifers call "dismemberment abortion" and that pro-abortion advocates call dilation and evacuation. The lawsuit that the legislation be blocked before it was to take effect on July 1. The order blocking the law, from Shawnee County District Court Judge Larry Hendricks, will stay in effect while he considers the lawsuit further.

Here are 5 ways to help us seek Jesus this summer from Revive Our Hearts:
1. Preach truth to yourself.
2. Don't let busyness crowd out God.
3. Listen to Jesus.
4. Recommit to pursuing Jesus.
5. Seize moments to be still and look for God in His creation.

10 Ways to Put Yourself Second from All Pro Dad:
Visualize Yourself Less Selfish
Display Unexpected Kindness
Avoid the At All Costs Mentality
Take What You Need and Leave the Rest
Leave Judgment to God
Practice Healthy Habits
Master Invisible Leadership
Envy Is For the Weak
Build a Wealthy Spirit

8 Things to Teach Your Daughter About True Womanhood from iMom:
1. Be True to Who You Are
2. Speak Your Mind
3. You Are More Than Your Body
4. You Have Choices
5. Being a Wife Can Be Amazing
6. Being Single Can Be Amazing
7. Being a Mother Can Be Amazing
8. Men Are Different

Congressman Randy Forbes is encouraging Christians to "Faith it Forward". The Virginia congressman encouraged Christians in a Baptist Press article to tell the story of people helping people. Forbes said: as the founder and co-chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, I am joining with members of Congress across the country to tell these inspiring stories of how people of faith are making a positive impact on their communities. We're calling the initiative "Faith it Forward" and hope it will help unite the nation around celebrating the hope and inspiration that comes from helping others.

Some churches are going high tech in their effort to keep track of those who attend services. More than two dozen churches around the world have installed a facial-recognition system that monitor which members of the flock have actually shown up for the Sunday sermon. The system is called Churchix and was developed by Israeli software company, Face-six. It continually scans the religious center's CCTV feed and matches congregation members to a pre-existing database of their faces -- reportedly with 99 percent accuracy.

Gmail is making it possible for you to unsend emails. Officials announced the addition of 'Undo Send' as a formal setting in Gmail on the web. 'Undo Send' allows people using Gmail to cancel a sent mail if they have second thoughts immediately after sending. It allows users to set the wait time before the email actually goes out, allowing a cancellation period.

New studies now indicate that Alzheimer’s may begin 20 years before noticeable symptoms appear. According to Time magazine, Researchers followed 2,125 elderly people for 18 years. Every three years, they gave the volunteers mental skills tests, and then compared the results over time. Researchers found that the group that went on to receive an Alzheimer’s diagnosis showed lower scores on their tests throughout the study period. In fact, their scores steadily declined with each test, beginning as much as 18 years before the actual Alzheimer's diagnosis.

Building 429's Aaron Branch was recently showing off his new hair. The bass player for the band, known for his bald head, recorded a video focused on his new, long, wavy hair. He said he would be debuting the new look at the concert that evening but he was concerned that it might be a little hot since he is used to being bald. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

The Matt Redman song 10,000 Reasons has won two Grammy Awards and spent time at the top of the Billboard Christian Songs chart. However, the song made the news recently for an even more surprising reason. According to a report at We Are, eight convicted drugs traffickers were executed in a maximum-security prison in Indonesia in late April. But the long years in prison had changed them. Seven of the eight had become Christians. They sang hymns like Amazing Grace in their final hours and refused to wear blindfolds as they faced the firing squad. And as the final seconds of their lives counted down, they started to sing a new song: 10,000 Reasons.

See five countries in one unforgettable trip. Join Greg Laurie for the Footsteps of Paul and Land of Jesus tour May 13 through 27 of 2016. It will include a Mediterranean cruise to key sites from the missionary journeys of Paul like Ephesus, Crete, Corinth and Athens, as well as Jerusalem and the other sites around Israel.

The audio version of Love and The Outcome's Heart Like You, Roadtrip Remix is now available on youtube. Check out the audio by clicking on the link at

Colton Dixon wants to hear your story. He recently released the official music video for Through All of It, telling the story of many who have come through struggles in their lives. Now he wants you to share your story. Watch the video by clicking on the link at and then share your story with Colton via youtube.

Plumb this week released the official lyric video for her song Exhale. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Creationfest is being broadcast online. The festival is going on through the weekend, wrapping up on June 27. Included is appearances by Tobymac, Switchfoot, Matthew West, Skillet, and many more. And it's all being broadcast live online throughout each day. Check out the free online broadcast by clicking on the link at

Ken Davis is out with his latest LightenUp video. This week he tells the story of how he killed a sheep. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Pakistan is closing its doors to foreign aid groups. According to Mission Network News, Foreign aid groups operating in Pakistan will have until September to register with the government. In addition, the Interior Ministry will now oversee all monitoring and authorizing procedures. Officials say developments like these make the work of Pakistani Christians, like those helped by Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI), even more important. That's because FMI doesn’t rely on Western missionaries coming in to Pakistan. Instead, they partner with and empower the indigenous believers already in the country.

A food pantry in the nation’s capital is taking a fresh approach to efficiently identifying and feeding the hungry -- with surprising results. The Capital Area Food Bank in Lorton, Virginia, is using maps drawn from a variety of data sets to more accurately determine which parts of the metro area are most in need of food. Officials say that, when all the maps available are combined, some surprising gaps between need and services were identified. Many suburban areas near D.C. were flagged as having unmet hunger needs and that information is now being used to inform decisions such as how the food bank spends its resources and which partner organizations it works with.

Nearly 60 million people have been driven from their homes by war and persecution, an unprecedented global exodus that has burdened fragile countries with waves of newcomers and littered deserts and seas with the bodies of those who died trying to reach safety. According to the New York Times, The new figures, released Thursday by the United Nations refugee agency, paint a staggering picture of a world where new conflicts are erupting and old ones are refusing to subside, driving up the total number of displaced people to a record 59.5 million by the end of 2014. Officials add that half of the displaced are children.

In February, Wycliffe Associates announced that a team in Asia was able to translate almost half of the New Testament in two weeks. According to Christianity Today, The announcement prompted a flurry of responses from experienced translators who questioned the quality of the work. Now the results are in and the report says they are surprising everyone. In two weeks a group of 13 translators completed translation of the Gospels and 1 and 2 Timothy. After five different checks, Wycliffe Associates found there was no decrease in the quality of the translation. Wycliffe Associates currently has 115 mast projects under way, and is set to add 120 more in 2015.

The U.S. Supreme court will soon make a decision on the legal definition of marriage. Now Focus on the Family has put together a web page full of resources about the decision. The site looks at everything from information about the issue before the court, to what's at stake, to how Christian's should respond. Access the free Focus on the Family resource page by clicking on the link at

5 Essential Qualities To Look For When Dating from Family Talk
1. Christian.
2. Communication
3. Character
4. Chemistry
5. Calling

6 Summer Fun Ideas to Rock Your Weekend from iMom:
1. 4 Easy Ways to Make Paint
2. 5 Wacky Water Games
3. Watch One of These 10 Great Throwback Movies
4. How to Go On an Indoor Camping Adventure
5. A Water Scavenger Hunt for Kids!
6. Open Your Own Family Restaurant – Here’s How!
Check out all of them by clicking on the link at

If you’re looking for a marriage partner, then consider these 7 foundational traits of great couples:
Healthy Communication
The Same Spiritual Track
A Basis of Genuine Friendship
Mutual Understanding
Enduring Physical Attraction
Alignment in Character and Integrity
A Willingness to Commit

Wanting to literally get the most bang for your buck this independence day? The financial organization WalletHub has compared the 100 largest U.S. cities, using 14 key metrics such as the duration of fireworks shows, the average price of a three-star hotel, fireworks laws, and weather to help find the best fourth of July celebration. Their list has Minneapolis, Minnesota at number one. It's followed by Seattle, WA, St. Paul, MN, Portland, Or, and San Francisco, CA.

Ford is testing a new program to help you afford one of their vehicles. According to Time Magazine, they are suggesting you rent out your car for short periods, offsetting the cost. The new program is called Peer-2-Peer Car Sharing, and it’s available now as a pilot program in Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and London. Ford cited research showing that one-third of millennial's were interested in renting out their car as a way to supplement their income.

American Astronaut Terry Virts made the most of his 199 days in space. According to a report in Time Magazine, Virts show a a record-breaking 319,275 photos. Throughout his stay aboard the Space Station he traveled about 84 million miles. All the time Virts was shooting stills and videos that were later posted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine with support from his colleagues on the ground. He captured lightning storms over the Himalayas, Mexico and the American heartland; overhead shots of the ice fields of Patagonia and the farms of central Brazil. On his last day, he finally managed to get a shot of the pyramids in Gaza, Egypt.

Angie Smith is becoming just as well known as her husband, Selah member Todd Smith. But it wasn't always that way. Angie recently shared with more than 1,000 ministers wives about her journey from an awkward new believer to a well known author and speaker. According to the Baptist Press, Angie came to Christ as an adult. She shared about her struggles as she dealt with her lack of knowledge in the local church early on. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

The Sidewalk Prophets are asking for your prayers. Their new CD will be available later this summer and, in the two months until their album releases, members of the band are asking that you join them in praying for the new project. They are hoping for 1,000 people to stand with them in prayer. You can sign up online by clicking on the link at

Just in time for your summer road trip, Love and The Outcome has released the Roadtrip Remix of their song Heart Like You. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Audrey Assad is giving away new music. It's been a couple of years since she first announced the formation of the band LEVV. However, until now, Audrey hasn't said much about the side project. All that changed this week with the release of a four song EP by the band. It's called arrows and the music is available for free. You can access the free download by clicking on the link at Meanwhile, Audrey is also hard at work on her next solo album, a hymns/worship album called Inheritance.

New music from Aaron Shust is coming soon. He released a picture of the track list for Doxology this week, describing it as a CD made up of songs proclaiming Christ as Victorious, a King-not-to-be-trifled-with. Aaron says that work on the new album is finally done and he will announce release information soon.

Matt Redman has released another live performance from his new CD Unbroken Praise. The CD was recorded live at Abbey Road Studios in London and, as part of the recording process, he also recorded videos during the live performance of several of the songs. This week Matt released another one of those videos. This time it's an acoustic version of his song Abide with Me. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Hillsong United recorded a music video during a recent trip to L.A. The video of their song Touch the Sky was filmed as they literally did just that. The band filmed their song on the roof of the iconic Capitol Records tower. Check out the video clicking on the link at

Bob Lepine isn't afraid to break into song when recording programs for Family Life Today. But he was joking recently that he might have to take his singing to the next level. Both Bob and the Newsboys were on the set of God's Not Dead 2 as it was filmed in Arkansas over the weekend. Bob took a picture with the Newsboys and jokingly quipped: Just auditioned for the open slot with the Newsboys. We'll see...

Matt Maher is attempting to bring some love to a difficult place. Matt tweeted this week: If there is one place that desperately needs a care bear stare, it's LAX on Monday morning. Matt shared a picture of the care bears sharing a little love.

Show Hope wants to see your selfies. Complete the Invisible Bracelet challenge and then take a picture with your Invisible Bracelet in support of orphans.

While Christianity is spreading like wildfire in the urban areas of China, minority groups, which tend to be in rural and remote areas, are facing a challenge unique to their area. According to China Partner, there’s a lack of people ministering to minority groups. They say “The Gospel is available, it’s just not accessible in some areas.” In response, the organization is now going into already existing Bible schools to help train students to go back to their remote villages and continue the ministries already underway.

One organization is using crayons bring healing to traumatized kids in Nepal. According to Mission Network News, EFCA Reach Global is reaching out to children impacted by the earthquakes in that country. They say many of the kids look normal. But when given crayons and paper the themes of sheer fear and confusion begin to come out. They are working through the local church to give the children some structure and helping to reduce the impact of the earthquake.

What's in the Bible is out with a list of ideas for breaking the boredom this summer. Here's a few of their suggestions:
1. Read something every day.
2. Stick to a routine each day.
3. Have play-dough ready for rainy days.
4. Let the kids be involved in menu planning, shopping and preparing for meals.
5. Keep an “I’m Bored” jar with activity ideas to pull out when boredom strikes.
6. Have a summer “bucket list” of all the things you want to do before summer is over.
7. Whether it’s the sprinkler, water balloons, or the pool. Water always saves the day!

10 Traits of Highly Effective Dads from Family Talk
1. They keep their lives de-compartmentalized.
2. They realize that their manhood and fatherhood is directly tied to their relationship with God.
3. If married, they uphold their wives as their number one friend
4. They practice the discipline of meekness.
5. They’ve tied their hearts to the hearts of their children.
6. They honor their child’s gender and unique giftedness.
7. They are great listeners and make themselves available
8. They make their children feel special and believe in them.
9. Mercy and grace are a part of their households.
10. They take care of the fundamentals or basics

Here are 7 signs to let you know it is time for some outside counsel from Family Minute:
1. When communication on important, meaningful issues is almost zero.
2. When one or both of you have given up on sexual intimacy.
3. When past issues keep intruding on the present, with no resolution in sight.
4. When trust is low or lost, and secrets are present in your marriage.
5. When one or both of you have been unfaithful.
6. When the only shortcomings you see are your spouse’s and never your own.
7. When abuse creeps into the marriage.

Looking to travel this summer. The web site wallethub is out with their list of the best states for summer road trips. Using 20 key metrics, WalletHub compared the 50 U.S. states to identify the states that offer frugally minded road travelers the most fun for the least cost. Data ranged from average gas prices to the quality of roads to the number of attractions. Coming in at number 1 on the list was Oregon. That was followed in the top 5 by Nevada, Minnesota, Washington, and Ohio.

Samsung wants to leverage its technological expertise to make the roads a safer place. According to ABC news, A prototype truck designed by Samsung seeks to make the oversize vehicles seemingly transparent. A front-facing camera with night vision capability projects what the semi driver is seeing in front of them. The live video images is then projected onto the back of the truck, showing drivers behind the semi when it is or is not safe for them to pass.

Cambridge University has announced plans for a Lego Professorship. According to a Huffington Post report, The Lego Foundation, which owns 25 percent of the Lego company, is endowing a Lego professorship and research center at Cambridge University. The foundation gave cambridge 2.5 million British pounds for the professorship. An additional 1.5 million pounds will establish a research center within Cambridge's Department of Education to study the role of play in childhood development and learning.

Move Over Vanilla: Cookies 'N Cream Is The Official Ice Cream Of Summer. Zagat released the findings from its first-ever "Summer Food Survey", interviewing more than 1,000 people. The results are:
1. funnel cakes are overwhelmingly the food of choice at carnivals
2. cookies and cream is the favorite ice cream flavor, although vanilla and mint chocolate chip weren't far behind
3. frozen, blended coffee is the summer coffee drink of choice.

Tenth Avenue North guitarist Jeff Owen is asking for your help. His brother and sister in law are are trying to adopt a little girl from China and Jeff says you can help by buying a piece of puzzle. Find our more by clicking on the link at

Mary Beth Chapman she may have to break out her husbands Christmas Peanuts shirt a little early this year. She shared a picture of the Peanuts cast preparing for their new movie with Steven Curtis seated front and center. Mary Beth says the movie is coming out on November 6th and Steven is so excited.

Rebecca St James will be part of another movie next week. Just in time for Independence day, the movie Faith of our Fathers will be in Theaters on July 1. Rebecca says the movie is a story of fatherhood and a journey of brotherhood.

Comedian and Gaither Vocal Band member Mark Lowry is giving you the chance to own his ride. He announced this week that his RV, affectionately call The Holy Roller, is now for sale.

Amy Grant is part of a new animated movie called All Creatures Big and Small. Grant announced this week that her voice is part of the free movie. It's scheduled for release later this month. Grant says the animated kids movie features the untold story of Noah's ark. She says: one ark, 50,000 animals. What could go wrong?

Colton Dixon premiered the powerful new video for his song Through All of It on Fox News over the weekend. But in a special tribute, Colton dedicated the new video to the Charleston church that was the scene of the shooting last week. Although the video was filmed long before the church massacre, Colton says the message of the video holds a truth that is relevant today. Hear Colton talk about his new project on Fox News and watch the video as well by clicking on the link at

Luke from for King and Country is training his kids young. He recorded a video while jamming with his two sons and says it might very well be one of the greatest jam sessions ever caught on camera. Check out the 15 second video by clicking on the link at

Third Day was on stage for their Third Day and Friends event Live from The Arena at Gwinnett. Mac Powell was joined on stage by Matt Maher for the Third Day song Soul on Fire. Watch the video of the performance by clicking on the link at

Just in time for Independence Day, Veritas this week released a music video for their rendition of God Bless America. Check it out by clicking on the link at

SanctusReal has found a unique way to use social media to expand their outreach. Front man Matt Hammitt announced over the weekend that band members would be broadcasting the concert live over the social media site Periscope. The site allows the broadcast of live video but, rather than just having one online stream, Matt said each of the members of SanctusReal would be broadcasting. That allowed followers to watch the concert through the eyes of each member of the band.

Earlier this month The Rock and Worship Roadshow was asking for your vote on male artists to include in the annual concert series. Now organizers of the event want to hear your choice for bands to be asked to take part. The ballot includes an extensive list of contemporary, worship and Rock Bands. You can cast your vote by clicking on the link at

The Southern Baptists 2014 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for international missions has raised the second-highest total in it's 126-year history. According to Mission Network News, Southern Baptist churches collected $153-million-2-thousand-394-dollars-and-13-cents. Every penny of the offering, named for Southern Baptists’ most famous missionary, goes to the the International Mission Board's overseas budget, which directly supports more than 4,700 missionaries and their work.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is giving away copies of Albert Moholer's latest publication A Guide to Church Revitalization. Officials say the online book has already been downloaded more than 1,000 times over the past week. In the free book Moholer says "One of our central tasks in the present generation is helping existing churches to find new vision, new strategic focus, new passion for the gospel, new hunger for the preaching of the Word, new love for their communities, and new excitement about seeing people come to faith in Jesus,” Download your copy by clicking on the link at

After being booted for requiring student leaders to be Christians, InterVarsity, America's largest campus ministry has regained its place at the 19 California campuses, the nation's largest public university system. According to Christianity Today, InterVarsity noted that its 23 chapters on 19 CSU campuses will "once again be recognized student groups". As part of the agreement, college officials said InterVarsity will allow all students to become members, which they have always done. The ministry will also allow all students to apply for leadership positions. InterVarsity officials add that, while they will allow anyone to apply, "We have been assured that we can have a rigorous selection process which reflects InterVarsity’s mission and message as a Christian ministry."

A federal district court judge in Alexandria, Virginia, heard arguments late last week in a lawsuit that may influence whether the U.S. Navy must admit secular atheists as chaplains. According to World Magazine, Jason Heap, a member of the Humanist Society and a former Baptist minister, sued the U.S. Navy in November 2014, challenging its rejection of his application to serve as the military’s first humanist chaplain. The lawsuit also seeks to require the Navy to recognize the Humanist Society as a religious body qualified to endorse military chaplains.

6 signs you’re not working out hard enough
You’re not monitoring your heart rate
You can hold a conversation
You’re not even a little sore the next day
You work out at the same intensity all the time
You’re not cross-training
You’re not seeing physical changes

5 ways to fall deeper in love with God.
1. Get on the other side of the cross. The cross is not the end of our experience with God but the beginning.
2. Remember that God loves you more than you do.
3. Choose whom you listen to
4. Re-ignite your love.
5. The discipline of praise.

The 5 best things you can do for your body
Avoid Thinking of Exercise as Exercise. Instead, find ways to make it fun.
Eat Dark Chocolate
Feed Your Skin Vitamin C
Have a Vegetable Course
Put Sleep First

A former stray cat named Tara has been named National Hero Dog of the year. The cat received the 33rd annual award, an honor usually reserved for canines, after saving a little boy by scaring off an attack dog. The cats heroic actions were caught on the family's security camera and have been viewed more than 24 million times on youtube since being uploaded in mid May.

For 16-year-old Katie Stagliano, it started simply enough. According to a Huffington Post article, when she was in third grade, she planted a cabbage seedling as part of a school gardening project. After it grew to a massive 40 pounds Stagliano donated it to a soup kitchen in her hometown, where it was cooked with ham and rice, serving more than 275 low-income individuals. After seeing the impact of just one seedling, the then-9-year-old was hooked. Using a plot of land donated by her elementary school, she created a community garden aimed at feeding the hungry as well as getting more classmates excited about gardening. The 16 year old's garden last year was responsible for supplying 3,000 pounds of donated produce to local charities.

Aside from the occasional birthday cake or candy binge, you might think you’re a healthy eater. But according to a Time Magazine article, sugar lurks in more than just the obvious places, like candy bars and cupcakes. SugarScience, a new initiative from the University of California, San Francisco is working to educate consumers about sugar. They point out that some kinds of yogurt have more sugar than a Twinkie. Other high sugar foods to watch out for include granola, sports drinks and fruit juices, the dressing on your salad, and ketchup.

These high school sweethearts Lucas D'Onofrio and his girlfriend Tamara aren't even married yet, and they already know the meaning of "in sickness and in health." According to the Huffington Post, Tamara was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in February. She recently finished her last of six chemotherapy sessions. Lucas chose that day to proposal to Tamera when she returned to her room following her final treatment. Lucas said “I wanted it to be a symbol or closing the chapter of cancer in her life and opening a new chapter with our lives together"

Christian artists are speaking out about the Charleston's church shooting tragedy. Artists like Blanca and Newsboys front man Michael Tait shared some thoughts with CCM magazine.
Michael Tait said: I've said it before and I must say it again, COLORS DON'T HATE BUT PEOPLE DO, and there is an obvious reason why. Since the fall of man, we are born and shaped in sin, and that sin controls us until we lay down our lives and give up the rights to ourselves to become new creations in Christ with renewed minds!
Blanca added: I believe that now is no time for fear nor standing back but more than ever, a time for the body of Christ to come together in prayer asking the Lord to be a light in this darkness and to heal our nation.

Last week SanctusReal front man Matt Hammitt started a new podcast he called the Lead Me Lifecast. And Matt is using one of his first releases on the new Podcast to respond to the Charleston Church Shooting. Matt titled the free download "Where Were the Fathers?" Download the podcast by clicking on the link at

After years of disappointing cups of coffee, the band Skillet has decided to take matters into their own hands. Members of the band recently shared: We knew what we wanted…just a perfect bold, smooth, rich cup of coffee. After endless trials of different blends and roasts, we succeeded in creating exactly what we wanted! Now you can get your own bag of Skillet coffee, called Rise, along with a Skillet tumbler on the Skillet online store.

Last October, American Idol's Scott MacIntyre was given just six months until his kidneys would fail. But eight months later, thanks to an anonymous donor, he has undergone a successful transplant. According to People Magazine, it was MacIntyre's second kidney transplant. The 29 year old was born blind and previously underwent a kidney transplant at the age of 22 after he was diagnosed with kidney failure in his late teens.

JJ Heller celebrated Father's Day by releasing the audio of her new song Father/Daughter Dance. The song features SanctusReal front man Matt Hammitt. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The web site Desiring God is out with a new devotional titled My All in All. The devotional reminds readers that Christ is our ultimate treasure. It features the Shane and Shane song “Your Are My All in All." Check out the devotional and the song by clicking on the link at

Kristian Stanfill has released a lyric video for the song “Savior’s Arms”. The song by Kristian and the Passion Band is off the Pizza Ranch Living Hope compilation album. Check it out by clicking on the link at

For King and Country was featured on Fox And Friends Friday morning. However, if you missed the broadcast you can now check out their performance online. Watch the video of their live performance of Fix My Eyes by clicking on the link at

A school in Africa recorded an amazing video to the Unspoken song Start A Fire. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Steven Curtis Chapman is ministering to the people of Charleston in the best way he knows how. The long time Christian artist wrote a song simply titled Charleston after hearing about the tragedy. He released the song on youtube with what he called a heavy, but hopeful heart. Steven said: They chose to love...and Love never fails...Love always has the last word! Watch the video of the song Charleston, from Steven Curtis Chapman, by clicking on the link at

Mark Hall took a quick break from this weekends Casting Crowns concert to record a video for his daughter Reagan. In the middle of the show, while the band was still playing in the background, Mark recorded the short clip telling his daughter just how special she is.

Bethany Christian Services is expanding their Bamboo Project. According to Mission Network News, the Bamboo Project is a specifically focused recruitment effort to find families for children in China who have Down syndrome. Since it's beginning in 2013, 10 children have been adopted through the program. Now the organization is expanding the program to ix orphanages in China in an attempt to find additional families. As a way of supporting the adoptive families, Bethany created a Down Syndrome Toolkit, a Webinar regarding Down syndrome.

Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson announced in a letter over the weekend that his organization will donate $100,000 in honor of the victims of the Charleston, South Carolina, shooting on Wednesday. According to the Huffington Post, Richardson said that $10,000 should go to each of the families of the nine victims. The final $10,000 is to go to the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the site of the shooting, "as a memorial honoring the victims."

Ramadan is officially underway. In response, Forgotten Missionaries International workers recently left for Indonesia, home to nearly 13% of the world’s Muslims and the highest Muslim-populated country in the world. FMI Executive International Director Bruce Allen, along with his wife and two other FMI members, will conduct a training seminar on two of the countries’ islands for indigenous pastors and church leaders.

5 Ways to Seek Jesus This Summer from Revive Our Hearts:
1. Preach truth to yourself.
2. Don't let busyness crowd out God.
3. Listen to Jesus.
4. Recommit to pursuing Jesus.
5. Seize moments to be still and look for God in His creation.

7 Solid Strategies for Investing in Your Children from Family Minute:
1. Have a strategic investing plan.
2. Start investing early.
3. Invest consistently.
4. Don’t follow the herd.
5. Expect volatility.
6. Get the best investment advice you can—and then think for yourself.
7. Take a long-term view.

10 ways to easily eliminate stress
1. Remind yourself how unimportant your worries are in the big scheme of things.
2. Automate as many things as you can.
3. Plan your day so that stress is minimized.
4. Set aside a specific time during the day to do all your worrying.
5. Talk to yourself.
6. Lean back instead of leaning forward.
7. Watch comedy.
8. Spend more time with friends.
9. Be compassionate.
10. Spend time in nature.

Utah’s largest public university has created a special lane for people who text while walking up stairs. According to Time Magazine, a staircase at Utah Valley University’s new student center building in Orem added a “texting lane” in June.

130 years ago the statue of liberty arrived in New York Harber. In celebration, Time Magazine has released a series of pictures this month, giving views of the statue before it was assembled at it's current location. Check out the pictures and read more about the construction and delivery of this national icon by clicking on the link at

This weekend Sixty-six surfers have set a world record for most people riding a board at once. According to ABC News, Surf champions and local heroes were among those who hung loose on a custom built, 42-foot board off Huntington Beach on Saturday. The Orange County Register reports the 66 surfers rode a wave for 12 seconds.

Is the sunscreen you use really protecting your skin? Dermatologists say that, to shield your face and body adequately when you're outdoors, you need a full ounce of sunscreen. And according to a Huffington Post article, you need to reapply that amount every two hours if you are staying dry and more often if you're getting wet. They say most water-resistant sunscreens are rated for only 40 to 80 minutes

Third Day has partnered with iDisciple to give you access to the resource iDisciple. At the site you can also enjoy “THIRD DAY Thoughts” - a Bible verse and a short word of inspiration - plus an invitation to participate in THIRD DAY’s weekly devotions and Bible studies as well as band members’ personal insights on faith, family, touring, and more. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Jimmy Needham was on the Desiring God web site this week honestly opening up about his struggles and sharing about the victory God has given him over sin. Jimmy shared: In high school, and even into college, I weighed 260 pounds and was not even six feet tall. I was addicted to pornography — had been since I was nine. Jimmy says: The message of the gospel collided with my appetites when I was fifteen. I was saved; I was washed; I was made new. Even so, as a young Christian I was losing battles with my gluttony and lust. Jimmy says Real freedom came for me when I began, by God’s grace, to see that my cravings were for more than just food or sex. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Thursday was moving day for Colton Dixon but the day didn't get off to a good start. Colton shared a picture from the moving van as the rain poured down outside. He said: supposed to rain tomorrow too. Should have closed on Monday.

Britt Nicole loves hearing about how everyone is staying active this summer. And to encourage you to keep it up she is giving away several workout accessories plus a signed copy of THE REMIXES to one person. But you need to move quickly. A winner will be announced this afternoon. Just click on the picture at Britt's facebook page and comment with the name of your favorite song from The Remixes for a chance to win!

The New Song Cafe Video for Christy Nockels song My Anchor is now available online. Included are free copies of the audio, lyrics, and chords for the worship song. Access the free resources by clicking on the link at

The Unspoken song Good Fight is featured in the latest trailer for the Kendrick brothers next movie. The makers of Fireproof, Courageous, and Facing the Giants will release their latest movie, War Room, later this year. This week they released the latest trailer for the upcoming movie and Good Fight is the music used to tie it all together. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Ellie Holcomb this week released her latest music video. The official music video is for her song As Sure as the Sun. It's the title cut from her debut album. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Matt Redman is out with another lyric video and chord chart. The focus this time is the title cut from Matt's brand new CD Unbroken Praise. Check out the lyric video and chords for the song by clicking on the link at

Bart Millard recently sat down with CBN to talk about the latest Mercyme song called Flawless. In the video Bart shared about the new freedom he's found in his walk with Christ and how that is expressed in the words of the bands latest song. Listen to the interview by clicking on the link at

In the days leading up to father's day Selah's Todd Smith shared the song Moments Like This. Todd says he wrote the song for all those dads who love their kids but feel they are not measuring up. He says the song is a reminder to keep going. Todd says: No one can replace you in their lives! You are doing a great job! Watch the video of Moments Like This by clicking on the link at

Phil Wickham recently recorded a video talking about the song My All in All and the story behind it. The song is featured on his latest CD, Sing Along 3. Watch as Phil shares more about the song by clicking on the link at

Americans have less confidence in organized religion today than ever measured before. According to a new Gallup study, reported this week in the Huffington Post, “In the ’80s the church and organized religion were No. 1 in Gallup’s annual look at confidence in institutions. In the latest study, church/organized religion is now ranked in fourth place in the Gallup survey — behind the military, small business and the police — while still ahead of the medical system, Congress and the media, among 15 institutions measured.

The world’s groundwater is being depleted at alarming rates. According to an ABC News report, NASA researchers concluded that 21 of the world’s 37 largest aquifers are being depleted faster than they can recharge, posing a long-term threat to the world’s freshwater supply. The study employed satellite data in the study released Tuesday. Areas with aquifers under the most stress include India, northern China, the Middle East, Saharan Africa, and California’s Central Valley.

A Georgia father was caught on camera jumping onto a moving SUV to save his 8-year-old son from a carjacker who was racing off with the boy in the back seat. According to ABC News, Malcolm Millones was getting ready to pump gas when a teen had jumped into the SUV, taking off with Millones’ son Rashaan in the back seat. Millones grabbed onto the side of the SUV as the driver pulled out of the station, beating on the window and hanging on for about a quarter-mile. He fell and broke his arm, but his actions were enough to distract the carjacker, allowing Rashaan the chance to jump out, unharmed.

Ramadan is beginning this week with turmoil and upheaval in several of the Muslim-dominated countries around the world. Ramadan is the Muslim holy month where followers of Islam pay special attention to their religious duties as they seek out God and truth. However, it’s also been a traditional time where other religious minority groups have seen a sudden spike in persecution, stemming from the Quran’s commands to eliminate Christians. However, with all of the turmoil plaguing the Middle East and North Africa, many more Muslims have been asking deep questions and getting answers from the Bible. As a result, there are reports that many are coming to faith in Christ. Between that and the search for truth, officials say this year that Ramadan represents an opportunity to talk about Christ.

4 Summer Learning Activity Tips for You and Your Kids from All Pro Dad:
1. Celebrate what they have accomplished.
2. Set goals.
3. Gather your resources.
4. Learn to have fun.

3 Things Your Children Must Know About Gender Identity from Revive Our Hearts:
1. Your primary purpose is to glorify God.
2. Your primary practice must be to look like Him.
3. Our bodies must be a living sacrifice to God.

Here is a guide to waiting on God well.
2. Praise God for What He Has Already Done
3. Prepare
4. Keep a Proper Perspective
5. Press On

Treasury officials say Alexander Hamilton no longer fits the bill for the $10 note, and plan to replace him with the face of an American woman or women. According to an ABC News Report, the move, part of a planned upgrade for all paper currency, represents the first time in more than a century that a bill will have a woman on it. The new bills are slated to enter circulation in 2020 -- the year that marks the 100th anniversary of women’s gaining the right to vote. But the woman who will replace Hamilton remains a mystery, at least for now. That’s because the Treasury Department is asking the public to weigh in on the new design. They are using the hashtag #TheNew10 to collect suggestions and launching a website: TheNew10.Treasury.Gov.

Starting your first full time job? According to Time Magazine, the most important thing to look for on your first job is growth. In fact, it should be your focus above compensation, above location, above lifestyle, and above anything else. The article says getting on a high growth path will set that person up for success much more so than even the quality of the university they attended. That’s because so many super talented people grow way more slowly than their potential.

What do you call an adorable octopus that looks like a mix of a ghost in Pac-Man and Pearl from “Finding Nemo”? According to ABC News, Stephany Bush is still deciding on the perfect name. The post doctoral fellow at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute is researching the cute creature and the responsibility is on her for naming it. She and her team used a remotely operated vehicle to capture 15 of the small octopus over the course of a little more than a year.

Looking for the hot culinary trends as you plan your dinner parties this summer. Huffington Post is out with a list of some of the new trends in food as the hot weather arrives. They say a few trends include ice cream sandwiches replacing cupcakes, cauliflower replacing kale, and tex-mex out pacing italian. Other new trend items include popsicle cocktails and chilled ramen while officials say fried chicken is also making a comeback.

After 27 albums and three decades in the music industry, Michael w. Smith is taking a risk. According to an article in Guidepost Magazine, Michael's new CD Sovereign is a departure from his usual style, trading in the live orchestra for a studio sound. Michael is also doing more touring outside the USA. He has already been in Nigeria, South Africa and Brazil this year and he will soon be hitting the road again, this time heading to Tokyo, North Korea and Ukraine. In between Michael W. Smith is working with his eldest son Tyler on the soundtrack for the new Kate Bosworth film 90 Minutes in Heaven.

Selah member Todd Smith is celebrating his wife's accomplishments. Todd announced on twitter that the Bible study created by his wife Angie is the #1 Bible Study in America. The Bible study is titled Seamless and is designed to help readers see God's word as one complete story rather than 66 separate books.

Matt Redman is a well known worship leader and now he is reaching out to help young worship leaders who are following in his footsteps. Matt recently sat down the the web site we are to share some advice every young worship leader should read. Some of his suggestions include:
1. Have honest but caring feedback.
2. Always looking for new ways to express Biblical themes.
3. Have people to look up to, musically, theologically, and leadership-wise.

SanctusReal front man Matt Hammitt this week announced something new. He is begining an audio podcast on iTunes titled The Lead Me Lifecast. Matt says the Lead Me Lifecast is a series of personal and spiritual journals, along with vulnerable interviews on topics related to faith, family, marriage and manhood.

While feeling the emotion of anger can be justified, living in anger can be a lonely pit that isolates one from the people they love most. Instead, Dr. James Dobson says learning to cope with anger is vital in developing and maintaining strong family relationships. In a special free report Dr. Dobson answers common questions regarding anger, such as, "Is it sinful?" and "How can I bring my anger under control?" Access your free copy of the download by clicking on the link at

New music is coming from Rend Collective. The band announced this week that their next CD, Titled As Family We Go, will be available on August 21. The project is described by Rend Collective as 11 songs for the journey.

Matt Maher recently recorded a cover song for the web site New Release Today. Matt covered the song "Come As You Are" by Crowder. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Blanca says the members of her band sometimes just need to express themselves. She shared a video during one of their practice sessions. The guys in the band were having some fun and just going where the music took them.

The Christian Post is out with an exclusive look at the new music video for the Dan Bremnes song 'Where The Light Is'. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Chris Tomlin recently released a video telling more about his new song At The Cross (Love Ran Red). Find out more about the new song from Chris by clicking on the link at

Chris August is continuing to share stories behind the song. The latest focus is the song Paradise. Chris says it's a song about loss and how he found comfort knowing that we will end up in a better place. Chris added: if you’ve lost someone, I hope this song helps you find comfort too.

Jeremy Camp is back. After six straight months of touring Jeremy took the past two months off. But now he's back with a new video talking about what he's been doing over the pass couple of months and what is coming next. Jeremy says he spent a week in Israel walking where Jesus walked, went on vacation to Mexico with his family, made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry, and played in Washington DC. So what's next? Jeremy says new music is coming. He says a new album is in the works.

Millions of refugee children across the Middle East and North Africa who were driven from their homes by war have also lost access to schooling. Now the Satellite television company Sat-7 is trying to remedy that problem. The kids program My School brings a school to them through television. The teachers and curriculum are provided by Heart for Lebanon while the SAT-7 Lebanon studio films and produces the episodes. The curriculum in the pilot program covers essential Arabic, English, and Math principles.

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom reports that persecution of religious minorities in Iran has increased ever since the 2013 election of the new President. But, Open Doors USA says this hasn’t stopped the ministry of Christians. As of February 2015, approximately 90 Christians were either in prison, detained, or awaiting trial because of their religious beliefs and activities. But officials say they are now starting to hear stories of the gospel being shared behind the prison doors as Christians in Iran continue their ministry work, despite the suffering.

FamilyMinute(Family Minute)
5 Ways to Avoid Marriage Foreclosure from Family Minute:
1. Give your spouse time and freedom to process trials differently.
2. Recognize the temptation to withdraw from each other during periods of intense challenges.
3. Respond to trials by embracing God’s perspective of suffering.
4. Remember that your mate is never your enemy.
5. If the burden or suffering persists, seek outside help.

Here are 5 things you probably didn't know about French fries
1. Nobody Can Agree on Where They Were Invented
2. British Chips Are Thicker Than American Fries
3. McDonald's Has a Lock on the Market: About 7 percent of all the potatoes grown in the United States are turned into McDonald's fries.
4. Thomas Jefferson Introduced Them to America
5. Taking French fries off of a another's plate is one of the most common causes of quarrels at restaurants.

Here are five lifelong lessons children learn when you say, “No.” from iMom:
1. Their desires aren’t safe.
2. Their desires are not what is best for the whole family.
3. Their desire is not a good desire.
4. Their desire is not what they really want.
5. Their desire will lead to a greater Yes.

Donald Trump is well known for his trademark hairdo. And now you can have the same look. In celebration of Trump's announcement as a presidential candidate, Time has released a list of four instructions for styling your hair to look just like Donald Trump. Check it out by clicking on the link at

If you have a dollar bill, you would be a quadrillionaire in Zimbabwe. Actually you would be a quadrillionaire 35 times over. As the country continues to move away from it's currency and toward the use of American dollars or the South African Rand, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has further reduced the value of the countries banknotes. The new rate later this year will be 35 quadrillion Zimbabwe dollars to one US dollar. A quadrillion is a 1 followed by 15 zeros.

What happens when you combine a preschool and a nursing home? According to ABC news, it's being done at a preschool in Seattle, where child care takes place throughout a campus which is also home to more than 400 older adults. And officials say it's been transformational. They reported that, moments before the kids came in, many of the people seemed half alive. However, as soon as the kids walked in for art or music or making sandwiches for the homeless or whatever the project that day was, the residents came alive.

Retired Olympian Bryan Clay has found a new use for his Javelin, pulling his daughters tooth. The gold medallist retired in 2012 and has been focusing on parenting his little girl. Recently he recorded a video on youtube. The clip begins with Clay holding a javelin with a long string attached to its end, while the other end of the thread is tied to his daughter's incisor. The video shows Clay throwing the javelin followed by a clip of Ellie's mouth with one less tooth.

When Elisabeth Elliot married and headed to Ecuador, she simply expected to be the wife of a missionary, serving the Lord “on a foreign field.” What God had planned, however, was a remarkable journey marked by loss and grief, and also by a platform to speak into the hearts of millions about what it means to be a woman of God—a child of God. Elisabeth passed away earlier this week at the age of 88. Her life will be remembered and celebrated with a special program Thursday and Friday of this week on Revive Our Hearts—a ministry birthed out of Elisabeth’s teaching outreach. Also be sure to read host Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ tribute to Elisabeth by clicking on the link at

The new CCM Magazine is focused on fathers and fatherhood. The free magazine focused on Christian music features the thoughts of several fathers, including Chris Tomlin. Also in this weeks edition are Father's Day stories from Skillet, Ellie Holcomb, and more.

Mary Beth Chapman was feeling a little run down after the couples busy weekend in Washington DC but Steven Curtis was taking good care of her. She requested chicken noodle soup and he made sure he covered all the chicken noodle bases, returning home with seven different varieties of the soup.

David Crowder was taking this week about the social role of music and art. The worship leader told Relevant Magazine that what we sing about changes the way we think. Crowder said: Worship and justice go hand in hand. If what you’re singing doesn’t change what you do, what’s the point of singing? When you help people sing about Jesus and model their lives after Jesus, it’s going to change the way they interact with their neighbors. Read the entire discussion by clicking on the link at

Centricity Music is helping kick off summer with their Songs of the Summer EP. The 8 free songs feature music by Jason Gray, Unspoken, Lauren Daigle, Jonny Diaz, Aaron Shust, and more. Download your free copy of Song of the Summer by clicking on the link at

The web site We are is helping you gear up for Father's day this weekend. They are giving away five free songs to help you celebrate dad. The list includes Our Father, Who is Like the Father, Our Father has Won, and more. Access the free downloads by clicking on the link at

The new CD from David Dunn is titled Crystal Clear. The CD will be available in less than one week. But right now it's being streamed live on the New Release Today web site. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The band Skillet opened up their summer festival season with something a little different. According to New Release Tuesday, in addition to fan favorites and classics, Skillet also covered the song Wake Me Up. Check out their performance by clicking on the link at

The Switchfoot song The World You Want is featured in a recent video by the Ocean Foundation. Members of the band say they were happy to have their song in the video titled The Future of the Ocean Depends on You. Check out the video and the part played by Switchfoot by clicking on the link at

Bicycles are a common form of exercise but they can also be a helpful tool of missionaries. In the country of Chad Christian Aid Mission is supporting indigenous gospel workers and investing in the efforts of a native ministry by raising money for bikes. According to Mission Network News, The bicycles will help 30 native missionaries to more quickly travel around the country, showing the Jesus film in rural areas where 72 people groups have yet to hear the gospel.

As recovery efforts move forward in Nepal, workers are facing another difficulty. According to Mission Network News, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a problem nationwide. While the earth quakes have ended, landslides caused by heavy rain in Nepal last week, as the monsoon season hits, killed nearly two dozen people. Officials say financial assistance is still needed but there is also still a major need for spiritual assistance.

Peanuts and other nuts may protect against several major causes of death. According to a study that began in 1986 involving 120,000 Dutch adults, people who eat at least 10 grams of nuts or peanuts daily have a lower risk of dying from a range of serious illnesses. The reduction in mortality was strongest for respiratory disease, neurodegenerative disease, and diabetes, followed by cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

New finding could help scientists trace how viruses spread. According to a Time Magazine article, the blood test analyzes less than a single drop of blood and can reveal every virus people have over their lifetime. The experimental test called VirScan can detect the 206 virus species known to infect humans and more than 1,000 known virus strains, according to the journal Science. Scientists say the new blood test could help doctors trace how viruses spread.

10 Texts to Send Your Wife in the Next 10 Days from Mark Merrill:
1. Of all the guys in all the world, I’m honored to be the one who gets to do life with you.
2. Today’s been a rough day, but thinking of you makes it all worth it.
3. You’re my best reason to go to bed at night and my best reason to get up in the morning.
4. No matter how you feel about yourself today, remember this: There’s at least one person on this earth who knows how awesome you are – me!
5. What can I do to make your day or night easier?
6. I may not always understand you, but I’m trying because I love you. Thanks for being patient with me.
7. I admire your ability to _____________. That is so important to our family.
8. Remember when we started this life together? Even if we knew then what we know now…I’d do it all over again.
9. If I could drop what I’m doing right now to be with you, I’d do it in a heartbeat.
10.I just wanted to hit the pause button at work today to let you know how grateful I am to be your husband.

3 tips for helping your teen cope with cyberbullying
1. Unplug. If you're getting attacked online, get off those sites.
2. Tell someone with authority that you're being victimized.
3. Parents: Take it seriously.

8 ways we can be obedient to the command to honor marriage:
1. We honor it by praying for it
2. We honor it by seeking partners according to God’s Word
3. We honor it by waiting for it
4. We honor it by entering into it at appropriate ages
5. We honor it by organizing Christ-centered weddings
6. We honor it by avoiding debt-laden weddings
7. We honor it by taking on the roles God has designed
8. We honor it by defending and promoting it.

Looks like man’s best friend won’t be friends with you if you’re mean to its owner. Japanese researchers separated dogs into three groups: one where the owner asks for help from two strangers and is refused, one where the owner asks for help from two strangers and receives it from one, and a third where the strangers neither helped nor refused to help. The strangers accompanying the owner then offered the dog food, and according to researchers, the dogs were more likely to ignore the stranger who denied him help and take food from the neutral person.

Service dogs at a Minnesota high school are receiving some special recognition. The dogs, Dakota and Carmel, belong to two Blaine High School teachers and are featured in the yearbook under the staff section. One of the teachers is hearing impaired and uses the dog to help teach American sign language. The other teacher works in special education and brings her dog in to work with students. The yearbook advisor says the dogs bridge the different populations at the school and make everyone smile.

The 11th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am surf contest and concert will take place at Moonlight Beach in California on Saturday, July 11. According to New Release Tuesday, Switchfoot, NeedToBreathe, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors and Colony House will perform at the concert. This year, the surf contest/concert will be streamed online, allowing viewers around the world to tune in and catch the Bro-Am action live. The 2015 events will benefit the Switchfoot Bro-Am Foundation, which the members of Switchfoot recently created to continue their mission of giving back to the local community through music, surfing, and youth development programs.

In celebration of the new album from Hillsong United, the web site Today's Christian Music is giving you the chance to win a trip for two to the home of the Empire State Building, New York City. One winner and their guest will win round trip airfare, hotel accommodations for two nights, ground transportation to and from the airport and hotel and two Main Deck and Top Deck Express passes to the Empire State Building. The giveaway runs through early July in celebration of Hillsong United's new album Empires. You can register daily by clicking on the link at

How do you determine God’s will for your life? This may be the most important question confronting you as a Christian, for therein lies the key to obedience. You can hardly obey God if you are hazy about His leadership in your daily experience. But how can His divine purposes be known absolutely? Find out more from Dr. James Dobson by downloading his free PDF titled Interpreting God's Will. Click on the link at

TobyMac's latest release from his upcoming new CD is titled Backseat Driver. The song is from his CD This Is Not A Test. But right now you can check out the song online. Tobymac is out with a lyric video for Backseat Driver. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The web site Desiring God is out with a powerful video reminding us that God Wrote A Book. The video asks the questions: Do we read it? Do we cherish it? Check out the video as well as some of the helps available by clicking on the link at

Ken Davis is out with his latest Lighten Up video. This time it's titled Get a Life. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

The members of for King and Country would like to facetime with you. They will be playing five songs on Fox and Friends this Friday and if you help them spread the word you will be entered in a drawing to facetime with the Aussie band. Simply retweeted the announcement about their appearance to be entered in the drawing.

Passion Conferences this week announced the lineup that will be joining Louie Giglio for Passion 2016 and it looks like the entire team is planning to be there. Featured will be Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill, and more. The weekend event will take place simultaneously at three locations in Atlanta and Houston.

Saddleback Church founders Rick and Kay Warren renewed their wedding vows at the church’s marriage renewal service this past Sunday, June 14. According to a report at christian, the couple will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on June 21. In a reflective Facebook post, Kay Warren shared that her marriage to Rick started with many arguments and doubts. Kay wrote: We hardly knew each other and quickly descended into marital hell, arguing hotly and unfairly. However, this time the ceremony was different. Kay says they held hands and repeated vows of love, faithfulness, forgiveness, grace, acceptance and HOPE.

Elisabeth Elliot, wife of martyr Jim Elliot, has died at 88. Elisabeth was well known for her time ministering in the jungles of Ecuador after the death of her husband. One of her best known books was titled Through the Gates of Splendor. Later in life Elisabeth was a prolific writer and speaker and was also featured on the program Gateway to Joy.

Earthquake-battered Nepal will ask international donors to support a reconstruction plans that is expected to cost $6.6 billion over five years. According to the report, Two quakes on April 25 and May 12 killed 8,787 people and destroyed more than 500,000 homes, affecting 2.8 million of the Himalayan nation's 28 million people. Losses to the economy from Nepal's worst disaster on record stand at $7 billion. A senior finance ministry official said 36 countries and 24 donor agencies had been invited to a conference on June 25 to pledge support for reconstruction.

Are you watching a loved one battle with dementia? Here are 7 gospel-driven thoughts for you from the Gospel Coalition:
1. God has not forgotten my mother.
2. Though her mind is ravaged and sometimes little remains that seems human in her ability to communicate, my mom is still made in the image of God.
3. My opportunities to serve her are fading, but they are excellent.
4. It reminds me that life is short.
5. It reminds me that life is uncertain.
6. It reminds me of how we are to respond as a church.
7. It reminds me of the Christian’s blessed hope.

12 things that surprise foreigners when they visit the US
1. Customers can return almost anything they buy.
2. Americans have a strong sense of patriotism.
3. The US is a pretty clean country.
4. Healthcare is expensive and necessary.
5. Cabs aren't cheap.
6. People who work in customer service are actually helpful.
7. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, so not many Americans pay with cash.
8. Americans tip for most services they receive.
9. Public transportation isn't always available.
10. A good part of the population is religious.
11. Americans love sports, and they care about their overall fitness.
12. The US is a huge country, so distances between places are vast.

Hear It First (@HearItFirst) tweeted at 9:13 AM on Sat, Jun 06, 2015:
5 Ways To Rebuild A Broken Relationship
Build a Bridge, Don’t Burn It
Humble Yourself
Take Responsibility
Let it Go and Set it Free
See things through their Eyes

One man who was willing to share his blood has saved the lives of more than two million babies. According to the Goodnews Network, 78-year-old James Harrison has made weekly donations to the Australian Red Cross for over 60 years. The donations began when, in the 1960s, thousands of newborns in Australia were born with rhesus disease — a condition where the mother’s blood actually attacks the blood in the baby she’s carrying. It was discovered that Harrison’s blood carries a rare antibody that can prevent the disease. The Red Cross claims Harrison’s contributions have saved the lives of 2.4 million babies — including his own grandson’s.

Bethany Hamilton this week introduced the world to her new son. Hamilton announced on facebook that Tobias was born on June 1st. He weighted 7.9 lbs. and was 21 inches long. Bethany and her husband Adam say their son is named after his great grandpa Tobias, meaning "The goodness of God."

Third Day now has their own home decor line. The band is partnering with Glory Haus, Inc. to feature products inspired by their lyrics. Band members say they hope to provide their fans with a new way to engage with their songs by displaying them on products in their homes. View the entire Third Day line by clicking on the link at

The web site Free CCM is giving away a copy of the Phil Wickham song “All I Am”. The song is off his album Response. Access your free copy by clicking on the link at

The Jamie Grace Show is back. Jamie released another edition of her podcast over the weekend. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Paul Baloche performed his song Your Name on this weekends edition of Beyond AD. But if you missed his live performance you can now check it out online. Click on the link at

Show Hope is raising money for diapers. The nonprofit organization founded by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth spends $300,000 each year to provide diapers for the children at their five Special Care Centers in China. Officials say that, although their medical needs range in scope and form, almost all of the children under Show Hope’s care have something in common: the need for diapers.

Michael W. Smith recently recorded a birthday video for Barbara Bush. The former first lady was celebrating her 90th birthday and Michael sent her a special birthday wish via video. But Michael also had the chance to tell her in person. Michael traveled to Maine to attend a celebration for Barbara's birthday. He said the one word he would use to describe Barbara is kindness.

The web site Popsugar recently debuted the song To The Dreamers from For King and Country. Check out the live performance of the song from their music series The Live Room. Click on the link at

The NFL has halted an inaugural fantasy football convention headed by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo because it would have been held in a Las Vegas casino. According to Time Magazine, The National Fantasy Football Convention scheduled for July was set to be held in the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and planned to include more than 100 NFL players. But on Friday, Fox Sports reported that the event would be canceled because of rules prohibiting ties between the NFL and casinos even though no gambling would’ve taken place.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is stirring trouble for evangelicals. According to Mission Network News, Three believers were falsely accused by the EOC last year and they currently face up to nine years in prison. According to Open Doors International, Conservative elements within the EOC blame these three for burning down one of their buildings last May.

Some people spend their entire lives trying to escape poverty. According to Mission Network News, one Gospel for Asia preacher did escape but now is going back. Pastor Marty grew up under a bridge in the slums of Mumbai, India. He was able to escape the grip of poverty, eventually enrolling in Bible college to become a pastor, but he never forgot the suffering of his childhood. After graduation, Marty returned to the slums. Now, he is sharing Jesus and meeting the same needs he himself once faced.

AllProDad(All Pro Dad)
5 Ways to Know Your Life's Priorities:
1. Seek to understand the meaning of life. It’s tough to put our priorities in order when we don’t have a reference point beyond ourselves.
2. Take a good look around at the people that depend on you
3. Know your gifts
4. Spend a couple of weeks taking notes on where you invest your time.
5. Ask yourself some hard questions.

Facts about Walmart that may surprise you
1. Walmart earned $485.7 billion in revenue in 2014, which outpaced No. 2 Exxon Mobil by $103 billion.
2. If Walmart were a country, its sales would rank it 28th in the world in GDP. That’s right behind Norway and ahead of Austria.
3. Walmart’s sells 1 billion pounds of bananas each year.
4. The Walton family owns approximately 50% of Walmart’s stock.
5. Walmart’s biggest businesses over the years include teen sportswear, Halloween candy, and yarn.
7. The company is mentioned over 60,000 times each day on social media.
8. Walmart has about 11,000 stores in 27 countries. It also has 2.2 million employees,which makes it the biggest employer in the world after the U.S. Department of Defense and the Chinese army.

5 Things You Can Do Today to Feel Better and Look Better from iMom:
1. Take More Steps
2. Quick Anywhere Calisthenics
3. Move around while at home
4. Recruit Your Group to help
5. Build activity into your schedule

The signature of a school custodian is a hot commodity at one school in Illinois. According to Fox News, dozens of elementary school students lined up to get their yearbook signed by Steve Weidner on the final day of classes. But school officials say Steve is more than just a janitor. Principal Shirley Padera said “He pays attention to the kids… he knows who they are,” “The kids know if anything happens, Mr. Steve is going to take care of it.”

The Drop And Give Me 10 Pushup Challenge could be this year's viral Ice Bucket Challenge. According to the Huffington Post, The challenge is heating up online. It asks participants to both complete 10 pushups on camera and donate a chosen amount for each pushup toward the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. Those who complete the feat are encouraged to challenge three others to do the same. What started as a small grassroots effort before Memorial Day took off once TV personality Bear Grylls of "Man vs. Wild" completed the challenge in late May

Senior Drew Ballesteros had a lofty goal for the University of Mobile -- to share the Gospel in all 50 states during one academic year. According to a recent Baptist Press report, the road trip began on the first day of the University of Mobile's academic year on Aug. 19, 2014. It was completed April 19, 2015 in Maryland, several weeks before the academic year ended. Traveling road trip groups consisted of 11 students and three faculty members. Each group of students and faculty was assigned a region of the United States to cover.

Who knew you could freeze non-citrus fruits for up to one year? According to the Huffington Post, Other foods also can last for months longer than you might think. You can also freeze vegetables, juice, steak, margarine, spices, lobster, whole chickens and turkeys, muffins, pork roast and beef roast for an entire 12 months. It's all listed in the freezer guide from

Jamie Grace will be joining her older sister Morgan on tour this summer. This week she shared a little more about the differences between the two siblings. Jamie tweeted: "I'm more likely to be in a hot pink dress and cowboy boots." "Morgan has this cool rootsy organic sound."

Natalie Grant will soon be offering clothing for children. For some time the Christian artist has been offering clothing and jewelry through her NG by Natalie Grant trade mark. This week she shared on Instagram that NG Kids will be available effective today.

Casting Crowns Mark Hall is also a youth pastor and the kids in his youth group this summer are giving back. Mark announced this week that they will be serving in their community every Thursday throughout the summer. Mark shared a picture of what he called his super squad as they volunteered at an elementary school yesterday.

Meredith Andrews was giving her young daughter Frankie her first make up training session this week. Meredith shared a picture as she and Frankie sat on the floor in front of a full length mirror. But it looks like Frankie is still working on the concept. She was more interested in chewing on the mascara container then learning where it is actually suppose to go.

The 2nd annual GMA Honors Ceremony is set to air on JUCE TV this weekend. The show is hosted by Olympic Gold Medalist, Scott Hamilton and includes performances by Point of Grace, The Martins, Chris August, and more. It will air on Friday at 9pm CT and Saturday at 2pm CT.

The new Hillsong United CD "Empires" is off to a good start. The project that released last week debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard top 200 chart, at No. 1 on the Billboard Christian albums chart, and No. 2 on the Digital Albums chart. The album also peaked at No. 2 on the iTunes overall albums chart and was named the Album of the Week by USA Today.

The web site We Are Worship USA is giving away a copy of a new song from the group NewSong. Rock of Ages is the web site's free Hymn of the Month. Access the free download by clicking on the link at

Plumb has released another story behind the song video. The latest video focus' on the title cut from her CD, called Exhale. Plumb says the song is based on a message by her pastor. He said: we don't exist for us. We exist to share the grace and the love so freely given to us all. We breathe that in and it changes us and then we exhale. Watch the entire video by clicking on the link at

A new song by Kevin Max is featured on a compilation project to raise money to minister to artists. The song is titled Panic Button. You can see the words of the song and watch a lyric video by clicking on the link at

The group Owl City is out with a new music video featuring their song "My Everything". Check it out by clicking on the link at

Since 2012 Sophia's Heart has rescued over 100 homeless families from the streets. The organization was started by Christian artist Danny Gokey and was named after his first wife, who passed away early in their marriage. This week the organization released a video telling their story. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

In 1982, the rates of melanoma were 11.2 cases per 100,000 people. But according to the Huffington Post, That number has more than doubled in the past 33 years. And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there will be 112,000 new cases by 2030 if action isn't taken. But unlike most other cancers, there are ways to prevent skin cancer. Suggestions include applying sunscreen, staying in the shade whenever possible, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., avoiding tanning booths, and covering up with hats and sunglasses.

In the last two months, Iranian courts have sentenced 18 Christian converts to time in prison for charges including evangelizing and creating house churches. According to, The 18 were sentenced between mid-March and mid-May, They were each given one year in prison, and were banned from leaving Iran for two years. The other five Christians were sentenced to a combined jail time of 10 years and nine months.

South America is home to some to some of the least-reached people groups on earth. Many of its civilians are illiterate and lack access to modern technology. But one Christian ministry has a unique way to bring them God’s Word: audio Scriptures. Faith Comes By Hearing is establishing 60 listening groups for unreached people in the greater Amazon Basin, bringing them the Gospel in their heart language. This is accomplished by a device called The Proclaimer. The Proclaimer is a durable digital audio player preloaded with the message of the Bible and distributed to each group in their language, in order to maximize the Gospel’s impact.

The spread of the Islamic State has reached South Asia. According to Mission Network News, Experts warn the terror group could be recruiting fighters from the Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar. Partners Relief and Development CEO Steve Gumaer says the people group has no country to call home. There is no government protecting them. He says: They’re easy targets for the Islamic State.

8 of the dirtiest things in your life from Huffington Post
Computer Keyboard and Mouse
Yoga Mat
Reusable Shopping Bags
Car Steering Wheel and Gear Shift

3 signs you're secretly exhausted
People's names keep getting stuck on the tip of your tongue.
Your go-to jeans seem to be getting smaller.
Aches and pains hurt more than they used to.

Ken Davis' Life Lessons Learned from a Triathlon
Lesson 1. WINNING isn’t everything.
Lesson 2. FINISHING is everything.
Lesson 3. LOOKING good doesn’t matter.

3 Truths to Remember When You're Feeling Worthless From Mark Merrill
1. You are valuable for who you are, not for what you do.
2. You have gifts, embrace them.
3. You weren’t meant to do this alone.

Looking for something fun for the kids to do this summer that will all them to express their creativity without creating a lot of mess. iMom is out with a list four types of paint that you can make without creating a huge cleanup job. They include recipes for Bathtub Paint, Window Paint, Mess-Free Finger Paint and Outdoor Paint. Check out all four by clicking on the link at

When Hailey Fort was just 5 years old, she spotted a homeless man in the town where she lives. ABC news says She asked her mom whether she could help him and her mom said yes. That encounter led to a four year program to help the homeless. With the help of her mom, Hailey plans to build 12 mobile shelters this year. Food is another one of Hailey's priorities. She grows fruits and vegetables, and hopes to grow 250 pounds for the homeless this year. But that's still not all. Hailey, at age 9, is also trying to raise $1,000 to purchase 1000 toiletries, 500 feminine hygiene products and 100 coats.

In 2006, Dutch native Riet Schumack moved her family from an affluent area in Detroit to one of the city's toughest neighborhoods. According to the Huffington Post, Brightmoor at the time was ridden with crime, drugs, and abandoned homes, and yet Riet says she felt a strong "calling" to move to this struggling community. That led her to take action. With a passion for gardening and children, Riet decided to start a garden for kids, which she named Brightmoor Youth Garden. Children have now worked in the garden for the last nine years, spending their time focused on responsibility and ownership, rather than worrying about walking down the streets. Riet says crime in the community is now virtually non-extant.

The latest edition of CCM Magazine is now available. The free online magazine features Matt Redman on the cover. It also includes stories about Dan Bremness and Jimmy Needham. Access the magazine by clicking on the link at

Christian recording artist Jeremy Camp was on Family Life Today this week. Jeremy joined Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine to talk about his early years in the Camp household and his parents’ radical conversion to Christianity. Jeremy also shared about his own faith journey and the changes he made in his life in order to walk more closely with Christ. You can access the programs online and find out more about Jeremy Camp by clicking on the link at

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips says he has found the inspiration for his next bathroom. As you might guess, it has a distinct drum theme. Check out the picture by clicking on the link at

The Pizza Ranch restaurants are helping support Christian artists through a brand new compilation CD. On June 2nd the company released a CD titled Living Hope. It features 12 tracks recorded by artists like Francesca Battistelli, Colton Dixon, Phil Wickham, Ellie Holcomb, Laura Story, Bart Millard of MercyMe, Sidewalk Prophets, Matthew West and many more. Each song focus' on the message of hope. The organization also donated $120,000 on behalf of participating artists to Porter's Call. Porter's Call works to counsel, support and encourage recording artists and their families.

Chris August is out with another another story behind the song video. Chris says the song He's Still Here talks about the depression he suffered through after coming off pain medication for his skateboard accident in 2012. Hear Chris share about the miracle God worked in his life and the song he wrote about it. Click on the link at

Another lyric video is available from Hillsong United. The latest release features the lyrics from their song Even When it Hurts. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Plumb is releasing a series of videos telling the stories behind the songs on her latest CD Exhale. The latest video features the song Resurrection. Plumb says the song talks about the resurrection of her marriage, sharing how God brought her relationship with her husband back to life. Watch the entire video by clicking on the link at

Tenth Avenue North recently performed their song "Stars in the Night" at a fan selected awards show. Now their performance is available online. Check out the live performance by clicking on the link at

Sanctus Real front man Matt Hammitt says his kids were having a lot of fun with the leaf blower this week. He shared a picture of his three kids letting the leaf blower blow in their face. Check out the short video by clicking on the link at

The Nepali government is under fire for blocking private initiatives bringing desperately-needed assistance to remote areas. According to Mission Network News, the country is accused of clogging the arteries for relief to the country with paperwork. Baptist Global Response says the huge outpouring of aid has caused logistic problems in the country and the government is trying to create a more coordinated effort while also controlling the huge flood of items passing over it's borders. BGR officials say the goal is to find ways that get to help people in need but also keep the government in the loop.

A video produced by Greg Laurie's Harvest America team has gone viral. The Bible teacher from the program A New Beginning says nearly 3 million people have already viewed the video titled "What Jesus Taught About the End Times."

While the fighting continues between Russia and Ukraine, the conflict is having another unintended consequence. According to Mission Network News, The Jewish population in both Russia and Ukraine is leaving in large numbers. Where are they going? Most of them are emigrating to Israel. Officials say the number of new immigrants from Ukraine to Israel grew 215% in that last four to five months.”

Wycliffe Associates is helping provide protection for Bible translators as the Muslim holy month nears. According to Mission Network News, Ramadan begins on June 18. Leading up to the month that stirs religious fervor among muslims, Wycliffe is continuing their efforts to provide technology that will help translators in middle eastern and central asian countries to do their work without bringing attention to what they are doing. The technology lets them interact in the translation process and even participate in drafting and checking Scripture on their phones or other tablet-type computers rather than having to gather together in groups to complete the process.

Four basic requirements for waiting on God from In Touch Ministries:

3 reasons to be an encourager from Revive Our Hearts:
1. You’re made in the image of the God of encouragement.
2. Your encouragement is someone’s lifeline today.
3. You have real perspective and hope to offer.

7 Conversation Starter from All Pro Dad
About History:
About Today:
About Discovery:
About Dreams:
About Family:
About Vacation:

A recent accident in Germany is a good reminder of the importance of those Caution, Student Driver signs. According to ABC News, Police in western Germany say a novice driver escaped unharmed but her car was crushed after she inadvertently turned into the path of a convoy of British tanks. The 18-year-old had apparently not seen the convoy when she made a left turn in front of it. The lead tank was unable to stop in time and the 62-ton main battle tank ploughed over the front of her Toyota hatchback.

Disney wants kids to wear electronic toys and pretend to be super heroes. According to Time Magazine, The entertainment company announced plans Tuesday for Playmation, a new line of toys in partnership with Hasbro that are a cross between computers and costumes. The first examples will be Iron Man gloves and Hulk fists based on Disney’s Marvel superhero brand. The new toys, which are billed as a way to get children off the couch, are expected to hit the stores in October. Additional Star Wars and Frozen-themed toys are planned for 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Millions of cicadas have emerged from the ground in central Kansas, capping off a 17-year lifespan spent, in large part, burrowed in the dirt. According to ABC News, The tiny, red-eyed insects spend the better part of two decades below ground – feeding on tree roots for nutrition and undergoing five phases of development – before returning to the surface, where they make their presence known, loudly, much to the chagrin of nearby humans. As the cicadas emerge, the male population sings a loud, high-pitched song to attract female mates.

In July of this year, A national park in China will be opening the very first bridge of its kind. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is set to be the world's longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge, coming in at 1,410 feet long, 20 feet wide, and 984 feet above ground. Once the skywalk is unveiled, it will be able to hold up to 800 people at once. It will also feature the world's highest bungee jump

For a limited time The Christian music web site New Release Tuesday is streaming Jason Gray's upcoming EP. The project is titled Post Script. Jason says "Post Script" features some remixes, some rare b-sides (including two songs that were produced by his son Kipper), plus a brand-new song, "Glow In The Dark" to whet people's appetite as he prepares to make a new record this fall. Listen to the entire EP right now by clicking on the link at

Audio Adrenaline this week released the audio for their song So Can I. The song is one of the new tracks on their album Sound of the Saints. Check it out by clicking on the link at

CCM Magazine this week is streaming Dan Bremnes' debut full-length album Where The Light Is. Right now you can listen to all 11 songs on the new project but it will only be available through June 9th. Access the free stream by clicking on the link at

Christy Nockels is providing free resources to help you play her song The Wondrous Cross in your local church. She has partnered with the web site Worship Together to provide free lyric and chord charts to worship leaders worldwide. Access your free copy by clicking on the link at

Sometimes it is nice to learn from other’s life lessons—to hear what has worked and what hasn’t and to be encouraged and inspired by these reflections. Now you can learn from Life Lessons experienced and shared with Dr. James Dobson through a special free report. The free PDF Download is titled Life Lessons. Access your free copy by clicking on the link at

Laura Story is out with the official lyric video for her new song Till I Met You. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Matt Redman's new CD Unbroken Praise will be out soon. But this week the UK worship leader released a lyric video for another one of the new songs on the upcoming project. The lyrics and chords are now available for the song King of My Soul. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Nichole Nordeman recently say down to talk about her song The Unmaking. The song is the title cut from her upcoming new CD. In the video Nicole talks about her efforts to hold things together when they were falling apart and the reminder that sometimes deconstruction is needed to learn and grow. Find out more about the new song by clicking on the link at

SAT-7 founder Dr. Terence Ascott says the Satellite television company that delivers the uncensored Word of God to tens of millions across is seeing a surge of interest in Christianity. Ascott wrote recently: “We are indeed in the midst of a convergence of history–when millions are disillusioned with the violence being perpetuated in the name of their religion. They are disturbed by the greatest chaos in the Middle East since WWII. At the same time, they are finding hope and meaning in a God of love and discovering Truth, broadcast from above, through SAT-7’s five channels.”

As never before pastors are under attack spiritually, emotionally, and physically. According to Officials from the National Day of Prayer, Pastors leaving the ministry have risen to epidemic proportions. Every month 1,700 pastors leave the ministry. That’s almost 55 a day! In response, The National Day of Prayer Task Force is encouraging participation in the 31-day Praying for Pastors Challenge. They say the challenge will help you:
Learn how to pray for your pastor every day for 31 days.
Pray 31 different scriptures for your pastor.
Be reminded via e-mail to pray for your pastor every day.
Receive 31 sample prayers to help get you started.
Develop the habit of praying daily for your pastor.
Find out more by clicking on the link at

4 Marriage Rules You Should Break from iMom:
1. Be 100 percent yourself.
2. Do everything together.
3. Don’t fight.
4. Once you have kids, they have to come first.

Here are 3 reasons to have a heart that’s focused on encouraging others:
1. You’re made in the image of the God of encouragement.
2. Your encouragement is someone’s lifeline today.
3. You have real perspective and hope to offer.

4 Ways to Create a Closer Family Bond from All Pro Dad:
1. Effective Communication
2. Live Unselfishly
3. Lead with Determination
4. Pledge Loyalty

Gentry Eddings told an 800-strong congregation at their funeral that he and his wife have forgiven the driver responsible for the death of his two young children. According to, a truck driven by Matthew Deans ploughed into the back of the car driven by Gentry's wife Hadley. Their two-year-old son Dobbs was killed and Hadley, who was eight months pregnant, was injured. The baby, Reed, was delivered by emergency Caesarian section but died two days later. Eddings, a worship pastor at Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, said: "We have, in our hearts, forgiven the man who did this. It was not the easiest thing to do, but in some ways it was because we know – Hadley and I – that Jesus Christ has forgiven us our debt... So in some ways, it was very easy to forgive a man who made an accident."

An Illinois couple this year welcomed their 100th grandchild. According to ABC News, Leo and Ruth Zanger of Quincy have 53 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. The Zangers have been married 59 years and have 12 children. The youngest, 31-year-old Joe, was already an uncle 10 times when he was born. Most of the family lives in the Quincy area. When they get together they rent a church hall and it takes 50 pounds of ham or ten turkeys to feed everyone.

A 92-year-old cancer survivor rocked her way into the record books Sunday, becoming the oldest woman to finish a marathon. According to ABC News, Harriette Thompson of Charlotte, North Carolina, completed Sunday's Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in San Diego in 7 hours, 24 minutes, 36 seconds. Harriette says she didn't begin running marathons until she was in her 70s, after a member of her church approached her about being one of her sponsors in the marathon to raise money to fight leukemia and lymphoma.

Grilling this summer. The Food Network Kitchen is out with a list of their 5 grilling mishaps, and how to avoid them. Topics include getting it lit, avoiding stuck on food, uneven cooking, and stopping flare-ups. Read all the tips and perfect your summer grilling by clicking on the link at

Original Audio Adrenaline guitarist Barry Blair, who was in the band for their 1992 debut album until after their 1996 album Bloom, is stepping out from behind the scenes as a producer to again make music on his own -- and he needs your help. According to the web site Jesus Freak Hideout, Blair is setting out to make a brand new jazz Christmas album and he has taken to the fund raising web site IndieGoGo to find funding. Barry hopes to raise $7,000 to fund a new CD called Noel - volume II: Jazz Christmas

As part of their latest Worship Initiative CD, Shane and Shane recorded their own cover of the Keith Green song Lord, You're Beautiful. Listen to the audio of the song by clicking on the link at

Christy Nockels wants to help make your lunch hour a little bit brighter. She will be holding an online acoustic worship time, sharing worship songs from her new live CD and some of the stories behind the songs. It will take place at noon Central time. Click on the link at

Audio Adrenaline has released the final episode of their life on tour with Newsboys. The video features the tour stop at a rattle snake roundup. While the members of the band are brave on stage, they clearly aren't nearly as comfortable around the snakes. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Hillsong United has released another lyric video from their new album Empires. The latest video features their song Here Now. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson is out with a live performance of their song Drops in the Ocean. Watch the video recording of their performance. Click on the link at

The Rhett Walker Band this week started something new. They are starting a feature called Music Monday. This week they kicked things off with a live performance of their song Downtown Tonight. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

In our darkest moments we call upon the light of the world. That is the theme of the latest Dan Bremnes song Where the Light Is. Hear the story behind the song by clicking on the link at

Ken Davis is out with another Lighten Up video, this time talking about elevators. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Third Day will be partnering with Yahoo and Live Nation this weekend to Live-Stream their 2nd annual Atlanta Third Day and Friends show. The show will take place from Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta, GA and will be streaming starting at 8PM CST on June 6th. Artists participating in the event include Matt Maher, Brandon Heath, Colton Dixon and Josh Wilson.

Google Maps can take you anywhere. But frustrated travelers sometimes find themselves without Wi-Fi or data coverage, making it impossible to access their routes. Luckily, Google is trying to change that. According to the Huffington Post, The company announced recently that they will be making Google Maps search and navigation features available offline. According to a Google spokesperson, the feature will be available to Maps users later this year.

Teenagers depend on their cell phones for keeping up with friends and trends on social media. But should they be allowed to have them in school? According to World Magazine, A study from the London School of Economics for the first time provided hard evidence that banning phones in school boosts student achievement. The study found that, in schools that banned mobile phones, student scores on standardized tests went up 6.4 percent on average. Lower performing students benefited the most from phone bans.

An internal investigation of the Transportation Security Administration revealed security failures at dozens of the nation’s busiest airports. According to ABC News, undercover investigators were able to smuggle mock explosives or banned weapons through checkpoints in 95 percent of trials. The series of tests were conducted by Homeland Security Red Teams who pose as passengers, setting out to beat the system. According to officials briefed on the results of a recent Homeland Security Inspector General’s report, TSA agents failed 67 out of 70 tests, with Red Team members repeatedly able to get potential weapons through checkpoints.

Children who consume breast milk for six months have a lower risk for childhood leukemia than those who don't. According to Time Magazine, a university in Israel looked at 18 studies on the topic of breastfeeding and childhood leukemia, the most common type of childhood cancer. They found that breastfeeding a child for six months or longer was associated with a 19% lower risk for childhood leukemia, compared to children who had been breastfed for less time or not at all. Another of their analyses revealed that children who are ever breastfed, compared to those who were never breastfed, had an 11% lower risk for childhood leukemia.

There are millions of children waiting for a family. Here are 5 ways from Show Hope to pray for them:
1. Pray for the Children
2. Pray for Attachment and Healing
3. Pray for Finances
4. Pray for Families
5. Pray for Guidance

Financial tips every millennial should hear from Relevant Magazine.
Spend More (for Quality)
Change Jobs
Be Generous
Don't Intentionally Put Off Marriage
Invest Early

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Give Your Email Out Like Candy from ABC News
1. It’s the Command Center for Your Online Life. If a thief gets control of your email account, you are vulnerable to attack elsewhere.
2. It’s an Easy Way to Speak Directly to You. That's why email is the vehicle of choice for phishers
3. It Contains Other Sensitive Information
4. It Often Doubles as a User ID
5. Scammers Can Use It As 'Proof' They're Legitimate

A 102-year-old woman from Germany will belatedly get her Ph.D. after being turned away 77 years ago by university officials for being Jewish. According to ABC, Pediatrician Ingeborg Syllm-Rapoport will have a ceremony in her honor at the University of Hamburg on June 9. Rapoport had finished her thesis on diphtheria between 1937 and 1938 but was not given a diploma because her mother was Jewish.

A couple that met on twitter is getting married on Periscope. According to the Huffington Post, Bryanna Mazzella and Kyle Harris met three years ago on Twitter. So it's only fitting that they're incorporating relatives and loved ones into their upcoming nuptials through Twitter's very own live-streaming service, Periscope. The couple said: "We have a bunch of people in different countries and other states who can't make it to the wedding, and we thought with all the live-streaming technology out now, it's just a perfect way to let them be with us on our day."

If your marriage could use a little help, the next 31 days could change everything. According to Focus on the Family President Jim Daly, that may sound like a promise right out of an infomercial, but it’s closer to the truth than you might think. He says the solution is to make a few subtle changes in your dealing with one another. That could include a 5-to-10-second kiss instead of a peck on the cheek, or taking a short walk together each day. Jim says: Do things like that consistently for 31 days, and you can deepen your connection and intimacy more quickly than you might think.

The 2015 Scripps National Spelling recently took place and, if you think you have what it takes to compete, ABC is giving you the chance to prove it. They have a quiz online to help you find out if you're champion material by choosing the correct spelling of these words that knocked out finalists in the recent past few years. Click on the link at to take the quiz.

Britt Nicole found a unique way to celebration National Hamburger Day last week. She shared a picture of her daughter Ella trying her first In-N-Out Burger.

Third Day guitarist Mark Lee recently turned 42. In response he shared a list of 42 things he has learned over the past 42 years of life. Some of his bits of wisdom include:
1. God is everything.
2. Spend time with God every day. Read Scripture. Pray. This habit alone will carry over into every area of your life.
3. Every journey needs a good journal
4. Everybody lacks self confidence.
5. Pain is a part of life.
Read the entire list by clicking on the link at

Ben, from the band The Museum, recently shared a post on Life. Love. Leading & Leaving. Ben said: It can be a whirlwind of feelings and emotions to have a baby and start summer touring season all in a span of 48 hours! It was less than 24 hours ago that my wife, Mary Grace, gave birth to our second little girl – Lenna Joy Richter! Now it’s less than 24 hours until I head out to our first summer camp of 2015! So begins a season where I’ll be on the road 40 of the next 58 days. Ben went on to talk about balancing his life at home with his life as part of the band. Read the entire blog by clicking on the link at

Audio Adrenaline Adam Agee recently sat down with the Christian music web site As part of the interview Adam talked about everything from the pressure of filling the shoes of previous Audio Adrenaline members to the bands continued work with the Hands and Feet Project in Haiti. Read the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Phil Wickham found a unique venue for work on his next CD over the weekend. Phil shared that they were working on the album while on the road so had to improvise. He shared a picture as they did production work in a 200 year old church in New York.

An Ultimate Collection CD from Phillips, Craig and Dean is now available. The project features some of their most recognizable worship songs, including Open The Eyes Of My Heart, When God Ran, Come Now Is The Time To Worship, Let My Words Be Few and I Want To Be Just Like You.

Hillsong United is the featured band on this weeks Beyond A.D. The program aired on NBC Sunday morning but you can watch the program online right now by clicking on the link at

Passion 2015 was held in Atlanta and Houston back in January. Now you can listen to all the talks from that conference on the Passion Youtube page. Included are talks by Louie Giglio, John Piper, Francis Chan, and more. Access all the messages by clicking on the link at

The Rock and Worship Roadshow was a huge success in 2015. But organizers of the event say they are determined to make Roadshow 2016 even better. To accomplish that, they are going to the fans. Right now you can vote to select one of four male artists you would like to see as part of next years Road Show. Possibilities include Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Matthew West. Officials say voting for other genres will come later.

A study led by a San Diego State University professor found that millennial's might be the least-religious generation in the U.S. in six decades, and maybe in the history of the country. The SDSU psychology professor and her team found that 75 percent of high school seniors say religion is not important to them. She suggested that the decline in religious activity is linked to a rising individualism in American culture. The study comes on the heels of research released two weeks ago by the Pew Research Center that showed the portion of U.S. population as a whole that's not affiliated with any religion has climbed from around 16 percent in 2007 to nearly 23 percent last year. Christianity's share of the country's population dropped from 78 percent to under 71 percent.

TruNew's Rick Wiles thinks he knows the future of the church—and it doesn't bode well for true believers. Wiles recently said: "There will be a harlot church," "But the real church will be underground." Wiles pointed to

10 Ways to Be a Good Role Model from iMom:
1. Share Your Values.
2. Demonstrate Self-Respect.
3. Value Independence.
4. Be Careful with Medication.
5. Be Responsible with Alcohol.
6. Deal with Stress Effectively.
7. Share Successes and Failures.
8. Love and Value Your Family.
9. Discuss the Media.
10. Take an Interest in your children's lives.

Do you feel disconnected and alone? These 3 things from Revive Our Hearts may be working against you:
Trojan Horse #1: Technology
Trojan Horse #2: Convenience
Trojan Horse #3: Busyness

5 Reasons You Want Your Marriage to be Like a Marshmallow from iMom:
1. They’re sweet.
2. They bounce back.
3. They’ve stood the test of time.
4. They make people smile.
5. They’re great hot.

The Voice of the Martyrs recently shared a story of how God used swarm of angry bees to save lives of group of pastors in Sudan. 20 pastors were being detained by soldiers and faced imminent death when a swarm of wild bees arrived. The bees did not harm the pastors, but they attacked the soldiers and forced them to flee into the bush. As the soldiers fled the pastors were able to untie themselves and to escape.

Winnie Blagden turned 100 on Sunday. However, according to Time, she had no surviving family to help her celebrate. That's when a BBC reporter stepped in. She put out a small appeal to see if they could get a hundred cards or letters for Winnie to open on her birthday. In response well-wishers from as far away as Singapore, the U.S. and Taiwan sent Blagden 16,000 cards and over 200 presents and flowers.

The ice cream giant Ben and Jerry's is tackling climate change with its latest flavor. According to the Huffington Post, the new concoction, called Save Our Swirled, is a mix of raspberry ice cream, marshmallow and raspberry swirls, and has pieces of dark and white chocolate fudge thrown in. Ben and Jerry's is also pledging to switch to 100 percent renewable energy by 2020 and also spearhead an international movement to raise climate awareness.

Some of the most popular baby names of 2014 were Noah, Emma, William, Sophia and Jacob — but there were some, uh, less conventional names too. According to Nameberry, a total of 1,393 new baby names were coined by imaginative parents around the U.S. According to the Time Magazine report, they included: Ruckus, Mickinley, Sadman, Princecharles, Payzley, and Legendary.

For King and Country will be featured on the Public Television show Front and Center. In advance of the broadcast, you can watch a trailer for the episode and also see a video of their song Run Wild. The show Front and Center will feature a full hour of uninterrupted, commercial-free music by for King and Country. Check out the trailer by clicking on the link at

Audio Adrenaline is out with a lyric video for their song Move. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Matthew West this week released brand new lyric video for a song from his CD Life Forever. This time the focus is the song Mended. Check it out by clicking on the link at

This week’s Behind The Song episode by Chris August features his song ‘I’m In Love With You’. Chris says: it's a fun, upbeat song for your loving little hearts. Watch the full Behind the Song video by clicking on the link at

Matt Redman is out with an acoustic recording of his song It Is Well With My Soul. The album was recorded live at Abbey Road in London and Matt says, while they were recording the live worship album, they also shot several acoustic videos. The video of It Is Well With My Soul is the first release from those videos. Watch it online by clicking on the link at

Another story behind the song video from Third Day. Mark Lee this week shared some thoughts on the band's song He Is Alive. Mark says it's especially appropriate because the truth that He Is Alive is the central message of Third Day. Watch the full story behind the song video by clicking on the link at

The Newsboys and Tenth Avenue North will be featured during the Jacksonville Festival of Hope this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Also featured during the three night festival will be a message of hope from Franklin Graham and more. And the Festival will be broadcast live online. You can watch online Friday and Saturday nights at 6:30pm ET and Sunday at 3:30pm ET. Find our more by clicking on the link at

The Bible has estimated annual sales of 100 million copies. However, according to the Joplin Globe, sales in some countries are much lower. Take Cuba, for instance. This Communist nation has barred Bible distribution openly since 1969. Recently, thought, the country decided to conduct an experimental program by allowing Bibles in. Since then David Isais, who works with the Bible Commission of Cuba, has completed four deliveries of more than 265,000 Bibles to Cuba. David continues to seek donations to meet request for another 1 million but he says time is of the essence because the open door can close of any time. Currently more than 1,200 Cuban churches are urgently seeking Bibles. Some churches have only one or two Bibles for their entire congregations.

Chinese believers could be the next missions sending force, following the Western and Korean Christians who've gone before them. They pray, give and go, sacrificing everything to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the nations.
But sacrifices come with costs. According to a Baptist Press report, Chinese cross-cultural Christian workers say they struggle with discouragement and loneliness. In response, officials are encouraging specific prayer and encouragement for Chinese believers who are going out.

A US Marine was convicted at a court-martial last year after she refused to remove a Bible verse from her computer work station, but now Liberty Institute, a religious liberty law firm, is appealing the decision. According to Christian, Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling was prosecuted for displaying a slightly paraphrased version of Isaiah 54:17: "No weapons formed against me shall prosper" around her computer while she was stationed at Camp Lejune in North Carolina. It was announced this week that the Liberty Institute has appealed her case with the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, the highest military court in the US.

Extreme hot temperatures in India have resulted in the deaths of more than 1100 people this week. According to Mission Network News, The heatwave has topped out at around 122F, mostly in the southeastern states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Searing temperatures wreaked havoc with melting roads, crop failures, and power outages.

4 Ways to Set Expectations for Your Children from iMom:
1. Take the Story Out a Little Further. Talk as much about what happens after college or professional training.
2. Don’t Worry About the Specifics.
3. Encourage the Child Who Can’t See It.
4. Point Out the Relationship between Today’s Work and Tomorrow’s Career.

Two things to remember in life from Rick Godwin:
-Take care of your thoughts when alone
-Take care of your words when with people

7 Key Elements to Building Financial Security from All Pro Dad
1. Get Professional Help.
2. Get Insured.
3. Create a Well-Funded Savings Account.
4. Reduce and Erase Debt.
5. Investing for Retirement.
6. Plan for your Children’s Needs.
7. Have a Will.

What are your strong points and what blind spots should you beware of due to those strengths? That the subject of a new quiz from the Crossway organization. You can take the 10 part, one page quiz by clicking on the link at

Dutch artists Lernert and Sander are out with an interest photo exhibit based on food. The artists cut raw food into 98 perfect 2.5cm cubes, creating a tantalizing geometric display. This viral photo was commissioned by a Dutch newspaper for their their food-themed documentary photography special. But it's not the two artists food art project together. They started collaborating on art-related projects in 2007, and their first film together explores different ways to melt a chocolate bunny.

Two sets of proud parents from opposite ends of the world met for the first time this weekend to cheer on a graduating senior who picked up a second family while studying abroad. According to the Good News Network, Molly DiLeonardi, who studied in Cameroon last spring. She then used a bonus from her first job to fund her host parents’ trip from Cameroon to Pennsylvania for graduation day at Dickinson college.

Robert Lee really, really hates to see food go to waste. According to the Good News Network, that’s why he left his finance job at J.P Morgan to rescue leftover food from various restaurants around New York City and deliver them to homeless shelters. Every day, Robert and a band of volunteers collect the bagels, deli items, and catered food, knowing they’ll be tossed in the trash. Over the past two years, the organization Rescuing Leftover Cuisine has delivered 100,000 pounds of food to those in need by partnering with 50 food providers citywide.

Mercyme's Barry Graul is riding in the 2015 Nashville Tour de Cure this weekend to help raise money to stop Diabetes. Barry shared online: I am committed to ride and raise money in this inspirational event not because 29 million people in the United States have diabetes, but because I personally know some of them, and I want to do something about it.

Matt Redman's live worship CD is now available for pre-order. The project is titled Unbroken Praise Live. It is scheduled for release in mid June but you can lock in your copy right now and download the first song from the project. Available right now is Matt's version of It Is Well With My Soul.

The Minnesota based Daily Globe recently shared the story behind Matthew West's song Day One. The song is based on a story sent to Matthew by Josh Shuskey, the general manager at a pizza restaurant. Shuskey spent 10 years in prison for selling methamphetamines, losing everything the process. But Josh also gained something. While in prison he gave his life to the Lord. With the Lord and the help of friends Josh has been able to restart his life and his story is now impacting others. It was one of only 13 stories selected out of more then 40,000 sent to Matthew West and now is being heard around the world; the song Day One.

An acoustic version of Third Day's song Soul on Fire is available online. The band performed the song live earlier this month and the video of that acoustic performance, from their new worship CD, is now available online. Click on the link at

Selah is out with a song honoring those who have given their lives for the faith. The song it titled People of the Cross. Check out a video of their live performance of the song. Click on the link at

Michael W. Smith this week released the music video for his song Sky Spills Over. Watch the video right now by clicking on the link at

The Islamic State released their newest ambition, and it’s something that creates fear in just about everyone who hears it. According to Mission Network News, Bruce Allen of Forgotten Missionaries International says ISIS, in their propaganda magazine called Debiq, is suggesting that they are expanding so rapidly that they will buy their first nuclear weapon within a year, and it will come from Pakistan. In fact, the article goes on to detail plans for smuggling the bomb into America while mingling with millions of other illegal aliens coming into America.

If you are ever in Abilene, Texas you might want to check out the world's largest Bible. It weighs more than 1,000 pounds and includes more than 8-thousand pages. The Bible is over 43 inches tall and, when laid open, has a width of 98 inches. The Bible was donated to Abilene Christian University in 1956. It was actually printed one letter at a time in Los Angeles in 1930 and took two years and over 87-hundred hours to complete.

As parents, we can encourage our children to model God’s heart for orphans! Here are 3 ideas:
1. Welcome Baskets
2. Donate Allowance
3. Pray Together

Looking for a different type of vacation this summer. There are some wild roads around the world will get your adrenaline pumping, or at least give you a view like no other. Some are hand carved and some disappear completely during certain hours of the day or months of the year. Check out 15 of the most interesting by clicking on the link at

Music lovers have the chance to own a strand of history. According to Time Magazine, Auctioneer Sotheby’s is selling a lock of hair from the head of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, resting in a gilt locket. They say that taking composers’ hair as keepsakes was common in the 18th and 19th centuries. The sale also includes a lock of Ludwig van Beethoven’s hair and an invitation to his 1827 funeral

The graduating class at a New Hampshire high school is giving the money raised for its class trip to the school's principal, who has been diagnosed with cancer. According to Fox News, Courtney Vashaw, principal at Profile Junior-Senior High School in Bethlehem, said her school works hard teaching students compassion and caring for others, but she never thought that would directly affect her. The class had planned to spend four days at a ranch in upstate New York until Vashaw told them she had been diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cancer. The class then unanimously voted to take the nearly $8,000 they had saved and give it to Vashaw instead for her medical care.

Just a few days remain to bid in concert experiences with several artists and help benefit orphans in Haiti through the Hands and Feet project. The Newsboys, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mercyme, Third Day, Hawk Nelson and Kari Jobe are all offering packages that include tickets and a variety of other items.

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