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Audio Adrenaline front man Adam Agee says his beard is turning into a Christmas beard. Adam celebrated no shave November last month but, even though November is over, the beard is sticking around. He posted a picture this week showing off his new look.

Did you know that the Sidewalk Prophets have their own tour pastor? The band introduced Choe Hayes on his birthday this week. He is currently traveling with the band as their Merry Christmas to You Tour

Advice from Casting Crowns Megan Garrett: If you are a believer, you are a light, and a light projects onto others and illuminates their surroundings. You should be a cheerleader for all those around you. You should compliment people. You should strive to see people as Jesus does-and He thinks they're beautiful and important and worthy.

The latest Christy Nockels features one of the best known worship leaders in the world. Christy recently sat down in the home of Chris Tomlin. The two reminisced about their past 20 years of friendship, ministry, songwriting and even how she takes a tiny bit of credit of Chris' marriage to Lauren. Check out podcast number 20 on Christy's podcast page.

Francesca Battistelli was reminiscing this week. She posted: growing up, I dreamed a lot of dreams. But through all the changing dreams of my heart, one has remained: being a mother. And on a chilly December morning like this one, running the vacuum next to the Christmas tree and a basket of unfolded laundry, while my (third!) baby crawls around next to me, I'm hit with the most beautiful knowledge that my dream has come true.

New jewelry from Natalie Grant is now available. She says It is well with my soul is one of my favorite songs of all time. The truth of the lyrics have brought me peace more times than I can recount. I designed this piece to speak to what is possible for every single one of us. Our faith doesn't guarantee perfect circumstances. Our faith guarantees perfect peace in spite of our circumstances.

Former Downhere vocalist Marc Martel has released his first solo Christmas project. “The Silent Night EP” features seven holiday classics, including “What Child Is This?” Martel recently posted “It feels so good to be back as an indie solo artist this 2016 Christmas season." It’s been seven years since Martel has had a Christmas single on Christian radio. It was in 2009 that Downhere released the yearly favorite, “How Many Kings.”

For King and Country is giving away a free download of their song Glorious. As part of their celebration of Christmas, for a limited time you can download a copy of the bands new song at their web site. Click on the link at

Need some Last-minute Christmas Worship set list ideas. Paul Baloche wants to help. He has just released his third Christmas Worship Set List on his Lead Worship web site. Check out the new information, including songs, scripture, and prompts. Click on the link at

Another Christmas video premier from Amy Grant. This week Grant introduced the song To Be Together on the web site. Grant says she had just finished writing that song when her daughter Sarah was in an awful automobile accident.” Amy added. “During those tough hours in the emergency room and the days that followed in the hospital, that chorus cycled through my brain on repeat. “‘Coming home just the way you are, knowing this is all that really matters, to be together’. She says: "it was so comforting to me.” Check out the video of the song by clicking on the link at

The seasons finale of the Jamie Grace show is now available. The final edition of Season 3 features singing, throwbacks, and part two of The One Syndrome. Also included in the half hour broadcast is the stories of Jamie getting locked of out of the house and possibly marrying a guy from the grocery store. Check out the new episode by clicking on the link at

The Sidewalk Prophets were recently on Facebook live sharing their unique version of feliz navidad. Check out their live performance by clicking on the link at

The latest edition of Bus Invaders features the band Skillet. The Digital Tour Bus invaded the Skillet bus this fall for episode 1072 of their feature. Get an inside look at Skillets tour bus by clicking on the link at

Micah Tyler's new "Never Been A Moment" Music Video is now available on Free CCM. Micah posted: "'Never Been A Moment' is a song I didn't even know that I needed until I walked into a writing room. The Lord started moving in my heart and I realized just how much of my own story is tethered to the idea that the Lord is always with us. I realized that every single time my family has looked ahead and saw a sacrifice that had to be made, we've always looked back and seen the Lord's faithfulness. I know there has never been a moment the Lord has not been with us, loved us, and has walked alongside my family and me every step of the way." Check out the music video by clicking on the link at

Mercyme's Bart Millard and Barry Graul agree that it's always good to make time for working out on the road. However, they might disagree on what constitutes a work out. Bart posted a video clip as Barry worked out on an exercise bike. At the same time Bart was giving his month a strenuous workout by eating a bag of doritos.

While most of Third Day is taking some time off, Mac Powell is celebrating the holidays on a Christmas tour with Crowder. He recently posted a clip of his version of Silent Night featuring a distinctly country sound. Check it out by clicking on the link at

It's not easy to stay on a diet during the Holiday's and Todd Smith is no exception. He and the other two members of Selah have committed to loosing weight during 2016 but Todd says it's difficult to stay fit while on a Christmas tour. However, he isn't giving in. Todd says he brought a couple Nutrisystem bars along to keep him on track while traveling.

A question from Chuck Swindoll: To better understand our times, should you pick up a newspaper or a Bible? His answer might surprise you. Chuck says the Bible has context, roots, and timeless wisdom your paper lacks. Find out more through the Insight for Living video library. Click on the link at

6 easy ways to be a better holiday party house guest from Time
1. Received an Evite? RSVP ASAP. If you need to mull it over for one or two days (max), set an alert on your phone to remind you.
2. If you bring something, make sure that it’s fully cooked, in a presentable dish, with the necessary serving tools.
3. Be a herder. When the host says, “Dinner’s ready,” and no one moves, say, “I think it’s time to go to the table,” and help scoot things along.
4. Put away your phone. Maybe others will follow your lead.
5. Talk to the stranger. If a cousin or a friend is sitting alone, do your host a favor and take over.
6. If you think that you’ve over-stayed your welcome, don’t apologize about hanging around. Your host will feel obligated to reply, “No, stay!” Just say “thank you” and leave.

10 Life Skills Your Teen Needs Before Leaving Home from iMom:
1. Basic cooking skills.
2. Budgeting and money management skills.
3. Personal healthcare knowledge.
4. Good social skills and manners.
5. Auto maintenance skills.
6. Essential domestic skills.
7. Being a good judge of character.
8. Work skills and basic responsibility.
9. The ability to discern between love and infatuation.
10. The ability to admit fault and start over.

What to Do When You're Not Feeling "Joy to the World" from Ken Davis
Approach the Season with Realistic Expectations
Approach the Season with Expectancy
Approach the Season with a Plan to Serve
Approach the Season in Motion

A court in Nepal this week acquitted eight Christians accused of attempting to convert children by means of a comic book. According to advocacy group Christian Solidarity Worldwide, The seven men and one woman were arrested in June. They were charged with trying to convert children to Christianity after they were found distributing pamphlets about Christ in a Christian school. The small books were used as part of a counseling program for children traumatized by earthquakes in 2015. The 8 were verbally acquitted this week, with a written verdict expected within a month.

The popular YouVersion Bible App for phones has reached a new download milestone, surpassing a quarter of a billion downloads. According to the Christian Post, the YouVersion Bible App was created in 2008. It reached the 250 million download mark earlier this week. Bobby Gruenewald, Life.Church innovation pastor and YouVersion founder, said he "never could have imagined how many people would come to rely on it every day, all around the world." The YouVersion Bible App includes over 1,200 versions of the Bible in about 900 languages.

Tim Tebow played 19 games with the Mets' minor league team earlier this year, receiving mixed reviews from officials throughout the major league. However, according to Relevant Magazine, his baseball career isn't ending yet. Officials say Mets manager Terry Collins has invited Tebow to attend major league camp in February. Collins continued to laud Tebow for his sportsmanship and dedication to a team.

A district court judge in Ohio has upheld the constitutionality of having the national motto "In God We Trust" on United States currency. According to the Christian Post, Judge Benita Y. Pearson of the Northern District of Ohio rejected an effort by a group of plaintiffs to strike the motto from American money under the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. In a ruling issued on Wednesday, Judge Pearson reasoned that RFRA was inapplicable because the plaintiffs "cannot demonstrate that the use of the motto on currency substantially burdens their religious exercise."

A Christmas board game that pits Jesus against Santa is receiving criticism for being offensive. According to, the board game, called “Santa vs. Jesus” began as a Kickstarter campaign. Danny Webster, a spokesman for the Evangelical Alliance, said that the game is problematic because it presents both Jesus and Santa as “fictional characters.” While playing the game, participants are split up into two teams-team Santa or team Jesus. They then try to get the most “believers.” Despite the criticism the game has received, one of its creators, Julian Miller, said that its sales "are exceeding all expectations and we've had to rush through another order with our manufacturer to keep up with the demand."

New York City's abortion rate is the highest abortion rate in the country. According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013 New York City reported 69,840 abortions and 116,777 registered births. That means the city’s abortion rate is 60 percent of its birth rate. According to Christian Headlines, A separate report from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Office found that, in 2014, more black babies were aborted in New York City than were born in the city.

A national survey of 1,520 adults finds that Facebook continues to be America’s most popular social networking platform by a substantial margin. According to Pew Research, nearly eight-in-ten online Americans (79%) now use Facebook, more than double the share that uses Twitter (24%), Pinterest (31%), Instagram (32%) or LinkedIn (29%). Thanks in part to the growing number of older adults who are joining the site, Facebook use has increased by 7 percentage points compared with a similar point in 2015. In addition, 76% of Americans who use Facebook now report that they visit the site on a daily basis, up from 70% in 2015.

A passenger gave birth on an Orlando, Florida-bound Southwest Airlines flight, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in Charleston, South Carolina. According to Yahoo News, Flight 556 was en route from Philadelphia this week when flight attendants asked for help from any medical personnel aboard the flight. Two doctors and a nurse went to the front row of the plane to help the woman in labor. The plane was met by rescue crews, who boarded the plane to escort the woman and the baby off it. The woman and her baby were said to be "doing well when they left the aircraft."

PewDiePie is the highest paid digital star of 2016. According to Forbes recent rankings, The Swedish gamer — whose real name is Felix Kjellberg — made an estimated $15 million for the 12 months ending in June 2016. This is the second year the 26-year-old YouTuber has topped the list. His paycheck surged 20% from last year, when he made $12 million.

The originators of the trick shot, the Harlem Globetrotters, now have the record for the highest shot ever made in North America. According to ABC News, as part of the first celebration of "World Trick Shot Day," Globetrotter Buckets Blakes nailed a shot off the Tower of the Americas in San Antonio. The shot was measured at 583 feet and eight inches.

This past Thursday, December 7th, was the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Now we can take a trip back into history thanks to Time's new "Remembering Pearl Harbor" virtual reality experience. Told primarily through the accounts of 103-year-old WWII veteran Lt. James Downing, the 360 degree video experience uses information and artifacts from the National WWII Museum and the Library of Congress, as well as gripping visuals and sound design, to transport you back to that fateful day. Watch the immersive VR history lesson by clicking on the link at

Heinrich Steinmeyer was taken as a prisoner of war during his service as a Nazi soldier in WWII. At the age of 19, Heinrich was held at the camp in Scotland and was stunned by the kindness he was shown. After the war ended, he frequently returned to Comrie to visit the people who befriended him. And when he died, he left his entire $488,000 estate to Scotland. His Last Will and Testament has been allocated toward providing care for the elder residents that showed him compassion in the 1940’s.

Millions of Web-connected, vulnerable devices are entering U.S. homes with little regulation. According to NPR, The term for these Internet-enabled devices — like connected cars and home appliances — is the Internet of things. They promise to make life more convenient, but security officials are concerned that these devices are also vulnerable to hacking. Security technologist Bruce Schneier says that while hacking someone's emails or banking information can be embarrassing or costly, hacking the Internet of things could be dangerous. Schneier says there is currently no government regulation around the Internet of things, and he fears it will take a disaster for that to change. he says "Right now these devices are being sold by the millions, they're not secure."

Someone is willing to donate thousands of dollars for the opportunity to have a half-hour coffee date with Ivanka Trump. Through December 20 you can bid on the event over at Charitybuzz, a site for high-priced charity auctions. As of last report, there have been nine bids on the Ivanka Trump Coffee Date auction, the highest being $17,500. The money raised will go to the Eric Trump Foundation to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

British Teen is hoping to pay for College by selling 1,500 Christmas Trees He Started Growing at Age 9. 16 year old Ryan Brooks is selling the trees during the holidays for 20 pounds. His mother Gail says "He started selling them for the first time last year. However she says "He hasn't made loads of money because he's reinvested it every time to grow more. Every time he takes a tree out, he puts one back." Last year, Brook made about £2,000 pounds selling 100 trees to friends and family, and this year he hopes to beat last year's sales.

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips says his love affair with the ocean is real. Even on a cool, overcast day Duncan said he couldn't stay away from the beach during a recent Newsboys stop in Florida.

Newsboys member Jeff Frankenstein was recently presented with what he described as the best fan gift ever. The key board player for the Newsboys posted a picture of an American flag he had just been given. The flag was flown over the headquarters of the ISAF Joint Command in Afghanistan in Jeff's honor on September 11, 2014.

NeedtoBreathe is asking for your help. Last summer the band raised enough money to build a Medical Center in Tola, Nicaragua. Now they are attempting to raise an additional $30,000 to cover the first years expenses at the center. As an added incentive, Needtobreathe is giving a copy of their demo song Draw The Line to everyone who donates at least 5 dollars. And they are off to a good start. Almost $5,000 was raised in the first 24 hours.

Third Day's Mac Powell may just be addicted. He posted a picture of a bag of chocolate and peanut butter Muddy Buddies and added: must stop eating!

The Grammy Nominations have been announced and the top nominees are Natalie Grant and Hillary Scott. Both have been nominated in both the Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance and Best Contemporary Christian Music Album categories. Others on the nominee list are Lauren Daigle, For King and Country, Zach Williams, Poets and Saints, Crowder, and Hillsong Young and Free.

You never know where Santa might appear, especially if you are on tour with Matthew West. On his instagram page Matthew has been posted short videos as he surprises members of his crew and his fellow artists while dressed in a full Santa suit. Matthew says you can't hide from Surprise Santa.

Casting Crowns front man Mark Hall is in Puerto Rico this week for a special reason. Mark is helping to encourage Eagles Landing church planter partners in Puerto Rico. In addition to touring with Casting Crowns, Mark serves as a youth leader at the main Eagles Landing campus in McDonough, Georgia.

Lauren Daigle this week shared another example of God's love even in the little things. Lauren says she was desperate to find something to fill her creative bank and added: Little did I know as I opened my shade this morning, God had this waiting for me. Attached was a short video of the view outside Lauren's window, a long stretch of artwork painted on the walls along her route. Lauren posted: He knows what we need. It doesn't have to be grand. It's personal. That's all the grandeur desired.

From Phillips, Craig & Dean: As we begin our month long journey to the manger, you may find yourself in a season of challenge. Let this scripture bring you peace. Attached was a copy of Psalm 42:11

Danny Gokey will release his new album Rise early in 2017. But right now he is giving you early access to the project. Danny announced this week that he is partnering with to give access to exclusive songs, pictures, videos and more just by pre-ordering the new project.

Tobymac is promising a new Christmas song but he's not sharing many details yet. He posted only three words on Instagram this week when making the announcement. Tobymac simply posted: New Christmas song.


Plumb isn't the only singer in the family. She posted a picture of her daughter singing during her school's Christmas program. Check out Clementines performance by clicking on the link at

Selah is out with a new lyric video from their remade Christmas album. The trio this week released the lyric video for their medley of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and We Three Kings. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Matthew West is out with another Christmas song. Check out an acoustic performance of Matthew's song Unto Us. Click on the link at

The official lyric video for Ginny Owen's Christmas song Jesus, We Adore You is now available online. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Part 2 of Skillet's European Tour Podcast is now available on youtube. The new video features an up-close look at Skillet's summer festival run through Europe and Russia! Access the video by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace was encouraging the young kids in her local church to eat their fruits and veggies. Using her own hair as an example, Jamie says: I taught the kids at my church that if you eat fruit you get colorful hair.

Jimmy Needham is giving his fans the chance to attend an exclusive online acoustic concert on New Years day. The show will be broadcast from Jimmy's home in Dallas at 7:00pm CT on New Years Day! It will be streamed via a private Periscope feed, allowing you to interact with Jimmy, type questions and make song requests. You'll also be given an immediate free download of Jimmy's COAL NO MORE Christmas EP.

Jonny Diaz is working on his Building 429 music. He posted a video clip this week as he covered their song Glory Defined. Jonny is gearing up to join Building 429 for their Christmas in the Round tour this month.

Tenth Avenue North was featuring some pretty amazing back up singers this week. Front man Mike Donehey posted: Definitely the best back up singers we've had in a while. Attached was a picture as the members of Switchfoot joined Tenth Avenue North on stage during a recent show.

Casting Crowns front man Mark Hall was cheering on his son JM this week. He posted a short video of his son playing base for the group and added: I'm so proud of JM. He's been playing bass this whole tour.

Jordan Feliz was having a little fun during his day off this week. He posted a picture while at the target range while firing a submachine gun. Jordan posted: Today we seriously got so spoiled!

8 Holiday Traditions You Need To Start With Your Kids:
1. Along with being fun, creating a countdown to Christmas calendar is also educational, incorporating numbers and the days of the week.
2. Help your child write letters to friends and family sharing what they are thankful for.
3. After picking out the perfect tree, invite the kids to layer on the decorations
4. Make and decorate cookie together
5. Allow kids to help make the Christmas meal.
6. Pick a few holiday movies to watch as a family.
7. Gather together for a family portrait.
8. Keep up with your own cultural traditions

3 ways God uses tough times to make us better.
Conflict creates vulnerability.
Conflict jumpstarts transformation.
Conflict brings renewal.

Compassion’s Senior Vice President of General Counsel testified this week before the US Foreign Committee. According to Mission Network News, The subject was recent changes to the Indian government’s interpretation and application of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. Due to the change, Compassion has not been allowed to send funds to its more than 500 local child development projects throughout India. More than 145,000 children registered in Compassion’s program have been directly affected.

The Bible Society recently joined with the town council in Calne, in Southwestern England, to set a new Guinness World Record for the world's largest nativity scene. According to Christian, dozens of wise men, shepherds ,angels, donkeys, sheep and even stars gathered on the town green. In the end, officials certified that 1,254 people took part. That broke the old record of 1,039 set in Utah in 2014.

An auction of the Bible collection amassed by theologian and author Dr Charles Caldwell Ryrie has smashed pre-sale estimates. According to, The most popular item, a Wycliffe New Testament, tripled its pre-sale estimate, going for $1.7 million. Another early English Bible, a first edition by Miles Coverdale, sold for $348,500. The whole collection, which included 195 Bibles and parts of Bibles in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English and other languages, brought $7.3 million.

Google is looking for a 'conservative outreach' manager after Donald Trump's win. According to Time, the organization wants someone who can act as Google’s “liaison to conservative, libertarian and free market groups” following Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election.

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google are teaming up on a new effort to prevent the spread of terrorist content on their networks. The companies are creating a shared database that will allow them to track the "digital fingerprints" of accounts that share terrorist images and videos across their respective networks to make it easier to identify and remove the content.

Need the perfect gift for someone who has everything. How about a Aquahoverer. The two person submarine is shaped much like a formula one race car, allowing you to take a unique sightseeing trip by driving underwater. However, it doesn't come cheap. The high performance sub sports a price tag of 1.5 million dollars.

96 year old Lauren Bruner is planning to be in Hawaii today for the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. According to ABC News, Bruner was on the USS Arizona in 1941 getting ready for church when the alarm sounded. Bruner climbed five stories toward the anti-aircraft guns he was responsible for manning but was wounded before he could reach the weapons. 75 years later to the day, Bruner plans to visit a memorial over the Arizona's sunken wreckage and attend a remembrance ceremony at Pearl Harbor.

About 180 Saint Nick wannabes recently participated in the fundraising event on the sky slopes that was not for the faint of heart: The group, all dressed in Santa suits, tackled challenging terrain during the 18th annual Santa Sunday. According to ABC News, Online registration for the popular event in Maine filled up in minutes. Santa Sunday raises money for the Sunday River Community Fund, a local charity.

Every single day, Rich Nowakowski sits on the front porch of his house in Hartland, Wisconsin cheering on the construction crew that is building an apartment complex across the street. According to ABC News, Rich suffered a stroke in 2012 leaving him unable to speak well, but his passion for the men’s work still shines through. And the members of the crew found the perfect way to say thanks. Recently 30 members of the construction crew pooled their money and surprised Rich with two tickets to see his favorite team, the Green Bay Packers, along with $400 in cash and some Packers gear.

Would you play a video game starring Donald Trump? Now you can. At least 5 such games have already come on the market this year. Some carry a very pro-Trump message; others are decidedly anti-Trump. They range from Make America Great Again: The Trump Presidency to Trump Pinata

The pet rock is back but it won't come cheap. A company named Made Solid is selling rocks through Nordsrums Department Store. The rocks come in a leather pocket created by the company and sell for $85 each.

Expect a lot of Sophias or Jacksons in the classroom in the next few years. According to ABC News, That's because those two names top the list of most popular baby names of 2016. Rounding out the top 10 names for girls are Emma, Olivia, Ava, Mia, Isabella, Riley, Aria, Zoe, and Charlotte. The top boys names, after Jackson, are Aiden, Lucas, Liam, Noah, Ethan, Mason, Caden, Oliver, and Elijah.

The band All Sons and Daughters is auctioning some of their personal items to raise money for the Hands and Feet Project. Online you can bid on a variety of times ranging from autographed copies of their music to guitars played by members of the band.

After more than 11 years of touring together, the band Among The Thirsty is calling it quits. Members of the band posted over the weekend: Chapters close in order for new chapters to begin. Pray for us as we all begin new chapters! In an open letter to their fans, the band thanked everyone for their support and announced: The time has come for Among the Thirsty to come to an end.

Natalie Grant continues to deal with health issues due to a ruptured disc in her neck. She posted over the weekend: This traction machine is my new normal. She added: I'm sleeping about 2 hrs a night max, every time I sing pain shoots through my neck, and it's really affecting the quality of my voice as well. I appreciate your prayers.

Blanca is dealing with the loss of her mom over the weekend. Her mother, who had been sick for quite awhile, pasted away this past Friday. Blanca shared on instagram: No words can begin to describe the pain and the emptiness that my heart feels. She was one of a kind... the pillar that held my family together. You were a fighter, and you gave it your all. But now the battle is over. No more pain, no more suffering. You're finally free. Until we meet again... RIP.

Milo wants only one thing for Christmas, his mother. Matthew West dressed up like santa over the weekend and posted a picture as he held the young son of Love and the Outcome members Chris and Jodi. Matthew says that, when he asked: "Milo, what would you like for Christmas?", Milo's one word answer was "Mommy!!"

Natalie Grant was live on Facebook over the weekend to give a tour of her bus. Natalie says she talked about false eyelashes, essential oils and other super important tips. Check out the tour video by clicking on the link at

Free CCM is giving away a lot of Christmas music during the holidays. Right now you can download 10 songs on their web site. The Christmas music available is from artists like Mercyme, Laura Story, and Phillips, Craig and Dean. Access the 10 song download for a limited time by clicking on the link at

Mercyme is inviting you to join them as they make their next album. The band is currently writing and recording music for their ninth studio album and this time they are doing something completely different. They are inviting you to join them for the journey. Prior to the album's March 31st, 2017 release you can sign up to hear the music first, get Mercyme memorabilia and more. Find out more about supporting and collaborating with Mercyme as they make this new music. Click on the link at christian

Another video blog from Hawk Nelson front man Jon Stiengard is now available. The band recently traveled to Europe and Jon's vlog focused on the 24 hours they spent in Paris. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

A new performance video is now available from Unspoken. Check out their performance of the song Life In The Death of Me. Click on the link at

A new lyric video is now available from Crowder. The latest video from David Crowder and his band, along with help from KB, features their song Prove It. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant shared a video caught by her bus driver at one of her Christmas concerts over the weekend. Natalie said: I spotted this little tiny girl dancing in the aisle last night. So I just had to bring her up on stage. She's not even 2 years old! PURE JOY. Check out the concert clip by clicking on the link at

Ryan Stevenson was feeling the love in Louisiana this week. He posted a picture of a street sign for a street named Ryan.

Ryan Stevenson was recently in a local church and discovered sheet music for for his song "eye of the storm" next to the churches piano. Ryan posted: Humbling to see people learning, teaching and singing this song around the world.

Selah held their first ever Selah concert ugly Christmas sweater contest over the weekend. Members of the band posted a picture of some of the winners and said: it was so fun!!

Family Life Today host Dennis Rainey and his wife Barbara have long been known for their meaningful Christmas decor. Now Family Life Today is giving you a first hand look at the Rainey home and the Christmas decorations they incorporate into their holiday decorating. Check out the facebook live Christmas tour by clicking on the link at

Family Life Today wants to help you talk to your family and friends about Christ this Christmas. They are out with a party game featuring a list of questions you can ask during your holiday celebrations. Included are one set of questions for kids and another for adults. Download the free conversation starters from Family Life Today by clicking on the link at

5 gospel-focused ways to help make the Christmas season more peaceful this year from Revive Our Hearts
1. Absorb insults.
2. Keep first things first.
3. Love those who hurt you
4. Be okay with people not being perfect.
5. Seek to be a blessing.

MSNLifestyle(MSN Lifestyle)
15 Genius Gift Wrap Ideas For Prettier Presents:
Stamp your kids' gifts with their first initial
Cover the entire top of a gift box in bows.
Accent packages with colorful holiday lights.
Make a gift card more personal by tailoring the wrap to the item.
Put the confetti (or glitter!) on the outside of the box.
A whole bunch of pom-poms look cheery on a wreath,
Fashion recycled bows out of decorative paper
Coordinate your gifts with the tree by tying on miniature baubles in the same color scheme.
Use plain white paper and top packages with candy, tree cuttings and ribbon
Use a flower or pinwheel rather than a bow.
Paint the back of jigsaw puzzles black and paste on present.
Wrap packages in a word search puzzle and cirlce the persons name
Use a burlap bag for hard to wrap items.
Use chalkboard paper and draw your own designs.

10 Ways to Talk About Christ This Christmas from Family life Today
1. Talk about the names of Christ.
2. A stocking for Jesus.
3. Share stories about how God has worked in your life.
4. Advent wreath.
5. Give the same number of gifts that Jesus received—three.
6. Create a tree about Christ.
7. Consider the feelings of Mary and Joseph.
8. Often we focus on Luke 2:1-20 during our Christmas celebrations. How about reading from some of the other Christmas narratives? For example:
9. After reading the story of Christ’s birth, family members can share how they would announce the birth of a king.

Christmas is essentially a worldwide celebration. Whether countries celebrate Christmas for religious purposes or not, many traditions and celebrations have been incorporated into countries around the globe.
NIGERIA: Christmas in Nigeria is a time when families come together to celebrate and enjoy time together. Many people have Christmas parties that last all night long on Christmas Eve. When morning arrives, they go to church to worship God and thank him for all he’s done.
BELGIUM: Belgians typically celebrate the gift-giving part of Christmas on December 6, which is St. Nicholas Day. The night before St. Nicholas Day, kids put their shoes in front of the fireplace. Then in the night, St. Nicholas (or Sinterklaas) climbs down the chimney and delivers presents, leaving them in and around the kids’ shoes.
NEW ZEALAND: Since New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas falls during their summer. People often like to barbecue for Christmas lunch and enjoy spending time outside or at the beach, soaking up all the sunshine.
PUERTO RICO: In Puerto Rico, celebrations begin as early as November and can continue until mid-January! Special masses are held from December 15-24 at 6 a.m.
GEORGIA: The traditional Christmas tree is is made of dried wood that’s shaved into long curly strips to form a small tree. It’s then decorated with small fruits and sweets, and often has a wooden cross at the top.

Franklin Graham recently completed a three day festival in Myanmar. According to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, more than 7,600 people indicated decisions for Christ during the three-day event, with over 170,000 in attendance. However, officials say the event didn't begin with the three days of meetings. Church leaders in Myanmar began holding monthly prayer rallies for the Festival in June of 2015. They have been praying for the event for 17 months. Churches sent members door-to-door in rural areas to invite people to the Festival, and on the final night, they brought guests on a chartered bus. Christians in Myanmar comprise only a small minority of the population but they have seen expanded freedoms the past few years under the civilian government

Harvard researchers have discovered regular church attendance strengthens our physical and mental health and especially our marriages. According to CBN, The researchers studied nearly 75-thousand women for a twenty year period. Compared to women who never attended religious services, women who attended more than once per week had 33% lower mortality risk and lived an average of five months longer. Regular church attenders enjoyed a 28% decreased risk of depression. And people who attended religious services were 47% less likely to divorce.

A nativity scene was recently removed from a public park in northern Michigan after complaints from an anti-religion group, but it didn't take long to find a new home for Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. According to CBN, the scene will actually be more prominent in town after Pastor David Pennell from Abundant Life Church and Mission agreed to relocate it in front of his homeless shelter. Pennell says the nativity scene will now be the first thing anyone sees when they cross the bridge into town.

Thousands of Christians are supporting HGTV's "Fixer Upper" hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines. According to CBN, after finding that the couple was facing heat because they attend a church that believes in the biblical definition of marriage, more than 80,000 Christians signed petitions urging the network to keep the show. The petition began after the LGBT community began calling HGTV to drop the couple's hit show from its programming.

Dallas Cowboys fans have been putting their faith in rookie quarterback Dak Prescott but Prescott is putting his faith in Christ. According to CBN, a recent photo on twitter showed Prescott surrounded by six people holding hands and deep in prayer. Meanwhile, they say Prescott has also been open about his faith in the past. In a 2014 interview with the Shreveport Times, Prescott said that he wrote inspiring messages on his wristbands before games. Dak said "I simply write 'Faith' on there for the faith that my mom showed me; the relationship we built from the faith we had and my faith in God."

This year it'll cost a little more if you want to put everything from the "12 Days of Christmas" song under your tree. According to NBC, The price of turtle doves taking flight along with the cost of musicians marching has caused the overall tally of the 12 gifts listed in the carol to bump up to $34,363 from $34,131. Nine of the other items on the list stayed the same or got cheaper. Every year PNC Financial Group releases the index as a humorous way to track inflation in the economy. So the eight maids-a-milking and 23 musicians reflect real labor costs. And the price of five gold rings gives an insight into commodities.

Beavers have officially joined the war on Christmas. In Charlotte Hall, Maryland witnesses recently spotted a lone beaver wandering through the artificial Christmas tree aisle. Officials say the beaver soon began to tear through the Christmas trees and the store, leaving a path of destruction. The beaver was apprehended by animal control before it could leave the store. It is unclear what, exactly, the beaver's motives were, or why he has such a thing against artificial Christmas trees.

Domino's Japan has ended its special caribou-based delivery program just one week after it launched. According to NBC news, the program was discontinued because the reindeer refused to stop at delivery spots and kept dislodging the pizzas from their delivery pouches. Domino's has instead started to deliver via scooters dressed as reindeer, complete with antlers and a fluffy tail. The reindeer program was originally introduced to demonstrate the company's new GPS-based delivery service. The reindeer were included as a novel way of battling Hokkaido's blizzard conditions, where temperatures regularly drop into the low 20s.

A $4 million lighting makeover promises to dial up the wow factor of Niagara Falls at night. According to ABC News, Officials say energy-efficient LED lighting being unveiled this week will provide brighter and more robust color than the halogen technology that's been used to cast the Falls in rainbow hues after dark for the past 20 years. The light beams emanate from banks of spotlights on the Canadian side of the Falls, lighting up the Horseshoe and American Falls that, along with the Bridal Veil Falls, make up the bi-national tourist attraction. The Falls were lit for the first time in 1860. The Illumination Tower where most of the lights are located was built in 1899.

The Washington Monument will remain closed for at least two years as workers modernize the structure’s elevator and construct a permanent screening facility. According to ABC News, the monument has been shuttered since August following three separate closures, including one after a cable broke loose from the bottom of its elevator. The work was initially expected to take nine-months. That projection has now been revised to include additional work, pushing back the reopening of the monument until 2019. The 555-foot-tall obelisk was completed in 1888. A major restoration took place from 1998 to 2001. Then, following an earthquake in August 2011, almost two years of work went into repairing cracks and broken stone in the monument.

A group of historians in Atlantic City wants to open a museum dedicated to President-elect Donald Trump. According to ABC News, A Stockton University professor says the subject of Trump in Atlantic City will be of historical interest now that he has been elected president. Trump once owned three casinos in the city. Organizers of the museum idea are now seeking artifacts and stories from people who worked for Trump.

The next generation of great space telescopes is heading into its final round of ground tests. According to NPR, the nearly $9 billion James Webb Space Telescope will replace the aging Hubble Space Telescope. It's designed to provide unprecedented images of the earliest stars and galaxies that formed in the universe. But before the telescope can get to work, there are still a lot of engineering challenges to overcome. For example, engineers have to design a multilayered sun shield to protect the telescope from the sun's heat. All of the components must be folded into a small space inside the rocket until they reach the correct orbit and then they must unfold correctly before they can begin to operate. The telescope is scheduled to launch in October 2018.

Kale is getting a makeover. To develop a new variety of kale tailored to American palates, a horticulture professor from Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Science are soliciting consumers' kale reflections — the good, the bad, and the ugly. The scientists at the college have been working with kale for years, so they decided to see if they could develop strains to meet farmers needs for heartiness and drought resistance while also providing a product that consumers will want to eat.

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips is celebrating an airline from his native country. He posted: Gotta love an airline that gives you your own PJ's before you turn in for the night! Thanks to all the Qantas staff who treated us like kings...and queens! Duncan was showing off the new PJ's on instagram this week and said he was stoked to be back home in America and was ready to get back on tour.

Third Day's Mark Lee says one photo might capture his trip to Peru more than any other. The picture was of a young girl holding her "Sponsor Me" card. Mark posted: It is one thing to see a face on a card at a concert, but it is something else entirely to meet that face in real life. And to see that it represents not just one child, but an entire community with dreams about a better life for their children. Mark says: It has been such a blessing to see the great work Food 4 the Hungry is doing.

Casting Crowns member Megan Garrett has a new home security system. She posted: Sometimes you see a couple of humongous nutcrackers in a store and just cannot imagine Christmas without them. Megan posted a picture of the nut crackers in front of her home and added: Welcome home, Herald and Gerald. Keep close watch over our home!

Hillary Scott was engaging in what she described as therapeutic activity this week. She posted a picture of the gingerbread house she had just completed, compete with a cross above the front door and the words O Holy Night in cursive across the roof.

Chris Tomlin posted on facebook this week: “Before becoming a parent, I thought I knew God in that I understood He loved me and desired a relationship with me. I knew He was kind, and gracious, and merciful and loving. I knew these things in my head. But now, I understand them in my heart.” That concept is part of Chris' recent devotional titled How Becoming a Parent Helps You Understand the Unconditional Love of God. Check out the devotional by clicking on the link at

Lauren Daigle is freaking out. She posted a short video on Instagram as she watched an ad for her Christmas album playing across six large screens on the wall in her hometown Target. She says it's crazy to see the add but even more, to see it in the Target that she grew up coming to every week. Lauren added: From then to now. So grateful...overwhelmed and appreciative of the entire team around me!

Jamie Grace is encouraging college students who have finals this week. Jamie was cleaning and found her actual planner from when she was a full time college kid while also attending the grammys and dove awards shows along with touring on the weekends. Jamie posted: don't know how I made it. Thank you Lord for showin up. She added: anyone out there wondering how they're gonna get through their upcoming finals. I've been there. Make a plan and make it happen...and call your mom every 5 minutes.

Phil Wickham was enjoying a little cooler weather in his hometown of San Diego this week. Phil posted: We'll take chilly weather when we can get it here in San Diego. He included a picture of his daughters, both in their warmest coats.

Mercyme front man Bart Millard says the families Christmas tree contains a lot of memories. Bart posted: We've been married for 19 yrs and I think Shannon has collected an ornament for every single moment along the way.

Rend Collective this week shared why they love this time of the year. They posted: people tend let their walls down a little bit. Huddles get closer, fires get bigger, grace feels more tangible. The members of the Irish worship band says they are praying this spirit isn't something that doesn't leave us with the Advent.

A family tradition for Plumb. She posted a picture as her family enjoyed stringing popcorn while watching Elf.

Mercyme guitarist Mike Scheuchzer was reminiscing this week as he celebrated his 44th birthday. He posted: I've been making music with Bart Millard more than half my life. When we started Mercyme in 1994, he paid my rent the first 2 months because I couldn't find a job to pay my share and never held it over me that it took 3 years to pay him back. He's like a big brother without all the wedgies... can't imagine doing all this without him around.

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett shared honestly about raising kids on the road this week. The band had a day off in Fairfax, Virginia this week but, rather than relaxing, Megan says they went to the science museum, went shopping, played in a toy store, ate ice cream, and went to lunch and dinner. It's hard sometimes to travel with them and all their normal "kid-ness" in tow. It's challenging to mother them with a constant audience in close quarters. It's exhausting to do it alone. But, I'm doing it and we are all surviving.

Matthew West was rocking to his own Christmas music in the dairy section of whole foods this week. Matthew was in the store picking up supplies for his upcoming Christmas tour when his version of Jingle Bells started blasting throughout the store. Matthew posted: How Cool Is That!

Francesca Battistelli says God is still defeating Giants. She posted: Miracles CAN happen! A few days ago, I received a story from somebody who wrote that God has been helping her overcome an extremely rare form of cancer. And guess what...she is currently clear of cancer! Francesca added: What Giants are falling in your life? Share your story by clicking on the link at

Jodi from Love & the outcome Was enjoying A Charlie Brown Style Christmas In their tour bus this week. Jodi posted a picture of their small Christmas tree, perfect for the touring lifestyle.

Fans of Ellie Holcomb will want to be in Nashville on February 2nd. Ellie just announced this week that she will be playing a CD release show for her new album Red Sea Road On that date.

Switchfoot told the story of their song Float this week. They say: it was inspired by my friend Jeremy who lives in Iraq with his family, working with an organization called These days, Jeremy has been spending most of his time working with the victims of Isis. Survivors, refugees, children, families who need help. To our friends around the world, go to Spread the word, send up a prayer, Make a donation if you can. And to Jeremy and his family in Iraq, stay strong. I pray that you float.

In 2015 Chris Tomlin released a Christmas album titled Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship. This week Chris announced that the project is now available as a vinyl LP. It features a mix of original Christmas songs and classic Christmas carols and features special guest performances from Lauren Daigle, All Sons & Daughters, Kristyn Getty and more.

The members of Stars Go Dim are getting a little break from life on the road. They posted this week: So thankful to be home for a bit this holiday season. The last two years have been pretty hectic on the road. As I gather my thoughts and settle in, I am more and more thankful for my wife who has been such an inspiration and pillar of support for me. We celebrated an anniversary a couple weeks ago and she gave me a journal. This is where I am going to write the next Stars Go Dim record. I'm excited to watch these pages fill up over the coming year...But today I'm starting with page 1.

A new Jamie Grace show with another interesting title. Episode 72 is titled: Jesus Is Not Your Boyfriend. Watch the latest Jamie Grace show by clicking on the link at

Selah has released another Christmas song online. This year the trio is out with the deluxe version of Rose Of Bethlehem. One of the new songs on the project is the song "Where Are You Christmas". Check out the bands music video for the song, featuring Amy Perry. Click on the link at

Several months ago Zach Williams released his debut music video, featuring his song Chain Breaker. Now Zach is out with a behind the screens video telling the process of making the music video and also why the song Chain Breaker is an important story to tell. Check out the new video from Zach Williams by clicking on the link at

Danny Gokey says he wrote the Christmas song "Lift Up Your Eyes" to expresses the exhilaration of what it must have been like to see the angelic choir fill the skies. Check out his acoustic (live) version of the song by clicking on the link at

Crowder is out with a 360 degree video of his song Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains). The video was recorded this summer at Together 2016. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Joel from the band for King and Country says he now has justification for carrying a man bag. He posted a picture at Disneyland with Chewbacca and said: if he can carry a man bag then it must be ok.

Jamie Grace was in Minnesota for a concert on her 21st birthday and the sponsors of the concert made sure that she knew she was loved. She posted a picture with all of the birthday gift she had received that night, including a custom Jamie Grace Show onesie embossed With The name of her show.

Third Day frontman Mac Powell was trying out a brand new guitar as he prepared for his December Christmas tour. Mac shared a picture as he played a Mickey Mouse guitar he'd been given this year for Christmas from Crowder. They will be touring together throughout December.

You have the chance to see Mandisa and Steven Curtis Chapman on stage together for a Christmas special later this month. Mandisa posted that she and Steven recorded the special at the Lakewood Church this week. It will begin airing on TBN on December the 18th.

A dream come true for Mike Weaver, front man of Big Daddy Weave. The band will be playing tonight at the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir in New York City. Mike posted: The Brooklyn Tabernacle choir is going to be there. That's actually why I'm coming. We'll be playing because they asked us to but really I'm coming to see the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir because I really think they're fantastic.

David Jeremiah and his program Turning Point are is hosting another Advent calendar. Every day it will be something new, including several skits by the crazy couples David introduced several years ago. Check back each day to open that days' gift from David Jeremiah.

Family life Today is kicking off the holiday season with their latest video. Watch online and find out what makes Christmas special!

10 ways to help this Christmas be of spiritual benefit to your whole family.
1. Bedtime reading
2. Elf on the Shelf with some spiritual content.
3. Family devotions
4. Volunteering
5. Reverse Advent
6. Caroling
7. Church
8. Hospitality
9. De-commercialise
10. Prayer

How can you show generosity this Christmas season? Here are 30 ideas from Revive Our Hearts:
Take ten dollars, and use it in a way to bless someone.
Buy groceries, and donate them to a local food pantry.
Know a young mom with toddlers? Offer to take her kids out for a play date.
Volunteer at a local homeless shelter or food pantry.
Volunteer your time and creativity to help with your church’s Christmas program.
Scrounge up all the change you can find, and donate it to any of these organizations: Compassionate Hope, His Little Feet, Tiny Hands International, The Salvation Army, or another faithful organization that helps the helpless.
When you go through the Starbucks drive-thru, pay for the order of the person behind you.
Organize a group of your friends to go caroling at a local nursing home.
Help your mom write addresses as you send your family’s Christmas cards.
Offer to babysit for a couple with kids in your church.
Bake cookies for your neighbors and include handwritten notes.
Are there still leaves on the ground in your neighborhood? Rake and run.
Buy a couple of rolls of wrapping paper, some tape, and some bows, and give them as an anonymous gift to a family in need.
Ever wanted to be a bell ringer? Find out where you can volunteer!
Offer to clean an elderly couple’s house. Or better yet, offer to spend time with them!
Ask a young mom if you can help her wrap gifts for her children.
Leave a surprise gift basket on someone’s door. Fill it with baked goods, hot chocolate mix, a pumpkin candle. The sky’s the limit.
Offer to help your neighbors hang Christmas lights.
Make tins full of Christmas candy, and send them to your unsaved family members. Include a personal note that shares the gospel.
Do you live far from your grandparents? Call them. Send them a long letter.
Are you at college? Leave doughnuts and coffee in someone’s dorm room.
Buy and wrap a special gift for one of your teachers. Tell them why you appreciate them.
Go to your friend’s Christmas choir concert. Bring her flowers, and take her out for coffee afterward.
Offer to run to the grocery store for your mom. Bonus: Offer to make dinner.
Check with your school’s office, and leave baked goods for the janitorial staff.
Take your siblings out for a dinner date—your treat.
Buy mittens, gloves, and scarves for a friend in need.
Think about a gift you’d put on your own list. Then go buy it, and gift it to a classmate at school.
Got snow? Shovel your neighbors’ driveways for free.
Pray about how much the Lord would have you place in the offering plate as a special tithe.

"Fixer Upper" stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have come under fire after it was revealed that their pastor, Jimmy Seibert, of Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas, is opposed to same-sex marriage. According to the Gospel Herald, The controversy began when BuzzFeed resurrected a sermon by Seibert in which the pastor expressed a belief in traditional marriage and referred to homosexuality as a "sin". US Weekly reports that Fixer Upper viewers have started calling for Chip and Joanna to clarify their stance on same-sex marriage, with some threatening to pull their support from the show.

Isaiah Austin, the former Baylor basketball star who was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome during his 2014 NBA draft combine workout, has been cleared by doctors to return to playing basketball. According to an ESPN Story, The 7-foot-1 Austin was notified of the health issue just days before the 2014 draft, and he was recommended to quit playing basketball immediately. This week Austin announced his plans to return to the game. He posted "I'm a God-fearing man, and I believe that everything happens in life for a reason. So why would God put it in my doctor's heart to say that I was cleared if he didn't want me to go and chase my dream and share my testimony with millions of people around the world."

A Christian family near Mosul is still looking for their daughter, two years after she was kidnapped by ISIS. According to, Islamic State militants grabbed the then one year old girl when they overran her Christian town two years ago. Now, three years later, a "Lost Girl" is still posted in the camp, urging anyone with information about Christina Ezzo Abada to call the number provided. Her family assumes she was taken to Mosul and is praying she will be found among the tens of thousands of people now fleeing the city.

A Christian convert in the central Asian nation of Uzbekistan has been released after serving nearly six years in a labor camp. According to ChristianToday, 34-year-old Baptist prisoner of conscience Tohar Haydarov was released from prison on Nov. 8 and is now on parole after having served nearly six years of his decade-long prison sentence. According to the charity Release International, Haydarov was originally arrested in January 2010, when police tried to pressure him to renounce his faith in Christ and return to Islam. When Haydarov refused to deny Christ, police charged him with possession of illegal drugs.

A hard hat technology tour of the 430,000-square-foot museum in progress on Nov. 17 marked one year to the day that the institution will open its doors to visitors for an immersive Bible experience. According to the Christian Post, With over 500 construction workers on-site daily, the museum is on time and under its $500 million budget. When patrons enter they will be greeted by a dramatic 140-foot arcade ceiling with 555 LED panels that show images from the museum's collection. Instead of the traditional tour guide, Museum of the Bible guests can experience exhibits using a customized mobile device with personalized commentary available in 10 languages. The Museum of the Bible opens Nov. 17, 2017.

Stay away from Coconut crabs. According to the Huffington Post, a recent study showed that the pinching force of the coconut crab was comparable to the bite force of some of nature’s most formidable predators, including lions. Coconut crabs, native to islands throughout the Pacific and Indian oceans, can climb trees, and shred coconuts with ease. Studies found that the crabs can generate pinching force about 90 times their body weight.

Are you a fan of the adult coloring book trend? You are in good company. Prince William recently revealed that his wife, Princess Kate is a big fan of coloring. He made the comments while awarding one of Queen Elizabeth’s honors to illustrator Johanna Basford at Buckingham Palace. The coloring pastime has been known to relax and calm, quietly replacing the stress of digital screens that takes up so much of peoples’ lives.

Two Missouri families made a rare discovery, learning through DNA testing that their daughters, whom they adopted from different Chinese cities, are actually half-sisters. USA Today reports that the families, both of Weldon Springs, developed a close relationship in 2008 during an adoption meeting for waiting families. After adopting, the families noticed their daughters looked nearly identical. And their similarities went beyond appearance. The parents said "They pout the same way" and "Their personalities are the same." Now DNA testing confirmed what the families suspected. The tests show it's 99.99% likely the two are half-sisters.

The Indian Supreme Court ordered movie theaters around the country to play the national anthem before every screening in an attempt to promote “a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism.” According to Time, Cinemas must display the flag on the screen while the song plays, and moviegoers must stand in respect.

Good news for chocolate lovers. According to Yahoo News, Nestle said it had devised a new technology that has the potential to reduce sugar in some of its confectionery products by up to 40 percent without affecting the taste. The company recently announced that its researchers have found a way using only natural ingredients to change the structure of sugar particles. By hollowing out the crystals, Nestle said each particle dissolves more quickly on the tongue, so less sugar can be used in chocolate. Nestle will begin to use the faster-dissolving sugar across a range of its confectionery products from 2018.

The northernmost community in the United States has officially restored its original name. According to NPR, the people of the Alaskan town formerly known as Barrow, on the edge of the Arctic Ocean, voted to restore its indigenous name, Utqiagvik. Zachariah Hughes of Alaska Public Media reported that the traditional Inupiaq (i-new-pea-aK) name Utqiagvik (oot-car-the-vik) refers to a place to gather wild roots. About 4,300 people live in the city according to the most recent Census. However, the ordinance passed by just six votes.

Using the same technology as Pokemon Go, the White House created an app that transforms a $1 bill into virtual tour of the mansion grounds. According to NBC News, the new White House app dubbed "1600," is used by aiming a cell phone at the picture of George Washington on a $1 bill. It whisks virtual visitors into a 3D replica image of the White House, allowing visitors to trek around back to the South Lawn to see an official State visit underway, watch Marine One land, and get a bird's-eye view of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from every angle just by tilting the camera.

MercyMe front man Bart Millard says their family has several Christmas trees in their house. This week he posted a picture of his favorite. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips was enjoying the holidays at the beach. The Australian native returned to the country of his birth to visit his mum for her birthday! Since it's summer in Australia Duncan also had to take in a little time at the beach.

Jeremy Camp and his family are currently in the Holy Land. During a recent stop at the Garden of Gethsemane Jeremy shared a picture of a plaque bearing the words Christ spoke in the garden just before his death. Jeremy added: Lord not my will but yours be done! This needs to be our loud cry in this day and age we live in.

Brandon Heath has a tradition of giving back. He posted this week: Every Christmas season, Soundcheck Nashville collects bikes for families in need. It's one of the things that has become a tradition for me every year.

Worship leader Meredith Andrews says her family has found an answer to the controversial question white lights or multi-colored lights. Meredith likes white lights but her husband goes for the multi-colored variety so she says they simply brought a tree that has both.

It was a Newsboys past and present reunion this week at Full Circle Music. The music company posted a picture after both former Newsboys front man Peter Furler and current lead singer Michael Tait stopped by. No word on whether a song featuring the two front men is in the works but we'll keep our ears open.

MercyMe's Bart Millard says his search for the most awkward waiting room of all it's finally over. He posted a picture Of the waiting room in question. It had a real, full sized, stuffed deer staring at the people sitting in the waiting room. To make matters worse, looking over his shoulder was a life size, stuffed black bear.

Building 429 guitarist Aaron Branch is going off the grid. He posted a picture along the banks of Lake Superior and added: Adventure awaits.

Going carol singing? Now you can read the words even if it’s dark! Integrity music is offering the lyrics for over 40 carols ready to download and sing, all in the palm of your hand. Your phone screen makes all the carols readable at all times so it’s perfect for carols by candlelight and outdoor carol services when it’s dark. Access the free download on iTunes by clicking on the link at

Cloverton is giving away music. The Kansas based band is making a copy of their song Bloom available for download on the noisetrade web site. Access the free song by clicking on the link at

A new Christmas Collection is now available from Jamie Grace. The 8 song collection features songs from her past EPs along with a previously unreleased version of "Away In a Manger."

Worship leader Paul Baloche is giving away free guitar lessons. Right now you can check out a video as he teaches you to play his song Angels from the Realms of Glory and Emmanuel. Access the free guitar tutorial by clicking on the link at

Selah is out with a new lyric video featuring the song Little Drummer Boy. The song pays tribute to group member Todd Smith's heritage as a missionary kid in Africa. It's featured on the groups recently released deluxe version of Rose of Bethlehem. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Switchfoot guitarist Drew Shirley was recently featured on the Digital Tour Bus Gear Master Show. Drew starts off by showing of the guitar he and Elliot guitars designed together. He also talks about other gear that is used during his Switchfoot performances. Check out the entire video by clicking on the link at

If the rehearsals are any indication, The Natalie Grant and Danny Gokey Christmas tour should be an amazing concert. Natalie says they decided to include a classic in their show. She posted a video as she and Danny practiced, trying to learn the words by reading them from their phones. It was still an amazing Sound. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Lauren Daigle is doing her part to help you get into the Christmas spirit. She posted: the Christmas spirit continues. Watch the official Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas video. It's from Lauren's Debut Christmas album. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The latest Lightenup Video from Ken Davis features Bob Stromberg with a video titled: A Deer in the Headlights. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Danny Gokey and his wife Leyicet are doing what they can to get some couple time. Leyicet posted this week: the hubby and I had a little romantic getaway after target. You do what you gotta do for the time together as parents!

Third Day member Mark Lee is in Peru this week. The bands guitarist is visiting the country to see the work of Food 4 the Hungry. He says he very quickly realized that there are a lot of stairs in the country. Mark posted a picture of a row of stairs stretching as far as the eye can see.

Worship Leader Paul Baloche is on is way to Northern Ireland for this weeks Christmas tour in the UK. He posted this week: Flying to Dublin today. Events are almost sold out. Praying that God does "immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine."

If Greg Laurie had to pick a favorite verse, he says one at the top of the list would be Romans 8:28. The speaker on A New Beginning posted: this is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. A passage every Christian ought to memorize.

Revive Our Hearts: As the Advent season begins, join Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth as she unpacks rich gospel truths in beloved Christmas carols. Check out more by clicking on the link at

Ways To Pay It Forward from MSN This Holiday Season:
-Put your your loose change in the Salvation Army bucket.
-Write a happy holidays note to overseas troops.
-Bake cookies for everyone who helps you out during the year
-Sign up to sing carols at a senior living facility or nursing home
-Grab an extra coffee in the morning and bring it to the school crossing guard
-Learn to knit with your kids and make hats, scarves and mittens to donate.
-Instead of asking for gifts you don't really need, request that a donation be made in your name to a cause you care about.
-As you make your way through crowded holiday airports, smile at the TSA workers and thank them for their service.
-Help your kids create handmade cards for all their teachers
-Ask your kid's teacher if you can provide support during the class holiday party.
-Contact a local university and ask if they're looking for holiday hosts for international or far-from-home students.
-When cooking your holiday meal, make an extra batch of whatever might freeze well and deliver it to an elderly neighbor.
-Offer to drive your neighbors to or from the airport when they leave town for the holidays.
-For every new item you receive as a present, donate one old one to charity.
-Spend one winter break morning with your kids picking up litter at a local park,
-Pack up whatever leftovers after your holiday meal and deliver them to the on-duty officers at your local please department or fire station
-Give a generous tip to someone working over the holidays
-When you see a home with particularly beautiful holiday lights, write a note letting them know how much you appreciate them
-Think of people in your life who you aren't planning to get a holiday gift for, but still mean a lot to you. Take a few hours to write them "I'm thinking of you" letters,
-Put a thank-you treat in your mailbox addressed to your mail carrier.
-Give your kids experiences instead of stuff as presents.
-Make holiday cards for a local nursing home with your kids.
-Offer your time to watch friends' kids so they can get some holiday tasks taken care of more efficiently.
-Offer to help an elderly neighbor put up their holiday lights.
-Bake cookies with your kids for your sanitation workers.
-Offer to wrap or store gifts for busy neighbors who are also parents of young, inquisitive children.
-Donate blood.
-Take the kids to your local animal shelter to play with the puppies.
-As a family, make it a New Year's resolution to pay it forward all year long.

Just in time for Christmas, the Slavic Gospel Association’s aviation ministry has taken flight with the Gospel in the land of reindeer, far east Russia. According to Mission Network News, these people live in a rugged area almost completely cut off from the outside world. In fact, because of how secluded these people are, one of the only ways SGA can reach them is through aviation. Officials say churches be planted in small cities and aircraft will reach further by flying to the villages, taking missionaries for day camps, Bible studies, and one-on-one personal evangelism. They say that some of the villages where SGA is flying have actually never before heard the Gospel.

A new set of Christmas cards has been released by Doctors of the World UK depicting traditional nativity scenes interposed with scenes of war in the Middle East. According to, the charity is using the cards to raise money for its work bringing healthcare to people around the world. One of the scenes depicts Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in the manger in a bombed-out building. Another card shows the three Wise Men looking out at a destroyed village. Doctors of the World UK said that the cards weren’t meant to make a religious or political statement, but were instead meant to “shine a light on the realities of life in the Middle East at Christmas.”

The vast majority of evangelical pastors think persecution is coming their way. According to Relevant Magazine, the National Association of Evangelicals conducted the survey of Church leaders last month, asking “about their experience with persecution and their projections for the future.” One-third said they’ve been persecuted themselves and 68 percent think persecution is coming. NAE’s survey used the the English Oxford Living Dictionary’s definition of “persecution,” which is “hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs.”

One New York City pastor, in keeping with the holiday spirit, has opened a Peanuts-inspired booth outside his church. reports that Pastor Gregory Fryer of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Manhattan’s Upper East Side decided to use the idea from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” of Lucy’s booth advertising “Psychiatric Help” to instead offer “Spiritual Help” to passersby. Fryer even took pains to construct his booth to scale with the exact measurements of Lucy van Pelt’s, using the same font as pictured in the movie. The pastor spends about two hours--from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. every Tuesday morning--sitting at the booth and listening to strangers’ problems and praying for them.

A group is Maryland is asking their city to set up the country’s first municipal “scatter garden,” a park where ashes from cremation could be sprinkled, and where families could return to remember. According to the Washington Post, cremation is on the increase. The trend is creating the desire in many families for a permanent place to memorialize to their loved ones. In fact, a minor industry has arisen to deliver human remains to interesting places, including the Holy Land, ocean reefs, the high atmosphere and space. According to U.S. Funerals Online, you can also have your departed shot into the sky as a firework, made part of a coffee mug, incorporated into a tattoo or squeezed at super pressure into a fake diamond.

Wreaths have been hung, lights have been strung and a towering fir tree is in place in the White House Blue Room. According to ABC News, This year's White house Christmas theme is "The Gift of the Holidays." Highlights include 56 Lego gingerbread houses - one for each state and territory - nestled in the branches of the trees in the State Dining Room. That's also where visitors will find the gingerbread White House, made this year from 150 pounds of gingerbread covered in 100 pounds of bread dough. Take a tour in 100 seconds by clicking on the link at

This Christmas self lacing tennis shoes are finally available. According to, a limited number of Nike shoes fashioned after those worn by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future will be available across the nation. However, they won't come cheap. Nike's self lacing shoes retail for $720.

Joel from for King and County says the Thanksgiving celebration is especially important to celebrate. He posted over the holiday weekend: Coming over as an Australian boy, it's always been profound to me that this nation reserves an entire day simply to be grateful.

The for King and Country movie Priceless is now available online. About a month after it released in Theaters, members of the band say you can now pre-order a DVD of the movie on the bands web site.

Tobymac says he and his family passed on shopping on Black Friday. Instead, they took part in another tradition. Tobymac posted a picture of their Annual Black Friday backyard flag football game.

Tenth Avenue North front man Mike Donahey had a specific goal for Black Friday. No, it wasn't getting The best deal. His goal was to Christmafy his house. He added: Who's with me?

An observation about today's culture from Casting Crowns member Juan Devivo: If they're influencing the influential their influence is only influencing influential influencers and is that really influential?

Ryan Stevenson took advantage of a holiday at home with his family. He spent Saturday hiking and exploring the north Boise hills with his boys.

Plumb and her family broke tradition this year and, for the first time bought a pre-lit fake tree. However, she said they had two good reasons. All of their Christmas decorations are still in a storage mobile attic from when they were building the studio and her husband had to leave on Sunday morning for two weeks overseas. So Plumb posted: we chose convenience over tradition this year. She added: We still think it's lovely and I will confess I'm a little bit giddy about not having to water it or vacuum up it's needles.

Ryan Stevenson hasn't always been a musician. In fact, he spent time as a paramedic before hitting the road as a Christian artist. Ryan posted a picture over the weekend as he went through a folder he had just found full of medical awards. His favorite: setting the record time from in-field to cath-lab.

Brandon Heath posted pictures as he enjoyed a family tradition over the weekend. He posted a video of the ceremonial unpacking of the attic to figure out which decorations are still cool or sentimental enough to use.

Francesca Battistelli says turkey isn't just for Thanksgiving. Following the big meal she posted a picture of soup on the stove. Francesca said: this is why you roast turkeys. For the broth!

A reminder from Rend Collective as we enter into the holiday season: Memories are made of people. There will be no footnote in eternity regarding the 15% off we scored on a 4K TV, but these holiday moments of kindness, intimacy and belonging are the fabric out of which Heaven is woven.

Natalie Grant was on the road over the holidays but it wasn't for another concert of Black Friday sales. She posted a picture of she and her family and added: enjoyed an amazing 4 mile hike with my tribe. Especially proud of my kiddos who kept up every step. Middle Tennessee is truly showing off today.

A scare for Plumb over the weekend. She posted a picture as her 72-year-old dad climbed up in a tree to get her son's drone down.

Jamie Grace was partying like a princess over the weekend. The Atlanta based artist celebrated her 25th birthday on stage in Minnesota, wearing the onesie featured in most of her Jamie Grace Show videos. She was backed by a choir made up of other singers also wearing onesies and she also says her custom onesies sold out that evening. Jamies first song in several years is titled Party Like a Princess and she says she will features several covers of the song in this Wednesday's Jamie Grace Show video.

Hawk Nelson's Jon Steingard posted his first ever vertical vlog over the holiday weekend as he took part in a 10k. Jon said it was his first run since he got his cast over a month ago. Check out the run by clicking on the

Matt Redman's latest video is a family affair. The song Help From Heaven is features on Matt's first Christmas album, released earlier this year. Matt says his wife Beth and daughter Maisey were also featured in the video.

Brandon Heath had a lot of help decorating the Christmas tree this year. He posted a high speed video as his entire family joined in the fun. Brandon says he even had a little help from Tobymac. His song Christmas this Year provided the background music for Brandon's video.

Comedian Michael Jr Shared some thoughts on growing up poor over the weekend. He posted: we were so poor that we were sponsored by a family from Haiti. Watch the entire video by clicking on the link at

Earlier this month the Sidewalk asked their fans to submit venue suggestions for their 2017 Prodigal Tour. They say they haven't been disappointed. Over the weekend it was announced that over 150 venues have submitted. However, there is still time to put in your nomination. The Sidewalk Prophets are taking nominations until December 1.

Chris August says he had a fun times playing for the San Jose Sharks NHL Hockey team over the weekend. However, Chris quickly clarified: he was playing music following the game, not hockey. Chris posted: I would get killed out there.

The members of Skillet sat couples that rock together stay together. The band posted a picture on their instagram page as husband and wife members of the band John and Korey shared a kiss on stage.

Matthew West say his buddy Trevor is the true rockstar. Matthew shared a picture as Trevor joined him on stage and added: Although he was diagnosed with cancer when he was just 4 years old, he’s confident and assured that God has a good plan for his life. He even started the nonprofit called Team Trevor to help raise funds for other children with cancer. Matthew said: I’m inspired by his faith and bravery! Get involved at

Financial experts Scott and Bethany Palmer were recently featured on Focus on the Family. Their subject: "Managing Your Finances at Christmastime." Check out the broadcast by clicking on the link at

Comedian Ken Davis is recovering from another bike accident. The 70 year old speaker on the program Lighten Up posted a picture of his bloody knees and added: my body is okay but my knees are getting sick of it.

Ways to trick yourself into going to the gym
1. I leave my gym bag at the office.
2. I ask my gym buddies if they’re going … every day.
3. I go to classes at the gym.
4. And I stand in the front.
5. I make myself recognizable to the instructors.
6. I think of the money spent on the membership.
7. I sign up in advance.
8. I talk about going to the gym incessantly.
9. I tell myself going to the gym is my reward.
10. I wrangle an escort.
11. I don’t expect to enjoy every minute.
12. I mix up my workouts.
13. I enter any available gym challenge.

How to Prevent Holiday Burn-out Before It Starts
Partner with others

How well do you know the Bible. Now you can test your heaven IQ by answering 7 questions about Heaven and the New Jerusalem. Take the quiz, and see how well you know God's word. Click on the link at

Religious freedom in Vietnam is at serious risk following the passing of the country's first ever Law on Belief and Religion last week. According to, The law passed on 18 November, despite concerns that it does not conform to international standards on freedom of religion or belief. Officials from Christian Solidarity Worldwide warn, "Although the final text has not yet been made public, it is not expected to have altered significantly from previous drafts."

The Alpha course has seen a massive increase in Kenya. According to, the outreach is being accomplished as a partnership with the child sponsorship charity Compassion International. Since Compassion Kenya began using Alpha as a tool to help with the spiritual formation of the children in their projects, more than 28,000 young Kenyans have taken part in the course. Compassion works through local churches and believes they provide the best platform for long-lasting, relational development.

Jesus has been declared the King of Poland. According to Christian Headlines, Jesus was named the King of the country at a ceremony over the weekend attended by Poland’s president. The ceremony took place at the Church of Divine Mercy in Krakow. The ceremony coincided with the end of the Catholic Church’s Jubilee Year of Mercy and the 1050th anniversary of Polish Christianity.

A pastor in southwestern China, jailed for nearly a year on fabricated charges and suffering a liver disease, focuses on trusting God in a letter of encouragement to his wife. According to China Aid, authorities took the pastor into custody after a raid on his church in central Guizhou Province on Dec. 9, 2015. In a early November letter to his wife, Pastor Yang encourages her to focus more on God than on the “noise” of humanity.

Mariam Ibraheem, the Sudanese Christian mother sentenced to death in 2014, said she secretly read the Bible while imprisoned. According to Christian Headlines, the 29 year old said she trusted a Muslim inmate to hide the Bible for her. Ibraheem was sentenced to death in 2014 after she married a Christian American man, Daniel Wani. She was raised by her Christian mother but had been considered Muslim because of her father. Ibraheem was released in June 2014 by order of a Sudanese appeals court. She now lives in Virginia.

Abby Furco, a 10-year-old girl first diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia six years ago, was given only 48 hours to live in June. According to ABC News, she not only lived, she actually walked down the isle as the flower girl at her camp counselor's recent wedding. Abby and her camp counselor, Sarah Swaim Rostock, met at Camp Fantastic, a camp run by the Special Love organization for kids who are fighting cancer, back in 2013. Rostock said she hoped an invitation to participate in her wedding would give Abby something to fight for.

A plan is underway to create a biodiversity map identifying thousands of aquatic species in every river and stream in the western U.S. According to ABC News, scientists say they're on pace to have the first Aquatic Environmental DNA Atlas available for the public by next summer. Boise-based U.S. Forest Service fisheries biologist Dan Isaak is leading the project and says such a map could help with land management decisions and deciding where to spend limited money and resources. Isaak said annual surveys could provide snapshots so scientists can see how biodiversity and ecosystems change over time. The map eventually will include everything from insects to salmon to river otters.

A repo man didn’t want to seize an elderly couple’s car. So he helped pay it off for them instead. According to the Washington Post, Jim Ford is co-owner of Illini Recovery Inc., a repo company in Southern Illinois. Earlier this month, he was working a job involving a 1998 Buick. But after picking up the vehicle and meeting the elderly owners, Ford decided to do something different. He started an online fundraising effort and, with the help of family and friends, raised more than $3,000 — enough to pay off the car and give $1,000 to the Kippings.

A 5-year-old boy in Florida just wanted to give thanks to his local sheriff’s office this Thanksgiving. According to the Huffington Post, Billy Nolin dialed 911 on Thursday to ask Walton County Sheriff’s Office deputies to join him and his family for their holiday dinner at their DeFuniak Springs home. The sheriff’s office’s lead communications officer said: “With all the bad calls we take on a daily basis, this one was a welcomed happy call that made all of us smile.” She says the officers didn’t end up eating any of the family’s turkey, but they did give the boy a sheriff’s badge and let him pose for photographs inside their patrol car. His mom added that he now knows that the 911 shouldn’t be used for non-emergencies.

Looking for the perfect cookie: scientists now have the answer. Relying on the experts’ help and based on the classic Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, scientists studied cookies and found that chilling the dough for at least 24 hours before baking deepens all the flavors. Some of their other results include:
Ooey-gooey: Add 2 cups more flour.
A nice tan: Set the oven higher than 350 degrees (maybe 360). Caramelization, which gives cookies their nice brown tops, occurs above 356 degrees, says the Ted video.
Crispy with a soft center: Use 1/4 teaspoon baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda.
Chewy: Substitute bread flour for all-purpose flour.
Just like store-bought: Trade the butter for shortening. Arias notes that this ups the texture but reduces some flavor; her suggestion is to use half butter and half shortening.
Thick (and less crispy): Freeze the batter for 30 to 60 minutes before baking. This solidifies the butter, which will spread less while baking.
Cakey: Use more baking soda because, according to Nyberg, it “releases carbon dioxide when heated, which makes cookies puff up.”
Butterscotch flavored: Use 3/4 cup packed light brown sugar (instead of the same amount of combined granulated sugar and light brown sugar).
Uniformity: If looks count, add one ounce corn syrup and one ounce granulated sugar.
Scientists found that chilling the dough for at least 24 hours before baking deepens all the flavors, Arias found.

Holiday shoppers eager to snag big discounts turned to the internet in record fashion this week, driving online sales on Black Friday to a new high. According to NBC news, Consumers spent $3.34 billion shopping online on Friday, a 21.6 percent increase from the same day last year. Adobe, which tracks online retail transactions, found that shoppers also used their mobile devices more than ever to dial up deals online. Mobile purchases surged 33 percent on Black Friday to $1.2 billion.

A Californian cat named “Fat Boy” has a lot to be thankful for. The black-and-white feline was rescued Tuesday from the top of a 45-foot high power pole in Fresno, where he had been stuck for nine days. Fat Boy’s owner, Andrew Perez, wasn’t sure how the cat got up there, but guessed that a neighborhood dog may have scared him. To get the cat down electric company workers had to de-energize the 12,000-volt line. The rescue effort left about 250 homes in the area without power for a few hours.

Norman Freeman is a successful makeup artist launching a nationwide tour. But the 22 year old won't be hanging out in celebrity dressing rooms — he'll be in cancer wards, offering free services to those who need a little confidence more than ever. Freeman has lost his own hair due to an autoimmune disease. Having struggled with a lack of control over his own appearance and also lost family members to cancer, Freeman’s stake in the project is personal. He decided to pay it forward by launching a self-funded project offering free service to cancer patients. Right now, Freeman’s efforts are focused on the East Coast, where the Pittsburgh native can easily travel. He has visited hospitals in New York and Philadelphia, and hopes to continue as long, and as far, as funding permits.

Natalie Grant shared one of her family traditions over the holiday weekend. She said it involves the game Sequence and the families favorite treats. What are your Thanksgiving weekend traditions?

It's been nearly four years since Cloverton recorded their last full length album but members of the band hope the wait will be over soon. The Kansas based band posted this week: Our second album is coming! We have the music. We have the vision. Now we need your help to fund our next creative offering. Cloverton has started a kick starter project in hopes of raising $50,000 to fund their sophomore project.

While most of us were celebrating Thanksgiving this week, Francesca Battistelli said Christmas came early at her house. She posted a picture of her brand-new Taylor amp that had just arrived.

Luke from For King and Country was expressing Thankfulness for family this week. He posted: I'm starting to realize just how much family means to me as I get older. The last 5 years haven't exactly been easy. Within the band, we've dealt with cancer, loss, disease, fatigue, missing our spouses and so many more difficult things. My family has remained constant through it all.

Matthew West got a jump start on the holiday celebration. He posted a picture of their families pecan pie on Thanksgiving eve with one piece missing.

In addition to being a great music producer, Natalie Grant says her husband, Bernie Herms, is also a master baker. She shared a picture as Bernie made a cheesecake from scratch in the couples kitchen.

Tiffany Lee says she is thankful for the simple things, like spending an unexpected day with her mom. The artist who goes by the stage name Plumb was grocery shopping for Thanksgiving supplies in Kroger this week and, with 800 other people all in the same store, she ran into her own mother and was able to spend time shopping with her.

Taya Smith from Hillsong United has a new look. She posted a picture on Instagram and added: I got bangs. Check out the new hairdo by clicking on the link at

Britt Nicole and her family picked out their live Christmas tree over the weekend. She posted a picture of her two children in front of the tree and added: they picked out the perfect one.

Ryan Stevenson was experiencing the after affects of enjoying dark meet on Thanksgiving day. He posted a picture of both he and his son fast asleep on the families couch in a full turkey coma

Tobymac says it takes two to make a thing go right. He posted a picture as he and his wife carved the Thanksgiving turkey together.

Music from the band Skillet was part of the NFL Thanksgiving day action. The band posted the video of a spot featuring their music during the Detroit Lions game.

Stars Go Dim this week released a new Christmas song. The band identified "How Glorious The Love Of Heaven" as a song you can worship to in your churches. They say it's filled with the Biblical truth of who Jesus is and why he came to earth to redeem us."

Earlier this fall Matt Redman released his first Christmas album. This week he released a music video featuring one of the songs on the new project on Billboard. Check out Matt's rendition of Help From Heaven, featuring Redman’s longtime friend Natasha Bedingfield. The video features Redman accompanied by a pianist as he and Bedingfield sing to a church audience and the audience harmonizes back. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Another acoustic lyric video is available from The Museum. The latest project is their song The Grace of Jesus. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The latest Jamie Grace Show is now available. On this week's show Jamie Grace shares a little update on Thanksgiving, her third album, and the fact that she turns 25 today. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Jeremy Camp is spending Thanksgiving with his family in the Holy Land. He posted a picture From the town of Capernaum this week. Jeremy added: So blown away we're able to be here and walk where my My Lord walked. Thank you Behold Israel for taking us around and guiding us through this incredible journey.

Are you an adoptive family, or are you considering becoming one? Family Life Today recently recorded a facebook live to talk the joys and challenges of adoption with 3 FamilyLife staff members. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Every human being on the face of this green earth has reasons to be thankful. Reasons like:
1. Breath in our lungs.
2. Food in our bellies.
3. The wonders of creation like:
4. Sunsets
5. Ocean waves
Read the other 95 by clicking on the link at

10 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Beautiful from All Pro Dad
1. Tell her.
2. Make sure she catches you looking – at her.
3. Never view pornography or “girlie” magazines – the message will be clear.
4. Never compare her negatively to other women.
5. Place her picture prominently on your desk and carry it in your wallet.
6. Shower her with gifts and tokens of love at unexpected moments.
7. Compliment her in front of your children.
8. Purchase intimate apparel, have it gift wrapped, and leave the package for her with a love note.
9 Be deliberate about romance.
10. Treat your own physique with respect.

A young child has died after a church bombing in Indonesia. According to Open Doors Youth, the bombing took place on Sunday, November 13th. Two-year old Intan reportedly died on Monday morning from severe burns. Three other children, ages 4, 3, and 2, are currently in intensive care in a local hospital after also suffered from severe burns. The bombing was carried out by an Islamic extremist who had previously been convicted for terrorism, and had even attacked a church before. According to the churches Pastor, who was leading the service on the day the of the attack, the children saw the perpetrator’s effort to ignite and throw the cocktail bomb several times before it finally lit and exploded.

A third-grade teacher in Alabama is being investigated after an atheist group accused her of promoting “Bring Your Bible to School Day.” reports that Patsy Smithe, a third-grade teacher at Vestavia Hill Elementary East told her students that on Bring Your Bible to School Day they could bring a Bible, if they received permission from their parents. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, however, alleges that Smithe was promoting Christianity.

Parliament joined dozens of landmark sites across London and the UK in being lit in "the color of blood" on Wednesday evening in remembrance of the millions persecuted for their faith around the world. According to, the landmark sites were joined by dozens of churches, mosques, and synagogues across the UK to be lit red to mark the day. The Red Wednesday campaign was organized by the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) to highlight the lack of religious freedom around the world. A report by the US State Department this year found 76 per cent of the world's population lives with high or very high levels of restriction on religious freedom.

The mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, has signed an executive order creating a new Muslim advisory board for the city. According to CBN, The move will allow Muslims to guide the mayor's policy decisions affecting the Muslim community. The five-member Muslim volunteer board will meet twice a year.

The 4,000-year-old jug was unveiled this week by the Israel Antiquities Authority. According to, the jug is from the same era as Abraham and Sarah. It was discover in a student archaeological dig in the contemporary city of Yehud and features a details figure in a thinking pose on top of a jug. It was discovered alongside daggers, arrowheads, an axe head, sheep bones and what are thought to be the bones of a donkey. Officials say the ceramic pot, about 18 cm high, was unlike anything previously discovered. They say "The level of precision and attention to detail in creating this almost 4,000 year old sculpture is extremely impressive."

Violence against Christians in Colombia continues to rise after a man was shot dead during mass in the south western city of Cali earlier this week. According to, 35 year old Fernando Padilla was killed after a gunman entered the packed Santa Cecilia Catholic church while the Archbishop of Cali celebrated mass. The shooting comes two years after a shooting in the same church killed two people and is typical of systematic violence against Christians in the war torn South American state.

Students at Fuller Theological Seminary in California are calling for it to become a "sanctuary" to prevent foreign students from being identified by the Trump administration. According to, Students, alumni and others at the Seminary have signed a petition to the president, the provost and the dean of students expressing concern for the "safety and dignity" of all students and workers. They want the seminary to declare itself a sanctuary, or safe place, for all those without the right documents.

In the wake of Trump’s election, few expect partisan relations in Washington to improve. According to a Pew Research Study, 79% of Americans said the country is more politically divided than in the past. About a quarter of voters (27%) think that relations between the two parties will improve in the coming year, while as many (27%) say they will worsen; 45% expect they will stay about the same. Almost three quarters (73%) of all voters – including 55% of his own supporters and fully 90% of Clinton’s – say that Donald Trump should try as best he can to work with Democratic leaders in Washington to accomplish things, even if it means disappointing some groups of Republican supporters.

What happens when you throw boiling water over your head in temperatures hovering at 25 below zero. It creates snow ice. Watch what happens in a recently recorded slow motion video. Click on the link at

It looks like the children of the future might be very ill-informed. According to NPR, a new study from Stanford researchers evaluated students' ability to assess information sources. They described the results as "dismaying," "bleak" and "a threat to democracy." Middle school, high school and college students in 12 states were asked to evaluate the information presented in tweets, comments and articles. More than 7,800 student responses were collected. Researchers say the students displayed a "stunning and dismaying consistency" in their responses, getting duped again and again when asked to tell fake accounts from real ones, activist groups from neutral sources, and ads from articles.

Strict bans on ivory trade are aimed at preventing elephant poaching. But the state and federal measures are causing unintended consequences for Alaska Natives who legally hunt walruses and carve their tusks for a living. According to NPR, Walruses aren't an endangered species and, under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, Alaska Natives are entitled to hunt them and sell byproducts such as whiskers, bones and ivory. However, federal and state regulations cracking down on the domestic market for elephant ivory have caused people to think all ivory is illegal, causing a drastic reduction in sales to tourists by Native Americans in Alaska.

Thanksgiving is past but all that extra food doesn't have to be a problem. Hunter Lewis, editor of Cooking Light magazine, concedes that Thanksgiving can throw your diet for a loop, but he argued that the spirit of Thanksgiving matters more than the food. He told ABC News: “Enjoy yourself and don’t feel guilty [about the food].” Lewis, however, warned against indulging after the holiday. He says “Don’t let one day of feasting turn into five days.”

If expediency is more important than neatness, drones might be the perfect tool for making Thanksgiving dinner. The key word is “might.” According to the Huffington Post, Autel Robotics, a drone maker based in Bothell, Washington, recently posted a video showing what happens when a chef uses a drone to make various holiday side dishes. As the footage above shows, a drone can indeed be used as a cooking tool. But the verdict is still out on whether it should be. Take a look at how it works, dish by dish:

With the holiday's hallmark dressing, pies, breads and flour-thickened gravy, a gluten-free Thanksgiving menu might sound totally impossible. However, says it's not only possible, you don’t even have to give up your traditional Thanksgiving favorites like stuffing, green bean casserole and pie to create a gluten-free menu. They shared 21 gluten-free recipes that prove that a gluten-free Turkey Day can be a great Turkey Day!

The holiday season is upon us! With Thanksgiving around the corner and a divisive election in the rearview mirror, millions of Americans expect to talk politics with friends and family members over the holiday. According to an online survey conducted by ABC News, 45 percent of Americans foresee a side of political conversation with their turkey and cranberry sauce, and 38 percent said the idea of such talk is at least somewhat stressful, with 14 percent saying it is very stressful.

A Tennessee shelter is determined to give their animals a memorable Thanksgiving by sending them home for the holidays. According to ABC News, This year, Hawkins County Humane Society in Rogersville is allowing families to host a cat or dog with the option to adopt. They say: "A lot of our animals that come to the shelter have never been in a loving home." "We wanted to give all of the dogs and some of the cats an experience of what a family is like, what a home is like and what that attention is like."

You may want to check Google before you head out on your next holiday shopping spree. The company's latest search feature makes it easier to find out how crowded stores are at any given time. An extension of Google's "popular times" update, which shows how crowded restaurants and coffee shops are based on search trends, the new feature will show a real-time estimate for how busy a particular location is. Search for a store, restaurant or other location and Google will now provide a new "live" view in the popular times section of the location card.

An Irish waiter in Houston, Texas, who said he hasn't seen his family in Northern Ireland in more than two years can finally visit them again -- thanks to the generosity of a diner who recently left him a $750 tip on a $182.87 tab. According to ABC News, a man named Jeffrey stopped by to eat at the restaurant where 22 year old Ben Millar works as a waiter. When Ben learned that Jeffrey and his family often visited Ireland he jokingly said, 'I wish I could go back that often to see my family.' After Jeffrey and his family had left, Millar picked up the checkbook and discovered the $750 tip on the receipt. Jeffrey had also left a little note on the tab that read, "hopefully, this can get you back to Ireland for the holidays."

Thinking about getting a Alem Utility Bag designed by Francesca Battistelli for someone special in your life? You will want to start saving. The bags are available at Live in brown and black. They cost $238.

Hawk Nelson is helping you get a jump on summer. They posted: it's getting cold outside so all our tank tops are on sale. Get them ahead of next summer for cheap.

Want to feel like a kid again? Needtobreathe is here to help. They say adulting is hard but keeping warm doesn't have to be. They now have Needtobreathe adult onesies in their store.

Jimmy Needham felt like he was near heaven this week. He posted: family, music, good food, and a day spent preparing for our savior's birth. Wonderful.

Kari Jobe was being honest this week. She recently had a family photo shoot and posted: You'll see the good ones soon..but let's be honest..this is how family photos sessions really go down. Check out the "real" photos by clicking on the link at

Where the Light Shines Through and other music by Switchfoot is being used as part of Bethany Hamilton's Beautifully Flawed Retreat. The band posted a picture of the girls taking part in the retreat and said: we are so honored to have our songs as part of the retreat. Bethany Hamilton is the Christian Surfer whose arm was bit off by a shark. Her story was featured in the movie Soul Surfer.

The Christmas song from Paul Baloche titled Joy to the World/Our God Saves is this week's free song at the We are Worship website. Download your free copy of the song by clicking on the link at

MercyMe is working on a new album and they're inviting you to join them in the process. Members of the band posted this week that they are writing and recording new songs for studio album Number 9. It's scheduled for release on March 31st of 2017. This time around the guys from the band are trying something new. They have a site on pledge music and are asking you to join them by signing up for various packages ranging from early access to the new album all the way to An autographed guitar, handwritten lyrics, and even a gold record from the band. Check out more by clicking on the link at

Hillsong United made their debuted at the Dove awards this year. Now a video of their performance, featuring the song Prince of Peace, is available online. Click on the link at

Hillsong Worship is out with a youtube video featuring their song "Behold (Then Sings My Soul)" Check out the guitar instrumental and chord chart, designed as a resource to help you play the song in your own church. Click on the link at

Just how fast of a drummer is Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips? Matt, who serves as Duncan's drum Tech, caught Duncan's warm up on tape this week. He had Duncan clocked at 190 beats per Minute. That's more than three beats every second. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Ryan Stevenson was recently featured on the Fox 4 website. He played an acoustic version his song Eye of the Storm and talked about the impact the song has had world wide. Check out Ryan's performance by clicking on the link at

Another lyric video is now available from Integrity music's Christmas compilation album Majesty in a Manger. The project features a variety of Worship leaders including Darlene Zschech. Her song is featured in their latest video. It's titled Gloria (Our Savior Found Us). Check out the lyric video by clicking on the link at

Something as innocent as a Christmas duet turned into a landmine moment for Matthew West this week. He and Mandisa are on tour together and prior to one of their shows Matthew wanted to record a video of the two singing a Christmas song together. The problem came when Matthew suggested they sing White Christmas and Mandisa responded: why "White" Christmas? She then had a good laugh as Matthew turned red and started backtracking as quickly as possible. Check out the fun and their rendition of the holiday classic by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson frontman Jon Steingard says Americans can learn something from the Swedes about breakfast. He shared a video Of The breakfast they were enjoying In Sweden and said: American Hotel breakfast are just sad in comparison.

Cultivating a thankful heart will result in speaking thankful words. But it may require a little practice! That's why Revive Our Hearts suggests devoting an entire week to practicing thankfulness? Check out their 7 day plan by clicking on the link at

Need some hope keeping the kids busy during the holidays. Don't miss out on Joni and Friend's fun fall word search activity from Kids' Corner! Download your copy by clicking on the link at

Sometimes it feels like Thanksgiving is a drive-by holiday. According to Family Life Today, Christmas starts to fill the stores by September, and Halloween candy seems to mesmerize the minds of our children. Meanwhile, the significance of Thanksgiving is often lost in the flurry of family, food, and football. In response, Family Life Today is sharing some ideas submitted by their staff members for honoring God in your Thanksgiving festivities. Check out their 6 suggestions by clicking on the link at

Four-time Olympian Hunter Kemper says Focus on the Family is the place to be over the holidays. He posted on twitter: School may be out but Focus on the Family is open. With slides, scavenger hunts, and puppets, Hunter says it's a great place for kids during Thanksgiving week.

10 Tips For A Picture-Perfect Holiday Portrait from MSN:
1. Use a general color scheme but don't match outfits exactly.
2. Avoid large logos or letters.
3. Makeup should add some focus, not steal the show.
4. Allow your kids to be part of the planning.
5. If you're using a pro, select them carefully.
6. choose the setting carefully
7. When taking the photo yourself, the right lighting is key.
8. Once you're in front of the camera, relax and enjoy the experience
9. Candid moments are the best to capture real personality, so keep shooting even when your kids stop saying 'cheese!'
10. Take 10 or more of the same pose

5 tips to help make holiday travel less stressful
Book early.
Book flights during odd hours.
Pack light.
Pack early.
Allow yourself an extra 30 minutes to one hour at the airport.

A 19-year-old home school graduate has become the youngest Member of Provincial Parliament in Ontario history, winning by more than 50 percent of the popular vote. According to CBN, Sam Oosterhoff beat out New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate Mike Thomas, 61, and Liberal Party candidate Vicky Ringuette, 37, to win the seat in Parliament. The Brock University student suspended his studies in political science to run for the seat. Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown told the Canadian Press that Oosterhoff won largely because he focused on Canada's economy instead of resorting to campaign smearing, like his opponents.

Pope Francis says sleeping six hours "like a log" each night is part of his secret for managing job stress. According to ABC News, Italian Catholic TV asks Francis, in an interview being broadcast Sunday, how he manages to look "never stressed" even while tired and even with his 80th birthday approaching on Dec. 17. Francis replied that he's helped greatly by prayer. He adds: "Then I sleep well, thanks to the Lord. I sleep like a log."

The Vatican has turned to space-age technology to help preserve some of the oldest and most fragile documents in the world. According to, the Holy See is using a system called FITS, or flexible image transport system format, that was developed by the European Space Agency and NASA for radio astronomy. The importance of effective digital storage of rare documents has been highlighted by the recent series of earthquakes that have devastated entire towns and villages in Italy. The images and documents are not only preserved by the system, but they are done so using computer coding that is designed to be easily readable by computers of the future if current technology becomes obsolete.

Many Iraqi Christians are too terrified to return home after ISIS, but one priest has vowed that the Church will "never, never give up" hope of Christianity flourishing in the country again. According to, Father Emanuel Youkhana, an Assyrian Church leader, spoke to PBS Newshour just three days after Islamic State was driven from the town. He said that holy books had been burned by ISIS militants during occupation, the church desecrated and ISIS symbols graffitied on the walls. He told PBS that he felt "joy that the church had survived. But sadness for what has been done in the church." Hundreds of thousands of Christians fled the Nineveh plain when ISIS overran the region in 2014. In 2003, there were around 1.5 million Christians in Iraq – there are now believed to be around just 200,000.

Franklin Graham's recent three-day Gospel festival in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, drew tens of thousands of people, with more than 7,600 responding to the Gospel. According to CBN, the huge Christian event was a first for Myanmar's small Christian population in the mostly Buddhist nation in Southeast Asia. Hundreds of churches came together in the process of planning the festival.

Joe Thomas Senior recently made history. According to NBC New, the 55 year old recently took the field for South Carolina State's football team. His three yard run made him the oldest know player to ever take part in a division 1 football game. However, Joe is now stranger to football. His son, Joe Thomas Jr., currently currently plays for the Green Bay Packers. Joe is an engineering major at South Carolina State.

A mall Santa Claus in Sanford, Florida, was removed from the job last week after telling a child that Hillary Clinton is on his naughty list. According to a report in the Huffington Post, the girl's mother complained about the Kris Kringle after an incident with her 10-year-old daughter at Seminole Towne Center. The Santa reportedly told the girl she was on his “nice” list. He then asked the girl, “Do you know who is on my naughty list? Hillary Clinton,” before laughing. Neither the woman nor her daughter thought that was funny, as they were Clinton supporters. Officials who hired the Santa say he was removed from his post and sent to counseling with the company’s human resources department.

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