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How Will You Honor the Fallen? Breakpoint is out with some practical ways to honor honor those who made this weekend possible.
First, fly the flag.
Second, attend your local Memorial Day parade.
Third, visit a national cemetery and decorate graves.
Fourth, you might attend a memorial service.
Fifth, take your children to a military museum or battlefield.
Sixth, observe the National Moment of Remembrance at 3:00PM on Monday.
Finally, consider donating to organizations that help our nation’s veterans and families.

Mars will be closer to Earth on Memorial Day than it's been in 11 years. According to ABC News, today at around 5:34 p.m. EDT, when many Americans may be enjoying a holiday barbecue, the Red Planet will be the closest it has been to Earth in more than a decade. However, you will still need a powerful telescope to see the red planet. At it's closest point, Mars will still be 46.8 million miles from earth.

Memorial Day weekend signals the unofficial start of summer. For many families, summer is a time to make memories and spend countless hours having fun together. But with all the activities that come with the longer, sun-drenched days come new opportunities for families to face injuries or hurts. In response, Focus on the Family is out with a list of summer safety tips.
1. Remember the sunscreen and the hat.
2. Stay cool and well hydrated;
3. Wear helmets when using bicycles, motorcycles, ATV’s, skateboards, scooters
4. Use footwear, including water-shoes when at the lake or pool.

After 15 years of war, two talented soldiers cross paths and discover a mutual love of music. According to Yahoo News, Army rangers First Lt. Andrew Yacovone and First Lt. Justin Wright met in 2014 and began writing and producing country songs on deployment in Afghanistan. Shortly after that meeting, they debuted their first YouTube hit, “Hometown Hero,” from Afghanistan. A full-length EP produced from a studio followed. Now, in honor of Memorial Day weekend, Interstate 10, as the pair are now known, has released its latest music video. The song is titled “I’m Gonna Miss You,” and it is dedicated to military families of fallen servicemen. Check out the music video by clicking on the link at

Jason Gray was moving over the weekend and said having the right friends really helps. He posted: It's pretty great when one of your friends who is helping you move is a youth pastor and brings his youth group over to load all of your things assembly-line style.

The members of Building 429 posted Romans 12:2. They said: Let it start now! Share this to signify a new start. "Do not conform to the pattern of this world..." I am unashamed.

Matthew West is just back from some family time. He posted a picture of he and his daughters together on the beach and added: Had some amazing family time this week with Emily and the girls. After 70 shows in the four months of the year, we needed this time together.

Advice of the day from Tobymac: When You Choose the behavior, you choose the consequences.

Casting Crowns is giving away music to help youth leaders through their Thrive Resources program. Thrive Resources is a non-profit ministry of Mark and Melanie Hall created to train and equip volunteer and part-time youth leaders. Now they are asking for your help. Casting Crowns posted on twitter: Donate $25 to Thrive Resources and receive a FREE CD while helping youth leaders everywhere. Through videos, seminars, blogs, curriculum and support materials, Thrive Resources provides youth leaders with the helping hand they need to minister to the youth at their church….all for free.

Steven Curtis Chapman recently shared the story behind his song One True God. Check out the story behind the song by clicking on the link at

Matthew West is out with a video telling the story and the heart behind his new song "Mended". Hear the story by clicking on the link at

Stars go Dim front man Chris Cleveland this week shared his personal story of being deaf in one ear as the result of a tumor. The video is part of the story behind the latest song from Stars Go Dim, Walking Like Giants! Hear Chris' story of battling a lifelong illness but living into the hope that we have in Christ by clicking on the link at

Skillet has released a lyric video for their new song titled "Stars". Check it out by clicking on the link at

Selah member Todd Smith will be releasing a new album in August. The project is titled There's A Light and right now you can check out one of the songs on the new project. Todd has released a lyric video for the song Calling All Fathers. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

In celebration of Memorial Day weekend, the members of NEEDTOBREATHE released an acoustic version of their song Money and Fame. The song is featured on their new CD Hard Love, scheduled for release on July 15. The acoustic video of Money and Fame was recorded at a cabin in Laurel Canyon, CA. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Selah member Todd Smith was recently shopping with his daughters and recorded a video. He titled it: Fun Times With Dad. However, it looks like dad was having the most fun. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Brandon Heath is out with a new music video. The video features his new song Only Just Met You. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The Newsboys are out with the official music video for the song Hero. Check out the video for the song from their new album Love Riot by clicking on the link at

Moriah Peters and her husband Joel Smallbone have to work to spend time together. Joel is a member of For King and Country and Moriah has her own band. Both have their own touring schedules and spend a lot of time on the road. But last week both groups were in Europe and Moriah and Joel took advantage. Moriah posted several pictures as she and Joel enjoyed seeing Switzerland together. Moriah posted: This is Swiss bliss! Love discovering the people, castles & cathedrals of Switzerland.

7eventh Time Down took to the basketball court over the Memorial day Weekend. The band played at a faith and family event for the San Antonio Stars, a member of the WNBA.

The members of Crowder say their concert in Switzerland over the weekend was one of the hottest indoor shows they have ever played. However, they added that it was still so much fun. Crowder made several stops in Europe last week with Tobymac and For King and Country.

Most adults go through life balancing emotion and cognition—thinking things and feeling things. Based on those two processes they, make decisions, behave certain ways and communicate appropriately. In a special report, Dr. James Dobson discusses the role of emotion in every day life. The report helps you gain new insight to the power and place of emotion in marriage, parenting, friendship and in daily life. Access the free download by clicking on the link at

4 ways to tell if you're at a healthy weight
1 Waist circumference: If your belly is home to excess fat, you may be at greater risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
2 Resting heart rate: Between 60 and 100 beats is normal.
3 Body fat percentage
4 Basal metabolic rate: BMR factors in your height, weight, gender, activity level and age to approximate the number of calories you burn while at rest. Plug in your info at

A Christian pastor in Uganda has died after being poisoned with insecticide. According to a Christian Headlines report, Micah Byamukama, who was pastor of Kasecha Baptist Church, used to be an animist before converting to Christianity and changing his name from Mukama to Byamukama, which means “All for God.” Byamukama, who had previously survived a knife attack, was poisoned for preaching about Christianity.

Tens of thousands of evangelical Christians took to the streets of Sao Paolo, Brazil, for "the largest Christian event in the world" yesterday. According to, March for Jesus attracts evangelical protestant Christians from across the largely Catholic nation. It has been run for 24 years by The Reborn in Christ Church, Sao Paolo. The crowd of Christians follow trucks equipped with speakers for three miles across Sao Paulo to a downtown location where there are stages playing worship music late into the night.

Scores of Muslims are reportedly turning to Christianity in Europe. According to a report from CBN, thousands of Muslim refugees living in countries like Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark, are converting to Christianity and getting baptized. The pastor of a German congregation in Berlin told the online publication that the conversions were "a gift from God" and said 1,200 Muslims, mainly from Afghanistan and Iran, have embraced the Christian faith in the last three years. Earlier this year, Albert Babajan, pastor of a Pentecostal congregation in Hamburg, Germany, said many refugees escaping from Muslim-dominated countries expressed their disappointment about Islam.

The Sudan government continues to target children in the ongoing conflict in the Nuba Mountains. According to the Huffington Post, On Wednesday afternoon, a government warplane bombed a leading primary school in Kauda, Sudan, wounding a Kenyan teacher. The school is sponsored by Catholic churches in the US and this is not the first time it's been bombed. In May last year jets bombed the same school. Australian Education Coordinator Cathy Solano said “We just thank God that the children were not in the primary school because these metal pieces would have probably killed them.” Over the past month, Sudan has significantly increased aerial attacks in the rebel-controlled area.

The 96-year-old retired chest surgeon credited with developing the namesake Heimlich maneuver has used it to save a woman choking on food at his senior living center. According to Yahoo News, Dr. Henry Heimlich was in the dining room at the Deupree House in Cincinnati, where he lives, when an 87-year-old woman sitting next to him began choking Monday night. Heimlich dislodged a piece of hamburger from the woman's airway and she quickly recovered. Heimlich said in interviews that it was actually the first time he'd used the maneuver that bears his name.

As the National Park Service kicks off a centennial summer expected to draw record crowds, the agency is seriously considering caps on how many people pass through some of the country's most iconic landscapes and historical sites each day. According to Yahoo News, Park managers have begun looking at whether, when and how best to manage the impact of more people on the parks, their features and the visitors' experience. Nearly 4.1 million people visited Yellowstone National Park in 2015, a 17 percent increase in visitors over 2014, and Yellowstone has seen a 60 percent increase in visitation in the first few weeks of the 2016 season.

A group of more than 100 scientists believe the Rio Olympics should be postponed or moved to another country "in the name of public health." According to the BBC, The scientists penned an open letter and posted it to the website Rio Olympics Later. They say that the "new scientific findings that underscore the seriousness of that problem," along with WHO declaring zika a "public health emergency of international concern," make the case. However, The World Health Organization is trying to ease concerns about spreading Zika as a result of this summer's Olympics in Rio de Janiero. In an NPR report, their statement, issued in response to the scientists letter, reads "Based on current assessment, canceling or changing the location of the 2016 Olympics will not significantly alter the international spread of Zika virus."

Want to live like the Tanners in the program Full House? According to, 1709 Broderick Street, the San Francisco home famous for its role as "exterior of Tanner house" in the Full House opening credits, is officially up for sale. However, it's not cheep. The asking price is $4.15 million.

The 107-year-old woman who stole the Internet's heart when she visited the White House is at it again. Virginia McLaurin met Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House in February after her campaign to meet the president went viral. Now, according to ABC, the Washington Nationals posted video of McLaurin at her first ever Major League Baseball game. The team presented her with her own jersey featuring her special number 107.

Michael W. Smith is on full grandpa duty. He posted a picture of their table with four baby monitors all running at the same time and said: Audrey, Deb and I holding down the fort with the magnificent 11 ... Let the adventure begin!

The band We Are Leo is hoping to raise enough money to produce a studio album. The have launched a crowd funding campaign in advance of a brand-new album, currently named The Rush & The Roar. But according to New Release Today, time is running short. We Are Leo is looking to raise $12,500. The band has raised more than half of its goal amount as of Wednesday afternoon, but they have only until Sunday evening to raise the other half.

Third Day's Mark Lee is out with a new blog. He describes it as a blog about Jesus and the rich young ruler, with a little Steve Jobs thrown in for good measure. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson's Jon Steingard is out with a new blog on worship. However, is direction is a little different then most worship posts. Jon talks about dealing with a lack of response when worship is going on all around you but your not feeling it. If you’ve ever felt left out or left behind during worship, this blog is for you. Click on the link at

Jamie Grace has developed a new online course called "How To Be A Singer." Jamie says the course is for anyone looking to take their artistry to the next level. Find out more about the new course by clicking on the link at

Switchfoot is standing with the 50 thousand women and children starving in Fallujah. Members of the band posted: The battle to free Fallujah from ISIS has begun. However, more than 50,000 people are currently trapped, the food is running out, and children are starving. Switchfoot members say they are sending food to help meet the need by supporting an organization called the Preemptive Love Coalition. Check out more on the organization by clicking on the link at

Tobymac is giving away a t-shirt, hat, and basketball. Entering to win the special Tobymac items is as simple as sharing your email. Click on the link at to enter.

Jason Gray posted this week: It Takes A Village To Make A Record. Jason is preparing for the release of his new CD Where The Light Gets In and he is giving credit where credit is due. Between now and the album release date on June 17 Jason says: I want to introduce you to the amazing people I get to partner with who work so hard to make my life and work possible! Every week I’m blessed and humbled to meet people who thank me for my songs that they heard at just the right time. But the truth is those songs wouldn’t have been heard if it weren’t for the people I’m going to introduce you to over the next several days. So if you’re curious how all this music making works, stay tuned!

The web site New Release Today is giving away music this week from Jimmy Needham. The song Uncomfortable is a cover song from Jimmy. You can download your copy by clicking on the link at

The Newsboys have released a brand new lyric video. It features their song, You Hold It All (Every Mountain), from the new CD Love Riot. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Steven Curtis Chapman recently released an acoustic version of his song One True God. The video also includes help from his son's, on the guitar and drums. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

CCM Magazine is out a video featuring long time Christian artists Sandi Patti and Natalie Grant. The duet is of the song In The Name of the Lord. Hear Natalie's memories of listening to Sandi early in her life and then listen to them singing together. Click on the link at

Phil Wickham has released a brand new acoustic video of the song The Secret Place. The song features Madison Cunningham and is from Phil's new CD. Phil says to keep an eye out for more songs over the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can watch The Secret Place by clicking on the link at

SanctusReal was recently on a writing trip and decided to record acoustic versions of their music while the entire band was together. They just released the Cabin Sessions, a live acoustic performance of the song Find Me from our This Is Love EP. Check out the acoustic video by clicking on the link at

Kutless will have a couple of other artists on stage when the hold the official kick off for their new ministry in early June. The free show in Oregon on June 5 will officially launch EOTA, or End of the Age Ministries. In addition to music by Kutless, it will also include Jesse Lawson, former guitarist for Sleeping with Sirens, and hip hop artist Derek Minor. Meanwhile, Kutless members are asking for your help in spreading the word. They are asking their fans to post a banner about the new ministry on their facebook pages.

Aaron Shust was in Chicago all week with his wife for the Moody Bible Pastors' Conference. Aaron posted: I love leading worship with these men (and a couple women). The sound of an auditorium full of men singing their hearts out to God is an annual highlight! And the preaching has been stellar: challenging and Christ-centered! I highly recommend pastors consider next year's conference!

Greg Laurie is doing more than just site seeing while in the Holy Land. He already been conducting interviews and recording programs. This week the teacher on the program A New Beginning posted: I'm in Jerusalem shooting a film series that will accompany the new Ben Hur film.

5 facts about the U.S. rank in worldwide migration from Pew Research
1 By a wide margin, the U.S. has more immigrants than any other country in the world. As of 2015, the United Nations estimates that 46.6 million people living in the United States were not born there. About 12 million people living in the U.S. were born in Mexico
2 The U.S.-Mexico migration corridor is the world’s largest.
3 Compared with other countries receiving immigrants, the share of the U.S. population that is foreign born is modest. About one-in-seven people living in the United States (14%) were born in other countries
4 The U.S. immigrant population is not as diverse in origin as those of other countries.
5 The U.S. has a lower number of emigrants – those who have left – than 19 other countries, including many with much smaller populations.

10 Ways To Be A Role Model To Your Children from All Pro Dad.
1. Healthy Living
2. Self-Improvement
3. Serving/Volunteering
4. Open Up Your Life
5. Self-Control
6. Right Relationships
7. Respect and Listening
8. Positive Attitude
9. Goal Setting
10. Walk the Talk

The Bible has already been translated into hundreds of languages, but a new – and slightly more unusual – one is being published this week: the emoji Bible. According to, marketed as "Scripture for millennials", the Bible has been translated from the KJV using picture emoticons for the first time ever. It launches this week, and will be available for download on iTunes on May 29. The emoji version has also been shared on Twitter, by @BibleEmoji.

Police in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh have arrested three evangelical Christians, accusing them of forced conversion and insulting Hindu religious sentiment. According to, Rev V A Anthony, of the Brethren Assembly Church in Satna, his wife Prabha and another woman were arrested after leading prayers in the nearby town of Aber. According to Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians the three are innocent of the charges. He told AsiaNews they were "detained based on false allegations of forced conversions".

Nearly half Gospel For Asia staff left last year amid negative publicity. According to, Around 50 staff – half of the total – left the embattled Gospel for Asia (GFA) mission organization in 2015. GFA and its founder KP Yohannan have faced a storm of negative publicity following revelations by blogger Warren Throckmorton of financial mismanagement. It was found to have kept vast reserves in Indian bank accounts while pleading for urgent funds from donors in the US and was expelled from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability after an investigation.

Jeff Foxworthy is one of the most famous men in America but there is side to this well known comedian that few people have ever seen. Eight years ago the Atlanta Mission asked him to lead bible study for its homeless men. Eight years ago Foxworthy had never known any homeless people. He certainly had never had any homeless friends. But Foxworthy went and he says it was an epiphany. He had faced pain in his own life, but nothing like this. Now, eight years later, the group has grown from 12 men to over 200, with volunteers from around Atlanta now showing up each week to help lead the men as they break into smaller groups. Jeff arrives at the mission before dawn each week, an insulated cooler filled to the top with hot Chick Fil A chicken biscuits. Jeff says: "when you start learning somebody's story, they become a human being.

Do you have an extra Bible you’re not using? How about a Bible study or maybe a book on spiritual growth you’ve just finished. According to Mission Network News, that Bible, study and book are welcomed resources to thousands of people around the world through Christian Resources International. To date, CRI has sent more than 282 million dollars worth of free Bibles and Christian books to more than 170 countries. Officials say “The amazing thing about that is those were books sitting on people’s shelves or going to be thrown out.”

This past weekend, 89-year-old Hermina Hirsch stood on a baseball field in front of a microphone. Less than two minutes later, she had finally fulfilled her lifelong wish. According to the Huffington Post, Hirsch, a Holocaust survivor, sang the national anthem before the Detroit Tigers took on the Tampa Bay Rays on May 21. The 89-year-old, who was born in Czechoslovakia, has dreamed of singing the patriotic tune at a Major League Baseball game.

On World Malaria Day officials reported good news in the global fight against this killer. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the organization WHO has published global estimates of the number of people that die from malaria. In these 15 years the global death toll has been cut in half: from 839,000 deaths in 2000 to 438,000 in 2015. Africa is the world region that is most affected by malaria: In 2015, the African continent held 9 out of 10 malaria victims. But Africa is also the world region that has achieved most progress: from 2000 to 2015, African deaths from malaria were reduced from 764,000 to 395,000.

Technically speaking, America’s economic recovery from the Great Recession is in its seventh year. The unemployment rate is falling, businesses are hiring and there are finally some signs that wages are rising. However, according to the Washington Post, that progress still feels painfully remote for many households. The Federal Reserve surveyed more than 5,000 people to determine whether their personal situations were improving along with the economy. The results showed that nearly half of Americans said they did not have enough money to cover a $400 emergency expense. Instead, they would have to put it on a credit card and pay it off over time, borrow from friends or family, or simply not cover it at all.

Big kudos to Sergio the duck, who has graduated from the sixth grade. According to, the friendly bird, a class pet at Suntree Elementary in central Florida, was hatched this year under the careful watch of Mrs. Gabrielski's sixth grade class. Since his birth, Sergio has led a glamorous life at school. He even has an Instagram account. And on Tuesday, he walked with his caretakers at sixth grade graduation.

Batemans Bay, a community in Australia, has a bat problem. According to a Washington Post report, 100,000 gray-headed flying foxes have gathered in Batemans Bay in New South Wales. Officials report that "the problem is so bad they are on almost every surface and in every tree." One resident, Danielle Smith, told officials "I can't open the windows, I can't use the clotheslines, it's just, I can't study because the noise just goes constantly." Officials say the community will receive 2.5 million Australian dollars ($1.8 million) to help with "the relocation of the flying fox colony. Because the species is considered vulnerable, the bats can't be killed by officials.

As the valedictorian at Amite High School in Amite City, Louisiana, Andrew Jones was prepared to give a reflection, prayer and tell his classmates when to turn their tassels. However, none of that happened. When Jones arrived at the graduation center on Wednesday night, he was stopped at the gate. His beard, school administrators told him, violated the school district’s dress code. Instead, Jones had to sit in the stands and watch his friends and cousins graduate. School officials say that Jones — along with several other male students — had been warned many times before graduation to remove all facial hair. They say that, even moments before the actual ceremony, the students were given the opportunity to go to the restroom to shave. The others “took care of what they had to do and marched,” but Jones did not.

The 2016 Billboard Music Awards were announced this week and Hillsong United came away the big winner. The Australian Worship band took home honors for the Top Christian Song, "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail," and was also named the Top Christian Artist. Lauren Daigle won the Top Christian Album award for her debut album How Can It Be.

The Hands and Feet Project, founded and supported by the band Audio Adrenaline, was featured in a recent article on helping the country of Haiti to rebuild. According to the Tennessean, Hands and Feet Project representatives have overhauled their mission trip model to encourage U.S. visitors to eat at local restaurants, employ Haitians as trip guides, pay for hotel-like accommodations and buy goods made in the communities they visit. The goal is to not only help the people rebuild spiritually and physically but also to rebuild financially.

Michael W. Smith is enjoying some family time. He posted a picture on the beach with his grandson Anthony and added: All 24 of us in a big house… Blessed beyond measure.

Last year Brandon Heath celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Young Life summer camp when he made the decision to follow Jesus by collecting scholarship money to send at least 20 kids to camp. Brandon recently posted: we had so much fun last year that we're bringing it back this summer. We want to send 21 high school students to camp. The goal this year is to raise $5250.

Third Day's Mac Powell has released another Mac and Powell show. As part of the show, Mac shares what he considers to be the best live band he has ever seen and the main places he has ideas for writing new songs. The guys listen to some new music and Mac says Tom and Jerry & Looney Tunes are too violent. Access the Mac and Tug shows by clicking on the link at

Ryan Stevenson was celebrating a graduation this week. He posted a picture with his son who had just graduated from pre-school. Ryan posted: proud of my lil man! He's growing up before my eyes

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips things he has found a way to improve the BLT. He posted: Your summertime beach sandwich is always better with shrimp. The picture was of a BLT featuring shrimp rather than bacon.

Jason Gray has released a new lyric video. It features Jason's song titled Learning. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

A new video is now available from Jordan Feliz. The video features a live performance of Jordan's song Never Too Far Gone. Check out Jordan live in Concert by clicking on the link at

Another Jamie Grace Show video is now available. Her topic for show number 31 is: How To Find Your Calling. Watch the show by clicking on the link at

Britt Nicole was having some fun singing for taxi drivers this week and recorded a video so you could join in the fun. Check out the behind the scenes footage of fun on the road! Click on the link at

The band We Are Messengers this week released a live acoustic video of their song I Don't Have the Answers. The song was recorded while We Are Messengers were part of the Winterjam Tour. Check it out by clicking on the link at

NeedToBreathe is helping to sell Microsoft Internet access around the world, and they are just as surprised about it as the rest of us. Members of the band posted a new Microsoft ad and commented: that song sounds kinda familiar. One of their songs is featured in the background of the ad about Microsoft Bringing affordable, high-speed Internet virtually anywhere around the world using TV White Space.

The latest Lightenup video from Ken Davis is titled: 3 Improvs and an Idiot. Check out Ken as he fills in as the fourth member of the improve group CPR. Click on the link at

Josh Wilson last night held the first of his three live living room shows. The 30 minute shows are offered on line for whatever amount you can pay. Two more shows are still on the schedule. Josh will play his second living room show on May 31st followed by a third show on June 7.

Kutless will be kicking off their new ministry in Oregon on June 5 and members of the band are giving you the chance to hang out with them at the event. They are asking their fans to help them spread the word about the new project and, in return, they will pick a couple of names to join them back stage in early June. Find out more about entering by clicking on the link at

Chris Tomlin is continuing to gear up for his five Worship Night in America stops in July. He announced this week that additional seats had been opened in every city. The second year of the summer concert series will include stops in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Florida and New York. Chris will be joined by Louie Giglio, Matt Redman, Matt Maher, Phil Wickham and more.

Tobymac is in Germany gearing up for the first stop in a series of several shows across Europe. He posted: Great night hangin out in Germany with amazing peeps I get to do life with...God has richly blessed us!! Tobymac will be joining For King and Country and Crowder at festivals in Germany, Switzerland, and the UK May 25 through 28.

Greg Laurie had a special guest while in Jerusalem this week. The pastor, author, and speaker on the program a New Beginning has spent several weeks with his family in the Holy Land. This week he spent a day shooting a video interview with Joel Rosenberg. The two spent the day talking about Israel's place in Bible prophecy.

With Father's Day approaching, Dr. James Dobson is celebrating dads and the impact they've had on our lives. Family Talk would love to hear your personal fatherhood stories. To add some fun, they are giving away a free Kindle Fire HD to one winner. Share your story and be entered in the drawing by clicking on the link at

Earlier this week Chip Ingram was joined by Small Groups Pastor Jim Blazin. Together they addressed the topic "Listening Skills for Group Leaders." The webinar covered how to sharpen your responsive listening skills and create group environments where people feel heard. Now a video of the webinar is available online. Access the free video by clicking on the link at

The landscape of the American family has changed dramatically in recent decades. In the wake of these changes, a new Pew Research Center report looks at the challenges parents face in raising their children and how parenting approaches differ across demographic groups. Here are some key findings from the report:
1. A declining share of children live in two-parent households.
2. About half of American parents say they are doing a very good job raising their kids.
3. Bullying and mental health are among the top concerns for parents, but some parental worries differ sharply by income, race and ethnicity.
4. Lower-income parents have harder time finding after-school programs.
5. Higher-income parents more likely to say too much involvement in a child's education could be a bad thing

5 Things Every Mom Needs to Accept from iMom.
1. Your child won’t be good at everything.
2. You can’t always pick your kids’ friends.
3. You’re going to mess up sometimes and have to do damage control.
4. Sometimes your kid is going to get a raw deal. And that’s OK.
5. You are a better mom than you give yourself credit for.

Low Self Esteem? Here are 3 Keys to Recalibrating Your Thought Life from Family Talk
1. What are you saying to yourself?
2. Is it true?
3. How can things be different?

Along the valleys and mountains hugging the East China Sea, a Chinese government campaign to remove crosses from church spires has left the countryside looking as if a typhoon had raged down the coast, decapitating buildings at random. According to the New York Times, the removals are part of an effort to remove Christianity’s most potent symbol from public view. Over the past two years the authorities have torn down crosses from 1,200 to 1,700 churches, sometimes after violent clashes with worshipers trying to stop them. The campaign has been limited to Zhejiang Province, home to one of China’s largest and most vibrant Christian populations. But people familiar with the government’s deliberations say the removal of crosses here has set the stage for a new, nationwide effort to more strictly regulate spiritual life in China, reflecting the tighter control of society favored by President Xi Jinping.

Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis, has fulfilled a life-long dream: the Ark is built. According to Christian Today, the Noah's Ark replica is the largest timber-framed structure on earth at seven stories high and 200 yards in length. It is expected to attract around 200 million visitors a year. The cost? $100 million. It's due to open on July 7 and is designed to be "family-oriented, historically authentic, and environmentally friendly". It's a sister attraction of the Creation Museum and will, according to Ham, "equip visitors to understand the reality of the events that are recorded in the book of Genesis".

Last year, sales of coloring books in the US shot up from 1 million to 12 million units. According to Christianity Today, now Christian publishers are jumping on board with “Christian adult coloring books" and even Bibles you can color in. Half of the top ten best sellers for May in the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association are coloring books. Some even offers a playlist to “help set the perfect mood for worship, contemplation, and creative expression” when using the book.

Due to mounting abuses of religious minorities, especially by ISIS, the European Commission created a new position to promote freedom of religion. According to Christian Headlines, The move by the executive body of the European Union comes on the heels of Canada’s decision to defund and close its Office of Religious Freedom at the end of March. The United States continues to monitor religious freedom violations through its Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), which was created by an act of Congress in 1998 to monitor international violations and make policy recommendations. The European Commission President appointed Ján Figel’ as the first special envoy for the promotion of freedom of religion or belief outside the European Union on May 6. Juncker announced the appointment at the Vatican as Pope Francis received the Charlemagne Prize.

Christian refugees from the Middle East who have migrated to Germany have appealed to German authorities to protect them from the persecution they are experiencing from Muslim refugees. According to ChristianHeadlines, up to 40,000 of non-Muslim refugees have experienced harassment from their fellow refugees who are Muslim. Human rights organization Open Doors recently released a survey detailing the persecution faced by these non-Muslim refugees. According to the survey results, of the 231 refugees surveyed, 32 percent reported receiving death threats, 37 percent reported suffering from physical injury, and 42 percent reported receiving insults for their faith.

In a frozen corner of Siberia, far north of where most humans care to live, there is a wildlife refuge where scientists are trying to rebuild an ancient ecosystem. According to NBC News, The plan depends on cold-resistant animals that graze and trample the tundra as their ancestors did thousands of years ago, a process that exposes the underlying soil to frigid air and protects it from a thaw that could release massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. So far, the park has bison, oxen, moose, horses and reindeer. Now Scientists want to bring back the whooly mammoth. Two teams of scientists are trying in different ways to manufacture a mammoth — one by cloning, the other by DNA splicing.

Two 20-year-olds whose friendship started in a college technology lab are getting national recognition for an invention that could revolutionize communication. According to NBC News, the University of Washington sophomores won the 2016 Lemelson-MIT student prize for creating "SignAloud" — gloves that recognize the hand gestures of American Sign Language and translate it into text and speech. The gloves are worn on both hands and contain sensors that record movement and send data wirelessly via Bluetooth to a central computer, which interprets words and phrases through a speaker.

Every year a group of students enters the national spotlight as part of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, impressing the rest of the country with their spelling abilities. Now you can see how you would do if you were asked to spell 12 of the winning National Spelling Bee words since 1925. Included are the two winning 2015 words. Take the quiz by clicking on the link at

A tortoise has a second chance in life after a team of designers in Brazil custom-made a shell for the reptile, which was badly burned in a fire. According to ABC News, The tortoise named Freddy was found alongside a road in early 2015. It had been the victim of a fire and had lost 85 percent of its shell structure. The 3-D designers took photographs of Freddy and a healthy tortoise and then used computer programming to design a custom prosthetic shell that was printed, layer by layer, by a 3-D printer. The prosthetic shell was then surgically attached to Freddy.

For the first time since 1880, more Americans aged 18 to 34 are living at home with their parents than in any other arrangement. According to a new report in Fortune Magazine from the Pew Research Center, in 2014, 32.1% of young adults lived in their parent(s) home, with 31.6% of those aged 18 to 34 living with a partner or spouse. 14% lived alone, while 22% had some other living arrangement. Research officials say the turn of events is fueled primarily by the dramatic drop in the number of young Americans who are choosing to settle down romantically before age 35

Kutless member James Mead says his word for the day is Brave. James posted: I actually typed this word as an accident. Then I realized, this is no accident. Lately, I've had to summon every ounce of courage and steel myself to move and operate within God's promises. Be brave. You can do this.

Following its one-night debut in more than 500 theaters around the country earlier this spring, “This Is Winter Jam” is coming to DVD June 7. The 90-minute documentary offers an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at one of the world’s biggest tours. It features performances from Skillet, for KING & COUNTRY, Jeremy Camp, Francesca Battistelli, NewSong, Building 429 and Family Force 5, among others.

Casting Crowns Jaun Devevo has a love/hate relationship with Nature. He posted a picture of his damages porch railing and added: Dear Nature, I love you so much. Please stop eating my house. It's where I keep all my stuff. Also it's where my family lives

Mercyme's Mike Scheuchzer loves his job but says it's not always easy. He posted a picture of his son riding bike without training wheels and added: "I love my job, but some days I miss some really good stuff".

Casting Crowns announced a New Studio Album and Fall Tour in Nashville late last week. According to a news release, the band's new studio album will be titled The Very Next Thing. It's scheduled for release on September 16. The project is the group's 15th release and eighth studio album. Casting Crowns will be hitting the road this fall for "The Very Next Thing" tour presented by Compassion International and Museum of the Bible. The 39 city tour will feature Matt Maher and newcomer Hannah Kerr.

Recording work on the new Tenth Avenue North album is complete. Front man Mike Donehey shared a picture as he carried equipment out of the studio and said: And that's a wrap. Tenth Avenue North has spent the last two weeks recording tracks for record number five.

Passion is out with a video featuring the live performance of the song Remember at Passion 2016 in Atlanta. The song features worship leaders Brett Younker and Melodie Malone. Check it out by clicking on the link at

A lyric video for the new Skillet song "Feel Invincible" is now available online. Check out the brand new song by clicking on the link at

Switchfoot has released an acoustic version of their song Live It Well. The song is from the bands upcoming new album Where The Light Shines Through. Check out the acoustic video by clicking on the link at

Go backstage with Blanca. Find out what a day in her life looks like, both on and off the road and why she named her son, London! Check out the interview clip by clicking on the link at

Danny Gokey was part of a special event over the weekend. He posted on Instagram: Yesterday was one of the greatest highlights of my singing career yet. Danny sharing the stage with Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, Joel and Victoria Osteen and several others. He released a clip from one song. You can check it out by clicking on the link at

Matt Maher will be part of another World Youth Day this summer. This years event will take place in Krakow, Poland July 25 through 31. Matt was also part of the last World Youth Day, in Rio in 2013. And he shared the stage with Pope Francis and other pilgrims in Philadelphia last September at the World Meeting of Families 2015.

Tour life is catching up with Jonny Diaz. He posted a picture early this week in his glasses and added: Third time in three days I've had to set my alarm for 4a. My contacts just weren't happening this morning. Fun shows in Virginia and California. Now I get to head home to my wife and little Charlie Grace!

Revive Our Hearts is giving away a free eBook titled "Portrait of a Woman Used By God." The book features Lessons from the life of Mary of Nazareth. It's written by Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth. Access the free download by clicking on the link at

Another free resource from Dr James Dobson. The latest free download is titled A Man and His Children. In this Special Report, fathers will get the encouragement and practical advice they need to be the father their kids desire them to be and that scripture prescribes for family men. Access the free download by clicking on the link at

25 ideas to get you started with leading your family spiritually from Family Life.
1. Pray daily with your wife.
2. Write a love letter that she'd like to receive.
3. Discover her top three needs and over the next 12 months go all out to meet them.
4. Buy her a rose. Take her in your arms. Hold her face gently. Look into her eyes and say "I'd marry you all over again!"
5. Take her on a weekend getaway.
6. Read the Scriptures to her.
7. Replace the "D-word" with the "C-word"! (D=divorce, C=commitment)
8. Court her.
9. Remain faithful to her.
10. Fulfill your marriage covenant.
11. Schedule a family time at least one night a week.
12. Use circumstances to teach your children to trust God.
13. Protect your family from evil.
14. Restrain your teenagers' passion.
15. Set spiritual goals for your children.
16. Take one or two of your children on mission trips.
17. Catch your kids doing something right—and let them know you caught them.
18. Date your daughters.
19. Inspect what you expect.
20. Do a breakfast Bible study with your teens (15 and older), and study the book of Proverbs.
21. Hug and kiss your sons and daughters.
22. Ask your children for forgiveness when you fail them.
23. Pray with them.
24. Call them to a spiritual mission to do what God wants to do with their life.
25. Persevere and don't quit.

10 Oddly Practical Things You Can Rent
1. CHICKENS: Services like, and allow you access to all the supplies and chickens you need to get going.
2. FRIENDS: Making friends is tough. It takes time. That’s where comes in.
3. CASKETS: Because caskets can be expensive, some funeral homes are giving folks the option of renting one for a fraction of the price.
4. DRESSES: Need a one-time fancy dress for that cocktail party or wedding? Check out services like and
5. TOYS: Companies like offers a subscription service
6. TOOLS: Need a power saw for that one DIY project? You could rent one at some neighborhood hardware stores.
7. CHRISTMAS TREES: Available from stores like, and
8. ART: For as little as $15 a month, you can rent artwork, according to
9. GOATS:, and even rents out goat grazers.
10. BATHROOMS: People have begun renting out their household bathrooms through the app, Airpnp.

Vietnam has granted early release from prison to a Catholic priest who is one of its most prominent dissidents, a move widely seen as a goodwill gesture before U.S. President Barack Obama visits. According to NBC News, the Catholic Archdiocese of the central city of Hue reported on its web page that it welcomed the return Friday of 70-year-old Father Nguyen Van Ly from prison. Ly has served several long terms in prison or under house arrest for promoting political and religious freedoms in the communist nation. He has been serving an eight-year prison term since March 2007 after being convicted of spreading propaganda against the state.

A human rights defender who worked with the coptic community has been arrested and charged with belonging to a terrorist group in Egypt. According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Mina Thabet, minority rights program director at the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms (ECRF) was arrested at his home on May 19 and driven away in an unmarked car. The Christian Post report says he has been charged with belonging to a terrorist group, inciting violence and public assembly, spreading fabricated information for terrorist purposes, inciting attacks on police stations, and possession of leaflets undermining national security and the ruling regime.

A large group of unique paintings has been discovered by archaeologists inside the ancient Church of Raphael in Northern Sudan. According to, The church, discovered in 2006, is located next to the relics of a medieval palace which existed from the sixth to the 14th century. The largest group of paintings, from the turn of the fourteenth century, has been unearthed during excavations of the church by members of the Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw. Officials say "The design is unique – it does not repeat the plans of other famous religious buildings of this type. Paintings are also unusual," The paintings depict archangels, angels, priests, saints and Nubian kingdom officials from the beginning of the ninth century, each with a legend describing the person and their function.

Five hundred years ago, the printing revolution helped kick off the Reformation. Now thousands of Protestant churches in Germany are innovating once again. They are instituting free wi-fi "godspots" just in time for the Reformation Jubilee celebrations in Germany next year. More than 200 churches will get the service right away, with all 3,000 of the Evangelical state churches equipped with the free wi-fi surfing spots by next year.

The first new Syriac church for nearly a century is to be built in Turkey. According to, St Mary's will be the first new church for Turkey's growing Syriac Orthodox Christian community since the republic was founded in 1922. The church, to be built in Istanbul, will seat 750 worshippers and will cater to a community of around 17,000 Syriac Christians living in and near the area. Many of them are refugees from the fighting led by Islamic State and other terror groups in the Middle East.

Marine Staff Sgt. Charlie Linville, an explosive-ordnance disposal technician who lost part of his right leg as a result of an explosion in Afghanistan in 2011, made history Thursday as the first combat-wounded amputee veteran to scale Mount Everest. According to a Washington Post Report, Linville made the climb as a part of Operation Everest: 2016, a team assembled by the nonprofit Heroes Project. The group sponsors global climbing expeditions for wounded service members and their families and participates in community outreach on behalf of the veterans.

Coca-Cola is halting production in Venezuela of its namesake beverage due to a sugar shortage brought on by the country's grinding economic crisis. According to ABC News, the Atlanta-based company said in an emailed statement that its production of sugar-sweetened beverages will be suspended in the coming days after local suppliers reported they had run out of the raw material. Sugar-free beverages are not affected and the company said its offices and distribution centers remain open in Venezuela. The move comes as Venezuela's economy is teetering on the edge of collapse with widespread food shortages and inflation forecast to surpass 700 percent.

A six year old with autism is helping rescue dogs get socialized by reading to them. Jacob Tumalan reads to shelter dogs every week at the Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California, as part of a group called “Rescue Readers.” The boy has been involved with the group for about six months now and the animals aren’t the only ones who have benefited from Jacob’s story time. The boy’s reading skills have improved, and he now reads at a third-grade level. And though Jacob often feels uncomfortable around loud noises, his mother says the reading seems to keep him zeroed in on the pups and more relaxed himself.

A University in the UK has issued a ban on mortarboard throwing due to the dangers involved. However, according to the Gardian, the university has found a very 21st-century solution. Students at the University of East Anglia were told that images of the headwear will be digitally added afterwards if they simply mime the act when photographs are being taken. The instructions were sent out after the institution in Norwich reportedly said that a number of graduates had been hurt by falling hats in recent years.

The largest cruise ship ever departed from England on Sunday and headed toward The Netherlands with paying passengers for its inaugural voyage. According to Time, Royal Caribbean’s Harmony weighs nearly 227-thousand tons and boasts several luxury amenities, including tall water slides, surf simulators,a zip line, and an ice-skating rink. The massive cruise ship's maiden voyage will be a four-night journey from Southampton, England to Rotterdam

Lauren Daigle is defending her generation as she quickly becomes one of the hardest working millennials in the Christian music industry. According to a Christian Post Interview, Daigle, now on the Hillsong UNITED Empires tour, is the fastest selling new artist in Contemporary Christian music in the last decade. Her unique sound and eclectic taste in music has made her who she is today. Daigle first started her musical journey by auditioning for "American Idol" but since then says she has found true identity. She says "The Lord just started speaking to me right then about my identity, 'Are you going to live on the approval of men or are you going to live by my word?'

Jonny Diaz says: The days have been slow, but the year has flown by! His daughter Charlie turned 1 yesterday this week and Jonny shared an adorable picture of Charlie with her face buried in her birthday cake.

Phil Wickham recently recorded a podcast with The Church Collective. His topic: How to seek and find peace in God through trials". As part of the show Phil talks about what getting vocal nodes did in his life, The way God birthed songs through the experience, and how to seek and find peace in God through trails. Phil also passes along some tips for taking care of our vocal health.

Lincoln Brewster wants to help you to be a better guitar player. He posted: Working on your guitar skills? Let me help you. Try a free course now. You can access Lincoln's online guitar school by clicking on the link at

Audio Adrenaline's Adam Agee isn't just making music. He posted this week: Having way too much fun making movies. No word on what movies he is working on or when they will be available but, based on the pictures, they involve the military.

A reminder from Jamie Grace for any kids who hates their glasses and/or braces to appreciate the help they provide. She posted this week: My eyes don't love working and my Tourette syndrome introduces a mouthpiece that helps a TON but I have a quirky lisp and don't know how to smile when I'm wearing it. my whole life I've made adjustments to my physical appearance because of health. but at the end of the day, these quirks are a part of who I am and they make me "Jamie Grace." without the crazy health story there wouldn't be a crazy fighting spirit or songs about the joy I found in Jesus! without a mouthpiece there wouldn't be MAJOR relief from pain and funny stories of my family misunderstanding me and without my glasses I would run into even MORE walls and wouldn't have a cover up for when my eyebrows need a miracle

Third Day front man Mac Powell this week shared a post from Bethany Christian Services this week. Mac has adopted several children himself and shared: May is National Foster Care Month. Find out how you can support and advocate for children in foster care by clicking on the link at

New music from Love and the Outcome is in the works. Chris and Jodi posted this week: Finishing album 2 with this dream team in LA! Amazing day in the studio, can't wait to share with you!

The web site Free CCM is giving away music from Ernie Haase and Lauren Daigle. Right now you can access a free download of the Ernie Haase song Draw Me Nearer and Lauren Daigle's rendition of Come Alive (Dry Bones). Access the free music by clicking on the link at

7eventh Time Down released a live performance video of their song God is on the Move recorded in Atlanta. See the band perform in concert by clicking on the link at

Back in March Third Day's Mac Powell led worship at the In Touch Easter Chapel service. Now In Touch is making the video of the service available online. Watch the replay of the Easter chapel with Mac Powell and Charles Stanley by clicking on the link at

The Selah diet is entering week two. Todd Smith recorded a video update this week that includes spandex. Watch the video and find out how Todd, Allen and Amy are doing in their effort to loose a group total of 260 pounds. Access the video at

A new cover video from Jamie Grace. This time it's a cover of the Corinne Bailey Rae song Put Your Records On.

Jamie Grace is inviting young girls to join her for camp. She posted: raise your hand if you wanna change the world. The week long camp is titled Creative Artists Mentorship Program. It will take place July 11 through 14 and include being mentored by both Jamie and her sister Morgan.

Tobymac is heading north to Canada. He announced this week that he will be north of the border in October.

Tobymac will be joining For King and Country and Crowder for a swing through Europe this month. The three groups will be playing at festivals in Germany, Switzerland, and the UK May 25 through 28.

Switchfoot front man Jon Foreman is reaching out this weekend. He announced plans for a show to help feed local families in San Diego this Sunday afternoon.

If Big Daddy Weave's Mike Weaver ever writes a book, it might be titled Chiropractors of America. Since the beginning of the year the members of Big Daddy Weave have had Chiropractors help them out at nearly every event. But this past week the band outdid even themselves. They shared pictures with not one, not two or even three, but four chiropractors who came out to give them adjustments over the past week.

Revive Our Hearts is trying something new at this years True Women conference. Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth announced this week that, on Friday, September 23, Revive Our Hearts will hold a free simulcast at 7:00pm ET. The Nationwide Prayer Event for Women will encourage thousands of women across this land to cry out to the Lord to intervene in our nation. For information on participating in the simulcast on September 23, click on the link at

Dr. James Dobson is offering a free resource to help you strengthen and "porn-proof" your family. It's filled with very practical insights and tips to help fortify your family against pornography. Access the free download by clicking on the link at

Congratulations to Family Life Today's Bob and Mary Ann Lepine. They are celebrating 37 years together.

5 Keys To Unlocking Your God-Given Creativity
1. Recognize where creativity comes from
2. Understand your creative role
3. Feed your inner artisan
4. Write all your creative ideas down
5. Know your internal clock

10 Things to Do to Help Your Marriage Feel Less Stressed from All Pro Dad.
1. Always put your spouse first.
2. Have fun together.
3. Build together time into your schedule.
4. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
5. Give back, and do it together.
6. Communicate clearly and respectfully.
7. Tell the truth.
8. Hold hands, hug and make out.
9. Play to your strengths and hers.
10. Live within your means

Food for the Hungry works in more than twenty countries around the world. According to Mission Network News, They invest time in highly vulnerable communities, establishing programs that work to end all forms of human poverty. But those programs have a unique twist not often found in ministries: an end date. Program officials say that, while programs may look different in every community served, Food for the Hungry’s goal remains the same. “We want to move a community from extreme poverty to out of poverty in 10 years. That means all forms of poverty – spiritual and physical.” Partnering with local churches, leaders, and families is at the heart of this 10-year plan. The community is invited to be part of the process of transformation.

To commemorate American Bible Society's 200th anniversary, the organization unveiled The Bible in America, a joint effort with Barna Group providing an in-depth review of its six years of research on behaviors and beliefs about the Bible from American Bible Society's annual State of the Bible report. According to a Charisma news report, the study found that, while many Americans still value the Bible, the number of skeptics is rising. According to the study:
-A two-thirds majority of adults believe the Bible contains everything a person needs to know in order to live a meaningful life.
-Two-thirds of adults hold an orthodox view of the Bible, believing it is the actual or inspired Word of God.
-Forty-four percent of Americans read the Bible at least once a month.
-On average, eight out of 10 Americans consider the Bible to be sacred literature or a holy book.
-The majority of Americans, 64 percent, believe the Bible has more influence on humanity than any other text according to the 2016 State of the Bible data.
However, in contrast, the number of Bible skeptics has increased to 22 percent in 2016, surpassing the number of Bible engaged people, now at 17 percent.

Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday held a wide-ranging discussion with a group of conservative commentators who said afterward the Facebook CEO acknowledged the giant social network has a problem reaching conservatives. According to the Yahoo report, the meeting at Facebook's Menlo Park, California, headquarters came about after a report accused the company of harboring a bias against conservative views. S.E. Cupp, a columnist with the New York Daily News who attended the meeting, said Facebook executives "were very clear to acknowledge that there is a problem and the problem is a serious one." Cupp said Zuckerberg, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, Vice President Joel Kaplan and board member Peter Thiel mostly listened to the 17 conservatives who attended. While the Facebook executives did not comment further on an internal investigation into allegations of political manipulation, they explained how difficult it would be for Facebook employees to inject bias into what stories make it into the "trending topics" section of the site or on individual users' news feeds. The Facebook team also said any such tampering would be "philosophically against both the mission of the company and Mark's personal mission."

For the first time in 50 years, churches near Jesus baptismal site are scheduled to be reopened. According to CBN, Both sides of the road leading to Jesus’ baptismal site have been designated closed military zones since the 1967 Six-Day War. The reason for the designation is an estimated 3,000 land mines, which have prevented access to seven churches in the area. That’s expected to change by 2018. The world's largest humanitarian land mine removal organization, The HALO Trust, is addressing the problem. The HALO Trust says it’s received permission from Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the seven Christian denominations with churches on the way to the site to begin the process.

Women who attend religious services more than once each week live 33 percent longer than women who don't. Those finding are according to a new study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. According to the Christian Post, The study further recommends that doctors could seriously begin exploring religion and spirituality as a resource for patients. A release from Harvard on the study noted that nearly 40 percent of Americans report attending religious services once per week or more. While previous studies have suggested a link between attendance and reduced mortality risk, many were criticized for major limitations. This new study, said the release, addressed those concerns by using rigorous methodology that controlled for common causes of attendance and mortality, used a larger sample size, and had repeated measurements over time of both attendance and health.

When Michael Vaudreuil’s college classmates at Worcester Polytechnic Institute were in the library studying together at night, he was wiping down chalkboards and picking up their trash. But this weekend, donning a black cap and gown, he stood with them not as a 54-year-old college custodian but as a fellow undergraduate. According to the Washington Post Vaudreuil filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and took a job as a night custodian at the college. He also starting taking undergraduate classes, studying by day, and cleaning up after his classmates by night. Nearly a decade after his life unraveled, Vaudreuil graduated on May 14 with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering.

The head of Homeland Security has a bit of advice for airlines who want to shorten long waits at airport security: waive fees for checked baggage. According to NBC News, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson made the suggestion this week, stating: "We've asked the airlines to consider possibly eliminating the checked baggage fee to encourage people to check their luggage rather than putting it in the carry on." The airlines' response? No way. Instead, the airlines suggest the TSA work to better staff at heavily trafficked airports and encourage more fliers to sign up for a TSA program aimed at expedited screening.

A Pennsylvania woman who was struck by a rare condition that left her legally blind in her 50s was able to see her only daughter walk down the aisle thanks to $15,000 in donations that allowed her to purchase high-tech glasses. Joy Hoke lost her vision in one eye in 2013 and the other in 2014. During that dark period, Hoke’s husband, Dave, found out about special glasses, made by a Canadian company, eSight, that allow visually impaired users like Hoke to see. The Hoke's used a GoFundMe page to raise the money for the glasses, improving Joy's vision from 20/400 to 20/40. On May 7, Hoke wore her glasses as she watched her husband walk their daughter down the aisle and Lauren say “I do” to her new husband, Jeremy.

Ask the oldest living person in the world — a tiny, 116-year-old Italian woman — what the key to her longevity is and her response might surprise you. According to Time, the Guinness World Records confirmed this week that Emma Morano of Verbania, Italy is now the oldest living person at 116 years and 169 days old. The spry supercentenarian was born on November 29, 1899. Morano attributes her long life to eating three raw eggs a day since she was in her teens. She also largely credits her impressive life span with being single.

Natalie Grant is featured on the May and June edition of the magazine More to Life. However, the focus isn't Natalie's music. The article talks about her new Faith Girlz book series.

Kristian Stanfill was celebrating this weekend. Kristian is a part of the Passion movement and posted a photo on instagram this week celebrating the 5 year anniversary of meeting at their new facility. The Passion church officially opened at it's current location on May 15, 2011. Kristian said there are countless stories to tell. He ads that Jesus is at the center of it all.

Building 429 front man Jason Roy is encouraging those who follow the band to make a stand. Jason recorded a short video this week encouraging their fans to tell others why they are unashamed of the gospel and share the Building 429 live video of their performance of the song Unashamed.

Kutless member James Mead is asking for prayers for the Kiesel Guitars family. He says the company that custom built several of the guitars he plays on stage was robbed earlier this week. Theives took 16 guitars worth about $40,000!

Love and the Outcome needs a new ride. Chris and Jodi posted a picture of their van on the tow truck this week and added: After 10 good years Jo finally had enough. Farewell old friend, you've been good to us!

We Are Messengers front man Darren Mulligan was answering questions this week. The Irish worship leader talked about his move to Nashville, the bands rise in popularity, and the final track on their brand new album. Check out Darren's thoughts by clicking on the link at

Tickets for the DC Talk Cruise are now available. The cruise of the Bahamas will talk place July 11 through 15 of next year and will include all three members of DC Talk, Tobymac, Kevin Max, and Michael Tait, on stage together. Also in attendance will be Michael Tait's band, the Newsboys, and several other groups. Check out more about the cruise at,583c2ee

Another Mac and Tug podcast is now available from Third Day's Mac Powell. On The latest Show Mac and Tug Discuss the final leg of the Third Day Tour. Tug causes a mascara alert at his son Jakob's game on Mother's Day. Mac talks about the mentor's he's had in his life. The guys describe what their wives do that drive the crazy ... in a good way. Finally, Mac and Tug discuss Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum new faith based album and they connect with David Pollack from ESPN: College GameDay!

Ryan Stevenson is honing is woodworking skills in his spare time. He posted this week that he is helping his wife with her rustic and farmhouse furniture repurposing

Team Reset 2016 is hoping to fill the Mall in Washington DC with 1 million believers on July 16. The goal is to come together around Jesus in unified prayer, worship, and a call for catalytic change. Already artists and speakers are committing to be there as well for the free event. Performers include Hillsong United, Lecrae, Crowder and Kari Jobe. Francis Chan and Ravi Zacharias will also make an appearance. And this week Michael W. Smith announced that he will be on the Mall as well for the one day event.

Jodi and Chris, from Love and the Outcome, want to know: What's your favorite lyric from their latest song The God I Know.

The new Group 1 Crew video for the song People of a Second Chance is now live. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Third Day's Mark Lee this week found a video of a Third Day performance recorded on their very first tour. The video was first shared in 2007 but goes back even further than that. It features the bands cover of the Bob Dylan song Solid Rock at a church in Florida. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The latest Lightenup video features Ken talking about one of his first corporate speaking events. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Another Smiley Sunday is now available from Bob Smiley. From crazy laws to a crazy experiment, the video has it all. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Kari Jobe on speaking at this past weekends women's conference: I sat and shared some very raw and honest thoughts. In the midst of a season where there are a lot of questions..its absolutely ok to voice those questions and be honest with the Lord and to worship in the midst of the pain. Worship brings breakthrough and healing. Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. The night season may last a little while..but God will surround you with songs of deliverance in it.

Presale and VIP tickets for the Looking For America tour are now live. Switchfoot will hit the road with Relient K beginning in Denver, Colorado on September 19.

Colton Dixon has some fun pranking Building 429 during their set. He went on stage wearing a complete batman costume. No, Jason Roy did not turn into Superman so the two could battle it out.

Sandi Patty has announced the fall dates of her Forever Grateful: The Farewell Tour. According to her marketing team, 28 more shows were announced as the long time Christian artist continues her run of the historic final tour. Celebrating her latest album, Forever Grateful, and her 30+ year career, tickets for the Forever Grateful Fall Tour go on sale to the public Monday, May 23. Following the fall dates and her Christmas Blessings Tour, Sandi will bring the Forever Grateful Tour to the west coast and northwest in early 2017. The Tour will conclude its 100+ city run on the Forever Grateful Farewell Cruise from March 11-18, 2017.

Dr. Ravi Zacharias is visiting Seoul, South Korea, May 16-21 for a series of events and meetings with church leaders, businessmen, and students from across the country. Zacharias will be joined by Dr. Os Guinness and other members of the RZIM itinerant speaking team from around the world. On Thursday, May 19, Zacharias will speak at an open forum held in Olympic Hall on the topic, “Has Christianity Failed You?” Over 3,000 students from across South Korea are expected to attend the event.

Max Lucado is making plans this week for his next book. The title of the book is "Because of Bethlehem".

Dennis and Barbara Rainey were honored this week for 40 years of service to Family Life Today. Dennis responded: The best is yet to come.

Family Life Today's Bob Lepine says the quest continues. He posted a picture from the Cheesecake Factory in Cambridge, Mass as he enjoyed lunch with his son. Bob said it's location number 89.

12 Traits Common to Every Happy Marriage from Focus on the Family
Belief in God
Laughter is the best medicine
Keep outside interests
Create a daily ritual together
Date your spouse
Support your spouse
Friendship is essential
Nurture your marriage
No plan B (divorce is not an option)
Choose your friends wisely

The 9 Attitudes that Will Strengthen Your Marriage from Focus on the Family
1) Be nice.
2) Be content.
3) Be connected.
4) Be prepared. Marriage is tough. But anything worth having is difficult.
5) Be proactive.
6) Be clear. Communicate your needs clearly.
7) Be doers. You have to be willing to do the right things.
8) Be patient.
9) Be dead. Not the physical you, but the selfish you.

Temperatures upwards of 113 degrees have turned even the daily task of fetching water into a perilous mission in India. According to Mission Network News, Ongoing drought conditions have been compounded by the arrival of an early summer. Officials say people are dying on their way to get water. They’re waiting in long lines at water sources and pass out from heat exhaustion. India Partners serves in some of the worst hit states. Because their partners work with churches in several villages, they’ve been able to come alongside 25 villages. According to BBC, the Indian government estimates that 330 million people are affected by this drought in the southern half of India. They also report there are an estimated 9 million affected farmers.

Practicing Christian millennials are bucking a trend. According to Christianity Today, this generation is less likely to read or trust the Bible than any other. 55% are “Bible-neutral” or “Bible-skeptical.” However, Christian youth who go to church and care about their faith may know the Bible better than older Christians. Practicing millennials are more likely to believe the Bible came from God and read it multiple times a week than any other generation according to a six-year American Bible Society (ABS) and Barna Group study of Bible engagement in the United States.

Beijing’s new Non-Government Organization law is supposed to be protecting national identity, but in practice, it could be used to interfere with churches and parachurch ministries and schools. Passed on April 28 by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, it goes into effect at the beginning of next year. How short with the leash be now? Under the law, the authority to oversee foreign NGOs will be shifted from the Ministry of Civil Affairs to the Ministry of Public Security. The penalties for those who run afoul of the new law will likely be stiff. While there is no direct proof that the church is the target, there has been a notable rise in persecution in China where the government is cracking down on both above ground and underground church.

ISIS recently released an app teaching kids the Arabic alphabet. According to Mission Network News, it sounds friendly until you realize the app teaches kids by using jihadist and militaristic terminology. It fills their minds with a normalcy of violence. In direct contrast to the ISIS app, PIONEERS’ has launched its crowdfunding campaign #GivingHope, which focuses on meeting refugees needs both physically and spiritually. Nathan Burns with Pioneers says, “This giving hope push, this campaign, specifically helps provide trauma counseling to women and children. So that, now that they’ve got aid, let’s help them recover emotionally from those scars they have.”

In what's being hailed as a victory for the Little Sisters of the Poor, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ordered lower courts to once again review a case involving Obamacare's contraception mandate. According to CBN, the mandate in question requires religious groups to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions. Becket Fund attorney Stephanie Barclay says: "The Supreme Court said that the Little Sisters are protected from having to pay these massive government fines or choose to violate their religious beliefs, and the Supreme Court accepted the admission from the government that the government can modify to be more respectful of religious liberty. This is a win-win decision that everybody should be able to get behind."

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled this month that a child not yet born at the time of a parent’s death can still be awarded damages for wrongful loss of parental companionship. According to World Magazine, On May 24, 2010, Paul Gray, a founding member and bassist for the heavy metal band Slipknot, was found dead in a Johnston, Iowa, hotel room. In February 2014 his wife, Brenna, who was 3 to 4 months pregnant at the time, sued her husband’s physician and other medical providers, claiming they failed to monitor her husband’s drug addiction treatment properly. Gray claimed a parental consortium injury, which includes the loss of parental “support, companionship, aid, affection, comfort, and guidance.”

Going to church can help women be healthier, live longer. According to, a study from JAMA Internal Medicine finds that women who attend religious services more than once a week have a 33 percent lower risk of death than women who never attend. Officials looked at data from 74,534 women between 1996 to 2012. Overall, frequent churchgoers were 33 percent less likely to die than their non churchgoing peers. Women who attended church more than once a week were 27 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease and 21 percent less likely to die from cancer compared to women who never went to church. Study representatives say "Church attendance didn't prevent the incidence of cancer or cardiovascular disease, but once you had it, you fared better."

The International Space Station hit a milestone this week. The station surpassed its 100,000th orbit since the first component of the outpost launched to space in 1998. In total, this means the space laboratory has traveled about 2.6 billion miles, "or roughly the distance between Earth and Neptune," NASA said in a video description. It takes about 90 minutes for the station to make a complete orbit of Earth, and crew members on the station experience about 16 sunrises and sunsets per day.

A chance discovery by two divers uncovered Israel's biggest find of underwater Roman-era artifacts in three decades. According to ABC News, archaeologists announced the find this week as the priceless objects were showcased for the first time. The treasures were found in an ancient shipwreck near the port of Caesarea last month. The Israel Antiquities Authority sent its divers to investigate and recover the precious Roman-era cargo, which includes bronze statues, lamps, jars, animal-shaped objects, anchors and thousands of coins with images of Roman emperors. Some of the objects date to the fourth century, while others are from the first and second centuries.

The latest in selfie stick technology has been introduced. The automated selfie stick extends on its own, has a pair of beauty lights that extend from the back of the iPhone holder and even fans that fold out to blow your hair back for that perfect, wind-swept look. However, it's not available for purchase at this point. There are only two and they were built to promote the upcoming season of Lifetime’s Unreal.

The World's Longest Serving Symphony Player Died During Encore. According to NBC News, Jane Little was 87 years old, under five feet tall and for 71 consecutive years — a Guinness World Record — she played double bass with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Earlier this week, during an encore performance of "There's No Business Like Show Business," Little lost consciousness on stage and later died. The Symphony said in a facebook post "We can say that Jane was fortunate to do what she loved until the very end of her storied life and career."

Physical activity can lower your risk of becoming overweight and can keep diseases like heart problems and diabetes at bay. Now, according to Tim, a new study finds that exercise can also lower risk of some cancers by 20%. A team led by a cancer epidemiologist at the National Cancer Institute, took on the ambitious task of pooling data from 1. 4 million people who reported on their physical activity levels over a period of 11 years. Moore matched these peoples’ exercise records with whether they developed 26 different types of cancer. Overall, people who exercising more saw a 7% lower risk of developing any type of cancer than people who exercised less. But the reduced risk was especially striking for 13 types of cancers including cancers of the esophagus, lung, kidney, stomach and others.

Subway Construction in Italy has run Into Roman Ruins. According to NBC News, Work on the new station near Rome's Colosseum has uncovered ruins of Hadrian-era barracks. Planners hope to integrate some of the finds into the new station.

A 23-year-old woman who was bitten Sunday by a small nurse shark in Florida waters had to be transported to a nearby hospital with the shark still attached to her arm. According to the Washington Post report, the 2-foot shark latched onto the woman’s forearm and refused to release her — even as it was dying. Witnesses said the woman emerged from the water in Boca Raton with the shark hanging from her arm; a man supported it as paramedics made their way to the scene. Medical personnel used a splint board to hold the woman’s arm and the shark was put on the stretcher with her to take her to the hospital.

The members of Audio Adrenaline say there is still time to join them on a life-changing, 5-day mission trip as they serve with Hands and Feet project in Grand Goave, Haiti! The Audio Adrenaline missions trip will take place in mid to late August.

Ryan Stevenson was making the most of his time off from touring. He posted a picture of his latest woodworking project and added: Made this little reclaimed wood wall frame this afternoon! Nice to be home, just working around my house.

The members of the band Among The Thirsty experienced a little bit of history this week. They posted a picture with former group member Gregory Smith and added: Loved getting to see the guy we started the band with a million years ago!

The upcoming new album from Switchfoot will be titled Where the Light Shines Through. Recently front man Jon Foreman sat down to talk about their latest project. He said: Ironically, this album of light was born from one of the darkest times I’ve ever been through. But instead of running away from the darkness, I wanted to meet it face to face. Somehow, against that backdrop of darkness, light began to break through. These scars of mine began to turn into songs. What are my struggles? What are my fears? Where do I find God? Or more aptly put- where does God find me?

Hawk Nelson's Jon Steingard also produces Christian music videos. His latest is the new lyric video for Tenth Avenue North. Jon posted: I flew a drone all over California to make this video for Tenth Avenue North - love how it turned out!

Tenth Avenue North is in the studio working on a new album. However you won't have to wait until the project is completed to check out some of the new music. The band has released a lyric video for one of the songs on the new project. Right now you can check out the lyric video for the Tenth Avenue North song What You Want. Access the video by clicking on the link at

A new video is now available from Mercyme. The band recently released a lyric video for their song "Dear Younger Me." Check it out by clicking on the link at

Hillsong United is partnering with World Vision USA to help Refugees. The band is representing World Vision on their current Empires Tour. They recently released a video featuring footage from their trip to the refugee camps in Lebanon to view the work of World Vision there. Check out the video and find what you can do to help by clicking on the link at

Women of Faith author and speaker Patsy Clairmont recently sat down to talk with longtime artist Sandi Patty. The interview set up by CCM Magazine is now available online. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

The band I Am They is out with a new music video. Check out the official music video for the bands song No Longer Slaves. Their live performance is available by clicking on the link at

The Sidewalk Prophets are out with the debut video of their song Something Different. The live performance was recorded during the Sidewalk Prophets time on the Winterjam tour. Check out Something Different from the Sidewalk Prophets by clicking on the link at

Advice from Mercyme's Bart Millard: When going to the Bahamas, always remember to bring your Michael Tait. Mercyme is currently in the Bahamas playing at the Love Song Couples Getaway and Bart posted a picture with his wife photo bombed by Newsboys front man Michael Tait.

Show Hope celebrated Maria Sue Chapman's birthday over the weekend. A Music for Maria event was held at the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville to celebrate Maria's life and Steven Curtis Chapman was there to provide the music. Maria was the daughter of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman and her death prompted them to begin Show Hope, a ministry focused on helping Orphans and facilitating adoptions.

Mandisa had some special help over the weekend. She needed someone to replace Tobymac on the rap segment of her song Overcomer at a Women of Joy event and so conducted a video tryout among her fans. The winning video came from Taylor. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Audio Adrenaline front man Adam Agee is dealing with a major change in weather. He posted: Traded the Bahamas for western Michigan. View is still beautiful, just minus 50 degrees.

There is no way to put a price tag on a mother's love or to measure her value. The mother is like the anchor in a family. In Lessons my Mother Taught Me, Dr. Stanley talks about the godly impact of his own mother and teaches biblical principles to guide mothers today. Check out the thoughts from Charles Stanley by clicking on the link at

While feeling the emotion of anger can be justified, living in anger can be a lonely pit that isolates one from the people they love most. Learning to cope with anger is vital in developing and maintaining strong family relationships. Dr. James Dobson's new special report, "Coping With Anger," answers common questions regarding anger, such as, "Is it sinful?" and "How can I bring my anger under control?" The complementary copy of this special report is available by clicking on the link at

Greg Laurie is leading a tour through Rome. He posted a picture of he and his family in Rome leading a tour of the footsteps of Paul and the land of Jesus!

4 Ways to Overcome Addiction from Family Talk
1. Recognize and admit- you cannot extinguish a problem until you distinguish it. Break through the denial and take ownership.
2. Free up the emotion- what is the unresolved wound that you are seeking to attend to with your addiction? You cannot heal what you do not feel.
3. Renew the mind- reorient what you are thinking. Allow the Word of God to soften your heart.
4. Move to action- seek accountability and allow others to help you make changes in your life.

Five Steps to Being a One-Woman Kind of Man from Focus on the Family
Be a one-woman-kind-of-man with your mind and with your thought life.
Be a one-woman-kind-of-man with your eyes.
Be a one-woman-kind-of-man with your lips.
Be a one-woman-kind-of-man with your hands.
Be a one-woman-kind-of-man with your feet.

6 Things Holding You Back From Making a Difference
1. Comfort
2. Entitlement
3. Apathy
4. Money
5. Time
6. Yourself

The news site, Reuters, has an interactive “polling explorer” on it's sight right now that shows the results of an on-going poll about the upcoming election. Respondents to the poll tell Reuters their selection for president if the 2016 presidential election is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The results can be filtered by several different demographic factors, including only those who identify as “born again Christians.” At last report, the poll shows that 25 percent of those who identify as born again Christians say they will neither vote for Trump nor Clinton, and will vote for a third candidate or abstain from voting instead. What’s more, that percentage appears to be climbing: increasing by 7 percent between May 3 to May 6 to 28.5 percent. O

The director behind the commercially successful "God's Not Dead" film and its newly released sequel, Harold Cronk, has already announced his next faith-based film. God's new Dead 2 came out in early April. This month Cronk announced his next movie will be titled "God Bless the Broken Road," about a young mother who loses her husband in the war in Afghanistan. The film is inspired by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band song title of the same name. According to the report, the upcoming film will seek to combine elements of faith, country music, stock car racing, and pay tribute to American servicemen and women defending the country.

The Sermon of the Year competition, organized by the London School of Theology and Preach Magazine, has been narrowed down to just four competitors. According to, the four finalists are split up into two groups: under 21 and 21 and over.
The two competitors in the under 21 category are Phil Hutch, a 17-year-old who initiated a week of evangelistic outreach to Derby schools and Jess Mackin, a 16-year-old student studying physics, math, and computing. The two competitors in the over 21 category are Siku, a musician and artist, and Natalie Collins, a gender justice specialist who is involved in organizations that help aid women who face domestic abuse. The contest seeks to inspire people, young and old, to preach God’s Word.

Target Chairman and CEO Brian Cornell has responded to a petition signed by over 1.2 million people and ongoing protests against its policy that allows customers who are men according to their birth sex to go into women's bathrooms by saying that women and girls are safe. According to the Christian Post, Cornell said during an interview earlier this month: "Our focus on safety is unwavering." In response to the call for the retail giant to offer a unisex bathroom, separate from men's and women's bathrooms, as solution for transgender customers, Cornell asserted, "What's been lost in this story is the fact that the vast majority of our stores already have a family restroom. We are committed over the next few months to make sure every one of our stores has that option." Cornell adds, however, that Target has no plans to reverse its bathroom policy.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is launching a renewed attack against religious hospitals, claiming they should not be allowed to base the care they provide on the dictates of their sincerely held beliefs. According to World Magazine, in a report released this month, titled “Health Care Denied,” the ACLU targets Catholic hospitals, saying they jeopardize women’s lives because they “prohibit a range of reproductive health services,” including abortion, when something goes wrong during pregnancy.

Solomon's Pool built by King Solomon in the 2nd or 1st Century BC is at risk of collapsing from the force of water. According to the Christian Post, Solomon's Pools were built during King Herod's reign. They provided water to both Bethlehem and Jerusalem from ancient times until very recently. The three pools are each over 100 m (328 feet) long and 10 m (32 feet) deep and have a combined capacity of nearly 300,000 cubic meters of water. Tourists visiting Solomon's Pools in the West Bank have asked authorities to do more to care for the ancient reservoirs as they are falling apart from harsh weather and neglect. The pools, which date back to the Second Temple Era. The Palestinian Authority is responsible for maintaining and repairing the pools.

The future of long distance travel is being developed in the Nevada desert. According to Relevant Magazine, this week, the company Hyperloop One successfully tested a propulsion system that could one day power passenger pods during trips. Billionaire Elon Musk’s longterm vision is that the pods will be able to levitate inside of a high-tech tube at more than 700 MPH, and the latest test shows that it may be possible. The Hyperloop One team was able to accelerate a sled to 100 MPH in four seconds.

The United States and Mexico are in talks about a possible joint bid to host the 2026 World Cup, and FIFA President Gianni Infantino has already voiced support for the idea. According to Time, John Motta, a board member of the United States Soccer Federation, said the group is “very open” to a joint bid after speaking with the Mexican federation about the possibility. He said: “It could be a positive move for the game in both countries, and it’s also a very exciting proposition for FIFA." Motta added: "But whatever happens, we will bid for the 2026 World Cup—either jointly or we will go it alone.”

Seventeen paintings stolen from a museum in Verona, Italy have been recovered in what Ukraine's president hailed as a "brilliant operation." According to NBC, the President said the recovery of the stolen art, estimated to be worth more than $18.3 million, had demonstrated Ukraine's efficient fight against art smuggling. Ukrainian border guards found the stolen paintings hidden in plastic bags on a small island on the Dniester River between Ukraine and Moldova. The paintings were stolen in November by three masked, armed men who entered the museum in a medieval castle after it closed and just before its alarm system was activated.

Google wants you to read local, when you can. Google has announced a new effort to feature local news outlets. Google News has introduced a new "Local Source" tag that identifies news from sources that are reporting first-hand on nearby news. James Morehead, product manager of Google News, said that the new tag is meant to bring "greater exposure for local news outlets reporting on stories that have gone national."

A Police chief in Florida gave himself ticket after watchdog citizen points out his parking error. Groveland, Florida resident David Bires noticed that police chief Melvin Tennyson had committed a vehicular faux pas, and posted photos of the offending park job to Facebook earlier this week. The photos were shared over 500 times. Luckily, Chief Tennyson took the not-so-subtle hint. He wrote himself the appropriate ticket, and the police department posted his receipt to Facebook.

A Massachusetts man accused of locking a Verizon worker inside an unventilated underground vault because he was upset the worker parked on his grass has pleaded guilty to kidnapping. According to NBC News, Westborough resident Howard Cook Jr. entered the plea Tuesday in Worcester Superior Court. Authorities say the retired utility official locked Michael Hathaway in the vault in August 2013 by pulling out the extension ladder, locking the hatch and placing large rocks on top. The ventilation system automatically shuts off when the door is closed. Police say Cook was upset that Hathaway parked on the grass at his business. Hathaway used his cellphone to call police.

J.C. Penney is diving deep into its past to help secure its future. According to Fortune Magazine, for the first time in 33 years, the department store will be selling home appliances like refrigerators and washing machines at 22 of its roughly 1,000 stores. If all goes well with the pilot in stores in the San Antonio, San Diego and Tampa metro areas, Penney could roll out the home appliance offerings to hundreds more stores by October.

The Nelons were formally inducted into the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame this week. The event took place at Lipscomb University. The trio Selah was there to honor the Nelons during their induction.

Third Day's Mark Lee this week released a new blog titled "Wired For Community". As part of the blog Mark talks about the ease of seeing things in someone else's life that we are totally blind to in ourselves. He added: It seems that we’re wired for community. Might as well embrace it. Read the entire blog by clicking on the link at

Francesca Battistelli says Psalm 94:18-19 was speaking to her heart today. It says: When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.

A new adventure for new dad Josh Wilson and his son Asher. Josh posted a picture as Asher enjoyed his first beach trip.

Michael from Building 429 says they will be enjoying mahi tacos for quite a few days to come. He posted a picture of the 18 fish they caught on a just completed fishing trip.

Jamie Grace was celebrating her mom's 50th birthday this week. Jamie said: many women want their age to be a secret, Mama Harper has always taught me that it's a privilege to live each day and you should be proud of every day the Lord gives you. So happy 50th birthday mom.

Natalie Grant and her daughter Gracie shared their asthma stories this week. The two were part of the Allergy and Asthma Capitol Hill Briefing day in Washington D.C. Natalie was also joined by former NFL player Ickey Woods.

Luke, from for King and Country, joined his wife this week for a trip to El Salvador. They spent their time in the country observing the work done by Compassion International. As a special bonus, Luke says they got to meet the child their family personally sponsors.

Kerrie Roberts says winning free music is as easy as two steps.
1. Make sure you're subscribed to her email list.
2. Go to Itunes and review her new song, "Starts With One."
Winners will be randomly picked FRIDAY NIGHT and will receive a free signed copy of the album of their choosing!

Julianna Zobrist is gearing up for the release of her first full-length album. Zobrist's debut project is titled Shatterproof and will be available online and in stores across the USA July 1. Zobrist is the wife of baseball major leaguer Ben Zobrist, currently with the Chicago Cubs

For several months Switchfoot has been talking about their new album on social media. Until now, it's simply been known as Album 10. However, this week the band sent an exclusive email to fans officially announcing the album title and release date. Where The Light Shines Through will release July 8. You can check out the album trailer for the new project by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace is out with another Turn Back video. This time her focus, by request, is a Veggie Tales medley. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Colton Dixon was doing a little lip sinking this week. He was in a store when one of his songs came over the PA system and he recorded a video clip as he sang along.

Britt Nicole had the chance to hang out with some of her fans on her last tour. Now she is out with a video featuring some of those meetings. Check out her video, meet some of the the special people Britt met, and you might even see your own face. Click on the link at

DC Talk didn't get the response they were looking for when they announced a Jesus Freak Cruise this week. After more than a week of build up and hype, Tobymac, Michael Tait, and Kevin Max announced that the group DC Talk will be back together for a cruise to the Behammas during the summer of 2017. However, fans were clearly hoping for much more. The initial response was predominately negative, prompting Tobymac to post on the DC Talk facebook page, we've said "No" to coming back together so many times, but this time we finally said "YES". It can be so challenging for us to all get together with our families going in different directions, and our own bands, and their families. We are sorry it is not everything you wanted. We would never want to let any of you down.

It's not to late to sign up to sing with Lauren Daigle and Francesca Battistelli at Carnegie Hall in New York City this fall. Lauren and Francesca are putting together a 200 voice choir to join them on stage and also spend 4 days rehearsing and enjoying an up-close fan weekend. Space is still available.

Mandisa is looking for a Tobymac fill-in. She will be a Women of Joy in Kentucky this weekend and posted: send me a video doing the rap and I may pick you to join me on stage!

Paul Baloche is gearing up for a big event. He was rehearsing this week for a live recording on Saturday at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. The long time worship leader said the live event will feature a 500 voice choir

Ravi Zacharias has stood on stages around the world defending the faith. However he says he has never been as nervous as he was at an appearance this week. Ravi said: Margie and I surprised our grandson as "secret readers" for his class today. I've never been as nervous as this!

Pastor and Author Chip Ingram will be part of a free, one-hour live web event for small group leaders titled Listening skills for group leaders. The web event is scheduled for 2pm CT on May 18. The goal is to sharpen your responsive listening skills and equip you to create group environments where people feel heard. Included will be a live Q&A session with Chip Ingram and Venture Christian Church Pastor of Discipleship Jim Blazin.

The 4 Things God Wants in Our Prayers from Focus on the Family
1. He wants humility
2. He wants to talk with us
3. He wants us to seek His face
4. God wants us to experience the freedom and joy that comes through confession and turning from our sin

Former black market smugglers are now helping to get the gospel into North Korea. According to Mission Network News, the couple ran a cross-border business delivering and trading goods before they became believers. Officials said the couple eventually came to be followers of Christ and began to attend a secret Chinese Bible school. During those intense times of studying God’s Word, they received their calling to disciple and train North Koreans to be undercover house church leaders. They were able to use their Korean business connections to begin smuggling believers out of North Korea for training and smuggling supplies and material into the country.

Facebook this week denied allegations that it scrubs its site of news articles by and about political conservatives, amid outrage over the claims. According to Yahoo news, the social media giant said the popularity of news stories is determined by an algorithm, then audited -- never manipulated -- by review team members to confirm that the topics are in fact trending news items. But tech news outlet Gizmodo reported Monday that a former news curator alleged that articles from politically conservative outlets -- particularly when written about conservative subjects -- were deliberately omitted from Facebook's "trending news" sidebar of popular stories.

Chinese authorities released a pastor who had been imprisoned for eight months for protesting against the government's forced demolition of Christian crosses and churches. According to breaking christian news, Zhang Chongzhu frequently spoke out against the ongoing persecution of Christians in the country. Zhang was reportedly taken into custody on September 8, 2015. He was charged with "stealing, spying, buying, or illegally providing state secrets or intelligence to entities outside China."

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is offering a 'Radical Idea' to Stop the Bathroom Bill Chaos. According to Charisma News, his suggestion, given in an email, is: "Men should use the men's bathroom, and women should use the women's bathroom." In the email Robertson added "Just because a man may 'feel' like a woman doesn't mean he should be able to share a bathroom with my daughter, or yours. That used to be called common sense. Now it's called bigoted."

Christians in Pakistan are protesting the impending demolition of four churches which are set to be torn down to accommodate a train line. According to Christian Today, Christians protested outside Lahore High Court earlier this month. Pakistan is one of the worst countries for abuse of religious freedom rights, according to the United States Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), which recommended that Pakistan be designated as a “country of particular concern.”

Sudan has released one of two church leaders jailed since December. According to Christian Headlines, Kassa, head of discipleship at an Evangelical Church in the country, was arrested without charges on Dec. 13, 2015. Officials say NISS officials also gave no reasons for the arrest and it is also unclear why he was released this week. Church officials believe he was targeted for his Christian activities and his opposition to government interference with his church.

Maryland’s largest school system just made it easier for high school students to get A’s. According to the Washington Post, Just months after deciding to eliminate traditional final exams, Montgomery County has announced significant changes to its method of calculating grades starting in the 2016-2017 school year, most notably that final course grades will be rounded up after a student’s two quarterly grades are averaged. If a student gets, say, an A for the first quarter in geometry and then a B for the second quarter, the student’s semester course grade would be an A. If a student gets an A in one quarter and then a D in the next quarter, they would end up with a B.

There are now more homeless kids and parents in D.C. than single adults for the first time. According to the Washington Post, the number of homeless families in the District has soared by more than 30 percent compared with a year ago. For the first time since the annual census began in 2001, homeless children and their parents in the District outnumbered homeless single adults. On one day in late January, officials counted 4,667 homeless children and their parents, compared with 3,683 single adults.

9 years after being shot, Kevin Mortin is returning to Detroit hospital that saved his life -- this time as a doctor. According to NBC, Kevin has graduated from Michigan State as a doctor. Nine years ago he was shot in what officials are calling a robbery gone bad. Starting next month Dr. Mortin will begin his residency at the very hospital where his life was saved nine years earlier.

It’s the scientific discovery of your dreams: New research has determined that, aside from lowering your cholesterol, your risk of stroke, and the probability you’ll die of heart disease, eating about 1 ounce of chocolate a day actually improves your brain’s cognitive functioning. According to MSN, the study used data from an existing study to compare how often subjects ate specific foods with how high they scored on a range of cognitive tests. And the frequent chocolate eaters knocked it out of the park, doing significantly better on memory, organization, and abstract reasoning tests than subjects who treated themselves less often. Researchers add that dark chocolate provides the best results.

Conflict, war and natural disasters have internally displaced a record 27.8 million people in 2015. The joint report by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and the Geneva-based Internal Displacement Monitoring Center says That's as many as the populations of New York City, London, Paris and Cairo combined -- or an average of 76 people displaced every day last year. According to the Yahoo news report, the overall total of internally displaced people around the world is now 40.8 million, including both conflicts and disasters.

A 70-year-old woman and her husband in India celebrate the birth of first child last month. According to Yahoo news, the mother gave birth after 2 years of fertility treatment. Her husband is 79. The baby was conceived using the couples own egg and sperm.

Blanca received an extra special mother's day gift this year. She posted a picture of a ring and said: The most special Mother's Day gift I received was given to me by my mommy. This ring belonged to my grandmother, and is over 50 years old. It was a gift given to her by my grandfather whom I've never met. Loved getting to share this moment with my mommy and hope to one day get to pass it a long to my daughter if by God's grace I'm fortunate to have one.

It was a big weekend for Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig and Dean. He posted a picture this week as he walked his daughter down the isle. Randy says he kept it together, at least while he was in public.

Reading through the Bible with your kids is a good thing but, as Jimmy Needham found out, it can instigate some awkward conversations. Jimmy posted a picture that said: when you're reading through the Bible with your kids and you get to Leviticus 18. Jimmy then added: Yeah, this just happened.

Kerrie Roberts had a little extra energy this week. She posted: I haven't drank caffeine in well over a year, maybe it's been 2. Yesterday I had the brilliant idea of making a smoothie with cocoa....not thinking.

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard is an overcomer. He expressed frustration at not being able to find an icon of a Star Wars starkiller base but defeat didn't keep him down. Jon said he just created his own.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the remake of Amy Grant's song Baby Baby with Tori Kelly, you have the chance to win a signed vinyl copy of the song and a record player to play it on. Enter to win by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace is out with another Jamie Grace Show video and since this past Sunday was Mother's day Jamie shared a list of the top five things she has because of her parents. Watch her video tribute to her parents by clicking on the link at

Ryan Stevenson is out with another Fresh Start video. Ryan was recently in Maine and his focus was sea food. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant and Sandi Patti were recently featured in a joint interview with CCM Magazine. The two spent time talking about music, memories & motherhood. Check out the interview featuring two longtime Christian artists by clicking on the link at

A new video is now available from Matthew West telling the story behind his song Grace Wins and introducing Rob, the man the song was written about. Matthew met Rob at a concert in Virginia and, following the show, Matthew invited Rob onto his tour bus to tell his story. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Another Lightenup video is now available from Ken Davis. This time his short clip focus' on the aging mind. Ken posted: They say that one of the first things to go as you age is…. I know it’s something important, but I forgot what it was. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Need a laugh? Check out Turning Points SOS Estates. The couples provide a lighthearted approach to the tough issues of marriage. Click on the link at

Francesca Battistelli says her son's travels are off to a good start. Isaac is a couple of years old and Francesca says he took his first flight this week. She says he was a champ!

Worship leader Chris Tomlin has big goals for his five Worship Nights in America this summer. Chris posted this week: join in praying for a breakthrough in our nation. The five events will take place in July.

For King and Country has had a busy 2016. The year is one/third over and the band has already been part of Winterjam and The Priceless Tour. Joel and Luke posted: it's been an honor to sing for you!

Passion 2017 will be back in the Georgia Dome next year and, although the event is still more than 7 months away, the list of attendees is growing. Passion officials announced this week that at least 1,500 campuses will be represented at this years event. They will be led in worship by artists like Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill and Christy Nockels.

Coming in June, 2016: Airship Genesis from David Jeremiah. Airship Genesis: Legendary Bible Adventure is an action-packed dramatic audio series developed by Turning Point, designed to engage the children in your life and show them the adventures that can be found inside the Bible. The members of the Genesis Exploration Squad step into history and explore the stories of the Bible. Along the way, these globetrotting adventurers will discover legendary artifacts that help them learn and remember the lessons of God's Word.

4 Ways to Motivate Kids to Read More from Focus on the Family
1. Focus on their interests when choosing books.
2. Set smaller goals then a whole book so they are not overwhelmed.
3. Read the same book with your kids
4. Give them a visible achievement for each five minutes that read

15 Ways to Refresh Your Marriage
1. Be romantic.
2. Compliment each other.
3. Date your spouse.
4. Share your time.
5. Be spontaneous.
6. Make communication a priority.
7. Listen.
8. Sex—take your role seriously.
9. Support change.
10. Serve your spouse.
11. Celebrate milestones.
12. Apologize and forgive.
13. Balance independence and dependence.
14. Put your spouse's needs before your own.
15. In all these things, seek the Lord first.

5 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for Marriage
1. Evaluate your habits.
2. Fine tune your conflict resolution style.
3. Learn to not take yourself too seriously.
4. Seek out opportunities to serve.
5. Take a friendship inventory.

Wycliffe Bible Translators is hoping to use the International Day for the Unreached to bring attention to the Two Billion people worldwide who lack access to the Gospel. According to Mission Network News, the International Day for the Unreached is set for Pentecost Sunday, May 15. Many organizations have joined hands in this effort to revive a focus for the unreached in the Church of the United States. They say they chose Pentecost Sunday because the first Pentecost marked the beginning of the gospel going to the farthest corners of the earth.

A new poll indicates that 20 Percent of Born Again Christians Will Not Vote in November Election. According to Christian Headlines, A Reuters poll found that 20 percent of “born again Christians” said they wouldn’t vote now that the election looks to be between Clinton and Trump. Meanwhile, a CNN poll finds that more than half of voters said they would cast their vote not to support their candidate but instead to oppose the other.

Many are converting to Christianity in North Africa, and Bibles are being smuggled in despite the risk. According to, the persecution charity Open Doors has been smuggling Bibles into North Africa to meet a growing interest in Christianity. Officials say a 24/7 prayer meeting has been going on in the country since 2003, and the fruit of the prayer effort is being seen in a major way. In fact, "The church is growing so rapidly and people are just coming to know Jesus so quickly, they need to get Bibles in as quickly as they can and as many as they can. And not just Bibles, but also training materials for pastors and church leaders."

China and India are protesting a U.S. report that condemns violations of religious freedom worldwide. According to, China has filed a formal diplomatic protest after the U.S. Commission on Religious Freedom’s report found that China’s violations were “severe” against Buddhists, Muslims and Christians in particular. India is also rejecting the U.S. claims in the report, which said in 2015 that religious freedom violations increased in the country. The U.S. report cited religious freedom violations in more than 30 countries, including China, Sudan, North Korea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria, and asked the Department of State to re-designate China as a top violator.

An atheist organization has warned public schools that taking their students on a trip to Ken Ham’s Creation Museum would be a violation of the Constitution. Christian Today reports that atheist organization Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) emailed letters to three public high schools, telling them that their planned trips to the Creation Museum violated the Constitution’s Establishment Clause. The FFRF instead suggested that the public schools take their students on field trips to secular institutions. However, Ken Ham, the Creation Museum’s founder, says that having public school students visit the museum on a field trip does not violate the Constitution as long as teachers present Creationism as one possible viewpoint.

A half-mile-wide twister on the outskirts of Wray, Colorado gave a high school couple the prom photo of a lifetime. Charlie Bator and Ali Marintzer posed for the now viral prom photo as the tornado roared just three miles away. They say it was moving away from the small community on the eastern plains of Colorado when the photo was taken. Prom was delayed but not canceled.

High school football is big business in the state of Texas. McKinney, Texas voters recently showed just how big. They approved spending $62.8 million to build a 12,000-seat football stadium and events center for the school district's three high schools. Officials say the McKinney stadium will be the most expensive high school football stadium in America.

Passengers aboard Delta flight 762 experienced a shock when an engine cover fell off their plane mid-flight on Sunday afternoon. The flight from Atlanta to Chicago hit turbulence and had to make an emergency landing at Nashville International Airport after the right engine's outermost cover fell off at 28,000 feet. Cabin lights came on about 45 minutes after takeoff when the cowling came off, striking part of the fuselage. The Boeing 717 taxied to the gate and the flight's 109 passengers walked off the plane, with no reported injuries. The flight continued onto Chicago three hours later.

Researchers say they have developed a “second skin” made of polymer that is strong, stretchy and adherent, just like the real thing. According to the web site, researching have been working on the project for the past eight years. The the resulting silicon-based film forms from two different creams that are applied one after the other. The combination forms an invisible polymer layer that reinforces the skin beneath, while also providing a breathable barrier layer on top.
They say the biggest challenge was finding something with all those properties of real skin: elastic, invisible, durable, moisturizing, and adheres well. They say the new “second skin” will be used to protect and enhance the skin, as well as combat skin diseases

Hoverboards are at least a little closer to reality after recent test. According to Time, Jetski racer Franky Zapata used his invention, The Flyboard Air, to set a new world record for farthest hoverboard flight. He traveled 7,388 feet, or nearly 21 football fields. Zapata made the trip over water because it provides a softer landing service.

Worship leader Audrey Assad will be contributing to National Refugee Sunday on June 26, 2016 by cultivating music for participating church services. Assad recently shared her personal story on the web site We Welcome She posted in the article earlier this month: My name is Audrey Assad, and I am the proud daughter of a Syrian refugee who taught me to dream, believe, do, repeat. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

How did you spend your weekend. Third Day member David Carr says he was greeted with a special task when he awoke Saturday morning. Good morning David, here are 250 posters for you to sign.

Citizenway's Ben Calhoun says: Daddy daughter races are fun! He recorded a video clip as he took on his daughter in a 100 yard dash during their field day. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Long time artist Amy Grant talked with Southern Living recently about Mother's Day, her favorite recipe and the reboot of her hit single "Baby Baby". The song written to her Daughter Corinna turns 25 years old this summer. In celebration Grant re-released the song with help from fellow artist Tori Kelly. But Amy isn't the only one singing the song. She told the magazine that Corinna has performed it in several talent shows, bringing the connection full circle.

Natalie Grant says she always gets extra reflective and misty around Mother's day. That's because it transports her back to a diagnosis from the doctor that she wouldn't be able to have children. Of course, Grant says God did have the final say. He wrote 3 miracle babies into their story. But she remembers coming to the place of peace before the miracles came. Grant adds: doubts and questions are ok. God can handle them. As long as we end up at this truth: HIS ways are perfect, HIS plans are good, HE is still in control, HE is always faithful and we can always trust in him.

Who has the better golf swing...Building 429's Michael Anderson or Jason Roy. They posted this week: we are far too competitive to decide. That means you get to decide. Check out their swings and share your opinion on Instagram. Click on the link at

Love and the Outcome member Jodi celebrated her first Mother's day on the road. She posted a picture of her young son Milo equipped with head phones and ready for their sound check.

Tobymac is inviting you to join him at golf camp. The christian artist will be part of this summers FCA Junior Golf Camp in North Carolina July 17 through 21.

Test one is down. Last week Selah announced that they would be working together in an attempt to loose a total of 260 pounds. Over the weekend Todd Smith said: All the family is having burgers, Mac and cheese, and pie! I'm sticking with Nutrisystem! Keep Selah in your prayers as they continue on the journey.

Natalie Grant is out with a special essay titled Brothels, Survival and Hope: A Different MothersDay. Natalie is well known for her fight against human trafficking. She posted: Every day, around the world, millions of children are exploited through modern-day slavery. Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal enterprise in the world, following drug trafficking in total profits, which it is expected to pass in the near future. My hope is that more people—professionals and lay people—will link arms, develop materials that will lead to change, and give thousands a chance for a hope and a future. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

A special weekend for Sidewalk Prophets front man Dave Frey. He posted: Spent the day adventuring to Indiana's largest waterfall with my brother, sister, and the most beautiful girl in the world!

A milestone for Jimmy Needham. He posted: Our oldest just earned her first dollar for chores! He shared a picture of his daughter as she showed off that first dollar

Kutless member James Mead says his word for the week was Explore. He posted: Everywhere I go, I like to try to explore a bit. Today I got to walk around the plains of Prescott Valley, Arizona. I love the Western United States. I like to imagine the "old West," and what life would have looked like. I am blessed in that I get to travel a lot, and I've gotten to explore a lot of places. What's your favorite place you've ever explored?

Kari Jobe celebrated her first Mother's day yesterday. She posted: It's my greatest and best title I've ever been given. You make me the happiest and I love life with you. To think that I'll be responsible to teach you things and to help you learn all about life...And to help you find Jesus and fall in love with His presence- it's going to be the greatest journey and adventure.

NeedToBreathe has released the audio from another song on their new album Hard Love. Right now you can check out the audio for No Excuses, the 3rd song unveiled from the new albums scheduled for release on July 15. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Another throwback video from Jamie Grace. This time she is covering her favorite Cece Winans song More Than What I Wanted. Check out the acoustic performance by clicking on the link at

Another story behind the song from Citizenway song. The focus this time is their song "Bulletproof", a song focused on the Armor of God in Ephesians 6. Check out the story behind the song by clicking on the link at

Phil Wickham has released an acoustic performance of his song Your Love Awakens Me. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Another performance video is now available from Jordan Feliz. Check out his rendition of the song Simple from his new album The River. Click on the link at

Danny Gokey has released a new version of his song Tell Your Heart to Beat Again. The Spanish language version of the song is now available online. Watch Danny perform the song by clicking on the link at

From Mercyme drummer Robby Shaffer: Chuck Norris was born on May 6, 1945. The Nazis surrendered on May 7, 1945. Coincidence? I Think Not.

Jamie Grace says life is not a romantic comedy. She posted: I just loaded all of my groceries in the pour rain, (1) because I had to and (2) because I thought it was going to be like one of those romantic comedy's when a super handsome guy comes and helps me and we fall in wasn't.

Passion 2017 will be held at the Georgia Dome January 2 through 4 and the members of Passion are asking for your help in spreading the word. They have released a promo pack that you can use to tell college students you know about the conference in Atlanta that includes worship leaders like Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, Matt Redman, David Crowder and more.

Mercyme's Robby Shaffer found the perfect Mother's Day gift for his wife; a trip to the Bahamas. However, hopefully he mentioned that it's a working vacation. Mercyme is one of the featured bands for this weeks Love Song Couples Getaway.

Don’t shy away from a grieving friend; embrace them and comfort them. Here are 4 ways to do that from Revive Our Hearts:
1. Recognize the loss of life.
2. Don't fear sadness.
3. Offer your presence, not a solution.
4. Plead with God on their behalf for strength for that journey, for courage to move forward when it's painful, for faith to listen for God's answers when she doesn't really care to hear them, for grace for the battlefield of grief.

5 Tips and Encouragements for Moms from Dr James Dobson:
1. Reserve some time for yourself.
2. Don't struggle with things you can't change.
3. Don't deal with big problems late at night.
4. Try making a list.
5. Seek divine assistance.

Although a group of believers in Southeast Asia has had the Gospel for 182 years, they just recently received the word of God in their own language. Wycliffe Associates President and CEO Bruce Smith says a group of mother-tongue translators are finalizing the New Testament project using the Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation (MAST) program. They have already translated 18 books in the New Testament and are finishing their New Testament translations this week.

New Zealand-born evangelist and creationist Ray Comfort will give gift cards to the thousands of atheists attending the Reason Rally 2016 in Washington D.C. on June 4. Comfort plans to give out copies of his book along with $25,000 worth of Subway gift cards. The Reason Rally is set to be one of the biggest ever gatherings of atheists in the U.S., with organizers expecting close to 20,000 people to attend.

A Wisconsin school district will no longer have a lease on a public park where students gather for a weekly Bible study event known as the "Jesus Lunch." According to the Christian Post, Middleton City Council voted Tuesday evening to rescind the lease that Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District had on Fireman's Park, the location of the popular yet controversial events. Superintendent Don Johnson explained that the City's attorney believes the District's authority to enforce school rules in Fireman's Park is questionable, and that the city has no interest in litigation to resolve the ambiguities in the language. In recent years a group of parents organized a weekly gathering at Fireman's Park known as the "Jesus Lunch," in which hundreds of students from the Middleton High School gathered for a meal and Bible study.

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom has found that religious minorities in Iran, including Christians, continue experiencing severe human rights abuses, closing in on one year on the historical nuclear deal between the Islamic Republic and Western nations. According to the Christian Post, the major report, released only a couple months shy from the one year anniversary of the nuclear deal reached in July 2015, found that religious freedom conditions "continued to deteriorate" over the past year, with Christians, Baha'is, and the minority Sunni Muslims facing the most persecution at the form of harassment, arrests, and imprisonment.

An abortion activist from California says clinics are closing down around the country, including in liberal states, because fewer women, largely millennial's, are seeking abortions. According to a Christian Post Report, Shauna Heckert, the executive director of Women's Health Specialists of California, a group of six abortion clinics in northern California, said in an interview that "We are a dying breed." Heckert was lamenting the closure of clinics in California, a liberal state that received an A+ grade from the pro-abortion group NARAL.

The woman who is believed to be the first ever Muslim winner of the Miss USA beauty pageant has reportedly converted to Christianity. According to the Christian post, the Middle Eastern news site Albawaba is reporting that Lebanese-American model Rima Fakih, who is believed to be the first Muslim woman to win the honor of Miss USA when she was crowned in 2010, gave her life to Christ last month ahead of her wedding. Fakih was born into a Shiite Muslim sect and is set to marry music producer and Catholic Wassim Salibi on May 15.

General News & Trending Stories

Job Growth Might Be Slowing Overall — But It's Surging For New College Grads. According to NPR, Employers added 160,000 employees in April, downshifting from the monthly average of 192,000 workers so far this year. But the country does have one group enjoying lots of opportunities: newly minted college graduates. In fact, economists say this might be the best time to be graduating in a decade. While the overall unemployment rate held steady at 5 percent last month, the Labor Department says the rate is only about half that for college graduates.

Seven-year-old Anaya Ellick recently won a national penmanship contest. According to NPR, her win was especially notable because Anaya was born with no hands and does not use prostheses. Holding the pencil between her wrists, the first-grader at Greenbrier Christian Academy in Chesapeake, Va., formed neat, careful letters, earning her the Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Excellence in Manuscript Penmanship. Contest director Kathleen Wright said the judges were "just stunned" by the quality of Anaya's printing.

British officials are going against the will of the people. According to NPR, Britain's science minister discarded the results of a public poll that embraced "Boaty McBoatface" as the name for a $300 million research vessel, instead naming the ship for famed naturalist Sir David Attenborough. Boaty McBoatface received more than 124,000 votes in the online poll that was set up by Britain's Natural Environment Research Council — more than 10 times the 11,000 votes Attenborough's name received. However, U.K. Science Minister Jo Johnson torpedoed the name, saying that the research ship — the largest and most advanced in British history — needed a more "suitable" name.

Krispy Kreme is introducing a new Nutella filled donut. According to Time, a donut filled with the chocolate-hazelnut spread will be available only from a machine in London that will dispense the limited-edition treat. The pop-up is expected to be open through May 21 at the Krispy Kreme store across the street from the Holborn Tube station. All proceeds from the sales of the approximately $2.88 item dubbed “Nutty Chocolatta” will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The reasons some people are more at risk for developing dementia may be liked to depression. According to ABC, Researchers from the Netherlands found that older people who developed increasingly worse depression were more likely to develop dementia. Researchers examined 3,325 people older than 55, who had been followed as part of a population study since 1990. They measured the level of depressive symptoms and then checked to see whether those with signs of depression went on to develop dementia. They found that 21 percent of people whose depressive symptoms increased over time ended up being diagnosed with dementia. By comparison, only 10 percent of people with "low symptoms of depression" developed dementia.

Scientists at the University of Oxford have confirmed that having friends is better than some painkillers at making you feel better. According to a Relevant Magazine report, the study found that individuals who have lots of close friends have higher pain tolerances than people who don’t, and being around them provides a more-powerful-than-expected endorphin rush. In fact, researchers found that the endorphin effect is so intense that being with a friend group is a more effective painkiller than morphine itself.

A new blog from Jenny Simmons this week is titled: I'm Pregnant. I think. The blog focus' on peace of mind and re-assurance but, even more, it focus' on faith. Which would you choose? Read Jenny's blog by clicking on the link at

Selah's follow the Journey Day 1, also known as weigh in wednesday, took place this week. Earlier in the week the three members of Selah announced that they were embarking on a joint journey, working together to loose weight. On Wednesday Amy recorded an honest and open video of her weigh in. Follow along with the Selah journey by with the hash tag Follow the journey.

What is your favorite way to relax? Luke from For King and Country posted this week: Call my crazy but when I'm home, mowing my lawn is one of my favorite ways to relax!

Kutless members James Mead says a lot of things are really coming along. The guitarist for the group posted this week: things are starting to take shape. A dream and a vision that I've been working really hard to achieve is really starting to develop. God brings people together over seasons of growth, they come and go. New people come along and God enlarges the circle of people that are helping you. None of us is capable of doing any one part of this elaborate plan, but God uses all of us together to accomplish it.

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips needs your help. He posted a series of drumming pictures on his Instagram page and said: I'm thinking of doing something special and I need your opinion on which picture you prefer. I'll know which one is the favorite by which pic has the most interaction, meaning likes, comments and shares! Thanks in advance for your help! Check out the series of pictures by clicking on the link at

Mercyme is back in the studio and it sounds like their new album will be a continuation of their new direction. In 2014 Mercyme released a CD titled Welcome to the New. In discussing that project the band talked openly about their new vision for their music and ministry. Now Mercyme is back in the studio writing music for their next project. Guitarist Mike Scheuchzer posted a picture as they continued writing music for the new CD and he used the hash tag Welcome to the Next.

Switchfoot will be revealing Album 10 on May 12. Want to be among the first to see the album titled and cover? Sign up for the Switchfoot newsletter to receive the first look!

New artist Micah Tyler's "You've Gotta Love Millennials" video has gone viral. According to New Release Today, the lighthearted video has already surpassing 23.1 million views, 18,500 comments and 526,000 shares on Facebook alone. The song pokes fun at common stereotypes of the millennial generation - from coffee shops and man buns to Instagram selfies and an attitude of entitlement. Tyler, a 33-year-old millennial himself, created the video for the Watermark Church Leaders Conference in Dallas, Texas to help break down barriers and open up the discussion of generational stereotypes.

Third Day recently released a look back at each of their albums. The reflections series features Mac Powell, Mark Lee and David Carr talking about each of the bands past projects. And now you can see a full recap of all of their album reflections on youtube. Check out all of the videos by clicking on the link at


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