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Chris August this week revealed the entire track list for his upcoming CD The Maker.

The latest audio from Jeremy Camps CD I Will Follow is now available.

Britt Nicole says her song I Wanna Set the World on Fire is one of her all time favorite songs.

The latest song from Michael W. Smith is now available

Danny Gokey was recently featured on the television program 100 Huntley Street.

With Americans spending up to $210 billion annually on obesity-related medical treatment,

Did you know that the federal government owns most of the western United States?

The biggest story to hit the Internet this past week wasn't the fact that after beheading

It is a long way from a Sudanese prison to the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

7 Ways To Give Control of Your Situation to God Today from Hear It First

5 Ways to Filter What You Say from iMom:

Beware of the danger of bragging in marriage from the blog Build Your Marriage:

In honor of March Madness the web site All Pro Dad has created their own bracket

Have trouble memorizing scripture.

A 91 year old has started a new career as a valuable part of Silicon Valley's tech world.

Mat Kearney is the featured artist on the cover of this months CCM Magazine.

Jamie Grace was celebrating over the weekend.

How do you determine God’s will for your life?

For some time Tuesday has been release day.

The web site We Are Worship is helping you gear up for your Easter Worship Celebration.

Danny Gokey was recently featured on the Better TV show.

Mandisa recently recorded a video in response to a request from a friend

The members Among The Thirsty took a break from their tour to conduct a science experiment.

Right now Tobymac is auctioning off packages for his tour stops

Britain will become the first nation to legalize a "three-parent" IVF technique

The Church is growing so fast in one closed country that they are running out of Bibles.

a new survey finds broad support for traditional marriage

High bloodpressure? Here's 5 things to eat to reduce it from Charisma News.

10 ways to love your wife for life from All Pro Dad:

10 Topics for a Weekend Retreat with Your Teenager from All Pro Dad:

31 days of March to prayer for your children.

Never assume someone wouldn't be interested in going to church with you.

Every now and then, we need a reminder of just how big the world around us is

The Gainesville tornadoes generally play in front of a crowd of zero.

In a new Special Report, Dr. James Dobson talks about the importance of grace and forgiveness

Christian artist Rebecca St. James upcoming new novel is now available for pre-order.

Have you listened to the Audio Adrenaline song yet? Check out Love Was Stronger

Jeremy's son Egan has been touring with his family and he is the feature in Jeremy's latest road

Audio Adrenaline 3.0 is on their first tour since the band was totally remade.

Danny Gokey is giving you a behind the scenes video of dealing with a band on the road.

Comedian Bob Smiley is out with another "Adventure's of Average Boy" article he wrote for kids.

Is Christian media a better tool for discipleship or evangelism?

By a 3-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission has approved the net neutrality policy.

Three years ago, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association shifted its focus to online

Here are 5 Ways to Be the Happiest Family on the Block from iMom.

5 Time and Money Sensitive Activities to Do with Your Kids from All Pro Dad:

10 Ideas for a Romantic Getaway from All Pro Dad

Diners at KFC restaurants throughout Britain soon will be able to have their coffee — and eat the cup, too.

Love is blind, but not for much longer.;_ylt=A0LEVxv7Lu5Uvo8AFUJXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzZWhpa

From Kristian Stanfill: slavery is not ok. I'm mad about it. Let's end it.

It is one thing as a parent to wrestle with the challenges of a willful child.

Jeremy Camp has released another lyric video from his CD I Will Follow.

Jason Gray recently re-released a video of his song Not Right Now.

Building429 front man Jason Roy is out with another new song.

Matthew West is out with a challenge. Last month he released a lyric video

In late 2014 Point of Grace was part of a Christmas concert

The movie Drop Box is coming out in a limited number of stations across the Nation

Pray is needed for the Assyrian Christian captured by ISIS.

The American workforce has become increasingly reliant upon telecommuting

officials say a revival is also underway.

Top Ten Financial Topics to Tackle Before a Remarriage from Family Minute

5 Family Financial Priorities from All Pro Dad:

8 Health Risks Of Sleeping Too Much

Are you a perfectionist. Now there are 21 pictures

We see a lot of selfies on social media. But a recent selfie was literally out of this world.

A personal jetpack will go on sale to the public by 2017

Third Day's Mac Powell was giving the Front Porch Award as part of the New Release Tuesday

The Passion's Louie Giglio is asking for your help.

Most parents of kids will frequently discuss the best way to discipline children

Plumb was promoting a new CD this week but it wasn't her own project.

Kutless front man Jon Micah Sumrall is going to soon release a solo record

The band I Am They has released an acoustic cover the Jamie Grace song Hold Me.

The band Hawk Nelson recently released a music video for their song Live Like You're Loved. Lyric

Bart Millard shared a part of Mercyme's pre show ritual.

The band Audio Adrenaline was stranded on the side of the road this week.

When the possibility of normalizing relations with Cuba became reality

Want to know a way to get involved in Bible translations and missions without selling your house

As boys are growing up, All Pro Dad says there are several questions they need answered:

5 Ways to Laugh Instead of Cry from iMom

How To Tell If Your Stress Level Is Normal. Ask the following questions from Huffington Post:

Rescuers working late into into the night this week freed 19 manatees

Steven Curtis Chapman's Show Hope adoption organization will be hosting an Empowered to Connect

Darlene Zschech's focus for the past year has been to beat breast cancer.

For King and Country recently recorded a a cover of the song Brighter Than Sunshine.

Another Sidewalk Prophets rewind video is out.

Hawk Nelson this week launched a brand new music video for the song "Live Like You're Loved"

Another Lighten Up Video from Ken Davis.

David Crowder recently reported an angel siteing

Don't Miss Winter Jam 2015 Live on StageHop.

Princeton University has received a donation of rare books and manuscripts, including a Gutenberg Bible

Even in death the 21 Christians murdered in Libya are impacting their homeland.

Today Christianity is spreading as rapidly in urban China as it spread through ancient Palestine

5 ways to gut check your priorities from All Pro Dad:

10 Ways to Encourage Disabled Children from All Pro Dad:

Here are a few ways to pray, even when you really don't feel like it from Relevant Magazine.

What is right? What is wrong? How do we determine the truth?

Could you forgive & love your worst enemy?

So are you up for a No Complaining Challenge?

Brandon Heath is the featured artist in the February 15 edition of CCM Magazine.

Michael W. Smith has been tweeting about the filming of the movie 90 minutes in Heaven

The Third Day Worship CD will be available in one week.

Danny Gokey was part of the Faith and Family Night over the weekend at the Minnesota

Chris Tomlin's lyric video for the song The Roar,

A group of divers came across the largest treasure trove of gold coins

More residents of Utah go to church every week than any other state.

Pastor Saeed Abedini's wife says that the presence of the Lord

Wycliffe Associates is providing technology to indigenous Bible translators

5 Ways to Make Family Birthdays Outstanding from All Pro Dad:

10 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Beautiful from All Pro Dad:

A video from Focus on the Families the Truth Project which asks the question, What is Truth?

the state where residents feel most content: Alaska.

When Glenn Buratti recently turned 6 he was eager to celebrate with a party.

Hawk Nelson's John Steingard was going back to the future

Ellie Holcomb is beginning a new Bible study this week.

Third Day Drummer David Carr is auctioning off an autographed Snare Drum.

Michael W. Smith was recently the featured artist of the program 100 Huntley Street.

It takes some amazing logistics to prepare a venue for the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular.

The Rhett Walker Band is out with another Southern Fixin's video. And the topic today is Fried Food. In fact, Rhett says he believes "we'll only have fried food in Heaven." Check out the video by clicking on the link at

The JESUS Film Project says they just finished dubbing the film into the 1,300th language.

Despite dreadful persecution, Christians an Iran are excited and smiling.

A new book from Dr. Seuss will be available this July

Mission Network News is sending out an urgent request for Prayer

Evangelism is everyone’s responsibility. Here are 4 tips for involvement from Ed Stetzer

Here are six ways you can pray about the current wave of persecution in the Middle East

Seven ways to waste your money from Crown.

Is the balloon red, or is it green.

A 15 year old from Oregon was a proud owner of a new car for a few minutes.

Beyonce’s performance of the gospel song “Take My Hand, Precious Lord”

The members of Building 429 are auctioning off a Fender guitar

Just a few more weeks remain to register for TobyMac's run for hope 2015.

Jamie Grace was featured yesterday on the show The Doctors.

Hawk Nelson is holding a Diamonds Sweepstakes.

The members of the band Among the Thirsty are asking for your help

Another road life re-wind video from the Sidewalk Prophets.

The National Day of Prayer this week released their 2015 Theme Video.

For the third year in a row, StageHop is partnering with Winter Jam

two in five people work for someone they consider a “bad” leader.

The Drop Box Film will debut in a limited number of theaters across the nation in early March.

There’s “miraculous” news coming out of the Middle East:

Remember Jesus’ apostle Matthew? Even Jesus had a taxman!

How can we express Christ-centered love in a relationship? Here are 20 ways

Four things you need to take care of before you get serious about your dream job.

8 Great Ways to Bond with Your Child:

Nearly one in five Americans observed Lent last year

Need a short break? Take the next six minutes out of your day to enjoy some incredible ping pong trick shots shared by relevant magazine.

Jesse Carey is making a difference simply by listening to music by the band Nickelback.

What do eggs and bunnies have to do with Jesus?

The Gospel Music Association this week announced the date of the second annual GMA Honors.

The group Living Out Love is giving away free music.

Most bands with 15-18 songs together would figure they have their next album ready.

Third Day this week released a third song from their new worship CD Lead Us Back:

Joel from for King and Country and his wife Moriah Peters recently joined together

The band Among The Thirsty this week released an video of their song completely.

Jeremy Camp has released the audio for another song from his new CD I Will Follow.

Kristian Stanfill announced this week that he and his Passion band will be joining the Send North American Experience Tour over the next few month.

Aaron Shust will be playing another online concert this evening

Matthew West this week announced plans for a 40 city Live Forever tour.

A month after a gunman killed four people at a kosher market in Paris a Jewish journalist

Violations of religious freedom in Cuba continued to rise in 2014.

Despite a ceasefire agreement, fighting continues in at least one area of Ukraine.

February is Black History Month and, in response, the web site wallethub is out with a list of the cities in the USA with the most ethno-racial and linguistic diversity.

Valentines is past. But that doesn't mean you have a full year before you need to express your love for your spouse.

5 Ways to Filter What You Say from Family Minute:

5 Ways to Keep Cool with Your Family Stress from All Pro Dad:

Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of the 40 days of Lent.

If you are thinking about popping the big question during 2015, you might want to read Tim Kimmels blog on public marriage proposals.

A Christian organization is using technology to make resources more accessible to amputees

The TV antenna is becoming trendy again.

The blog Forage, A Gathering Place for Women, recently sat down to talk with Meredith Andrews

The members a Building 429 were working on their new record while backstage at Winterjam

The Sidewalk Prophets are continuing their look back as they travel the country

The resurgence of measles in the United States is bringing the disease to the forefront.

Aid is finally arriving in Malawi, where communities were cut off by the country's worst floods

The Ark Encounter project, aiming to build a life size replica of the biblical Noah's Ark

A shipment of 30,000 Bibles is on its way to Nigeria.

3 Envy Protecting Questions from the blog Build Your Marriage

5 Tips on Expectations from All Pro Dad:

You're never truly prepared to be a parent, but Relevant Magazine says there are a few things to consider before embarking on the journey.

A Police Officer is being credited for saving the life of a little baby.

Dr Fred Richardson still makes house calls

If your kids have Monday off, Focus on the Family has some kid friendly President's Day ideas.

Louie Giglio and Passion are looking for a few amazing people to spend a year with them

Kutless frontman Jon Micah Sumrall is giving you the chance to sample some of his new music.

Love and the Outcome used Valentines Day weekend to release a special lyric video

Chonda Pierce has been a stand up comedian for about 20 years.

Jamie Grace released a music and lyric video for her song Every Bit of Lovely

David Crowder came up with a unique way to promote The Rock and Worship Roadshow

Steven Curtis Chapman part of his choir at the Kennedy Center.

The members of the group Citizenway were upstaged during their Valentine's Day concert

The Newsboys were showing off their new live set up over the weekend.

In the state of Michigan, there are 14,000 children who share one thing in common:

6 Ways to Boost Your Marriage in 60 Seconds from Family Minute:

Valentines is over but that doesn't mean that the romance needs to end. Here are 8 tips

Here are ten things you must say to your wife:

7 Essential Things To Do When Studying the Bible

New research suggests one promising strategy for getting your picky eaters to try new foods

Thanks to new technology, Yvonne Felix got to see her baby.

Here are 7 creative ways to let your wife know how much she means to you from All Pro Dad:

Don't forget to register for Rhett Walker band Valentines giveaway.

Mercyme's Mike Scheuchzer shared a picture of the upright piano

Newsboys front man and former member of DC Talk Michael Tait

Casting Crowns will be releasing their CD Glorious Day-Hymns of Faith on March 2.

Kerrie Roberts is with an acoustic music video for one of her favorite songs on her new project.

You've heard the song Beyond Me. Now Tobymac is telling the story behind the song.

NeedtoBreathe performing on a water slide in Sydney.

Chris Tomlin's album Love Ran Red contains a song named Boundary Lines.

Third Day is in Australia this week and Mark Lee went up against Auzzie slang

Passion will again be celebrating Good Friday with a special service

In a recent study of U.S. Protestant church leaders, Barna Group looked at pastors’ use of the Internet

America's largest Christian bookstore chain has filed for bankruptcy.

In response to the upcoming release of the movie 50 Shades of Gray this weekend, the organization Whatever Girls is encouraging "Fifty Hours of Prayer".

A new exhibition of ancient clay tablets discovered in modern-day Iraq is shedding light

6 reasons to never give up on the church from Charisma News

Confronting a friend is never easy, but it's easier if you've asked yourself the right questions

7 Warning Signs for Church Leaders Who May Be Close to Burnout from Christian Post:

At 109 years old, Alfred Date is the oldest man in Australia.

Looking for the perfect Valentines Video.

play Scrabble on your computer and also help provide money for Bible translation

Family Life Today is out with a series of Valentine's Day e-cards

Need some help making Valentine's Day special?

9 Ways to Say I Love You from Family Minute:

Just in time for Valentine's Day Natalie Grant is out with a new necklace design.

LeCrae just took home a Grammy award, one of the most coveted awards in music.

Audio Adrenaline founder and original front man Mark Stuart is out with a open letter

Praise Charts has announced the top 10 songs in their Christian song competition.

Building 429's Jason Roy this week shared a song that he had written just that morning

The next Point of Grace CD won't be available until April.

The web site Free CCM is giving away music from Phil Wickham's CD Heaven and Earth.

Chris Tomlin was recently on the New Song Cafe to talk about his song Psalm 100.

The latest music video for the series A.D. The Bible Continues

Worship Leader Darlene Zschech this week released her latest worship project.

From a sign shared by Citizenway's David Blasco: There are two rules for success

Casting Crowns Mark Hall is out with another in his video series Adventures of a Cool Dad

Steven Curtis Chapman is joining the Bible Tour 2015 this spring.

The news website Vox has found evidence that providing houses for the homeless

A pilot translation program started by Wicliffe associates is creating a lot of questions.

For a second year in a row, a Christian College has been named the best College for military

5 Ways to Share Your Love Story from iMom:

9 Risk Factors for Marital Problems from All Pro Dad:

Ten Times It's Wise to Hold Your Tongue from Revive Our Hearts:

A new video called Unbroken: The Power of Forgiveness

video recently released presents a powerful message of the redemption

All over the world, homelessness has become a major issue

This Valentines Day the web site iMom suggests you put those colorful candy hearts to work

Josh Mix is getting quite proficient at woodworking.

David Crowder was on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards this past weekend

wait for new music from the band Among the Thirsty is over.

The free song from the website We Are Worship comes this week from the Desperation Band.

Natalie Grant was on the red carpet this week on her way into the Grammys.

The members of for King and Country recently recording a live video of their song Fix My Eyes

There are two kinds of kids in the world: strong willed and compliant.

Christian surfer Bethany Hamilton is going to have a baby.

Racing legend Darrell Waltrip recently with his comments at the National Prayer Breakfast.

A new Gallup poll finds that conservatives outnumber liberals in 47 of the 50 states.

One pastor comes clean and admits to Relevant Magazine the nine biggest mistakes

7 questions from Charisma News that Jesus asked in the Bible.

What to Do When Your Husband is Depressed from imom:

A new website called Yes He Is has been launched to help individuals spread the gospel

A teenager has become the first to be given a new type of hearing implant.

The web site Family Minute is out with a list of Creative and Unique Types of Valentine's Day

Some valentines ideas from iMom:

Read the entire story of Valentines Day, as told on the Family First web site.

If you want to be part of Team TobyMac but live outside Nashville, TobyMac has some good news.

The UK division of We Are Worship has been searching for the next great hymn.

Danny Gokey was recently creating a memory with his son

Another song is now available from Jeremy Camp's new CD Here I Am.

The video premiere of the latest Hawk Nelson song is now available online.

As the Sidewalk Prophets embark on 2015, they felt it would be a good idea to retell their story

Planning to attend the Chris Tomlin Love Ran Red tour this spring?

Have you ever asked the question: Why Does God Allow Evil?

Over the past two decades, MedSend has given out 500 grants for over 17-million dollars

According to the organization Force 4 Compassion, about 136 people are sold into slavery

Joshua Harris says he is living life backwards.

5 Areas of Mom Anxiety from iMom:

10 Ways to Balance Work and Family Life from All Pro Dad:

Are you praying for the salvation of your husband?

The question of whether yoga pants are appropriate attire

Want the perfect Valentine for the man in your life?

free Adventures in Odyssey Valentine's Day cards

Valentines day is almost here and Dr. James Dobson wants to help

Brandon Heath is on the cover of the next CCM magazine.

The Sidewalk Prophets were celebrating their first Daniversary this week.

Natalie Grant says she decided it was time for a change; a 7 inch change.

Jared Byers has left Audio Adrenaline.

Jamie Grace is out with a video sharing the letter she wrote wrapping up her book

Mark Schultz wrote the song 1,000 miles for his wife Kate almost 10 years ago.

Francesca Battistelli found a unique way to warm up before she kicked off one Winter Jam tour

Special Report that will encourage and inspire you to parent in a way that grows kids

Spanking is a hot button topic in today's culture.

Do those Christmas catalogs you receive every year from various ministries make a difference?

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship can now set and enforce hiring practices

Do your political values affect your parenting in values?

10 Ways to Love Your Wife for Life from All Pro Dad:

4 Consequences of Going to Bed Angry from Family Minute:

4 Things Every Parent Must Know from Family Minute:

The members of a hockey team with disabilities got the surprise of a lifetime

stuff a donut with actual Pop-Tarts before they are deep fried.

Ministering to others isn't always cheap but it is always the right thing to do.

Casting Crown's Jaun Devevo says he is already counting down to his favorite time of the year.

Lauren Daigle's new full CD How Can It Be won't be available until April the 14th

Britt Nicole has shared a small clip of her new re-mix CD.

The web site We Are Worship is giving away an Easter focused medley

A taste of Third Day's new worship CD is now available online

Aaron Shust is part of a new music video featuring worship leader Michael Farren.

Phil Wickham was reminiscing this week about helping Chris Tomlin record his song Thank You God

Hillsong Young and Free saw the world in 2014 and now you can review it with them.

Group 1 Crew will be coming out a music video for their song Elevator Doors.

The latest Southern Fixins video focus' on one of Rhett Walkers pet peeves

Founders week has been going on all week at Moody Bible Institute

Looking for a fun way to create your own valentines day cards

The newest member of the organization Orphans Outreach is working to help others

President Barack Obama spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast this week

A new report is out on the amount of money needed to live comfortably in various cities

God is using an atheist to spread his word to Spanish readers.

5 Ways to Jumpstart a Sluggish Morning from

7 Things You Might Not Know About America's Independence:

3 Steps Closer to Patient Parenting from Revive Our Hearts:

Get ready to blow through all the books you've downloaded to your smartphone.

Sleep duration in healthy human subjects.

A huge professional disappointment didn't stop Russell Wilson from making his weekly rounds

Lauren Daigle went to the Passion Conference in January

Jodi from Love and The Outcome was part of a blog this week talking about cookie making.

Jeremy Camp this week released his latest studio album I Will Follow.

Brandon Heath is giving you the chance to listen to his entire upcoming album

Free CCM is giving away a copy of a Mercyme song from their CD The Generous Mr. Lovewell

An acoustic performance of Matt Mahar's new song Because He Lives is now available on facebook

Duncan Phillips was in full performance mode while filming concert video

The next release from Hillsong Worship is titled This I Believe

The for King and Country debut on the Today Show had some humorous moments.

The Sidewalk Prophets this week shared a glimpse of their family room.

Turning Points David Jeremiah and the band Rend Collective will wrap up Founders week

Focus on the Family is encouraging you to get tickets to their upcoming film The Drop Box

Answers in Genesis is filing a lawsuit against Kentucky

new study this week finds heavy joggers are as likely to die as those leading a sedentary life

One of the first ever books focused solely on the women in the Bible is now available.

Some beginning steps for carving out time to spend with God

Focus on the Family's Parenting division this week shared the link to a list of 35 Valentine's Day

4 ways to beat Tired Mom Syndrome:

A few things you start to learn when you turn 30 years old from Relevant Magazine.

How much of your life is centered around your wifi connection?

It's still early but Greg Wickherst is making a strong case for "Dad of the Year."

Jonny Diaz says people often ask what he does when he is not on tour.

A concept shared by 7eventh Time Down front man Mikey Howard

Britt Nicole has released the track list for her upcoming Remixes CD.

Electronic copies of Diamonds, the new Hawk Nelson CD, are now available.

Jason Gray says his latest CD, With Every Act of Love, leaned a little bit too much on the melancholy side.

Michael W Smith has released new music.

The band Vota is out with report on their Love Found Me Campaign.

The Colton Dixon song Our Time is Now was part of the NFL Super Bowl weekend.

Third Day has released another song from their upcoming worship project.

Want to give your loved ones a good laugh for Valentines day this year.

The members of Kutless have released another video log.

Focus president Jim Daly says dads were the hands-down winners of the Ad Bowl.

When you invite Jesus into your heart, He comes into your car as well.

The American Bible Society will celebrate its bicentennial in a new town.

If you ask the general population of the church in the USA which country is among the worst

Six things you must do to reconcile a marriage from the blog Build Your Marriage:

3 Michelle Duggar Parenting Tips from iMom:

7 Common Trigger Points That Make People Prickly:

Over $180,000 Raised For 56 Year-Old Detroit Man Who Walks 21 Miles A Day To And From Work

Pizzas 4 Patriots teamed up with international shipping provider, DHL Express,

Natalie Grant has long used the platform God has given her to impact those he has called her

How would you like to own the car currently driven by Josh Calhoun of the band Citizenway?

Worship leader Darlene Zschech was talking about authentic worship this week.

Jeremy Camp's new CD I Will Follow it is available for the first time today.

Kerrie Roberts has just released another acoustic video

The band NeedToBreathe is out with the audio of their song Brother, featuring Gavin DeGraw.

The members of Phillips, Craig and Dean say they were digging through the old video footage

Mark Schultz shared one of his favorite songs on his facebook page this week.

Persecution in on the rise in Vietnam.

The construction of Cuba's first Roman Catholic Church since 1959

Have any extra stuff just lying around?

The organization Authentic Intimacy is offering to trade your shades

9 Signs You Are a Workaholic from All Pro Dad:

7 principles to consider about resting intentionally from Revive Our Hearts:

6 Ways to Be a Joyful Mom from iMom:

4 lessons about fatherhood from the Super Bowl from All Pro Dad:

Looking for something to do with your burnt out light bulbs?

The Greenfield, Milwaukee Fire Department did their job but then they did more.

A hitchhiker in Uruguay got the surprise of a life time when he was finally given a ride.

Jeremy Camp is featured on the cover of this month's CCM magazine.

The Newsboys have released their second installment of the scavenger hunt.

Christian rapper Lecrae was recently featured in ESPN Magazine.

Aaron Shust is making changes in 2015

NeedToBreathe asked their fans to vote on the design of their commemorative Multiplied T-Shirt.

Casting Crowns and Focus on the Family are joining together during February

Danny Gokey took his question and answer time to facebook last week and he had a big response.

Plumb shared a picture taken as she wrote on a piece of paper pressed against a window

Jon Micah Sumrall is going to be releasing a solo project titled Faith and Family.

The Newsboys unique rendition of All Hail the Power of JESUS Name is available online

During January the band Remedy Drive recorded songs titled Songs of the Resistance

The group Selah has recorded acover video- broadway song On My Own from Les Miserables.

Another Lightenup Video from Christian comedian Ken Davis

Need a good laugh? Check out Turning Point's SOS Estates

Need some dating advice? Focus on the Family's Boundless team talked with Christian artists

The audio Bible organization Faith Comes by Hearing is launching a new Aerospace Division.

The Alabama judge who made news by refusing to remove a Ten Commandments monument

As the fighting in the Ukraine begins again, Churches in the region are opening their wallets

10 Ways to Put Yourself Second from All Pro Dad:

When you live in America, there are a few lies you get told every single day from Relevant

5 ways to turn nagging into encouragement from Revive Our Hearts:

11-year-old Natalia Marsh-Welton of Cincinnati, Ohio battled cancer for more than a year

If you thought your iphone case was just to protect your phone you would be mistaken.

Tennis is bringing out the big guns.

Natalie Grant says she struggles to embody many of the fruits of the Spirit on a daily basis

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