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A reminder from Danny Gokey: God never wastes ANYTHING!! All the pain, disappointments and bitterness you've endured is being used by God. Although God might not have caused those things, He does use those things to shape your life into a beautiful MASTERPIECE to impact others lives.

Darren Mulligan is the front man for the band We Are Messengers but he is not the only member of his family in the band. His wife Heidi is also a founding member of the We Are Messengers. You can see Heidi in several of the bands acoustic videos on their youtube channel

The daughter of former Caedmon's Call member Andrew Osenga is raising money for clean water in Africa through cartwheels. Sadie Osenga has her own fund raising page where donors can donate money each time Sadie does a cartwheel. She then gives the money to Blood:Water Mission. Sadie has already raised more than $1,500 but she is just getting started. Her goal is $10,000.

The Gospel Music Association Foundation this week announced its inductees and honorees for the annual GMA Honors Celebration set for Tuesday, May 9, at Lipscomb University’s Allen Arena. This year’s inductees include Steve Green; Gospel legend Yolanda Adams; and the Southern Gospel group Gold City Quartet. The event also honors individuals and organizations that are impacting Gospel music both past and present. This year’s honorees include Amy Grant for Helping Hands and Compassion International and Natalie Grant for Hope for Justice.

The members of Rend Collective are asking: should we be worried as band mates? The posted a short video this week as Gareth worked on his one man band skills.

Matthew West shared a short video of his secluded cabin this week along with an important reminder: So many times I get it in my head that I need to get away in order to find peace. But while being at this cabin is nice, I feel like God has reminded me that he doesn't just offer peace in peaceful places. He offers peace in the middle of chaos, in the middle of our most hectic days. Our most troubling times, our most desperate hours. Peace can be found in the emergency room, the classroom, the board room, and the courtroom. Jesus didn't say, I've hidden this gift of peace somewhere far away, good luck finding it." He said, "Peace I leave WITH you; my peace I give you (John 14:27.)

Kutless member James Mead shared his thoughts on the future this week. He posted: I think it is human tendency, when looking towards our future, to forget to celebrate the present. Sometimes the present is difficult, but almost always there is joy to be found if you'll just open your heart. Remember that difficult circumstances are what causes people to grow. Also, try to drink some coffee. Also, maybe try one of those new coloring books for grown-ups. Also, puppies.

Pictures and videos of red Xs are spreading across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram this week in support of "Shine a Light on Slavery Day." According to a Fox News Report, Celebrities, politicians, and sports figures are posting the X on various accounts. The Xs are part of a campaign called the End It Movement. It is a coalition of 16 non-profit groups, including Passion, that are raising awareness of the problem of modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

In celebration of the DC Talk album Free at Last turning 25 this year, the band's web site announced this week that the project is being pressed into a two LP vinyl.

The first release from Mercyme's new album Lifer is already breaking records. The song Even If is the most added Mercyme song to date and is already at #13 on the Billboard National Christian Audience chart."Even If" also climbed to No. 1 on the iTunes Christian chart. The full album from Mercyme will release on March 31

Citizenway member David Blascoe is releasing another record with his Hip Hop/Electronic duo Black fuse music. The project is titled "Come Back Different." It will be available on March 3rd!

Several members of Hillsong United have spent the last 11 days in Bali working on new projects. Taya posted this week that, while it hasn't been a heavy workload for me, these past few days have been massive. I'm pretty sure God is always speaking and I don't always hear Him but when you take a moment to step out of the traffic and take a long loving look at Jesus He's there waiting. Taya posted: here's to the heart days, the big days, the ones that feel a tad uncomfortable, the sad days, the beauty for ashes days, the promised days, the hopeful days, the best days and the fun days; He is God of them all.

Danny Gokey this week released another acoustic song from his new album Rise. This weeks feature is the song 'Masterpiece'. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Hillsong United member Joel Houston released a video talking about the song titled Heaven Knows that the band recording for the sound track of the movie The Shack. Joel also shares why he thinks The Shack is the one film you should see this year. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace joined with her family this week to provide a video update on her family, her mom's health, the move to LA and her music. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Mercyme front man Bart Millard made an assumption-bad idea. While his wife was at the store Bart shaved off his beard. After she returned he posted: so, I thought she'd love me having a moustache when she got back... ...I was wrong.

Still hoping to attend this summers DC Talk Reunion cruise. Officials posted this week: Only about a hundred cabins remain ... book yours and join us on the ship July 11-15.

When Chris Tomlin kicks off this years Worship Night in America Zach Williams will be there. Zach is one of several artists, including Big Daddy Weave and Phil Wickham, who will be part of the multi city event. Worship night in America will kick off in San Antonio, Texas on April four. It will cover a total of 23 cities in during April and early May, rapping up in Rio Rancho, New Mexico on May 13.

Last March Francesca Battistelli gave birth to her third child. This week she posted: Why am I downing ginger candy at The Road Show rehearsal? Well...#4 is on the way!!! I was pregnant with our son Eli 7 years ago, the last time I played this tour, but I managed to keep it under wraps until the tour was over. Who's gonna pray with me that this morning sickness goes away?

A reminder this week from Mandisa: When the devil says you should be ashamed to tell others they're Overcomers cuz your jiggly arms prove you're not, LIFT YOUR JIGGLY ARMS HIGHER!

Jason Gray has been on tour this month with Jonny Diaz and it sounds like the two have developed a good friendship. Jason posted a picture of he and Jonny as the tour winds down. He added: One of my favorite things about this current tour is breakfast excursions with this guy. The other thing I love about being on the road with Jonny Diaz is that I have a workout buddy. I need one of those to me stay consistent! With no gym close enough for us to visit, he put me through his paces right there beside the bus.

Hillsong United and Crowder joined forces at Passion 2017 this year. This week both bands shared pictures. Hillsong posted: Not so secretly, we want to be in the same band with Crowder — we got the honor to mash things up Passion this year, and it was a lot of fun. Crowder rules, obviously not as much as Jesus rules.

Family Life Today: It's not too early to begin preparing our hearts for the Easter celebration coming up in a couple months. Barbara Rainey is encouraging Christians to rediscover Easter as we rediscover Lent, the season of preparation for the greatest holiday in the church year.

There is simply no substitute for your presence in your child's life.
Value humility over self-esteem
Never stop learning
Keep the end in mind
If you want your child to live a good and blessed life, teach them to honor you.

5 effects of suffering that afflict the soul.
1. Isolation.
2. Implosion.
3. Condemnation.
4. Anger.
5. Wallowing in Discontent.

A federal judge has blocked Texas from slashing Medicaid dollars for America's biggest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe, D-VA, has effectively sidelined all homeschool athletes in the state who'd like to compete for their public high school. For the third year in a row, McAuliffe has vetoed the so-called "Tebow bill," which would overturn a state ban on homeschool students participating in high school sports and other interscholastic activities.

A new Indiana bill could restore students' right to pray aloud in public schools. John Bartlett, a Democratic member of the Indiana House of Representatives, drafted the measure, House Bill 1024. And Tuesday, the education committee overwhelmingly approved it. Bartlett says his bill will give students an opportunity to pray in school, but it will not force them to pray.

A Pennsylvania school district says it will remove a Ten Commandments monument after atheists filed a complaint. According to, the New Kensington-Arnold School District--about 20 miles northeast of Pittsburgh--has agreed to settle a federal lawsuit by taking down the six-foot tall monument and paying $164,000 in legal fees.

An atheist teacher in Florida is under fire for calling her students “cretins” and complaining about them in an online forum. According to, Susan Creamer, a teacher at Merritt Brown Middle School in Panama City, Florida, claimed that her students were “bullying and harassing” her because they invited her to church.

A Louisiana woman who jumped into the way of danger to help a police officer said she simply “did what God needed me to do.”

The state of Georgia settled a discrimination lawsuit brought against it by a physician-preacher who accused the state of firing him for his religious speech outside the workplace. The state, which had demanded Eric Walsh turn over his sermons as evidence, awarded the former employee $225,000 in damages.

Instagram said on its blog that users will now be able to upload 10 photos and videos per post. The company suggested a variety of uses for the new format, from documenting each phase of a surprise birthday party to showing the steps for making a recipe.

NASA announced that a single star relatively close to Earth that is home to no fewer than seven Earthlike planets. The new findings, published in the current issue of Nature, are the result of more than six years of study of the small star Trappist-1, located just over 39 light years from Earth.

As President Trump prepares for his address next week to a joint session of Congress, Republicans say they are more inclined to trust the president, rather than GOP congressional leaders, if the two sides disagree.. Meanwhile, Job approval rates for congressional leaders of both parties is low, but gap between them has narrowed

Friends and strangers have donated thousands to help woman and her newborn injured in Utah crash. Donations have totaled more than $39,000 so far toward a $50,000 goal.

Ken Drake has won numerous photography awards and was last year named AIPP Australian Professional Pet/Animal Photographer of the Year. Now the animal photographer of the year is giving out tips on how to capture your pet's personality

Arts education is usually one of the first things to be cut from the budget of struggling schools . . . so EDDIE VAN HALEN is lending a helping hand. He donated 75 guitars from his personal collection to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. It’s a program that provides musical instruments to students in low-income schools.

One New Yorker is helping struggling residents of the town one bluegrass song at a time. Will Boyajian, a performer in the 42 Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal station, collects plenty of cash — but he gives away every dime before calling it a day. A handwritten sign, propped up against Will's black guitar case filled with dollar bills, says “If you’re homeless or need help take as much as you need from the case.”

Eleven-year-old Liz Brobst has made it her mission to donate up to 1,000 boxes of the Scouts’ famous cookies to local veterans and service members stationed overseas, mostly through area events and the Girl Scouts’ own Operation Cookie Drop program. So far, Brobst, who has been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten, has collected roughly 700 boxes toward her 1,000-box goal, and has until her collection season ends on March 12 to accumulate the rest.

A shopping centre in China has decided to do away with convention, replacing an escalator with a 16m-tall spiral slide. The Chongqing centre’s attempt to inject a bit of levity into its retail experience was first reported by People’s Daily Online last week. The glass-topped, neon-lit slide was opened on February 15, and extends from the complexes fourth floor to its first floor.

Rob Laffan’s little girl Sadie has nonverbal autism. So attempting to convey what she needed or felt to her parents was terribly frustrating. That is the reason Rob made a revolutionary application called Tippy Talk to help her say what she needed, felt, or required.

A massive kidney chain that spanned multiple states has helped save the lives of four people in need of kidney transplants, including a Florida police officer.

We think of freezing as a way to preserve food, but why not use it as a way to prepare food? Rather than thawing before enjoying, is suggesting eating foods frozen. And they're not just talking about what's already in the freezer. Suggestions include Avocados, gummy bears and more. Check out their list of 20 foods that taste better frozen.

The church where Jamie Grace served as worship leader is recovering from the loss of 30-thousand dollars in music equipment. The Kingdom City Church was led by Jamie's parents prior to their recent move to LA. Officials announced this week that theives broke into the church near Atlanta and stole numerous items, including Jamie's keyboard. A Gofundme campaign has been started to help replace the stolen equipment.

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips took advantage of warm weather in his home town of Nashville this week. He says it was 73 degrees so he headed out for a motorcycle ride in just a t-shirt.

Kerrie Roberts was representing females everywhere this week. She says the boys in her family were shooting arrows over the weekend and she decided she needed to try. Kerrie posted: Then my nephew said (innocently) that girls can't shoot arrows. Pressure was on!! Thankfully I hit the target on my first shot. (I wish I could say it was a bullseye....I'll keep practicing.)

Casting Crowns front man Mark Hall was ministering in a different way this week. He posted: I had a great day working with these fellas on creating an outside nature walk for a great ministry in our area called "a friend's house".

NeedtoBreathe will hold their 5th Annual NeedtoBreathe Classic next month on March 27. The golf fundraiser collects money each year for OneWorld Health. In 2016 the band raised enough to build a clinic in Nicaragra. This year they hope to bring in at least $100,000.

Passion is airing the main sessions and music from Passion 2017 on TBN this week. The broadcasts will air each evening at 7PM CT. They feature the Passion conference that took place in the Georgia Dome in early January in front of 55,000 college students.

Plumb posted a very honest selfie this week. She's been fighting a sinus infection and says she was knocked out on NyQuil all day.

New Music/Free Music/Giveaways ion of their latest live album Worthy Of Your Name last week with physical albums scheduled to be available March 24. In conjunction with the album debut, Passion released a series of videos including a live performance of the song "Glorious Day". Watch the live performance below:

Switchfoot is giving away a 7-Day Trip to San Diego. The SWITCHFOOT Summer Getaway takes place June 19-24 and includes the bands Bro-am event, a beach day with the band, and a private tour of their recording studio.

For King and Country is celebrating the DVD release of Priceless The Movie by flying two people to join them at the Strawberry Festival in Florida in early March. Here's how to enter:
1. Snap a picture with the DVD or in front of a Walmart display.
2. Post it and tag Priceless The Movie

Passion released the digital version of their latest live album Worthy Of Your Name last week with physical albums scheduled to be available March 24. In conjunction with the album debut, Passion released a series of videos including a live performance of the song "Glorious Day". Watch the live performance by clicking on the link at

Mandisa is a little late to the party. She posted: I never got around to doing the Mannequin Challenge, but I guess we kinda do it each night on the Hits Deep Tour. She posted a picture on Instagram doing her version of the Mannequin Challenge at a recent show.

After 70+ packed shows across the U.S and Canada, Switchfoot has buttoned up the LOOKING FOR AMERICA Tour with Relient K. Here are a few of the highlights:
1. With YOUR help, Switchfoot raised enough to help pay for over 200 surgeries for kids with treatable disabilities through CURE
2. With YOUR help, Switchfoot raised almost $100,000 for the Bro-Am foundation

7 Bedtime Helps For Kids
1. Ensure kids are getting enough sleep.
2. Keep a quiet hour before bedtime.
3. Limit screens at night.
4. Choose evening extracurriculars carefully.
5. Establish a routine.
6. Keep the lights out.
7. Watch what they eat.

4 ideas changing church for the better
Genuine connection can't be forced.
Community is about more than just a welcome committee.
Programs alone don't cut it.
Staying intentional matters.

Last week, Pakistan was hit with the deadliest bout of terrorist attacks since 2014. Eight blasts in five days killed over 100 people

Counterpoint Research recently announced that India has now surpassed the United States as the second-largest smartphone market in the world with over 220 million active smartphone users. These latest smartphone stats have unique implications for how ministries share the Gospel in India and Audio Scripture Ministries is choosing to be proactive.

ISIS released a video this week which called for the slaughter of Egyptian Christians. The 20 minute video, titled 'Kill all the Kuffar' (Kuffar is Arabic for 'unbeliever') encourages fellow militants to attack and kill Christians across the country.

After three years of war, the South Sudanese government and humanitarian agencies officially have declared famine in parts of the country. More than 100,000 people are starving in the country, according to the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan. While in some areas, particularly north of the country, more than 30 percent of the population there is suffering from acute malnutrition.

State officials in Sudan plan to demolish at least 25 church buildings in the Khartoum area. A letter from the Executive Corporation for the Protection of Government Lands, Environment, Roads and Demolition of Irregularities of Khartoum State reveals the names and locations of 25 church buildings marked for demolition. The government reportedly claimed the churches were built on land zoned for other uses, but Christian leaders said it is part of wider crack-down on Christianity.

A restoration project at an ancient synagogue and visitor's center in the Western Galilee uncovered 1,800-year-old Hebrew inscriptions on a column capital. The inscriptions, which appear to be the names of donors who contributed to the synagogue, confirm the Jewish history of the 2,000-year-old village.

Hundreds of Chinese citizens gave their lives to Christ this weekend at William Graham's 2017 Music Celebration.

The first English-language study Bible written by African scholars for an African context was released this month

Most say their church would be a safe haven for victims of domestic violence. But many don’t know if anyone in their church has been a victim of domestic violence. And only half say they have a plan in place to help if a victim comes forward. Those are among the findings of a new report on churches and domestic abuse from LifeWay Research, based on a phone survey of 1,000 Protestant senior pastors.

It’s been one year since Australia implemented a controversial vaccination policy — if your kids aren’t vaccinated, you won’t receive a child care stipend — and it appears to be working: According to Brisbane’s Courier-Mail, nearly 200,000 children who were not previously vaccinated were immunized in 2016.

If you're excited about easier-to-get free shipping on Amazon, you have Walmart to thank. Amazon just lowered its free shipping minimum back to $35 from $49. The lowered minimum came about three weeks after Walmart introduced free two-day shipping for $35 online orders.

Scientists from India discover 7 new species of frogs; some are among the smallest known frogs in the world.

A bull on the loose led police on a wild goose chase this week in New York City. The bull was spotted roaming the streets in the city's Jamaica, Queens, neighborhood. Police said the bull escaped from a slaughterhouse.

If you had to look back and name the 10 historic events that had the biggest influence on the country during your lifetime, what would you say? That was the question posed in a recent Pew Research Center survey. The survey, conducted June 16 to July 4, 2016, asked everyone from Millennials to members of the Greatest Generation to list the events that most profoundly affected America. For most Americans 9/11 was the most significant event in their lifetime.

TransferWise, an international money transfer service, announced its free Facebook Messenger bot this week. The bot integrates the two services so users can arrange foreign money transfers without having to leave Messenger, as well as receive exchange rate alerts for as many currencies as they need.

A little girl was in line to get an autograph from a Boston Red Sox player during the team’s open house at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, Florida, on Saturday, when the child noticed a uniformed Army reservist standing nearby. Rather than simply carrying on with her quest to get a MLB player’s signature, Makenna Woodburn, 7, hopped out of line, walked over to reservist Olyvia Russell and asked the soldier for her autograph,

A team of NASA scientists is trying to make Pluto a planet again. The group — led by Alan Stern, who headed NASA’s mission to Pluto — has proposed changing the definition of a planet.

A fifth-grade girl in Marion, Ohio turned to her local police for help with math homework – and not only did the police respond, but they attempted to guide her through her equation. Lena Draper, 10, messaged Marion Police Department on Facebook, asking for help with her math assignment and surprisingly, police department lieutenant B.J. Gruber, who runs the page, answered her by advising that Draper work from left to right on her problem, solving the work within the parentheses first.

The city of Cedar Rapids plans to convert 1,000 acres of unused, unproductive city property — mostly lawn that has to be regularly mowed and sprayed at considerable expense — to habitat for monarch butterflies and other pollinators.

A South Carolina mother of three, was “absolutely blown away” when a Columbia Walmart cashier insisted on covering half of her $200 grocery bill —with her personal credit card.

A day of outdoor fun turned into a near-fatal experience for three Nova Scotians this weekend, when a wall of snow crashed down around them, trapping them underneath its heavy weight. That was when their five-year-old golden lab, who was outside playing in the snow too, starting working to dig the three free from the snow.

A group of staff members at the HaClinica veterinary hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel went above and beyond last month when they glued together an injured snail’s shell after a woman accidentally stepped on it.

There's some good news out of Florida: For the third straight year, spotters counted more than 6,000 manatees navigating Florida's waters. An aerial survey ending earlier this month had a preliminary total of 6,620 creatures, compared to 6,250 in 2016 and 6,063 the year before. That's a far cry from the estimated 1,267 manatees seen in 1991.

An Orlando mother is in the hospital but still alive after a truck slammed into her while crossing a street Thursday. Susa Gentry’s husband wants to thank the four high school football players who saved her life in a remarkable rescue. Four local football players, who just so happened to also be on the weightlifting team, saw what happened and ran over. They managed to lift the truck long enough to pull Susan to safety.

Wind Power Sets New Record: Briefly Providing the Majority of Electricity for 14-State Grid.

New data released this week by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) show that U.S. driving reached 3.148 trillion miles during 2015, beating the previous record of 3.003 trillion miles in 2007. For a sense of scale, 3.148 trillion miles is roughly the same distance as 337 round trips from Earth to Pluto.

Ryan Stevenson has a new barber and you might recognize his name. Ryan posted: So, my new barber Tobymac hooked me up with a fresh haircut out here on the Hit's Deep Tour.

Jimmy Needham was showing off his new family over the weekend. Jimmy and his wife returned from adopting their son Ben from India late last week and Jimmy posted his first family shot soon after landing back in the USA. The Needham's already have two daughters.

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Stiengard is just back from a Worldwide Trip. In his first blog since completing a trip around the world in less than 10 days, Jon says he has two main takeaways from the trip.
1. Dream Bigger—we are often only limited by our imagination, choices, and ability to execute.
2. People are Good—everywhere we went, the vast majority of people are just good natured and kind.
Jon and fellow artist Dan Bremness made stops in Iceland, Rome, Jordan, Egypt, Dubai, India, and China.

Jason Gray was celebrating God's care through others over the weekend. He posted: I woke up Thursday with a head cold and nine days of shows ahead of me. I felt so drained... I didn't know how I was going to do it. Some friends at the show that night whisked me away to her health and wellness clinic to give me a shot of B vitamins and "laser my spleen"--a combination of words I'd never heard before so of course I said yes because lasers. Thank you to Sandy at Benchmark in Windsor, CO! It has made all the difference!

Phil Wickham introduced his new son to the world over the weekend. He posted: Pride and joy are too small of words for this! Meet my 4th child and FIRST BOY, Henry Philip Wickham-Born 2/16/17 at 11:57AM. So thrilled to finally be holding him and thankful that he and my wife are healthy and doing great.

Jeremy Camp was out fished by his daughter over the weekend. They were on a daddy daughter date fishing and Jeremy posted: Arie 5 - Dad 1

Matthew West wrapped up work in the studio over the weekend but he wasn't recording a new album. Matthew posted: finished recording the audio book for Hello My Name. The book is scheduled for release in mid April.

Chris and Jodi, of Love and the Outcome, enjoyed a little time off the grid last week. Jodi posted: It was nice to be offline last week, enjoying each moment in the moment. This was a special one.

Matthew West on family traditions: we decorate the kids' bedroom door and wake them up super early with a birthday song. Then they have to break through the streamers and enter into another year older. Sometimes you wonder if these silly things we do matter, and then the night before Delaney's birthday she asks, "Are you going to decorate my door?" I have to remember that the little things are the BIG things sometimes.

It's been a rough few weeks for Francesca Battistelli. She posted: my family has been hit with sickness. Fevers, coughs, diaper rash, sniffles, nausea--it's the worst. I've found myself sinking into worry, fear, and hopelessness as I look around the messy house, count how many movies we've watched, and shake my head at the "meals" we've eaten lately. When it's not easy, where does our hope go? I'm so thankful Jesus is my only hope. And my only identity. I don't have to have it all together or even feel healthy to praise Him and rejoice in Him. All that to say, please keep us in prayer!

We Are Worship is giving away music from Australian worship leader Darlene Zschech. Right now you can download the mp3 and chord charts for the song Victor's Crown.

Kari Jobe has released another lyric video from her new album The Garden. Check out the video for Speak To Me by clicking on the link at

Kristian Stanfill and the Passion band were on facebook over the weekend talking about the release of their new record Worthy of Your Name. The new album features songs recorded at the Georgia dome during Passion 2017 in early January. Hear more about the project by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace has moved to LA and now she is trying her hand at acting. She released her demo reel over the weekend. You can check the video of Jamie getting sad and laughing and doing improv. Click on the link at

Britt Nicole was reminding her social media followers over the weekend that "even when things don't go the way you plan, He still has a HOPE and a FUTURE for you!" She posted a short video she found on her phone and added: This was the end of a day, you can hear my two little ones in the background and I guess this idea for a song was just in my heart. I never planned on posting this, so it's rough, but maybe someone just needs to be reminded of this hope. Check it out by clicking on the link at

MercyMe has released the official lyric video for their new song Even If. The song is the first release from the bands new album Lifer. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

MercyMe is currently on their Texas Takeover Tour. During a stop in Wichita Falls, Texas the band premiered their new song "Even If". Now you can check out their live performance on line. Click on the link at

Hillsong United was live on YouTube for the very first time over the weekend. The band recorded a 20 minute live broadcast introducing the members of the band and talking about their music. Check out the live video by clicking on the link at

Selah wants to hear your salvation story. Check out the lyric video for Selah's song I God Saved and then share your I Got Saved story in the comment section.

Jaci Velasquez will embark next month on her first major tour in over seven years. The “Trust Tour” will launch on March 2 in Jacksonville, FL. It's in support of her first, full-length studio album in over five years. The album will release in both English and Spanish to over 160 nations March 31 from Integrity Music.

Bus Life is not always easy. Selah is currently on the Blessed and Unbreakable Tour. They posted a picture while stranded by trailer damage in Pella, Iowa. Their trailer lost one of it's four wheels, delaying their trip until repairs could be made.

In case you wondered what the glamorous life of touring entails, Christy Nockels wants to give you a little insight. She posted over the weekend: it means you have to think next week when your hubs and kids are looking for food while you're gone. It means doing laundry so that you yourself will have pajama bottoms to wear on the bus that people won't laugh at, along with finding all the missing socks for your people who are staying here. But most of all it means remembering: all I can do is what I can do and do it with joy. He gives strength for the journey. Christy added that touring is far from glamorous but The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Bart Millard was going back to his roots over the weekend. The front man of Mercyme posted a picture in front the the Taco Villa Fiesta Cafe while on the bands Take Over Texas Tour and added: This place takes me back to my roots! The rest of the tour thinks we've lost our minds.

Natalie Grant found a unique way to celebrate her twins 10th birthday. She invited the two girls, Gracie and Bella, and four of their friends to join them on this weekend's tour. Natalie picked up the six from school on her way out of town, presenting them with tour t-shirts and VIP passes. She says her girls wanted to let their friends in on what "life on the road" is like - so I'm thrilled to make that dream come true.

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett says their tour with Danny Gokey is one she will remember. She posted: I've been a fan of his since his season of American Idol and now he's on tour with us-AND I get to sing one of his songs with him every night! Thanks, Danny Gokey for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone more each night! #castingcrowns #dannygokey #theverynextthingtour

The Sidewalk Prophets are bring faith to professional sports. Last week they announces plans to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves faith and family night on February 24. But this weekend they were on the ice in Columbus, playing a similar event for the Columbus Blue Jackets after their NHL game against the Nashville Predators.

Have you ever wanted a taste of what really goes on at a Weekend to Remember getaway? Family Life Today is going on a road trip to give you just that. From Facebook Live videos of the sessions themselves, to powerful testimonials from couples, they will be bringing the event directly to you starting March 3. The road trip will involve
Three days. Three cities. One tour bus. You can come along for the ride.

Dr. James Dobson has long been a go to source for parenting information. Now you can access all that wisdom in one place. His program Family Talk announced over the weekend that all of Dr Dobson’s work is now available online through the Dobson Digital Library

On February 22, Joni will receive Biola University’s Charles W. Colson Conviction and Courage Award. Biola President, Barry H. Corey, says Joni Eareckson Tada has long been a shining light in the Christian world, a woman whose life has been a testimony of conviction, courage, and compassion. Our award selection committee wanted to honor Joni's convictions as they are expressed in her tireless advocacy for the disabled; the worldwide impact she has made through books and articles on suffering and disability; and the courage she has demonstrated in living a Christ-honoring life as a disabled person.

3 Tips to Understanding Wives’ Fatigue
1. Human beings (and particularly women), tolerate stresses and pressure much more easily if at least one other person knows they are enduring it.
2. Most women will agree that the daily tasks of running a household can be managed; it is the accumulating projects that break their backs.
3. Husbands and wives should constantly guard against the scourge of over commitment.

South Dakota and Virginia have recently passed new measures, joining Utah as states that now view porn as a public health crisis.

Muslims are the fastest-growing religious group in the world. Yet many facts about Muslims are not well known in some of these places, and most Americans – who live in a country with a relatively small Muslim population – say they know little or nothing about Islam. In response, the Pew Research Center recently released answers to some key questions about Muslims, compiled from several reports published in recent years:

Governor Mike Huckabee, 2016 presidential candidate, received the Friend of Zion award at gala event in Jerusalem. Dr. Mike D. Evans, founder of the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem, presented him with the award for his support for the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Late last week, nine judges who serve on the Washington State Supreme Court ruled against florist Barronelle Stutzman of Richland, Washington—a 72 year-old grandmother who now faces fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars for desiring to run her local flower shop according to orthodox Christian beliefs.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted late last week to allow states to decide whether to fund abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood. Representatives voted 228-188 to repeal the Obama administration ruling from December.

Norma McCorvey, the lead plaintiff in the 1973 case that legalized abortion in the United States, died over the weekend at an assisted-living facility in Katy, Texas. She was 69.

Bob Jones University (BJU) announced Wednesday it is regaining its federal tax-exempt status on March 1. The university lost its nonprofit status more than three decades ago following a landmark 1983 Supreme Court ruling that condemned the Greenville, S.C., school’s policy forbidding interracial dating or marriage among its students, staff, and faculty.

Suspected Islamic militants late last week murdered a Coptic Christian teacher in Egypt’s northern Sinai. The murder follows a similar attack last week and several other separate murders in January.

Jakarta Gov. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, commonly called Ahok, narrowly won the first round of the most heated gubernatorial election in Indonesia despite being on trial for blasphemy. Ahok is a Christian and the first ethnic Chinese governor of Jakarta.

During the season of Lent, some Americans give up chocolate or alcohol. Others dump guilty pleasures like social media or binge-watching television. But most abstain from Lent itself. Three-quarters of Americans (76%) say they don’t typically observe Lent, according to a new survey from LifeWay Research. LifeWay asked Americans who observe Lent how they do it.
Fasting from a favorite food or beverage (57%) and going to church (57%) are the most common ways to observe Lent. Additional prayer (39%), giving to others (38%), or staying away from a bad habit (35%) are also popular. Fasting from a favorite activity is less common (23%).

Nearly half of millennials & a third of African Americans say they don't know someone who identifies as evangelical. Evangelicals are the only religious group in the United States that has not developed a better reputation over the past few years. And Americans have become less likely to know an evangelical—more so than any other faith tradition.

Three weeks after President Donald Trump issued an executive order temporarily stopping refugees from entering the country, a major evangelical refugee resettlement agency announced plans to shut down 5 of its 27 locations nationwide and lay off more than 100 staff members working there. World Relief announced Wednesday evening that it would close offices in Boise, Idaho; Columbus, Ohio; Miami, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; and Glen Burnie, Maryland.

One company is hoping to bring underwater exploration to the masses with their affordable underwater drones:

Need a better way to clean your Dirty Baking Sheets? You need only three things and you probably already have them in your kitchen.

Erin Tobin had quite a night on Thursday. She drained a one-handed, half-court shot in Albany, New York — and then accepted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend Steve Duckett

San Francisco officials have voted to ban the sale of non-rescue dogs and cats at pet shops as part of a concerted effort to eradicate “inhumane” puppy breeding operations in the city.

When the next Space-X rocket is launched on Saturday, the research of two Kentucky high school students will be on its way to outer space. The research, conducted by students Will Casto and Danielle Gibsonon with a biology professor, focuses on what effect microgravity will have on the smooth muscle cells in rat hearts.

Longer isn’t necessarily better when it comes to mobile video. In a statement on Friday, YouTube said that it’s fazing out its 30-second unskippable ads for advertisers this year. Beginning in 2018, brands will not be able to buy the 30-second ad format but can purchase other lengths of unskippable pre-roll ads like 20-second promos and 6-second bumper ads.

Think you're going to Columbia University next year? Maybe not. The Ivy League university informed more than 200 students that they'd been accepted earlier this month, but it turned out to be a mistake. Columbia University said it accidentally sent acceptance emails to 277 prospective students on Wednesday and then recalled them.

The launch pad used to send Americans to the moon and shuttle astronauts into orbit is roaring back into action. Dormant for nearly six years, NASA's Launch Complex 39A is now seeing its first commercial flight. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will use it to hoist supplies to the International Space Station.

Sorry space fans, SpaceX isn't going to Mars in 2018. In April 2016, SpaceX made the bold proclamation that it will send a robotic mission to Mars by 2018. Instead of aiming for the 2018 deadline, SpaceX will now try to launch a robotic mission to Mars — known as its Red Dragon mission — two years later, in 2020

A grieving mother has met the child whose life was saved thanks to the donation of her little girl's heart. Mothers Amber Travaglio and Ashlyn Richardson embraced in a tearful first meeting Feb. 8, one year after the heart of Travaglio's late daughter, Melody Kashawlic, 7, was donated to Peyton Richardson, 5.

A Harvard University scientist says his team is only two years from resurrecting some traits of the woolly mammoth, which went extinct during the last ice age. The goal is to create an embryo that’s a hybrid of the woolly mammoth and its closest living relative, the Asian elephant.

Ten years ago, Andy Sandness tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the face. Now, a decade later, the 31-year-old has received one the rarest surgeries in the world — a face transplant.

"Portraits of Courage" is a new book by former president George W. Bush profiling veteran. Now the first in a series of videos profiling the veterans is available.

BILLIONAIRE Tesla CEO Elon Musk has promised to cover the damage for a driver who sacrificed his expensive Tesla model S to save a stranger’s life. Manfred Kick, 41, was driving his new car when he noticed a man in a Volkswagen driving erratically on the Autobhan near Munich, Germany. After watching the driver swerve across the road, he realized the man behind the wheel had fallen unconscious. So in a quick thinking and selfless act he quickly pulled in front of the car, violently braking until both came to a stop.

Pueblo City Council set a goal this week to become fully powered by renewable energy by 2035, joining two other Colorado cities with similar commitments.

A poor Rickshaw Puller has Planted one tree Everyday For The Last 48 Years

Barbers at Headz Up Barber Shop already teach customers to show love to one another. They're betting the same subtle nurturing technique will encourage grade-school customers to show love to books. Headz Up is one of six Peoria barber shops participating in "Barbers Love Books," a community project with Hines School and Peoria Public Library.

A former lost by from Sudan is now a police officer in Atlanta.

Hillsong Worship member JD was reaching out to up and coming worship leaders this week. In the latest edition of their blog on Leading Worship 101, JD said: It really comes down to just trying to be yourself. Also, this isn’t a solo sport. The greatest thing about what we do as a church is that we are a family, and a team.

Jordan Feliz says he and his wife have dreamed of building a house for a half decade and they are finally able to move forward with their plans. Jordan posted a picture of the land and added: We are officially building a home and are so pumped! Thanking the Lord for his favor and hand over us during this season and also praying that he uses our home to elevate his name and grow the kingdom.

Two years after he was diagnosed with kidney cancer, Casting Crowns front man Mark Hall is talking with Guideposts about the lessons he learned. In the interview Mark says he thought it was a private battle. However, he says it instead taught him how to accept support from others.

After a couple of weeks in India, Jimmy Needham is on his way home with his new son. Jimmy and his wife traveled to India early this month, culminating four years of waiting and paperwork. On February 7 he posted pictures introducing the newest member of the Needham family, Benjamin Ezekiel Needham. On Wednesday Jimmy sent out his final twitter update from India, posting: Hours away from flying home with our boy.

Francesca Battistelli is finally back. She shared her thoughts on 2016 this week in her first blog in quite awhile. Francesca says she slowed down in 2016, playing in only 35 shows during the year that saw the birth of her third child. Looking ahead to 2017, Francesca says a 6-week west coast tour and a new album are both on the agenda. She added: I’m excited for all the Lord is doing in our family, in our hearts, and in the new music that’s being written for album #4.

The global senior pastor of Hillsong church, Brian Houston, took to Instagram this week to announce that his church will be opening three new branches in cities around the world including Tel Aviv, Israel. Houston says that, if they response it good, they may also consider a second church in Jerusalem later on.

While performing at the NFL Sanctioned Super Bowl Gospel Celebration, Natalie Grant encouraged attendees to put their trust in God - not in any government ruler. According to the Gospel Herald, At the event held ahead of Super Bowl LI, Grant gave an emotional rendition of "Clean" and "King of the World", two songs highlighting God's power and human inability. Grant told the hundreds gathered in Houston, Texas: "I'm not looking to the government to solve my problems."

Zach Williams song "Chain Breaker" is breaking records. According to Merge PR, The song has held the No. 1 spot in several charts for 15 weeks to date, surpassing the previous record by three weeks for a new artist's debut song. The title was previously held by Jordan Feliz's "The River".

Colton Dixon this week released the playlist for his new album, Identity, that releases on March 24. Colton says three segments, our mind, body and spirit, make up our identity. Those three also comprise the track list on his latest project.

In celebration of Valentines Day this week, Citizenway member Ben Calhoun released a love song for his wife. Check out the original Ben Calhoun love song, written for his Alison. Click on the link at

Ryan Stevenson this week released his Top 5 tour tips. In a video recorded for the Digital Tour Bus, Ryan said his number one tip is "Just Go With The Flow. Other tips included: take care of yourself, eat healthy, be present with the fans, and be respectful with your time. Ryan is currently on tour with the Newsboys.

Mercyme front man Bart Millard says a sell out at this weeks show in Greenville, Texas was extremely important. He posted a short video announcing that, if the show was a sell out, the band had promised to shower prior to playing the concert.

After stops in Iceland and across the middle east, Dan Bremness and Hawk Nelson front man Jon Stiengard are heading for home. However, they made one last stop before returning to the USA. Jon said: The last stop of our trip - the Great Wall of China. Amazing to think it's 1000s of miles long

Meredith Andrews finally made it home for Valentines day but it wasn't easy. The worship leader was told her flight at the Lynchburg Regional Airport on the 14th was canceled. So she rented a car and drove 3 hours to DC to catch a different flight. Meredith says she finally made it home just in time for dinner

Passion pastor Louie Giglio and his wife Shelley were at a Senate hearing on slavery this week. United States Senator Bob Corker posted a picture with the Giglio's and thanked them for the work they are doing through the End it Movement.

3 tips for safeguarding romance while your kiddos are little:
1. Teach your children to respect boundaries.
2. Run away together
3. Prioritize time in God’s Word.

A good mentor will:
1. push you
2. guide you with questions
3. expect continuous improvement
4. teach you how to think, not what to think

The feelings of the American public have grown warmer towards nearly all religious groups in the past 12 months – except for one. There has no warming up in the feelings that Americans have for evangelicals. Jews and Catholics continue to receive warmest ratings, according to a new report from Pew Research.

A Gallup Poll released this week showed that about seven in 10 Americans view Israel and its prime minister favorably. According to the poll, 71 percent of Americans have a favorable outlook on Israel. This is the fourth year in a row that Israel's favorable rating has been 70 percent or higher.

Saeed Abedini, the Iranian-American pastor who was formerly imprisoned in Iran, was recently sentenced to jail in the U.S. for violating a restraining order. According to, Abedini’s wife, Naghmeh, filed a restraining order against him just five days after he was released from prison in Iran

The mother of a man who struck a pastor with his car, killing him, embraced Christianity after witnessing the compassion and forgiveness extended by the church's congregation.

A Pakistani Christian boy who was accused of blasphemy after a photo of the Kaaba in Mecca, one of the holiest sites in Islam, appeared on his Facebook profile, has been refused bail.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has criticized the Chinese government for its continued crackdown on religious freedom and called for the release of two human rights attorneys. Rubio, the chairman of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, met with the wives of the two lawyers last week as part of a China Aid delegation, and took the Senate floor last week to draw attention to their plight and urge his colleagues to work towards their freedom.

Religious liberty advocates are rejoicing after winning the fight to keep a cross at Veteran's Memorial Park in Minnesota after officials decided to create a "free speech zone" to allow the cross to stay

A Christian couple in India was severely punished by being made to stand in frigid water for 17 hours because they refused to deny their Christian faith.

A new poll has revealed that nearly seven out of 10 Americans support making a “heartbeat bill” a federal law.

Christian athlete and philanthropist Tim Tebow recently took part in the third annual Night to Shine--an event which provides a special night for 75,000 young people with disabilities.

Church of England clergy were thrown into confusion after a number of clergy members reportedly misunderstood what they were voting on and ended up striking down a report against gay marriage. This vote has led some to believe the clergy members affirmed gay marriage, although that is not the whole truth, and the Church of England likely still has a long battle ahead in resolving the conflict associated with this controversial issue.

A couple near Brisbane has given away their land so 50 families can beat the housing affordability crisis. Ian and Neva Handy gifted over 9,000sq m (0.9ha) of land north of Brisbane to kickstart a $10.5 million affordable housing project by their church. The pair donated the land to the not-for-profit Churches of Christ Housing Services, which began construction of 50 townhouses.

Saturn's largest moon, Titan, boasts a thick atmosphere, complex weather cycle, and seas shaped by waves and tidal currents. Now scientists want to send a submarine to explore Titan's alien seas.

Alyssa Kamm thought she had more than two years to plan her wedding. But she found her prep time cut to three weeks after learning her father had cancer. The abbreviated schedule came courtesy of more than a dozen strangers, business owners and managers throughout Rochester, New York, who donated flowers, a venue, photography, music and numerous other services to help give the bride and her groom their dream wedding on Feb. 4.

a woman is turning her grandparents' love letters into wearable works of art

Cheap solar ambulances are set to speed service to rural Bangladesh. An inexpensive, solar-powered ambulance that can fit down narrow lane-ways is set to hit the road in rural Bangladesh this year.

A puppy that fell into a well 10 days ago in Istanbul was rescued in an operation early on Feb. 15. The puppy named Kuyu (well) was rescued with a new method developed by students from Bahçesehir Science and Technology High School.

Six months after her cat ran away, a woman in the Netherlands is looking forward to a reunion - in an Austrian village nearly 600 miles away.

A Kenyan couple who spent just $1 on their wedding have renewed their vows in a lavish Valentine's Day ceremony funded by well-wishers. News of their budget wedding last month went viral on social media and many Kenyans offered to help. At their first wedding, Wilson and Ann Mutura wore jeans and T-shirts and two steel circles served as rings. Kenya media estimated their second wedding party cost $35,000 at an upmarket venue in the capital, Nairobi.

A mechanic in northern Tennessee built a wheelchair ramp for a disabled girl he hardly knew. Tom Mitchell, of Clarksville, works on school buses and occasionally fills in to drive one. The stone steps at Lydia’s house are a problem, so Mitchell decided to build her a brand new ramp.

An organization set up by the actor Ashton Kutcher has identified 2,000 child victims of trafficking in the past six months. The Hollywood star gave an emotional speech to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, as he called for more to be done to tackle child sexual abuse.

A 56-year-old sanitation worker in the capital of northeastern China’s Liaoning Province, has funded 37 impoverished students with a total of 170,000 yuan (US$24,705) for over 30 years.

A teenager in Holmen, Wisconsin wanted to make sure EVERY girl at his high school felt special on Valentine’s Day — so he spent nearly $500 to buy them all roses!

The teenage boy who kicked down a door and fought through smoke and heat to rescue a 9-year-old girl from a deadly fire in Brampton, Ont., says he felt compelled to try to save as many people as possible. Sheldon Teague, 19, saved Zoya Kapadia's life when he carried her out of her house as a fire tore through the building early Tuesday morning. Kapadia, now in serious but stable condition, lost her mother, father and sister in the blaze.

Police are commending staff at an Ontario recycling depot for returning over $100,000 of inheritance money after it was forgotten inside an old television.

C.S. Mott Children's Hospital was able to collect nearly 94,000 valentines for its patients in less than five days. After promoting the idea on Facebook and Twitter on Feb. 9, Michigan Medicine's Rebecca Priest said more than 93,600 Valentines were submitted online to Mott Children's Hospital by Monday morning. Well-wishers represented more than 25 countries

Mandisa spent her day off this week resting her voice and her face. She posted: "It's my day off and I'm on vocal rest today because my voice is very tired, and I have to be able to sing for the rest of the concerts this week. My face is also tired, so I needed to put on a face mask to clear it up. So it's my day off, and this is how I plan to spend it.

Crowder shared his own Valentines story this week. He says it all started at their high-school valentines banquet. Crowder says: I borrowed my friend's car so she would think I was cool and so I didn't have to take her in my mom's station wagon. There were those candy hearts scattered on the white plastic table cloths to make the dinner look festive and themed. I picked the one that said, "be mine," and gave it to her. Since that first date, I've loved her for over half my life now.

Aaron Shust was especially excited to be mentioned in the latest edition of CCM Magazine. Aaron says: CCM was my first subscription to any magazine when I was just a kid. Cutting out pictures of my heroes, loving the stories behind the songs and the artists. Inspired by their hearts for God. So I am beyond honored to be mentioned among friends. May God use our words and music to inspire the Next batch to follow hard after the heart of God!

Chris Tomlin's sound engineer is now available to help your church sound better. Chris posted this week: My sound engineer for 9 years, Jeff Sandstrom, launched a program for church production and I highly recommend it!

Milo, the young son of Love and the Outcome members Chris and Jodi, celebrated his first birthday by serving as co-pilot of a Southwest Air flight. His parents posted for Milo: I've flown over 30 times since I was born 365 days ago so they let me co-pilot this time.

Just how good is producer Bernie Herms? Natalie Grant says her husband is so good that even the Prime Minister of Canada is taking notice. She shared a tweet sent out by the Prime minister after Bernie's Grammy win on Sunday. It said: Congratulations to Canadian songwriter Bernie Herms on winning best contemporary Christian music performance or song.

Jamie Grace is issuing a casting call for the Jamie Grace show. She posted this week: Auditioning tween and teen LA based actors and actresses. All nationalities. Both lead and supporting roles for scripted and unscripted segments of The Jamie Grace Show. Jamie says auditions will be held from February to April

Colton Dixon is out with a short video giving an inside look into the meaning behind his new album, Identity. He says the project is a journey through the mind, body, and spirit, asking questions about why we think the way we do. The new project is scheduled for release on March 24.

Hillsong United has now uploaded all the music videos and behind the scene videos from their live project Of Dirt and Grace to youtube. The videos were recorded live in Israel. Check out all the videos by clicking on the link at

Amy Grant celebrated Valentine's Day by releasing a new song and a new video. The song is titled Say It With A Kiss. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Third Day front man Mac Powell says he and his wife Aimee go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly, like eggs and bacon, and even like cookies and milk. Just to prove it, they recorded a jib jab video. Check it out on Instagram by clicking on the link at

A special Valentines gift from Steven Curtis Chapman. He just posted a special performance of "I Will Be Here" on his Facebook page. Check out the acoustic performance by clicking on the link at

More from Dan Bremness and Hawk Nelson's Jon Steingard on their trip around the world. Their latest adventures included a wild night of driving through the night from Delhi to Agra, a six hour layover in Dubai, and a visit to the Taj Mahal.

Jason Gray and Jonny Diaz came up short while trying to get lunch this week. Jason found a highly rated restaurant on Yelp and decided to check it out. However, when they arrived they found a sign on the door that said: It was Either Close or Lose My Mine. Sorry I Missed You. Jason said he understood. He posted: I've had days like this, too.

Matt Maher is just six weeks away from his pilgrimage with Max Lucado to the Holy Land. The two are leading a trip to Israel March 21 through 31.

Big Daddy Weave members Mike and Brian didn't have to travel far to see the work of World Vision. The band members recently got to visit World Vision USA in Dallas, Texas to see what they are doing to help families in need right here in the America.

Thanks to Switchfoot and their fans, many children will receive life changing surgeries. The band posted this week: Thanks to heroes like you the Looking For America tour has helped fund more than 150 surgeries. Let’s heal more kids.

Did you know that Greg Laurie purchased his wife's rings from a friend who had proposed to a girl and been turned down. Greg says he got a great deal-$150.

Singer, model, and social media celebrity, Natasha Bure (burr-a), will release her debut conversational book, Let’s Be Real in late March. The book by the daughter of Candice Bure showcases her message for teens: “this is real, this is life, and we all go through it.” The hardcover and e-book editions will be available via web and in stores nationwide on March 28. Let’s Be Real offers an honest approach to living life, Covering topics teens face daily, the book provides encouragement, insight, humor, and advice along the way.

Here are five facts about the state of love and marriage in the U.S.
Love remains Americans’ top reason to marry.
The share of Americans who are married is at its lowest point since at least 1920.
Americans are still embracing relationships.
Marriage may be on the decline, but remarriage is rising.
Americans today are increasingly looking for love online.

10 ways for wives to love their husbands well:
1. Be kind.
2. Give space.
3. Study him.
4. Let go.
5. Humbly confront.
6. Be his safe place.
7. Laugh freely.
8. Appreciate.
9. Kneel often.
10. Intentionally snuggle.

This summer, archaeologists will begin the first-ever excavation of the major Biblical site where the Ark of the Covenant was kept for two decades before King David conveyed it to Jerusalem.

An NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks says he will not be participating in a trip to Israel due to his sympathy for Palestinians.

A Christian pastor has been killed and two churches destroyed in brutal revenge attacks by Muslim rebels in the Central African Republic.

Franklin Graham says that Samaritan’s Purse is helping to care for residents affected by the war outside Mosul, Iraqi soldiers, and even ISIS fighters.

Far east Russia only has about 62 Bible believing churches. In comparison to the US, that wouldn’t even be two churches per state. In responce, SGA is inviting others to join them in the Reach Russia Now initiative.

Last week the NBA released new rules preventing teams from "mocking and/or ridiculing" each other on social media. It didn’t take long for teams to poke fun at the regulations with a little sarcasm by being obnoxiously nice to each other.

New Jersey couple that had their wedding plans derailed after both battling bouts of cancer finally get married.

Police in Iceland really want drivers to stop looking at the Northern Lights. Iceland's Road and Coastal Administration, was trying to figure out how to deal with tourists suddenly parking their cars in the middle of Iceland's highways to snap photos of the lights.

Every Monday for the last 30 years, Phil Ikehorn has sent his wife Evelyn a lovely red rose. That’s more than 1,500 roses since they wed on March 7, 1987.

San Francisco based imaging startup, Planet, launched 88 satellites into orbit. The satellites will gather information by photographing the planet daily so that people can see the changes that are happening throughout the planet and react to them.

Cassie De Pecol, a 27-year-old traveler from Connecticut, just became the fastest person to visit every country in the world. She is also the first woman to visit every sovereign nation. She left for her world tour in July 2015, and on February 2 she visited Yemen, the 196th and final country on her list. Her entire journey around the world took 18 months and 26 days, smashing the previous record of three years and three months.

Get engaged on Valentines day? MSN is just out with their list of the Most Gorgeous Wedding Venue in Every State.

The future is coming, and it's all about those 360-degree views. Dubai plans to take your 360-degree experience far beyond video by building the world's first ever rotating skyscraper by 2020.

More than 425,000 Euros has been raised in less than 48 hours to support an Irish teenager's cancer treatment after her video went viral internationally. Shauntelle Tynan (18) posted a heartbreaking video online this week, in which she pleaded with the public to support her health care costs in the US and said specialist treatment in Houston, Texas would be her "last-chance".

A Hungarian Jew who survived Auschwitz and the Scottish soldier who helped save her marked their 71st Valentine's Day together this week.

An entrepreneur has launched a new underwater dining experience that allows customers to eat like fishes.

American Girl is celebrating the arrival of two new characters, one of whom is making history as the company' first male, 18-inch doll.

Real-life couples exchanged vows at the top of the world-famous -- and romantic -- New York landmark on Valentines day. Fourteen couples wed in individual ceremonies at the Empire State Building's 86th floor observatory as a part of the Empire State Building's Valentine's Day weddings contest.

A Boston Marathon bombing survivor has helped a teen get special prostheses to walk again after car accident. Vidal Lopez, 19, lost both his legs above the knees from a car accident in the summer of 2016 in Mexico. At the time, doctors told Lopez's family that he might not make it, let alone be ever able to walk again. But over the course of the past few months, Lopez proved doctors wrong — and last week, he walked again with the help of new prosthetic legs with microprocessor knees that were donated, in part, by the foundation of Boston Marathon bombing survivor Heather Abbott.

A Missouri couple is healing parents from heartbreak while honoring their own newborn who they lost more than two years ago. Wayne and Lauren Turley of St. Louis, Missouri, launched "Catherine Cares" after their daughter Catherine died one hour after birth. Now, they're sending heartbeat bears to families of children who receive a devastating prenatal diagnosis

Just as going from dial-up to broadband revolutionized the Internet and made high-resolution photos and streaming video a given, NASA may be ready to undergo a similar “broadband” moment in coming years. The key to that data revolution will be lasers. For almost 60 years, the standard way to “talk” to spacecraft has been with radio waves. But optical communications, in which data is beamed over laser light, can increase that rate by as much as 10 to 100 times.

Matthew West received a special phone call over the weekend. He posted: had the honor of receiving a phone call from Astronaut Shane Kimbrough from space! You may have seen him during the Super Bowl. Wishing him a safe incredibly honored to hear that my tunes made it to space!

Citizenway's Ben Calhoun posted a picture of his family over the weekend. Ben added: Wrote our new our new song "I WILL" for them. The lyrics tell you how much I love them. Hope they encourage you! Valentines a little early.

Advice from Mandisa: Surround yourself with godly people that inspire you to live godly lives, and love you enough to call you on it when you're not. When I was in a deep pit of depression these last few years, my friends prayed for me, pursued me, some even banged on my door after I ignored all of their calls and texts. They loved me as I was, but too much to leave me there; They loved me like Jesus.

Congratulations to Chris and Jodi of the band Love and the Outcome. They posted over the weekend: Love & Another Outcome! Just when we thought life couldn’t get any more exciting, our trio is gonna turn into a foursome.

For King and Country and Lauren Daigle were on stage together at the Grammys. Joel, Luke and Lauren presented 10 awards during the early portion of the show. It was For King and Countries first Grammy nomination but they came up empty this time.

One of the true feel-good moments of the 2017 Grammy Awards came before the TV broadcast even began. According to, The duo Joey + Rory won the Grammy for best roots gospel album, for “Hymns that Are Important to Us,” less than a year after Joey Feek passed away from cervical cancer at the age of 40. Rory Feek commented 'This is to my wife' as he accepted the award on stage dressed in his customary overhauls

Zach Williams made the trip to LA for the Grammy's over the weekend. Zach is relatively new to the Christian music world but he didn't waste any time. His song Chain Breaker, his first number one song, was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song category

Aaron Shust is taking the advice of his mentor. He posted a picture of he and his oldest son as they enjoyed breakfast together. Aaron explained: Over 10 years, a mentor of mine shared about a habit of his to take his three daughters out on a 1-on-1 breakfast once a month. There's something about 1-on-1 time. Today, with intentionality, we began with my oldest.

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Kerrie Roberts is giving away music. She posted: I just wanted to give all of you a GIFT for Valentine's Day this year! Please enjoy this remix of "My Heart's Lifted." May your heart be lifted during this season! You can access the free song at Kerrie's web site.

Relient K released a new EP over the weekend. Just prior to Valentines day the band released the Truly Madly Deeply EP. Included are three songs especially for Valentines. They include Candy Hearts, Happy Valentines, and BMI Valentine.

Hillsong United released the official music video for their song "Heaven Knows" over the weekend. The song was recorded for The Shack movie soundtrack. You can check out the video by clicking on the link at

Selah released a lyric video for their new song I Got Saved over the weekend. Members of the band posted: I have not been this excited about a song since we first heard You Raise Me Up. The song is from their new album Unbreakable, scheduled for release on March 24. Check out the lyric video for I Got Saved from Selah by clicking on the link at

Darlene Zschech was live on facebook over the weekend talking about her new Worship album. Here I Am, Send Me is the latest album from the well known Australian worship leader. It is her first album since being treated for cancer, and her first recording at Hope Unlimited Church where she and her husband Mark are pastors. Find out more about the new project by clicking on the link at

Aaron Shust is out with a new live performance video. The video features the song Belong, the latest release from Aaron's upcoming new album Love Made A Way. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace was celebrating over the weekend. She officially reached 200,000 Youtube subscribers and, in celebration, did her first Youtube live video. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Just in time for Valentines day, Relient K is out with a live video featuring their song Candy Hearts. Check out the song and play it for your valentine by clicking on the link at

Moriah Peters was at the Grammys this weekend with her husband, Joel, from the group for King and Country. On her way to the big event Moriah posted: Grammy Awards feel like prom, except my date hasn't ditched me

Mercyme says the real Bart was watching the fake Bart over the weekend. They posted a picture as band front man Bart Millard watched the actor who is playing him in their upcoming movie. The movie is based on Mercyme's best known son g I Can Only Imagine and Bart was reviewing some of the scenes.

A milestone for former Sanctus Real front man Matt Hammitt. The singer and songwriter now headlines a ministry to men and families. Over the weekend he delivered his first message at a Family Life Weekend to Remember. Matt posted: Pray for all these couples who are seeking stronger marriages & families.

Hawk Nelson Front mon Jon Stiengard and Dan Bremnes continued their tour of the world over the weekend. After stops in Iceland and Rome, the two Christian artists moved on to 'Petra'. Jon posted: I was stunned by the beauty, history, and scale of this place. This was my first visit to an Arab nation, and I didn't know what to expect. The Jordanian people were so warm and welcoming to us. Everywhere we went, we were met with strangers calling out "welcome!" After their stop in Jordan it was on to Egypt and the pyramids of Giza

Tenth Avenue North guitarist Jeff Owens had a special guest on stage during the bands Winterjam stop over the weekend. He was joined by his mom during the bands stop in Indianapolis. Jeff posted: That one time mom came on stage in front of 17,000 people with her Sketchers on and danced with the band. If she had an instagram I would tag her because she's sort of a big deal in Indianapolis now.

Family Life Today is giving you the chance to customize a FamilyLife e-card with your loving words. The ministry will then send them to your loved one on the 14th! They posted: We just think everybody deserves to know they’re loved, on Valentine’s Day and every day.

Insight for Living is inviting you to join them on another Alaska this summer. However, this year, they are including your kids and grandkids in their planning. Chuck announced this week: They’ll study the Bible, worship, and explore Alaska alongside you. They’ll also enjoy their own fun and creative learning environments, with curriculum and activities tailor-made to enhance their adventures. The cruise to Alaska will take place July 1–8!

In early February Focus on the Family President Jim Daly had the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. to attend the 65th Annual National Prayer Breakfast. While there he also toured the Museum of the Bible, which is located about three blocks from the Capitol. The massive, 430,000-square-foot building is still under construction, but expected to open in November of this year. Now Jim is sharing a virtual tour of the musem to give you a better idea of what a visit to the Museum of the Bible would include. Check out the vide and more by clicking on the link at

7 Ways To Raise Generous Kids | by Joshua Straub
1 Start using jars to teach your children the value of generosity.
2 Don’t wait until the next viral craze to give money to charity. Find a nonprofit or ministry you can donate to with your children.
3 Research the charity with your family. Who do they serve? What services to they provide? Where will your money be allocated?
4 Use your own social media platform to promote the charity and give honor to those in need. Invite your kids to help you in how you share about it online.
5 Have your children give some of their own money.
6 If your kids don’t have money or won’t experience the sacrifice monetarily, have them donate a toy, or if they’re physically capable of missing a meal, fast together for those in need you’re donating to.
7 Take a family visit to meet people in the charity and the people they serve.

A new study disproves three commonly held myths about cohabitation and affirms the value of marital commitment.
Myth 1: Cohabitation is less stable just because poorer people are more likely to choose it. In fact, the study found “in the overwhelming majority of countries, the most educated cohabiting parents still have a far higher rate of break-up than the lowest educated married couples.”
Myth 2: Cohabitation becomes more similar to marriage as it becomes more widespread. In fact, while the “stability advantage” of marriage varies country-to-country, marriage provided more stability for children even in countries where cohabiting births were part of the norm.
Myth 3: Where cohabitation has been a long-standing alternative to marriage, further growth of the institution will not affect children’s lives. Instead, the study found that cohabitation is twice as fragile as marriage

Pastor Wiley Drake fighting to reopen his church's homeless shelter the city condemned. The Southern Baptist pastor Wiley Drake is seeking a restraining order against three city officials in Buena Park, Calif., after the city condemned and shut down his church's homeless shelter Feb. 9.

January was Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and The JESUS Film Project promoted their 31 Days of Compassion to collect Magdalena discipleship packs for compassion ministries to women. Now, they’re extending the 31 Days of Compassion through the end of February. The compassion ministries they’re partnering with include outreaches to trafficking victims, pregnancy centers, and women’s prisons.

Lee Strobel's now-classic apologetic work, The Case for Christ, is going to be a movie. Now you can see the trailer for the film.

Leading pro-life activists and medical professionals have spoken out against the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) reaffirmation of its position on adolescent abortion rights. The AAP, a coalition of 66,000 pediatricians, recently reiterated its long-standing position that while parents should be involved with their teens’ decisions, the right of adolescent girls (ages 15-19) to obtain abortion should trump parental rights to notification and consent.

Oregon pro-lifers are fighting a bill in their state’s Senate that could allow the starvation or dehydration of patients with dementia or mental illness—without their prior written consent.

Young professionals are helping to advance the gospel in Central Asia despite strict prohibitions against religion. One way Christians in these countries are building community despite restrictions is through the Next Generation Professional Leaders Initiative, started by Sergey Rakhuba. This event is a gathering of young professionals from across Central Asia.

A legal case involving the religious freedom rights of California state counselors may be heard by the Supreme Court.

Testimony from a former Planned Parenthood employee has revealed that the organization focuses on selling abortion services and offers incentives for employees to make more “sales.” According to a report from the Washington Examiner, Planned Parenthood employees are offered rewards such as paid time off or free pizza for getting more women to get abortions through Planned Parenthood.

The “ball and chain” perception of marriage is a myth. According to a research brief by the Institute for Family Values released in February, married men have more money, better sex, and a longer life than their single peers. And the benefits do not apply to men just cohabiting.

Archeologists announced this week that they have discovered a 12th cave, which may have once held hidden scrolls from the Second Temple period.

A new study has revealed that church buildings go largely unused for most of the week. Statistics show that church halls are empty 57 percent of the week, church worship spaces are empty 69 percent of the week, and church meeting rooms are empty 75 percent of the week.

Approximately 6.7 billion individual candy hearts are produced each year. Check out 60 more facts about Valentines day here:

Instead of throwing a large, traditional wedding, Poonam Kaushal and Nishkaam Mehta are donating their wedding funds to help fight child hunger. The couple will wed in a civil ceremony on Valentine's Day 2017

Time is out with their list of the 50 most influential gadgets of all time.

Kathy Xian didn't start Pono Soaps to be just a health and beauty venture. The Hawaii-based ethical soap maker was also created to help relieve some serious social issues. A subsidiary of the non-profit organization Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery (PASS), the soap company benefits survivors of human trafficking and the homeless

One Utah mom made sure her little boy wouldn't miss out on a special event at school by slipping into her best "dad outfit" this week. Whitney Kittrell, a single parent of two, dressed as a dad for 5-year-old Lucas' "Dads and Doughnuts Day" at her kindergartner's Arrowhead Elementary School in Santa Clara.

It's been nearly 10 years since Brooke Myrick lost a baby to a rare condition that occurs in identical twins, but his connection with his brother who survived remains. Even though the boys never got to meet, they still share a strong connection, and Walker often visits his brother's grave, giving him updates about school or their siblings.

Hyundai and the U.S. military created their Super Bowl ad in less than an hour. The most impressive aspect of “A Better Super Bowl” is that it was all filmed during the game at both Houston’s NRG Stadium and a military base in Zagan, Poland, then aired immediately after the Patriots came back to win the first Super Bowl to need overtime.

For the first time a pace maker has been used to prove a man guilty in an arson case

The shoppers have spoken. The winners have been announced in the largest U.S. consumer survey at the 2017 Product of the Year Awards. The 28 categories include best skin care, hair care and bathroom cleaner, food and beverages.

In South Sudan, most people don't have a TV. They rely on radio to get information. But limited access to power means entire communities of are left in information darkness for days at a time, especially in remote areas. One man is turning to the sun to change that. Issa Kassimu, an electrical engineer, came up with the bright idea of setting up the country's first solar-powered local radio station, Mayardit FM. Since March 2016 the station has been running on sunshine.

A quick-thinking mom saved her baby as a tornado destroy her trailer.

Reuben Morgan recently shared his thoughts on song writing on the Hillsong Worship blog. He posted: people want to sing truth, so I want to be putting truth in the mouth of the Church. I would pray for that – to have the wisdom to write something that’s going to help us.

Another update on Big Daddy Weave bass player Jay Weaver and his recovering from having both feet amputated last summer. This week his family posted: getting ready to have molds made of his legs. Today the doctor took measurements again of Jason's legs. He will make a plastic molding for Jay to try on. Next Monday Jay will stand in the plastic molding and dr will make needed changes to legs. He will then make Jason's prosthetics. We are praying for a smooth process.

There's still time to get in on Tobymac's Run for Hope in 2017. Run for Hope will compete in this year’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Nashville Marathon, 1/2 Marathon or 5K on April 29, 2017. The purpose of the run is to raise money for the New Hope Academy, a private school for children from low-income families. However, if you can't travel to Nashville, Tobymac is also offering the chance to participate in a virtual run and still receive all of the items that the runners receive in Nashville.

Third Day's Mac Powell admits that he loves peanut butter. He posted a picture of his cabinet at home. It contained five jars of Jif peanut butter, including crunchy, creamy and "with Honey added". Also in the cabinet were two other jars of peanut butter along with a container of powered peanut butter.

Some inspiration from Danny Gokey based on the song you just heard. Earlier this week he posted: It's time to RISE! Your story can help others who are struggling! God never wastes our pain.

Mercyme guitarist Mike Scheuchzer is ready for baseball. He posted: Hey Rangers,
Hurry up already. Attached was a countdown to the beginning of this years regular season, scheduled for April 3.

Up next for Third Day, the Kentucky Derby. No, not that Third Day. Mac Powell shared a tweet he received this week about the racing horse also named Third Day. The horse is already 2 for 2 and is now prepping for the derby.

Tune in at 6:00pm CT tonight for another Tenth on the Tenth. Members of the band will again hang out with their social media followers on Facebook live. They plan to sing some songs in front of a small group of friends so it'll feel as if you're there! Tune in on facebook at 6 tonight to enjoy the time of worship and music.

A new podcast featuring David Crowder is now available. Crowder recorded the podcast during Winter Jam. He talks about the joys and challenges of this unique ministry space; How he stays connected with the Body of Christ while on tours; Ways the industry has changed in the past two decades; and Advice for young artists.

The big date is getting near. Phil Wickham posted a picture of his two daughters this week and added: These big girls can't wait for their first baby brother. Less than 10 days till the due date!

Want to travel to Israel with Hillsong United? the band posted this week: Only a few weeks left to register to Join us on a trip to Israel. The tour will include three praise and worship services with Brian and Bobbi Houston and Hillsong United in Jerusalem, Galilee, and Caesarea. It will take place April 18-27.

Colton Dixon is asking for you to join him in supporting 3 Strands Global. He posted this week: Let's unite in the fight to eliminate global human trafficking!

Did you know you can follow Jamie Grace on Pinterest? Neither did she. She posted this week: I just realized that my pinterest has been public for YEARS and thousands of people are following it. I had NO idea.

Jeremy Redmon says coffee soda is the secret to improving studio time. The Big Daddy Weave guitarist posted of picture this week from the studio as he worked on his latest project.

A new book from Matthew West is now available for pre-order. Matthew says his new book Hello My Name Is is available to pre-order and the early bird gets the...pre-order worm. He says there is lots of cool stuff available on his website when you pre-order!

Matthew West is hard at work on a new album but he describes it as work he is absolutely passionate about. Matthew posted this week: I can't wait for you to hear the new songs. I wish I could release a record tomorrow. That's how excited I am.

Aaron Shust will release his first live album on March 10. According to Free CCM, the new project is titled Love Made a Way. The 11-song collection includes Shust’s latest single “You Redeem.”

Kerrie Roberts is trying something new. She posted this week: So in the past I've enjoyed our online concerts together. I was thinking about doing something a little different to celebrate and share the new album with you. What do you think about an online listening party? Who's in?

Even If is the first release from Mercyme's new album Lifer. The project will come out in March but right now you can hear the story behind the first song available. Hear the story behind Even If by clicking on the link at

New artist Jasmine Murray has released the lyric video for her first release, titled "Fearless". Check out the official video premiere on New Release Today. Click on the link at

The latest video from Tenth Avenue North is off to a good start. The official music video for I Have This Hope this week reached number one on the iTunes music video chart.

Third Day's Mark Lee is out with another interesting video. It's titled: My Life as a Complete Idiot: Episode 2-How Not to Kill a Bug on the Ceiling. Check out the step by step tutorial by clicking on the link at

Mandisa was on facebook this week to share some exciting Hits Deep Tour and album news. You can check out her live broadcast by clicking on the link at

Why do the members of Stars Go Dim travel the world. The band shared a video this week featuring one of the members daughters excitedly singing along to their song doxology. They posted: This video just about sums up my drive in traveling the word and sharing this music everywhere I go! I want everyone's child to be able to sing as loud as they can and proclaim the name of Jesus.

Crowder this week release The Adventures Of Kenny Rodgers The Arctic Fox, Episode 2: "Kenny and Crowder Go Into Hiding". Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Chris from Stars Go Dim recorded a couple songs with producer Casey Brown for Musicnotes song spotlight. Now you can check out the acoustic version of Walking Like Giants, one of the songs they recorded. Click on the link at

Derek Minor has a problem. He posted this week: Was trying to get in tour shape for the The Roadshow and then the Girl Scouts came to my door with this crack. Attached was a picture of the five boxes of Samoas and Thin Mints that Derek had just purchased.

The Newsboys recently donated more than 3,000 tickets for their Love Riot Tour to First Responders and their families during a two-­day “Buy One, Give One” special offer. Band front man Michael Tait posted: “blessing these First Responders is a way to help change the world.” During the two day stretch, the band donated one ticket for each ticket purchased through the non-­profit organization Serve & Protect.

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Stiengard is on an adventure with fellow artist Dan Bremness. Earlier this week the two announced plans for a 10 day trip through eight different countries. Now pictures are starting to come in. Their first stop: Iceland. Jon says they were met by hurricane force winds and a lot of rain but also found some great pictures. Stop two: the Coliseum, Ancient Rome. Check out some of Jon's shots by clicking on the link at

The Afters have camped out in a lot of rooms prior to their shows, but they say this weeks pre-concert hideaway was one of the best. Front man Josh Havens says the room was complete with a fireplace to warm their bones on a cold and rainy Oregon day

Family Life Today is planning something big. The ministry announced on facebook that an epic road trip is in the work. They say more details be released later, but they need your help. What are your road trip must-haves? Some items already on the Family Life Today list include a favorite snack, pillow, favorite book and a sweater. Now you can add your suggestions to the list.

Joni Tada is out with a new devotional titled A Spectacle of Glory! The year-long devotional focuses on your Heavenly Father, how He cares for you every day, and how His love enables you to live as a spectacle of His glory.

David Jeremiah is challenging you to participate in his Love Changes Everything Challenge. Before the end of March Dr. Jeremiah is challenging you to practice giving and receiving love in 8 specific ways. And you will be in good company. He says more than 12,000 friends who have taken the Love Changes Everything Challenge.

4 reasons to prioritize a daily quiet time with God:
1. Communion-The most important purpose of a daily devotional life is that we might experience intimate union and communion with God.
2. Purification-cleansing of our hearts and our lives.
3. Restoration-Our souls need to be restored.
4. Instruction-the Teacher is always available—twenty-four hours a day—to help us understand.

MarkMerrill(Mark Merrill)
Before words come out of your mouth, they should pass through five filters.
1. Do I have good motives?
2. Does it build up?
3. Is it confidential?
4. If the person I am speaking about was present, would they be pleased with my words?
5. Is it true?

Two families who faced tragedy at Christmastime are rejoicing today because of God’s provision.

The rising tension and nationalism in Turkey isn't just hurting Christian adults... it's hurting their kids, too.

Twenty-five years after the collapse of communism, the fight to defend religious freedom in the Russian Federation still rages. Seven months ago, Donald Ossewaarde became the first American convicted of breaking a Russian law that bans preaching the Gospel outside a registered church. Now he's going before Russia's Supreme Court—and the outcome could have huge ramifications for all Christians in the country.

Two unlikely groups are joining forces to challenge former President Barack Obama's transgender bathroom mandate. The Family Policy Alliance, a public policy partner with Focus on the Family, has teamed up with radical feminist group, the Women's Liberation Front (WoLF) to protect women and girls from sexual predators.

A Christian 'prayer wall' is being designed as a major British landmark, built out of a million bricks – each representing a prayer said to have been answered by Jesus.

A proposed bill in Oklahoma would require women to get written consent from a fetus’ father before getting an abortion

North Carolina could be out of the NCAA championship hosting business through the next six years because of the state’s infamous “bathroom bill” — a law that restricts restroom access for transgender people. Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance executive director Scott Dupree told state lawmakers in a letter Monday that the NCAA is reviewing hosting bids through the spring of 2022, and that the net loss for the state could be more than $250 million.

Target may be hoping shoppers will forget about its unsafe and controversial restroom and fitting room policy, but so far, it's not working. More than 1.4 million shoppers who have signed a Boycott Target pledge since April

Liberal activists have attempted to disinvite twice as many speakers from colleges as conservatives over the past 16 years. An academic free speech group released an analysis this week regarding the censorship of speakers invited to colleges from 2000-2016.

Protesters and pro-life advocates will gather outside nearly 200 Planned Parenthood clinics this Saturday to protest abortion and to support efforts to defund the organization.

Hawaii's legislature is advancing a bill that, if enacted, would compel pro-life pregnancy centers to promote abortion or face a fine as high as $1,000.

Baptists in Puerto Rico are Boycotting Franklin Graham. The group is withdrawing their support for Franklin Graham’s "Festival of Hope" evangelistic rally scheduled for later this month, protesting what they consider Graham's endorsement of recent U.S. anti-immigration policies they consider “contrary to the values of the Kingdom.”

More than 500 evangelical pastors and ministry leaders representing every state in the nation, signed on to a letter to President Trump and Vice-President Pence, expressing concerns over the dramatic reduction in refugee resettlement included within the recent presidential executive order.

The Virginia Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would protect the rights of religious institutions to operate in accordance with their religious beliefs on marriage without fear of government backlash.

Facebook is taking more steps to address accusations that it enables advertisers to illegally discriminate by race.

Although it has dropped off in use significantly, Linda remains the most popular girl's name throughout American history. Curiously, nine out of 10 names in the top-ten list belonged to girls, with Dewey being the sole boy’s name, popular from 1897 to 1903.

Domino's is launching a new wedding registry focused on hot pie delivery. Friends of just-marrieds can now help support their friends pursuit of happiness through melty cheese and dough, instead of through fancy cutlery and porcelain serving platters.

A police officer in Canada thought he was being called to break up a fight. Instead he found himself in the middle of a dance video shoot. So, instead of making arrests, he showed off his own dance skills.

Firefighters want to thank the mystery woman who paid for their groceries at a local Walmart after they had to leave while shopping for an emergency call.

Turn Friday evening into a cosmic experience. The night will feature a full moon, a lunar eclipse and the chance to see a pale green comet as it streaks by Earth.

A McDonalds cashier's act of kindness toward a boy with autism is is being hailed as an inspiration

Facebook just rolled out a new feature designed to connect people in a time of crisis. Named Community Help, it's part of Safety Check, the feature that allows users to mark themselves safe after a natural disaster, accident, fire, terrorist attack or other serious incident.

How far would you go to see your favorite sports team in action. In Italy, on fan actually faked an illness in failed attempt to check into hospital with view of a sold-out soccer game.

Good news, Verizon customers. If you need to repair your cracked phone screen, you won't even have to leave your house—if you live in the right area, that is. As part of its Total Mobile Protection device insurance plan, Verizon is now offering same-day phone screen repair service in their stores and via house calls in some locations.

Jamie Grace and her sister Morgan are out with their first podcast, titled On The Plate Again. The broadcast focus' on life, love, media, family, friendships and more. From their favorite restaurants to awkward date stories and random childhood memories, you'll want to subscribe to the free podcast and ask yourself, "What's On The Plate?" New podcasts will release each Sunday at 6pm PST

A reminder from We Are Messengers: How can we do anything but smile when we think of what God has done for us? Thank you Jesus.

Mandisa on living an extraordinary life: You provide the ordinary; God will take care of the extra!

Chris August has been waiting for his first anniversary since he was just a kid and it's finally arrived. Chris posted a picture while dancing with his wife of one year and added: Today is the day! Starting our 1st anniversary off right with a little jig! I've been listening to this song since I was a kid waiting for this moment! Now let's go get some IHOP

A major milestone for Jimmy Needham. He and his wife are in India this week to adopt a little boy and Tuesday morning he posted: May I introduce you to the newest member of my heart, Benjamin Ezekiel Needham. Attached was a picture of the couples new son.

Kerrie Roberts couldn't resist celebrating a milestone this week. She posted: I'm not one to over post about my daughter, but she took her first steps tonight! It's emotional. I so love how the simple things are filled with such wonder all over again.

Joel of For King and Country has been enjoying some time away. He posted this week: my wife gave me a beautiful gift this Christmas - 3 days away at a silent retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani in the rolling hills of Kentucky, surrounded by nothing but trails and nature. And I had a bit of a revelation, that after 151 shows last year and 158 the year prior, it's still quite easy to lose yourself in it all. It's easy to run away from the silence. And yet for 3 days, we found ourselves doing just the opposite - running into the quiet and embracing it. If I have one resolution in 2017, it would be to dive headlong into the beauty of being still and realizing that it's not the quantity of one's actions or engagements or performances, but the quality of this life journey we're all on.

Looking for a new source for kids music. The Music company Integrity Music Kids has just released a new Kids Worship Youtube channel! Check out the new music site by clicking on the link at

Steven Curtis Chapman will share his life story in just one month. Steven's memoir, Between Heaven and the Real World was written with New York Times best-selling author Ken Abraham. It is slated to hit shelves and all digital platforms on March 7. Steven is one of the most awarded artist in Christian music history. He has received five GRAMMYs®, an American Music Award, 58 GMA Dove Awards, 48 No. 1 singles, and has more than eleven million albums sold and eight RIAA-certified gold or platinum albums to his credit.

The latest music video from Tenth Avenue North is now available. The band this week released the official music video for their song I Have This Hope. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Ellie Holcomb this week performed her song Red Sea Road for Today in Nashville. Check out the live performance of the title cut from Ellie's latest album, as performed at the Hard Rock Cafe. Click on the link at

The latest Lightenup video from Ken Davis focus' on explosions. Check out Ken's experience with M-80s by clicking on the link at

The latest Jason Gray and Jonny Diaz tour kicked off this week and the tour staff is already resorting to name calling. Jason posted the tour schedule for the first night and it said: 12:46pm-Arrive FAT Jonny. Jason said: I didn't think it was very nice that they called him this. However, he than added: actually FAT is the airport code for Fresno Yosemite International Airport.

Building 429 will focus more on worship and story telling when they begin their next tour in March. The Worship in the Round Tour will begin on March 2 and run through April 9. Most nights will also include music by Josh Wilson and Chris August.

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard is joining with Dan Bremnes on a 10 day trip. The two artists aren't saying much about their adventure but Dan posted Something is about to go down and Jon added: I'm gonna be posting Instagram stories throughout this 10 day trip - follow me to keep up with this insane trip! Jon did say that they will be traveling through eight countries in eight days.

Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth released her latest book this week. The new project is titled "Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together"! According to Revive Our Hearts: It’s for all of us—because each of us is an older woman to somebody and each of us is a younger woman to someone else." Tuesday night the celebrate the release of the book with a live broadcast on facebook. Check it out on the Revive Our Hearts page.

Step into any drug store this week and you won’t be able to miss the fact that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. But as important as the big holidays, occasions and milestones are, there’s something to be said about showing love in the day-to-day. After all, relationships are built one day at a time – in the chores, child rearing efforts, and challenges the daily routine brings. Focus on the Family is here to help with free resources and a myriad of ideas.

Here are 41 ways to romance your husband you might not have thought of from iMom.
Hide a love note in his wallet.
Send a sweet text message for no reason at all.
Send a sexy text message for a very good reason.
Invite him on a date for a change.
Let him talk without interrupting.
Cook his favorite dinner.
Make sure his favorite clothes are clean and ready to wear.
Show interest in his work.
Watch the whole game with him.
Wear perfume.
Laugh at his jokes, even the bad ones.
Tell him he looks extra handsome.
Let him enjoy his hobby guilt-free.
Play songs you both loved when you were dating.
Praise him in front of the kids.
Praise him in front of his friends.
Kiss him when he walks in the door.
Kiss him when he walks out the door.
Kiss him when he gets anywhere near the door.
Let the kids eat in front of the TV one night and have a nice, adults only dinner.
Let him make the call on parenting decisions without second guessing.
Bring him breakfast in bed.
Choose the pretty nightgown over the flannel PJ’s—even if it’s cold.
Choose your birthday suit over the pretty nightgown.
When you tell him you’ll do something, follow through.
Offer a massage.
Meet him at the door so that you can greet him before the children pile on.
Send a text with just one word… “When?”
Have supper going so the house smells great when he walks in.
Light a candle in the bedroom.
Buy him his favorite snack or beverage.
Fix up a travel mug of coffee just the way he likes it before he heads out the door.
Act like you’ve never heard his story before—even when you have.
Tell him how proud he makes you.
Hold his hand when he least expects it.
Sit on his lap.
Encourage him to do something with his friends.
Let him roughhouse with the kids without scolding.
Feel his muscles.
Wink at him.
Say, “Yes.”

A young woman narrowly escaped being kidnapped, thanks to the help of some friends at the Bible study she was attending.

The residents of a small Mississippi town have engaged in rallies and protests after an atheist organization forced the mayor to take down the Christian flag at a local park.

A Christian preacher in the U.K. was arrested and accused of a hate crime after he responded to a gay teen’s question about homosexuality.

In the early 1980s, Lee Strobel, an atheist and legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, decided to investigate the facts surrounding the case for Christianity — largely to discredit the faith after his wife converted. The result was the popular book, “The Case for Christ.” Now, “The Case for Christ” has been turned into a movie – set for release by the Christian movie studio Pure Flix Entertainment on April 7.

A $60 million attraction with unprecedented technology will open on Independence Mall in fall 2018. The American Bible Society announced this week that the new attraction will be called the Faith & Liberty Discovery Center. It will highlight how, from past to present, the Bible has changed those who changed America.

A Siberian man has built an Orthodox Church out of snow so his village will have a place to worship.

The UN Refugee Agency is predicting another 250,000 people could be fleeing Mosul as Iraqi troops move in on ISIS in the western part of the city.

In the Brazilian jungles, near French Guiana’s border, is an indigenous tribe that had a significant ‘first’ last month — they heard the Gospel over the radio.

An organization training flight attendants to spot human trafficking victims is already making its mark.

A ranking by frequent flier booking site RewardExpert shows which U.S. airlines are most—and least—likely to get your bags safely to your destination. The study found that, among major U.S. airlines, Delta is least likely to lose your luggage—only 0.21 percent of the time. United Airlines came in second with a 0.32 percent rate for missing baggage.

New Yorkers Come Together to Scrub Swastikas off the Subway

The Texas Rangers are joining the search for the jersey worn by New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady in last night's historic Super Bowl game.

Cleveland Cavaliers star J.R. Smith says holding his preemie baby for the first time was one of “the greatest days” of his life. One month after Smith and his wife Jewel Harris announced that she’d given birth to their daughter, Dakota, very prematurely — the NBA star shared a photo on social media of the tender moment he held their baby for the first time.

Normally you hear of kind acts done for the elderly. But this time an elderly woman did a kind act for an exhausted mom!

Can artificial intelligence make you a better skier? Rossignol thinks it can. The ski manufacturer teamed up with sports tech company PIQ to put an AI-powered computer — complete with an LED display — right on a pair of skis.

Dollar General Is Opening a New Chain of Stores That Will Make It Easier to Get Your Errands Done. DGX stores will offer grab-and-go coffee and sandwiches, as well as grocery and home essentials.

After a century of separation, a herd of wild bison has finally returned home to the Banff National Park in Alberta.

Six-year-old Jimmy Spagnolo broke into his happy dance while wearing a Superman cape as he rang a bell at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh on Feb. 2nd, celebrating the end of his latest round of chemotherapy to shrink an inoperable brain tumor he's had since he was an infant.

Twitter is rolling out a number of safety updates which the company says will help protect users from online trolls and abusive content. Today, the social platform announced it will take a three-pronged approach to combating abusive and sensitive content on the platform by introducing a safer search option,

"Throwing shade," "binge-watch" and "ghosting" are now in the dictionary. Merriam-Webster on Tuesday added more than 1,000 new words and definitions, ranging from conversational to scientific, to its website,

Joe and Kim Coseno had difficulty conceiving. That’s when Kim’s mother, Jaci Dalenberg, volunteered to surrogate at 56 years old, and the story grew from there, literally. Two eggs were implanted in Jaci. One split, and the grandmother soon discovered she was carrying triplets.

Prior to Super Bowl 51, Patriots QB Tom Brady was asked: who is your hero?
His answer: My Dad

The Superbowl was played on the field last night but members of both teams declared their true allegiance prior to the game. Several players from both sides shared about their love for the Bible through a video recorded for YouVersion partner The Increase. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

In honor of the Falcons’ Super Bowl appearance over the weekend, Third Day's Mark Lee shared the story of his favorite Falcon of all time, Steve Bartkowski. Mark posted: He was a great player for sure - a two time Pro Bowler and a member of the Falcons Ring of Honor. But more importantly, he was on fire for God. Read the entire story by clicking on the link at

Getting into the big game was just the first expense. According to Yahoo news, a hot dog and soda set you back 21-dollars.

In honor of Superbowl 51, Space Station crew members threw a “Zero-G Hail Mary Pass”. According to NASA, the pass covered 564-thousand yards, making it the longest Hail Mary pass ever.

Newsboys front man Michael Tait was especially stoked for this years Super Bowl. That's because he was able to attend the big game in person. Michael posted a picture of his ticket prior to leaving the house Sunday afternoon

A milestone for Aaron Shust. He posted a picture of a chess board over the weekend and added: I was soundly beaten by my ten year old tonight. Fairly and squarely. #humblebrag

Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard recently sold his motorcycle. Now he's trying out a new type of bike. Jon posted over the weekend: Spin instructor Cheryl is out for blood tonight.

Jamie Grace celebrated her 25th birthday over the weekend with a special gift. She posted: HUGE thanks to my friends Boots & More Boots for my 25th pair of cowboys boots in honor of my 25th year of life. Jamie added that she still has all 25 pair in her closet.

Mercyme front man Bart Millard is no stranger to baseball. Bart is an outspoken fan of the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals. But now Bart says he has a new best friend. Over the weekend Bart posted a picture with Ben Zobrist. Ben has been on the last two World Series winning teams, playing for the Kansas City Royals in 2015 and the Chicago Cubs in 2016. Bart says he's a baseball stalker.

Visiting Nashville? Now you can stay with Danny and Leyicet Gokey. Over the weekend Danny announced that the couple has purchased The Brentwood Bed and Breakfast. Danny says they purchased the B and B" because we LOVE to host. Our goal is that everyone experience rest, serenity, and tranquility and leave feeling refreshed!

Dan Bremnes was back home in his native Canada over the weekend and posted a picture of a frozen river. Dan shared: This is Ottawa, Canada and this is how people get to work each day. And I'm not joking.

Josh Wilson was shoe shopping for his young son and clearly is thinking ahead. He posted a picture of the shoes he'd chosen for his son and there was clearly plenty of room for growth.

A scare for Matt Hammitt over the weekend. The former Sanctus Real front man shared a post from his wife: Bottom line is Bowen has a nasty virus and it was just too much for his little half of a heart to handle this time. He has been admitted and will stay for a day or two, we hope. It was honestly the one of the scariest moments of our life and I pray we can figure out exactly what happened and how to prevent it in the future the next time he gets a high fever. I'm overwhelmed by the encouragement and prayers of so many today.

Casting Crowns front man Mark Hall was leading a different group over the weekend. Mark posted: I have a group of my students with me in Mississippi tonight leading a retreat for another youth group. It's so sweet to see them serving.

Tobymac was dealing with some mixed loyalties over the weekend. He posted a picture with his family as they watched the United States take on Jamaica in a soccer match. Tobymac's wife is a native of Jamaica.

A milestone for Unspoken front man Chad Mattson. He posted: Yesterday I celebrated 14 years of Sobriety! Jesus has changed my life and I want to do everything I can to tell others about Him. That's why Mike and I started Unspoken. All the praise and glory goes to Jesus, the risen Christ and King!

Laura Story had some big name help with her latest album. Open Hands is scheduled to release on March 3. The new project includes collaborations with Mac Powell, Matt Maher and Matt Redman. Open Hands is the fifth full length album from Laura.

Mercyme was at the National Prayer Breakfast late last week to perform their well known song I Can Only Imagine. However, it was front man Bart Millard that got the top billing. The rest of the band posted: Bart got to sit at the big table while the rest of us were at the kids table. However, they added: Kids Table Has More Fun. Check out Mercyme's performance of I Can Only Imagine by clicking on the link at

Aaron Shust released the lyric video for his new song You Redeem over the weekend. The video includes both the lyrics and the guitar chords. Aaron posted: I love the message of this song. "Poverty loses its grip, race can no longer divide. Wherever Your Spirit is, every darkness dies..." He added: Let the truth in these words give hope to your souls today! Check out You Redeem by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace released a video over the weekend answering your questions. Jamie has been on hiatus while moving to LA with her family but she broke her silence over the weekend, answering the top questions from social media. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant was one of several artists featured over the weekend at the Super Bowl Gospel event. You can check out a clip from her rendition of Nothing But The Blood of Jesus by clicking on the link at

The Hits Deep Tour is just days away. Tobymac shared a picture over the weekend and added: Me and DiverseCity been hard at work puttin together sumthin special. The tour will also include Matt Maher, Mandisa, Mac Powell, Dan Bremness, and more.

It's been only one month since more than 50,000 college students gathered in Atlanta for Passion 2017. But worship leader Chris Tomlin and the rest of the Passion team are already gearing up for Passion 2018. They posted over the weekend: Registration opens Friday, February 10 at 10am! Mark your calendars.

Tenth Avenue North has some special guest help over the weekend during one of their Winterjam stops. The members of the band were joining on stage by several of their kids. They posted: it's gonna be tough to beat last night's special guests! All the Tenth Avenue North children turned the party up to 11!

The Newsboys gave a sneak peak of their Love Riot Tour over the weekend. They were on Facebook live to share a three minute clip of the show. Check out the Newsboys live by clicking on the link at

Tenth Avenue North helped to make history over the weekend. They were on stage at the Georgia Dome over the weekend and posted: We were so honored to be a part of the very last music event in the Georgia Dome last night. Crazy when you get to be a small note in history like that.

The Jesus Bible is now available to the general public. The Bible released for Passion 2017 is designed to help readers encounter Jesus from cover to cover, not just in the gospels. It includes 350 articles and 700 features revealing Him throughout scripture.

Ravi Zacharias is expanding his academy. The well known apologist announced over the weekend that The RZIM Academy will launch in French today (February 6) The first segment is a 12-week Core Module

Passion pastor Louie Giglio is joining with the rest of the Passion movement to ask for your help. Pastor Giglio posted over the weekend: Join us 2.23 and raise your voice to shine a light on slavery. Together, our awareness is bringing real change. Already the End It Movement has raised 4-million-dollars to end human trafficking. He adds that over 66 global projects have been supported and the red x has been shared over 500-million-times.

Representatives from Focus on the Family were in Washington DC over the weekend Taping a program about the Museum of the Bible and touring the new facility. Focus President Jim Daly posted after the tour: I'm blown away! Museum is bigger & better than imagined. A must-see come Nov. 2017!

3 Ways To Be An Emotionally Safe Parent
1. Get to Know Your Own Story Better: We’re the coauthors of our children’s stories.
2. Understand to be Understood: In order to be understood, we must first understand.
3. Value the Emotion, then Set Limits on the Behavior.

10 Rules for Children and Cell Phones
1. Discuss with your child what their cell phone plan entails.
2. Let your child know if picture and video messaging is part of your plan.
3. Set rules on downloads.
4. Give your child a list of relatives to call or text sparingly.
5. Make rules for using the cell phone while driving.
6. Teach Cell Phone Etiquette
7. Stop cyber bullying before it starts.
8. Set limits on Internet Usage
9. Communicate Clearly
10. Warn your child of becoming dependent on their cell phone

Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, have been publicly targeted for allegedly only supporting traditional marriage. If you support the Gaines family sign a petition letting them know that you stand with them.

Deaf churches find healing in Scripture. Community Testing of translations is now underway.

Last week, various reports surfaced saying that a Senate committee in Pakistan wanted to examine the blasphemy law and perhaps add checks and balances so the law is less abused. However, since word got out about re-examining the blasphemy law, Pakistan’s Minister for Religious Affairs, Sardar Muhammad Yousuf, released a statement refuting the rumor.

After a lengthy trial, a Sudanese court handed down extended prison sentences for three men arrested in 2015. Czech national Petr Jasek was sentenced to life in prison (a life sentence is 20 years in Sudan) on convictions of spying and conducting NGO work without a permit, among other charges. The other two men, Hassan Abduraheem and Abdulmonem Abdumawla, both Sudanese, were sentenced to 12 years each.

The police in Pakistan insisted that Tania, 12-year Christian schoolgirl, committed suicide by jumping into a canal. However, Her family says there was probable evidence to prove she was kidnapped. There were also signs that she was raped before she was murdered.

A 6-year-old Florida boy held a “free toy” stand to allow less fortunate children to choose toys from his toy pile.

A California police officer delivered a baby in post office parking lot. San Diego Police Department officers Matt Enderlin and Eric Hustad arrived at the scene and helped deliver Pierce Dillard, a 6-pound baby boy.

A Texas girl got a surprise trip to the Super Bowl, two years after being diagnosed with a potentially deadly cancer that is so rare that her doctors had never seen it before.

Language barriers can make a refugee's long journey even more grueling, but a new app is getting them the translation help they need — wherever they are in the world. Tarjimly, which launched Tuesday, connects volunteer translators to refugees and immigrants who need to speak with doctors, aid workers, legal representatives and other crucial services in a new country. It acts as a Facebook Messenger bot, allowing for easy, real-time translations on any smartphone.

Flex Seal is a new form of duct tape that claims to be able to seal anything, even under water.

A teacher wanted to welcome her students to a new school year in a special way. So the educator in Queensland, Australia, crafted a note packed with inspirational messages. It said: "The eraser is to remind you that [it] is ok to make mistakes," "The stickers mean we'll stick together and work hard as a team, The puzzle shows how we fit together, working towards a common theme."

Love Girl Scout cookie? Now People Food is helping you make them even better, with recipes ranging from Thin Mint truffles to Samoa Cheesecake

How your morning coffee might slow down aging. A new study published in the journal Nature Medicine found that older people with low levels of inflammation — which drives many, if not most, major diseases — had something surprising in common: they were all caffeine drinkers.

The Knot released its annual report on wedding trends, and the average cost for 2016 comes to … drum roll please … $35,329. This is an 8 percent increase from the 2015 average of $32,641.

Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry teamed up at an event at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park over the weekend to raise awareness for their mental health charity, Heads Together. The royal trio raced each other leading off a the first leg of a five-person relay, with joggers training for the London Marathon in April.

Danny Gokey is proving that even a trip to the barber shop can be a father/son moment. He posted a picture of he and his son showing off their new cuts this week. Danny posted: Fresh haircuts for me and my mini-me

A reminder from Natalie Grant earlier this week on Freedom Day. She posted: Freedom Day marks 152 years since Abraham Lincoln signed the joint resolution that proposed the Thirteenth Amendment, officially abolishing slavery. But the grim reality is that slavery still exists in a modern form. How will you use your freedom to End Slavery? Join me in the fight. Go to to learn how.

Hillsong Worship is launching something new in 2017. The band recently posted on facebook: in November 2017 we are launching our BRAND NEW Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference. The say the goal of the conference is glorify God in all we do and to empower you to creatively fulfil His call in this generation.

Want to know what makes Moriah Peters smile? She posted: For me, people friends making me dance awkwardly, strangers doing kind things, kids staring until you smile back.

Third Day's Mac Powell is pouting his diet on hold. He shared a picture of McDonald's Mac Jr., Big Mac and Grand Mac and added: So....I think I'll put a postponement on my "diet" tomorrow.

Citizenway's Ben Calhoun is joining with his family to encourage everyone to: count your blessings. Ben posted a short video this week saying that it's a good antidote for "the Funk". Ben added: We did and it totally worked!

Good news from Jonny Diaz. He posted a picture of his blood shot eyes this week and added: Thanks for all the prayers, guys. LASIK surgery went well. Sure, I look like I lost a fight...but you should see what I did to the Dr. Pretty astounding that burning away parts of your eye with a laser can fix your vision! Things are still a bit smokey in my right eye, but that's normal. I now have 20/20 in one eye and a little better than 20/20 in the other!

Third Day's Mark Lee is experimenting with a new format for his email updates. Mark posted: Starting this Friday I am going to send a weekly list of what's going on in my world. Be sure to click the link in my profile - you won't want to miss it!

Danny Gokey has some singing competition in his own home. Danny posted an adorable picture of his young daughter Victoria singing the ABC song. He added: training my girl to be the next power house vocalist.

Newsboys Frontman Michael Tait says the highlight of 2017 so far was going to visit a Kindergartens class. Michael posted: kickin it with her n all her lil peeps, "THEY" sang me Newsboys songs from the top of their Lungs...None of her classmates believed she new Michael Tait, so I was her "Show n Tell" guest!

Brandon Heath is continuing his trip overseas. After spending several days in Europe he posted on Thursday: We're in Israel this week on the next Heath family adventure. This is a view from the top of Mt. Carmel, overlooking the Valley of Armageddon.

New music from Matt Maher is in the works. Song writer and producer Jason Ingram posted this week: We're tracking a new Matt Maher album.

Joel gave a quick peak into the studio this week as for King and Country works on album #3. As the band did their version of the Mannequin Challenge, Joel wonders through documenting the rest of his mates with their various instruments.

Jamie Grace has taken date night to a whole new level. She invited all of her followers on facebook to join her on facebook for a date night full of worship songs and some scripture. But even if you missed out on the live broadcast, you can still check it out online. Click on the link at

Mercyme was in our national capital this week. The members of the band were given a private tour of the capital by congressman James Lanford, prompting front man Bart Millard to post: He used to book MercyMe years and years ago for church camps. He's now a US Senator...while...I' the same band. Mercyme was able to take advantage of the great acoustics at the top of the capital building by singing the National Anthem near the top of the dome.

Moriah Peters was enjoying a midnight sleepover this week and shared a little 90s choreography. Check out the video clip of their late night performance by clicking on the link at

Something new from Crowder. This week he released Episode 1 of The Adventures Of Kenny Rodgers The Arctic Fox. The first episode is titled Kenny and Crowder go shopping. Crowder says: "It's my life and I love everything about it." Check out Kenny and Crowders shopping trip by clicking on the link at

Switchfoot continues to prepare for their trip to Canada later this month with some winter weather training. The band posted: We heard it might get cold while Looking For America and Canada... so we decided to prepare ourselves. In January Switchfoot recorded a video documenting their rigorous training schedule featuring everything from hockey to snow angels. This week they announced that they are adding cryotherapy to the schedule. They hope that the super cold temperatures of the nitrogen will help prepare them for the frigid temperatures they will face up north during their winter tour.

Zach Williams is on tour right now with Big Daddy Weave and We Are Messengers and his fellow artist are finding that he's a pretty nice guy. We are Messengers posted after their first week of shows describing Zach as one of the most tender humans on the tour. Attached was a picture of Zach proving just how sweet he is. In the picture he was holding a white, stuffed kitten with a pretty pink bow.

NeedToBreathe announced their next tour this week. The band will be joining Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Soul 2 Soul tour for one weekend. NeedToBreathe will be part of the concert swing April 20-22.

The Afters were posting pictures from LA this week. The band has been selected as the Fox Sports artist of the month this month and so were meeting with the FOX Sports TV/Music team. However, the members of the band made the most of their chance to be on the Sony lot. They also shared pictures from the original Seinfeld set and from in front of the Ghost busters car.

Big Daddy Weave might be adding an organ to their set. Guitarist Jeremy Redmon posted a picture showing the huge pipe organ at one of this weeks venues. He added: wish we could use that pipe organ in the show.

Tenth Avenue North frontman Mike Donehey says it's been an incredible privilege getting up in front of WinterJam crowds every night this past month. He posted: Every night I get to look into so many pairs of eyes, and sing the chorus of I Have This Hope. Mike added: Particularly because of what's happening in our county and around the globe, it's a weighty and precious thing to get to stand in the middle of the audience and declare we have hope in and through every kind of trial we may face. Our hope is not in escapism. Our hope is not in walls that divide us, but in the One who unites us. There is one who is our life, and no one can ever take Him away.

Matt Maher says there is still time to join he and Max Lucado in Israel this spring. The tour will take place March 21 through 31. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Greg Laurie is throwing his support behind the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court. The speaker on a new beginning shared a link to a statement from evangelical leaders in support of the Gorsuch nomination and added: I signed and support this.

Dr James Dobson has issues a statement commending President Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court. Dobson posted: “I am greatly encouraged by the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court. I thank God that if confirmed, this administration will have delivered on one of its most critical campaign promises—to appoint a judge in the mold of the late Justice Antonin Scalia who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the original intent of its framers.”[source]=FFB

Focus on the Family is again giving away free Valentine's cards to help your children show God's love to their friends. Access the free cards by clicking on the link at

Black History Month: 4 facts about the national celebration honoring Americans of African descent
1. The observance originated in 1926 as "Negro History Week."
2. The original Negro History Week fell on the second week of February due to its proximity to the birthdays of two notable 19th century figures, Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.
3. The late Republican President Gerald Ford was the man who designated Black History Month as an official national observance
4. Each year, as part of the observance, Black History Month has carried a different theme. The theme for 2017 is "The Crisis in Black Education."

4 Ways To Control Your Anger by Dr Tim Clinton
1) See it – Identifying the cause of anger in your life
2) Delay it – Learn the value of “calming” to allow the anger to subside.
3) Control it – Control your response rather than reacting emotionally.
4) Settle it – Commit to not only “doing” the right things, but also “being” the right person.

Patriots' Tackle Nate Solder is pointing to Christ as he talks about his son's cancer battle

For the second time, a judge has dismissed a challenge to a Missouri prison policy that conditions early inmate release on participation in programs requiring belief in a deity.

A third court last week heard the case of a Christian Swedish midwife denied employment because of her pro-life convictions.

A draft of an executive order on religious freedom is being considered by the Trump administration. The proposed order would protect religious rights when there's a conflict on gay rights or abortion issues

Churches face serious terror threats in Turkey, where hate speech against Christians in social and conventional media has increased and Church figures are being deported

Country star Reba McEntire has said she released her first-ever Gospel album to encourage her fans to give it all back to God - particularly at a time when the country is so divided.

The Chaldean Church in Iraq has announced plans to help Christians rebuild their lives there in spite of the ongoing threat they face. The idea is to help physically rebuild villages that Christians have left, to encourage internally displaced people to return.

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show prep for Christian stations. 

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