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Natalie Grant says she struggles to embody many of the fruits of the Spirit on a daily basis

The band Disciple is asking for your help as they prepare to head out on tour.

Matthew West's recording studio was invaded this week.

Point of Grace will be trying something new when they release their next CD in April.

The latest project from Third Day is a Worship album titled Lead Us Back: Songs of Worship.

Jeremy Camp is touring Skillet as part of the Winterjam

Anthem Lights - Katy Perry will be performing at the Super Bowl

The Vertical Church Band is out with a video recording of their song Lamb of God.

Randy Phillips, Dan Dean and Shawn Craig recently sat down to talk about their song High Above

Another Southern Fixin video is now available from the Rhett Walker Band.

Casting Crowns Mark Hall is out with his pick for this weekends Super Bowl.

As the mother of three pre-schoolers, life for Laura Story can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Nancy Leigh Demoss is out with a blog telling of one of the highlight of her Christmas holidays.

Evangelists will be taking to the streets before the teams take to the field

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson drew support and criticism

American Pastor Saeed Abedini has written a letter from his Iranian jail cell to President Obama

10 keys to finding friends who are FOR your marriage from the blog Build Your Marriage:

5 Traits of a Lasting Marriage from All Pro Dad:

3 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Wife from All Pro Dad:

Do your kids like to play computer games? Focus on the Family's Clubhouse Jr. has some safe

A new website will turn any Twitter feed into works of incredible poetry.

We've already seen an example of how not to spend millions of dollars on your Super Bowl ad.

Cincinnati Bengals tackle Devin Still is keeping life in perspective.

Mike Grayson from the group MIKESCHAIR recently shared his No Turning Back moment.

The Robbie Seay Band and Compassion International are joining together

Kutless front man Jon Micah Sumrall will be officially releasing his new acoustic solo project

Britt Nicole this week released the cover and release date for her upcoming remix album.

The movie that features Christian artist Audrey Assad is available online for a limited time.

Sanctus Real will be releasing their song On Fire to radio stations nationwide

Matt Maher has a suggestion for an alternative to viewing the Super Bowl Halftime concert

Christian music pioneer Carman is preparing to head back out on tour.

Jamie Grace will be spending Valentines day ministering to 18 to 20 year olds in Atlanta.

Dr. James Dobson has released a free booklet on dealing with trials

This has been a week of progress in American Pastor Saeed Abedini's case.

Good news from the U.K. According to a report in Christianity Today,

A new report in Christianity Today is encouraging support for an emerging non-traditional family.

After nearly 200 years in New York City, the American Bible Society (ABS) is departing

Ten Times It's Wise to Hold Your Tongue from Revive Our Hearts:

The Do’s and Don’ts of Marriage from Family Minute:

5 Ways to Inspire Your Husband from iMom:

The Pieter Schelte is the world's largest ship.

A Kirby vacuum salesman went out of his way to give an autistic teen the birthday of a lifetime.

The bald eagle is making a comeback in New Jersey.

The new band I Am They released their self titled debut record this week. And right now you can listen to it in it's entirety online. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The web site Free CCM is giving away music from the Afters.

Kerrie Roberts is out with an acoustic video performance of her song My Heart's Lifted.

Jeremy Camp will release his latest album, I Will Follow, in early February.

Brandon Heath is out with an acoustic version of the song When I Was Young.

phrases that pastors might want to explain.

The publishing company Lifeway Kids is sharing what they have learned about kids

ESPN may be the next battle ground in the science versus biblical creation debate.

7 prayer tips to help us go deeper from Revive Our Hearts:

8 Keys to Keeping Your Marriage Strong from All Pro Dad:

10 Steps to Make Your Life as a Family Man Happier from All Pro Dad:

Tech company SplashData has released its annual list of the worst passwords of 2014.

Veterans have found a unique way to protest the removal of a statue of a soldier kneeling

Your morning coffee might do more than perk you up.

Building 429s Jason Roy took to the Internet to encourage those that follow the band

Your chance to vote in the We Love Christian Music Awards is nearly over.

Danny Gokey is insuring that he's able to chat with everyone.

TobyMac is again gearing up for this years Junior Golf Camp.

Want free music from Jamie Grace. She is featured on the 7-up can

broadcast celebrating 40 years of Christian Contemporary music

Kerrie Roberts has released another lyric video.

The Rhett Walker Band is out with another acoustic video.

Casting Crowns' Jaun Devevo says he is starting a new blog available only on Instagram.

Aaron Shust is inviting you to join him for an online concert.

Celebrating the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta

Operation Mobilization has done freedom climbs before but this time they are adding a twist

Sibling battles can ruin their future friendship. Here are some basic ground rules

15 Ways to Please Your Husband from Barbara Rainey:

6 Acts of Kindness to Cheer Up Your Child from All Pro Dad:

New holographic technology from Microsoft could reshape how we study the Bible.

What would you do if you came home to your very on ball pit in the middle of your living room.

Andrew Peterson says it's obvious that his kids were raised on Calvin and Hobbes.

Newsboys Co-Founder George Perdikis recently announced that he is now an Atheist.

Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman - supporting Show Hope

New Release Tuesday is still in the giving mood

The Sidewalk Prophets shared a video recorded at a recent concert.

Want to learn about worship from some of the best?

Casting Crowns made their Carnegie Hall debut over the weekend

Phillips, Craig and Dean are going to Israel in 2016 and want you to come along.

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health

Thanks to the Internet, the ministry of Billy Graham continues to reach millions.

A worship leaders thought on playing music that "old people like”

10 tips to better family time from All Pro Dad:

American Red Cross is out with a list of 4 simple steps for flu prevention.

The Wife Code: How to Really Understand What She is Saying from Family Minute:

Will God determine who wins the NFL Super Bowl

A company called e-sight is changing the way people who are legally blind see the world.

Casting Crowns Mark Hall is asking for your help in finishing the Thrive Medical Clinic in Kenya.

Christy Nockels was looking back this week.

The Worship Web site We Are Worship is giving away more music.

Paul and Rita Baloche video from the quarter of a century they lived and served in East Texas.

The latest Lighten Up video from Ken Davis is now available online.

President Barack Obama met in person with Naghmeh Abedini,

Focus on the Family is siding with a Colorado baker

Pro-life groups are questioning why abortion is still legal across the board

A tiny Mayan village in Guatemala will soon have a place to worship God

4 Ways to Know When it’s Time for Marriage Counseling from Family Minute:

5 Activities Discouraged On a Cruise from Ken Davis

4 Opportunities to Cut Your Husband Slack from iMom:

If it's getting harder to keep your New Year's resolutions, don't worry, there's an app for that.

Buckner is celebrating a milestone.

Scientists at the University of Rochester have created a new metal that is so hydrophobic

New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson says he finds his identity in Jesus Christ

Ellie Holcomb is a relatively new artist on the major Christian music scene.

celebration of the life of Andrae Crouch

Free music is now available from the Rhett Walker Band.

Colton Dixon is going to bat for his sister Skyler.

The Newsboys are kicking off their We Believe...God's Not Dead Scavenger Hunt.

The members of the Colony House Band recorded a special video

The 7th studio album from Hawk Nelson is set to release on March 17.

Barna Research has again announced their list of the most, and least, Bible minded cities

In 2014, Food for the Hungry helped 9.4 million vulnerable people to improve their lives.

10 Ways to Balance Work and Family Life from All Pro Dad:

8 solid reasons to push through rough spots in marriage from the blog Build your Marriage:

5 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress from All Pro Dad:

Yahoo travel has released their State-by-State Guide of the 50 Coolest Things in America.

Charles Clark may look like your everyday custodian,

Duracell company has found a unique way to bring people together.

The Vertical Church Band held a special showcase event to introduce their new album

The largest CCM concert in history will be happening live online this evening.

The new EP from Love and the Outcome is now available.

Kerrie Roberts is out with another "Questions for Kerrie" video.

Sanctus Real is out with the story behind their song on fire

Josh Wilson was recently working on video content for his tour

Big Daddy Weave is inviting you to join them for an unforgettable journey to the Holy Lands.

Colton Burpo continues to stands behind his Heaven Is For Real experience

"Duck Dynasty" stars Willie and Korie Robertson sharing more details about upcoming musical

3 sanity secrets for stressed out moms from iMom:

7 Tips to Avoid Making Disastrous Family Decisions from Family Minute:

An 81-year-old who has kept every penny he's ever found finally cashed them in.

Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots made one of the biggest plays of his life

This cold and flu season, your kids can bless someone in a simple way.

Warner Brothers is backing out of plans for a documentary on the Hillsong organization.

The band Tenth Avenue North was recently featured on a Fox News report.

Skillet was part of a global music and dance tribute in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The WWE used music from NeedToBreathe to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. this week.

Love Burkina Faso, a collaborative effort of international evangelist Andrew Palau

Winter has become a brutal enemy to refugees in the Middle East.

The peace has ended in eastern Ukraine.

5 Things Dads Can Do to Promote Their Kids' Economic Health from All Pro Dad:

7 Things Husbands Should Stop Doing from Family Minute:

Here are the 5 questions from iMom you should ask your husband today:

NASA has just released the largest picture ever taken.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson praised God on the field

Are you a coffee lover?

Remedy Drive guitarist Dave Mohr recently announced that he is leaving the band.

Love and The Outcome will release their new EP Ocean Way Sessions: LIVE tomorrow

The latest Hawk Nelson song is titled Drops in the Ocean.

Dan Bremnes is just starting to impact major Christian radio.

JJ Heller and her husband Dave are celebrating the new year

ESPN's Adam Schefter has Jamie Grace's song Beautiful Day as his ring tone

While Sunday School is a common occurrence in the USA, it is non-existent in many other countries around the globe.

Christianity is multiplying into the millions

The Massachusetts doctor returned to the mission field last week

7 Common Double Standards in Marriage from All Pro Dad:

4 Actions you can take Today to Help Shed that Holiday Spread from Ken Davis!

The Two Questions Every Leader Must Answer from Revive Our Hearts:

7 Keys to Rebuild Your Marriage from the Build Your Marriage blog

Christmas decorations still lingering around?

Tired of never having any pizza left after your teenage son is done.

The members of a barbershop quartet decided to make a difference.

Jamie Grace's mom, Mona Harper, is out with a post on raising daughters.

Winterjam is a unique experience for the fans but it's also different for the Artists.

Kerrie Roberts recently asked her fans to share their questions.

A conversion story that rivals the Apostle Paul is now being told online.

Wycliffe Associates is focusing on a new mission to “work smarter, not harder.”

30 new school buildings in Haiti by this spring despite setbacks.

5 Ways of Dealing with Stress from All Pro Dad:

5 Easy Steps to Remove Racism in the New Year from Charisma News

5 health benefits of Marriage from Focus on the Family: #Marriage

3 Steps to Un-breaking Your New Year’s Resolutions

Winfield, Alabama, unanimously declaring the municipality a "city under God."

craftsman converted it into a wodden bench

Ever wished you could work on your laptop in bed?

The members of Tenth Avenue North continue to use the platform God has given them

Phillips, Craig and Dean member Shawn Craig says praying for your enemies

Jeremy Camp this week posted a special devotional for the new year

Danny Gokey is asking for your help.

The Kansas based band Cloverton is looking for a new guitarist.

Hear It First is giving away free music from Kerrie Roberts.

Morgan Nichols is out with a lyric video for her latest song Storyteller.

New music from Kari Jobe is now available online.

Earlier this week Matthew West released the video telling the story behind the song Day One.

Eric Metaxas says science is increasingly making a case for the existence of God.

Some encouraging news on religious freedom is coming out of China.

God's Not Dead follow-up, Do You Believe? has released its trailer and set a release date:

3 steps to take when you feel like you can’t do anything right in your marriage from Family

11 Benefits to Losing as Little as 10 Pounds from Charisma News

Ways to Teach your Children to be Problem Solvers from All Pro Dad:

pictorial description of just how vast the universe really is.

We can find music all around us. Even a carrot can produce beautiful music

26 year old Nikki Bollerman was recently the big winner in Capital One's Wish for Others

Ben Calhoun recently sat down to talk about Citizenway's new song Evidence.

This week marks the fifth year anniversary of the earthquake that shook Haiti

Brandon Heath says every good story has a turning point and his latest record is about his.

Dr. James Dobson is giving away a booklet titled Building a Marriage That Lasts.

The latest Chris August song is titled “The Maker”.

Early in 2015 Matthew West released the lyric video for his new song Day One.

Jeremy Camp is out with song number three from his upcoming new album I Will Follow.

Five years ago this week, an earthquake flipped the lives of Haitians upside down,

FamilyLife is challenging the men of America to participate in MANuary

10 Essential Tips for Handling Group Dynamics from Revive Our Hearts

7 ways to grow closer to God from Charisma News

10 Creative Ways To Spend More Time With Your Wife from All Pro Dad:

useful digital and mobile technology can be used to help those with autism.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson generating a lot of publicity for organ donations

Have you ever wanted to leave a message or send a text to Building 429
The number is 323 686 B429

Tiffany Lee was open and honest about dealing with depression and taking medication

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett is co-hosting a facebook page

The new Hawk Nelson song Drops in the Ocean comes out nation wide today.

Derek Minor will be releasing his new CD Empire on January 27.

Have you listened to the preview of Jeremy Camp's new song I Will Follow?

Mat Kearney is out with a music video for his new song Heartbeat.

Jamie Grace's sister Morgan Nichols was on line this week with another Storyteller live stream.

Worship leader Matt Redman is out with a remix of the song Let My People

Another Lightenup Video is available from Ken Davis.

TobyMac is looking for volunteers

Radical Islamists were the main persecutors of Christians around the world last year

Eleven former Mars Hill congregations have adopted new names

While Ebola is out of the news cycle, it's still a major crisis in West Africa.

Do you plan to simplify your life this year?

Top 7 Signs You Are Growing Closer to Christ from Hear it First:

Do you only listen to preachers that scratch your itching ears?

Something as small as getting your groceries free can have a huge impact on a families life.

An award winning Japanese soy sauce company lost everything in the 2011 Tsunami.

Boston recently uncovered a time capsule originally placed in the building's cornerstone

Jonny Diaz says he and his wife did a photo shoot for a magazine spread at their gym,

Steven Curtis Chapman released a tribute video for Andrae Crouch.

The latest Tenth Avenue North official music video is now available.

Friday night Lecrae was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

MercyMe will began recording their next Christmas album in a couple of weeks.

Jamie Grace is inviting your kids to join her for her Beautiful Day,

Another video blog is now available from Jeremy Camp.

The Luis Palau Association was celebrating a successful Christmas outreach in China

A diet changes the way you look. A fast changes the way you see.

7 Chores for Toddlers They Can Do On Their Own from iMom:

5 Common Mistakes Men Make in Marriage from Family Minute:

10 Things to Do for Your Wife Every Year from All Pro Dad:

A recently social experiment had some unexpected results.

We have all heard of hacking the internet. But how about face hacking.

Jamie Grace is out with a new book called boys boys boys.

The web site We Are Worship is gearing up for their Search for a Hymn contest

Casting Crowns is going through each song from their album "Thrive"

Kerrie Roberts this week released the first of five live acoustic videos from her EP

Brandon Heath was talking this week about No Turning Back Moments.

Mark Schultz is out with a new video he is calling "How To" Episode 1.

David Crowder documentary

The latest Lighten Up video from Ken Davis is now available.

The members of Mercyme are excited to be back on The Road Show.

New research reveals one more reason to remember 2014

Churches fitted with ornate stained glass windows may not be a thing of the archaic past

Beginning Jan. 10, 2015, Church of God Prayer Ministries is calling for 21 days of prayer

10 trends that will make you smile from Charisma News.

6 Ways to Help Out a Single Mom from iMom:

Flu is a national and deadly epidemic. Here's five ways to avoid it from Charisma News.

Getting out of debt isn't as impossible as it seems

raw sewage into clean drinking water.

It's 2015 and that means the year mentioned in Back to the Future 2 is finally upon us.

A 7 year old is reaching out to the homeless by giving out Blessing Bags.

Tammy Martin was told she would never walk again after breaking her back in a car accident.

Mark Schultz spent a year in Europe while his wife was serving as an intern several years ago.

Plumb is thanking everyone for the huge response to her book Need You Now: A Story of Hope

Song good news is being reported about Christian music pioneer Andrae Crouch.

Want to hear an exclusive preview of Jeremy Camp's new single I Will Follow?

CCM United is presenting a special online concert in celebration of 40 years

The members of Kutless are giving you the chance to go behind the scenes with the band.

The Christian Film Data base is out with their list of the Top 100 Christian movies from 2014

The England and Wales office of Youth With A Mission may lose more than 350 missionaries

Archaeologists in Jerusalem say they’ve identified the site of the trial of Jesus.

10 Ways to Put Yourself Second from All Pro Dad:

10 Keys to Raising a Great Teenager from All Pro Dad:

What is Love? The Do’s and Don’ts of Marriage from Family Minute:

Russell Wilson is hoping to help find a heart for a 16-year-old boy who needs a transplant.

What would you do if you woke up with a robber pointing a gun to your head?

The first song from TobyMac's 2015 CD is now available

The Christian Music Website New Release Tuesday is out with a free 10 song sampler.

French worship leader Matt Marvane is out with a music video for his song "Heavenly Father."

Mercyme's Mike Scheuchzer shared a picture of a barge carrying oil tankers and other barges.

The Vertical Church Band will be holding a special CD release event

One mission group is celebrating the New Year by connecting churches in China

The government of Egypt has launched a unique campaign

Mark Driscoll is marching forward, moving beyond Mars Hill Church by launching

The Islamic government of Turkey has authorized the construction of a new church for the first time

10 Ways to Be Marriable shared by the Focus Boundless Team. Develop:

Two practices from the web site Build Your Marriage that most couples fail to do

5 Ways to Use Technology to Bond with Your Children from All Pro Dad:

Wild Bison are roaming freely east of the Mississippi for the first time since the 1830s.

A San Ramon, California family had a merrier Christmas than they ever thought possible

Want to know whether that online dating profile pic is on the level?

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