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Casting Crowns was celebrating this week. The Atlanta based band was awarded the American Music Award for "Favorite Artist in the Contemporary Inspirational" category. The award was the group's fourth AMA. They also won in 2007, 2011 and in 2014. This year they defeated Mercyme and Hillsong United to take home the award. The AMA winners are determined by votes cast online as well as via Twitter.

Love and the Outcome is getting a jump on Christmas. They shared a picture of the brand new live Christmas tree. They said: To soon! Couldn't help it, so excited about our first real tree! Our house smells amazing!

A daily devotional is now available on the Building 429 Facebook page. The 2 days devotional is available during the days leading up to Thanksgiving as the members of the band seek to enter the season of Thanksgiving with a renewed outlook. Check out the devotionals by clicking on the link at

Congratulations to Mercyme's Nathan Cochran. He tweeted this week: Hello world!! Ashford Is here. Attached was a picture of their brand new baby.

Phil Wickham is gearing up for Thanksgiving. He shared this week: It's my third year in a row being in charge of the turkey. Just got this 21 pounder, and am creating my game plan. I really love Thanksgiving. Can't wait to sit around the table with people I love and devour this thing!

Kari Jobe was showing off her baby bump this week. She shared: Little Carnes is showing a whole lot more so I thought you might wanna see.

Plumb is getting excited about this Thursday's meal. She shared a picture of her Thanksgiving Grocery list as she prepared for the big day. Her husband and son have been in Asia and Plumb says they will be home just in time for the family celebration.

Mercyme's Mike Scheuchzer is a trend setter. He pointed out this week: I feel it's safe to say I'm probably the only guy in the world today who will wake up and build a chicken coop in Franklin, Tennessee be eating lunch in New York City. Mercyme will be part of a series of Thanksgiving and Christmas events this week in the big apple.

Jamie Grace may have a partner for her next song. She posted on twitter this week: I wonder if I ask really, really nicely if The Voice's Jordan Smith would sing with me someday. To her surprise, Jordan responded. He replied to her tweet with: Ummm DUH! It would be an honor!!

There was a special guest in Mrs. Green's home room this week. Building 429 member Aaron Branch participated in career day at his daughter Mackenzie's school. Aaron shared: Great to meet all of you amazing kids! You guys rocked.

Looking for a guitarist for your next recording. Audio Adrenaline's Brandon Bagby might be just the guy for you. He tweeted: Ready for tracking guitars anywhere I go! Let me know if you have any projects in need of guitar and ukulele tracks. Brandon says he took the leap, sharing a picture of the mobile recording equipment at he had just purchased.

In the aftermath of recent tragedies, Switchfoot wants to offer a song of hope. To do that, they are offering a free download of the previously unreleased song New Years Day. Members of the band say “New Year’s Day” is the dialogue of living and loving and believing and hoping in the face of fear and despair. Switchfoot shared: We want this song to offer you hope in 2015 and into the new year ahead of us. The song will be available as a free download through the end of the day today.

The web site FreeCCM is giving away Christmas music from Phillips, Craig, and Dean. Right now they are giving away a copy of the trio's song The First Noel. Download your free copy by clicking on the link at

Tuesday was a bittersweet day for Michael W. Smith. He and his family celebrated the life of Michael's Dad, who recently passed away. Michael says many tears were shed but they were mostly grateful for an extraordinary life. He added: What an amazing legacy my dad left. Thanks once again for all your love, support and your prayers.

Danny Gokey's Christmas lyric video is now live. Check out the lyric video for the song Lift Up Your Eyes. Click on the link at

Another Christmas lyric video is now available from Laura Story. Check out the video rendition of "Angels We Have Heard On High" from Laura's new Christmas album God With Us. Click on the link at

Chris Tomlin is out with a live rendition of his song Adore. Check out the video of his performance by clicking on the link at

The members of Tobymac's current tour found a great way to celebrate his latest number one song. After receiving news that Tobymac's song "Feel It" grabbed the #1 spot on the NCA chart, artist on tour with Tobymac like Britt Nicole and Colton Dixon recorded a special dance party video. Check it out by clicking on the link at

A fan recorded video of Building 429 is now available. The video features a live performance of the song Oceans Deep recorded in concert at the Women of Faith event in Orlando. Check out the live music video by clicking on the link at

Another Lighten Up clip from Ken Davis. This time he talks about an Odd Boy. Watch the clip by clicking on the link at

David Crowder is continuing to promote redneck ingenuity. He shared a picture titled hedge clipping make easy. It featured several guys using a winch and sling to hold a lawn mower off the ground as the mower trimmed the top of the hedge.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is a fan of Jamie Grace. He recently shared online: great to celebrate our win today with Jamie Grace. Matt added: She even helped Coby Fleener get his 1st interception.

Need an activity for kids this Thanksgiving? Joni and Friends is offering a free download of their "Give Thanks" matching activity. The page gives a series of Bible verses about being thankful and had kids match each verse with its reference, also helping them to remember reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving.

Two Ways to Instill Virtue in Your Children from Focus on the Family
Teach gratitude
Teach generosity

4 keys for a great Thanksgiving.
1. Guide the Seating Arrangements
2. Guide the conversation
3. Guide the guest list
4. Guide the Task-list

How to Improve Your Marriage with 6 "R" Words from All Pro Dad.
1. Recommit
2. Refresh
3. Remember
4. Renovate
5. Romance
6. Re calibrate

5 key tech tips for your holiday flight from Time
1. Noise canceling headphones
2. Computer, tablet or e-reader with applications already loaded
3. A fully charged battery and battery pack
4. The airlines app.
5. A good productivity app to make sure you aren't forgetting anything.

Believers in East Asia are planning something big. According to Mission Network News, More than 900 pastors and church leaders from their country recently gathered to discuss the largest missionary-sending initiative in the nation’s history. Over the next 15 years, this restricted-access country hopes to send 20,000 missionaries to some of the least-reached people groups in the world.

Two Irish filmmakers have changed their views about abortion after filming a documentary on the controversial practices of an abortion doctor. According to the Christian Headlines, The Christian Institute reports that husband and wife team Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney held a “fairly disinterested” stance on abortion prior to filming the documentary, viewing it as an “unfortunate but probably necessary part of modern life.” After making the film about abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, however, the couple changed their views. McAleer and McElhinney said that “the trial changed many minds and shook assumptions,” not least of all their own.

After Jaden Newman sunk two deep threes and a running floater, Downey Christian High School's season opener was stopped to honor its star's latest feat: At just 11 years old, Newman had just notched her 1000th varsity point. That’s right, the latest basketball phenom out of Orlando, Florida, is a sixth-grader. Newman has played on her school's varsity team since the third grade. Last year, at 10 years of age, the point guard averaged 30.5 points and 9.2 assists a game.

Just over three weeks after its first World Series championship in 30 years, Kansas City had blue carpet event outside the Music Hall for a premiere showing of the 2015 World Series DVD that allowed relive the five-game World Series triumph over the Mets, boosting the Royals to the top of the baseball world. The film arrives Dec. 1 on Blu-ray and DVD. The worldwide television premiere of The 2015 World Series is scheduled to air on FOX Sports 1 on Dec. 27.

The Census Bureau is considering changes to its race and ethnicity questions that would reclassify some minorities who were considered "white" in the past, a move that may speed up the date when America's white population falls below 50 percent. According to Yahoo, Census Director John Thompson told The Associated Press this week that the bureau is testing a number of new questions. The possible changes include allowing Latinos to give more details about their ethnic backgrounds and creating a new, distinct category for people of Middle Eastern and North African descent.

Wildfires strike suddenly and unexpectedly, destroying homes, taking lives and costing billions of dollars every year. Now, scientists say that new satellite technology developed by NASA will help predict where fires will strike next. According to Time, the system, known as FireSat, uses infrared sensors to identify wildfires when they have grown to be at least 35 to 50 feet wide. Detection by the system occurs within 15 minutes of the beginning of a fire.

Black Friday shopping can be daunting. However, according to a Time article, Google may have a solution. The company has analyzed foot traffic data it gathered from a sample of U.S. smartphone users between Nov. 1 and Dec. 25 last year to get an idea of how crowded stores get during the holiday season. On Black Friday specifically, traffic is usually heaviest in the afternoon rather than the morning, according to Google’s data. It’s lowest between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., with the crowds starting to pick up around 8 a.m. Foot traffic peaks between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Brandon Heath's song "Give Me Your Eyes" has gone Platinum. Provident Label Group announces the RIAA platinum certification of the song earlier this month, meaning that it has reached one million in sales.

The After's Josh Havens celebrated his 16th anniversary by hiking Camelback mountain with his wife. Josh shared pictures as the climbed and said So thankful she's still my best friend after all these years! Here's to many many more!

Josh Wilson learned something new about his baby boy this week. He tweeted: Turns out music settled him down. Must have been all the concerts he attended before he was born!

A bit of insight into Kutless guitarist James Mead. He tweeted: All. Black. Everything. It's such a "go to" color for me, because it looks classy, casual, rock...whatever. Black always works.

Jaun Devevo shared a short video of their cat attacking the Christmas tree over the weekend. He said: Cats first Christmas. Hope he survives.

Paul Baloche used his brief trip to Europe this week to catch up with his daughter who lives in Paris. Paul shared a picture of he and his daughter and said: Grateful to hold on to this girl and see her doing so well. Hold the ones you love a little closer tonight.

Jeremy Camp's daughters have released a new Christmas song. Bella and Aerie are out with the song called "Behold". The girls even found room to include their dad and mom, Jeremy and Adie Camp. Check out the new Christmas song by clicking on the link at

The members of Switchfoot say they were recently given a gift. The band shared a video of a cover of their song Vice Verses recorded in the mountains of northern Thailand.

Last year Aaron Shust released a new Christmas project titled Unto Us. Recently he followed up that release with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album. Watch the video as Aaron talks about the inspiration behind the music; recording in Nashville, Tennessee and the Czech Republic in Europe; and taking the music on the road each December. Click on the link at

The band Casting Crowns has released a video featuring a live performance of their song "Here's My Heart". Check it out by clicking on the link at

Last week Paul Baloche released his first worship CD in the Dutch language. Now you can hear him performing one of the worship songs from project in what Paul describes as his bad Dutch accent. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Dan Bremnes is out with a new acoustic video for his song In His Hands. Check out the live performance of the song by clicking on the link at

Did you know the "In His Hands" music video from Dan Bremnes was filmed in British Columbia where Dan grew up? Hear Dan talk about the song and the filming of the video in his home country. Click on the link at

One year ago Kari Jobe married her best friend Cody. On her one year anniversary Kari is sharing her wedding video. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Kevin Max made this Christmas tune for website members only last year. Now his favorite Holiday Jam, a mixture of Peace on Earth and Little Drummer Boy, is available to everyone on youtube. Click on the link at

5 Characteristics of Christ-likeness from Daniel Day
1. Servant leaders are intentional.
2. Servant leaders focus on relationships.
3. Servant leaders don’t have a superiority complex.
4. Servant leaders empathize with people.
5. Servant leaders become serious about taking on the nature and attitude of a humble servant.

Revive Our Hearts has released 100 Reasons Every Human Can Be Thankful. The first 10 include:
1. Breath in our lungs.
2. Food in our bellies.
3. The wonders of creation like:
4. Sunsets
5. Ocean waves
6. Zebras
7. Platypuses
8. Family
9. Friends
10. Music
Find the rest by clicking on the link at

8 ways to avoid holiday weight gain from Chrisma news
1. Eat before you eat.
2. Bring your on healthy dish.
3. Use a smaller plate.
4. Make healthier options.
5. Three words: 'No, thank you.'
6. Make Tupperware your best friend.
7. Get minty. After you eat, pop a mint or a piece of gum into your mouth.
8. Just do it and move on.

**Fascinating facts about the way Americas celebrate Thanksgiving from Yahoo food:
76% of Americans will attend a Thanksgiving meal that includes prayer
44% of Millennials won't serve cranberry sauce
44% of Millennials will serve ham
44% of Americans plan on hosting Thanksgiving dinner
24% of those will go to another house for a second meal.
**What you love to eat the most
43% Turkey
18% Stuffing
7% Mashed Potatoes
7% Ham
7% Pie
7% Sweet potato casserole
4% Green bean casserole
**Other facts
1. Friendsgivings are on the rise: A third of all Americans plan to spend some time this Thanksgiving with friends
2. The more the merrier: Most Americans — 72 percent of them — plan to attend a dinner with more than five people this holiday.
3. One dinner is not always enough: Nearly a quarter of everyone who hosts a Thanksgiving dinner say they’ll also go to someone else’s house for a second meal.
4. Pets are getting in on the action: 22 percent said they plan to incorporate the family pet into the holiday
5. We’re a nation of planners: 47 percent say they’ll get a head start at least a month out.
6. More than half of people won’t shop on Black Friday.
7. Although there are plenty buzzy food trends these days, they won’t play a big role in Thanksgiving feasts. Only 7 percent say they’re avoiding gluten-free fare or carbohydrates, a mere 8 percent say they’ll eschew dairy, and a paltry 6 percent say meat is out.
8. Most people are flying solo in the kitchen: 83 percent of Thanksgiving hosts prepare the entire thing by their lonesome.
9. Family recipes are still everyone’s favorite. A whopping 75 percent of people say they’ll use recipes handed down by their families.
10. Pumpkin pie is the best pie of all the pies. The classic won out over apple pie and pecan pie.

When Robert Wolgemuth (WALL guh mooth) proposed to Revive Our Hearts host Nancy Leigh DeMoss, he gave her a beautiful engagement ring. But it’s more than just a dazzling diamond. Hear the story behind the ring and how it points to a legacy of heritage and faith. Click on the link at

The adoption organization Show Hope is celebrating. Show up was started by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman to facilitate adoptions and also help special needs children in China. They recently reported that just over 2-million dollars had been raised during their Fellowship Weekend. They say the gifts will impact children around the world.

An 8-year-old girl is tapping into her creativity in trying to keep police officers safe across the country. According to ABC News, Arianna Nichols, of Illinois, started making crosses out of Perler beads she received for her birthday in August and has since made it her mission to distribute these crosses to police officers in every U.S. state. The first police department that Arianna provided her crosses to was the Madison County Sheriff’s Department in Illinois at the end of September. Since then, the little girl who wants to "spread God's word" has sent 6,087 crosses to 90 departments in 30 states.

Darren Wilson is out with another video on the Holy Spirit. According to Charisma News, the former college professor who became a Christian documentarian. He takes the old film adage "Show, don't tell" and applies it to matters of faith by going wherever the Spirit leads, letting his faith shine and then filming it. In August, Wilson premiered Holy Ghost: Reborn, in 10 cities across the country. The film officially released on DVD Oct. 20.

Brace yourself, holiday travelers. According to ABC News, Airports and train stations across the U.S. are expected to implement additional layers of security for this year’s Thanksgiving travel. With the highest number of passengers expected to hitch a ride on U.S. airlines on Thanksgiving since 2008, security officials are on heightened alert to protect our nation’s skies and railways. Significant additional layers of security are routine during the American holiday season, but the recent events in France are sure to contribute.

Farm Bureau says average cost of Thanksgiving dinner is $5 per guest. According to Today Food, each year AFBF conducts what they call "an informal price survey of classic [Thanksgiving] items." To gather research, AFBF sent 138 volunteer members in 32 states to report on prices at their local grocery stores. In their imaginary shopping cart were a 16-pound frozen turkey, sweet potatoes, carrots and celery, frozen peas, fresh cranberries, bread stuffing ingredients, a package of brown-and-serve rolls and pumpkin pie fixings. They also included coffee and dairy items like whipped cream, butter and milk.

What would you identify as the 25 best inventions of 2015? Time this week released their list. At number one is the hoverboard scooter. Other items on their list range include heath care items like a smart stethoscope, healthy pasta, and a tool to simplify DNA testing. Also on the top 25 list is a prefab building for housing the homeless, a safety truck with a screen on the back that shows followers what is happening in front of the truck, a book that filters water, and shoes you can tie with one hand.

They say true love stands the tests of time. And for Allan and Margaret Little, both 100 years old, time has certainly been on their side, making their bond that much sweeter. According to ABC News, Both of the Littles celebrated their centennial birthdays this year. Margaret was born on Aug. 6, 1915, and Allan on Nov. 12, 1915. The Littles also celebrated their 76th wedding anniversary on Aug. 5. The two were marred in 1939.

Nearly two months after Facebook announced the creation of its Social Good team, which aims to build tools that help people do more good around the world, the social media giant has launched its latest cause-focused products: fundraiser pages and improved Donate buttons for nonprofits. "Fundraisers" are dedicated pages where nonprofits can raise money for specific campaigns, whether it's for the refugee crisis, to help eradicate malaria or to build a clean water well. The Donate button, previously reserved for ads on the site, will now appear on nonprofits' Pages and posts, allowing users to contribute directly from their News Feeds.

Lauren Daigle's story was recently featured in Guideposts magazine. As part of the interview, Lauren takes about battling a serious illness, her time in secular radio, and how God brought her to where she is right. Check out the article by clicking on the link at

MercyMe this week listed their favorite things for Christmas this week. The members of the band shared with Media Collective their...
...Favorite Tradition: Christmas light hunting, opening one, only one, present on Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve services, Advent calendars, telling the Christmas story and teaching their kids about the celebration of Christmas.
...Favorite Holiday Gift: Guitar amp, guitar, Dynamite 8-Track Player, first leather jacket and an Atari video game console.
...Favorite Gift Given: Pick-up truck, cedar hope chest, handmade prie-diew (prayer kneeler) and handmade guitar straps.
...Favorite Christmas Decorations: Model airplane, bird-shaped whistle, box of ornaments bought from start of marriage, Snoopy on skis and Christmas stockings.

Big Daddy Weave has created seven days of devotionals based on songs from their CD Beautiful Offerings. The devotionals are available on the You Version Overflow app. Check them out by clicking on the link at

The Newsboys this week announced the first God’s Not Dead Conference. According to Turning Point PR, the conference will target youth groups and families. It will feature teaching sessions focusing on apologetics led by speaker Nic Allen, praise and worship music, a keynote message and a private concert by the Newsboys. The inaugural God’s Not Dead Student Conference will be held in San Antonio July 7–10, 2016.

Seattle Seahawk fans are trying to convert Jamie Grace. Jamie is well known for her passion for the Dallas Cowboys. But this week she was showing off a custom Seahawks jersey, complete with her name on the back, sent to her by a Seattle fan.

It's been 20 years since the DC Talk record Jesus Freak was released. In celebration of the anniversary, the web site Decent Christian Talk is out with a look back. The web site talked with some of those who had a hand in one of the biggest successes in CCM history. Check out the article by clicking on the link at

Mercyme's Bart Millard is already hard at work on his Christmas lawn decorations. Bart shared a picture of Phase 1 of making their own Peanuts Yard Art for Christmas.

Did you know that you can download the chord charts for all the songs on Kristian Stanfill's latest CD Mountains Move? All of the guitar chords for the songs on the album are available on Kristian's web site.

Switchfoot Front man Jon Forman recently completed 25 shows in 24 hours. Now show number 20 is available online. Check out the Red Trolley Show by clicking on link at

Chris Tomlin is debuting his live video of the Christmas song Adore on the Country Outfittr web site. Check out the new video from Chris' new CD Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant was on Fox and Friends this week performing her new song Be One. Check out Natalie's performance on the show and also her After the Show Show. Click on the link at

Hillsong Worship has released a live performance video of their new single "One Thing". Check it out by clicking on the link at

Jaun Devevo this week laid an old friend to rest. He shared online: I've had this suitcase since the beginning of Crowns and it's never let me down and it was perfect for a weekend run. I grow attachments for things that last a long time, and this was no exception. Rest in piece, Red Suitcase.

Jeremy Camp announced this week that he will be part of Together 2016. The goal of the movement is to gather one million people who believe that Jesus changes everything on the National Mall on July 16, 2016. Jeremy shared a video about the event on his facebook page and encouraged his followers to also share if they believe: Jesus changes everything. He changed history. He changes lives. He can change all of us.

Phil Whickham will be part of the 2016 edition of the Rock and Worship Roadshow. Leading up to next years event, the Roadshow is out with a blog featuring family pictures and more to help you get to know Phil better. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Hillsong United will be touring the USA in February. And right now they are giving you the chance to purchase tickets early. Simply purchase the tickets on line using the code Empires. Click on the link at

Ever been on a tour bus before? Now Switchfoot is giving you the chance. Check out their traveling home away from home through a tour with Jon Forman. Click on the link at

Joni and Friends host Joni Tada and her husband Ken are inviting you to read through the Bible with them in 2016. Joni says this year: We’ll be taking Scripture chronologically, chapter by chapter, so we can learn, as 2 Timothy says, from God’s truths throughout the flow of biblical history. So, before the busyness of the holidays fills up your schedule, download your reading schedule today. And then sign up to receive next year’s monthly emails, where I share insights that I’ve gleaned from our readings, commentaries from great biblical scholars and encouragement to keep you going as you drink deep from the fountain of God’s Word. Sign up by clicking on the link at

Bring laughter, music, and special memories to your Christmas celebration with David Jeremiah's 25 days of Christmas. Visit the web site every day beginning December 1 to find a new Christmas gift from Turning Point. You can also sign up at to stay informed.

Adventures in Odyssey's John Avery Whittaker is challenging Dude Perfect to a Trick Shot Battle. Whit is out with a video showing off his skills at the Focus on the Family headquarter in Colorado Springs. He wraps it up with: Hey DudePerfect! This Elderly Gentleman Has A Challenge For You

30 ways to show generosity this holiday season from Revive Our Hearts. Some of them include:
Buy groceries, and donate them to a local food pantry.
Know a young mom with toddlers? Offer to take her kids out for a play date.
Volunteer at a local homeless shelter or food pantry.
Volunteer your time and creativity to help with your church’s Christmas program.
Organize a group of your friends to go caroling at a local nursing home.
Bake cookies for your neighbors and include handwritten notes.
Are there still leaves on the ground in your neighborhood? Rake and run.
Ever wanted to be a bell ringer? Find out where you can volunteer!
Offer to clean an elderly couple’s house. Or better yet, offer to spend time with them!

3 reasons to rejoice, in light of last week's Paris attacks, from Ron Hutchcraft
1. There is hope. Jesus said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid…In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world!”
2. There is justice. Whether or not wrongdoers are “brought to justice” on earth, God’s greater justice is inescapable.
3. There is security. There is an unshakeable anchor for the soul. The unloseable love of Jesus Christ.

5 Ways to Have a Healthier Thanksgiving
Plan a post-meal walk
Walk around and talk to people
Plan a workout date the next morning
Volunteer to help clean up
Stop eating when you're full,,20545918,00.html

Have you ever wanted to go on a unique trip and experience a “once-in-a-lifetime” moment? Well, now you can. According to Mission Networks News, Orphan’s Heart sends hundreds of short-term missions teams all across the world. Next year, for the very first time, South Africa’s on the list. Short-term missions teams give the national staff a break by helping out with the kids’ and teens’ clubs, and distributing meals. Volunteer team members also get to help put on Bible story skits; and, they are a source of encouragement to the national staff.

A young Christian convert was severely beaten by her Muslim father after leaving Islam to follow Christ. According to, Namusisi Birye reportedly converted to Christianity at an evangelistic event but news of her decision reached her father before she was home. When she entered the house, her father began attacking her, intending to beat her to death. The violence comes in a string of attacks against Christian converts in eastern Uganda. On October 19 the wife of a Christian convert was killed, a month after his brother was killed for the same reason.

The North Korean Church is suffering. Forced underground for decades by North Korea’s harsh regime, secret believers are now facing even more difficult times. According to Global Advance, The North Korean underground Church is suffering as food across the nation grows scarce. The country has been in constant struggle to provide for the needs of its people, yet officials stand in fierce opposition toward underground aid efforts. Labor camp sentences are issued to those helping Christians.

Focus on the Family's Thriving Family web site is out with a fun way to encourage other members of your family. They wrote: We write positive character qualities on slips of paper. Then we take turns drawing the slips from a basket and reading them aloud. Everyone suggests who that quality best describes and why. The person whose name is mentioned the most gets to keep the paper. Points are awarded to the person who, for the given quality, tells the best positive anecdote about another family member. At the end, the person with the most points wins!

Need some help with your Thanksgiving meal? The chefs from the Food Network are stepping in to help. They are out with a list of the 50 best Thanksgiving tips. From preparing your food in advance to making use of the leftovers, it's all there. Check it out by clicking on the link at

It's easy to forget that good things are happening in the world. In response, the Relevant magazine is out with 5 good news stories to remind you. Stories range from princess yarn wigs to a police officer who helped an injured runner finish a marathon. Read all five by clicking on the link at

If you’ve been living in America for more than a few weeks, you know that Thanksgiving is synonymous with turkey. And while we love all those side dishes, it’s the bird that takes center stage every year. For decades, if not centuries, roasting the turkey was the only acceptable way, and, indeed, the vast majority of Americans will roast their turkey this year as well. But in recent years, other methods have become trendy. In response, Yahoo Foods is stepping in to help. Their latest article features every turkey recipe you'd ever need for the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

Danny Gokey was getting in the Christmas spirit this week. He was part of a Christmas special recorded at TBN in front of a live studio audience.

Shane Barnard and Shane Everett—better known as the popular worship duo Shane and Shane—have spent a lot of time in the Psalms lately. Their latest album, Psalms II, is the result of a close study of the book of Psalms. Recently the duo sat down to talk more about studying and writing songs about the Psalms. Check out the interview by clicking on the link at

Third Day's Mac Powell is officially on the disabled list. Mac said he won't be running for awhile due to a strained calf muscle. He shared a picture of his badly bruised leg on instagram.

Paul Baloche is in Amsterdam this week. Paul's 'Dutch language" worship album is releasing this week and Paul says he's been practicing his Dutch for the release

Do you know anyone in France? Worship leader Paul Baloche wants to help you give them a free gift. Through the Lead Worship web site Paul is offering a free download of his French worship album to provide encouragement amidst the darkness of the Paris attacks. Paul describes the project as: French songs of worship, hope, and love

The web site We are worship USA is giving away a copy of the song Arrival by Jared Anderson. Click on the link at to access your free copy of the mp3 and the chord chart.

Guitar tutorials for four new Christmas Worship songs are now available from Paul Baloche. Check out the tutorials in the latest edition of CCM Magazine. Click on the link at

The members of Mercyme are offering the first look at the lyric video for their new song Joy. The video is available on the Free CCM web site. It's from their new Christmas CD Mercyme: It's Christmas. Watch it by clicking on the link at

The lyric video for Tobymac's new song Lights Shine Bright is now available online. Access the lyric video by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson's Jon Steingard sat down with Focus on the Family to share more about how his dating life influenced his marriage. Check out the video as the front man for the band opens up about past mistakes and the importance of honesty in marriage and seeing the way God redeems our past.

Mercyme's song "Christmastime Again" debuted on New Release Today this week. It's Bart Millard like you've never seen him. Check out the new lyric video by clicking on the link at

Ken Davis is out with another Lightenup video but it comes with a disclaimer. He said: Do not watch this clip while drinking coffee or operating heavy machinery. Check out the comedy by clicking on the link at

You've heard of Air Jordan. Now Winterjam in introducing Air-Joel. Winterjam officials released a picture of For King and Country member Joel Smallbone as he soared above the crowd, symbols in hand.

Paul Baloche will be celebrating Christmas in Canada this year. The long time worship leader will hold eight concerts in Canada from December 4 through 13 but he announced this week that, although it's nearly a month off, the Canadian Christmas Worship tour is almost sold out.

Michael W. Smith was part of history this week. The long time Christian artist played at the same coliseum in Manila this week where the famous Ali Frazier fight took place exactly 40 years ago. No fights this time, just a lot of worship.

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard says even tour buses sometimes have rough mornings. He shared a picture as their tour bus was being towed away for repairs. But Jon chose to make the best of the situation. He added: At least it's beautiful out here!

This past weekend Nancy Demoss married Robert Wolgemuth. Now Revive Our Hearts has announced that a video of the wedding is available online. You can watch the video by clicking on the link at

7 Traits Of A Trustworthy Worship Leader
1. Become a People Specialist
2. Spend Time with Jesus
3. Get Outside
4. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously
5. Do the Work
6. Know the Scriptures
7. Exude Confidence

5 Things to Do When Your Kids Don’t Want to Be with You from Mark Merrill.
1. Don’t take it personally.
2. Look at them in a new way.
3. Don’t withdraw.
4. Understand your child.
5. Find common ground.

Some of the craziest questions the @Butterball talk line has ever been asked (from Yahoo Foods):
Q: So I’m looking at a turkey from 1969 sitting here in my father’s freezer… any tips on the best way to cook a 30-year-old bird?
A: There is no saving such aged meat. Butterball suggested the man “throw out the old turkey and buy a new one.”
Q: How do I roast my turkey so it gets golden brown tan lines — in the shape of a turkey bikini?
A: Outline your turkey with aluminum foil in the shape of a bikini, before cooking.
Q: How do you carve a turkey when all of its bones have been broken?
A: A proud male caller called the Talk Line to boast of his genius method to get a large turkey to fit in a small pan: He wrapped his turkey in a towel and stomped on it several times, breaking the bones so it would fit in his pan. If your turkey won’t fit in your roasting pan, Butterball recommends a different cooking method, like deep frying the turkey. “Or, buy two smaller turkeys in place of a large one.”
Q: I carved my turkey with a chainsaw… is the chain grease going to adversely affect my turkey?
A: For so many reasons, don’t try this at home. “Instead, let your turkey rest at least 20 minutes after cooking to make carving easier,” the company suggests. “Then, use a carving knife you would find in your kitchen.”

The holidays are coming up quickly and the web site Grits and Grace is gearing up to help. This week they released the first of their seasonal tips on everything from fun ideas with the kids to surviving family gatherings and making the most out of the holidays. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Indonesia’s “religious harmony” law has closed more than 1,000 Christian churches in the country. According to a report in Christian, Indonesia passed the law in 2006. The law requires religious minority groups to have 60 signatures of approval from Christians and 90 signatures from other faiths before building a church. Human Rights Watch researcher Andreas Harsono told Foreign Policy “It shows the failures of the religious harmony regulation.” He went on to say about the law “It discriminates [against] minorities, thus making way for the majority, mostly Muslim hard-liners in Indonesia, to pressure the government to close down churches.” According to a 2013 Human Rights Watch World Report, 80 percent of houses of worship in Indonesia do not have permits. About 10 percent of Indonesia’s population is estimated to be Christian.

Prepare for Christmas with Thriving Family's 2015 Advent Activity Calendar. The ministry of Focus on the Family is offering a free download of the 25 Inspiring true stories of the season. You can assemble the Advent poster to help your kids focus on Christ this Christmas. Then read Scripture passages and stories that relate to individual flaps on the poster. You can also create easy-to-fold booklets for each story. Get more information about this year's free Advent calendar by clicking on the link at

After a successful launch in 2014, The Salvation Army will continue to encourage Americans to share their reasons for giving this holiday season with the hashtag, #RedKettleReason. New this year, The Salvation Army will award one lucky winner of The Salvation Army Giving Spree Contest with a paid trip to New York City to participate in a “Giving Spree,” to buy toys and necessities to benefit a Salvation Army program in their community. To enter, upload a video to Twitter sharing your reason for supporting The Salvation Army using the hashtags #RedKettleReason and #GivingSpreeSweeps. On Giving Tuesday, December 1, six finalists will be announced and the national voting period will begin at

The holidays are just around the corner and Yahoo wants to help. They have compiled a list of 19 of their favorite pie recipes for your holiday celebrations. Options range from the standard pumpkin pie to a Black Pepper and Grapefruit Meringue Pie. Access all 19 recipes by clicking on the link at

Need better battery life in your cell phone? Help may be on the way. A company named Huawei recently announced that their lab has developed lithium-ion batteries that it claims can be charged 10 times as fast as currently available batteries. In one video demonstrating the technology, a smartphone battery is charged to 48% in five minutes.

A Michigan restaurant owner's heartfelt offer for some Thanksgiving hospitality has struck a chord after a photo of a sign at the eatery went viral on the Internet. According to ABC News, George's Senate Coney Island has offered lonely customers a free meal on Thanksgiving for the last 10 years. But on Thursday, a passerby noticed a sign in the window with the offer, snapped a quick shot and posted it to the social media website Reddit. Restaurateur George Dimopoulos told ABC News there is a very personal reason for his generosity. "The reason I do this is because I was alone one time," he said. "I remember the good times and bad times."

If your goal is to create a stable food supply, one path to steady, environmentally friendly and readily-available crops is via the indoor farm. That is the vision at Spread, a Japan-based builder of the next generation of vegetable factories, and the company is at its next major threshold. It is preparing to open its flagship, highly automated factory. Spread’s goal is a quality-controlled, high-yield indoor farming system that minimizes water use, prevents soil erosion and avoids pesticides. Its facilities are designed to run under their own environmental control, from temperature to lighting to moisture, wholly independent of weather and conditions outside. That means year-long production with consistent output.

This year Chris Tomlin released his second Christmas album. The project is titled Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship. And recently Chris sat down with Christian Today to talk about Christmas, calling the event: "the greatest moment in the history of the world." Check out the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Josh Wilson says his new born son Archer is finally home from the hospital. Josh posted online over the weekend: Long week at the hospital with our boy. He ran a fever his 2nd day and we had to stay for a while to run tests and have him under doctor's observation. But on his 1 week birthday, we're home! Thank you, Lord!

Danny Gokey was raising money for a charity close to his heart over the weekend. Danny tweeted: Last nights Sophia's Heart Gala in Nashville was a success! The non-profit was started by Danny and named in memory of his first wife Sophia. The Gala was held to raising support to help house more homeless families.

Jodi says her unborn baby is giving new meaning to our band name. The member of Love and the Outcome shared online: 6 1/2 months pregnant on the Winterjam tour and the outcome is getting real. Attached was a picture of Jodi showing off her baby bump.

Kutless front man Jon Micah Sumrall was getting in some hunting over the weekend. He posted: Late archery deer season is open! Getting some hunting done in Southern Oregon.

Citizenway member David Blascoe was walking through New York city taking pictures when he heard: "Hey you! Tough guy taking pictures of New York! I AM New York...selfie time." David said: We laughed...snapped this photo and dude goes..."I approve this message, The Tall Black Guy"

The latest album from Mercyme is a Christmas project titled It's Christmas. Now you can check out the audio of one of the songs on the project. Check out the bands rendition of Christmastime Again. Click on the link at

Natalie Grant tried something new over the weekend. She held her first live concert on Facebook last last week. However, if you missed out, the hour long show is still available online. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Colton Dixon was featured on Fox and Friends late last week. Colton performed his song Limitless from his CD Anchor. He also introduced his fiance Annie and talked about their engagement. Watch his performance by clicking on the link at

For King and Country will released their first movie, titled Priceless, on November 19. But right now you can check out a sneak peak. Click on the link at

Colton Dixon followed up his appearance on Fox and Friends with a special after the show show. Check out Colton's mashup of his songs "Through All Of it" and "Never Gone" by clicking on the link at

Kari Jobe is out with a 14 day devotional on the You Version Bible App. The devotional is based on Kari's latest CD Majestic Revisited. Check out the devotional by clicking on the link at

Colton Dixon spent 8 minutes late last week car-okeing with a friend. Watch Colton as he talks about singing and sings along with some of his music. Check out the car-okeing video by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns was on facebook for a live chat about their new album over the weekend. The main purpose was to introduce listeners to their new live project but word is that you can also watch Mark Hall's debut as a ninja. Check out the facebook video by clicking on the link at

Mark Schultz did something different to launch his new web site. Late last week Mark did a live, 90 minute concert in his house. Now you can check out the new web site and watch the concert at that new site. Click on the link at

A New Beginning speaker Greg Laurie was recently on the Eric Metaxas show. Now you can listen to his interview. Click on the link at

Greg Laurie sat down with Fox News last week. The speaker on A New Beginning talked with Lauren Green about the biggest challenge for Christians today. Click on the link at

Revive Our Hearts host Nancy Leigh Demoss became Mrs. Wolgemuth over the weekend. In a wedding broadcast world wide via the Internet, Nancy and Robert Wolgemuth exchanged vows and committed their lives to each other. Representatives say those that missed the ceremony will be able to watch it on the Revive our Hearts web site soon. The program will also feature Nancy and Robert's story over the next week.

Although the terrorist attacks in Paris were carried out thousands of miles away, the psychological impact is being felt here on U.S. soil. Now the Washington Post is offering 5 basic ways you can help without speaking a word.
1. Practice the ministry of presence: Study after study shows that social support is one of the biggest predictors of resilience after a trauma.
2. Don’t focus on finding THE answers
3. Use welcomed and appropriate contact
4. Pray
5. Gather in community

10 Acts of Kindness Remarkable People Perform Each Day
1. Be empathic when you share your thoughts.
2. Show humility.
3. Acknowledge others.
4. Show gratitude.
5. Ask for help.
6. Apologize whenever necessary.
7. Ask for advice.
8. Offer help.
9. Be loving.
10. Know when to do nothing.

5 Things Every Mom Needs to Accept from iMom.
1. Your child won’t be good at everything.
2. You can’t always pick your kids’ friends.
3. You’re going to mess up sometimes and have to do damage control.
4. Sometimes your kid is going to get a raw deal. And that’s OK.
5. You are a better mom than you give yourself credit for.

Louie Giglio 's latest book is featured in a You Version Bible App seven day devotional reading plan. The reading plan includes seven daily devotions based on Louie Giglio’s book The Comeback: It’s Not Too Late and You’re Never Too Far. Each reading draws on examples of men and women in Scripture to show how God is in the business of giving fresh starts to people who need a comeback. Check out the free devotional by clicking on the link at

The families of the 21 Christians who were murdered by ISIS militants have been encouraged by the outpouring of love they have received from believers across the globe. According to Christian, began a letter-writing campaign, inviting Christians around the world to write letters of encouragement to the families of those killed by the ISIS fighters in North Africa. Tom Doyle of E3 Partners had the privilege of delivering the letters to the families. He said: "We got them [and] we took over 2,000 of them, and these martyr families were overwhelmed with the love."

Former President Jimmy Carter’s cancer has been contained and he’s responding well to his treatments, according to his doctors. The 91-year-old celebrated the positive news by going out and building another house for someone in need. He and his wife, Rosalynn, were in Memphis, Tennessee last week, helping Habitat for Humanity with a new home construction when he announced the news.

Hot Pockets can save lives. According to NBC News, When a twin-engine charter jet slammed into an Akron, Ohio, apartment complex on Tuesday, Jason Bartley's building took the brunt of the devastation. But Bartley wasn't in the building thanks to a hunger for a hot pocket. Bartley says he stopped on the way home to make the purchase, arriving just six minutes after the firey plane crash.

It’s no secret Americans are drinking less soda. Now that trend is starting to take its toll on the restaurant industry. According to Time, A recent report by the NPD Group found that over the past five years, Americans ordered 4% fewer beverages at restaurants — a whopping 2 billion fewer servings.

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Is Powered By Pizza. According to NBC, Pizza accounted for 66.2 percent of the Clinton campaign's fast food spending in the third quarter. The biggest fast food meal ticket during the quarter? A $1,251.26 bill at Need Pizza in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

A new app called Share the Meal is billing itself as the first mobile crowdfunding app to end global hunger. U.N. leaders hope to use this low-overhead means to help Syrians fleeing the current conflict and other refugees in the future. It was developed by two former business consultants to the U.N.’s antihunger program during a sabbatical and took one year from inception to launch. They say “The overhead cost is so low that at least 90 percent of donations go to delivering food where it’s needed.”

Disney has released the trailer for the new 'Finding Nemo' sequel. The movie is titled Finding Dory. It features your favorite forgetful fish, Dory. Check out the trailer by clicking on the link at

Jordan Feliz says he now totally understands the statement "They grow up so fast." His daughter Jolie Bennett Feliz is 4 months and Jordan says: it feels like we just got home from the hospital. He added: So thankful for this amazing time in life! Feeling so incredibly blessed.

The goal of worship leader Paul Baloche is to make Christmas a season of worship. Paul recently sat down to talk with The Christian Beat about that effort. He explained: “As a worship pastor, I understand how it goes.” “Every year, Thanksgiving comes around, and it’s time to pull out the carols that our churches love to sing and somehow find a way to make them more personal, as part of corporate worship.” But he continues: most of these traditional carols are not vertical in nature; not speaking to the Lord. That's why Paul has put together two CDs combining worship songs with well known Christmas Carols.

David Crowder posted this week: What a time to be alive. He shared a picture of a dish that included bacon wrapped pineapple stuffed with boneless ribs.

A request from Kutless member James Mead: Please don't say "so and so" looks like me just because they have a beard. To prove his point James shared a series of pictures of bearded people that he does not look at all like. Included in the list was Santa Claus and even a bearded lizard. James said that all have a beard but none look at all like him.

Jenny Simmons recently shared what she called one of her most vulnerable posts. The post was on mental illness and was titled Three Things to remember when you're walking toward healing. Read the entire article by clicking on the link at

Casting Crowns is auctioning off an autographed guitar for a good cause. The money raised from signed brand new Mitchell guitar will go help Scott and Sarah Lawrence adopt a girl with special needs from China.

The members of Among The Thirsty welcomed the newest member to their family this week. They shared: Welcome to the world Oliver Michael Pelno. Oliver's dad Alan plays keyboard for the band.

Want a chance to hang with Tenth Avenue North on their bus on their upcoming spring tour! The band is auctioning a VIP concert package that will allow you to do just that. The money raised from the VIP experience will go help Scott and Sarah Lawrence adopt a girl with special needs from China.

Brandon Heath shared a picture this week as he worked under the sink in his house. He then asked his followers to guess what he was doing. Options included
A. I'm fixing a clogged sink. B. I'm getting into my secret stash of Butterfingers. C. I'm avoiding watching BRAVO with my wife. D. All of the above

Good news from Kutless member James Mead: Flannel is still alive in the Pacific Northwest.

Holiday sales kicked off last weekend and Francesca Battistelli isn't far behind. She tweeted this week: Kick off your holiday shopping by entering to win a $100 Visa gift card on my website! Merry (early) Christmas!

Sara Groves has launched a “Girl In The World” video series as a tie in to her new CD Floodplain. Groves told the Media Collective: “Historically, when Troy has tried to get me to make videos, I have been resistant. I guess I always think I have more urgent things to do.” “So instead of waiting for me to sit down with a camera crew, hair and make-up, the camera crew is just coming along with me in my regular life, running errands, talking in the car, having conversations with a 'Girl in the World.' Check out the first video in the series by clicking on the link at

Steven Curtis Chapman recently shared his song We Remember at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. The live performance was part of the concert series he's been hosting there once a month called Sam's Place. Steven says it was the first and only time he'd performed it live outside of the "living room version". Now you can watch a video of that special performance. Click on the link at

Josh Wilson recently sat down with Focus on the Family to talk about his struggle with anxiety and what helps him get through it. Listen to Josh share his story by clicking on the link at

Building 429 this week released a featurette they hope will help you encourage a friend, family member or really anyone you know that needs a special message today. The short video is based on their song Oceans Deep. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Dan Bremnes debuted a Christmas video this week. He shared the video for Jingle All The Way on God Tube. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Mark Lowry was featured at the Dove Awards and now you can watch his performance online. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Focus on the Families: How to Get Organized for Christmas
First, distinguish between perfection and joy.
Second, figure out what’s important to you.
Third, gather your Christmas stash.
Fourth, make a list of how other people can help you.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, Dr. Dobson's Family Talk program encourages you to make memories with your family and friends that last a lifetime. Enter their Keeping The Memories contest and you could win an iPad. Click on the link at

3 Ways to Make Memories With Your Kids
1. Make it simple. The small, daily practices are often the things best remembered.
2. Find the silver lining. What could have been a downer turned out to be a fun change of pace.
3. Say yes. When your child comes to you with a wild, unrealistic idea, your first tendency may be to say no. But saying yes can be the most direct path to memories.

8 Keys to Successful Parenting from Family Talk
1. You are not to blame for the temperament with which your child was born.
2. He is in greater danger because of his inclination to test the limits and scale the walls.
3. If you fail to understand his lust for power and independence, you can exhaust your resources and bog down in guilt. I
4. If it is not already too late, by all means, take charge of your babies.
5. Don't panic, even during the storms of adolescence.
6. Stay on your child's team, even when it appears to be a losing team.
7. Give him time to find himself, even if he appears not to be searching.
8. Most importantly, I urge you to hold your children before the Lord in fervent prayer throughout their years at home.

Here are the 7 notes you should write to your children from Mark Merrill:
1. Love note.
2. Lunch box note.
3. Post-It note.
4. Pillow Talk note.
5. Forgiveness note.
6. Blessing note.
7. College and career note.

Two Houston-area daycare workers who say they were fired from their jobs for refusing to identify a 6-year-old girl as a transgender boy said they have filed a federal complaint against their former employer. According to Charisma News, Both say they were fired from a Children's Lighthouse Learning Center location this month for refusing to abide by the wishes of the child's parents who wanted them to recognize their girl as a boy.

Serbian soldiers are receiving free Bibles as part of an effort to promote moral transformation in the ranks and prevent future war crimes. According to the Christian Post, The London based Telegraph reports that 4,000 copies of the New Testament have already been sent to soldiers with funding coming from the British arm of the Bible Society. Officials say Plans are being made to distribute Bibles to every soldier in the Serbian army.

Focus on the Family is offering a resource to help your children learn Bible verses. According to Thriving Family, one mom created an ABC book with short Bible verses for each letter. Before long, when her toddler saw letters, in soup or cereal he would say, "A — All have sinned," "B — Be content" or "C — Cast all your care on Him." Now Focus is making printable ABC Bible verse flashcards available. Click on the link at

United States Marine Corps veteran Sgt. Kirstie Ennis nearly died while serving in Afghanistan. According to ABC News, Ennis was serving as an aerial gunner in Afghanistan when her helicopter went down. Doctors told her she would never walk again. But she did more than walk. Earlier this fall, Ennis trekked 1,000 miles across Great Britain with five other veterans as part of the Walking With the Wounded team. Now she is ranked fifth internationally for women’s Paralympic snowboarding and is on track to compete in the 2018 Paralympics.

Ten years ago, Mark and Tori Baird got a knock on their door from a Marine who’d just returned from Iraq. The soldier was wondering if they had any jobs around the house that could help him earn $100 which he needed for an electricity bill. The encounter sparked the idea for the Bairds to start a job board called “Hire Marines”. The website took off and, since it's inception, it has helped thousands of veterans get work.

A former cancer nurse is now making Disney wigs out of yarn for children battling cancer. Holly Christensen originally made one Disney princess wig out of yarn for a friend's sick child. The idea took off from there. Christensen says they originally had individual families contacting her wanting wigs for their own little girls who had just been diagnosed. Since then four hospitals have ordered wigs. Now a GoFundMe page has been formed to help cover the costs of yarn and volunteers around the country are also helping to take on some of Christensen’s workload.

U.S. Army veteran Allen Thomas has been searching for his twin children for nearly half a century, and finally, his search is over. According to ABC News, Thomas had been looking for his twins, a son and a daughter, ever since he had to leave them behind with their birth mother in South Korea more than 40 years ago. Thomas said their birth mother later put them up for adoption without his knowledge. Even though they were adopted by American parents, their records were sealed and Thomas couldn't get any additional information. It wasn't until the news program "20/20" offered to help Thomas find his twins that he was finally able to make progress. After months on the case Thomas was recently reunited with his son and daughter for the first time in more than 40 years.

The most eagerly anticipated ad of the holiday season—and probably the year—rolled out Friday, as British retailer John Lewis unveiled its latest heartwarming Christmas commercial. The "Man on the Moon" features another child who wants to give as much as receive. As part of the campaign, John Lewis has partnered with Age UK to help some of the million older people in the U.K. who can go for a month without speaking to anyone. Check out the heartwarming commercial by clicking on the link at

Josh Wilson shared a picture of his new son Asher this week. Josh tweeted: Sometimes the smallest things can cause our hearts to sing the loudest.

Today is the final day to help decide which Christian band is named the Favorite Artist Contemporary Inspirational at the AMAs. Bands in the running include Mercyme, Hillsong United, and Casting Crowns. Vote by clicking on the link at

The Afters Matt Fuqua is asking for your prayers. He shared a picture of his son in a hospital bed and added: Pray for my little dude today. He's got a little surgery right now.

Jeremy Camp is celebrating his 38th No. 1 song. According to Merge PR, the Jeremy Camp song "Same Power" reached the number one spot on Billboard's Christian chart. It is Jeremy's second straight number 1 song from his album I Will Follow.

The latest album from Sara Groves is titled Floodplain. And right now Sara is giving away a song from the new project. You can download a copy of the song Second Guess Girl at the Free CCM web site. Click on the link at

On November 13th, Kutless will release their new album "Surrender." In celebration of the release, Kutless is doing a massive giveaway composed of four prizes which will be given away over the coming months. The first phase of the Kutless Surrender Giveaway started this week. The Grand Prize features a Breedlove Stage Series Acoustic Guitar, a D'Addario Prize Pack of guitar supplies, a 4th generation Apple TV, a personalized copy of Surrender, and a Kutless T-Shirt. Find out more by clicking on the link at

What does a band of fierce females look like on a stage? Moriah Peters this week shared a video as she and her band performing the song Brave. Click on the at

In 2012 Paul Baloche released his Red Cup video set to the song The Same Love. This week that video reached a milestone, garnering more than 1-million views on youtube. Check it out for yourself by clicking on the link at

Earlier this week Josh Wilson introduced his new son. Now he is announcing a new tour. Josh Wilson this week announced his annual “The Noel Tour” with special guests JJ Heller and Dan Bremnes. The 10-plus-city tour, sponsored by Compassion International, will kick off December 3 in Holland, OH and conclude on December 20 in Sabetha, KS. According to Merge PR, This is the fifth year for Wilson to headline a Christmas tour.

Big Daddy Weave is headlining the My Story Tour during November and this week shared a day of tour life with the Gospel Music Association. From pre-show practice and bus Maintenance to praying over every seat prior to their evening meal, the band shares it all through photographs. Click on the link at to check them all out.

Revive Our Hearts host Nancy Leigh Demoss will marry Robert Wolgemuth this weekend and the wedding will be broadcast online via a live stream. It will begin at 12:30pm CT. You can sign up to access the stream right now. Click on the link aat

4 questions to ask yourself when doing battle with sin:
1. What excuses am I making?
2. How can I flee temptation?
3. How can I embrace God instead?
4. Who can help me?

5 Communication Tools That Saved My Marriage from Family Life Today
1. The Principle of First Response: The course of a conflict is not determined by the person who initiates, but by the person who responds.
2. The Principle of Physical Touch: It is difficult to sin against someone while you are tenderly touching him or her.
3. The Principle of Proper Timing: The success of a conversation can be maximized if the timing of the conversation is carefully chosen.
4. The Principle of Mirroring: Understanding can be enhanced if we measure it often throughout a conversation.
5. The Principle of Prayer: Success in communication is more likely when we invite God to be an active participant and guide.

The 3 Basics of Being a Good Mom from iMom
1. Being a good mom means you’re attentive to your children.
2. Being a good mom means you do all things with love.
3. Being a good mom means you show that you’re human.

The 4th GOP debate aired last night so, to help you around the water cooler today, Relevant magazine compiled a list of the best ways to lose friends while talking about politics.
1. Bring Up Divisive Political Issues At Otherwise Enjoyable Gatherings
2. Passive-Aggressively Share Links On Social Media
3. Act Like You Are Far More Informed About an Issue Than You Really Are
4. Inadvertently Share “News” Stories That Are Actually Satire
5. Invite Yourself Into Political Discussion Threads With Total Strangers
6. Use sarcastic statements to Underscore Your Point
7. Be Easily Offended
8. Focus on a Single Issue
9. Define Everyone You Meet By Political Labels

In September War Room became the #1 movie in the U.S. Now producers say the DVD copies of the movie by the Kendrick brothers will be available in time for Christmas. They say the DVD and Blu-Ray will be loaded with extra features and a timely message. It officially releases on December 22.

The North Carolina Museum of History opened up a new exhibit this weekend celebrating Billy Graham's life. According to CBN News, the legendary American evangelist turned 97 years old on November 7 and the new exhibit pays homage to his life and faith. The exhibit, called "North Carolina's Favorite Son: Billy Graham and His Remarkable Journey of Faith," explores his life as well as seven decades of ministry.

Four Christian families in Bangladesh narrowly escaped being burned alive in an arson attack by a group of Muslim extremists who accused them of witchcraft. According to the Christian Today report, a member of the family says: "They wanted to kill us by burning us alive, but we managed to escape." However, the families did loose all of their belongings in the fire. .

Kurdish Muslims in Iraq are turning to Christ after witnessing first hand the brutality of ISIS as it wages violent jihad in the name of Islam. According to The Gospel Herald, a ministry leader in Iraq said his organization can not keep up with the demands for Bibles by Muslim refugees Bible since ISIS invaded their homeland. According to Worthy News, the leader said: "People are very hungry to know about Christ. As terrifying and horrifying as ISIS is, they did us a great favor because they came and have shown them all the killing, saying that it's all in the Quran verses.

The United States Soccer Federation announced Monday that it will ban headers for young players following a lawsuit alleging negligence in treating head injuries. According to Time, The changes are part of new safety rules and guidelines aimed at reducing head injuries. Players ages 10 and younger will be prohibited from headers, while those age 11 to 13 will face restrictions.

A steamship that sunk in Lake Huron during the Great Storm of 1913 has been discovered by a group of shipwreck hunters. According to Time, The team has spent seasonal weekends for 35 years scanning Lake Huron with sonar, discovering several other ships and airplanes along the way, before finding the Hydrus, the only ship still believed to be missing from the 1913 storm that killed more than 250 people

A photo of a British barber giving a little boy with autism his first successful haircut is taking the Internet by storm. Earlier this month Jim Williams of South Wales said he was finally able to give Mason the "perfect haircut" by distracting him with an iPhone and letting the little boy lay down as he worked. Jim told ABC News. "It's amazing how it's touched so many people, but I'm glad and I hope it brings awareness for other barbers

Japanese electronics maker NEC has unveiled a unique input mechanism that allows you to type on your arm using augmented reality. The system is called the ARmKeypad and it combines a set of glasses to visualize the virtual keyboard and a smartwatch to detect how fast you type. NEC thinks the innovation could be used in a wide range of working environments including healthcare, manufacturing, document management and even security.

Congratulations to Josh Wilson. His wife gave birth to Asher David Wilson over the weekend. Josh said: Thanks for your prayers. Beyond grateful.

The Worship Arts Collective Alterwork has named Audio Adrenaline's Brandon Bagby their November Artist Of The Month. Brandon is lead guitarist for Audio Adrenaline but he is also described by Alterwork as a stunning visual artist. See part of his collection as well as an exclusive interview by clicking on the link at

Kerrie Roberts was celebrating National Nacho Day over the weekend. She said Chips are her favorite and she bakes her own chips a lot. Kerrie also shared her favorite chip dip recipe. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Bleep Magazine recently caught up with Natalie Grant. The online magazine talked with Natalie about her new album Be One and the first release from the new project. Check out the online interview by clicking on the link at

How early is to early for Christmas decorations? Rush of Fools Kevin Huguley shared a picture of his Christmas tree over the weekend with the caption: O Christmas tree.

The We Are Worship website is giving away a copy of the new hymn "Come To The Water". The song was written by Paul Baloche using music originally started by Fanny Crosby. It was part of the recently released Fanny Crosby Project. Download the song, the sheet music, and the chord chart by clicking on the link at

Third Day is giving away some of their merchandise. Simply share the lyric video for the bands song Your Words and you will be entered in the drawing. Access the video by clicking on the link at

A new guitar tutorial is now available from Paul Baloche. The featured song is Gloria from his CD Christmas worship vol 2. Access the video tutorial by clicking on the link at

Jeremy Camp recently performed an acoustic version of his new single "Same Power". Check out the video by clicking on the link at

The lyrics and chords for the Chris Tomlin song Good Good Father are now available online. Check out the video tutorial by clicking on the link at

The Casting Crowns version of Good Good Father is now available online. The song is from the bands upcoming live album recorded at their church. Now you can watch their performance of the song it was recorded for the new project. Check out Casting Crowns live version of Good Good Father by clicking on the link at

Jeremy Camp will be part of The Rock and Worship Roadshow in early 2016. And now the Roadshow wants your help. They asked online: Jeremy could only sing ONE song on the Roadshow, what should it be?

Matthew West met Matthew West over the weekend. The real Matthew says there was another Matthew West was in the crowd so, of course, Matthew had to bring Matthew on stage; and he stole the show. Check out the video clip by clicking on the link at

Francesca Battistelli had to test her creativity over the weekend. Francesca says she spilled raspberries all over her lap one hour before showtime. With no time to find a washer and dryer at the venue, Francesca had to quickly come up with an alternative. She shared a pictures as she washed her outfit in the venue's sink and then dried it with a hairdryer.

The girls of Winterjam seem to be having a great time. They shared a picture of their pre-show makeup party. It included Jamie Grace, Sadie Robertson, and Jodi from Love and the Outcome.

The members of for King and Country said goodbye to their tour bus over the weekend. The band shared: RIP Blue Ivy as their bright blue tour bus was towed away.

Audio Adrenaline's Adam Agee says playing small town, downtown festivals can cause problems. Adam shared a picture of the Funnel Cake and Fried Oreos booth and said bad decisions will be made.

A surprise for Audio Adrenaline's Brandon Bagby over the weekend. His wife and three children drove 4.5 hours to surprise him while on tour.

Jason Gray gave new meaning to the word selfie over the weekend. Jason tweeted: I saw myself on the big screen and thought it was a good opportunity for a selfie.

Britt Nicole was doing a little shopping over the weekend. She spent the day shopping with her new friend Grace. Grace had won a shopping spree with Britt prior to that evenings concert.

Reset 2016 is coming. On July 16 of 2016 Christians from across the nation are being encouraged to meet on the National Mall in Washington DC to come together around Jesus in unified prayer, worship, and a call for catalytic change. Those already planning to attend include Francis Chan, Ravi Zacharias, Hillsong United, and Kari Jobe.

Life on tour can be dangerous. A fan shared a video as Tenth Avenue North front man Mike Donehey tripped and fell returning to the stage during one of the bands songs. But Mike didn't miss a beat, continuing to sing and he jumped back up.

Kevin Max is gearing up for his upcoming trip to Norway and he is giving the people of that country two choices. Kevin tweeted over the weekend: Norway, I give you the option to see me bearded or clean shaven

Dr. Dobsons program Family Talk is giving away three of Dr. James Dobson’s Legacy Library. Another winner will be selected every two weeks through November and the first half of December. Sign up by clicking on the link at

Billy Graham celebrated his 97th birthday over the weekend and social media was full of birthday wishes for the long time evangelist. A New Beginning speaker Greg Laurie shared some of his thoughts in a special blog. Click on the link at

Family Life Today's Dennis Rainey took a break from recording over the weekend to play the role of a proud grandpa. Dennis shared a picture of his grand daughter Katie Rainey. He shared: 7 yr old Katie wins the GOLD and the overall title of the gymnastics meet.

Revive Our Hearts is launching a new program on their Lies Young Women Believe blog. Officials announced the launch of "Stand for Truth Thursday". They say the goal is to equip young women to uphold God’s truth in school.

7 science-backed reasons beards are good for you
Your scruff can block 90 to 95 percent of UV rays, preventing wrinkles and decreasing the risk for skin cancer
Painful ingrown hairs, redness and skin irritation are common culprits of a shave.
The average beardless man will spend 3,350 hours shaving,
Just like the hair on your head, the beard protects the face from outdoor elements.

10 Things Wives Want to hear from their Husbands from Mark Merrill
1. “Thanks for all you do for our family.”
2. “You are a great mom and wife.”
3. “Let me do that for you.”
4. “I love you so much.”
5. “You are beautiful.”
6. “Let me watch the kids.”
7. “Let’s go out tonight.”
8. “I’m sorry you had a hard/frustrating/disappointing day.”
9. “I would marry you all over again.”
10. “How can I be a better husband to you?”

9 habits to master before turning 30
Learn from every failure
Take measured risks
Keep learning
Associate with those who make you better
Build meaningful professional relationships
Save and invest for the future
Take care of your health
Love what you do
Keep work from overtaking your personal life

Working with local believers, World Mission is helping meet the physical needs of people in refugee camps throughout the Middle East. However, a new report from Mission Network News finds that meeting today’s needs is only the tip of the iceberg for World Mission and its partners. According to World Mission’s Greg Kelley, “We can’t just leave them with a new blanket or the food.” “We need to explain what Jesus did and how Jesus paid the ultimate price for their lives.”

While the United States is becoming more secularized, Americans who embrace religion are keeping their faith. A Pew Research Center Survey finds that the 77 percent of American adults who identify with a faith group are staying engaged with their faith. According to a CBN report, the study found that, "Among the roughly three-quarters of U.S. adults who do claim a religion, there has been no discernible drop in most measures of religious commitment. Indeed, by some conventional measures, religiously affiliated Americans are, on average, even more devout than they were a few years ago."

The internet has allowed porn use to go from being a secretive habit of the few to the daily routine of the many. But according to, all that might be about to change. One silicon valley programmer this week said it's perfectly conceivable that hackers could publish details of the pornographic websites anyone has visited. Thanks to all the hi-tech data gathering programs which work in the background of the apps and websites, hackers could cross-reference different sets of information to create a list of porn viewing habits and then match them to an individual.

For over 100 years, The Gideons International have been distributing Bibles free of charge, placing them in hospitals, hotel rooms, and in the hands of the military. Now, thanks to Faith Comes By Hearing, a Gideon Bible App is available for those who prefer a digital copy of Scripture. According to Mission Network News, The user-friendly app features the Bible in 920 languages both in written and audio format. The app also includes all the Helps that a Gideon Bible will have inside of it, such as help in time of need, the road to salvation, decision for Christ.

It's been a big week for the Zobrists. According to, Just a couple days after Ben Zobrist helped the Kansas City Royals capture their first World Series title in 30 years, he and his wife Julianna welcomed a new baby daughter, Blaise Royal Zobrist, into the world. She was born on the same day that her mother, who is a Christian recording artist, released a new single called Alive.

The creative designer who brought us the handmade Skittles dress is back in action, this time handcrafting a dress with a bit more meaning. According to ABC News, Sarah Bryan, of Wakefield, U.K., created a gown out of 3,000 paper poppy flowers in honor of Remembrance Day, which marks the anniversary of the end of World War I.

This holiday season is starting early and will hit you from every angle to try and get you to buy early and often. According to ABC News, Walmart, Target and other major retailers kicked off the holiday sales season this past weekend. According to retail trade organizations and the Deloitte 2015 Holiday Survey, sales are expected to increase between 3 percent and 5 percent. Retailers hope to beat the projections with a combination of technology, early discounts and good old fashion salesmanship.

Tired of preparing your Thankgiving meal in one morning? This year, Food Network Kitchen took on a major Thanksgiving challenge: Is it possible to make the entire feast ahead? They tested, tweaked and retested to come up with a full Thanksgiving menu that freezes beautifully, which means you can say goodbye to that typically chaotic week before the feast. Instead, with these recipes in your arsenal, the whole meal will be sitting pretty in the freezer, ready for the big day.

The band Finding Favour this week announced a new series. This week they kicked off the Tiny Town Sessions. Every other Tuesday the band members say they will post a new live video of one of their favorite songs. They say that some will be hymns, some country songs, and they might even include some of their own songs that haven't released yet.

A new taste sensation for Aaron Shust's boys. Aaron's says his wife Sarah grabbed two Scorpion lollipops while in Arizona. That's right, lollipops with scorpions in the middle. This week the boys tried them and Aaron says: Funny faces, gagging, running, spitting and laughter ensued. Proud of my brave boys though! I wouldn't have done it.

Colton Dixon is celebrating the release of his two new EPs by giving away some of his favorite stuff. Included in the giveaway are a ping pong paddle, a batman t-shirt, a journal, espresso beans, and more. The enter simply share your favorite Colton Dixon video. Winners will be announced on November 12. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips was showing off a drum trees this week. Duncan says the stack of four drums holds a special place in his heart because it was his very first specially ordered drum kit. Duncan says they represent so many great memories and the kit will stay with him forever.

Paul Baloche is gearing up for the release of a new album. Paul's 'Dutch language" WORSHIP album will be available in 2 weeks. This week Paul said he was conducting interviews with Dutch media via Skype talking about the new project.

Casting Crowns is offering instant gratification. Their new album A Live Worship Experience won't be released until November 13. However, members of the band shared this week: Pre-order now and you can get four instant gratification songs including "Good Good Father".

The Newsboys are helping you express your thankfulness for your friends during November. This week simply tag a friend that you're thankful for and both of you could win some Newsboys merchandize. Click on the link at

Another video is now available from Chris Tomlin's new Christmas CD. Tune in for the audio of Chris and Lauren Daigle's rendition of the song Noel. Click on the link at

Jenny Simmons was recently featured on the Canadian television program 100 Huntley Street. Jenny talked about her book The Road to Becoming and also shared about rediscovering her life in the unplanned moments. Watch the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Paul Baloche is out with another Christmas lyric video. The latest video features the words and chords for the song Gloria, written and recorded with Phil Wickham. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Hillsong Worship this week released a live performance video for their song One Thing. Check out the latest song from the band by clicking on the link at

Chris Tomlin's brand new Christmas music video debuted on Fox and Friends this week. The live performance is from Chris' new Christmas project Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship. It features the song Noel and includes help from Lauren Daigle. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Dan Bremnes is out with an acoustic version of his song 'In His Hands'. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Another Lightenup video from Ken Davis. This time he admits that his wife Diane also is not okay. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Shane and Shane will be joining with Phil Wickham for two Christmas concerts in Dallas this year and tickets are going quickly. The Porch Christmas concerts will be held December 8 and 9. Tickets went sale earlier this week, and within just a few hours, 18-hundred had already been sold.

Last month Jon Foreman of the group Switchfoot performed at 25 stops throughout the San Diego area as part of a 24-hour musical marathon benefiting his nonprofit music studio Bro-Am. The concerts began midday Saturday and happen every hour on the hour with an extra one thrown in between two of the shows. Now a photo montage of the event is available online. Check out photos taken by the San Diego Union Tribune as they following Jon throughout the 24 hours stretch of concerts.

6 Ways for Singles to Wait Well
1. Priorities.
2. Prayer.
3. Passion.
4. Perseverance.
5. Praise.
6. Peace.

Does your child love to be a helper? Here are 4 ways to encourage his desire to serve from In Touch Ministries.

'Tis the frantic season of gift-giving, parties, recitals and travel. In response, here are 3 ideas to streamline your holidays from Family Life Today.
1. Pare down your gift-giving.
2. Prioritize.
3. Plan ahead.

Audio Scripture Ministries and their ministry partner, World Cassette Outreach in India, have been praying for years for a new ministry center and audio studio. Now, according to Mission Network News, their prayers have been answered. The recently finished the studio in India will be inaugurated next week. In addition, the ministry center now also has a facility for their tribal readers to stay. A video component is also being added so the ministry can begin doing video projects.

Pastor Louie Giglio spent some time this week kneeling on the 50 yard line in the Georgia Dome with college leaders from across the country. Giglio says: We were paving the way in prayer for the epic gathering happening there 14 months from today; Passion 2017, However, the Atlanta pastor added, before we get there we are calling all 18-25s and their leaders to Passion 2016...two months from now. We are gathering in two cities and three arenas at the same time. It's an event like no other and will shape the trajectory of your life in the very best way.

At least 20 Christians are being held in 'black jail' in China, leading to accusations that the government is imposing a "totalitarian regime" on its citizens. According to the Texas-based human rights organization China Aid, those jailed include a number of church pastors and deacons, as well as human rights lawyer Zhang Kai who has been missing since his arrest in August. According to the Christian today article, 'Black jails' have no legal status. China Aid has noted that torture is common, and inmates are refused physical, written or verbal communication with family members or legal representatives.

Did you know that the United Nations intends to have biometric identification cards in the hands of every single man, woman and child on the entire planet by the year 2030? According to an article in Charisma News, The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is moving forward with its plans to use biometric technology to identify and track refugees, and has selected a vendor for the project. However that is just the starting point. Authorities hope this technology will enable them to achieve the UN's goal of having this kind of identification in the hands of every man, woman and child on the planet by the year 2030.

An Arizona high school football player ejected from a game after giving thanks to God will be allowed to play in his next game. According to CBN, Pedro Banda, a 17-year-old running back, was put on a one-game suspension after scoring a touchdown, touching his face mask and pointing his finger to the sky. The Arizona Interscholastic Association overturned the penalty against Banda after reviewing game footage. They said pointing his finger to sky and looking upward did not constitute "excessive celebration." The decision to overturn the suspension means that Banda will be able to play in the school's first playoff games in 25 years.

The new Chonda Pierce movie was a resounding success. According to Turning Point PR, the movie showed in select theaters across the country for one-night-only last week. That night "Chonda Pierce: Laughing in the Dark" reported the #1 per screen average in ticket sales and was the #5 movie in America on October 27. The movie sold out in more than 125 theaters nationwide. "Chonda Pierce: Laughing in the Dark" is a deeply personal glimpse into the life of the Christian comedian of all-time. It chronicles a series of tragic circumstances in Pierce's life, including the loss of her husband. The documentary is scheduled to return to the big screen for a special encore showing November 17.

The sole copy of a 1928 Walt Disney film thought to be lost forever has been rediscovered in the archives of the British Film Institute. According to Time, Walt Disney Animation Studios has restored the six-minute silent film, Sleigh Bells, which features Mickey Mouse precursor Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and will premiere next month at the BFI in London.

Planning to serve ham during the holidays? Yahoo Foods can help. They released an article this week on Glazing hams 101. The article also includes four ham glaze recipes.

Living in a historic neighborhood of Boston requires some deep pockets, and if you also want to park your car there, you'll have to shell out some serious change. According to ABC News, A parking spot in the Brimmer Street Garage, located in the city's historic Beacon Hill neighborhood, was listed for $650,000. Parking is so scarce in this area that last year two homes, with a listing price of more than 5 million each, did not include any parking space.

NASA has Mars fever -- and they’re hoping you do too. According to ABC News, The space agency announced this week that it is recruiting new astronauts “in preparation for the agency's journey to Mars.” NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in a statement "This next group of American space explorers will help us realize the goal of putting boot prints on the Red Planet."

Amazon opened its first physical book store on Nov. 2 in Seattle’s University Village neighborhood. According to Time, The company says Amazon Books is a “physical extension of” Amazon Books doesn’t look much different than an average book shop. But Amazon’s store is unique in that it includes reviews customers have posted on its website. The company also says books sold in its store are priced the same as the ones on its website.

Jason Gray came up with a special way to make use of those left over pumpkins. Jason shared: In honor of the champions of the 2015 World Series: the world's most beloved baseball player and the world's most beloved baseball team together and memorialized in pumpkins. Featured was one pumpkin rendition of Charlie Brown while the other included the initials K.C., the winners of this years World Series

If imitation is the truest form of flattery, Luke from for King and Country was flattered this week. He said: I never thought that someone would dress up as 'me' during halloween. This might be the cutest thing ever! The picture was sent to him by a little boy who dressed as Luke for Halloween, complete with a for King and Country drum.

Casting Crown's Jaun Devevo might want to re-evaluate his priorities. He shared a picture this week of a snake slithering across the floor of their house. In response, fellow Crowns member Megan Garrett posted: Perhaps if you wouldn't have paused to take a picture and Instagram it instead of take care of the snake-in-your-home-bidness, you wouldn't currently have a snake-hiding-somewhere-you-can't-get-to-in-your-home.

It sounds like Finding Favour member Blake NeeSmith is skipping No Shave November this year. He tweeted this week: Got my first ever straight razor treatment at the barber today.

Have your read any good books lately? Matthew West has a suggestion. He shared a picture this week of the very first copy of his new devotional Today is Day One. It officially released December 1.

The Afters front man Josh Havens was featured in episode 5 of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Associations GPS podcasts. As part of the interview, Josh shares stories about his hippie parents, being a singing barista, and surviving a horrible car crash. Listen to the entire podcast by clicking on the link at

Paul Baloche is taking another step in his effort to help worship leaders world wide prepare for Christmas. Paul is giving away a Digital Songbook featuring the songs from his Christmas albums "Christmas Worship Vol. 1 & 2". Access the free download by clicking on the link at

The Web site We are Worship is giving away Christmas music from Paul Baloche. An mp3 version of the song Your Name (Christmas Version) is now available for free download. Also on the web site are the sheet music and chord chart for the song. Access your free copy by clicking on the link at

Another video debut from Crowder. The live video features the bands performance of "My Beloved". Check it out by clicking on the link at

Last months Dove Awards featured a lot of great music. And now GMA officials are releasing some of that music. Check out Building429's Performance of "Impossible!" by clicking on the link at

Last months Dove Awards featured a lot of great music. And now GMA officials are releasing some of that music. Check out Casting crownsincredibly moving performance of "At Calvary" by clicking on the link at

Last months Dove Awards featured a lot of great music. And now GMA officials are releasing some of that music. Check out Mark Lowry and the Martins performance of "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" by clicking on the link at

Last months Dove Awards featured a lot of great music. And now GMA officials are releasing some of that music. Check out Karen Peck Gooch & New River performance of "We Shall Wear A Robe & Crown" by clicking on the link at

Last months Dove Awards featured a lot of great music. And now GMA officials are releasing some of that music. Check out Bill Gaither and Matt Maher as they perform "Because He Lives". Click on the link at

Last months Dove Awards featured a lot of great music. And now GMA officials are releasing some of that music. Check out Matt Maher's performance of "Because He Lives (Amen)!". Click on the link at

Last months Dove Awards featured a lot of great music. And now GMA officials are releasing some of that music. Check out Mercyme as they perform "Dear Younger Me!". Click on the link at

Last months Dove Awards featured a lot of great music. And now GMA officials are releasing some of that music. Check out Danny Gokey as he performs "Hope In Front Of Me". Click on the link at

Last months Dove Awards featured a lot of great music. And now GMA officials are releasing some of that music. Check out Lauren Daigle as she performs "How Can It Be." Click on the link at

Last months Dove Awards featured a lot of great music. And now GMA officials are releasing some of that music. Check out Big Daddy Weave as they perform "My Story." Click on the link at

Last months Dove Awards featured a lot of great music. And now GMA officials are releasing some of that music. Check out Crowder as they perform "Lift Your Head Wear Sinners (Chains)." Click on the link at

The latest release from Dan Bremnes is titled In His Hands. This week Dan released a video telling the story behind the song. Check out the story and the heart behind "In His Hands" by clicking n the link at

The members of Audio Adrenaline were hanging out on the farm this week. They spent a day off visiting the farm of front man Adam Agee's grandparents in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Revive Our Hearts web site Lies Young Women Believe will spend the next month focusing on gratitude! They announced this week: we’ve dedicated much of the month ahead to exploring what a thankful life looks like. To get you there, I want to send you on a scavenger hunt. Dig into God’s Word, and see what you can uncover on the subjects of gratitude, praise, and giving thanks.

New from Revive Our Hearts - the 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge. The free PDF challenges wives to speak positively to and about their husband each day.

Dr James Dobson is out with a special free download titled Understanding Your Children. In this Special Report, Dr. Dobson describes the types of children you may have in your life and then informs, encourages and inspires you to be the best parent possible to your kind of kid.

You don’t have to attend seminary to lead a Bible study. Here are 7 ways you can grow in studying Scripture from Revive Our Hearts:
1. Keep your passionate heart and inquiring mind engaged with your Bible.
2. Read some books about interpreting and communicating the Scriptures.
3. Spend some time studying the geography of the Bible.
4. Study sound teachers.
5. Seek out mentors as well as companions for the journey.
6. Seek feedback on your teaching or leading.
7. Consider taking online courses from a trusted source.

Three ways to love your husband well from Desiring God.
1. Pray for Your Husband
2. Encourage Your Husband
3. Die to Yourself

9 Questions to Determine If You're a Christian Leader
1. If others knew my life intimately, would they want to follow me?
2. Am I uncomfortable with the status quo?
3. Do I have a picture of a bright future?
4. Do I see people as God's gift or as a means to an end?
5. Is anyone following me?
6. Am I investing in anyone personally?
7. If I leave, will the ministry carry on well?
8. Am I continuing to learn?
9. Am I accountable to somebody for my godliness?

The planet is on the brink of a global water crisis. According to CBN, The U.S. government predicts that 40 of our 50 states -- and 60 percent of the earth's land surface -- will soon face alarming gaps between the supply and growing demand for water. In remarkable defiance of this water emergency stands Israel. Despite its unforgiving terrain, rapid population growth, and low annual rainfall, Israel is not only fending off a water crisis; it boasts a water surplus. It even exports water. Now Israel is exporting its water technology and expertise around the world. In fact, water and water know-how is becoming Israel's primary tools for global engagement

Royals GM Dayton Moore says character was the key to the team's turnaround. Recently the GM, now in his 10th year with the Royals, told that Baptist Press that patience, trust in Christ and an emphasis on character within the organization marked the path to turning around the franchise. Moore was saved in the third grade and recommitted his life to Christ as a junior college baseball player in Kansas. Moore said "Our goal from day one here in Kansas City was to create an organization we'd want our own sons and family to be a part of."

A vicar has been saved from life-threatening renal failure by his wife, who gave him her kidney. According to Christian, Rev Matthew Baynes was told he would spend the rest of his life on dialysis without a transplant, after a kidney disease he had had for 20 years caused him to rapidly deteriorate last Christmas. Miraculously, everything changed when his wife, Bryony, discovered that her kidney was a positive match. The transplant surgery successfully took place in Birmingham last month.

New Tribes Mission is looking for volunteers. The missions organization reported on twitter this week that they have have received over 100 letters from different tribal groups asking for missionaries to come. And that request is just from tribes in one country, the country of PNG near Australia.

Jon Leedahl was celebrating a milestone recently. It was just over one year ago that the New Tribes missionary pilot to PNG was several injured in a motorcycle accident, forcing doctors to amputate one of his legs above the knee and severely damaging his other foot. This past October 31, one year after the accident, Jon and his wife Adie announced on their blog site that Jon had completed check rides for helicopters and single and multi engine airplanes and he is able to fly again with no restrictions. However, the road back isn't completely finished. Jon is undergoing surgery today to remove a metal plate that was holding his broken foot together.

Athletic officials at an Arizona high school are appealing a referee's decision to eject a football player who gave thanks to God after scoring a touchdown. According to CBN News, High school senior Pedro Banda, a 17-year-old running back, says he always grabs his facemask, points to the sky and looks up after scoring. However, the referee didn't see it that way. He threw a flag for "excessive celebration" and tossed Banda out of the game. An ejection carries an automatic one-game suspension, which means Banda could miss next week's game, the team's first playoff appearance in 25 years.

Sondra Rose may have been one of the last people to finish the New York City Marathon on Sunday, but it would be hard to find any racer whose finish was sweeter. According to ABC News, Rose, who will turn 78 in three weeks, finished the 26.2 mile race long after the sun had set and as race organizers were cleaning up the finish line. It took her around nine hours to complete the marathon course. She has also raise $14,000 and counting since July for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training program.

Everyone’s favorite beagle Snoopy has joined the ranks of Hollywood’s elite: He now has a star on the Walk of Fame. According to Time, The pooch’s plaque, number 2,563 on the boulevard, was set just in time for his feature film, The Peanuts Movie. Fans can find the star next to his creator’s, Charles Schulz.

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