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Jason Gray shared more pictures this week of he and his girlfriend Jaclyn. Jason said they started dating a little over a year ago and he saved the pictures until the time was right to share them. He said they were were tentative at first because they were both still healing from past relationships. Check out the pictures of Jason and Jaclyn by clicking on the link at

Danny Gokey was enjoying some father-daughter time this week. He posted that his son Danny was at his first day of preschool so he got to spend one-on-one time with his daughter Victoria.

Hawk Nelson frontman Jon Steingard says he's throwing his shaving cream in the trash. He posted after seeing pictures of both Chris Tomlin and Matthew West sporting a 2-day stubble. Jon said: I want to be a ruggedly handsome singer to.

Mandisa was celebrating this week. She had her first physical in quite a few years and said that, even though she should have health problems because of her weight, she came away with a clean bill of health. Mandisa added that, after some struggles, she is back on a more healthy lifestyle and is getting her Temple back into shape.

Mark Hall took to Instagram this week to encourage everyone to get out and vote. The Casting Crowns front man said he was going to vote and encouraged all of the band's followers to do the same. He said vote your conscience and vote the way Jesus lead you to vote.

A recommendation from TobyMac: talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems.

Contemporary Christian music's newest artist, Zach Williams, is sharing the freedom he's found in Jesus with his new song, "Chain Breaker." According to, The former rock star walked away from a life of drugs and rock 'n' roll to follow God's plan for his life and to share his newfound hope with others. Williams grew up in a Christian home where both his mother and father were heavily involved in church. But as a teenager he drifted away from the values his parents had instilled in him. After losing the division 1 basketball scholarship, Zach said: I filled that hole with more drugs and alcohol. He dropped out of college with only 30 hours left to complete a design degree, was married but then soon divorced, and took up touring with a rock band. Zach said "It really wasn't until 2012 that I truly met Jesus and got saved. I just surrendered my life and gave Him control of everything I was doing in my life. That hole that I was trying to fill for 20 years was finally filled.

Danny Gokey was getting in the Christmas spirit early this week. He posted a picture as he recorded a special song for the holidays for the online retailer Bon-Ton

Jodi from Love and the Outcome this week shared her favorite "dark chocolate and sea salt" cookies! Check out Jodi's baking video by clicking on the link at

The new chain breaker video from Zach Williams is now available on YouTube. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Tenth Avenue North was broadcasting live from Just Love Coffee this week to promote their music and their own coffee label. The latest edition of Tenth Avenue North Live features songs from the new album Followers and also playing your requests. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Tenth Avenue North and Matt Maher joined together for a live version of the song I Have This Hope. Check out the live rendition of the song from the new Tenth Avenue North album Followers recorded for CCM Magazine. Click on the link at

A lyric video for Chris Tomlin's song Impossible Things, featuring Danny Gokey, is now available on Youtube. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Is it possible to be single and content? Jamie Grace answers that question in her latest video. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Another quick bit is now available from Casting Crowns. This time Crowns member Megan Garrett talks about the last thing that made her cry. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Chris Tomlin was recently on stage at Billboard. The long time worship leader played several songs from his latest album. Check out the 20 minute concert by clicking on the link at

The latest music from TobyMac is titled Love Broke Through. Right now you can check out the video as TobyMac shares the story and heart behind the new song. Click on the link at

Christian artist Lecrae this week shared my favorite political sign of the election season. The sign said: Dan Peyton, I'm not running for anything I just wanted a sign.

Chris August was showing off his latest truckstop find this week. He took a picture in his brand new Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt. Chris said: I've had some solid truckstop finds over the years, but this one might take it. Couldn't pay the $20 quick enough.

A few years back the popular game on tour was corn hole. This week Jeremy Camp and Citizen Way might have introduced the next popular game. They posted a picture as two teams tried to score the most points by knocking a thrown frisbee into a bucket. See an example by clicking on the link at

Winterjam held a launch party this week to roll out their 2017 tour lineup. The East Coast swing of Winterjam will run from January through March and will feature Crowder, Britt Nicole, Tenth Avenue North, Colton Dixon and more. Sadie Robertson and Tony Nolan are both scheduled to speak.

Do you think you have seen everything The Afters have to offer? Front man Josh Havens says you haven't. He posted: we've completely revamped and re-energized our live set. My goal is to give everything I have and leave it all on the stage every single night.

Family Life Today host Dennis Rainey shared a picture of their entire family, together together for the wedding of their daughter Laura, over the weekend. Dennis said only Heaven is better than this. Check out the family photo by clicking on the link at

Greg Laurie's 2 volume set on the Greatest Bible Stories ever told is now Available. Pastor, speaker, and Author Greg Laurie this week released a second edition of the Greatest Stories Every Told. The focus of Volume 2 is the Gospels. Laurie will also re-release volume 1, a collection of Greg's favorite Old Testament Bible Stories.

4 Easy Mistakes People Make in Marriage from iMom
1. Don’t look for ways to spend time together
2. Look for intimacy substitutes
3. Fight via text
4. Keep a running list of unmet expectations in your head

5 Ways to be Remembered as a Good Father from All Pro Dad
1. Just be.
2. Listen instead of lecture.
3. Be a builder.
4. Be a memory maker.
5. Live each day like it’s the full final day.

A transgender Christian who is living as a man will take part in a renaming ceremony at a church in south London this weekend. According to, The ceremony at the Oasis church in Waterloo will be presided over by Baptist minister Steve Chalke on Sunday, within the church's regular mid-morning service. The man, Luke, will be prayed for by friends and by Chalke and he will be renamed before being presented with a Bible with his new name written in it.

The producer behind the recently-released film "I'm Not Ashamed" is suing Google for discrimination after the media giant's subsidiary, YouTube, took down the faith-based film's trailer for nearly a year. According to the Gospel Herald, Chuck Howard told The Washington Times the film's trailer garnered over 5 million views before YouTube removed the channel nearly a year ago with no explanation. They are seeking "compensation for 11 months of lost online marketing for the movie." "I'm Not Ashamed", which hit theaters Oct. 21, tells the story of Rachel Scott, the first of 13 people - twelve students and one teacher - killed at Columbine on April 20, 1999.

Bishops in Colombia have held their second "confess-a-thon" in the capital city Bogotá. According to, The secular rubbed shoulders with the sacred in a local shopping mall as 230 priests administered the Sacrament of Reconciliation to any shoppers who felt called to confess. The initiative of the Catholic bishops' conference of Colombia is part of Pope Francis' current Year of Jubilee, which has "mercy" as its theme.

A megachurch pastor in China's Shanghai region has been released after seven years in prison for protesting against the demolition of a house church. According to Relevant Magazine, On September 13, 2009, local government officials in Lenfi, broke into Christian churches and businesses in the area, beating approximately 100 believers. Days later, the government dispatched bulldozers to destroy multiple buildings and other church property. Pastor Yang Rongli and her husband, Wang Xiaoguang were arrested shortly following these events for protesting the demolition of a house church. Two months later, they were convicted for organizing a prayer rally on September 14. A report from China Aid confirms Pastor Rongli has been released but states that she still bears signs of brutality endured while held captive.

This Kansas community won’t be intimidated by domestic terrorists or fear. According to the Good News Network, Churchgoers of Garden City, Kansas held a candlelit vigil and walk of solidarity after police found a bomb planted in a local apartment complex. The complex is home to several refugee families from Somalia, Burma, Ethiopia, and Sudan – the town itself is home to over 1,000 Muslim immigrants, most of whom work in the nearby meat packing factory. Hundreds of predominantly Christian city residents marched through the streets in protest of the attempted bombing.

Chinese Christians are the targets of a new wave of persecution with some saying the communist government is on a mission to completely wipe out Christianity. According to CBN, This year the communist government is going after Christians with a vengeance, rounding up entire house churches and charging Christians with spying or sabotaging the regime. One of the biggest campaigns against Christians in the country are the rampant church cross demolitions. In 2016, the number of crosses demolished surpassed 1,800. The government is also regulating church services and threatening Christian leaders if they teach anything other than the state approved version of Christianity.

A Christian ministry has joined with local government leaders to launch an effort to combat the harmful effects of pornography in Australia. The Christian Post reports that Christian ministry City Women of Toowoomba, together with local Toowoomba city leaders are hoping to make their city porn-free. City Women Chief Executive Letitia Shelton acknowledges that making the city porn-free is an ambitious goal, but she is confident progress will be made.

Shaquille O’Neal loves donuts. So much so, he now has a Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop to call his own in downtown Atlanta. According to Time, The shop has been around for more than 60 years. Not only is O’Neal the new owner of this historic location, but the former NBA player will also serve as a global spokesperson for the brand.

When Stephanie Jaegers decided she had to go to the hospital she thought she might have kidney stones. Instead, doctors told her she was, in fact, about 38 weeks and two days pregnant. At 37, the mother of two boys and a girl thought she was done having babies. According to the Washington post, She hadn't experienced morning sickness. Her stomach was bulging a bit, but it wasn't big. And her weight had fluctuated by only a few pounds over the last months. In fact, doctors said she was already in labor. Shaun Jude Jaegers was born at 3:50 a.m. Wednesday, almost six hours after his mother arrived at the hospital, and about three hours after his parents found out he even existed.

When parents think of the risks of flying, they usually think of turbulence, emergency landings or horrific crashes. Hot coffee probably doesn't top the list. But a new study finds that, when children are injured on airlines, they're most likely to get hurt the same ways they do on the ground. According to NPR, the top source of injury is burns from hot drinks. That accounted for 39 percent of injuries. Other top injuries included children being hurt when tripping and falling, or hit when objects fell out of overhead bins or when laptops slid off tray tables.

Justin Timberlake flew more than 1,700 miles to cast his vote in this year's election. According to Yahoon News, The singer took to Instagram to share a photo and encourage his 37 million followers to make their voices heard on Nov. 8. He noted that he was taking advantage of early voting in Tennessee. Timberlake wrote on instagram: "Hey! You! Yeah, YOU! I just flew from LA to Memphis to rock the vote! No excuses, my good people!"

A boy whom doctors said would be born with severe medical conditions and had little chance of surviving not only lived, but now, four years later, is actually thriving. According to, when Shelly Wall was pregnant, doctors told Shelly Wall that her the baby had many health problems, including chromosome abnormalities and spina bifida. Wall and her husband were counseled to abort the baby, but they refused. Doctors did surgery to address the hole in the back of Noah’s head. They also inserted a tube to drain the excess fluid. They now say Noah’s brain is “almost back to normal.”

When the Cubs played their first World Series Game last night, it ended a curse that had gone on for 71 years. According to World Magazine, the Chicago Cubs haven’t won a World Series since before the Titanic sank. With their 5-0 win Saturday night in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series, the Cubs clinched a World Series berth for the first time since 1945 and have a chance to win their first Series title since 1908. The Cubs’ very long drought is the stuff of legend. In 1945, owner of Chicago’s Billy Goat Tavern tried to bring a live goat into the ballpark. When he was turned away he cursed the Cubs, vowing they would never make it to the World Series again. The “Curse of the Billy Goat” has grown over the years until the Cubs finally played their first World Series game last night.

Know anyone who needs help getting to Passion 2017? They are now offering scholarships to the Gathering for college students at the Georgia Dome in early January. Check out more by clicking on the link at

Building 429's Jason Roy is bringing back an old look. Jason says he recently found a hat in his closet that he wore onstage in 2012. He says it's like finding an old friend and he is bringing it back.

Francesca Battistelli is taking to social media for some help in finding a new truck. She recently posted on Instagram that she and her husband are looking for a new Ram after selling their old one to a family member. Francesca said they both hate the car buying process so she figured it was worth asking if any of those who follow her on the social media site happen to work with Ram and wanted to help them find the best deal while avoiding as much pain as possible when searching for a new one.

Jason Gray posted a picture with a young lady over the weekend and shared: I've been wanting to introduce you to somebody. Her name is Jaclyn, and she makes me smile. Earlier this year Jason sat down with CCM Magazine to talk about the eight year fight for his marriage that ultimately ended in divorce.

The Afters have found their place in God's plan. They posted this description of the band over the weekend: Just 4 great friends traveling the world and sharing hope through music!

For King and Country was celebrating over the weekend. Joel posted: Singing an epic happy 30TH BIRTHDAY to my little brother, dear friend and partner Luke(y), along with our tour family and 2200 mates.

MercyMe front man Bart Millard says the fans at Wrigley Field were incredibly nice but he wasn't taking any chances. He attended the Cubs Dodgers game over the weekend and saw the Cubs win the national league championship. However, he was there as a guest of one of the Dodgers players, so was wearing a Dodgers hat and shirt. When the crowd went crazy after the Cubs victory Bart posted a video quietly removing his Dodgers cap. With the mob going crazy he said: I wasn't going to take my chances.

For Natalie Grant, Sunday was a pool day. She said it was 75 degrees and sunny and her family decided to take a swim. Hopefully it was a heated pool.

The web site Free CCM is giving away music from Citizenway. The site's free download of the week is Citizenway's song When I'm With You. Access the free download by clicking on the link at

Switchfoot pulled off one of the best-kept surprises of Christian music in recent years and released a new live album on Friday. According to New Release Today, Fans had previously been given no indication that the band was planning such a release. It's titled "Live in Chicago: The Looking for America Tour" and the release marks Switchfoot's first major live album in 7 years. The concert experience features cuts from their new album Where The Light Shines Through as well as several of the band's signature classics.

The movie "I'm Not Ashamed" hit theaters over the weekend. It tells the story of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine school shootings, as taken from her diary. Now Jeremy Camp has released a music video for the title track from the movie, I'm Not Ashamed, complete with clips from the movie. Check out the music video by clicking on the link at

The band We Are Messengers has hit the big time. They posted: You know you have made it when your face is on a cookie! That happened over the weekend during a concert stop in Marion, IL.

Chris Tomlin will be on Fox and Friends this morning performing songs from his new album Never Lose Site. The performance will take place at 8:00am ET this morning (Monday)

Tenth Avenue North says they have a favorite moment from every night of their What You Want tour. They posted: We've been getting in the crowd and playing your requests. It is the What You Want tour after all. So if you're coming to any of the remaining shows, what do you want to hear? See you soon!

Natalie Grant made an important stop before heading out on tour over the weekend. She posted: I'm heading to the airport to go out of town but I just HAD to make a stop before I went...lunch at school with my girlies. Natalie added the hash tags: #whatmattersmost #familyiseverything

The members of Rend Collective say lack of space in their tour bus didn't stop them from having tour church Sunday morning. They just pulled up some old benches and cinder blocks near the venue and met outside beside the building.

Pastor and Author David Jeremiah held his latest Stand Up America event over the weekend and now it's available online. Dr. Jeremiah was in Washington D.C. and broadcast his message live via facebook. Now the recording of that message is available online. Click on the link at

11 Things a Husband and Wife Must Agree On from Susan Merrill.
1. You are married for life, no matter what;
2. Your marriage is a top priority and you will do whatever you need to do to strengthen it.
3. You will strive to meet the sexual needs of your mate.
4. You will always be honest with your spouse and will speak the truth in love.
5. Whether you would like to have children and how many you would like to have.
6. Where you will live.
7. When and how you will discipline your children.
8. You and your spouse will always honor your parents and in-laws.
9. How much you will spend, save and share.
10. Whether you will have debt and, if so, what kind and how much you will allow.
11. Who you will worship and where you will worship.

4 ways to encourage young people to lead in church Christian Today
1. Give them a chance
2. Don't limit them to 'junior' roles
3. Start a mentoring program
4. Give them freedom to do things that differ from tradition.

The site that ancient tradition holds is where Moses saw the Promised Land before dying has reopened to the public. According to CBN, Catholic News Service reports that the Memorial of Moses on Mount Nebo in Jordan is now open again, after being closed for nearly 10 years for restoration. A church and monastery are located at the site, on top of the 3,300-foot mountain facing the northern end of the Dead Sea.

A new report from a coalition of Christians groups in Germany has found that 743 Christians were victims of religiously motivated attacks in refugee camps so far this year. According to CBN, the report says "The situation of Christian refugees in German refugee shelters is still unbearable. As a minority they are discriminated against, beaten up by and receive death threats from Muslim refugees and partly by the Muslim staff on grounds of their religion."

After years of court battles, the Christian-owned bakery Sweet Cakes by Melissa is closing its doors. According to CBN, The Oregon-based company was targeted by LGBT activists when owners Aaron and Melissa Klein said they wouldn't bake a cake for a gay wedding because of their Christian beliefs. The subsequent legal battled crippled the bakery. The Kleins had been operating out of their home for the last few years. But now they've announced on their Facebook page, "We have closed Sweet Cakes. We appreciate everyone's continued prayer and support!"

The site where, nearly 2,000 years ago, the Roman army breached the outer walls of ancient Jerusalem before capturing the city and destroying the Second Jewish Temple has been discovered. According to Christian Headlines, the Israel Antiquities Authority says Archaeologists made the discovery last winter during an exploratory survey at a future construction site. The find was announced last week. They found dozens of catapults and stones the archaeologists are certain were used by the Romans, led by Titus, against the Jewish guards who defended the wall from the tower.

Former star of “The Bachelor” Sean Lowe says that he is nervous for the country this election cycle, but he is “praying for a revival." According to, Lowe recently wrote a blog post in which he expressed his fears for the country:
"No matter what side of the aisle you lean towards, I think we can all agree these are scary times. Maybe it's the dad in me but I'm nervous about the future of our country. I'm scared that we're on a downward trajectory and things may only get worse." Ultimately, however, Lowe says he knows God is in control, whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton take the election.

Gospel singer Carman Licciardello has shared that he is now completely cancer-free, and he credits God’s healing and the prayers of supporters for his recovery. According to, In a Facebook post that included pictures, the singer, known simply as “Carman,” wrote, "With God's grace, coupled with your prayers and support, I won my war and today I'm 100 percent cancer-free. Carman also encourages fans to help him support others who continue to battle cancer.

Christian leader and psychologist Dr. James Dobson is calling on Christians to protest a California law that requires pro-life centers to tell their patients about abortion. According to, California’s Ninth Circuit Court recently upheld the law, paving the way for it to be put into practice. The law says that 75 pregnancy centers in the state--which are state-licensed and privately funded--must educate their patients on the availability of abortion and contraception services. In response, According to Christian Headlines, Dobson posted: "I have a simple word of advice to those pastors, priests and others who run California's crisis pregnancy centers." "If California attempts to enforce this law, then do not comply. Make them put you in jail.”

A letter signed by 88 evangelical leaders has cautioned bishops of the Church of England not to stray from the Bible’s teaching regarding same-sex marriage. According to The Christian Institute, the letter precedes the Church of England’s General Synod which will take place in February and will address the Church’s stance on issues of gay marriage. The letter states that “the Bible is clear” that marriage is defined as between one man and one woman and that this truth should not be considered of “secondary importance.” Additionally, the letter cautions that embracing same-sex marriage would be “a significant departure from our apostolic inheritance and the authority of the Bible in matters of faith and doctrine.”

Last year Kyle Waring, a 28-year-old entrepreneur based in Boston, decided to start a business that sounds like a joke: selling leaves online during the fall foliage season. But in its first year, the extremely seasonable company, called managed to sell 1,800 leaves—600 packs of three for $19.99. For the past two seasons, Waring and his wife Jessica have scoured the ground of New England picking up colorful leaves. “We collect in different states depending on the time of the season,” he says. “Most of our current leaves are from Vermont.”

When life hands you lemons ... squeeze 'em, sell 'em and save for your dream pet! According to, Sabastian Lucas of Queensland, Australia, worked a lemonade stand for two years in the hopes of saving up to buy his own pony. And get this ... he actually did it. After watching him save a total of $3,000 over two years, Kent and her husband, Aaron Lucas, decided it was time to reward Sabastian's hard work. Sabastian had always wanted a horse "that looked like a unicorn": white with a long mane and tail. So when Kent found Tom Boy, a horse that fit that exact description, it seemed meant to be.

It's not to early to start budgeting for the holidays. Tim Maurer, director of personal finance at Buckingham Asset Management, told that there are steps you can take to make sure you don’t go broke buying presents this holiday season! He suggests three budgets, for gifts, holiday expenses, and a slush fund. Check out his best tips and apps to save big this holiday season and stay stress-free. Click on the link at

Could "air bombs" be the reason for so many mysterious disappearances of planes and boats in the Bermuda Triangle over the years? According to, A pair of meteorologists speaking to the Science Channel's "What on Earth?" believe that hexagonal-shaped clouds seen on satellite imagery could be the key to figuring out why the Bermuda Triangle has become notorious for disappearances of aircraft, ships and people. Dr. Randy Cerveny of Arizona State University says these "air bombs" pack winds up up to 170 miles per hour, more than enough to send an airplane hurtling down from the sky or create waves to capsize a ship. Cerveny added that the satellite images could allow authorities to trigger an alarm for any aircraft or ships when a hexagonal cloud is detected in order to save lives.

When Margaret Boemer's checkup revealed her unborn baby, Lynlee, was going into heart failure, she said she had no option but to try fetal surgery. During the surgery the doctor took Lynlee from the womb and removed the tumor from her spine. Once back into her mother's womb, blood flow from mom to baby encouraged growth, healing and a healthy delivery at 36 weeks. Boemer said “It was her second birth, basically.” “her heart had time to heal while I was still pregnant with her so she has no heart issues now and is just doing amazing.”

Casting Crowns Jaun Devevo was showing off another hat from his hat collection this week. Check out the picture of hat number two on his instagram page. Click on the link at

Wanting something different for your next family photo? Big Daddy Weave member Jeremy Redmon has a suggestion. He posted: Sometimes department store dressing room mirrors are the only way to take family photos. Jeremy posted a picture of his own family and said it's better then trying to pack everyone into the department store bathroom and using the mirror there.

The latest podcast from Christy Nockels focuses on her upcoming Christmas album. The Thrill of Hope will release on November 4. In the mean time, you can get a sneak peak at the upcoming project through Christy's blog. Hear the story behind the flower on the cover art and also the song by the same name, written by Christy and her sister-in-love. Listen to the podcast by clicking on the link at

Earlier this week members of Hawk Nelson post their picture with a Coke bottle featuring the bands name on the side. However, they added that, while Coke is nice, the real official drink of Hawk Nelson is LaCroix. The band posted a picture outside the grocery story after stocking up. In their cart was eight boxes of the sparkling water, each box holding 12 cans. With nearly 100 cans in their refrigerator Hawk Nelson should be well prepared for their next concert run.

Danny Gokey was showing off his family this week. He posted a family photo and added: very grateful to God for my family.

Billboard is giving you the chance to preview one of the new songs from the latest Chris Tomlin Album Never Lose Sight. The audio for the song All Yours is available on the Billboard web site right now. Access the audio by clicking on the link at

Lauren Daigle released her first-ever Christmas album today. The new project is titled Behold-A Christmas Collection. The style of the holiday album is described as paying homage to the sounds of Daigle’s hometown of New Orleans, LA. It features soft jazz renditions of Christmas favorites, including “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” “Silent Night,” “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “What Child Is This,” “O Holy Night,” and more; in addition to an original composition titled “Light of the World.”

A new Christmas worship compilation album will be available this holiday season. Majesty In A Manger is a collection of original songs that focus on the coming of Jesus Christ. It features 11 songs from worship leaders like Paul Baloche, Darlene Zschech, and Lincoln Brewster. This is a worship album that was created with the intent that churches around the world can adopt these songs as we celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Switchfoot made a stop at Billboard this week to play some old and some new songs. Now you can check out their live facebook broadcast. Click on the link at

Another new Lyric Video from Casting Crowns. The latest feature from the album The Very Next Thing is their song Make Me A River. The song says: "In the morning when I rise Jesus be my eyes. Before the day rushes in With You is where I begin". Check out the lyric video by clicking on the link at and then share it with someone who needs to hear this today.

Matthew West is out with another story behind one of his songs. This time he tells about Krystal. Matthew used her story in the song Moved by Mercy. You can hear more about Krystal, her story, and the resulting song by clicking on the link at

Another video tour blog is now available from Jeremy Camp. Check out the update from Jeremy's latest tour by clicking on the link at

The latest Jamie Grace show is now available. Jamie's new video features a story about the day she Was Chased By A Cow. Jamie also talks about High School Musical and answers your questions. Word is that there is even a unicorn. Access the latest Jamie Grace video by clicking on the link at

Hillary Scott's Opry Debut was extra special because she took the stage with her family. According to an article in Rolling Stone Magazine, Hillary Scott and the Scott Family took to the Grand Ole Opry stage earlier this year to perform the title track of their gospel album, 'Love Remains.' The family was backed by Ricky Skaggs, and, according the magazine, the Scotts took the Opry crowd to church. Hillary posted: What an incredible night singing with my family!

A frustrating day for Building 429 Jason Roy. He posted: this is what happens when your guitar somehow doesn't get on your flight and shows up a day late period attached was a picture of his badly split open guitar.

Worship leader Kristian Stanfill was part of Revive Us in Chicago, a night of worship beamed live to theaters across the country this week. Kristian posted a picture with Kirk Cameron and thanked the well-known Christian speaker for his beautiful vision and heart to see our nation turned to Jesus.

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett says it's hard to eat healthy on the road but she has come up with a plan. She posted: I'm prepping all my meals for this weekend. Megan has a specific reason for making sure her meals are healthy. She added: I'm so close to my 100-pound goal.

Plumb says she and her kids have a new tradition before she leaves town. She said they always go out for Mexican popsicles. Plumb added: sugar them up for Daddy.

TobyMac says playing concerts in Nova Scotia, Canada has its perks. He posted as he played golf on a beautiful Golf Course right along the water.

Do you feel shaken by economic and political instability, racial conflict, mass shootings, and terrorist threats in recent years? Are you unsettled over changes in the moral climate of our culture? In a world of turmoil, Family Life Today Posted this week: we need to remember that God is the stability of our times. They are out with a new 10 part devotional series titled “Unshaken: Searching for Stability in a Troubled World”. Access the free resource by clicking on the link at

Is failing to vote a sin? What is a Christian’s responsibility toward voting? Hear what Christian commentators have to say on the October 26th edition of Family Life Today.

10 Things to Write in a Letter to Your Daughter from All Pro Dad
1. “I love you from the bottom of my heart.”
2. “I believe in you.”
3. “I think you’re beautiful.”
4. “You make me proud in so many ways.”
5. “I want you to know what my treasures are.”
6. “Let me tell you about the day you were born.”
7. “Don’t ever settle for second best.”
8. “Sometimes my love makes me afraid.”
9. “You can always come to me—no matter what—and I will help you figure things out.”
10. “Now I want you to listen to my heart.”

Wycliffe Bible Translators USA this week held its semi-annual Scripture Celebration. According to Mission Network News, The 2016 event celebrated the completion of Scripture in 29 different languages spoken by more than 2.2 million people across 17 countries in Asia, Africa, Central America, and South America.

A number of churches in San Antonio, Texas were vandalized with pro-Islam and anti-Donald Trump messages. According to Charisma News, on the wall of Gethsemane Lutheran Church the graffiti read “No to wall” and “Islam or die,” and also featured what appeared to be a picture of the Islamic State flag. Similar graffiti messages were found on Saint Gregory the Great Catholic Church, as well as two other local churches earlier this week.

A new study has revealed that Presbyterians (USA) and Episcopalians are among the wealthiest groups of people in the U.S. reports that a Pew Research Center study into household incomes based on religious affiliation found that, within Christianity, Presbyterians and Episcopalians top the list. Over a third of Episcopalians and Presbyterians have household incomes of more than $100,000. Lutherans, Methodists, and Presbyterians of PCA affiliation also tended to have large household incomes. Among non-Christians, Jews, Hindus, and atheists filled the top three spots on the income chart. Jews topped the entire chart, with 44 percent having a household income greater than $100,000.

Fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls, containing portions of Scripture, have been published in two books which will be incorporated into museum exhibits. The Christian Post reports that more than 25 fragments from the Scrolls will be published in two books titled Gleanings from the Caves: Dead Sea Scrolls and Artifacts from the Schøyen Collection and Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments in the Museum Collection. The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in a series of discoveries from 1947 to 1956. At about 2,000 years old, they are some of the oldest known biblical manuscripts in existence and were hidden in the caves around 68 B.C.E. to protect them from the Roman invasion.

Iranian American pastor Saeed Abedini has announced that he has filed for a divorce from his wife, Naghmeh. Abedini came to national prominence after he was arrested and imprisoned while building an orphanage in Iran. Abedini was released this past January as part of an American-Iranian prisoner swap. During his nearly four-year imprisonment, Naghmeh tirelessly lobbied for his release. Not long before Saeed’s release, however, Naghmeh revealed that they had marital problems. She said she had suffered “physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse” in her marriage. The couple had begun pursuing counseling upon Saeed’s return to the U.S., but ultimately Saeed ended up filing for divorce

A vast majority of folks in this country still consider themselves Christians. But just how deep does their Christianity run? Not very, according to the results of a survey released late last month by LifeWay Research. The survey, commissioned by Ligonier Ministries, asked 3,000 participants a set of 47 questions about foundational Christian beliefs. Many of the answers revealed a mishmash of heresy and confusion about Christianity’s most basic doctrines. Seventy percent of Americans agree there’s only one true God—one in essence, three in person: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Yet almost the same number believe God accepts the worship of all other religions, even those that deny the Trinity or worship other deities. Sixty-one percent correctly say Jesus is both human and divine, but half think that He’s also “the first and greatest being created by God,” rather than existing eternally, as Scripture and the ancient creeds of the faith teach.

An Ethiopian teenager detained with three others for handing out a book about Christianity has been re-arrested hours after she was released. According to World Watch Monitor, the 18-year-old woman, known as Deborah, was released with her co-accused on bail after paying around $135 to the court in Harar. It is not known why she was arrested again. Local Muslims said the book was an insult to Islam. Mobs attacked churches and church leaders were threatened.

Thanks to a generous Ohio community and his co-workers, Kevan Finley will no longer have to spend 10 hours a day walking to work. According to, The 30-year-old cook at Ruby Tuesday started working for the chain restaurant's location 9 miles away after the local store closed. He was making the 18-mile round-trip trek every day, six days a week. After the restaurant's general manager found out co-workers created a GoFundMe page, which has already raised more than $8,000 for Finlay to purchase a car.

The time of day you shower may come down to personal habits and scheduling, but there is some science behind whether there are benefits, and drawbacks, to whether you soap up before work or bed. According to, Morning showers can have a meditative effect on people by allowing them to relax and reboot. However, evening showers also have their advantages, especially for people who have a hard time unwinding from their day or getting to sleep.

A group of Princeton University physicists have come to the conclusion that an Oreo cookie will always split with the cream filling on the same side. According to, here's how it works: "Position the Oreo box so that the text on the packaging is facing the right way, and take out the cookie in the upper left hand corner. If the cream ends up on the left biscuit on one cookie, it’ll end up on the left biscuit for every cookie in that box." To test their theory, scientist bought hundreds of Oreos. Then, they simply pulled the top cookie off from the bottom over and over and over.

Ever dream of living at a mall? For the residents at Arcade Providence, that dream is a reality. According to, where once there were retail stores, now there is a 48-unit micro-loft apartment complex. It was built on the privately-accessed second and third floors of the nation’s oldest indoor shopping mall in Providence, RI. And right below them, a bustling retail area with local food restaurants and clothing boutiques.

When Jessica Hoffart’s son Lucas lost his favorite stuffed animal he calls Bear, his mom worried how the 2-year-old boy — who has autism — would cope. According to, Bear is Lucas’ safety toy; Bear plays a huge role in the boy’s routine and keeps Lucas calm when he panics. So Hoffart launched a citywide search for the lost toy and only three days later Lucas and Bear were reunited, thanks to the kindness of a stranger. Sandra Morales was walking to the grocery store with her son, Daniel, when she spotted the toy. When she saw Hoffart on the news, she immediately returned Bear to Lucas.

Every year when Halloween rolls around, the debate rages over which candy is the best. According to, Influenster, a retail review website and online community of two million shoppers, sought to find the answer to national candy supremacy while also breaking down each state's favorite sugary treat. The site surveyed 40,000 of its members about their favorite Halloween candy and then created a graphic that shows which treat captivated the residents each state.

Jimmy Needham says they are a step closer to bringing their son home. The artist shared a picture of Benjamin Ezekiel Needham and added: Now we prep to bring him home from India. Please pray we can get him soon.

Matthew West has announced the launch of Story House Collective. According to Merge PR, the new venture is inspired by his desire to translate his and others’ stories into impactful experiences. West says the multifaceted company will house a variety of media and ministry entities, including West’s nonprofit ministry, pop-we. The mission of popwe is to nurture and encourage people in telling their stories of life change, hope and redemption all for the glory of God.

The latest edition of CCM Magazine is now available. The free, online magazine focused on Christian music features Tenth Avenue North on the cover and includes articles about Britt Nicole and Michael Sweet. Check out October 15th edition of CCM Magazine by clicking on the link at

Paul Baloche is out with another webinar through the web site Praisecharts. The long time worship leader talks about finishing well through the webinar titled The Journey of a New Season. Listen to the broadcast by clicking on the link at

MercyMe guitarist Mike Scheuchzer was questioning his kids sanity this week. He posted: sometimes you think you might have the smartest kids in the world, and sometimes you find a measuring cup filled with water and baseball cards in your freezer. Mike admitted it was actually a homeschool experiment.

Can you identify while Joel is real and which is fake. The For King and Country member posted a picture as he stood by his full sized card board cut out from the movie Priceless. He asked: Is it just me? Or is this me?

Natalie Grant says her girls may be spending to much time in New York City. She said she walked around the corner in the kitchen to find two street performers. Her daughters were playing instruments, complete with an open case and all.

The web site Free CCM is giving away an Acoustic PHil Wickham song for the next 2 weeks. The download is of the song The Secret Place. It's just one of the songs on Phil's new album Children of God: Acoustic Sessions. Access the free download by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelson is giving away a free song! Members of the band are asking you to trade your email address for a download of the song Sold Out. Sign up for their email list to access the free song. Click on the link at

Selah is revisiting their 2002 Christmas recording. This week they released a deluxe edition of the Rose of Bethlehem. The updated collection showcases five bonus tracks alongside the classic project’s 10 selections.

Another facebook live broadcast from Tenth Avenue North. This time they were live on facebook as they filmed a music video. Get a behind the scenes look at what goes into the filming. Click on the link at

Jamie Grace released a new cover video this week. Her latest project is a cover of Hawk Nelson's "California!" Check it out by clicking on the link at

Hillsong United was on Studio Ten in Australia this week. They performed their song Touch the Sky on the broadcast. But if you don't get Australian TV you can now watch the performance online. Click on the link at

Tenth Avenue North was featured in the latest edition of CCM Magazines Features on Film. The video features the members of the band talking about their brand new album called Followers. Find out more about the project and the goal behind the focus on following rather than leading. Click on the link at

Danny Gokey is out with a new lyric video for his song Rise. Check out the new video by clicking on the link at

Micah Tyler is out with a brand new lyric video. It's for his song Never been a Moment. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Zach Williams is out with a new story behind the song video. The video tells the story behind Zach's new song called Chain Breaker. Hear it for yourself by clicking on the link at

Another lighten up video is now available from Ken Davis. The name of this weeks clip is: Do You Know God? Listen in and laugh by clicking on the link at

The 9th annual Rock & Worship Roadshow, presented by Compassion International, has announced its official 2017 tour lineup. Steven Curtis Chapman, Francesca Battistelli, Rend Collective, Passion, Family Force 5, Jordan Feliz, along with Derek Minor and Urban Rescue, will join together for Christian music's most uplifting and entertaining concert experience for the whole family. Author and comedian, Tony Wolf, will be the guest speaker and Carlos Whittaker will serve as the tour's host.

Citizenway front man Ben Calhoun had some fun on a daddy/daughter date this week. He took his daughter to a concert by Chris August and Mr. Talk Box at the Mocha Club in Nashville and the two artists asked him to come on stage for Chris August's song The Maker. Check out the video filmed by Ben's daughter as she sang along in the background. Click on the link at

Calling all prayer warriors. In Touch Ministries would like you to join them in focused, intentional prayer for our nation. Starting today, October 19, the ministry will be sending a text message reminder each morning to pray. It may be a prayer for a neighbor, the next generation, or our nation. It's free to sign up, and anyone with a text message plan in the United States can sign up. To sign up text PRAYING to 99000.

Revive Our Hearts is out with their very first Kindle eBook. The ministry this week released "The Lord's Prayer: a 30-day Devotional"

Family Life Today is inviting you to download their app. The app includes devotionals and other content, connection with others around the world, and premium Family Life resources. The latest addition is an exclusive devotional series on living in troubled times. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Revive Our Hearts has a suggestion for Women's ministry leaders as you begin to prepare events for the Christmas season. They say: consider keeping it simple. A new blog from Revive Our Hearts is titled Simply Still, a Different Kind of Christmas Event. In the blog they suggestion following Jesus's word to Martha. They say: tethering our hearts to Jesus in stillness and prayer will anchor our souls in turbulence.

A new video from dr. James Dobson this week gives tongue-in-cheek examples of how not to build great relationship with your children. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

The staff of Insight for Living wants to know where you listen to the program. In fact, they are asking you to send them a picture as you listen in. Upload it by clicking on the link at

6 Life Hacks for Husbands from Mark Merrill.
1. How to Love Your Wife Well Life Hack. Write a note. Surprise your spouse with a long love letter and put it on their pillow one morning.
2. Watch Your Words Life Hack. Do I have good motives? I
3. How Your Marriage Can Thrive in Busyness Life Hack. Set aside a little time throughout the day.
4. Discipline Your Kids Together Life Hack. Be consistent.
5. How to Communicate Well with Your Wife Life Hack. Do not speak with attack intensity.
6. Strive for Greatness in Your Marriage Life Hack. Do a random act of kindness daily

Want a different summer experience in 2017? Open doors Youth is taking applications right now for individuals who want to help the ministry run kids camps for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Of the approximately 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, at least half are children. Having been exposed to the atrocities of war and displacement, these children are greatly in need of Christ’s love and healing. Open Doors Partners with local churches to organize children's’ camps throughout the year in response to the grave needs in their community.

On June 30, the Federal Supreme Court in Addis Ababa postponed for the sixth time the hearing of three imprisoned believers who are falsely accused of burning down a Orthodox Church building. Each were sentenced up to nine years in prison in October 2014 – even though witnesses testified that the men were nowhere near the church when it burned down in July 2014. Their final appeal, to the Federal Supreme Court in Addis Ababa, has been delayed multiple times. In response, Open Doors has launched an online letter-writing campaign for the men. You can encourage the men by sending them an uplifting message, letting them know that you’re praying for them and including a Bible verse. Click on the link at

Operation Christmas Child's National Collection Week Is less than Four Weeks Away. OCC officials posted this week: a gift-filled shoeboxes you pack help change the lives of children like seven-year-old Terry in Namibia. Terry had prayed to God for a Bible, and when he opened his shoebox, he couldn’t wait to show everyone the Bible he found packed inside. As you shop and prepare your shoeboxes be sure to check out OCC's new video for packing tips. Find out more by clicking on the link at

A senior Anglican archbishop from the Global South recently called for the Church to be “ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Christ” in the face of persecution, restrictions, terrorism, and violence carried out in the name of religion. According to Christian Headlines, Archbishop Mouneer Anis of Cairo was addressing archbishops and bishops from some of the most difficult places in the world in which to practise the Christian faith. He also warned of an “ideological slavery” resulting from “some Western churches and organizations us[ing] their wealth and influence to push their own agendas in the Global South”.

The four Christians in Sudan who are facing the death penalty were due back in court on Khartoum today. According to, Release International asked for Christians worldwide to pray for the three pastors and a Czech citizen. The four men have been charged with seven crimes, including funding rebel movements in areas such as Darfur and South Kordofan. The two charges that could lead to their execution are "waging war against the state" and spying. Human rights groups are increasingly concerned about the growing persecution faced by Christians in Sudan.

A collection of ancient and rare Bibles and biblical manuscripts belonging to the deceased theologian Charles Ryrie will be sold at auction. According to, Ryrie, who passed away last January, was an avid collector of rare Bibles and manuscripts. He had about 200 Bibles and manuscripts in his collection, ranging from different time periods. Perhaps his most noteworthy collectible is a copy of John Wycliffe's New Testament, printed in England around 1430 and estimated to be worth $500-$800,000.

Gunmen kidnapped an American missionary from his home in central Niger over the weekend and killed two other people. According to World Magazine, the incident is the first reported kidnapping of an American in the region. The attackers stormed into Jeffery Woodke’s home in the town of Abalak, killing his guard and housekeeper. The armed men, driving a white Toyota pickup truck, took Woodke and headed across the desert toward Mali.

PepsiCo has set a target for reducing the amount of sugar in its soft drinks around the world as part of a suite of goals aimed at tackling problems ranging from obesity to climate change. According to NBC News, The New York-based company will announce on Monday that by 2025 at least two thirds of its drinks will have 100 calories or fewer from added sugar per 12 oz serving, up from about 40 percent now. The move comes as PepsiCo come under increasing pressure from health experts and governments who blame them for fueling epidemics of obesity and diabetes.

The future is here, and it's not pretty. According to Relevant Magazine, the U.S.-backed offensive by the Iraqi government to drive the Islamic State from the city of Mosul has partially been streamed on Facebook. The fighting was live-streamed on Facebook by Al Jazeera and Channel 4, with thousands watching and commenting. This is a first for wartime media coverage but many doubt it will be the last.

The building where Adolf Hitler was born may be spared demolition, but it will emerge heavily disguised. According to Yahoo News, Austria's interior minister this week said that "the Hitler house will be torn down." He then clarified that the term "torn down" is debatable but the building, in the western town of Braunau, will be so thoroughly redesigned that it "will not be recognizable." The "house," a large, three-story Renaissance-era structure, contains the apartment where Hitler was born.
Several members of a government-appointed commission on the future of the house said destroying it to end its attraction for admirers of the Nazi dictator would give an impression of trying erase part of Austria's history.

People are bombarded with pictures of their friends' dinners on Facebook and Instagram, but users of Twitter don't tweet much about their food and talk most about coffee. According to NBC, a new study shows only about 5 percent of tweets even mention food. Among the top 10 tweeted food and drink items are coffee, pizza, Starbucks, chicken and ice cream.

Driven by a declining population, a trend for developing robotic babies has emerged in Japan as a means of encouraging couples to become “parents.” According to Time, The issue stems from the disproportionate number of older people. Predictions from the U.N. suggest that by 2050 there will be about double the number of people living in Japan in the 70-plus age range compared to those aged 15-30. While hoping to encourage more babies, researchers are also aiming to prepare young couples for the longer term needs of a child as it grows.

Macy's is holding firm with its decision to open on Thanksgiving Day, and is expected to greet shoppers an hour earlier than it did in 2015. According to NBC News,, which tracks retailers' holiday deals and hours, received confirmation from five U.S. shopping centers that their Macy's locations would open at 5 p.m. Thursday. That compares with 6 p.m. in both 2014 and 2015. Retailers have been kicking off their holiday sales earlier in recent years, as they try to get an edge on the competition. But the tide looked like it was beginning to turn this year, after several retailers and major mall operators said they would once again close their doors for the holiday.

Bob Dylan, Nobel laureate, is missing. That, at least, is what the academy that honored him with the most prestigious literature prize on the planet last week told Sweden's state-run radio SR this week. According to NBC News, The academy's permanent secretary, Sara Danius, said she had emailed and called Dylan's "closest collaborator" to ensure he gets his hefty award of $927,740. So far, she said, she's received "very friendly replies," but Dylan is still nowhere to be found.

Comedian and singer Mark Lowry has announced plans to throw his hat into the ring. His motto: what's the worst that could happen.

Sidewalk Prophets frontman Dave Frey was showing off his pumpkin carving skills this weekend. He posted the picture of the pumpkins he and his fiance carved. Dave said: our first pumpkins together.

The Newsboys posted this weekend: more than a president or Prince, America needs God. Members of the band encouraged everyone to join Focus on the Family Focus for a 40 day prayer event, praying for 40 days before the election.

Building 429's Aaron Branch is encouraging everyone to get out and explore the land around them. He posted a picture of an interesting animal and said: found these weird little creatures out in the backwoods today. I honestly have no idea what they are, pretty interesting though. Aaron added: I love what you can discover when you get out and explore.

Tenth Avenue North has received its first RIAA gold certification. According to the RIAA, the album Over And Underneath has sold more than a half million copies. The project was the group's national label debut and included their songs "Love Is Here," "By Your Side" and "Hold My Heart."

Tiffany Lee and her husband spent their anniversary at IHOP over the weekend but it wasn't because Jeremy is cheap. The artist who goes by Plumb on stage clarified: my husband does not want me to post this picture because he finds it "Redneck" that we are eating at IHOP on our anniversary. However, all I wanted was blueberry pancakes.

For King and Country want's to see your priceless moments. The shared a picture caught by a bystander as one young man popped the question in front of the Priceless movie sign. It prompted the band to post: Capture your own beside the poster at the theaters and share using the tag #PricelessTheMovie! Let's take this movement worldwide! Share your Priceless selfies!

Tenth Avenue North front man Mike Donehey took advantage of a gorgeous day in Louisville over the weekend to actually listen to the bands new album. The latest CD from Tenth Avenue North is called Followers. It released on Friday. Saturday Mike finally was able to sit down to listen to the whole record for the first time since they recorded it.

The members of the J, J, and JJ tour were having some fun over the weekend. They posed on a row of large Hay bails and a posted: with our powers combined Josh Wilson, Jason Gray, and JJ Heller can defeat...hay bales. Check out there awe inspiring photo by clicking on the link

Milo is ready for fall. His mom Jodi, from Love and the Outcome, posted: Got off the bus this morning & said 'I need to get Milo a fall beanie & look what came in the mail! Handmade with love from my mom. She shared a picture of milo looking warm and happy in the newly knited stocking cap from his grandma.

The sons of Tobymac are enjoying the fruits of their labors. Tobymac posted: Nice work Krispy doughnuts for Report Card A's! Well marketed. Attached was a picture of his sons holding their box of Krispy Kreme donuts.

Jamie Grace is giving credit where credit is due. She posted a picture of her mom with the acknowledgement: when your mom is 50 and way cooler than you - in your own jacket.

Phil Wickham's latest album, Children of God - acoustic sessions, is now available on iTunes. The updated project released this past Friday.

Another edition of Switchfoot's Stories Behind The Songs is now available. The latest feature is the song The Day That I Found God. Read more about the song and find out why the music is meant to be a bit uncomfortable, and disturbing. Click on the link at

Shane and Shane will be recording a new, live album this week and you can watch on line for free. The worship leaders will hold the recording at 7:00pm CT on Tuesday, October 18, at the Watermark Church in Texas. You can stream it live online by clicking on the link at

Chris Tomlin expanded the number of sights and released a brand new trailer for his Worship Night in America over the weekend. Chris posted: We’ve added over 150 new locations around the country, including larger auditoriums in many areas that were sold out. The one night movie event will take place on October 25th Across the Nation. Watch the trailer by clicking on the link at

New music is now available from Casting Crowns. They posted this week: hear the song and follow along with the lyrics of O my Soul. It's off their new album The Very Next Thing. Check out the new lyric video by clicking on the link at

Matthew West invite you into his home and answers 50 questions about his life, music and ministry. Check out the video and meet the real Matthew West by clicking on link at

The members of Tenth Avenue North took to facebook this weekend to talk about their new album Followers. Members of the band shared more about the songs on the new album and they also played some of the songs featured on Followers. Check out the live broadcast by clicking on the link at

The Afters had some special guests at their show over the weekend. Several Airmen from Fort Gordon join them at the show. Following their concert frontman Josh Havens posted: so thankful for all they do.

Meredith Andrews says joy is always the best decision, especially when the airlines loses your luggage. The well-known worship leader was sporting her travel clothing on stage this weekend after her luggage got lost on the flight to Minnesota. Her sweatshirt appropriately said Laugh More.

The J and J and JJ tour took a break from their tour to impact a life. Jason Gray posted: Some days you find yourself on holy ground, and there's nothing you did to earn it. Our new friend Dawn was recently diagnosed with an illness that kept her from being able to attend our show tonight. Her husband Paul secretly arranged for us to come to her today. Jason, Josh Wilson, and JJ Heller posted pictures as they performed a special show for Dawn and her family.

Another Bible Quiz is now available from Insight for Living. The five question quiz's are designed to test your knowledge of God's word. New Quiz's are released on a weekly basis. Try out this week's quiz and see how well you do.

Kirk Cameron says our "red sea moment" has arrived. The well known actor and speaker is calling a nonpartisan, live, nationwide Family Meeting on October 18. In cities across America, Cameron is calling families to gather at theaters for a 2 hour LIVE interactive national family meeting. The goal is learning how to TRANSFORM this nation from the inside out, and the bottom all the way up to the top!

Focus on the Family and The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission are inviting you to join them in Washington D.C. next January to learn how to be a voice for life. The Evangelicals for Life event will take place January 26 through 28. It will include a March for Life on January 27th.

Barbara Rainey is getting ready for fall. The wife of Family Life Today host Dennis Rainey is giving you a glimpse into how she prepares for fall with a special home tour. Check out more by clicking on the link at

Revive Our Hearts is making a video of their 3-hour Cry Out Simulcast available on line. The prayer event was broadcast world wide earlier this fall. Now you can watch it at your convenience in the comfort of your own home any time. Simply click on the link at


10 Ways to Curb Sibling Rivalry from All Pro Dad
1. All are Created Equal.
2. Build Teamwork.
3. Set a Privilege Timetable.
4. Step Aside. A parent can’t resolve every issue.
5. Snap a quick photo when your children are taunting or arguing with each other.
6. Remind them of family Roles.
7. Never apply a “one size fits all” technique with them.
8. Offset the extra attention one child might need by including the whole family in the treatment.
9. Create a safe zone for each child.
10. One-on-One Time.

4 Virtues to Teach Your Kids from Family Minute

God continues to grow His Church in Iran. According to a recent Gospel Coalition story, government persecution in the country continues to backfire. A recent report say Iranian government officials have warned citizens against reading the Bible but the warning has caused many Iranians, already disillusioned with their government, to become all the more eager to obtain a copy of the Bible. The Iranian government’s closure of churches over the past few years has forced Christians of Muslim background to meet in underground house churches. There are now so many that it’s impossible to find them all. And Christian websites are routinely blocked and TV channels scrambled in Iran. This censorship makes more people curious about what the government doesn’t want them to know.

Liberty Counsel founder and chairman Mat Staver said the acting justice who has replaced Chief Justice Roy Moore on the Alabama Supreme Court has "added insult to injury" as the embattled judge continues to wait for his day in court on an appeal of his career-ending suspension. According to Charisma News, Acting Justice Lyn Stuart and Justice Michael Bolin summoned Moore's law clerks and terminated their employment on the spot. Earlier this week, Stuart demanded Chief Justice Moore remove all his personal items from his office by October 18, 2016. Staver called the justices' actions "outrageous," in light of the fact Moore is still awaiting a hearing on his appeal. Moore has filed an appeal of the decision issued by the Court of the Judiciary on September 30 to suspend him for the remainder of his term, which runs through January 2019.

An evangelist with no arms or legs has got millions of inspired fans worldwide. According to, Nick Vujicic led thousands to Christ during his recent tour of Europe. Vujicic also met with the leaders of Ukraine and Slovenia. In one "incredible" night in Ukraine, Vujicic says more than half of 5,000 people who listened to him speak in an auditorium "stood, repented, received Jesus as their Lord and Savior and are now being followed up with by the local church.

Many of us have been moved by the refugee crisis but few have taken action on the scale of a Christian couple in the north of England. After the passing of the Immigration Act in the UK earlier this year stating that unaccompanied asylum-seeking children no longer have to be looked after by the local authorities, the couple opened their home not only to receive some children, but to become an assessment centre for many unaccompanied children. This means that rather than going into an impersonal institution, the first experience these refugee children have of the UK is a warm, loving, family environment.

Something as simple as owning the latest worship CD or Christian book could get you in trouble with the police in Uzbekistan. According to Open Doors Youth, recently some in the country have been punished for having religious literature at home. Stanislav Kim was given two years’ ‘corrective labour’ for having religious books at home. He must live at home under restrictions with a fifth of his wages seized by the state. Elsewhere, a Presbyterian Christian in the capital Tashkent was fined in May for having religious literature at home.In Zarafshan, a city in Central Uzbekistan, a Baptist pastor and his wife were fined for Bibles and Baptist song books seized from their home.

Pro-life groups across the nation protested the 100th year anniversary of Planned Parenthood by confronting the abortion giant with prayer on Saturday. According to CBN, The Pro-Life Action League and Created Equal and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society coordinated Protest Planned Parenthood prayer events at 120 Planned Parenthood locations. Students for Life for America, one of the nation's largest youth pro-life organizations, joined the fight against Planned Parenthood with their "100 years of Abuse" campaign.

A day after the United Nations marked Yom Kippur as an official holiday, the U.N.'s educational, scientific and cultural organization voted for a resolution that claims Judaism's most holy sites aren't Jewish at all. According to CBN News, In a vote of 24 in favor, 6 against and 26 abstaining, UNESCO gave preliminary approval to a resolution ignoring the Jewish connection to Jerusalem's Temple Mount and Western Wall.

Turns out we were wrong; there aren't 200 billion galaxies in the universe. According to a new CNN report, NASA now says it's more like 2 trillion. NASA announced late last week that the number of galaxies in our observable universe is 10 times higher than previously projected, thanks to more observations by the Hubble Space Telescope. They added that an even a bigger telescope is in the works. The James Webb Space Telescope should be ready by the end of the year.

A woman with stage 4 cancer was so determined not to miss her favorite winter holiday that she decorated her home for Christmas two months early. According to Yahoo news, Michelle Fadel said: "There's a good chance, unless the Lord changes his mind, that I won't make it through Christmas and I love Christmas." The 56 year old was put on hospice care after her cancer spread to her bones, lungs and brain. But instead of complaining, Fadel decided it was time to get into the holiday spirit early by displaying her wreath, reindeer, lights and nativity set. Word spread on Fadel's block and neighbors began hanging their own decorations. About 12 houses are decorated for Christmas on her block. Fadel's husband Daniel is collecting everyone's present wishlist and will soon put up a Christmas tree so the couple, their three children and six grandchildren can celebrate the holiday.

Jonathan Quiñonez has found a fun to keeping in contact with his mother while he toured the world. He created a photo series to let her know that he was doing just fine. Jonathan has gone scuba diving in Panama, hiking in Machu Picchu, sky diving in Mexico, and surfing in Brazil. Along the way, he posted pictures on his blog letting his mom know that he's okay. But Jonathan's 62-year-old mother isn’t the only one who fell in love with the photos – Jonathan now has 178,000 Instagram followers keeping up with his adventures.

Australia's new five dollar bill is so high-tech vending machines can't handle it, but it can play a record. In a video posted by the National Film and Sound Archive, officials played a record of "Brit's Blues" using the new plastic note rather than a record player stylus. They noted that it also has special tactile features to make it accessible to the Blind community. But it still can't help you if you just want to buy a coke.

A Florida homeowner is taking landscaping to a whole new level. According to NPR, Chris Castro's obsession is turning the perfectly manicured lawns in his Orlando neighborhood into mini-farms. He's asking Floridians to hand over a good chunk of their precious yards to volunteers who plant gardens full of produce and then sell it at a local farmers market. His program is called Fleet Farming, and it's starting off small, with 10 of these yard farms. However, there are already 300 yards on the waiting list.

You’ve probably never met anyone with the hottest names of 2016; you might never have even heard of most of them. But predicts that’s going to change, and fast. Today found 16 names on the list of most popular names that are wildly unusual. They include Koa, up in popularity by 357 percent over last year. Also on the list are Wells, Saskia, Theodosia, and Neo.

A high school volleyball player is being praised for an unforgettable performance, but it's not her athletic skills that have everyone talking — it's her voice. According to, When a technical problem delayed the playing of the national anthem before a recent match at Holmes High School in San Antonio, Texas, one player jumped to action and offered to sing instead. Marina Garcia's rendition of the song, captured on video by one of the coaches, has since gone viral. Check out her impromptu performance by clicking on the link at

Hillary Scott says she found the perfect way to get ready to attend her first Dove Awards. She posted a picture getting her hair styled while holding her young daughter in her lap. Hillary posted: I love being her Mama!!!

Are you interested in diving deeper in to the idea of "The Very Next Thing"? Casting Crowns is offering a monthly email centered around specific ways you can do the very next thing. If you want to be a part and are ready to take the next step in God's calling, join today. Sign up by clicking on the link at

Jeremy from Big Daddy Weave was back stage at the Dove awards this week with his wife Anna. The two talked about chaotic lives as they combine Jeremy's touring and Anna's job as a costume designer for movies like war room while still also parenting their two children. They said it's all about finding their own normal, even if it's not normal for everyone else.

Zach Williams and his family were gearing up for fall this week. He posted: the Pumpkin painting party has begun. Zach shared a picture of his family each working on their own uniquely colored pumpkin.

Zach William isn't the only artist in the family He recently posted a picture of his daughter playing her bright pink Gibson guitar. Zach said: She's a natural! Daddy's little rocker.

Jason Gray was helping Ann Voskamp promote her new book this week. Jason was part of an event celebrating the release on Ann's new book, "The Broken Way". Jason posted: I got to sing some songs in between her doing readings for a group of her family and friends gathered in a big barn. The two also recorded a special program during the celebration.

The fund me campaign for SonicFlood front man Rick Heil is off to a good start. Officials posted one week into the $25,000 campaign: we are now over 30% of our goal. Rick and CeCe are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. Rick has several upcoming doctor appointments, and we are praying for miracles! Crohn's Disease has left Rick with only 3ft of intestines, which means he is no longer able to absorb the nutrients he needs to function. Band members say traditional medicine is no longer working so they are attempting to raise $25,000 to fund 2 experimental medical procedures that might be the miracle he needs.

Public voting for the American Music Awards is now open. Hillsong United, Lauren Daigle, and Chris Tomlin are all up for the one Christian music award. You can vote once each day free your favorite artist. Click on the link at

Christy Nockels is finally able to enjoy her families grand piano again. The worship leader said that, after 3 years in storage, the family piano made it home. She said: Things are just things...but instruments...instruments are heirlooms that can tell a story of how we communicated with our Creator and about Him to the world around us.

7eventh Time Down was on the red carpet at the dove awards. They talk about their first dove award nomination and the changes in their lives in 2016. Check out the interview by clicking on the link at

Ryan Stevenson was live on WGN this week introducing some of his songs. Check out his performance online. Click on the link at

Hillary Scott was on the red carpet at the Dove Awards. She talked about her album and her families surprise at the overwhelming response. Watch the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Tobymac was on the red carpet at the Dove Awards. Tobymac talked about his latest album and the reunion cruise with DC Talk. Watch the entire interview by clicking on the link at

Another music video is now available from Paul Baloche. The long time worship leader this week released the music video for Songs of the People. It's taken from Psalm 117, which says "O praise the LORD, all nations: praise him, all people". Check out the latest from Paul Baloche by clicking on the link at

7eventh time down just released a new lyric video for their song Lean On. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The Afters are out with an exclusive acoustic performance of their new song Battles. Check out the live video by clicking on the link at

A new version of the Jamie Grace show is now available. It's titled Whoopi Goldberg gave me her shoes. Watch the show by clicking on the link at

Britt Nicole was in New York City this week in support of her new, self titled album. The 14 song project released earlier this month. This week Britt made stops at Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, and Good Day New York to talk about her latest release.

Paul baloche says it's not too early to start planning for Christmas worship. He posted a video to help worship teams in the local church put together plans for worship during December. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Britt Nicole this week released a live video featuring her song Be The Change. Check out the acoustic version of the song by clicking on the link at

In anticipation of the 2016 Christmas Tour kickoff, a humorous outtake reel from promotional footage with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith, joined by Jordan Smith, winner of NBC's The Voice, has been unveiled. The video contains outtakes from their attempts to record market specific liners for their tour. The 2016 Christmas Tour will begin on November 11 in Los Angeles, traveling to nearly 20 different major markets across the U.S. A portion of proceeds from the tour will help benefit Operation Christmas Child. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

What do you do when you've been at the DMV for 5 hours and counting. If you are Meredith Andrews, you start trying out faces for your license picture. And pray you actually get out of this place today with a valid one. Check out her options by clicking on the link at

For King and Country will be traveling across the country Friday, playing live shows in select movie theaters. They announced this week that they will play a few songs before the film rolls in Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Tampa, and Memphis. Get your tickets by clicking on the link at

It's been a good week for Lauren Daigle but she is probably short on sleep. She collected three Dove awards Tuesday night, including the top award for Artist of the year. At one am Wednesday morning Lauren left on her first headline tour, heading out for her first stop in Mississippi.

The new Needtobreathe tour is premiering on Billboard. Right now you can access a peek behind the curtain of the Tour de Compadres by clicking on the link at

Phil Wickham was especially excited about their concert venue this week. They were playing in a 200-year old church and he said the Reverb went on for days. Phil added: this is going to be good.

Focus President Jim Daly is using the Presidential debate to address the larger issue of sexual sin after watching the recent Presidential debate. He posted: On one side of the hall stood the Republican nominee attempting to dismiss his recorded claims of sexual assault on a woman as mere “locker room talk.” On the other side of the debate stage stood the Democratic nominee. Over the course of the evening, she refused to defend or address her years of deliberately discrediting and dismissing women who have accused her own husband of sexually abusing them. Read Daly's thoughts on the issue by clicking on the link at

Joni and Friends is in Cuba this week. The ministry founded by Joni Tada started their outreach in Cuba on Thursday. They ask for your prayers for their team and for the people receiving the chairs.

5 Fun Ways To Build Your Child’s Brain from Family Talk
1. Take Time Each Day to Be a Kid Again
2. Tell Family Stories
3. Give Your Child the Gift of Boredom
4. Ask Yourself One Question “How can I respond in an emotionally safe way so my child knows he is loved?”
5. Prioritize Eye Contact over iContact

Tim Tebow’s first game for the Scottsdale Scorpions in the Arizona Fall League this week was one to remember, but not for reasons most would expect. According to ABC News, His less than spectacular performance on the field ended in what some are calling a miraculous moment. As Tebow stayed to do post-game interviews and sign autographs for fans, he was made aware of a man who had fallen sick in the stands. According to a local ABC affiliate, the former NFL star turned baseball minor leaguer ran to the side of Berry, reached down, and placed a hand on the sick man as he bowed his head to say a prayer. Witnesses say seconds after he was touched by Tebow, the man jolted up and gasped for air, coughing loudly. Tebow stayed with him until the EMTs were able to administer care.

Before Chip and Joanna Gaines hit it big on Fixer Upper, the couple scraped by as small business owners. In an interview with People Magazine, Joanna said “I remember when we first got married the only money we had was what was in Chip’s pocket,” “He always had a wad of cash, but we were broke. If I needed to go grocery shopping it’s whatever was in his pocket. That’s how we paid the bills.” The couple is now at the helm of a home improvement empire that includes a hit HGTV show, quarterly magazine and their new book The Magnolia Story comes out Oct. 18.

New rules in China mean that parents who encourage or force their children into religious activities will be reported to the police. The new rules were unveiled on Wednesday and will go into effect on November 1. The official Xinjiang Daily said parents or guardians cannot "organise, lure or force minors into attending religious activities". Neither should they promote extremist beliefs in children, nor force them to dress in extremist clothing or other symbols, echoing the tone of previous rules against beards for men or head coverings for women. The rules say: "Any group or person has the right to stop these kinds of behaviors and report them to the public security authorities."

Twenty-one of the schoolgirls kidnapped in 2014 by Boko Haram in Chibok, Nigeria, have been freed. According to BBC, Officials said the release was "the outcome of negotiations between the administration and Islamist militants". A security official told the BBC several militants were freed in a swap - but the government later denied this. Boko Haram seized more than 270 girls from a school in Chibok, north-east Nigeria, triggering global outcry. The girls, who are due to arrive in Abuja, will be examined by a team of doctors and psychologists. Officials said the government was confident that this "credible first step" would lead to the eventual release of the remaining girls.

For most pizza lovers, a Domino’s order is only a phone call and a short wait away. But for those unlucky folks living along rivers out in the country, delivery has never been an option — that is, until delivery by canoe was announced. The new waterway service — which is currently only available along the River Loose in Maidstone, Kent, in England — offers Domino’s customers the opportunity to have their food delivered riverside by a pizza “buoy” wearing a full wetsuit.

A drone and social media played a role in one North Carolina man's rescue from his flooded home during Hurricane Matthew. According to ABC News, Chris Williams stayed in his home in Cumberland County, North Carolina, as the storm approached over the weekend. Late Saturday night the floodwaters inundated Chris Williams' home, with enough force to break down the front door. When he found that 911 and emergency services in the area were down Chris Williams went to the top room in his house reached out to his brother on Facebook, asking him if he could help. Together they were able to contact a man taking drone pictures in the area who then flagged down a FEMA rescue boat and sent them to rescue Chris from his home.

Popular fast food chain Chick-Fil-A has been ranked as the most police chain in the restaurant business. According to QSR Magazine’s annual drive-thru report, Chick-fil-A employees were most likely say “please” and “thank you,” as well as smile at customers they serve in the drive-thru. Employees at Chick-fil-A are also the second-most likely to have a “pleasant demeanor.” They were beat out only by emerging casual chicken chain PDQ — the brainchild of Tim Tebow and his brother, Robby. PDQ stands for “People Dedicated to Quality.” The Tebow brothers started the chain in 2013.

A third-grade teacher from Washington state squashed the competition this week with her 1,910-pound pumpkin named "Orange Crush." Cindy Tobeck won the annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off top prize of $6 per pound for a total of $11,460. The elementary school teacher owns a six-acre property and 7,000 square feet is dedicated to giant pumpkins.

A Syrian refugee in Germany has helped to apprehend a fellow refugee who reportedly was planning a bomb attack. According to, 22-year-old Jaber al-Bakr was plotting a bomb attack when he asked another refugee to help him. Instead of aiding al-Bakr, however, the other refugee tied him up and reported him to the police who arrested him. Al-Bakr reportedly had a “virtual bomb-making lab” in the town of Chemnitz which police raided. Police believe al-Bakr was planning to target an airport in Berlin.

He may be close to 100, but that doesn’t stop Bill Wheeler from being an active member of society. According to ABC News, Wheeler has been using his tractors to grind up debris in his neighbors’ yards left over from Hurricane Matthew. The 98-year-old said he is giving back after they helped him.

Most people who register with DNA databases are looking for information about their ethnic origins or exploring distant branches of the family tree. But according to the Washington Post, the rapidly expanding databases have also had an unintended consequence: They are helping people find biological parents whose identities had long been mysteries. The implications are wide-reaching. For adoptees, birthparents, children of single mothers with unknown fathers, and fathers unaware that they had a child, the answers to lifelong questions or the revelations of closely guarded secrets may now pop up in inboxes without warning. The technology can raise privacy concerns and lead to emotional complications. One site alone, AncestryDNA, has a database that includes around 2 million people from 30 countries, including thousands seeking birthparents.

Michael Tait, Tobymac and Kevin Max didn't wait until their cruise next summer for their DC Talk reunion. The three were on stage together this week at the Dove awards, performing the song "Love Feels Like". Get a taste of their song by clicking on the link at

It was a special weekend for Josh Wilson. He posted: thankful to spend time with my family this week. Josh shared a picture of four generations of Wilson's, from his young child to his grandfather

For King and Country posted this week: Seems like a good time to talk about love, chivalry and relationships The YouVersion app just released a five day video study with For King and Country sharing about what it means to love well! Click the bio link to begin.

Award-winning singer Natalie Grant talked this week about her new book called Finding Your Voice. According to the Christian Post, Grant revealed in the interview that it was not until she lost her singing ability that she was able to see beyond the shallow desires of life and truly find her real voice. According to Grant, Finding Your Voice is meant to help others "find their God-given voice" in this world filled with noise and compromise. The singer says she never anticipated to write a book until Zondervan approached her with the idea, and although Grant originally declined the offer, after a few days God began to give her an idea for something He wanted her to write about, leading to Finding Your Voice.

Casting Crowns front man Mark Hall was showing off his pocket knife collection this week. It includes commemorative knives from the Zorro, Dale Evans, and Lone Ranger television programs. \

Sonicflood is asking you to help their lead singer, Rick Heil. Crohn's Disease has left Rick with only 3ft of intestines, which means he is no longer able to absorb the nutrients he needs to function. Without a miracle, his body will literally and slowly starve. Band members say traditional medicine is no longer working so they are attempting to raise $25,000 to fund 2 experimental medical procedures that might be the miracle he needs. In just four days the Go Fund Me campaign raised nearly $8,000.

Ryan Stevenson is part of many important concerts. However, this weekend he attended an even more important event. He posted: my little Joey turned four this weekend: glad I got to come home and join the superhero party.

The nominees for the 2016 American Music Awards have been announced. In the Favorite Artist Contemporary Inspirational category nominees include Lauren Daigle, Hillsong United, and Chris Tomlin. The AMAs will be broadcast live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 20, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Matthew West says getting lost in a corn maze isn't something he fears. He posted a picture of his wife in Instagram and added: I'll get lost in a corn maze any day long as it's with her!

Chris and Jodi were celebrating Thanksgiving this week. The Canadian duo that makes up Love and the Outcome posted pictures from the park as they enjoyed the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday.

A first for Brandon Heath. He got to change in the Debby Reynolds dressing room during a tour stop in El Paso, Texas. Included was a day bed, another first for Brandon, and a bright pink dressing area.

Tenth Avenue North celebrated a brand new west site this week. They posted a link to their newly designed page in preparation for their new album, titled Followers.

American Prodigal, the second solo album from Crowder opened at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Christian Albums chart with 20,000 copies sold in its first week, according to Nielsen Music. The number 1 is the second for Crowder. His first solo LP, Neon Steeple, arrived at No. 1 on June 14, 2014. Crowder told Billboard: "Having [my] first two solo albums debut at No. 1 is affirming." "It's special to see a thing you have given so much of yourself to connecting with folks.

Hillsong United was on the red carpet at this years Dove awards. They talked about their reason for making music and their down to earth view point. Check out the entire interview by clicking on the link at

7eventh Time Down was on the red carpet at the dove awards. They talk about their first dove award nomination and the changes in their lives in 2016. Check out the interview by clicking on the link at

Jordan Feliz was on the red carpet at the dove awards. He talked about his overwhelming year and his first headlining tour in 2017. Check out the interview by clicking on the link at

Matthew West was on the red carpet at the dove awards. He talked about being on stage at the Doves for the very first time. Matthew also talked about his upcoming book, Hello My Name Is. Check out the interview by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant was on the red carpet talking with her husband Bernie Herms. Natalie talked about 2016 and her focus on family this year. Check out the interview by clicking on the link at

Matt Maher was on the red carpet and talked about touring with Casting Crowns and his new Christmas song. Matt also announced plans for a new album in 2017. Find out more by clicking on the link at

Ryan Stevenson was on the red carpet this week for the Dove Awards. He spent a few minutes talking about the success of his song Eye of the Storm and the impact the song is having on lives around the world.

Britt Nicole was hanging out facebook doing a LIVE Q & A this week. She was in New York promoting the release of her new, self titled album this week and took to facebook to answer your questions. Check it out by clicking on the link at

Natalie Grant has released a band new lyric video for my song King of the World. She calls it a timely reminder. He's the King who was, the King who IS, the King who always will be. God is in Control. Check out the lyric video by clicking on the link at

Tenth Avenue North celebrated Tenth On The Tenth this week by releasing a new lyric video. This time, the focus is on their song "Control". Check out the lyric video by clicking on the link at

Selah this week gave a behind the scenes look at the recording of the video for their song People of the Cross. The trio broadcast the recording live on facebook. The song is inspired by the 21 Egyptian believers martyred by ISIS. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Britt Nicole was live on the Billboard facebook page this week introducing songs from her upcoming self titled album. Check out the broadcast by clicking on the link at

Jamie Grace was live on facebook teaching you how to make a Taco Kale Salad. Check out her own unique recipe by clicking on the link at

You've seen the official lyric video for Unspoken's song The Cure. Now you can watch the message behind the song. Click on the link at

The movie Priceless will release on Friday. Earlier this week Joel and Luke released the For King and Country official live music video for Priceless. Check out the video before the watching the movie. Click on the link at

Tim Hawkins recently spoke at the Liberty University Convocation. Now you can watch he and Bob Smiley on stage. Click on the link at

Tim Hawkins is out with his response to the current election season. He recently released a music video titled Jimmy Buffett for President.

Christmas may be several months away the signs of winter are already in the air. Winter Jam tour kicks off October 24th. This falls tour will feature Matthew West, Crowder, Britt Nicole, Mandisa and more.

Ministry is always exciting as you see how God is working to provide, change, and lead. However it can also be a real drain on your relationship with your spouse with long hours, extra meetings, counseling, and being on call 24/7 for your congregation. That's why FamilyLife is offering a registration scholarship for all senior pastor couples or full-time associate pastor couples.

Greg Laurie was showing off his new ride this week. He posted a picture as he posed next to a monster truck named Crusader. However, Greg admitted: Actually a Monster Truck show was happening the same day we had our launch for Harvest America

Do you know the Bible well enough to spot an erroneous quote? Insight for Living is ready to test your knowledge. Try to separate the wheat from the tares in their latest Bible quiz focusing on five areas of ordinary life.

11 Rules on Marriage You Won’t Learn in School from Dennis Rainey
Rule 1: Marriage isn’t about your happiness.
Rule 2: Getting married gives a man a chance to step up and finish growing up.
Rule 3: You will make rookie mistakes in your first year of marriage; the key is that you don’t continue making those same mistakes.
Rule 4: It takes a real man to be satisfied with and love one woman for a lifetime.
Rule 5: Love isn’t a feeling.
Rule 6: Online relationships are shallow and illegitimate substitutes for the real thing.
Rule 7: Women spell romance R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P. Men spell romance S-E-X.
Rule 8: During courtship, opposites attract. After marriage, opposites can repel each another.
Rule 9: Pornography robs men of a real relationship with a real person and it poisons real masculinity.
Rule 10: As a home is built, it will reflect the builder.
Rule 11: How you will be remembered has less to do with how much money you make or how much you accomplish and more with how you have loved and lived.

Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish Calendar, began last night – Tuesday 11 October – at sunset. Ten days after Rosh Hashanah, the start of the Jewish New Year, it's a major holiday for members of the faith. This week Christain Today released a list of everything you need to know about Yom Kippur.
1. Yom Kippur means 'Day of Atonement', and is a one day celebration that ends this evening.
2. It always takes place on the 10th day of the seventh month of the Jewish calendar – the month of Tishri.
3. It marks the end of the Days of Awe; a period of repentance, reflection, and looking to the year ahead.
4. Jews put a special focus on forgiveness during Yom Kippur.
5. Yom Kippur commemorates God's covenant with the Jewish people.
6. The Day of Atonement was established during the time of Moses and is described in the Bible, in Leviticus 16.
7. Christians believe that the ceremony of sacrifice God prescribes for this day directly foreshadows the coming of Christ, and his sacrifice for our sins.
8. In Leviticus 16:34, the Lord tells Moses: "This is to be a lasting ordinance for you: atonement is to be made once a year for all the sins of the Israelites," and in chapter 23 v 28, he declares that it is to be a day of rest.
9. Jewish people often fast during Yom Kippur, and eat a large meal with family before and afterwards.
10. The wearing of white clothes is traditional, to symbolize purity.

Pakistani Christian mother Asia Bibi, who has been facing the death sentence for six years for charges of blasphemy, has finally been granted her final appeal. According to, While all of Bibi's lower court appeals failed in the past, Pakistan's supreme court temporarily suspended her execution in July 2015. Now, the high court is set to hear the Christian woman's case on Oct. 13. If Bibi's final appeal fails, she would become the first woman who will be executed under Pakistan's oft-criticized blasphemy laws.

A 13-year-old who was diagnosed with a rare case of ovarian cancer at age 10 used her wish granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to hold a canned food drive that collected more than 13,000 pounds of food for the needy. According to, Emma Allred, of Twin Falls, Idaho, said she turned to prayer when she found out in June that she would have the opportunity through Make-A-Wish to pick anything in the world she wanted. Her siblings wanted her to choose a shopping spree or something related to video games, but Emma sought answers elsewhere. She told ABC News “I was unsure what I wanted to do, so I prayed and asked the Lord and he told me to feed the homeless.”

White Christian crosses were found spray-painted on a mosque in Jakarta over the weekend, as ethnic tensions rise ahead of next year's election for governor of the city. According to, Indonesian police today urged Muslims to stay calm and not be "provoked" by the vandalism. The incident risks fueling already simmering tension ahead of February's election, which pits a Christian and ethnic Chinese incumbent against two Muslim candidates in a nation where about 90 per cent of the 250-million population follows Islam.

The French government announced in September that it plans to ban pro-life websites found guilty of “deliberately deceiving” women with the appearance of neutrality." According to Christian Headlines, Under an amendment to a current “Equality and Citizenship” law, owners of pro-life sites could face a 30,000 euro fine and two years in prison. One of the most popular targeted sites is According to a spokeswoman, the site provides, among other things, help for “women who suffer from an abortion who finally find a place here to express their pain, ideologically denied in our country.”

Another church in Iraq was blown up by Islamic State militants on Sunday. According to Christianity Today, ISIS jihadis detonated a number of explosive devices inside the church on Sunday afternoon. The Barbara Fouq Attal Church in Karemlis, near Mosul, was "destroyed completely". Karemlis is an Assyrian Christian-majority town on the Nineveh Plain. Its Christian population fled when ISIS overran the region in 2014, leaving churches and other religious buildings empty. The terrorist group has destroyed dozens of Assyrian churches and archeological sites in Nineveh in a bid to eliminate the historical identity of the area.

Franklin Graham will finish his 50-state Decision America Tour this week. The son of Billy Graham will be in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina this week, completing Graham's goal of holding a prayer rally with the people of each state. The purpose of the events was to encourage Christians to stand up for their beliefs—specifically when it comes to the 2016 political races.

Latest Religious Freedom Report shows there are still no Churches in Afghanistan. According to a Christian Today report, Non-Muslims in Afghanistan continue to suffer violence and harassment and there are still no public places of Christian worship. A few places of worship for Sikhs, Hindus, and Jews remain but the last public Christian church in Afghanistan was destroyed in March 2010. Conversion from Islam to another religion is apostasy punishable by death for men and life imprisonment for women.

Hurricane Matthew gave beach goers an unexpected surprise this weekend, as the storm generated powerful currents that unearthed a pile of cannonballs near Charleston, South Carolina that are thought to date to the Civil War era. According to ABC News, The Charleston County Sheriff's office was called to investigate, and brought in its bomb technicians along with specialists from the U.S. Air Force. The technicians decided to transport some of the cannonballs to a nearby Navy base to be destroyed, but police had to shut down a section of the beach as some of the 150-year-old explosives were detonated in place where they were found.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew's path through Florida, it may have been the oddest call to 911 operators: a bald eagle had gotten stuck in the grille of a car. According to CNN, a driver in the area near Jacksonville made the unique emergency call. Officials said the mature male bird was pulled out and turned over to the Bird Emergency Aid Sanctuary.

Whether it's Snapchat or iMessage, doodling is one of the more creative ways to enhance the photos you share in messaging apps. But no matter how big our phone screens get, drawing with your finger can be clumsy and awkward for anything more than a simple smiley face. Now a company named Adonit thinks it has a solution. It's new Bluetooth stylus that was created with Snapchat and other messaging apps in mind. Called "Snap," the stylus has a 1.9mm tip that is among the smallest currently available.

A 12-year-old in Spain reportedly made an expensive mistake, racking up a $112,000 bill when he apparently confused Google's AdWords and AdSense platforms while trying to promote his band. José Javier, who is a trumpet player in a band called Los Salerosos, was hit with a 100,000 Euro bill from Google after he signed up for AdWords instead of AdSense. Javier apparently signed up for AdWords, thinking he would make money when people clicked on his advertisement. However, the service actually charges the account holder every time someone clicks on their advertisement.

Many Americans started their weekend a little early Friday with a cup of coffee and a police officer - but it was a good thing. According to CBN, Police departments across the country celebrated "Coffee with a Cop" day late last week. The meet-and-greet was first introduced in March of 2011 in Hawthorne California and has now spread around the country and is recognized by nearly every law enforcement agency in the U.S. The police are hoping that the gesture of communicating on a personal level with their community will alleviate fear and anxiety that others may have about officers, while helping police better understand their community.

Aiden Heath's collecting of pennies paid off this as he came face-to-snout finally with his very own service dog, Angel. According to, Soon after the 8 year old Vermont boy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four years ago, he learned about canines trained to help monitor glucose levels in people. Each service dog costs $15,000 so he started to save, one penny at a time. He kept it up for little more than four years, even nicknaming the little red wagon that toted his coins around "Brinks." In April, when Aiden was about $9,000 from his goal, news coverage of his effort helped bring in donations from across the U.S. Almost overnight, Aiden raised more than $20,000 and this week his new dog was delivered.

Ronald McDonald, the iconic clown mascot of McDonald’s, is laying low until the clown craze in the country dies down. According to Time, the fast-food giant announced earlier this week Americans will see less of the recognizable red-haired jester in the yellow suit as a result of the “current climate around clown sightings in communities.” Sightings of creepy clowns have been on the rise and have spread to more than two dozen states since late August when reports surfaced that clowns were trying to lure children into the woods in South Carolina. Police in other countries like England and Canada have also had to investigate multiple reports of scary clown sightings.

Even before hurricane Matthew pounded Haiti, Citizenway's Ben Calhoun was making plans to lead a group of the band's fans to work in the country. Now he is inviting you to join him in traveling to Haiti in 2017 to help the residents of the country suffering through another major hurricane. Ben will be part of a Mission Adventure trip to Haiti April 3 through 7 of next year.

Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips is taking a break. He posted: after killa shows in Chicago and Detroit I'm gunna head to the beach for a couple of days! It's all last minute, but what's another plane flight between friends!

Bear Rinehart was on Fox Sport's College Countdown prior to this weekends college football games. The NeedToBreathe member talked with Cory McCartney about the band's new album, Hard Love and their current tour. Bear also made his picks for this past weekend's six ACC games. You can check out the 10 minute broadcast and see how well Bear did in his weekend picks. Check out the link at

The first movie from Joel and Luke Smallbone will release this Friday. The movie by the members of For King and Country was produced by the two brothers along with several other members of their family. It's titled Priceless, also the name of a recent Novel and the bands latest song. Leading up to the Movie's release, Joel and Luke sat down to talk with The Tennessean about the movie, it's back story, and how two popular musicians got into the movie business. Read their story by clicking on the link at

Amy Perry is surrounded by football fans. The member of Selah posted a picture of fellow members Allen Hall and Todd Smith huddled around Todd's phone and added: You know your boys love football when Todd begins prayer, "God, thank You that Michigan's winning and we're sorry for UT.." Amy added: This is my backstage life tonight. Football, I don't care.

There are a lot of new things in Jenny Simmon's life this month. The former lead singer for the band Addison Road last week released her second book. Over the weekend she gave birth to a baby girl. Jenny posted a picture of her first child holding her brand new baby sister and added: Welcome to the world, Lucy Mae! We're in love with you already!

The new Hillsong United movie is now available in Australia. The movie about the Australian worship band and the church they founded was released in America about a month ago. This week Hillsong said the movie had now also released in the band's home country.

Francesca Battistelli is celebrating a new taste treat. She posted: For years I assumed avocado toast would be redundant. Just eat them separately, I thought. It can't be THAT delicious, I thought. Oh how very wrong I was.

Jamie Grace was reliving her high school years over the weekend. She posted: you know those friends in high school who bought matching clothes? We may be in our 20s, but a reunion calls for twin sweats. Also calls for jumping on the bed like we're kids again.

A sad day for Citizenway's David Blascoe. He posted: This morning a little part of me died. Pepper, his cat of 9 years, died on Saturday

17 years ago Jaun Devevo was at a Friday night bible study looking for a girlfriend. The Casting Crowns guitarist posted a picture this weekend of he and his wife Melodee as the sat sided by side, both on their own cell phones. Jaun said: I found somebody I can introvert with...for 17 years

The guys from NeedtoBreathe were showing off their Taxidermy t-shirt over the weekend. They say it's perfect for fall. However, apple picking, corn mazes, and bonfires are not included.

The web site Free CCM is giving away music from Hawk Nelson this week. They are offering a free download of the Hawk Nelson song “Sold Out” from the album Diamonds. Access the free song by clicking on the link at

The band 7eventh Time Down is back in the studio this week working on some special songs. The band posted that they were working on Christmas tunes over the weekend.

Matt Redman will release his first Christmas album this month. The long time worship leader says his latest CD, These Christmas Lights, will officially be available on October 21. However, Matt says that those of you who likes to plan ahead can pre-order the new album right now. In These Christmas Lights Redman shares his interpretation of well known holiday favorites while also creating new, originals including “His Name Shall Be,” “Help from Heaven,” the title track and more.

The Irish worship band Rend Collective released Campfire II late last week. Just before it's release, members of the band posted: As Campfire II goes live around the world we wanted to leave you with this thought: the fireside (like the church!) is for everyone. It's for the broken, the outsider, the hungry, the poor, the abandoned. For every wanderer still looking for a place to belong, these songs are for you.

New music is now available from the band Unspoken. They released the lyric video for the song The Cure over the weekend. You can check out the video by clicking on the link at

A new vlog is now available from Hawk Nelson's Jon Steingard. The lead singer of the band gave a tour of their bus and also a brief overview of setup for the tour. Hear about Jon's asbestos mouth and watch more drone footage. Click on the link at

In less than one week For King and Country will release their new movie Priceless. Over the weekend the makers of the movie released a brand new movie trailer, featuring lead actress Blanca Santos, along with a brand new version of the For King and Country song Priceless. Check out the trailer by clicking on the link at

Another tour blog is now available from Jeremy Camp. After nearly a year off, Jeremy has released two blogs this month. Check out the second week of the I Will Follow Tour. Click on the link at

A lyric video for the Crowder song "Forgiven" is now available. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Tour life is changing for Love and the Outcome. Jodi posted a picture of she and her young son, Milo, sitting on the floor of their tour bus. She said: It's 7:30 am and everyone else is sleeping, but Milo's ready for the day.

Being on tour doesn't mean that life stops at home. Aaron Shust posted: being on the road means you miss some family moments every once in a while. But I love knowing that Sarah takes my boys on adventures that they'll remember forever. He shared a picture of his three sons riding horses

Chris and Jodi made the most of their tour stop in New York City. The husband and wife duo that makes up Love and the Outcome took time for a 4 hour date prior to their show.

Do you know yet where you will ring in the New Year? The Newsboys do. They announced over the weekend that they will be part of Liberty University’s 2016 WINTERFEST! Band members posted: We’ll be ringing in the New Year along with for King & Country, Andy Mineo, RED and more!

Moriah Peters was on the runway this weekend. She was in New York modeling a wedding gown for Israeli designer Chana Marelus.

Max Lucado is hoping for an early Christmas. The author, pastor and speaker says: I don't usually favor rushing the holiday season, but I'm feeling ready for some Christmas spirit. There is an edginess out there. A trepidation. A fear. Society seems like straw near a burning match. Combustible. In response, Lucado posted in a recent blog: Maybe we need an early Christmas.

Here are the top ideas from Revive Our Heart's Fifty ways to champion others for their encouragement and for the glory of God:
1. Write thoughtful, encouraging, celebratory notes to your friends or siblings
2. Show up with your friend’s favorite muffin and latte
3. Make sparkly posters, and cheer your friends and siblings on at their events
4. Tell your parents thank you
5. Whenever you see someone deserving of a genuine compliment, give it without expectation of anything in return.
See the rest of the ideas by clicking on the link at

7 ways to make your prayer life more consistent and substantial:
1. Start early.
2. Pray out loud.
3. Remember that posture matters.
4. Follow the ACTS form: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication
5. Use Timers.
6. Plan for it.
7. Scripture provides direction.

Last week was the final chance Chinese Christians had to tell their government what they think of its latest religion law; and they have an awful lot to comment on. According to, China released a draft of new religious restrictions in September, including the prohibition of online religious services, running religious events in schools, and organizing people to leave the country to attend religious training or conferences. The State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA) then opened up a one-month window for responses to the 26 new rules in its Regulations on Religious Affairs. The final day for public response was Friday, October 7.

Christians across Uzbekistan are being imprisoned for owning Bibles. A CBN report says the predominately Muslim country has one of the harshest dictatorships in Central Asia. According to Christianity Today, a Christian named Stanislav Kim is currently under house arrest for having religious literature at home. Government officials regularly raid the homes of Christians to find books that have not been approved by the state-backed Muslim Board. Officials say the crackdown on Bibles has made it difficult for many Christians to spread the gospel.

Chris Tomlin, Third Day, Toby Mac and other pop Christian artists have been banned on public school buses in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. According to a recent report by Fox News's Todd Starnes, The school district recently told a bus driver to stop playing a Christian radio station while driving children to school. The CBN report says the complaint was filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin-based group.

A Massachusetts man achieved a goal 26 years in the making. According to ABC News, Steve Connolly’s pumpkin broke the 2,000-pound mark, making it the largest pumpkin grown in North America this year. The pumpkin weighed in at 2,075.5 pounds at the Topsfield Fair in Topsfield, Massachusetts. The nearly 5-foot tall and 6-foot wide pumpkin set a Massachusetts state record. The 61 year old Connolly works as an engineer. He began growing giant pumpkins 26 years ago. The first pumpkin he ever entered in a competition weighed 623 pounds and he has been refining his method ever since.

You're already behind the curve if you don't start thinking about Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving. According to a new report by, 34 million people have already started their Christmas shopping and one million claim they've already finished it. The report in CBN says that, if that statistic makes you feel a little bit like Scrooge, you're not alone -- 73 percent of Americans are annoyed by the early holiday shopping season. Retailers say the have to start their holiday sales earlier to meet the demands of their customers.

Fans of the HGTV show Fixer Upper can now experience Chip and Joanna Gaines in another form of media: a print magazine. According to, the home improvement gurus have launched a new quarterly lifestyle publication called The Magnolia Journal, and the first issue will hit newsstands October 11. The duo graces the Fall 2016 cover, posing in a rustic barn. Behind them sits a fully set Thanksgiving table, beautifully capturing the issue’s theme, “Hospitality.”

Lylah MacCall has her sights on becoming an American Ninja Warrior someday. But first, the 5-year-old will have to make it through kindergarten. According to, the Colorado youngster can already be seen impressively breezing through a pint-size obstacle course assembled by her father, Gavin MacCall. The obstacle course is a progression from the one MacCall set up last year inside his home. In his posting of the video showing his new and improved course, MacCall writes that Lylah’s daily excursions to neighborhood playgrounds helped build up her strength. The video has since caught the attention of Matt Iseman, host of the real-life "American Ninja Warrior" program.

While millions are being told to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Matthew, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s hurricane hunters flew directly into the monster storm. According to Time, In a video posted Friday morning, Captain Tim Gallagher and his crew are shown flying through rough turbulence into the eye of the now-Category 3 storm. When they reach the eye, visibility increases and the plane stops shaking so violently. Matthew is the strongest tropical storm to hit the east coast of Florida since Hurricane Andrew struck in 1992.

Rend Collective released the new album, Campfire 2, this week. Leading up to the release they played around with a few alternate album titles. Some of their suggestions included: "Campfire 2: Revenge of the Banjo" or "Rend v Mumford: Clash of the pie-pans".

For King and Country's Joel Smallbone was a long way from his Australian roots this week. He shared a picture complete with a gotee and sombraro and posted: When a gringo is celebrating his hispanic's wife's birthday he must look the part...right?

The husband of Casting Crowns' Megan Garrett traveled a long way for some family time this week. Megan posted a picture of the two together and said: This guy flew across the country last night to spend a few days with me and the kids. It's been a long 2 weeks away from him, so I'm holding his hand extra tight today!

Hillary Scott says the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. According to Taste of Country Magazine, during a recent family trip to Disneyland, Hillary's daughter, Eisele Kaye, serenaded disney characters Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. The Scotts were in the meet and greet line for the two characters and, when she reached the front of the line, Eisele sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The name of Casting Crowns' latest album is The Very Next Thing. But what does doing THE VERY NEXT THING look like, practically? Casting Crowns has teamed up with The Overflow Ap for a 7-day devotional series based on 7 songs from our new album. You can participate by clicking on the line at

Well known worship leader Chris Tomlin was ministering to a different audience this week. According to the Tennessean, some fans drifted off, others giggled with glee, and a couple picked their noses during the recent debut of his children's book Good Good Father. Chris told the audience of 50 adults and 30 children: "Don't tell anybody, but I think I've had more fun writing this book than making my music." More than 100,000 fans watched the event live on Facebook, and an additional 120,000 fans have watched video of the event since.

The Jamie Grace Show season 3 is here and it is an interesting show. Just to give you an idea how interesting, it starts off with Jamie announcing that she's engaged. She doesn't know where the wedding is, what her last name is going to be, or really much else about her groom-to-be but she is officially engaged. Watch the entire 30-minute broadcast by clicking on the link

Another video devotional is now available from Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North. The focus is the band's new song I Have This Hope. Mike commented: "He is enthroned in heaven and he chased us all the way down into hell. There is nowhere we can go where He is not." Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Building 429 has released the official lyric video for their song Be With Us Now, Emmanuel. You can watch the lyric video by clicking on the link at

Hawk Nelsons Jon Steingard is out with another vlog. His latest broadcast is titled I Eat Everything. Check it out by clicking on the link at

What does Love Amplified look like. Darren Mulligan of The Messengers is the latest Christian artist to share his thoughts. Check out the video as he shares his opinion by clicking on the link at

Joel and Luke of For King and Country are giving a few, select movie goers the chance to see the movie Priceless in advance. They recorded a Facebook live video earlier this week announcing the limited locations where the movie will be shown on October 13th rather than October 14. See the movie before the rest world, including an exclusive onscreen never-before-seen LIVE show from For King and Country. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

A special night for Casting Crowns Mark Hall this week. He posted a picture as he sang Voice of Truth with his son, JM, playing bass. Mark said it has been such a sweet moment every night.

Audio Adrenaline's Dave Stovall has a unique way of packing for tour. He posted a short video as he simply poured a laundry basket full of clean clothes into his suitcase. Watch the video by clicking on the link at

Ever wonder how to make a prayer notebook? Revive Our Hearts can help. Check out their tutorial by clicking on the link at

David Jeremiah was live on facebook this week to discuss his new book, “Is This the End?” The book by the speaker on the program Turning Point looks at the cultural changes and the moral decay in the world around us and discusses these topics as they deal with biblical application and modern culture. Find out more by watching the live facebook broadcast by clicking on the link at

Greg Laurie is already gearing up for Harvest 2017. A Launch Event was held this week at the University of Phoenix Stadium with hundreds of Pastors and leaders in attendance. Greg posted a video this week showing the site of Harvest America next year. It will take place in June of 2017.

3 Reasons Our Kids Need To Stop Worrying And Start Laughing from Doctor James Dobson's family talk
1. We’re teaching our kids how to manage stress
2. We’re teaching our kids how to relate well
3. We’re teaching our kids what really matters

Bring your Bible to school day was yesterday in most of the United States. However in a few areas bring your Bible to school day has been rescheduled. Officials announced earlier this week that and Alternate bring your Bible to school event date has been scheduled for Hurricane affected States. In those areas it will now be held on October 20th.

Two Christian business owners in the U.S. are faced with imprisonment and fines after refusing to use their artistic talents to create invitations for a same-sex wedding. According to Charisma News, the graphic designers run a stationery company that makes invitations for different events, including weddings. They have been accused of violating laws which require Christians to cater for all customer requests, including those made by same-sex couples. They are facing the threat of a $2,500 fine and possible imprisonment for up to six months for refusing to comply.

A young Pentecostal congregation that launched three years ago in Indiana had their church building constructed in just 24 hours last week as part of the "Church in a Day" project. According to the Christian Post, the pastor at New Life Church in Cumberland said the "walls went up" on Thursday morning and "24 hours later the building was complete with carpet and paint." On Friday the church spent the day "moving into and decorating our new facility." The endeavor involved approximately 350 volunteers connected to the Church in a Day program, a ministry overseen by the United Pentecostal Church International and North American Missions.

Four Coptic Christians, including a child, who were kidnapped on Monday in an Egyptian town, have returned home safely after a ransom was paid. According to, The kidnappers initially demanded a ransom of 500,000 Egyptian dollars. This was eventually negotiated down to 150,000. One of the victims' relatives said the area security deputy chief had advised him to pay the ransom money in order to ensure the safety of the kidnapped Christians.

An independent Baptist missionary, 55-year-old American pastor, Donald Ossewaarde, was found guilty for illegal missionary activity in Russia earlier this year. His charge? According to Relevant Magazine, he was found guilty of conducting a religious service in his private home and inviting people to worship. He and his wife were arrested on August 14 and fined with paying 40,000 rubles, or a little over $600. Ossewaarde's appeal was rejected by the court this week. The "anti-evangelism" law prevents anyone from exercising any missionary activity and requires anyone who wants to share their faith to obtain official documents from a religious institution.

Catholic experts warn new rules governing religion in China could hamper the church's work severely by curbing their foreign contacts and imposing heavy penalties for unauthorized activity. According to the Gospel Herald, officials say that, "Compared with previous drafts, these regulations are more restrictive, since they include references to national security." They say that "They may not make a great difference for China's underground Catholic Church, since it's illegal anyway. But they'll have a great impact on the church's open community, which has to report everything to the government." China's government officials are slated to approve the draft regulations and implement them Oct. 7. The 74-article text, published Sept. 8 by China's State Council for Legislative Affairs, tightens control over foreign clergy and online religious material. It also imposes fines of up to $30,000 for "illegal religious activities," such as unauthorized pilgrimages.

In 2015, more than 7,000 Christians were killed specifically because of their faith. According to Charisma News, On the first Sunday in November, Open Doors USA is urging Christians and churches to remember those killed and pray for those in more than 60 countries around the world still facing persecution because of their faith. Nov. 6 marks the annual International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Individuals and churches can participate in the day by accessing free, downloadable resources or purchasing a resource kit. Resources may be downloaded and hard-copy materials requested by clicking on the link at

It's a given: Babies are expensive. But one new dad’s gripe about being nickel-and-dimed over the cost of bringing a child into the world is prompting a lot of head-scratching from fellow parents. According to, the dad posted: “I had to pay $39.35 to hold my baby after he was born.” The man posted a photo of the family's labor and delivery bill, which included a specific charge for “skin to skin after c-sec.”

A group of Miami police officers gave a 7-year-old boy a morning to remember after “adopting” him for the day so he could go to his school’s yearly “Take Your Dad to School” breakfast. Oscar Portillo usually doesn’t participate since his father was deported from the U.S. three years ago and killed in Honduras. His mother, Lisa Portillo, wanted Oscar to have a chance to experience the breakfast and decided to made a call to the Miami Police Department. Instead of one officer, Oscar got four, who accompanied him to the school breakfast. At the end of the breakfast, all four officers also signed a pledge promising to support Oscar, help him be successful at school and “encourage (him) to do his best every day.

Jaxson the pug is the first pet to ever win the "Hometown Hero Award". According to ABC News, the 11-year-old pug was honored by an entire city in Idaho. The dog has been credited with saving his family from an electrical fire in their home that potentially could have been fatal. The mayor of Meridian presented the pooch with the city's "Hometown Hero Award" earlier this week.

Every year, Black Friday shopping hours seem to creep closer and closer to the time Thanksgiving dinner is still hot on the table. However, according to, this year, the Mall of America is taking a stand against the trend. The country's biggest mall will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, saying the day should be spent with family rather than than in shopping lines or even stampedes. The shopping center will open at 5 a.m. on Black Friday.

Six years ago, Marine Sgt. John Peck had all four of his limbs blown off by an explosion in Afghanistan. According to NPR, thanks to a double arm transplant, he is talking about the miracle of holding his fiancee's hand and feeling the pressure when she squeezes. The 31 year old underwent a 14-hour surgery in August, performed by a team of 60 doctors, nurses and other medical personnel in Boston, the hospital's director of upper extremity transplantation. Doctors say it will be nine to 12 months before the nerves in Peck's new arms are fully functional again. Still, Peck said he can lift his arms and is relearning to brush his teeth, dress and feed himself. Peck says his goal is to achieve the dream he's had since he was a boy: to become a world-class chef.

As promised, Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell donated his first game paycheck to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation as penance for posting a “disturbing and unacceptable” drawing on Instagram in July. According to Yahoo news, Crowell quickly deleted the Instagram photo shortly after posting it on July 6 to protest police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota. Showing remorse for his action, Crowell pledged to donate a paycheck to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation and soon accepted an invitation from the organization’s president to attend the funeral of a slain officer. Crowell donated 35 thousand 300 dollars to the foundation.

Human beings have a maximum lifespan, and it's probably 115 years. According to researchers this week, while life expectancy continues to increase, maximum lifespan has not. And they predict it probably won't. According to NBC News, researchers said "Our data strongly suggest that the duration of life is limited." "Our data seem to say it is really around 115." The team looked at global databases on lifespan and found it peaks at around 100 and then falls back down again. The limit seems to be about 115.

Casting Crowns Megan Garrett says she and her nanny are polar opposites. She posted a picture of both of them and said: How my nanny and I dress to take the kids to the park. Hanna was was in a sun dress and sandals while Megan was a little more casual.

A bit of trivia about Casting Crowns. Three nannys are traveling with the band on their The Very Next Thing Tour and all three of them are named Hannah.

Third Day's Mark Lee is using chess to connect with his daughter. He posted a short video of their game in progress and said: Kitty and I found our new favorite game

Building 429 Jason Roy says he's part of a new band. He posted: great friends, great music, I had fun. Jason says the new band is called ghost stories. He added: we're not available for hire, only available for fun. It's all for the love of music.

Hillsong United's Taya Smith was trying a new look this week. She posted a picture as she wore her blazer like a skirt. However, the fashion statement wasn't planned. Instead, Taya said: it's what you wear when you are on your way out to celebrate a friends upcoming wedding and your pants rip so bad that it's inappropriate to move. Taya said she's just thankful that it has never happed on stage.

For King and Country's Joel Smallbone made a quick trip home for a very good reason. His wife, fellow artist Moriah Peters, was celebrating her 24th birthday. Joel reminisced as he boarded a red-eye flight back to Nashville: I gotta tell you, I'm so proud of her. She continues to exude such grace, courage, joy, faith, charisma and true love, even during a year of trails and hardships and unknowns... Pretty awesome that I get to be the shoulder she leans on!

Meredith Andrews on parenting after what she called one of those sweet and challenging, redemptive and exhausting, two steps forward and one step back kind of days. Meredith said: For all you mamas in the thick of it with your cubs, know that the Lord sees you and is filling in the gaps where you feel you are lacking. One of the things God is constantly reminding me of is to move in the opposite spirit. Where there is chaos, usher in peace. Where there is fear or anger, act in love. Where there is complaining, model gratefulness. Where there is selfishness or bickering, speak kindness.

Jamie Grace has started a new Food Only Instagram page. The name of the page is On the Plate Again. Jamie says that she and her sister Morgan will be posting pictures and reviews of their favorite foods and recipes, and reposting some of your favorites.

New Music/Free Music/Giveaways
Indie Vision Music is giving away a lot of music. The organization released their first independent band compilation since the site went into hibernation over a year ago. With a relaunch on the horizon, the independent Christian music website is celebrating with the release of HEARTS BLEED PASSION Vol. 6, a massive project featuring 88 different artists from around the globe. Indie Vision Music first launched compilation projects in 2004 with the first 3 volumes being printed on CD. These curated artists all share a personal love and passion for their music, their art, and their craft.

American Prodigal, the latest project from Crowder, is off to a good start. The new album landed at No. 1 on the Christian & Gospel Albums Chart, No. 3 on the Digital Albums Chart, No. 5 on the Top Albums Billboard Chart and No. 12 on the Top 200 Billboard Chart. NBC's Sunday Night Football already picked up on American Prodigal's "Run Devil Run," using the track in the Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers televised NFL match-up.

The title track from Paul Baloche's new album Your Mercy is now available for free online. The website Louder than the Music is offering the free download from the next album by the longtime worship leader. Download your free copy of the Paul Baloche song Your Mercy by clicking on the link at

The latest Danny Gokey song, Rise, was written out of the inspiration of Isaiah 60: 1&2. Danny said: whatever you've been through God will not waste it.

Another video journal is now available from Tenth Avenue North front man Mike Donehey. The video tells the story behind the song I Have This Hope. Check it out by clicking on the link at

The Jamie Grace Show is back. Season 3 of The Jamie Grace Show premiers tonight (Wednesday) at 9pm.

Colton Dixon's song Limitless was featured this week in a movie trailer. The song is part of the trailer for the movie The Resurrection of Gavin Stone. Check out the trailer by clicking on the link at

Chris Tomlin was on Facebook live this week performing an acoustic version of his song Good Good Father and reading his new Children's book by the same name. Check out the recording of the event by clicking on the link at

Humorous Tweets
The latest Lighten Up video from Ken Davis is now available and the topic is feelings. Check out the video by clicking on the link at

Tours/ Concerts
You can now purchase tickets for Tobymac's Hits Deep Tour 2017 and help a good cause. The long time Christian artist announced this week that tickets allowing you to sit on the front row and also meet Tobymac are now available for auction on ebay. All proceeds from the sale will benefit New Hope Academy.

Francesca Battistellimade her Carnegie Hall debut this past Sunday and she said she will never forget the moment. Francesca posted: I saw my mom in the balcony and started to cry during the second verse. Truly a night for the books. Check out a clip of Francesca as she starts out the evening. Click on the link at

It's been a rough week for Kari Jobe. She was scheduled to be at the Gateway People conference this week but was instead stuck at the doctors dealing with sickness. She posted a picture with an IV in her arm and said she would be watching online instead.

Revive Our Hearts has released more messages from True Woman '16. It was announced this week that the main sessions are now available online. Click on the link at

Here are five things the new students in your church probably want you to know.
We don't waste all our time
We don't have any money
We want to hang out with people who aren't students
We want opportunities to serve
We miss home

AllProDad(All Pro Dad)
The time parents have with their children is short. Here are 10 things all dads and kids should experience together.
1. A road trip.
2. Run in the sprinklers or play in the rain.
3. Play and watch your favorite sports.
4. Build a fort in your living room.
5. Give piggy-back rides, play horsey (on your knee) or put them on your shoulders.
6. Daddy-daughter dates.
7. Watch superhero flicks together.
8. Go to the barbershop.
9. Teach them to drive.
10. Act silly together.

How well do you know the Bible? Try your hand at 5 questions just released by Insight for Living and see for yourself. Answer 5 quick multiple-choice questions that test you on some Bible facts.

A new study finds that almost half of churches entire budgets go to paying staff. According to a Relevant Magazine report, the study looked at the salary trends of 1,200 churches with regular attendance of 500 or more people throughout the United States and Canada. It also found that 98 percent of the church's total budget comes from money the congregation gives. Meanwhile, only about half (52 percent) spend more than 10 percent of their budget "on ministry beyond their own congregation--from local soup kitchens to world missions to church planting."

U.S. Education Secretary John King created a flurry of frustration and fear among homeschool advocates recently with comments viewed as ignorant at best or, at worst, hostile toward alternative education. According to Christian Headlines, King said: “Students who are homeschooled are not getting kind of the rapid instructional experience they would get in school.” Homeschool advocates instead pointed out that students’ performance proves homeschooling’s success—homeschoolers perform better than average on standardized tests and in college. Homeschool Legal Defense Association chairman Michael Farris said he is personally reaching out to King’s office in hopes of swaying him in favor of homeschooling.

A restrictive majority-Muslim country is getting it's own Bible Society According to Christianity Today, a Bible Society was recently started in Azerbaijan, after a 20-year fight. The move has brought fresh optimism to the country’s minority Christians. However, officials point out that all literature either printed or imported by the Bible Society will remain subject to approval by the government. They say the Old Testament and Hebrew Bible remain on the list of banned books.

A jailed church leader in China has been tortured by authorities to extort a confession and is now suffering from serious diseases. According to, the lawyers for Yang Hua report he is suffering from liver pain “along with various other serious diseases”. Yang Hua, who leads a house church in China's central Guizhou province, was arrested in December last year and faces charging of "deliberately leaking state secrets".

October 6 is Bring Your Bible to School Day. The student-led movement is designed to inform students of the freedoms they have in their local school. Leading up to the event, Focus on the Family is offering a free how-to guide for students, parents, and church leaders.

General News & Trending Stories
As expected, comedians are having a lot of fun with the presidential race. According to the Huffington Post, Comedian Tyler Fischer recently fooled people into believing Hillary Clinton had dropped out of the race. Fischer posed as a BBC reporter and “broke” the news that Clinton had dropped out of the race for president, leaving Donald Trump as the likely next president of the United States.

Brennan Brechard, director of basketball operations at the University of Kansas, drained a half-court shot and head coach Bill Self wrote a $10,000 check. Alone, that feat is impressive. What's even more incredible, though, was that it happened for the second year in a row. According to, At Kansas' annual preseason event, two students are randomly chosen from the crowd for a chance to win $10,000 from Self. They can either take the shot themselves, or select someone else. Sophomore Jordan Stiers clearly liked the look of Brechard's shot last year, and selected the former Kansas player. Stiers told The Kansas City Star that she plans to give the $10,000 to her grandmother, who saved her from foster care at age 10 and offered to raise four of Stiers' siblings.

Norwegians as young as 6 can now legally change their gender using an online form—without a doctor’s approval, counseling, or surgery. According to Christian Headlines, the law was adopted with a 79-13 vote by the Norwegian parliament in June. Under the law, a person who wants to identify as a gender that does not correspond to his or her biological sex must submit an online form and return a mailed letter confirming the decision. Once approved, the individual receives a new national identification number allowing him or her to update passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, credit cards, and other forms of identification. More than 250 Norwegians, including nine minors, have applied so far, and the government has accepted every application.

Edie Simms now has a rap sheet. According to, the 102 years old was recently arrested at her retirement home. However, her crime is still unclear. On of the items on the St. Louis woman's bucket list was to be arrested. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police were happy to oblige, so a group of officers put a cheerful Simms in handcuffs on Sept. 30 and escorted her to the Senior Center in the back of a squad car. After her first ride as an outlaw, Simms decided to swear off a life of crime. Instead, she joined the rest of the senior center residents for a game of bingo.

Nhi Ashburn was one of a dozen brides who lost their wedding gowns when a suburban New Orleans bridal shop abruptly shut down on Sept. 20. But by the end of the week, the Crescent City came to the rescue with open hearts — and closets. When Samantha Capone, a local wedding planner, heard about the nuptial nightmare, she called up her two colleagues and quickly organized a dress swap for that Sunday at a New Orleans store. Word quickly spread and soon more than 200 wedding dresses, veils, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses were donated for the event. They also helped to alter dresses that had already been purchased.

NeedToBreathe wantes to see your photos of real, hard love. They posted: share times you’ve seen or experienced where people pushed forward and rose out of adversity. Share your photos on twitter with the hash tag #REALHARDLOVE

The latest edition of CCM Magazine, the free online magazine focused on Christian music, is now available. This weeks edition features Crowder on the cover and also includes articles about Love and the Outcome, For King and Country, and the Dove Awards. Check out the October 1st edition of CCM Magazine by clicking on the link at

Kari Jobe said she now has an excuse to watch cartoons. She admitted that she's always love cartoons but, now that she has a child, she says she actually has a good excuse.

Casting Crowns guitarist Josh Mix had the last laugh. He posted a picture of his car parallel parked in a space with just inches between his bumpers and the cars in front and behind him. He said: take that Seattle parking and driving instructor who failed me on parallel parking.

New music from Laura Story is coming soon. The latest song from Laura is titled “Open Hands”. It features Mac Powell of Third Day. The song is the title cut from Laura Story's fifth album, scheduled for release in Spring 2017. Open Hands is described as a worship-focused song. Laura says "True worship is more than adoration; it's coming before a faithful, trustworthy Father with open hands. It's saying, ‘God, I want to surrender my life to You. I want You to take it all. Whatever comes, let me not respond with clenched fists as if I know best. With open hands, my life is Yours.

Colton Dixon is putting together a new album and, while it isn't easy, he says he is enjoying the process. Colton posted: Finding the voice of a new album is a long process...but I love every minute of it!

It's October but Matt Redman is already looking toward Christmas. Matt will release a new Christmas Album, titled These Christmas Lights, on October 21. In the mean time, you can download a free copy of His Name Shall Be, the first release from Matt's new Christmas project. The free mp3 is available on the Worship Together Web site along with a chord chart and a lyric sheet for the new Christmas song.

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