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Mandisa's new album is called Out of the Dark. Now she also has a memory board online related to the album. Mandisa posted over the weekend: Join me by sharing a photo and honoring a loved one that is in heaven. Honor their memory by telling us their story.

Rend Collective member Chris Llewelly had an exciting weekend. He posted on instagram: What heights of glamorous excitement are you up to this weekend? Highlights of mine include fixing a vacuum cleaner so I'm setting the bar pretty high...

Mandisa was ambushed over the weekend. She posted a series of four pictures and added: When your record label snaps unsuspecting pictures of you being yourself during video shoot breaks. It was a long day, ok?

The web site Freeccm is giving away music from Ellie Holcomb. All this week you can access a FREE DOWNLOAD of Ellie Holcomb’s song “He Will” off her new album Red Sea Road. You also have a chance to WIN an Ellie Holcomb sweatshirt + a vinyl copy of Red Sea Road. Click

Casting Crowns Juan Devevo is promoting new music from his church; Eagle's Landing. He posted over the weekend: A TON of good music out right now but I have to start with my home church. The Eagle's Landing Music Vol. 1 album release party will be held April 30.

Danny Gokey has recorded both Spanish and English versions of his music but now he has something new. He posted: There is a "Spanglish" version of Tell Your Heart To Beat Again on iTunes.

Aaron Shust released another live video performance over the weekend. The latest video upload is Lead On King Eternal. Watch the live video by clicking on the link at

Mandisa is out with another lyric video. Her latest release is the song Prove Me Wrong, the first song she wrote for her album Out Of The Dark album. In it, Mandisa says: I bring all of my anger and doubt to God. Watch the live video by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace is out with her latest new song. The lyric video for The Happy Song was recorded in one take and features six different instruments. Watch The Happy Song lyric video by clicking on the link at

The Boys are Back Together! Hawk Nelson front man Jon Stiengard posted another vlog as he headed back out on his first tour after the birth of his baby. Hear his thoughts on leaving his wife and baby boy behind. Click on the link at

A cover song video is now available from Jason Gray. City of Stars (La La Land Cover) was released by Jason late last week. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Earlier this month Reba McEntire and Lauren Daigle performed together at the American Country Music Awards. Now their performance is available online. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Zach Williams is featured this month as part of Chris Tomlin's Worship Night in America. Recently his performance of To The Table was filmed and is now available youtube. Check out Zach's live rendition of the song by clicking on the link at

A new podcast is now available from Jamie Grace. She posted: have you ever felt like making friends as a grown up is weird or awkward? Access the podcast by clicking on the link at

Jeremy Camp is back on tour. He posted: The 'I Will Follow" tour with Natalie Grant starts this weekend.

The excitement is running high. Mercyme, Hawk Nelson and Micah Tyler kicked off the Lifer Tour over the weekend and Jon Stiengard pointed out that every one of the bands was tweeting about their excitement prior to the first show. Micah Tyler tweeted: I'm so excited to head to the West Coast. Mercyme added: We're so excited to head to the West Coast. Not to be outdone, Hawk Nelson shared on twitter: We're so excited to be on the West Coast. Jon added: Sounds like we're all "excited"! Hahaha

Hillsong United was featuring in a moving concert over the weekend. They posted from the Holy Land: What a surreal experience to be by the Sea of Galilee with 2000 friends - thanks for all who have come on the tour and the local people who joined us! #hillsongisraeltour

Chris Tomlin posted a picture with another young worship leader and another mentor over the weekend. He posted: Each night on stage I tell a story about a man who encouraged me when I was just starting out as a worship leader. Chris also continues the encouragement by bringing a young worship leader on stage to join him for one song. Over the weekend the Worship Night in American was in Oklahoma City; the mentor was Senator James Lankford and the worship leader was Sam Hutchinson.

4 Steps to Mend a Broken Heart
Step 1 – Recognize and Admit: The Role of Confession and Breaking the Power of Your Secret
Step 2 – Clean Out the Infection: The Role of Grieving and Breaking the Power of Your Denial
Step 3 – Renew the Mind: The Role of Truth and Breaking the Power of Your Unbelief
Step 4 – Exercise the Will: The Role of Accountability and Breaking the Power of Your Fear

In the biggest recorded prayer gathering in Africa was held over the weekend. Late last week officials say over 1.7 million tickets had already been given away. South Africans were taking to their knees this weekend to pray for their country. Concerned citizens of all races, colors, cultures and religious denominations descended on the free event near Bloemfontein.

There is a complex relationship between Christians and politics. It’s a complicated, and often contentious relationship. Now new research shows an interesting twist: A study out last week from the Washington Post reveals that for a surprising number of Christians, this past election seemingly caused them to leave their churches. Reportedly, 14 percent of Christians left their churches following the 2016 election.

Texas passed a bill that bans all state enterprises from engaging with companies that boycott Israel. In a 131-0 decision, the Texas House of Representative passed the bill targeting companies that participate in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.

A pastor who is ministering in the Middle East was reportedly saved by lions who prevented a group of Islamic extremists from attacking him and a group of Christians. On Easter Sunday, while a group of believers was gathered and he was leading one such service, militants came upon them, brandishing weapons. Just then, a lion appeared out of the forest and began to attack one of the militants. The other two militants tried to fight the lion off, but then two more lions appeared. The militants ran away in fear and the lions left Pastor Paul and his group alone.

An American woman and her Egyptian husband who were aid workers in Egypt and were imprisoned over allegations of child abuse and trafficking have been released and have arrived back in the U.S. The Washington Examiner reports that Aya Hijazi and Mohamed Hassanein had been imprisoned in Egypt for three years. President Trump has reportedly been influential in securing the couple’s release.

A photo of an Iraqi soldier erecting a cross on the top of a pile of rubble on Easter Sunday has captured the attention of the internet. In the photo, the soldier, who remains anonymous, is seen carrying a wooden cross up a mound of rubble that was once Mt. Sinjar Church. The images of the soldier had gained more than 24,000 likes and had been retweeted nearly 14,000 times by the middle of last week.

In a recovery doctors are calling nothing short of a miracle, an Argentinian woman whose baby was delivered while she was in a coma woke up and held her three-month-old son for the first time. Fox News shares the story of Amelia Bannan, a police officer who was nearly six months pregnant when a car driven by her partner slid off the road. While the four other officers in the car walked away uninjured, Amelia was left with a skull fracture that resulted in a blood clot in her brain.

The United Methodist Church is set to make a "declaratory decision" as to whether or not an LGBT person can serve as an ordained minister. The church's Judicial Council will hold an oral hearing on April 25 "regarding the nomination, election, consecration, and/or assignment as bishop of a person who claims to be a 'self-avowed practicing homosexual' or is a spouse in a same-sex marriage or civil union," the UMC announced on its website.

An Indonesian woman who embraced Christianity has been banished from her home by her Muslim family as religious intolerance continues to increase in the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation.

Oral arguments were heard before the Supreme Court today in a case concerning state funding for a Missouri preschool's playground equipment that has religious liberty implications for people of faith nationwide. The fundamental issue at hand is whether a state can exclude religious individuals or organizations from secular public benefit programs, according to the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

Selena Gomez says she is closer to her church friends these days and is spending less time with the Hollywood crowd. And the bio on her Instagram account says it all: "By grace through faith." The 24-year-old music artist recently spoke to Vogue magazine about her current lifestyle and how she spends her time. In recent months, Gomez has revealed more of her spiritual and Christian side by associating with a few churches and pastors.

Pope Francis has urged governments to free migrants and refugees from holding centers in European countries, which he compared with "concentration camps."

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin recently signed a bill into law that authorizes public school boards to allow schools to offer elective Bible literacy courses and provides state guidance to help establish such classes. According to the legislation, the courses "teach students knowledge of biblical content, characters, poetry, and narratives that are prerequisites to understanding contemporary society and culture."

People who drink diet sodas daily have three times the risk of stroke and dementia compared to people who rarely drink them, researchers reported Thursday. While the findings do not prove that diet drinks damage brains, they support other studies that show people who drink them frequently tend to have poorer health. The researchers, led by Matthew Pase of the Boston University School of Medicine and colleagues, studied more than 4,000 people for their report,

Earth day was celebrated over the weekend and NASA did their part. The space organization released a series of photos of the earth from the vantage point of space. Take a look and celebrate its beauty:

President Donald Trump on Saturday awarded a Purple Heart to an Army sergeant recently wounded in Afghanistan, the first of many Trump likely will award during his service as commander in chief of the U.S. military. "When I heard about this ... I wanted to do it myself," Trump said during a brief ceremony at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, outside Washington. The medal went to Sgt. 1st Class Alvaro Barrientos, who was wounded in action on March 17 in Afghanistan

A group of scientists set up a mirror in the middle of the juggle and then video taped the results. Watch the amusing reaction of wild animals as they look into a mirror.

The University of Victoria’s law library is turning the page on innovation by introducing a new item students can borrow: a dog. Echo, a four-and-a-half-year-old black lab, can now be checked out from the library for 30 minutes at a time to give students a stress-relieving break with man’s best friend.

The Raiders NFL football team partnered with Children's Hospital Oakland to host prom at the team's headquarters in Alameda for teens who are current and former patients. All have serious, life changing medical conditions. Raider players escorted the teens as they walked the red carpet into the event.

Fifth-grader Isabella Nicola wanted to play the violin, but she was born with no left hand and a severely abbreviated forearm. Her music teacher reached out to Mason, his alma mater. The bioengineering department responded and last Thursday, Isabella received her final prosthetic, built from a 3-D printer

A man climbed a 95-foot pole to rescue an eaglet at the National Arboretum after it was injured. The same man returned the eaglet to its nest Thursday night after it was treated for the injury. Arborist Matthew Morrison says it was a “privilege” to climb a 95-foot National Arboretum tree Thursday to rescue an injured baby eagle.

A group of Florida firefighters surprised a mom-to-be Wednesday with keys to a new home and a baby shower after she lost everything in a devastating fire. Members of the Lauderhill Fire Department hosted the party after Nicola Taylor's apartment and baby gifts were destroyed in the blaze.

Firefighter catches baby dropped from burning building in dramatic footage

Britain has experienced its first full day without generating any electricity from coal since the Industrial Revolution. The “watershed” moment was confirmed by the National Grid on Friday night. It is the first continuous 24-hour coal-free period for Britain since use of the fossil fuel began.

Getting married is getting pricier. According to The Knot's latest survey, wedding spending has reached an all-time high — on average, couples are now dropping $35,329 to say "I do." Not surprisingly, brides and grooms are shelling out the most in Manhattan, where weddings cost a whopping $78,464. Meanwhile, more than a thousand miles away in Arkansas, nuptials are the least pricey, averaging $19,522 per couple. Rocketing costs are primarily due to more elaborate celebrations.

Two Harvard researchers have uncovered a more than 200-year-old parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence — sitting in a record office in Britain. Researchers Emily Sneff and Danielle Allen, who have dated the document to the 1780s, said that it was discovered inside the West Sussex Record Office, in Chichester, England. Likely produced in Philadelphia or New York, the researchers believe the manuscript was originally held by Third Duke of Richmond Charles Lennox. The 18th century British politician is known for his support for America during the Revolution.

When he was 11, Oscar Ekponimo was so hungry he would stare at the kitchen cupboards in his home in Calabar, Nigeria, wishing they would magically fill with food. Now 30 and a skilled software engineer living in Abuja, Ekponimo is working to ensure others do not suffer as he did. He has developed an app called Chowberry, which connects grocery stores and supermarkets with NGOs and charities to put wasted or leftover food to use.

Brett Reinford used to spend $2,500 a month to heat hot water on his farm. Now he converts manure to power for free. Each day, Brett's 700 cows produce 7,000 gallons of manure. So he looked around for a solution and landed on a device called a digester. A digester takes all that manure and converts it to electricity. Building the digester cost $1.1 million. But despite with that high price tag and the cost of maintenance, the farm not only saves $152,000 a year — Reinford is also making a profit because the farm sells excess electricity back to the grid.

April the giraffe has brought a bundle to a tiny zoo in rural upstate New York, thanks to a YouTube video livestream of her pregnancy and birth of an incredibly cute calf that has riveted viewers around the world. Owners of the for-profit Animal Adventure Park won't say exactly how much they've pulled in from all April-related ventures, but internet marketing experts conservatively estimate the haul in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The money will be used for zoo upkeep, wildlife conservation in Africa, and a favorite cause of the zoo's founders — local children with unexpected medical expenses.

Hillsong Worship Songwriter Brooke Ligertwood talked this week about What Sets Christian Music Apart. The singer/songwriter who goes by the name Brooke Frasier on stage told billboard: 'When You Connect With People, You Can Feel Their Spirits Being Lifted'. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

David Dunn was recently celebrating a victory. He posted: I'm the least handy person ever...notice how well I handle the tools...BUT! I did just install this sink! I'd like to thank the academy, and my special friends at YouTube.

David Dunn is prepared. He posted a picture as he did a little target practice with John Wayne's gun, a Henry 30-30

Jordan Feliz shared an update on his new house this week. He posted: We drove and were completely surprised by the progress!! The footing has been set and they laid gravel for foundation today!!! Seriously so so excited! Having a home of our own has been a dream since the year Jamie and I got married! Knowing that it's all happening feels so surreal

Building 429 frontman Jason Roy is a fan The Centennial State. He commented this week: Colorado ain't half bad!!! He posted a picture of brauts and veggies grilling over and open fire

Another Followers devotional from Tenth Avenue North front man Mike Donehey: "We no longer have to defend ourselves, because Jesus is our defender. We no longer have to build up a resume of excuses. Instead, we can joyfully repent and bring our mistakes into the light. Repentance becomes a daily rhythm as you breathe in new mercy every morning."

Ever wonder what to do with the outlet in your car. Plumb has a suggestion. She leaves the house with wet hair and then uses the outlet to blow dry her hair inside her car in the parking lot after dropping her kids off at school.

Some thoughts on being the church from Rend Collective's book Campfire Stories: "We need to remind ourselves that we are not a social club—we are the church. Our community has to be more than just nice people behaving nicely together in nice coffee shops, discussing nice spiritual things. It’s been said that the unique thing about the church is that it’s the only organization that exists primarily for the benefit of its NON members."

Way back in 2011, Third Day's Mark Lee opened up a new document on his computer called Trolling for Olives*. This week he wrote about that event: Not knowing how else to begin, I just started typing. This week, I completed the final revision of that project. It is now a memoir called HURT ROAD. If you had told me back then that I would have seen this through to completion AND that it would take me almost six years to get to that point, I would have said you were crazy. Yes, I have learned quite a bit through finishing my first book. Here are 10 things I've learned.
1. The premise of the book will evolve.
2. The editing is the real work.
3. Write the dang thing already.
4. The quality of the work is completely unrelated to how you feel at the time.
5. It takes a lot longer than you think.
6. It will change you.
7. You’ve got to stick to it.
8. There is a big difference between memoir and your “memory scrapbook”. T
9. So what? Whether you’re writing a novel or a memoir or a how-to book, people are reading your work thinking about how to apply it to their own life.
10. Everybody has a story.

Steven Curtis Chapman's Adoption ministry ShowHope said this week: It's crunch time! We're so close. You have funded 15 Adoption Aid grants! Thank you for giving! The ministry is hoping to fund 20 grants in the month of April. That means just 5 to go in the final 10 days of the month.

Congratulations to Mandisa. She was given plaques commemorating her gold songs this week. She posted: Stronger, GoodMorning & Overcomer have all gone GOLD! A gold song designation signifies that the song has been sold a half million times.

High praise this week from Casting Crowns front man Mark Hall. He shared a picture of Matthew West's book Hello, My Name Is and added: Matthew is not only one of my best friends and co-writers but he's one of my heroes. Matthew has a pastor's heart when it comes to people in this book will encourage you greatly.

The web site FreeCCM is giving away a free download of Jaci Valesquez’s song “God Who Moves Mountains” off her new album Trust. Trust features 10 anthems that sing of God’s faithfulness. It's described as a modern worship and pop hybrid. Download your free song by clicking on the link at

MercyMe recently released their brand new album LIFER and FreeCCM is celebrating by giving away a special prize pack courtesy of MercyMe. The web site posted: They’ve given us some sweet prizes that you could win, including a record player, Apple Music subscription, LIFER CDs & Vinyl, and Lyric Book. Want to be entered to win? Click on the link at

Passion has released a video of the song Forgiven, featuring Crowder, preformed this past January at part of Passion 2017. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

In late March Jaci Velasquez released her first album in five years. Now she's out with a new video from the album titled trust. The video features an acoustic version of I Will Call. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Another episode of The Jamie Grace Show is officially LIVE. This week Jamie released episode 78, talking about her home churches recovery from their recent robberies, and so much more. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Stiengard posted a new vlog this week titled, appropriately, Thing I Should Vlog Again?. Jon talked about where he is now and what he's been up to. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Matty Mullins is out with a new lyric video featuring Jordan Feliz. It features the song Unstoppable. Check out the lyric video by clicking on the link at

Do French Fries qualify for a Veggie fast? That was worship leader Darlene Zschech's question this week...but it sounds like she wasn't waiting for an answer. She attached a picture of the fries in front of her and commented...oh well!!

Bob Smiley posted this week: That moment you realized you were being lied to for years. Attached was a picture of his 15 pound weights on the scales, actually weighing in at 15.4 pounds

New guitarists-don't give up. A fan of Third day posted this week: Had my second guitar lesson last night. Still can't play like Third Day guitarist Mark Lee. Guess I'll have to go to the third lesson next week.
Mark replied: It's the third lesson where they give away all my secrets :)

NeedToBreathe announced this plans this week for something new during part three of their All The Feels Tour. They posted: You've been asking for something like this for a while...Part 3 of the tour will be fully acoustic!

Steven Curtis Chapman recently came full circle. He posted this week: 35 years ago, a kid from Paducah, KY stood on stage at The Grand Ole Opry, and proceeded to forget the words to the song he was singing, which was none other than George Jone's classic "He Stopped Loving Her Today"...not good! Well, 35 years later that same "kid" stood on that same stage to sing that same song, along with a couple songs of his own and this time I didn't forget the words!

Building 492 and Matthew West will be joining several other artists for an appearance on Sam's Place: Music for the Spirit. The concert will take place at the Ryman on May 7.

Health benefits of coffee
1. Coffee can help prevent and reverse liver disease.
2. Coffee can help you live longer.
3. Coffee plays a role in the prevention of many cancers.
4. Coffee may help in the prevention of dementia.

6 gospel-centered truths for women wounded by their spouse's sexual sin:
1. You are not in a battle against your husband.
2. His sin is not your body’s fault.
3. Embrace Jesus’s sovereignty, and trust him for your husband.
4. Your sin of bitterness is not justified.
5. He needs you and your forgiveness now more than ever.
6. Your husband is not your savior, and you are not his.

A self-proclaimed Muslim man was recently escorted out of a Christian conference after he became disruptive. He proceeded to film a Facebook live video in his vehicle in the parking lot, showcasing his guns and telling viewers to “be scared.” The Blaze reports that Ehab Jaber entered a Christian Worldview Weekend conference on April 9 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Attendees at the conference were discussing Islamic persecution of Christians. About 500 people were in attendance.

Islamist gunmen attacked security forces near St Catherine's Monastery in Egypt's south Sinai yesterday, killing at least one police officer and injuring four others outside one of the world's most important and oldest Christian sites. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on a police checkpoint about 800 metres from the entrance to the monastery, which comes just 10 days before Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Egypt. The incident follows two deadly suicide bombings on Coptic Christian churches last week, which were also claimed by Islamic State and which plunged the country into mourning and marked one of the bloodiest days for the country's Christian minority in decades.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be given an award from Planned Parenthood at the organization’s centennial gala on May 2, 2017. Clinton will receive the “Champion of the Century” award at Planned Parenthood’s “100 Years Strong: The Celebration of a Century”

Sixteen Indian Christians were killed when a truck carrying the group to an annual church meeting overturned. The accident happened on February 26. Twelve people were killed at the scene of the crash, including a 13-year-old girl, while four others died later at the hospital from their injuries. Additionally, 50 more passengers sustained injuries from the accident.

An anonymous widow has donated a rare gold coin from 1866 to a church so that the church can purchase its own building for worship. She decided to give it to GracePoint Church in Valparaiso, Indiana. The church was founded in 2009 and has been meeting in an elementary school, but now, with the money from the auction of the rare coin, the church will be able to purchase its own place of worship.

Researchers are undertaking a project to analyze old relics that may have belonged to Jesus or his earthly family members in order to determine who their descendants might be today. Some of the items included in the research are the supposed bones of Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist, which were discovered in Bulgaria in 2010, the Shroud of Turin which is thought to be Christ’s burial shroud, and the James Ossuary, a box that is thought to house the bones of Jesus’ brother, James.

A former church in Washington, D.C. has been transformed into a work of art, literally. Built in 1886, Friendship Baptist Church outgrew the chapel, put the property up for sale and moved to a new building just down the street. For years it remained vacant -- that is, until 2012 when it was transformed into a space for the arts and culture community. Atlanta artist Alex Brewer spent nearly a month just painting the outside of the building.

The persecution of Christians in China has "intensified" since Pres. Xi Jinping took hold of the Chinese Communist Party's leadership in 2012. The report, released last month by U.S. nonprofit organization Freedom House, said the government has tightened its control over religious groups, the effect of which could be felt in the country's "legal, social, political and economic environment." Christians are not the only ones who undergo intense persecution in China. Falun Gong practitioners, Tibetan Buddhists and the Uighur Muslims also experience "high" or "very high" levels of persecution, the report said.

A Taiwanese Christian pastor was detained in China after he sang "Jesus Love You" and accused of engaging in "illegal religious activity." According to persecution watchdog China Aid, Pastor Xu Rongzhang from Taiwan was detained over the weekend because he led a group of Christians in Zhengzhou to sing the popular song. Xu was released later on the same day, though his identification documents and permit to travel to mainland China were not returned until Monday.
Local officials reportedly told the pastor that the song was an "illegal religious activity", but never explained why.

As the most decorated Olympic swimmer in history, Michael Phelps is used to spending time in the pool. And now that he’s a dad, he’s passing on safe pool practices and the importance of water conservation to his son, Boomer. “I think the biggest thing is just to get him to be water safe,” Phelps told ABC News. “Trying to get more kids water safe -- we lose way too many kids in the water every year.”

Women who take antidepressants early in pregnancy are not at a higher risk of having children who develop autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), contrary to earlier reports. The new study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found only a slight increase in the risk of premature birth for infants of mothers who used antidepressants during the first trimester of their pregnancy. But the researchers found no increase in the risk of autism, ADHD or reduced fetal growth among children exposed to antidepressants during fetal development.

A small town in Canada has become a tourist destination thanks to a giant iceberg. Ferryland, a tiny Newfoundland town of roughly 500 people, got a holiday surprise over Easter weekend when a massive block of ice appeared off-shore — overshadowing people, boats and even houses on land. The iceberg seems to have parked in the waters outside the town and, according to CTV News, visitors have started flocking to the area to witness the colossal floating chunk of ice and post photos on social media.

Fifteen months after his death, Drew Lienemann's memory lives on through the 194 people who received his organs and tissues. The Waukee, Iowa, teenager died by suicide in January 2016, but his decision to become an organ donor two years earlier saved the lives of two people who were on the verge of death, and helped many more who were sick or suffering.

Charles Kingsley was pulled over for having a headlight out. But instead of a ticket, some officers giving a voucher to get light problem fixed for free. Similar scenes are playing out across the Brooklyn metro area as police in 16 communities are participating in the Lights On program administered by MicroGrants, a foundation that has as one of its missions helping low-income drivers keep their vehicles safe and in proper working order. The foundation has put up $20,000 to cover repairs for minor issues such as burned out headlights and taillights or malfunctioning turn signals.

"Mr.Trash Wheel" is a water wheel in Baltimore that removes rubbish from the river. The water wheel is powered by the river's current, which lifts rubbish and debris from the water and deposits it into a dumpster. When there isn't enough water current, there is a solar panel attached to the water wheel to provide additional power. Mr.Trash has been in use since 2014, removing over 1 million lbs of rubbish from Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Some of that rubbish includes 8.9 million cigarette butts and half a million polystyrene containers.

A new digital tool disrupts your social media news feeds by connecting US Facebook users to people outside their filter bubbles. “Pop Your Bubble” was released this week, and is funded by The KIND Foundation. he app was motivated by research showing that, while over 60% of Americans get news from social media, only 5% of US adults see social media posts that greatly differ from their perspectives. KIND’s tool prompts you to “follow” Facebook users who have been identified by an algorithm as your demographic opposite.

Refugees bring dying Italy village back to life. Tiny Sant'Alessio has been welcoming families and vulnerable migrants here for three years in a project which not only provides humanitarian assistance but brings with it invaluable economic and social benefits.

When Brandie Weiler pulled over to help victims of a car accident in Virginia on Saturday, she never thought it would be her 12-year-old daughter who would end up saving the day. The mom of two pulled over and got out of her car to help the victims of a crash. While she was on the phone with 911, the man who caused the crash, Paul Salsman, approached her van with her two daughters still inside. Maddie started punching Salsman and screaming for help, in addition to putting the transmission in drive because she knew he would not be able to start the engine and drive away.

Travel book writer and TV show host Rick Steves has given a $4 million dollar apartment complex in Lynnwood, Wash., to the YWCA for housing homeless women and their families. The 24-apartment complex provides transitional housing for homeless single moms and their children. It is called Trinity Place.

Facebook is still trying to connect the entire world — not just to each other, but to the internet. With the Telecom Infra Project, Facebook is working to solve connectivity access problems for different kinds of communities around the world. One of Facebook's major connectivity projects is called Terragraph. The technology is designed to provide high-speed internet in dense urban areas. In rural areas, Facebook is tackling different problems. The tech giant is using Aquila, a solar-powered unmanned plane/drone to "beam connectivity through the stratosphere."

Jonny Diaz says his wife, a former soccer player, used her past skills to reveal that their second baby is going to be a boy. He posted a video of his wife kicking a soccer ball that exploded into a cloud of blue chalk dust.

MercyMe was featured in an article this week in The Tennessean titled Mercyme finds creative rebirth in Nashville. The article details the bands progress from the early days to their move from Texas to Nashville with their future "hanging by a thread". It continues with their rebirth in a new town and with a new focus. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Forget the Easter Bunny. Melodee Devevo of Casting Crowns posted a picture of their families Easter Kitty. She shared the photo after Easter of one of the family's cats comfortably perched in her daughter's Easter basket.

Building 429 frontman Jason Roy was enjoying his Easter break this week. He was with his family in the wilderness and posted: So much fun hiking the Green Mountain Trail today in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Casting Crowns Juan Devevo has found an interesting way to melt granulated honey. He posted a picture using a hair dryer and added that it was oddly hypnotic.

For King and Country member Joel Smallbone was showing off his new haircut this week but he wasn't very fond of the name of the cut. He posted: My barber just told me they call this cut the "Dapper Dan". I just renamed it the "Jaunty Joel."

Hawk Nelson frontman Jon Steingard is back to the daily grind. After spending the last several days welcoming his baby boy into the world, Jon was back to work editing his first documentary this week. The 25 minute video looks at the wild experiences he had a few months ago traveling the world with Dan Bremnes. John posted can't wait till I'm able to show you guys.

A reminder from Todd Smith of Selah: Each month 322 Christians are killed for their faith. Please pray for believers who face death and for the families left behind.

Natalie Grant posted a picture this week as she prepared her three daughters for their dance recital portraits. She posted that she was once again reminded of four important points as she took the pictures. They are:
1. These girls are ridiculously gorgeous and it's such a joy to be their mom.
2. It's still several years before they'll be allowed to wear makeup on a regular basis.
3. Teaching them to guard their hearts is so much more important than teaching them to do their lashes. (Notice I didn't say lashes AREN'T important, just not as important as their hearts. #priorities)
4. I'm not much of a gun girl, but Bernie better get one...or 3.

The members of Rend Collective took the occasion of their founders birthday to celebrate their humble beginnings. Members of the band posted: Happiest of birthdays Gareth! When you started Rend as a weekly Bible study meeting in a church gym we're sure you didn't have a clue where God would take it, but we're so grateful you said "yes" to that prompt from the Holy Spirit.

Brandon Heath shared a picture this week of what will surely qualify as one of the most unique Starbucks locations in the world. It's in what looks like a wicker basket in the Tampa Airport. Check out a picture by clicking on the link at

Steven Curtis Chapman recently spoke with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association on the tail end of The Rock and Worship Roadshow. He talked about his journey into some of the darkest moments of his life, as well as some of the most beautiful—both detailed in his book Between Heaven and the Real World, released last month. Check out the full article from the BGEA by clicking on the link at

Sidewalk Prophets front man Dave Frey just experienced what he described as his best weekend ever. He posted: Breakfast with my love and marriage license retrieval and Cubs jerseys and kite flying. Can't wait to be married.

Ryan Stevenson is out with a new devotional series on Youversion Bible app. Check it out by clicking on the link at

For King and Country is giving away a free MP3 and chord chart for their brand new song Oh God forgive us. Access your free copy by clicking on the link at

Aaron Shust was talking with the Christian music website New Release Today this week about his new album, old songs, and the Heart behind 12 years of music. Check out the full interview by clicking on the link at

Danny Gokey recorded a video of he and his kids singing the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song together. He posted: Not one of my proudest moments as a dad. Lots of rif-raf and flopping like a fish happening here. #dontjudgeme

Jamie Grace was talking about bullying this week. The video covers questions like: how do you deal with it? how should we respond? why do people act the way they do?

Matthew West was live of facebook this week introducing his new book Hello My Name is. He was joined by several special guests including Mandisa and skater Scott Hamilton. Watch the live video by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace joined with her mom and her sister for a special rendition of Because He Lives on Easter Sunday. Check out a clip of the song, celebrating life, by clicking on the link

A humorous reminder that revenge always hurts you more than the other person. Comedian Ken Davis shared that his dog Juliet got a branch from a sticker weed caught in her fur. He said that, after he pulled the sticker out, she ran back to weed and sat on it.

An invitation from Rebecca St. James. She posted this week: This July come cruising with me and my brothers for King and Country for a week of concerts and meet and greets all while exploring beautiful ALASKA.

Steven Curtis Chapman will be backed by a full orchestra this weekend. He posted: I’m very excited to perform with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra in Birmingham

The latest Conversations with Chuck video series features Chuck Swindoll talking about Biblical Parenting. The video series features nine videos. Chuck says: I even managed to insert a few funny stories in these short videos about my Biblical Parenting series. Access the entire series online by clicking on the link at

Greg Laurie held a gathering this week for those who will be participating in the Southern California edition of the Harvest Festival later this year. It's the 28th year of the event. 400 ministries joined together at the luncheon at Angels Stadium to make plans for the outreach.

Another family fun Bible Quiz from Insight for Living. They posted this week: Test your knowledge of family connections in the Bible with this new quiz.

5 smart ways to use your tax refund
1. Pay off your credit cards.
2. Pay down your other debts.
3. Start saving for retirement.
4. Establish an emergency fund.
5. Invest in your career.

4 Reasons You Should See The Case for Christ Movie:
1. Lee's story is iconic and unforgettable.
2. Lee's story helps us see the logic behind our faith.
3. Lee's story gives us a long view of what God can do in a person's life.
4. Lee's story will have your friends and your neighbors talking.

Christians in Australia are facing increased persecution and are especially being targeted by Muslim gangs. CBN News reports that recently, a Greek Orthodox Christian man was targeted for wearing a cross necklace. Baptist Pastor George Capsis noted that this was the fourth such attack on Christians in Sydney in the past six months.

Thousands of Christians took part in a sunrise Easter service at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on Sunday. Nearly 1,700 believers, both young and old, woke up early for the event and gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial while it was still dark out.

The film The Case for Christ has risen to the number nine spot at the box office over the weekend. According to, the film grossed $2,720,000 last weekend, bringing it to a total of close to $8,500,000.

Franklin Graham has revealed that while visiting the charred remains of a church that had been burned and destroyed by ISIS, he found the pages of a Bible bearing a timely verse. The evangelist reported on face that he discovered the charred pages from a Bible: "I picked up a section that contained John 20:27 - 'Then he [Jesus] said to Thomas, "Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side. Do not disbelieve, but believe'," Graham reflected. "He's still saying that to the world today-this Easter Sunday-Believe!"

Each Easter, Hong Kong Christians look for ways to unify their churches. This year, they hosted a rare exhibit called "Inspired." It's a showcase of ancient manuscripts, scrolls and artifacts—evidences that prove the Bible is real.

A Filipino diver is being called superhuman. On one breath, the man descends 65 feet to the ocean floor to hunt for fish. His heart slows down to 30 beats per minute and, due to the water pressure, his lung shrinks to 1/3 of its initial volume. Even without weights he walks across the bottom of the sea as if he's hunting on land. He can stay underwater for up to 5 minutes.

Fifty years ago, a clever, determined woman named Kathrine Switzer crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon — but not before an official tried to drag her from the course. At the time, only men competed in the race. Switzer became the first woman to finish it as an official entrant. This week, Switzer, now 70 years old, revisited that trail-blazing moment by crossing the finish line again.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear aprons and oven mitts. After Leo Kellner's wife of 72 years died from complications related to dementia in 2012, the Hastings, Nebraska, man began baking desserts for people in need in his community. The 98 year old told Today "I didn't know what to do with myself," "I was moaning and moping, and I said, 'I've got to have something to do,' and that's how it started."

NBA great Shaquille O’Neal is doing what he can to help a grieving mother who found her son dead after he accidentally shot himself with a gun earlier this week. Shaniqua Stephens found her 13-year-old son, Malachi Hemphill, had accidentally shot himself while playing with a gun live on Instagram. O’Neal has offered to cover the funeral services for Hemphill’s family.

The winning prom queen at Leander High School made a surprising move on the dance floor. Leander High seniors Abby Cano and Keilany Solano were two of five 2017 prom queen nominees. But when Solano’s name was called as the winner, she surprised her classmates by taking the crown and the sash and placing them on Cano. Cano lives with Down syndrome, and she is much-loved and admired at the school.

MeKayla Gist, 17, is undergoing cancer treatments and had to miss her prom, so her classmates at Chapman High School brought prom to her at the hospital

One Fort Worth man provided an evening of free ice cream and rang up a 7-foot long, $1,300 bill at local shop Sweet Sammies. The now legendary good samaritan known only as "Mr. Gary" reportedly popped in to Sweet Sammies last weekend hoping to get his $20 street parking validated. When staff members unhesitatingly complied, he was apparently taken aback and, rather than leave, spent the rest of the evening at the establishment buying ice cream for all comers.

Brown University will automatically waive the application fee for low-income students. The Rhode Island university announced Friday it's waiving the fee for students eligible for free lunch, enrolled in a government program that aids low-income families or belonging to a college-access organization. The waiver applies to applicants for fall 2018. The move came after a group of students from Ivy League schools asked the schools to automatically waive the fee for applicants who are low-income or the first in their families to attend college.

February 28 is a very special day in the Kosinski home: it happens to be the birthday of all six of Craig and Carrie Kosinki's children. Adopted Twins Adalynn and Kenna were born on February 28, 2014. That also happened to be the birthday of the couples twin biological siblings, JJ and CeCe, who were born on February 28, 2013. In 2016 the couple had their third set of twins, also born on February 28. The Kosinskis said they are telling their story now in the hopes of opening up other people's minds about adoption.

She was baptized 104 years ago, has a 97-year-old son and has been going to church for more than a century. Meet Violet Brown, a 117-year-old Jamaican woman who became the oldest living person in the world over the weekend after the death of the previous title holder, Emma Morano of Italy. Brown was born on March 10, 1900

Drinking tea as a senior citizen — especially those at higher risk of diseases like Alzheimer's — could help prevent serious mental decline. Researchers at the National University of Singapore looked at 957 Chinese individuals who were 55 years of age or older in a longitudinal study. The study found that those who drank tea daily reduced their risk of cognitive decline by 50 percent. Participants who carried the gene associated with Alzheimer's disease saw a diminished risk of cognitive impairment by up to 86 percent. This finding held regardless of the type of tea that one drank. As long as the tea leaves had been freshly brewed, consuming tea was found to help protect the brain.

A UK company is creating edible water blobs that it hopes will eradicate the world of plastic waste. The blobs are biodegradable and even edible. The capsule is made from a seaweed extract.

A first for Dan Bremnes. He posted: First time I've seen my lyrics on a watermelon! Dan shared a picture of the lyrics from his song Born Again carved in the side of a Watermelon. The work was created by a business in Sydney, Australia called Watermelon Friends.

Third Day member David Carr continues his basement renovation. Earlier this month David shared a picture of his just finished bathroom. Now he says work has expanded to the entire basement. Over the weekend he tweeted: About to sand the mess out of some drywall! The basement finishing continues...

Mandisa was live on facebook over the weekend talking about one of her favorite apps. It's the Abide app. Mandisa says she uses it to get daily audio prayers.

This weekend brought a first for Mercyme's Mike Scheuchzer. The band's guitarist posted: Just finished mowing equal parts grass and dirt...Come On Grass Seed You Can Do It.

Thanks to Tobymac, one young man was wearing suspenders on Easter Sunday morning. The long time Christian artist was asked on twitter: Have you ever wore suspenders? Trying to get my 7 year old to wear them for Easter Sunday but he will only do so if you ever have. Tobymac replied: Sure have. Tell him to rock'um and make um pop!

Ryan Stevenson went back to his roots over the weekend. He posted a picture from a dairy farm in Bonanza, Oregon and said he learned about faith and working hard on that farm.

Colton Dixon was recently talking about Tattoos and his new album Identity. In an interview with, Colton shared about the thought process behind his latest album and also talked about the the tattoo he has and why he feels it is a personal way of expressing yourself.

jason Gray was working on something new over the weekend. He posted: I’ve wondered for many years if I have a book in me, and since writing a book begins with... well... writing, I decided to spend the morning here chasing down some words, assembling them into stories, hoping there is some kind of life in them. We’ll see...

A reminder from Tenth Avenue North: Perspective changes things. Whatever worst Friday you may be walking through, Sunday's coming.

It was a bittersweet weekend for For King and Country. Members of the band said so long to
Troy Sands who, after 18 months traveling with for King and Country, made the decision to step back from touring life to pursue other endeavors and spend more time with his family.

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard continues to share baby pictures. The new father posted over the weekend: Took Lil G out for his first coffee date yesterday. Jon promised to get back to concerts, palm trees, and skateboards before too long. However, he clearly is enjoying this new season in his life.

A special Easter Sunday for Mercyme's Mike Scheuchzer. He posted: What a gift to get to baptize my sweet Millie today.

Sidewalk Prophets front man Dave Frey is counting the days. He was with his fiance for Easter and posted: In less than a month I get to marry the love of my life. Today we celebrate the risen King!

Matthew West was part of a special Easter event at the Opry Sunday morning. He posted: Good morning and happy Easter from backstage Opry where I will be singing for a special worship service here at 10am.

Worship leader Darlene Zschech is giving away music. She posted over the Easter weekend: Our Easter single 'He hears He answers' is available as a free gift on our website. Click on the link at

Another new lyric video from Mandisa. This time the feature is her song I'm Still Here from her new album Out of the Dark. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

The latest song from Danny Gokey is titled The Comeback. Over the weekend Danny released a lyric Video for the new song. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns drummer Brian Scoggins was talking about new music from Casting Crowns over the weekend. Brian shared about the song No Other Name. He says the song puts into words, like no other, the glory and love of Jesus. Hear his thoughts by clicking on the link at

Britt Nicole is out with a new video for her song Be The Change. Check out the official music video by clicking on the link at

A suggestion for all worship leaders from Casting Crowns Megan Garrett: Do not eat cheddar jalapeño cheetos then rub anywhere near your eyes an hour later...especially on stage.

Mercyme's Bart Millard says enough is enough. He posted: Sometimes you get asked the same question enough times it requires an appropriate response. Attached was a picture of Bart in a new black t-shirt. Emblazened on the front were the words: NOT CASTINGING CROWNS.

The Newsboys are now giving you the chance to experience a night at their Love Riot tour, all in one minute. The band released a video of the entire evening, from the start of set up to the completion of teardown, all in 60 seconds.

Chris Tomlin's Good Friday celebration in Nashville over the weekend was a record setting event. The long time worship leader held a Good Friday service at Bridgestone Arena and arena officials say the 14,725 people in attendance set a new record for that location. All of the proceeds from the night went to kids in need across the state of Tennessee through the Tennessee Kids Belong organization

Harvest America Founder Greg Laurie kicked-off Easter weekend by having hundreds Arizona pastors and leaders gather together to pray for America. According to CBN and other sources, The group of 1,100 leaders is preparing for the 2017 Harvest America crusade that will be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Comedian Chonda Pierce tweeted over the weekend: My first extended interview with Focus On The Family Radio in years! You can hear it on Monday. According to Focus, Chonda will talk about her efforts to base identity on Christ, instead of her marriage, parenting, and comedy career for the past 25 years.

Family Life Today's Dennis Rainey thought about buying scalped tickets over the weekend... not to a sporting event but to church. The family was home for Easter and that meant the Rainey family needed 30 seats all together. Dennis showed up early to make sure all the seats were saved.

3 things to know about humility in marriage:
1. It’s a choice.
2. It’s an attitude.
3. It’s a reflection of Jesus.

10 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship
1. Close your eyes to irresponsible behavior?
2. Keep secrets or tolerate abuse?
3. Sacrifice to cover up someone else’s mistakes?
4. Cater to a lazy person’s whims?
5. Caving in to an angry person’s demands?
6. Make excuses?
7. Justify bad behavior?
8. Accept the blame for something you never did?
9. Enable an addiction?
10. Lie to yourself or others?

A Christian couple in Canada has filed a lawsuit against Hamilton Children's Aid Society for removing two foster children from their home because they refused to lie to the girls that the Easter Bunny is real. "We have a no-lying policy," Derek Baars, one of the foster parents, told National Post, pointing out that a child support worker insisted that he and his wife Frances Baars tell the two girls in their care, aged three and four, the Easter Bunny is real. "We explained to the agency that we are not prepared to tell the children a lie. If the children asked, we would not lie to them, but we wouldn't bring it up ourselves." The eligibility of the Baars, members of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, was canceled and the children were taken away.

A nurse in Sweden must assist with abortions if she wants to keep her job, a Swedish court ruled this week. The Swedish Appeals Court decided Wednesday that Ellinor Grimmark could be forced to help with abortions or else be fired from her job. Grimmark was fired from her position at a hospital in 2014 because she refused to assist abortions.

Coptic Christian churches in Egypt canceled Easter services after bombing attacks killed 49 people and injured more than 100 others at two churches on Palm Sunday but they still met. Christian Today reports that, although Easter celebrations have been called off, the Coptic churches still held prayer services. The Minya Coptic Orthodox Diocese reportedly was commemorating Easter “without any festive manifestations.” The prayer services was to be a time to honor those killed in the bomb blasts.

After the attacks on two Coptic churches on Sunday, Christians in Egypt said they will attend services on Easter Sunday despite the risk of more attacks. The bombings on St. Mark's Coptic Church and St. George's Coptic Church on Palm Sunday have not dampened the spirits of the believers. On the other hand, they declared they will not give in to the spirit of fear but will attend Easter services to worship Jesus. "We love Egypt. We will not leave Egypt. We cast out the spirit of fear by the power of His love," the believers wrote in a letter received by Open Doors USA. "We will go to churches on Easter and beyond to worship the Name of Jesus." However, other churches have decided not to hold the usual Easter celebrations so they could mourn the death of the more than 40 people who died in the bombings.

On Palm Sunday, many members of the Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Mark in New Jersey awoke to the news that people dear to them had died or were wounded simply for being Coptic Christians. So what did they do? They headed straight to church. Officails said Copts in New Jersey and throughout the United States and the world believe love and prayer will sustain church members whose loved ones died or were injured in one of two Coptic church bombings in Egypt. St. Mark is the first Coptic Church in New Jersey, established in 1970

An atheist group is arguing that a University of Mississippi football coach should be banned from posting Bible verses and other faith-inspired content on social media. Relevant Magazine reports that Coach Hugh Freeze often tweets out Bible verses and uplifting, faith-filled content. The atheist organization Freedom From Religion Foundation issued a press statement saying that Freeze should not be allowed to post such content as an employee of the University.

The number of countries with “high levels” of restrictions on religion due to government policies or actions of people increased in 2015, reversing a downward trend. According to a new study, A total of 40 percent of surveyed countries registered “high” or “very high” levels of overall restrictions. The Pew Research Center’s annual study on global restrictions on religion says that’s up from 34 percent in 2014.

Deaf Christians often find it a challenge to locate a church they can attend because not all churches offer deaf accessible services. To address this need, an organization has set up a database that provides information for deaf Christians looking for churches that can accommodate them. "Deaf Church Where" is an online directory that lists churches and ministries offering various services for the deaf.

President Donald Trump signed legislation Thursday that once again enables states to withhold federal family planning funds from Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. Trump’s action overturned a rule issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in December, only five weeks before President Obama left office.

If you're among the nearly 40 million Americans who have yet to file last years tax returns, the good news is you get a few extra days to file. While the tax return due date is typically April 15, this year your return is due by Tuesday, April 18.
Why? When April 15 falls on a weekend, the filing deadline is scheduled for the following Monday, unless that Monday happens to be a holiday. This year, Monday, April 17, is Emancipation Day, which is a legal holiday in the District of Columbia. Of course, if you still can't get everything filed on time, you should file for an automatic six-month extension by April 18.

As a young girl in Kultali, India, Lata went further in school than most girls in her village. But at 16 years old, her education was cut short — she married a boy who sold her to a brothel two months after their wedding. Fortunately, Lata escaped sex trafficking. And now she's fighting back, by becoming a lawyer through a new specialized program in India. The School for Justice, which just opened on April 6, educates survivors of sex trafficking to pursue careers in law. Eventually, these women plan to use their degrees to prosecute traffickers like the ones who abused them.

A 12-year-old boy is being praised for his award-winning science fair project that explored cancer-fighting chemicals in green tea. Stephen Litt, who lives outside of Atlanta, was inspired to do the project after two family friends were diagnosed with breast cancer. He began reading about the illness and learned of the antioxidants in green tea. What he did that no one else has ever done was hone in on a groups of chemicals in green tea … he exposed these worms to the green tea chemical. Stephen and his dad built a makeshift lab in their home, purchasing materials online, and conducted a month-long experiment using 100 worms. He found that the worms exposed to both the carcinogens and the phytochemical found in green tea didn’t grow tumors

Delta is letting employees offer customers nearly $10,000 in compensation to give up seats on overbooked flights, hoping to avoid an uproar like the one that erupted at United after a passenger was dragged off a jet. In an internal memo obtained Friday by The Associated Press, Delta said gate agents can offer up to $2,000, up from a previous maximum of $800, and supervisors can offer up to $9,950, up from $1,350.

After eight years, hundreds of wheelchairs and thousands of cookies, 14-year-old Zack Francom is ready to pass the torch. Francom has sold lemonade and cookies for nearly a decade to raise money to buy wheelchairs for those in need and is ready to pass the tradition on to his sister, Helen Bird. After eight years, he’s raised around $85,000 and has been able to buy nearly 400 wheelchairs to donate across the world.

Wringing water from the desert sky is now possible, thanks to a new spongelike device that uses sunlight to suck water vapor from air, even in low humidity. The device can produce nearly 3 liters of water per day for every kilogram of spongelike absorber it contains, and researchers say future versions will be even better. That means homes in the driest parts of the world could soon have a solar-powered appliance capable of delivering all the water they need, offering relief to billions of people.

The Friday lunch was supposed to be a first date for Janie Hall. And it seemed to be going well. That is, until the man she was meeting in person for the first time fell to the floor dead at the Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City. The Joplin woman, along with a server, rushed into action and are being credited with saving the man's life. A former respiratory therapist with experience in a trauma unit, Hall moved quickly and with the help of a restaurant patron rolled her date on his back. Then she began CPR and was joined by Bartholomew. After about four minutes of CPR, a faint pulse returned.

Local comedian Mark Chalifoux was accidentally included in a family's group text which inspired him to send 3,000 cookies to a solider he's never even met. Mark started a crowd funding page to raise money for the endeavor. He said: I don't want to let down the person this family thinks they've been texting, so I'm raising money to send this soldier 3,000 cookies. Mark plans to send 84 boxes of Oreos, which is about 3,000 cookies, and use the rest of the money for shipping costs. Mark said the more money he raises, the more cookies he'll send.

A group of people with a range of disabilities is taking center stage in Wyoming, throwing a performance that could put their organization in the limelight. The premiere was last week. Each cast member is facing some form of disability, but the group says nothing can hold them back. The organization behind it is hoping to raise money for the treatment and research on mental health conditions.

Neither rain, sleet nor snow kept 87-year-old Mel Rulison from his afternoon rounds delivering copies of The Leader-Herald newspaper by car. Rulison retired Sunday as a route driver after 57 years. He said he has no idea how many newspapers he has delivered in that time, but he said it has ranged from 220 to 300 newspapers a day, seven days a week, consecutively for those 57 years. It is estimated he has delivered more than 5 million Leader-Heralds during that time.

Ana Paula Silveira and Alvaro Zermiani, both legally blind, were nervous when they found out Silveira was pregnant. The Brazilian couple worried about not being able to see their unborn child on an ultrasound and form that bond with their son, but with the help of modern technology, they were able to experience their baby in an entirely different way. They were given the opportunity to have a 3D-printed ultrasound, through GE Healthcare’s technology, at an institute in Rio de Janeiro.

A 60 year old man met his 80-year-old father and his seven brothers and two sisters for the first time at the Salt Lake City International Airport last week. Dennis Fay lives in Murray and is 80 years old, and his son Michael Reed is 60 and lives in Chicago. Fay had a fling with a woman who worked as a carhop soon after returning from the Korean war. What he didn't know was that his girlfriend had gotten pregnant and given their child up for adoption. Michael Reed went to the Naval Academy, married, and had two kids. He says he began looking for his birth father when he was 12 but didn't find Fay until recently through a DNA site.

Tenth Avenue North is encouraging you to share a message of hope. They posted: Easter is a time of hope - the hope that the resurrection comes after persecution and that the Lord has won the victory over death. However, they add that someone you know may be lacking some. That's where you come in. You can send them the Tenth Avenue North song I Have this Hope along with your own personal message.

Josh Wilson was enjoying a little father/son time this week. He posted a picture of he and his son and added: Up early, reading "The Boy, The Kite, and the Wind."

Blanca is asking for your prayers. She posted a picture of she and her son this week and added: This cutie goes into surgery in just a few minutes... getting his adenoids taken out and tubes put in his ears. If you get a moment, please say a little prayer for him (and for mommy)

Laura Story and her husband, Martin, were offering hope and encouragement this week on Focus on the Family. The couple discussed how God has strengthened their faith and relationship after Martin was diagnosed with a brain tumor early in their marriage. Listen to the two day program by clicking on the link at

Dan Bremnes is enjoying some down time at home. He posted a picture with his family this week and added: Family Days are the best days.

Mandisa's new album is titled Out of the Dark and it truely is her life story. She shared this week: I battled depression for over 3 years, stayed in my house, and shut out everyone who loved me...including God. I gained almost 200 pounds during that period, and contemplated taking my life to end the pain and shame. But God lifted me #ut Of The Dark, and by His grace, I'm Still Here! God is not done with me yet!

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett was showing off a special guitar given to the band this week. The custom electric guitar is in the shape of the pink ribbon used to bring attention to Breast Cancer. Megan posted: It means a great deal to me because my mom is a breast cancer survivor!

Hillsong United member Taya Smith this week shared her thoughts on Easter. She posted: I think I have my head wrapped around some of what these 3 days mean but really it is unfathomable. However, she said the this quote from Oswald Chambers helps " . . . the cross was not something that happened to Jesus- He came to die, the cross was His purpose in coming.The cross was the place where God and sinful man merged with a tremendous collision and where the way to life was opened, but all the cost and pain of the collision was absorbed by the heart of God."

Hillsong worship is announcing plans for a new conference. The band posted this week: For the first time ever, we are pleased to announce that we're launching our brand new Hillsong Worship and Creative Conference. It will take place in Sydney, Australia November 15 - 17.

We are Worship USA sat down with Kari Jobe to talk about worshipping through loss and the story behind her new album The Garden. Check out the interview by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard says he is a big fan of his new normal. He posted a picture of on the couch with his wife and new baby and added: felt so great to come home.

Anyone who has ever lost a special pet can sympathize with Natalie Grant. She posted : A little over 11 years ago, when Bernie and I were told we may never be able to conceive a child, we got this adorable doggie and named her Coco. She was our first baby. Then my sister and her family wanted to adopt Coco and she helped them through hurt, disappointment and heartbreak. This week Natalie shared: Today was Coco's last day. All she ever knew to do was love. She will be dearly missed.

Jodi of Love and the Outcome was doing a little modeling this week. She shared a behind the scenes picture from her photo shoot for Fashionable, an organization that creates sustainable business opportunities for women locally and globally. One product included in her ensemble was a new bag designed by Francesca Battistelli

Matthew West will be on Facebook live Monday night at 8:00pm CT for a special event celebrating the launch of his new book, Hello My Name Is! He's inviting you to join him and wasn't above dropping a few names. Matthew posted: I might have a few of my friends join in on the festivities: Scott Hamilton, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Mandisa.

Several alternative versions of the Hillsong Worship song What A Beautiful Name are now available online. The variations of the song are part of the new EP from Hillsong Worship, featuring six versions of the song. Both the gospel version and the acoustic versions of What a Beautiful Name are available on the Hillsong Worship Youtube page. Check them out by clicking on the link at

Third Day's Mark Lee is out with another My Life As A Complete Idiot video. This time he takes on the ATM machine, and it doesn't go well. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

In time for Easter We Are Messengers has released an acoustic version of their song My Victory. Darren posted: Hell has been defeated, our sin and shame is gone. We as believers have received a grace that at times we cannot comprehend. Christ accomplished all of this through His death on a cross. With thankful hearts, we His people can rejoice in the knowledge that ‘a cross meant to kill is my victory’. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Recently Citizenway member Ben Calhoun traveled to Haiti with the Hands and Feet Project. This week Citizenway released a short clip from that trip as Ben joined with members of a local band to play Chris Tomlin's HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD.

Hannah Kerr is out with a new music video for her song “Radiate”. Watch her Official Music Video by clicking on the link at

Ryan Stevenson this week released a little mashup for Easter with Matt Maher. Check out the medley on Instagram by clicking on the link at

A week ago Building 429 front man Jason Roy expressed his frustrations after waiting 30 minutes just to mail a package at the post office. Now is daughter is out with an hilarious video recapping the entire Post office fiasco. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Aaron Shust says singing while eating is not easy. Aaron was the guest artist recently at Oasis International's celebration of the completion of the African Study Bible. He shared a picture of the menu, which announced that he would be singing while eating. Fortunately for those in attendance, it turned out that Aaron was singing while everyone else ate.

Casting Crowns member Josh Mix says attending a Kansas Royals baseball game this week wasn't his first choice but it was a good option. He posted from Kauffman stadium: Off day. Wish I was home, but this'll do.

Nearly three years after the 2014 death of friend and backup singer Lakisha "Kisha" Mitchell, Mandisa is finally ready to share her story with others. Mandisa is slated to release her album "Out of the Dark" on May 19. On April 26, she will perform on ABC's "Good Morning America" and discuss "Out of the Dark."

If you are visiting the Holy Land during April Hillsong United invites you to join them for one of their Worship Events. The worship band will be at the Sea of Galilee on April 21 and in the town of Caesarea on April 25.

Brandon Heath lead a morning devotion this week for Dave Ramsey and his team. He posted: I can tell it's a great place to work. Everybody I encountered there was happy to be there.

Christian music singer Chris Tomlin will unite church congregations across the state, along with fellow singers Big Daddy Weave, Zach Williams, Mosaic MSC and more Friday at Bridgestone Arena to raise funds and awareness for Tennessee’s foster children. According to the Tennessean, Good Friday Nashville also will feature Christian author Max Lucado. Proceeds from the event will go to Tennessee Kids Belong, an organization that educates and mobilizes the community to meet foster care needs and gives Tennessee children in foster care a face and a voice.

Brio is back. The Focus on the Family magazine for teen girls is gearing up for a new season after several years out of production.

3 Tips to Understanding Wives’ Fatigue
1. Human beings (and particularly women), tolerate stresses and pressure much more easily if at least one other person knows they are enduring it.
2. Most women will agree that the daily tasks of running a household can be managed; it is the accumulating projects that break their backs.
3. Husbands and wives should constantly guard against the scourge of over commitment.

8 Questions To Never Ask A New Mom:

The Alabama Senate has granted a large church the right to create their own police force. Christian Today reports that the 4,000-member Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham says it needs its own police force to keep its congregation safe, especially with the many events the church holds every year and the increased violence directed at church congregations. The bill passed in a 24-4 vote.

A new report on consumer trends of America’s teens has found that fast food chain Chick-Fil-A ranks number one on the list of restaurants teens like best. The report comes from a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray. It looks at teen spending trends. It is especially noteworthy that Chick-Fil-A has moved into the number one spot, because the restaurant which is known for its founders’ and owners’ conservative Christians values, beat out coffee chain Starbucks.

For the last five years, the Pro-Life Action League has used Good Friday as a day to pray for the unborn. The annual event is called, "Way of the Cross for Victims of Abortion." Prayer vigils are held outside of abortion clinics across the country and include prayer stations that have biblical images of Christ's journey to the cross.

The targeted Palm Sunday bombing of two Coptic churches in Egypt left more than 40 people dead and more than a hundred injured, yet Coptic church leaders and members refuse to respond to their attackers in anger. Avram Wahba, a subdeacon of St. George's Coptic Church in Tanta where a bomb exploded under a seat while the service was going on, said those who were responsible for the atrocity are "blind" and need to be prayed for. Wahba told KIRO 7 "People who do this are just blind. They don't-they think that they're serving their God, but really, they're just blind, So we pray for them."

Seven suspected ISIS militants were killed by Egyptian forces as they gathered to plan another attack on minority Christians, the government has said. The Mail Online reports that the jihadists, who were killed in a shootout in the southern province of Assui, were planning to attack a monastery in Durunka, Christians across Assuit and Sohag provinces, and attack police officers, government buildings and a courthouse.

A Sudanese Christian was killed and another stabbed while taking part in a peaceful protest against the government's attempted appropriation of a Christian school. Persecution watchdog World Watch Monitor reports that earlier this week, around 20 people armed with knives and other weapons attacked those participating in the three-day demonstration held to protest the government-linked committee's decision to sell the land on which the school is situated without the school's consent. Younan Abdulla, part of the Sudan Evangelical Presbyterian Church (SEPC), was among those attacked. The 28-year-old husband and father of two later died from his wounds

Muslims displaced by ISIS are embracing Christianity thanks to the witness of their children, who share with their parents the love of Christ. A ministry director working at a refugee in northern Iraq told Christian Aid Mission that recently, 600 children attended a program put on by the ministry, where they received Bibles and heard the gospel.

Ho Yeow Sun, co-founder of Singapore-based City Harvest Church and wife of pastor Kong Hee, revealed their family is going through a difficult time after the High Court on Friday handed down the jail terms for Kong and five other leaders of the church. "Keep my family in prayer," she told Asia One. "It's a difficult time for us." Kong was convicted of three charges of criminal breach of trust.

Evangelical churches are thriving in Brazil, particularly in the country’s poorest communities. According to, Many poor Brazilians are drawn to evangelical churches because the churches are the one thing in their communities that are caring for them and providing for their physical needs, as well as their spiritual ones.

Egypt wasn’t the only country where Christians were targeted on Palm Sunday. In India as well, five churches were raided during their Palm Sunday services or their pastors were attacked, according to World Watch Monitor. A mob beat one pastor, and Hindu extremists or government officials detained several of the other pastors and a few others, accusing them of violating anti-conversion laws. They were later released.

Even though they've had dinner earlier, the 8-year-old son and his 4-year-old sister are hungry — for McDonald's. But instead of the waking up his parents, the boy decides this is a problem he can handle by himself. Police say The boy seated his sister in the back of the father's work van before he got behind the wheel. He drove about a mile from his house, through four intersections and over railroad tracks. Witnesses in other vehicles spotted the underage driver and called police. They reported he obeyed traffic rules, stopped at red lights, adhered to the speed limit and didn't sideswipe a single garbage can.
After reaching the drive-thru at the fast-food restaurant, the boy paid for the cheeseburgers with money from his piggy bank. Yes, they did get to eat the food before police arrived.

An 11-year-old California boy is being called a hero after he took three bullets to save his 2-year-old sister after shots broke out at a birthday party on Sunday. Carrie Joe, along with her son and daughter, were at a toddler's birthday party when the shooting happened. Carrie said her son son covered his sister with his body to protect her. The boy was shot in the chest, back, and knee, and had to undergo surgery to remove a kidney and his appendix. Luckily, he is expected to make a full recovery.

Toyota is introducing a wearable robotic leg brace designed to help partially paralyzed people walk. The Welwalk WW-1000 system is made up of a motorized mechanical frame that fits on a person's leg from the knee down. The patients can practice walking wearing the robotic device on a special treadmill that can support their weight. The gadget is designed to be worn on one leg at a time for patients severely paralyzed on one side of the body due to a stroke or other ailments,

A waitress at a popular Waikiki restaurant got a very big surprise during her shift. Cayla Chandara was waiting on a couple from Australia and she says they hit it off. When they left Chandara says she was shocked to see the tip was for $400, double the $200 bill for the dinner. But the generosity didn't stop there. The next day, the couple returned to the restaurant and offered to help pay off her student loans and debt, which totaled more than $10,000.

Researchers at Hebrew University have discovered a new way to detect underground land mines with a combination of fluorescent bacteria and lasers. The new detection method has worldwide implications, since millions of mines buried underground have injured nearly a half million people in 70 countries and still maim or injure at least 15,000 people each year. Israeli researchers experimented with bacteria surrounded by polymeric beads, engineered to give off a fluorescent signal when they contact explosive vapors from underground land mines.

The last time Jeff Holden saw his tiny Yorkshire terrier Dobby was very early last Wednesday morning. After Dobby disappeared, Jeff printed and posted 70 flyers around his Spokane Valley neighborhood, knocked on doors and took out a photo ad on Craigslist. Then his phone rang. A stranger calling from an unlisted number said he’d noticed Holden’s dog on Craigslist. It turned out Dobby had been sold on Craigslist less than 24 hours after he disappeared. Jeff was able to purchase him back from his new owner for $100

WHILE most kids go to school with backpacks, 14-year-old John Michael “JM” Belida has been carrying a “special baggage” on his back for eight years now. The Philippino teen has been carrying his younger sister, 12-year-old Ella Mae, on his back to school since Grade 1 until their graduation day last April 7. Ella has disabilities that keep her from walking.

Taiwan has passed landmark animal protection laws imposing fines for the consumption of dog and cat meat as well as jail time for those who kill and torture animals. The Animal Protection Act amendments approved by the Legislative Yuan on Tuesday punish the sale, purchase or consumption of dog or cat meat with fines ranging from NT$50,000 to NT$2 million.

A North Carolina squirrel is living the dream: two special mini cones of ice cream per day served up by her human friends. Putter the squirrel lives in a tree above Fantasy Isle Ice Cream and Mini Golf in Holden Beach and has gotten quite comfortable fattening up with her daily treats. Putter eats her ice cream from petite, squirrel-size cones the shop keeps on hand just for her.

Every delinquent student lunch account in the Austin Independent School District is now up to date. After a blog post explaining what happens when a student can’t pay his or her school lunch/breakfast account, donors responded by donating more than $10,000 to help catch up students who’d fallen behind.

Listening to Colton Dixon's music might even help you get out of a ticket. One police officer wrote Colton: I stopped a car last night and when I walked up to the car to discuss the violation, I heard Colton Dixon on their radio. He says he gave the violator a warning rather than a ticket.

This week has been a mountain top experience for Tobymac...literally. He and his wife climbed to the 74-hundred foot peak of Blue Mountain in Jamaica one morning. Tobymac says it was super cold at the peak.

Colton Dixon was on ESPN Music this week. The Christian artist talked with the sports network about his third studio album Identity. Read the entire interview by clicking on the link at

It may be time for Jason Roy to hang up the Mountain bike. The Building 429 front man posted a picture of his badly scratched arm and added: When dad tries to be cool Mountain biking with his son... uh, oh.... maybe I'm too old for this

Tenth Avenue North celebrated Tenth On The Tenth this month by hosting their very own Easter Egg Hunt on line. Fans were asked to find 10 specific items somewhere in the bands official videos.

Calling all hunters. Mandisa has a turkey problem. She posted a short video of the wild turkeys in her front and back yard and admitted that she is scared of turkeys. She even tried yelling from the safety of her home to scare them off but the turkey's seemed unconcerned.

A suggestion from Kutless member James Mead: One of my favorite things to do is explore famous landmarks and places in MY OWN city!! I think too many people overlook the cool stuff where they live. Exploring the world is sooooo fun, but don't miss out on whatever is special about your home turf!

Ever wonder about the bars on the front of the new Mercyme album Lifer. The band explained this week:
The three bars represent three different “facets” of LIFE.
1: LIFE – Living.
Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. (Genesis 2:7)
2: LIFE – The path of life you are on.
Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses. (1 Timothy 6:12)
3: LIFE – Living WITH life or passion.
I will praise the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being. (Psalm 146:2)

Crowder confirmed this week: The rumors are true, the album American Prodigal is available on cassette!

If you have attended a Kerrie Roberts show in the past few years, you have probably heard her perform the song Nothing but the Blood. This week she explained: The band and I started doing this hymn during live shows a few years ago. Our stories are most certainly different, our hearts growing in distinct ways but we’re all finding all our hope and peace in Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus. Watch the full song by clicking on the link at

Have you noticed that several tracks are missing from the Mercyme album Lifer. That's because three extra tracks are only available as part of a special edition sold only at Cracker Barrel. Included at the songs Sing, A Little Hope and His Eye Is on the Sparrow. Find out more about the story behind the extra songs by clicking on the link at

Are you going to prom without a date? Jamie Grace made this video just for you. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Another behind the scenes video from Casting Crowns. The latest video features Melodee Devevo sharing how she and her husband Juan serve in their local church. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Olympic GymnastSimone Biles is catching the eye of worship leader Chris Tomlin. She used his song Good Good Father for her latest dance in the Dancing with the Stars competition, prompting Chris to write... I just heard about what you did on Dancing with the Stars tonite. Well done. You're a champion in so many ways! Check out Simone's performance by clicking on the link at

Jason Gray when back to his roots this week. He posted: set up my workspace at Coffee Hag today--the first place I ever played a concert! Lots of good memories in that room

Danny Gokey and Mandisa might tour together sometime down the road. Danny posted this week: A Dan-disa Tour sounds good to us. And it could be the name of my next child if it's a girl. Mandisa replied: for the record, I FORBID Danny from naming his child Dandisa!

Tenth Avenue North front man Mike Donehey was showing off what he described as the greatest end of tour gift he has ever been given. It was a onesie that said Your My Best Friend Mike Donehey on the front and features a picture of Colton Dixon on the back. Both artists were part of the Winterjam tour. Mike posted: I'm going to wear this onesie for the rest of my life.

Want to be Megan Garrett's friend. Taco Bell is a good way to start. The member of Casting Crowns says some members of the tour went to Taco Bell after the show, prompting her to text fellow band member Josh Mix: "If you wanna bring me back one soft taco with sour cream, I might consider letting you be my friend." However, there was an additional stipulation. Megan added: "No tomatoes or the deal is off!"

Mandisa says the last night of the Hits Deep Tour, aka Prank Night, was unforgettable. Each night during one song Mandisa and her band freezes for about 15 seconds. On the final night members of their fellow bands sprinted accross the stage as Mandisa and her bands froze in place in the middle of her set.

Casting Crowns member Juan Devevo says his kids are studying Michelangelo in school as they travel and they found an example of his work in a unique place. Juan pointed out that there's a cast replica of Michelangelo's statue South Dakota.

The latest Ken Davis Lighten UP Video features the Bugs of Tennessee. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

5 Rules to Ruin Families
Rule #1 – Don’t Talk
Rule #2 – Don’t Feel
Rule #3 – Don’t Touch
Rule #4 – Don’t Resolve
Rule #5 – Don’t Trust

5 Ways to Pray Intentionally for your spouse
1: Their Heart
2: Their Mind
3: Their Health and Safety
4: Their Concerns
5: Their Purpose

The pro-life movement has been gaining ground in recent months. In Kentucky, all abortion clinics except one have been shut down. Now, however, a Kentucky judge has signed an order mandating that the clinic be allowed to stay open and continue to operate.

Mr. T has already promised to shave his famous mohawk in honor of children fighting cancer if he wins Dancing with the Stars — and his inspiration stems from his own battle with the disease. The former A-Team star was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma in 1995, and he told PEOPLE after Monday’s episode, “that’s why I’m dancing.” “I’m dancing for the kids at St. Jude [Children’s Research Hospital] and Shriners [Hospitals for Children],” he said.

Pope Francis will go forward with a planned visit to Egypt this month, despite two bombings at Coptic Christian churches over the weekend, Vatican officials told reporters on Monday. The pontiff is due to visit Cairo on April 28 and April 29

Pope Francis has opened a free laundromat for the poor in Rome. Six washing machines, six dryers and a number of irons have been donated by the Whirlpool Corporation, while Proctor and Gamble are furnishing laundry detergent and softener. The Vatican said the Pope's laundromat is a service to "restore dignity to many people who are our brothers and sisters."

Christian film The Case for Christ made it into the top 10 at the box office over the weekend. The film tells the story of atheist-turned-Christian-apologist Lee Strobel. The film came in at number 10, grossing $3,900,000. It also reportedly was shown in 1,174 movie theaters nationwide, according to This was just the first weekend of the movie’s release.

At least one million Christians are preparing to travel to Rome to observe Holy Week and celebrate Easter. According to Christian Today, security in Rome has been heightened in the wake of recent events in Syria and Egypt and the increased violence directed toward Christians in many areas of the world.

A new Barna Group study has revealed a rift between Christians who say their faith is important to them and Christians who regularly attend church. According to Christian Today, the study revealed that more and more Americans say they are “spiritual but not religious” and that they “love Jesus, but not the Church.”

The death toll from two bombings of Coptic Christian churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday has risen to at least 49 people. The first bombing occurred at St. George’s Church in Tanta and reportedly killed 27 and injured 78. A second bombing occurred at St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria, killing 18 civilians and four police officers. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks and warned that more violence is to come for Egyptian Christians.

A new survey conducted in Great Britain showed that one in four of those who considered themselves as Christians do not believe the resurrection of Jesus really happened. A new survey conducted in Great Britain showed that one in four of those who considered themselves as Christians do not believe the resurrection of Jesus really happened. The report also found that 57 percent of the respondents who described themselves as "active" Christians, meaning they attend worship service at least once a month, completely believe in what the Bible says, word for word. However, among all the Christians who answered the survey, whether active or not, only 31 percent take the message of the Bible word for word.

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of an 80-mile peace march Iraqi Christians will take to protest the Islamic state and the violent acts they've committed throughout the Middle East, according to the Catholic Herald. About 100 people attended the Sunday morning mass in Irbil, which kicked off the march scheduled to run through Holy Week.

US President Donald Trump hosted a White House Passover seder Monday night, an administration official told The Times of Israel on Sunday, confirming that the new administration will continue a tradition started by former president Barack Obama. Trump is the first president with immediate family members who are Jewish. His daughter Ivanka married Kushner, an Orthodox Jew, in 2009. Before tying the knot, she underwent a rigorous Orthodox conversion process.

What's the best way to bolster your country's bid for the World Cup? The U.S., Canada and Mexico have settled on an unprecedented answer to that question: just combine forces. The chiefs of the three countries' national soccer organizations broke the news in New York City this week, announcing their joint bid to host the 2026 men's World Cup.

After 51 failed surgeries in four European countries and the United States, this Dutch boy can finally see again ... thanks to a doctor in Saudi Arabia. The 8-year-old Dutch boy, identified as Dani, lost his eyesight due to a genetic disease when he was just 2 years old.

Seven-year-old Jak, from Telford in England, suffered a head injury and was hospitalised after being pushed by fellow students and hitting his head on a metal pole. Lacey shared her son's story and graphic pictures of his injury on her Justice for Jak Facebook page, with one of the posts being shared more than 400,000 times. In response, Campbell Remess, a Tasmanian teddy bear maker, created 'hero' toy for the boy

Stephen Overbury is giving away his waterfront farm, including four barns, a 1830s beautiful stone home, some equipment and a vehicle, "ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE." The 62-year-old's farm is located near Smiths Falls in eastern Ontario. Overbury is looking for the perfect person to take over his humble abode as he is planning on moving back to Japan where he lived for about 15 years.

Hundreds of lives were saved by a quick-thinking security van driver who drove his van directly into the path of the rampaging lorry, forcing the terrorist to lose control and crash. Heroic Santiago Cueva, 27, was sitting in his van outside the Åhlens department store in Stockholm on Friday when he saw the hijacked lorry racing down the street, mowing down everything in its path.
Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, he said that his first thought was to protect the Swedish parliament, which was just 500 metres down the road from the scene of the attack.

New York just became the first state in the nation to make tuition free for middle class students at both two- and four-year public colleges. Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced the tuition-free plan in January. Lawmakers agreed to include it in the state budget, which was approved by the Assembly and by the Senate over the weekend. The governor is expected to sign the budget bills.

Thirteen-year-old Jamarion Styles doesn’t need arms to shoot 3-pointers on the basketball court. He just lets fly and the ball finds the net. Because of a rare bacterial infection, Jamarion lost his arms as an infant. But that doesn’t stop the Eagles Landing Middle School student from showing off his talents on the basketball court.

Norway plans to sell only electric and hybrid vehicles by 2025. Norway's electric car market is growing rapidly. While only 2% of car sales in 2002 were EVs, that number has risen to 22% in 2015 and is continuing to grow.

2017 is the 150th anniversary of Canada, and many things are being done to mark the big event. One of them is the release of a brand-new $10 bill featuring four of the countries most significant historical figures, including their first female Member of Parliament and their first senator of First Nations origin.

The sun in the state of California is so strong – and the number of solar farms so large – that electricity prices in the state have begun turning negative on the main power exchange. However, California residents shouldn't expect a payment any time soon. Officials say the negative wholesale prices do not translate into an unexpected windfall for consumers. This is because retail prices are based on the average cost, so people might get slightly cheaper electricity but not an actual cash payment as a result of prices becoming negative for a few hours.

A word of advice from Mark Schultz. He posted over the weekend: Found out today that iPads don't bounce...

Congratulations to Isaacs members Sonya Isaacs Yeary and her husband Jimmy Yeary. According to GMA, the couple welcomed Evya Marcella Yeary into the world on Friday, March 31, 2017 at 12:02 AM. The Isaacs will continue their touring schedule with special guests alternating weekends filling in for Sonya while she is on maternity leave. Judy Martin Hess (of the Martins) and Ladye Love Smith on vocals, along with Kevin Moore and Jarrod Walker playing mandolin.

Holy Week is a time for prayer and praise, reflection and celebration. In response, Integrity music is out with a 7-day Easter Devotional released in connection with the YouVersion Bible App.

Third Day member Mark Lee is working on the FINAL REVISION of his book. The band's guitarist posted: This is what it looks like right now. Very soon it will be available at your favorite bookstore. But why wait? Preorder your copy today!

Matthew West has been working out with a specific goal in mind. He posted: I’ve worked with a trainer to develop a rigorous hand-strengthening workout plan just for this. Matthew held a Live Signing event over the weekend, signing copies of his upcoming new book Hello, My Name Is...

Plumb says teeth whitening is an adult version of time out. The process requires that she sit and don't talk for an entire hour.

Colton Dixon had the chance to visit Marval comic last week but pointed out that he wasn't the only one excited about the visit. He posted: guess who was most excited to wield Thor's hammer? Attached was a picture of his wife Anne Dixon holding the hammer.

Congratulations to Jon and Jessica Steingard. The Hawk Nelson front man introduced the world to his new baby over the weekend. Grey Joshua Steingard was born Saturday morning.

Mercyme recently released their new album Lifer. But while the full project is available nation wide, the band has bonus songs only available at one place. Mercyme has released a special version of the new album with 3 Exclusive Bonus Tracks including A Little Hope, Sing, and His Eye Is On The Sparrow at Cracker Barrel stores.

Francesca Battistelli was celebrating the release of “Starlight” over the weekend. Bethel Music's first album recorded live on tour features 14 new songs, including a couple of songs led by Francesca. They are “There’s No Other Name” and “God I Look to You.”

A lyric video featuring Stu Garrard, Matt Maher, and Audrey Assad is now available. The video features the song "Oh, Mercy." Check it out by clicking on the link at

A school in Nashville made the for King and Country song Fix My Eyes their anthem for the year. When members of the band found out they decided to surprise the students with an impromptu to concert. Joel and Luke posted a video while dropping by the school to perform the song live. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Mandisa's latest song is titled I'm Still Here. Check out the audio for the song by clicking on the link at It's from her full album Out of the Dark.

Britt Nicole recently shared the story behind her new song Be The Change. Check out the story behind the song by clicking on the link at

Sarah Reeves released her new song "Nowhere" over the weekend. Now you can check out the lyric video for the song by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns Mark Hall spoke on the difference between trying religion and trusting Jesus. Check out the latest Weekend Word from the band by clicking on the link at

NeedToBreathe released the official video for their song Hard Love, featuring Andra Day, over the weekend. Check out the music video by clicking on the link at

The band About A Mile recently had a song featured in a Dude Perfect Video. The video used the song Born to Live from the band. Watch the trick shot video by clicking on the link at

Danny Gokey was recently featured on the Harry Connick JR show. Now you can watch it on replay. Click on the link at

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard is out with a new, super raw version of the band's song Live Like You're Lived. It was recorded in one take in Jon's living room. Check out the music video by clicking on the link at

Matthew West was getting the Spa treatment over the weekend, thanks to his daughter Delaney. He posted that her Day Spa is in full effect. Matthew and their dog Nick were both getting their nails done. Matthew posted: She's trying to overcharge me, though. At least she chose blue for the color. Delaney says she's looking for investors currently. Now she's spraying Aqua Net all over my head. Let's just say I'm gonna be styling about town today.

A rare occurrence for Jason Gray over the weekend. The room where artists stay backstage before a concert is called the Green Room. But Jason pointed out this weekend while in Charleston that the green room was actually… green!

Christ August and Building 429's Jason Roy took advantage of a nearby football stadium over the weekend while on the Worship in the Round Tour. Chris posted: Talked Jason Roy into running some routes with me. By routes I mean we took turns throwing long balls and missed most of them. Here is a video of one I actually caught:

The crowd came through when the power went out in Kansas City during this weekend's Worship Night in America. 7,500 people used their phones to light up the auditorium and sang along as Chris Tomlin led How Great Is Our God.

Joni Tada is gearing up to celebrate 35 years in radio. She posted: This May will mark over 9,200 radio programs I've recorded over the past 35 years. It’s hard for me to believe, considering where it all started. It was in late 1981 and I had been in bed for several weeks trying to heal up a stubborn pressure sore. After being in bed a month, I had become discouraged. That's when a media group that works in Christian radio – came to meet with me. They had been reading my books, and listening to my messages, and they wanted me to consider going on the radio.

Six of the sessions from The Gospel Coalition conference earlier this year are now available on line. The sessions focus on the 6 chapters of Galatians and are available to watch online. The Gospel Coalition National Conference was held April 3-5, 2017 in Indianapolis, with the theme of “No Other Gospel.”

Looking for some fun Easter activities to do with your kids? Joni and Friends wants to help. Check out their Kids’ Corner palm leaf activity!

Want to make the most of Holy Week? In Touch is giving away Dr. Charles Stanley’s Easter titled Cross and Crown. The free booklet is designed to help you rest in the work of the cross and the promises of the resurrection. It is comprised of scripture passages from the book of Matthew and reflections from Dr. Stanley on the cross and resurrection.

4 Steps to Mend a Broken Heart
Step 1 – Recognize and Admit: The Role of Confession and Breaking the Power of Your Secret
Step 2 – Clean Out the Infection: The Role of Grieving and Breaking the Power of Your Denial
Step 3 – Renew the Mind: The Role of Truth and Breaking the Power of Your Unbelief
Step 4 – Exercise the Will: The Role of Accountability and Breaking the Power of Your Fear

If you made a mistake, apologize.
If you are appreciative, show it.
If you are stuck, ask for help.
If you love someone, tell them, now.

Getting a Bible to every believer is a task that the global body of Christ can accomplish in our lifetime. Voice of the Martyrs is committed to seeing it happen in countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith. They report that 20,000 Bibles have been sponsored so far. Would you like to join in delivering God's Word into hostile & restricted nations?

Boko Haram continues to terrorize Nigerians and especially Christians. It is estimated that at least 500 Catholic priests have been killed in the country due to the violent Boko Haram militants. According to a report from, the 500 priests were all killed in Borno state. In addition, 250 Catholic churches were set on fire by Boko Haram and as many as 80,000 Nigerian Catholics have been made homeless.

An airman is facing censure over his support for Biblical Marriage. The 26-year U.S. Air Force veteran is battling an official admonishment from his commanding officer over allegedly disparaging remarks he made about homosexuality more than four years ago. A letter of admonition detailing the accusation, filed with no warning or opportunity for Col. Michael Madrid to respond, is a stain on the decorated airman’s record and could cost him future promotions, his attorney said.

A federal judge on April 3 blocked an Indiana law that required women seeking an abortion to get an ultrasound at least 18 hours before the procedure. Several states have laws requiring ultrasounds to give women the chance to see their babies before they abort them. U.S. District Judge Tanya Pratt’s preliminary injunction against the law is the first challenge to a state ultrasound requirement since last year’s Supreme Court ruling in Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt.

Deacon Keith Fournier says kidnappings and attacks on Christians by Boko Haram Islamists are a “demonic assault.” Most recently, Boko Haram extremists kidnapped 22 young girls Friday. The girls will be held as sex slaves or sold. In September of last year, Boko Haram Islamists riding on motorcycles shot down Christians who were walking home from church. They killed eight.

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova has rebuffed attempts by the U.N. cultural body to deny an historic Jewish connection to Jerusalem. "In the Torah, Jerusalem is the capital of King David, where Solomon built the Temple and placed the Ark of the Covenant," Bokova said last week at the policy conference of the European Coalition for Israel, a grassroots Christian initiative. Bokova's comments represent a sharp contrast to previous statements and resolutions issued by the U.N. agency. In October 2016, UNESCO passed two controversial resolutions condemning Israeli actions at Jerusalem's holy sites as well as ignoring Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

With priests blowing silver trumpets, a group of religious Jews slaughtered a sheep on Thursday in Jerusalem's Old City to demonstrate the traditional paschal sacrifice, the first time such a reenactment has been held inside the city walls in 2,000 years. The event was organized by Temple Mount activists and supervised by police and the state veterinarian service. Approximately 200 men, women and children attended the event

ISIS claimed responsibility for bombings that killed 43 at two Coptic churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday -- brazen strikes against a vulnerable minority on one of the most important days on the Christian calendar.

Believe it or not, some companies in Canada's British Columbia province can force women to wear high heels at work. But not any more. The premier of the province, Christy Clark, announced Friday that companies can no longer impose such a rule. Clark, who belongs to the Liberal Party, called the practice dangerous and discriminatory.

Firefighters and police officers in Roy, Utah, donated cash and gifts cards from their own pockets to a boy who watched his family’s home go up in flames on his birthday. Along with their car, clothes, furniture and personal belongings, the family also lost all of Tyten’s birthday presents. The police officers joined local firefighters in donating cash and gift cards. A group of firefighters and police officers reunited with the Sparks family at their home late last week to surprise Tyten and his brother with the gifts.

Domestic abuse survivor marries the paramedic who saved her life

The secret to keeping your mind and body young and vibrant at any age: getting your beauty sleep. According to an April 2017 study published in the journal Neuron, lack of quality shut-eye among senior citizens can raise their risk of memory loss and suffering wide range of mental and physical disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and stroke. Matthew Walker, senior author of the study and professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of California, Berkeley, says “Nearly every disease killing us in later life has a causal link to lack of sleep.”

Carter Wilkerson asked Wendy’s Twitter account how many retweets he would need to earn a free year’s supply of chicken nuggets. Wendy’s responded: 18 Million. In the history of Twitter, the most retweeted tweet ever remains Ellen’s selfie from the Oscars, at 3.3 million retweets. Carter would need 5.45 times that many people to achieve Wendy’s huge task. But he is still trying.

McDonalds has rolled out a new bacon and cheese flatbread to some of its UK branches. According to Metro and BurgerLad, the fancy not-your-average-Joe flatbread appeared on some breakfast menus in the Berkshire area, and is a cheesy delight to order as a breakfast side.

A Chicago high school student was accepted into every one of the 24 colleges she applied to, 23 of which were historically black colleges and universities. Ariyana Davis is an 18-year-old senior at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School. She was able to apply to dozens of schools thanks to the Common Black College Application that allows students to apply to up to 50 HBCUs for a mere $35. The second-generation college student, who was offered a total of $300,000 in financial aid from all the schools, added that she felt "really grateful."

When Kierra Brown was a little girl living in Florida, her family could not afford to take her to Disney World, even though it was just a couple of hours away. Now, at 25, the beauty queen, children’s book author and entrepreneur delivers the joy she missed to sick children, leading a group of students at the University of Florida who dress up like Snow White, Ariel, Belle and Cinderella through a free program Brown started last November called Project Princess.

One of the biggest problems with the internet is that you can’t literally eat it. At least, that’s what the marketing executives at Hershey’s Brazil operations seem to think. The confectioner recently sought to correct the oversight with a campaign that filled a website with chocolate objects instead of real ones, and raffled them off to fans. There were sunglasses, mustaches, smiley face emoji, French fries and even a YouTube “play” button, all made from solid chocolate, and promoted on the landing page.

Each season the San Diego Padres re-sign their second-round pick from the 1993 draft, even though he hasn't played in nearly 20 years. After former pitcher Matt LaChappa had a heart attack in the bullpen in 1996, he sustained brain damage, cutting his career short and confining him to a wheelchair. Minor league contracts are not lucrative — about $3,000 to $7,500 for a five-month season, according to Michael McCann — but they do come with benefits.

For one year Greta Taubert gave up everything as part of an experiment to live life without money. The German freelance journalist renounced consumer society to survive on little more than what she could produce, make, recycle or barter for herself. She has written a book about the experience - "Apokalypse Jetzt!" -- German for "Apocalypse Now".

Clayton and Dolores Shelburne were married for 66 years before she passed away in May 2015. Clayton told CBS 4 Indianapolis that his wife initially started making blankets with a camping club, which would donate them to different organizations in the area. In his wife’s absence, Clayton has found himself with the time and resources to continue the charitable activity on his own. He now wields a yardstick and scissors, carefully measuring playful fabric and cutting it into patterns.

Two high school sweethearts who hadn't gone on a date together since the 1950s decided to tie the knot. Joyce Kevorkian and James Bowman graduated from an Illinois high school in 1953 and went off to different colleges. They both would eventually go on to get married, have children and live life. Then both of their spouses passed away. When Kevorkian received a letter from Bowman last fall, she responded and said the two should meet to catch up a bit. Bowman drove several hours from Springfield, Illinois to South Bend to see Kevorkian, and the two went on their first date in more than 60 years. On Saturday, April 1, they held a small ceremony with family and friends and tied the knot just 64 years after their high school prom.

Mary Graham wants to find the man who saved her son's life to thank him — and pay for his dry cleaning. At a Subway in Alsip on Tuesday night, a stranger dislodged a Dorito from her son's throat, she said. He was vomited on in the process and left before she had the chance to thank him.

One 7-year-old girl didn't let her alopecia diagnosis stop her from participating in her school's "Crazy Hair Day." Daniella Wride told ABC News that she was "nervous" when her daughter, Gianessa, came home from Salem Elementary School with details on their Spirit Week that included a day called, "Crazy Hair Day." Gianessa was diagnosed months earlier with alopecia, an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks the hair follicles. Then Daniella was hit by an idea after seeing scrap-booking materials -- decorate her daughter's head with adhesive jewels. It cost $4 total and only took 10 minutes to apply.

The Rend Collective Family is growing. The band posted a sonogram photo this week and added: Thankfully we have toured with Chris Tomlin so I'm prepared to be a good good father! Name suggestions welcome!

A reminder from Mandisa: "I am a Jesus girl who can step on the scale and see the numbers as an indication of how much my body weighs, and not as an indication of my worth."

Several weeks ago Hillsong United member Taya Smith posted a picture of her new, short hair cut. Now she's going even shorter. She posted: Sorry mum, I couldn't help it

Natalie Grant is representing her industry. She posted a picture with her husband earlier this week and added: Headed to Capitol Hill to speak to law makers on behalf of music creators for Grammys On The Hill. I'm honored The Recording Academy thought I was knowledgeable enough to speak about copyright laws, but just incase, I'm really glad this super intelligent guy is coming with me because he makes me sound smarter.

Brandon Heath was challenged this week to make every face he could think of. And he was up to the task. Watch Brandons video montage by clicking on the link at

Aaron Shust is thankful for things like Bacon, Dates, Fêta, Olive Oil, Salt. His family has been eating Raw Brussel Sprout Snacks and added that brussel sprouts weren't meant to be eaten alone.

NeedToBreathe continues to focus on the definition of Hard Love. This year they posted: Hard Love is doing something difficult for the benefit of another

Mercyme member Mike Scheuchzer is cheering on his kids choices. He posted: The kid got braces today and opted for Rangers colors in honor of baseball season.

The Christian music web site New Release Today is following up on some of the past New Artist of the Year Dove Award Winners. This week the web site released a look at winners of the award from 1997 to 2007 as well as where they are now. Included are updates on artists ranging from Jeremy Camp to Aaron Shust.

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard is still waiting. He posted a picture of his wife at two days overdue, still living life too the fullest. She was spending time in the couples pool while waiting for the birth of their first child.

Third Day's Mac Powell drawing a line while on vacation with his family. He posted: Don't nobody need no iPads, DS, or none a that junk on vacation. Straight up puzzles.

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett posted before and after pictures of she and her husband this week. She added: My man and I have been on a journey for a while. A journey to better ourselves for ourselves, each other, our kids, and our ministries. If you're in a hopeless season, I have been there. Your appearance or stature doesn't define your beauty or worth- you are beautiful just how you are- however, if you find yourself in darkness and hopelessness and pain, God is bigger than that and greater is HE that is in you!!

Matthew West is asking for your help. He posted: Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell the world! Thanks for helping me spread the word about my new book Hello My Name Is on April 18. Sign up to help Matthew share the news by clicking on the link at

Mandisa is back with a new album called "Out of the Dark." The new album is Mandisa's fifth project and her first musical release in four years. According to, the songs in the album deal with the struggles she faced during her three-year bout with depression. Mandisa told the web site that Christian radio helped her to begin the climb out of her self imposed pit. She said it was hearing Casting Crowns song One Step Away on Christian Radio that God used to help lift her Out of the Dark.

Chris August says his new record is getting close. He posted a picture as he continued working on his next record in between shows with Building 429 and Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson is facing some tough critics. He posted a picture of his manager and his son both listening to his new songs and added: Hopefully they'll like them!

New music is finally available from Clay Crosse. The long time artist released Streets of Capernaum this week. The single, written by Crosse, is his first new music since the songs from the 2013 album titled “reDedication.” The song ponders Jesus’ possible nostalgia about the time he spent in Capernaum during the peak of his earthly ministry.

The North Point Inside Out band is out with new music. The band released their five song EP Today. It includes their latest single Death was Arrested.

Mercyme is out with a new video for their new album Lifer. The band spends an hour playing and talking through the entire new project. See them perform the songs live and talk about their meaning by clicking on the link at

During a recent trip to New York, the members of NeedtoBreathe spent some time talking with people about what HARDLOVE means to them. They posted: we heard some amazing stories and views on life, struggle, happiness and love. What came out of that is our new HARD LOVE is ________ series. To celebrate the launch, we wanted to share a video we made with the help of some hugely talented street performers. We asked them to learn and play their own version of HARD LOVE on the spot.

Danny Gokey was on Harry Connick's talk show this week talking about handling criticism. Check out Danny's thoughts by clicking on the link at

The latest Jamie Grace show is now available. The new episode is titled Strangers Are Just Friends You Haven't Met (But Don't Talk To Strangers). Check it out by clicking on the link at

This past weekend, Ellie Holcomb made her debut on the stage that she's dreamed of performing on her entire life, Nashville's famed Grand Ole Opry. Performing two songs from her current release Red Sea Road, she was introduced to the stage by long-time Opry members The Whites. Holcomb blogged about the experience on her website, sharing "I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve the night before because I was so excited for my Opry moment to come that I couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me!

World Vision is asking supporters to run or walk 6 kilometers on May 6. The organization shared that 6K is the average distance that people in the developing world walk for water — water that is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases. On Saturday, May 6th, 2017, people from around the globe will walk or run an average distance for an extraordinary cause. Each participant's registration of $50 goes to World Vision's Water Initiatives.

Max Lucado is partnering with the Jesus Film Project this Easter to present a short film collection. Max says the goal is to bring to life the questions raised in his book, "Six Hours One Friday". Check out the short films by clicking on the link at

The 4 Messages Kids Need to Hear from Their Parents
You’re safe with me.
You’re loved no matter what.
You’re called and capable.
You’re responsible for your own choices.

Five essentials for surviving and thriving when you are the only one trying to build your marriage.
Essential #1: Commit to trusting God without reservation
Essential #2: Know God’s character
Essential #3: Commit to studying and obeying God’s Word
Essential #4: Pray
Essential #5: Choose daily to love whether it is returned or not

Charlie Daniel's has proposed cities become "a sanctuary for the unborn." "How about some cities declaring themselves a sanctuary for the unborn and refuse to abide by the federal laws allowing abortion," Daniel's tweeted Thursday. The 80-year-old's tweet was in response to several large cities across the country's decision to shield illegal immigrants from deportation.

Easter is approaching, and it's putting churches on alert in countries with high persecution rates. It’s been just over a year since the grisly Easter attack that took place in Pakistan. For Christians, Easter is the pinnacle holiday to celebrate and remember the hope we have in Jesus. But because of attacks like these, it is also a day surrounded with threats and the unknown. However, year-after-year, congregations around the world step boldly into churches to worship.

A recent Pew survey showed the majority of self-identified white Evangelicals in the United States — about 70 percent — are “very concerned” about extremist Muslims in the country, as compared to about 50 percent of Americans overall. At the same time, another poll, conducted by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, indicated that 60 percent of Muslims in the U.S. have faced some level of religious discrimination over the past year.

The number of babies born to Muslims is expected to exceed the number born to Christians in under 20 years, according to a new Pew Research report. In addition, Christians are dying out faster than other religions.

A group of 15 Chinese Christians have been detained after more than 20 police officers raided a house church in theSichuan province in the south-west of the country. Authorities interrupted a Bible study and accused the group of 'illegally gathering a crowd to disturb public order'

In Kansas, a student newspaper is being praised for its hard work in reporting that Pittsburg High School's newly hired principal had seemingly overstated her credentials. The principal, Amy Robertson, has now resigned, after the paper found she claimed advanced degrees from Corllins University, an entity whose legitimacy has been questioned.

Pope Francis today welcomed four British imams who came with Cardinal Vincent Nichols for a private meeting in the Vatican to promote dialogue and close collaboration on social action in the UK. The Pope told the delegation that listening to each other was essential for the common future of humanity as we walk together in our shared lives. This ability to be attentive and to listen to each other, he said, is vital as we all seek a future together united in mercy and peace.

Answers in Genesis and its two attractions were recognized by the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau last week with the Star of Tourism Award. The Ark Encounter, which opened last July, and the Creation Museum, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in May, have reportedly attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors in the past few months.

A recent survey has revealed that the majority of Americans believe the Bible is important, but much fewer actually make time to read it. The survey, released by the American Bible Society, found that six in 10 or 58 percent of Americans recognize the Bible’s importance and wish they read it more. However, only about one in five Americans are actually actively reading their Bibles.

"Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson has revealed she's taking a temporary hiatus from social media to focus on her relationship with God and encouraged others who may be feeling "drained, hurt, consumed, or insecure" because of platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to take a break, as well. The 19-year-old model, author, and inspirational speaker made the announcement to her 2.8 million followers in an Instagram video

Two Sudanese men, one a leader in the Sudan Church of Christ, are still in jail for allegedly aiding a now-released Czech aid worker Petr Jasek. On Jan. 29, 2017, Rev. Hassan Abduraheem and geologist Abdumonem Abdumawla were found guilty by a court in the Sudanese capital Khartoum of aiding Jasek to "spy," incitement of hatred between religious groups, and propagation of false news.

Dozens of Pakistani Christians on trial for lynching two men they suspected of the double bombing of two churches in March 2015 were reportedly told by the public prosecutor they would be acquitted of all charges - if they converted to Islam.

General News & Trending Stories

A badger took five days to bury an entire cow but it was worth it. He enjoyed steak for a whole month. His work was filmed and then compressed into a less than one minute video.

The cell phone is being described as a decade of mergers and acquisitions. Vala Afshar posted two pictures. The first shows a PDA, video camera, laptop, watch, phone, camera, and walkman. The second shows what all of those items have combined to become: the common smart phone.

A new mobile app helps the visually impaired identify their surroundings. The app scan's and item's shape and pattern and then identifies it to the person holding the phone. It recognizes 1,000 every day items without connecting to the internet.

Audi's is debuting a new, innovative tail lights system. The new lighting utilized a continuous LED screen on the back of the car in place of the normal lights. The are designed to catch the attention of those following the car. However, they are not legal in the USA at this point. Official say they would be too distracting to other drivers.

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